Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Holocaust Fantasy Litmus Test.

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Let's see... what have we got today? Ah... there we go, more outrageous bullshit about non-existent gas chambers. They never quit with this nonsense and people go right on believing this Hollywood stage set, by which I mean it is all like one of those fake towns ...and behind the building fronts are nothing but 2X4's holding up the illusion of something real behind it and there is nothing. There is only the desert of the larger environment or one of those movie lots or buildings.

I am amazed at all the truth sites and news gathering sites that refuse to address this pernicious fable that has been used to blackmail and subjugate nations. The real holocaust is what happened to the German people following the wars end. This is another litmus test; the Holocaust Fantasy Litmus Test. If you don't have the stones to declare that The Demon Emperor has no clothes, then you have failed at exhibiting any courage of conviction that you pretend to have and don't possess.

Everyone who defends this lie, or remains silent when they know it is a lie, is culpable in the effort to defraud and enslave the human race. If you don't know this is a lie, due to a lack of curiosity, or being stupid or indifferent, that is another kind of offense but mostly I would say, against yourself.

This vicious lie has been used to justify countless crimes. It is the hammer and tongs behind the daily, decades long mass murder of defenseless Palestinians and the theft of their lands, as well as the wars orchestrated by these 'so called' victims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Lebanon and other locations. All these wars were authored by American and British NEO-CONS. If you don't know their genetic makeup then look it up.

Nothing that is going to be said here can be proven as anything but fact and is backed up by documentation. No reasonable argument can be given to the contrary. Of what use is an unreasonable argument?

All the testimony from captured German soldiers and officials at Nuremberg was gained through torture and the crushing of their testicles and the interrogators were primarily Jewish. The official Red Cross Document puts paid to the lie of six million dead Jews. The Jewish World Almanac shows an INCREASE in the Jewish population from 1933 to 1948. There were no gas chambers at the concentration camps for the extermination of Jews. There were no gas chambers for extermination in the camps. The tale of the gas chambers is a lie.

I don't know if the number of Russians killed by the Bolshevik Cheka is 85 million, or 60 million, or 30 million but I do know it was in the tens of millions. I do know that is was Jews who were responsible for it and this was prior to or in concert with their own alleged holocaust. In other words, while they were creating this fiction about their own victimization, they were actually the victimizers and in a frenzy of mass murder of far greater numbers than the numbers they falsely claim for themselves. They created this fantasy to revise history; to cover themselves from the exposure of crimes far more monstrous and to blackmail the world. It is a lie so poisonous that it makes dioxide look like a dessert topping.

Here we see the power that lies in the control of the money supply. When you control the money supply, you can control governments. When you control the money supply you can buy the media of every kind and at every level. When you control the money supply you can foment war for your own profit. You can manipulate the economies and you can cause famine or prosperity.

These things are all true and it is easy to see the truth of them on the basis of simple logic. Today we are not going to present a multitude of irrefutable facts. We have done this many times.

We have no interest in convicting the entirety of the Jewish people. We know from our own personal experience that not all Jews are engaged in these horrors but the facts in these matters are facts. In the Bible it talks about different tribes. I think that explains all that need be said about it, if only in theory.

So... anyone who is going on about truth in history, or truth in the media, or truth in any permutation that they consider comprehensive or specific and who does not support and concur with the truths presented here, fails our litmus test and it should be understood that there is something off about them. I know there are people who believe they have the right to manufacture fantastic lies about themselves and also to tell fantastic lies about others. This is the very nature of PC and we should point out that PC is also an invention and a tool of the people who created the Holocaust Fantasy. PC is an instrument of Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a tribe construction. Bolshevism is an expression of Satanism. Satanism is the prevailing religion of the times because a particular expression of Satanism is Materialism and Materialism is the birth canal of lies and Satan is the Father of Lies. There are all kinds of logical progressions one can make. There are obvious progressions and if these progressions don't suit you then you can skip steps or turn in some other direction because that is more preferable and profitable for you. It could be wrong and it often is but who is to say what is right and wrong in times of such moral relativism?

Lies are a currency in times of Material Darkness and moral relativism. Moral relativism is an extension of materialism at a certain stage. Materialism has stages of being and it can best be defined by 'degrees of madness'. It is like a downward spiral of insanity and it doesn't stop until it corkscrews you right into the bowels of Hell.

Because the media is in the hands of the agents of Satan, you get things like this. This might seem innocuous, until you notice the references to the political candidates and the coy and smarmy way the whole thing is presented; until you notice how everyone loves Obama, who is a merciless killer of hundreds of thousands. You'll note they all fear and are repulsed by Trump. The article has nothing to do with what it presents itself as. There is a more sinister intent at work.

The media programs us and it is relentlessly employed in the proliferation of lies of all sizes and most especially the really big lies, like The Holocaust Fantasy. It is also involved in slandering, assaulting, imprisoning and even killing those who question the lies. The media is owned by the people who concocted the Holocaust Fantasy and it is owned by the people who did 9/11 and their ownership has helped them to deceive the public as to who the authors of the 9/11 attacks really were and it has made it possible for them to slander the Muslim religion because those who live on and possess the land that the Zionists desire to possess happen to be Muslims and a lot of the power that the money-changer Satanists have, comes directly from the Holocaust Fantasy; although they have been at it much longer than that. The creation of the Mafia Nation of Israel comes directly out of it. It is all a logical progression of thought to come to these understandings, unless you refuse to and prefer to fail the litmus test.

As we have stated here, many times, we did not want to have to come to the understandings that we have come to. This is simply where the industry of our research has taken us. This was no great feat on our part to discover that the Holocaust Fantasy is a fantasy so... it should not be difficult for anyone else to discover this but... for some reason... it is surprisingly difficult. There are a number of reasons why this is the way it is and none of them reflect well on those who find it so difficult to discover or who refuse to consider it at all. At the root of it, I believe, is fear and attendant cowardice. Fear comes in many shapes. We are not going to list or examine any of them. You can figure it out, if you want to.

Our world is controlled and manipulated by enormous lies. If you cannot see this then you are being controlled and manipulated by them and you can't be entirely trusted and how can you enter into the deeper circles of truth if you are surrounded by the walls of enormous lies? As George Orwell said; "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Just because you don't want to see something, doesn't mean it isn't there. For me it is like ignoring a highway sign that tells you the bridge is out. I recognize the danger that comes in telling the truth when the truth goes contrary to the interests of powerful cabals. I recognize the greater danger of submitting to the lies out of a drive for self preservation. The fallacy in this is that you do not preserve yourself by submitting to the collective belief in universal lies; anything but. What you do is to further veil yourself from yourself and doom yourself to a darker destiny than you might have arrived at otherwise. This is all a matter of personal choice.

