Sunday, April 03, 2016

Walking on Wack Street with the Screaming Pedo Brigade, Zio-Style

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

These days I have a persistent problem and that concerns what to believe is true. You would think with so many tales of a similar nature and tone that this must be true, if not in its totality then generally across the board. I have heard and seen enough to convince me that Madeleine Albright and Condolezza Rice are monsters (on the female side), as well as the Bushes and Soros, the international bankers and so many corporate types on the male side. It seems as if there are hardly any leaders in the various fields who are possessed of much decency at all anymore. It stands to reason that if you are not ruthless to some extent you render yourself defenseless.

The sense of privilege, entitlement and separation from the impoverished masses transforms a person's mentality into a travesty on their 'gone missing' humanity. A billion dollars; how is this even possible? I suppose it could be an April Fools joke. That might explain it... except it came out the day before that. Then there is this.

We've said it here before but we feel compelled to say it again. They are losing their minds and we definitely need more things like this as a result. Then there are the really odious and gratuitous fabrication puff pieces like this and this, where nose rings and tattoos are going to save woman kind and unite all of us in some kind of Nicki Minaj butt bomb ...that explodes on stage and covers the audience with deep sea effluvia, flotsam, jetsam, whale parts... and results in a spontaneous rendition of Kumbaya, followed by a cover band, rap version of The Temptations doing “Dear God I hope it doesn't Rain.”

Let's not forget the dead transgender women. There are like a couple or three of these making the rounds of Zio-media. Meanwhile nearly 700 people were killed in Chicago this year alone but the headlines are about this tiny demographic of privileged types, whose lives are more important than anyone elses. If they break a nail it is front page news. This has spawned a whole cottage industry of people who hadn't been heard from before and who now want their slice of the pie in the lunatic madhouse of the ever widening gyre of sexual excess in The Brave New World.

A necrophiliac love toy was found beaten to death by some rich guys who were looking for a dummy to put in a burlap bag and do a Rocky Balboa on. Activists are up in arms. Other sexual entrepreneurs are digging up the residents of Pet Semetary and and banging them like a gong (cue Mark Bolan and dig him up too while you are at it.)

The only live people who have been injured so far are some actors whose careers have been over for so long that people only assumed they were dead. The good news is that they have reality shows in the works from their hospital rooms and Ronald Reagan's body is now also missing; more positive news is that his mind was gone well before George 'Asmodeus' Bush took control of it and the White House too.

Let's not forget Nancy Reagan; she is still fresh and now through proper modern scientific techniques she can be electrified to the point that we will hear this summer that she got abducted off the dance floor in a club in Ibiza and no one knows where she is. The early word is that President Assad was behind it and they are probably going to be vacationing in Crimea before the Bride of Frankenstein sequence takes place. Apparently there is no prenup to worry about, nor death taxes either... yet

The American public is about to wake from the dead and find out they have been being used as a trampoline springboard, horizontal hula device for Necro Freaks from Congress to the corporate board rooms.

The Screaming Pedo Brigade is working on having the age of consent lowered to 2, although they are not sanguine about this limitation. The hardliners want it lowered to 'in the womb access' although that might require certain gynecological processes but in this day and age that shouldn't be a problem. Congress is in closed session working on this right now and one of the arguments being used is the Larry Craig 'wide stance protocol', though I haven't the slightest idea of how this applies to the Pedo Revolution.

I do know that Israel is working on a dead kid thing, with their ISIS army and they are talking with the producers of “Pawn Shop Chronicles” about replacing the legion of zombie naked women with legions of dead and naked zombie children. Is this all too close to Easter still? Then there is the legion of dead and naked zombie animals. You pay extra if they are drenched in BP oil for the requisite slickness and that means fish too. The good news is that no one has to hold them down for you but they are still difficult to get a purchase on and given that they are floating upside down, makes the missionary position problematic. There are always difficulties with this sort of thing and writing about it to begin with is harder than it might be to share recipes on the net. Might as well dig up Paul Walker too at this point. You can read all about it here. I guess I am pretty insensitive, or is there a more graphic term that applies better?

There is a new EBAY type of getting in on the bottom floor business opportunity, where you hang your dead lover, be it once human, animal, fish or grocery product from suspension devices with skewering hooks, much like carcasses are hung in a meat locker before being sold to retail outlets somewhere... If you think you might want to put this together like a Tupperware party in your neighborhood then EBAY is the best way to bring it to the public's attention.

Entire nations are presently being hung on hooks for the sexual pleasure of the one's who hung them there, be it economically or any other way.

Yeah... but we want freedom of expression for everyone and especially for those whose practices and lifestyles match up numerically with the mathematical ratio of the group that is engaged in pushing all these things, compared to the numbers of the wider public and all of this is kind of needle in the haystack, which means we are definitely going to get equal rights around the globe soon as enough of us are dead and hanging on the hooks in some storage locker.

Yes... we don't want anyone's rights trampled on, unless they are paying someone good money to do it to them and they have that right anyway so... it's all good.

I suppose we are coming off a bit cynical here but it would only be cynical if this sort of thing weren't actually making legions of dead naked zombie lawyers rich.

I have no desire to annoy anyone but I am not sure if this qualifies as entertainment either. I guess someone could say I am blowing this all out of proportion but I am not. One form or another of all of these oddities and curiosities are of tremendous importance to a whole lot of a very small group of people who are actively in pursuit of some way to make money from these things or use them to control the world but this sort of behavior is coming to an end, like it or not.

Let's end on a positive note and recommend the film, “My Week with Marilyn” which is extremely well done and has a fine cast, though things are rapidly changing and you may not see as much of this kind of film anymore but instead will be seeing more of, The Danish Girl, Carole ...and all kinds of genre specific things that are necessary for the prepubescent identity crisis which leads concerned parents to be concerned about the need for gender reassignment for their elementary school age children.

End Transmission.......

I won't be able to do a radio broadcast today because I have to take care of something else. May you all be as well as it is possible for you to be...


Anonymous said...

"Ohhhhhh! Sweet mystery of life at last they've found youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

Whatever happened to plain old gerbils? They got Gere a ca-rear.

True Tantra teaches about why anal sex should NOT be causes MENTAL ILLNESS!

Having sex with an orifice that is exclusively for disposal of all the DEAD stuff out of the body is basically...NECROPHILIA.

Reversal of Divine purpose is Satanic Process.

Saying it is ok don't make it so!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, Hilary Klinton makes me look good. That's not easy to do!

Then again, she make Lizardbreath Bathory look good, so hey!

Maybe she's the reincarnation of Gaius Germanicus, or Tamerlane or sumthin'!

Anonymous said...

Stark and beautiful truth in all its naked glory. You are the best going. You do leave people speechless.

Visible said...

LTPTB; You are one of the few here who have a similar grasp of history juxtaposed with that Vonnegut smile. "Saying it's your job don't make it right, Boss."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #4~~~

Why thank yew. Nostrils up. Gotta go through Hell to get to heaven, huh?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

There is No Way Out... Only a Way In.

wiggins said...

In my area (North London) it is known as having it LARGE!!! The Indian goy with his $billion pad needs to remember.................

Ray B. said...

There is a modest article here about Daesh. It is moderately truthful, as far as it goes. However, if you read the immense number of postings below that article, you will have an education on the subject, nonpareil! Brilliant posters (including some limited-hangouts).

If you have limited time or interest, this poster gives a good summary.

(There is poster on there named RayB which is not me.)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Stink Tanks, NGO's and Super Pox of Bat Shit Crazy Country.



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