If you fail our litmus test, this is not the most grievous thing that can happen, far worse is failing your own litmus test, the litmus test of your true self ...because... rather than to walk into the light of an ever greater awareness of life both seen and unseen, you have chosen to walk into the shadows and nothing good can come of that. You can dwell in the shadows or you can seek to dwell in the light, that is up to you.

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Addendum; One of the reasons that I wrote this today is because of my own personal journey. Last July, while living in Hawaii, I got attacked, blindsided actually, by a tag team of individuals that I thought were friends. One of them, this fellow, Robert, who lives down in a place called Opihi Kao, used to come and visit me near every day for some months. We would watch a film and talk about the ineffable. Then he introduced me to this martial artist named David, who comes from Las Vegas. He has a striking appearance due to a completely white eyebrow and eyelash on his right eye. They started coming around together and we would, again, watch a movie and talk about the ineffable. Then, one Sunday, while I was dealing with computer problems, running back and forth to the market where my computer tech had a kiosk, they showed up. I cannot clearly say what happened. All I remember is walking back to my dwelling in a daze. I knew I was injured. I thought I had hit myself but... why I would do that is a mystery to me.

At some point I went to my landlady and asked her to call an ambulance. They came and took me away and the next thing I knew I was in Queen's Medical Center on Oahu, courtesy of a 75,000 dollar flight. To put this in perspective, it only costs half that to hire a jet and have it fly you from New York to LA. The oral surgeon who performed the operation on me said it was the worst break he had ever seen. I didn't quite get that or why my jaw wasn't wired shut as a result but apparently I had a serious operation and I didn't know this until I saw the X-Ray yesterday. It was a profound experience. The doctor told me that there was no way that I hit myself. It wasn't possible. I now see what he meant. He said I must have been hit by something really powerful.

The police came after I was taken away and did a report. Later on, my landlady told me that she heard this fellow David screaming at me in the yard. She also told me that she had run into Robert at a gas station and told him never to bring David on the land again. Once I knew these things and once I had contacted Robert and told him I knew that David had attacked me (and he said- "It was very strange." which is no kind of denial of the event)... once I knew these things and also discovered that I had well over a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills, when I had been debt free previously, I went to the police, because that was the only way I could tap the Prosecutors Victims fund. The police refused to have anything to do with me. I tried to contact them for weeks and months. I went to the station several times. Until I said I was going to the press they wouldn't send anyone but then they did. I got some cursory note taking and was forgotten. People who said they would help me, did not. It was as if some sort of word had gone around and every avenue was closed off. I don't have time or space to go into all the freaky things that happened. Trust me... they were freaky.

Of course I had to leave there. I went through a real effort to find another place and every avenue was closed. People that I knew well seemed in no mood to help me in my search but that is the nature of that place. People live in a dream state and are as self indulgent as any people I have ever seen. This does not apply to everyone I knew. I knew some very nice people there who were very helpful and I recognize now that it was the ineffable controlling everything and he wanted me to move on. That was it.

Why I have produced this long rambling affair today is apropos of the nature of my work and what I do. I was assaulted because of the work I do. This is clear to me now but it changed nothing.

I had a prosthetic made by an incompetent dentist and during the couple of months it took to get it, I lived out of a blender until then, only to find that the prosthetic caused so much pain that it has been difficult to eat ever since. This plays Hell on the digestion. Before the attack, I was doing 250 pushups every other day and 350 sit-ups on the other days. I also was using rubber cables to build up other muscles. I was in great shape. I haven't done much of any of that since. I guess it knocked the will out of me until now... as I am beginning again.

I am not crying about any of this. My mood is very upbeat and has been. It doesn't seem like anything can change this and my relationship with the ineffable is stronger than ever. I don't blame the ineffable for what happened, or the unfortunate nature of the last four years. I don't blame myself. Tests come and it it the measure of us how we handle them. A little over 3 months ago, the ineffable told me I had embarked on a new phase and that it was going to be wonderful and it has been. Sometimes you are pressed to the bleeding edge of endurance and you endure or you try to find some easier road and there is no easier road. Sometimes, in order to guide us, we are manhandled or god handled to get us where we are meant to go. In the end... the juice is worth the squeeze, at least I believe it is.

Here is a scan of the X-Ray.

Click for larger view

As you can seen, some sort of bands were put together to hold my jaw in place. Apparently my jaw was broken in two different locations and there are four bands total. I had no idea they were even there. I just found out. The crack in my jaw where the larger bands are, in the front, is a massive break. I lost some teeth as well. I'm impressed (grin). I know there will be some who are glad this happened to me but I am not affected by schadenfreude. I just move on and all of us should. Never let the challenges of any moment, direct you in any direction, except toward the higher octaves of your possibility. Don't let it get you down. I tell you this because each and every one of us are going to face personal trials, tragedies and losses ...but there is joy and wonder in abundance for those who persevere. See that you do.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your traumatic ordeal Les. You are handling it like a warrior. Thank you for this great work. It's been a few years since I read one of your posts and I'm glad I came upon this one through FB. It appeared in a timely fashion as I continue my quest of knowledge on the "Holocaust". It is indeed the event that laid the foundation to our conditioned trance as a society. It is for this very reason it is preserved and protected so vehemently. Any historical event that needs the law to protect it from scrutiny does not have the facts on its side. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'update' on your being attacked while living in Hawaii. (I am still on the 'Grrr' side.)

To me, your lack of recollection about the event has all the hallmarks of trauma-induced 'amnesia'. If it were me, I would search-out a good hypnotherapist, or other professional, schooled in post-shock memory retrieval. That person has to be neutral about the results of the 'quest', and particularly has to be non-leading. Otherwise, it is all for naught.

(If you find a therapist who can also acknowledge the possibility of 'invisible forces', that might be even more valuable in any regression. Why, really, did David throw the punch/kick?)


Vis: "Our world is controlled and manipulated by enormous lies."

I need to get close to 'beginnings' to suss-out 'endings'. I like Ralph Ellis' work in that regard:

There was a time after the Anunnaki wars when a certain group got kicked-out of Egypt. This was shortly after Thera (Santorini) exploded, which may have been taken as a religious justification. That group was called the Hyksos peoples. It was a civil war between the Shepherd culture and the Bull culture, in effect. (I am sure you can see the connection with Aries and Taurus.) The Hyksos were so hated by the rest of the Egyptians that they were forced-back into their stronghold. (One of their cities, Avarice, became the source of the term used today.)

The winning King/Pharaoh negotiated a settlement where the Hyksos got paid an enormous amount of treasure for permanently leaving Egypt. However, the Hyksos also devastated what they could on the way out. The first Exodus.

The Hyksos settled into the area east of the Nile and into Palestine. They were later joined by refugees from Egypt known as the Akhnenaton cult. (The second, much smaller, Exodus, now-conflated with the first.)

Unfortunately, this 'position' put the Hyksos right between two major Empires. Eventually, the eastern Empire 'mopped up' the Hyksos (now known as the Hebrews), after the western Empire yawned and let it happen...

I take these past-events as why the descendants of this bloodline (not the current occupants of this 'nation') so hate everyone. Plus, why they are their own worse enemies. Treat others as fools/targets, and eventually you get the backlash...

(Simplistic, but the best I can work-out for now...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

Vis, god I thought those were bike chains. If I knew you better I'd have to say chin up, but you're apparently dealing with it professionally on your own. I wouldn't expect les.

2:14 said:

"It is indeed the event that laid the foundation to our conditioned trance as a society."

Brilliant synopsis.

torus said...

Consistency is one of your strengths Les.
It always amuses me when the peanut gallery, ala Michael Shermer or Michael Chertoff, equate 9/11 "deniers" (of the official story) with "holocaust denial".
Shermer is such a transparent Zionist shill, and the editor/publisher of Skeptic magazine. Equating holocaust denial with "neo-nazism" just doesn't wash either. Given the Hollywood stereotypes of the blood thirsty, Jew hating, "nazi"; the new nazi would be championing the "great work" of Hitler, Bormann, Hoess, and Himmler. Not risking incarcreation by questioning it's veracity. Championing it in a way similar to the old joke; "what do you call six-million lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good place to start!" Seems to me there's alot of folk who really want six-million Jews dead. So what is it that they're actually commemorating on Nov. 11? Their abject failure to prevent this alleged holocaust coupled with championing of Communism? Allowing Stalin's methods to be applied all throughout the former Soviet bloc. Work camps, in effect, death camps were established. Indeed. 11 11. 22. From Aleph to Tov.

Kazz said...

Vis - 'I just move on and all of us should. Never let the challenges of any moment, direct you in any direction, except toward the higher octaves of your possibility. Don't let it get you down. I tell you this because each and every one of us are going to face personal trials, tragedies and losses ...but there is joy and wonder in abundance for those who persevere. See that you do.'

God give me the strength to change the things I can and the wisdom to know that which I cannot.

Your advice is timely Vis. Thank you.

Luv Kazz

torus said...

Ever since 1980 I always knew the following lyrics would continue to intrigue, if not 'haunt' me.

YES evoked, or perhaps invoked, something...unlike their generally overwhelmingly loving music. Granted, the last 8 minutes of Gates of Delerium is pure love. The first 12 min. ?

G ates
O f
D elerium

"Stand and fight we do consider,
reminded of an inner pact between us that's seen as we go.
And ride motion.
To fields of debts of honor

Stand the marchers soaring talons, peaceful lives will not deliver freedom
Fighting we know!
DESTROY OPPRESSION!!! the point to reaction
As leaders look to you

Choose and renounce
Throwing chains to the floor.
Kill or be killing
Faster sins correct the flow!!
Casting giant shadows off vast penetrating force
To alter via the war that's seen
As friction spans the spirit's wrath
Ascending to redeem!!

Wars that shout in screams of anguish
Power spent passion bespoils our soul receiver, surely we know.
In glory
We rise to offer, create our freedom
A word we utter
A WORD!!!!

Victorious our day.
Will silence be promised
As violence displayed?
The curse increased
We fight the power
And live by it by day

Our God's awake in thunderous roars and guide the leader's hand in glory to the cause."

The hollow cause.

Anonymous said...

That is one nasty fracture! I'm sorry this happened to you. What you call bands holding your fractured mandible together are actually called plates, which are held in place by tiny screws. I hope you can get a better prosthetic soon, so you can eat normally again.

Why are vertebrae included in this x-ray? Did you also have a possible back injury and this was possibly an overlay with the x-ray of your head?

Visible said...

No back injury I know of. that was an X-Ray taken in a dentist's office with one of those wrap around machines and it happened two days ago. the assault happened last July.

torus said...

The xray lends a foreboding goth to this thread. A smoky "mirror" of sorts. I'm so sorry Les. Not to diminish it in any way, but we'll none of that!! Go online and look at golden lab pups or parents. I some deep, empathic, resonance, going on with Golden Labs, particularly dogs for the blind, when I'm out and about in downtown Toronto lately. A burly Golden Retriever gave me a look of such compassionate warmth that I just wanted to start singing to her.

"Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life.
Make the white Queen run so fast
She hasn't got time to make you wise.

'Cause it's time in time with your time and it's news is captured....for the Queen to use.
Move me on to any black square, use me any time you want to,
Just remember that the gold, 's for us all to capture all we want...anywhere.

Don't surround yourself with yourself,
Move on back two squares.
Send an instant karma to me,
Initial it...with loving care."

Ray B. said...

Nothing to do with anything, but I just have to post this. A picture is worth a thousand words... (Age and bearing/knowing, not sex.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Les, the dark side are full of symbolism. Why he/they (Robert/David) went for your jaw was to close it from speaking the truth. The more truth is out in the world the weaker they get. This is a spiritual battle and they are acutely aware of it. Of course they fail with you but in a way this answers your questions as to why people cannot face up to and admit fearlessly what you can. They are afraid of harm and they are afraid of surrendering their well being entirely to the ineffable. Remaining fearless has served truth and your soul well and should be example to all of us .
"If you stand for nothing you fall for anything" You're still standing Les. Ineffable is with you. There's a lesson there for us all. God Bless brother

brian boru said...

You hit the nail on the head again Les. The holohoax is always the litmus test for me as to whether an individual claiming to stand for the truth is the real deal or not. It has been like sand in my eyes for decades. I just can't ignore it even though it annoys and even enrages relatives and people I know when I bring up the subject. The fact that such a vile hoax has been so profitable for the ultimate parasitic life form sticks in my craw. Among many other books I always recommend Thomas Goodrich's book 'Hellstorm' so that readers can learn what the jews' 'victory' was really like. When I read about your travails and compare them to my own problems I can only admire the way you are able to move on and keep faith. Best regards

Harold Smith said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your ordeal. There are lots of really evil/sick people out there, aren't there? Unfortunately they are found everywhere, and in quantity, not just in high political offices.

I'm not sure where you're presently living, but wherever it is, can you get a permit to carry a concealed weapon? As the collapse of this Satanic society accelerates, it may soon become a practical necessity, if it isn't already.

Anyway, you say: "Because the media is in the hands of the agents of Satan..."
How right you are. It is apparently in the hands of Satan's go to "guy" in the physical realm, the "beast"; i.e., the first beast of Rev 13, aka "the beast from the sea", aka the fourth beast of Daniel 7.

The prophet John tells us: "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

This beast is apparently a Satanic cult comprised of "people" who made the deal with Satan that Jesus rejected (Luke 4:5-8). In other words, some people got together and "conspired" to knowingly and willfully "give worth to evil" (i.e., worship Satan) in return for unprecedented worldly power and influence.

But what is the nature of this "power" that Satan gave to the beast? Apparently it is the skill to deceive, corrupt and manipulate people. In the book of Genesis we're told how Satan corrupted Eve. He didn't physically force the apple into her mouth; rather, he made her do it. How? According to Genesis 3:13 he "beguiled" her. He tricked her into taking action against her own best interests.

In order to deceive her, he first had to *communicate* with her. If she did not allow him an audience, he wouldn't have been able to deceive and corrupt her no matter how great his skills. (Sometimes I wonder if this could be the basis for some of the vampire mythology where the vampire can't get someone unless they first invite him into their house, or something like that).

Anyway, the implication is that deception requires communication; mass deception requires mass communication. If it is to acquire unprecedented worldly power, the beast must have disproportionate control over the flow of information on a massive global scale.

Now consider one of the important features of the beast as described in Rev 13:2; we're told that the beast has a "mouth, as the mouth of a lion". What's unique about the mouth of a lion? It roars and drowns out everything else. Everyone will hear the lion roaring but they will likely not hear the little mouse trying to squeak out the truth.

The "mouth, as the mouth of a lion" must be a reference to the beast's control over modern mass communications, i.e., radio, TV and motion pictures.

And who controls modern mass communications? The beast's spokesmen tell us:

Lastly, since the technology of modern mass communications didn't happen until the 20th century, this sets the time frame of the beast's rise to unprecedented global power as the 20th century.

(I have to make two comments because of the limit on the number of characters).

Harold Smith said...

To continue a little bit from my earlier comment:

And this assumption sheds important light on another important identifying feature of the beast. The prophet tells us: "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast" (Rev 13:2).

We're also told that the "deadly wound" was made "by a sword" (Rev 13:14). Assuming that the seven heads of the beast represent the seven continents of the earth, then something "bad" must have happened to the beast during the 20th century, on one of the continents.
Perhaps the beast attacked someone and they fought back and seriously wounded the beast?

You mention some of the outrageous lies regarding WW2. How right you are. The actual truth of WW2...the actual history of what happened, is apparently one of the most closely guarded secrets of the 20th century.

Put simply, the truth is that Nazi Germany was a defensive entity, somewhat akin to Hezbollah, or Iraq under Saddam Hussein. When the beast told us that "Saddam Hussein is another Hitler" it was in a sense telling the truth. The beast lured Saddam Hussein into Kuwait just like the beast lured Hitler into Poland, just like the beast tried to lure Putin into Ukraine. Hitler didn't want war anymore than Saddam Hussein did. It was forced upon him, just as it is now being forced on Syria, Russia and China.

The actual fact of history is that Nazi Germany had come under attack by the beast, and when it tried to defend itself, the result was WW2. Germany was at first successful, and had it won the war, the beast's influence on the European continent would've been smashed, and the beast would not now have the world on the verge of WW3. But the Germany lost the war - thus the beast's deadly wound was "healed".

Assuming that's true, then lots of other Bible prophecy starts falling into place too.

Well your essay made me think that you're seeing it too, so I thought I'd share my views.

Visible said...

Thanks a lot Harold. You make a lot of valid points.

thomas said...

Living in Denmark, just south of Sweden, I can say that it would not surprise me at all if those 5 "random swedes" in the articles were in fact, just that. People in Scandinavia really are like that, like grey, soft, dough. They "believe" in politics, and that it's not actually a big charade. They actually think that Hillary or Sanders will do something good for the world, or that Hillary becoming president is a good thing because she is a woman, and they like the symbolism of that "first female president, yay!"... What a shame that she is a horrendous example of a female, eh? The Scandinavian countries have really been social labs, and we're only lucky that they haven't brought out the bone-crushers yet. Everything is "tolerance" and "equality", and people are, actually, for the most part pretty nice to each other, if only because they are doing their utmost not to be seen as intolerant or unable to "get along". They are going to have a very rude awakening, a nervous breakdown, or simply deny instantly that anything is untowards as soon as the true nature of the system is obvious, or once there are enough migrant opportunists with a sense of entitlement and a primitive attitude that decide to throw their weight around.

It doesn't change the point you make about the media being very consciously used to shape the minds of the people, though. Rather, it affirms it, if you think about it.

I don't trust any of them anymore. Not Trump (never did), Not Hitler (did), not Putin (wanted to), not Assad (no). They are all shifty. Western politicians are pretty much all whores. To me, it looks like Hitler was a freak, Putin is a stone-cold gangster through-and-through, being groomed to be "world-saviour-head-of-UN", and Assad is actually what the liars are saying he is, a dictator (supposedly very rich, too). I don't know, of course. I think Henry Makow has their number, though.

No, sir, I don't trust them. I read a biography of Saint Francis, and somewhere it said "damned are they who trust a human" - though I'm not sure it was he who said it. Only God deserves our full trust and devotion (including the divine in others, of course :)).

Aye, The Holocaust. It's the old "one-feather-that-became-10-chickens". I am sorry for those innocent jews who did die, and for all people who are suffering mentally because of the imaginary tales spun around the typhus-stricken and food-less concentration camps, and it is a great disrespect to construct a death-worshipping cult on their deaths. It really is a travesty the whole matter. A tar-baby if ever there was one. I find that it is much easier for people to hear if I do not leave out the ones who did die. The emotional wounds that people are carrying around because of the HoloMyth are real. Feels real to them, at least. Kind of like fear. It's as real as ones investment in it, but far easier to get rid of by admitting it to oneself instead of denying it "like a macho".

But people don't like pain, not even the good pain.

All of this leads me to believe that the Earth is in for a grand cleansing some time "soon".

But God is real, I can testify to it. In my soul, I know that we are undying. None of our problems will last forever.

I am happy to see that you are keeping on keeping on, Visible. If I can say to myself that I had half of your endurance and faith at the end of my life, I will be very satisfied. Thanks for your inspiring example.

Visible said...

Thanks for referring to this as the end of my life (grin). Sorry, but that was funny.

Sure... Swedes are like that but the point is that the media cherry picked those responses. They had many to choose from and they chose the ones that made Trump look bad. I am not a Trump supporter; perhaps I am an athletic supporter? After all, I do like football. What I mean is that this was one of those articles that is not about what it is about but is about smearing someone INDIRECTLY but; what do I know?

Visible said...

Interesting thoughts Ray.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's a serious amount of hardware holding your jaw together. I'm sorry you've had to endure this, but glad that you are so capable.

"...for some reason... it is surprisingly difficult. There are a number of reasons why this is the way it is and none of them reflect well on those who find it so difficult to discover or who refuse to consider it at all. At the root of it, I believe, is fear and attendant cowardice."

Surely it is fear only if the truth is first seen and then denied. Among virtually all of my friends and relatives, I am convinced that they cannot see the truth - they deny it out of hand. I believe that denial is due to two things. First, cognitive dissonance - the first idea planted tends to exclude the consideration of any subsequent competing idea. (Ray B. - it just occurred to me - that's like psychological hysteresis!) That's why it's so important that the "perpetrators" of false flag events be named so quickly. Second, even tentatively giving consideration to the idea that the hoax has been made up implies that a whole group of people is evil, and that is something that one having had a liberal upbringing cannot abide.(cognitive dissonance again, I guess) Evil individuals, yes; evil "religions," no - that would be prejudice, and we won't go there.

At least in the case of my friends and relatives, I'm convinced that they cannot even entertain the truth, much less logically analyze their position, and for that reason, my reaction tends to pity rather than censure.


Anonymous said...

"I know there will be some who are glad this happened to me but I am not affected by schadenfreude. I just move on and all of us should. Never let the challenges of any moment, direct you in any direction, except toward the higher octaves of your possibility. Don't let it get you down. I tell you this because each and every one of us are going to face personal trials, tragedies and losses ...but there is joy and wonder in abundance for those who persevere. See that you do."

Powerful Vis..... our Spirit, like ALL God's children who are connected to the Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator God of the WHOLE OF CREATION AND UNIVERSE is Invincible -- and yes, we, of the Creator Spirit, must and can wrest control of the money supply back from these satanic psychopaths ruling and ruining our world. We must throw water on them as was done to the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz to make IT shrivel up and disappear:

Unknown said...


i had beers with Chris S and Alan W of Yes.

Brothers indeed.


Unknown said...

The comments section of this blog has evolved and now beats the shit outa grad school!

And so much love here I can feel it too


Kazz said...

What is truth?

I have tried so hard to understand what the truth is but still it eludes me. I was reading the Bible today and it says,
"There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee" (Deuteronomy 18:10-13).

I had to look most of these things up because I did not know what they meant. For instance, 'an observer of times' - one explanation claims is an historian, or one who studies history. When I studied creation at uni the professor told us the Bible was an historical account, not a book of myths. If this is correct then by reading the Bible you undertake a study in history, and therefore become 'an observer of times'.

Most of what I come across these days ends up in the same dilemma. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. This world has so many layers to it that I don't know how anyone can possibly successfully navigate their way through it. Jesus Christ is said to be the answer, but reading the New Testament amounts to 'being an observer of times', because the Gospel is an historical account of Jesus' mission on earth and a promise for the future, and the Bible says fortune telling is not acceptable (Deuteronomy 18:9-13).

It seems that just being in this world, even when one attempts not to be part of it, puts one at odds with everything. There is no denying that great evil exists on this planet, having said that great goodness can be found too, or perhaps things are perfect and my inability to see clearly taints my view. I was recently told if you are Christian you have to be very careful about what you believe, because as you believe so it shall be. The reason I resonated with the word of Jesus was because of his philosophy on life: do unto others as you would have them do unto you, love thy enemies, turn the other cheek, forgive others, love the Lord your God with all of your heart etc. These are words of peace and love that could create a way of life where all could flourish in a brotherhood of Man/Woman, but instead many people who call their self Christians support wars against their fellow man. I simply don't understand.

I am beginning to see why the wise say so little. The more I learn the more I realise I really do know nothing. The only thing that preserves me is my love for God, whatever that means. I wish no harm towards anybody, and the last thing I wish to do is judge others. Lately all I feel is a deep abiding sadness that is fed by compassion for all who find their self in this strange place we call 'the world'. Why we are here I do not know, but can only conclude that God's reasons must be just. They say to err is human and forgive divine, so I pray for forgiveness, not only for my transgressions that I am aware of, but also for those I am not, because I simply do not know enough to be better, and most probably never will.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Regarding the Holocaust, there's nothing in the facts you have presented that is new to me. In fact, I became aware of all of this back in the early 90's, and became quite vocal about it. It only cost me my friends, family, career, and pretty much any hope of ever being anything more than a low-level wage slave. I no longer have hopes of ever having anything nice, as of now it takes everything I've got to be able to afford the most minimal level of food and shelter.

Yes, I've shut up about it, lesson learned, so I guess I'm one of those bad people that "goes along to get along." Sorry, but I have a desire to have an actual roof over my head, and it's nice to be able to afford the food to be able to cook one hot meal a day. I will say that if the day comes when I ever have a chance to speak with the ineffable, I would very much like to know why the purveyors of evil have been allowed such total and complete free reign, and why those of us stupid enough to love and care about the truth have been so mercilessly crushed.

Meanwhile, maybe if I work really hard and save every penny, maybe someday I'll be able to afford such luxuries as new glasses (current prescription is nearly 10 years old now) or even, God forbid, some dental care so that I can keep what's left of my teeth. But honestly, that's pretty much an impossible dream considering what I'm able to earn, yet "hope springs eternal" and all that jazz.

Keep speaking the truth, Les, just keep in mind that not all of us are inclined to accept unlimited merciless torment for the crime of speaking it. Please don't hate us for wanting to be able to sleep indoors and have the occasional hot meal. Sometimes after getting your head kicked in year after year, some of us get tired of the pain and abuse, and do what it takes to make the torment stop.


Dodgy One said...

In the new world there be no banks no money and no governing non-bodies.

You cant fix a bad idea with new band aids.

Think that we in the new earth are all creators as is the one creator.

No need to take, if you need it you create it, using the tree of knowledge for the plan.

Visible said...

No one is going to fault you for taking care of the basic needs of what passes for reality. I turn my head and hold my tongue often, believe me. That you are strong in your heart is what counts. Sometimes the odds (appearance wise) are seemingly too great... keep your own counsel and go your way. All of us have a bone to pick with the ineffable but he/she is wiser than we ever shall be. All will be revealed in time.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

my initial impressions of the Xray, which still haunt me, are that of a frontal thoracic view of some shape shifting reptile with a hefty pair of spines for arms, incubating half a dozen somethings and a couple of pieces of mechano there for them to play with (or fight over) when they do.

it's a testement to your character that you havent mentioned this in the blog (the injuries) , though I regret that you hadn't, and even moreso that you have not mentioned asking for any $$ assistance when you have, though I wish you did (sorry, I am not much use there though). I hope you are not mentioning crazy loud tinnitus becaise you didnt get it, it echoes my assault (Ive mentioned it here a few years before) having similarities, including the loss of consciousness.. and under impressive police response. I wonder if it was all a set up from higher up the criminal chain gang , or just crazy people doing crazy things on crazy drugs. I dont bother with it too much these days, went through those wondering stages.

apparently a small sample size can of oven cleaner can do wonders for dirty faces attacking you *, but again, they have the edge taking normal people by surprise... not even once bitten twice defensive.

* be very careful about your actions , you would hate to have this on your conscience, but in Mad Max world which might come about anything goes.

more Farrel from me, in his Philosophers Stone book, quoting strange statements from Nazi POWs at a British prison farm, about rubies etc, and noting that Austwitz was supposed to be making artificial rubber, didnt make much despite the vast resources at it's disposal, just might have been using laser purification of nuclear materials... now one wonders if there is more to the Holohaux than meets the eye. Nazis and Jews, I must sort out that wheat and chaff. Partners or just hissing cousins?

also re hard times, John B Wells Caravan to Midnight (youtube) has all the Bundy women there, most of the men are in jail. Wells finished with cameo "it's coming", a threat for sure. I hope it comes easy for most and twere best done quickly (and please do something about that East India Company flag of yours, USA).

Ray B. said...

Elliot: You speak great truth. Thank you for the standing-up that you did. (Really. Seriously.) For what it is worth, I have 'forwarded' your Comment in toto...
Karen Norman / Kazz:
"...or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee." (Deuteronomy 18)

First, to answer your question, "an observer of times" would be what we call a Seer or a see-er of the future, clairvoyant, possibly even a Remote Viewer. A classy 'trade'...

Second, I would like you to 'step back' and see who profits from such a stance as quoted above. Every one of those 'professions' cited in that quote is evidence of higher states, abilities, and consciousness. (They can be abused, of course, but that is not their inherent nature.) You might want to take a look at my Consciousness Levels listing and note that all those "abominations" occur along the trip back to all-God.

Now, who would 'benefit' from making humans into fearful bags of meat? The priestly class, for one. Rulers, for another. However, just read that passage with your emotional eyes open. Whoever is behind those words is very fearful and angry. Not too God-like. However, definitely god-like. In that vein (or vain), many researchers have noted that Yahweh, YHWH, Jehovah (et. al.) bears all the attributes of an Anunnaki. (And specifically along the Enlil side.) "Check your feelings, young Skywalker..."

I am not trying to 'crack your faith'. My biological line has a couple of military doctors in it. Their creed was, "First, do no harm." I mean this in the same way. Retain faith in whatever 'essence' of God that you choose. Jettison aspects that are likely man-made or god-made (small 'g'). Otherwise, you are caught in a classic double-bind of fearing what you are meant to be...
John: Your insightful observations made me realize something. (Thanks.) When I started 'opening up' to the state of the world, I had this immediate 'click in' that it went way-beyond sociopathic humans. Perhaps that was a side-effect of all the woo-woo stuff I had been questing-on. Who knows?

At first, this 'intuition' brought up a great deal of fear. We were 'vulnerable' in ways that we couldn't even imagine. At that point, there was this impulse to shut-down and deny all of the conspiracy aspects. Visceral. A protective response. I suspect that is the real reason that many will not 'listen'. Touch that 'reality', and then clamp-down hard...

My way out of the above 'quandary' was to go questing. Was there a region 'above' the nefarious layers, or did it go 'all the way up'? Starting with some of the Beings noted in my Consciousness Levels, I kept 'meditating' higher and higher. And voilà, I broke out into the 'clear' above 88-level! More importantly, we - as humans - have access to levels higher than that! (And allies, or at least non-malevolent friends.)

I offer this to those who have 'clamped-down' because of a real psychic-knowing of the 'fix' we are in. It is not hopeless. To the contrary, we can 'get higher' than they can. That is the 'secret' they don't want you to know...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Gotta love it:
One Day After The Panama Papers Were Leaked, IRS Headquarters Closes Then Catches Fire.

Harold Smith said...

I've found that seeking truth, and trying to be guided by sound moral principle, accordingly, while living in a fraudulent, Satanically enslaved world, is a burdensome and dangerous situation.

But once your spiritual eyes are open, and you start to get in touch with "reality", how can you go back? In my experience it's like looking at a "3D stereogram" puzzle; it's kind of hard to see it at first, but once you do see it, and some kind of a connection is made somewhere, you generally cannot then "unsee" it. Frankly I now see some manifestation of systemic, institutional evil almost everywhere I look in this society; e.g., health care system, property tax system, political system, education, police and name it. (And sometimes I wonder if this is what Jesus was referring to when he told Nicodeus: "... Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3)

It's already cost me my job and career, and made me an "outcast" in almost every sense. I could've shut my mouth and kept my high-paying job and career (basically carrying water for the beast), but only at the expense of not being able to look at myself in the mirror. (I'm not bragging about my "sacrifice" but only trying to help others by saying "you're not alone on your path").

Because he spoke out against evil, Jesus was tormented by the Pharisees, for example, and they ultimately had him executed for his crimes of - basically - political incorrectness. And just like our contemporary "Pharisees" do today, the Pharisees of Jesus' time very much used the "state" (government) to do their Satanic dirty work. (Which btw reminds me of a certain phrase in the Bible "...the beast that was and is not, and yet is" Rev 17:8).

Anyway, as I see it, many of us are seeking the same thing, on slightly different but basically parallel paths. Les might encounter, a "mountain" that he has to somehow scale; I might have to cross a river; Elliott may encounter some other obstacle. Luckily the internet came along when it did, at a crucial moment in time, to put a much needed crack in the beast's control of the flow of information, thus enabling us to communicate a little bit in a way never before possible allowing spiritual discoveries to be shared. IOW we can now at least yell to each other along the way and know that we're not all alone.

thomas said...

Hey Karen,

chin up, Lady. Of course you will be wiser and see more clearly. You will be a soaring soul, far beyond your dreams, and your kids will too, and you will all meet on the other side, no matter what happens down here. Don't worry. Jesus was/is the real deal, there is no doubt about it. He is watching, and He can be contacted and is responsive, which you might know better than me. But that does not mean that someone else could not have put other words into the Bible, nor that, even if the words are true, they hadn't gone through at least 2 translations, as well as likely being mangled and marred by those interpretations of today that are purely intellectual (as opposed to intellectual and love-inspired and intuitionally grasped).

I can recommend in the strongest terms to you a book I am currently reading, which is very, very, very good. It is called "The second coming of Christ", written by Paramahansa Yogananda. To my understanding, Yogananda was at at or about the same state as Jesus, and is thus marvellously fit to expound on His words. It is really a very inspirational work, and I think you would profit from reading it.

Be well.

Vis, yah, I thought later about that ;P... I hope it's not the end of your life! (nor does it sound like it).

BCii said...

A strange and trying episode, Vis. I deeply admire your handling of it. I suppose when surrender to the ineffable becomes your way of life, then it gets to the point where you can't not surrender, no matter what forces may appear to align against you.

On the Holohoax litmus test . . .

I'm translating a book that's quite delightful and informative, a travelogue interspersed with passages on an eclectic range of subjects -- astrology, psychology, physics, religion, prophecy, paranormal phenomena, criminals in power, health and wellness and the onslaught against them, 9/11 truth, our spiritual destiny, and so on. It's a hefty volume at 752 pages, and I'm reading it as I go. Just now, though, spurred by today's topic, I searched "holocaust" and found, against my hopes but not to my surprise, that the myth is alive and well on its pages. I will, of course, faithfully translate it all to the best of my ability, but I will encourage the author to investigate the subject further.

It really is a litmus test. In the public sphere, one really risks everything by coming out on the side of true history, where the facts lead, on this issue. Not everyone has the guts. But even this last, most sacred keystone in the edifice of the predators' cynically fabricated narrative must fall in time. Perhaps sooner than we might think.

I'm really glad there are public figures like you, Visible, who stand up unafraid against these pernicious and devastating lies. Thank you!!!


torus said...

And Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, if you're reading I trust you understand what's at stake regarding your somewhat vocal stance on the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians. The witnessing of the destruction of an "ancient, beautiful, and humble culture", I believe you called them. You've acknowledged the sword that hangs over your physical and ideological head should you protest too aggressively. Your affiliation with the BDS movement alone has summoned the "obligatory pinhole burns". The obligatory, all wretch and no vomit, accusations I have to say it? "neo-nazi, anti-semite." As you know, there is a particular ideological lynch-pin, one word really,that is key to the success of Israel's brutality. While you were exploring and exploiting the fascist mystique to your advantage on The Wall; which was far more "Adolph" than "Joseph". "To turn on the showers to fire the ovens" - R. Waters, you inadvertently and perhaps naively, lended credibility to the "ideological lynch-pin".
Geldof the kosher did an amazing job!
I understand your post war struggles with totalitarianism. What should give a Brit grief now though; never mind Hitler, he's dead and the holocaust is still very much alive. Was your ultimate aiding and abetting of the most murderous ideology in human history.

"Words cause our banner
Victorious our day.
Will silence be promised
As violence displayed?
The curse increased
We fight the power
And live by it by day!!!
Our God's awake in thunderous roars
and guide the leader's hand in glory to the cause!"

torus said...

And could all those who care please think of Les Visible's well being!! There is only one issue that invoked Les' broken jaw. Mean-spiritedness is a foregone conclusion, even if it was a random attack. But I suspect further motivations.
Les, who am I to tell you what to do?
Don't get martyred over this!!!

Visible said...

Martyrdom is an extraordinary privilege and I do not deserve it so don't worry about it. I think I clarify a lot of things in today's radio broadcast and I encourage you to go and listen to it live. For those of you who can handle, on your email account, about 7 megs and surely if you have gmail you can, I will send it to you right now. Life is truly surprising and for myself I am in a magical land at the moment. Really good things are happening, so much so that it is pretty much off the charts. You see... bad fortune always gets countered by good fortune at some point and I have reached that point and probably will remain there for the majority of the duration forthwith. I should mention that I am on the East Coast now so...visits are possible coming or going. The worse things get, or appear to get, the better they are going to get for us... try to relax and not worry. The former always works and the latter... never.

Jesus Christ, William, you know how to turn a phrase, in fact everyone in this recent posting of comments does. Too bad we don't have a rock group (grin).

Anonymous said...

My humble thanks to everyone for the kind comments, it is appreciated. I'm grateful for my experiences, and have learned to be happy with little, don't have a problem with that. I do have a big problem with the screaming injustice and inequity of our times, but I take comfort in knowing that I'm hardly alone in these sentiments, and hold tightly to the idea that this is being allowed for "purposes of demonstration," and when the time comes for this chapter to end, it will.


Visible said...

By the way, a man I very much admire, especially for his mastery of the language, not to mention his courage and conviction- James Petras has a new one out- no hotlink cause I am busy (grin).

A bit long but absolutely fucking precision at work like a brain surgeon. There are a few great minds at work here and there and he is one of them.

Visible said...

Yes Elliot and then another one will begin. There is a Sufi tale and I will have to paraphrase, but the gist of it is this. When God want a performance done, he sends out all those people that build stage sets and appear on them too and once he has made his point, he sends others out to break down the stage set and build it up again somewhere else... ah... ah... on with the show.

Anonymous said...

Ray B.:

For many years I've wondered why we suffer from this blindness resulting from cognitive dissonance. Is there a survival value to it? I'm pretty sure there is, and we've evolved it for a reason - only it's a double edged sword, and faced with modern (last few centuries anyhow) media, it's working against us.

Sorry, I don't recall your discipline, although I think you might be an ME. In the EE's world, hysteresis can have a number of functions, one of which is noise rejection in digital signals. Instead of a signal's state (1 or 0) being determined by a single threshold, where right at the threshold, the slightest bit of noise riding on the signal would result in a spurious output, the signal's state is established in a Schmitt trigger, a device having two thresholds, and effectively a memory. If the signal exceeds the upper threshold, the output becomes 1. But the signal must go below that threshold and cross a lower threshold in order for the output to become 0. The Schmitt trigger effectively remembers its last state. Hysteresis is also found in magnetic materials, where the material remembers its last exposure to a magnetic field. Even bulk materials exhibit hysteresis, resulting in the stress-strain curve not being exactly linear.

So what does that have to do with cognitive dissonance and our blindness? It seems to me that we latch on to a world-view, and can only change it, or even recognize it for what it is, with a relatively large shock, such as might be caused by substantial suffering. It's as though we've crossed the upper threshold and are stuck there. Anything less than a major shock is unable to get us to cross the lower threshold. Another way to look at it is that the input-information/output-belief relationship is non-linear. Talking to an acquaintance, explaining 9/11 or the holocaust has no effect because it is essentially regarded as noise and hence rejected.

So what's the survival value? In the old days, it prevented one from weathervaning around every time a different idea came up, such as the best day to plant corn. If you have the idea that it has to be planted on the third day after the fifth full moon, you'll continue to do that, at least until a bit crop failure which would be a big shock, acting as a wake-up.

Furthermore, in a primitive culture, it would tend to result in everyone in the tribe having a more or less similar world view, important for group survival.

Les - sorry, I sometimes need to see analogues in the physical realm to reinforce ideas in the non-physical world, and I have a feeling Ray B. may have a similar affliction.


Anonymous said...

It took me all afternoon to read this (between jumpin' up to attend necessities) and all i can say is whew! Profound beyond words to describe and how difficult to bridge it will be for many. The balance of a knife's edge is the width of it too.

There was a comment in the article by DM that was at least partially true, in effect, that sustaining a world of fairness and respect for the tranquility and freedom we seek is very simple and uncomplicated as opposed to one where injustice and endless suffering is a very arduous and burdensome one to maintain.

The problem with crass materialism is maintenance. If you buy it, you must use it.
If you use it, you must maintain it. Failing either of these logically requires loss, which most can't and / or won't accept.

How do we not know this?

all the best to you Les in your recovery, and to everyone here responding.


Ray B. said...

Hi, John. Thanks for your extended reply. My background was aerospace engineering, but mostly aerodynamics and such. Only an undergraduate class in electrical engineering, although we had to learn a bit about analog computers in stability & control! So, I think I can understand the gist of what you are talking about, but it is in a near-foreign language (grin).

Let me give you an example of what I think you are talking about, and we can discuss what may be happening:

Decades back, my then-relationship and I were seeing her mother off at an airport. She had been visiting. While waiting for her flight, we started talking about various things. As the talk drifted into spiritual/psychic matters, a curious thing happened. The mother stiffened-up, her eyes went vacant for several seconds, and then she started-off talking on some (safer) subject - completely different from the one all three of us had been discussing. (No segue at all.) Both my relationship and I caught this, and looked at each other with jaws dropped.

At the time, I felt that something in our conversation had tripped a 'fear switch', and literally taken the mother away (in a 'disconnect' sense). To 'come back', she had to push whatever we were talking-about into some protective 'hole'. Then, something 'safe' was emergency-substituted in, and the normal 'personality' returned.

(Now, I would dig a little deeper and try to ascertain [with Higher Self] whether something 'triggered' a growing-up bad-experience, a past-life bad-experience, a sub-personality switching due to bad-experience, etc. Or, something 'overlighting' her did not like the course of the conversation and had intervened - plus other woo-woo possibilities.)

I do agree that Pain sets thresholds. Below a certain level, the pain of an incident gets felt-through (like a young child does) and the incident just becomes experience. Above a certain level (or in emergencies, like combat), there is a 'disconnect' and the pain is just 'shoved-aside'. Based on my experiences receiving massage (from enlightened practitioners), I learned that it is 'stored'. It will 'come out' to be felt-through, if the subject now has the capacity to experience it. It is no longer 'stored'. Deeper psychotherapies can also facilitate this 'releasing'.

Nowadays, I tend to think more about 'fields'. Whether we are 'enmeshed' in fields of different sorts, from parental to societal to religious. Collective consciousness effects. While you are 'in' one, you are like a fish in the sea; unaware of it's existence. However, if you become a 'flying fish', you suddenly become awake to the 'medium' you are in. Conscious.

Ironically, becoming 'awake' to a medium or field makes you less-capable in that field. Now, you are making choices consciously, rather than them being 'instinctive'. Slows you down. Thus, less survivable. On the other hand, you may have different 'options' now available than when you were 'asleep' in the medium - if you use them.

As a final thought, I seem to infer (correct me if I'm wrong) that you believe we are in a level playing-field. No outside influences which have an 'agenda'. I used to believe that, back in my psychological-counselor days. One of the reasons I no longer do counseling work is that I no longer believe we are in a level playing-field. There are other agendas at work, which 'benefit' from humans being squeezed-down and held-down. So, my 'work' has shifted to leveling the playing-field...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

BCii said...

I came across this today, a demonstration of Presence that happens to also overtly talk about Presence...

From Illusion to Truth

There's a place you get to where you resonate on a feeling level what he is saying, you recognize the experience he is putting into words by your own experience. Having been in that space (already speaking in ego terms, force of habit!), rather, having stopped to be Present with the Now that already is, in which Leonard dwells as he speaks, during the video, I could resonate and confirm for myself what he was saying.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link - I'd not heard of this guy...


Ray B. said...

Interesting view of Russian history by The Saker:

...let’s just summarize it all by saying that there were at least two main factions struggling against each other inside the Bolshevik regime: the Trotskyists - which were mostly Jewish, who had a rabid and even racist hatred for the Russian people and Orthodox Christianity, who had the full support of the West, especially western financial circles (Jewish bankers), and who basically ran Soviet Russian from 1917 to 1938 - and the Stalinists. Stalin and Beria directed a terror campaign aimed at finally ridding the Party from the many Trotskyists it still contained (even if Trotsky himself had lost power in 1927 and left the USSR in 1929). In order to purge the Party, Stalin brought his own, trusted, Georgians (like Beria himself) and together they unleashed a brutal campaign to crack down on those who had themselves been in charge of terror just a few months before.
So what Stalin did is this: He unleashed the Bolshevik “old guard” (i.e. Trotskyists) against the military. And once the military was purged, he then unleashed his own “new guard” (“Stalinists”) against the Trotskyists and purged the Party from most of them. Very, very ruthless indeed; but, in all honesty, also very smart.

Think of it this way: Stalin had inherited a Party which was full of rabid, treasonous and simply crazy elements and a party which was still full of Trotskyists (which makes sense as, more than anybody else, Leon Trotsky should be “credited” with creating the Soviet military, winning the Civil War, and crushing all internal opposition in a huge campaign of russophobic terror). Stalin turned this Party into a Party run by one man, himself; one which had purged itself from Trotskyist foreign agents and one which had the ideological flexibility to actually appeal to the Russian people to fight off and, eventually, defeat the Nazi invaders during WWII.

torus said...

Of course having traitors and Bonesmen within the American establishment didn't hurt Stalin either. False flag via Pearl Harbour was a stroke of luck I guess.Poppa bear Joseph was aided by Averill Harriman and Robert Lovett. The gentle communist Stalin was aided by those capitalist pigs to the tune of 500 tanks per month at one point. The communist/capitalist nexus is old news. Yet here we have Vlad the magnificent criminalizing dissent on the "holocaust" along with overt defamation of Stalinist/communist atrocities. Vlad the Mag, whose includes Henry Kissinger as a close friend and trusted adviser. Net, net Soviet.

katz said...

Sorry to hear of David's attack on you. You should sue him. You can swear out a complaint w the proper authority. Then, you can ask everyone to call or write to the proper authority there and demand that they arrest this David.

You do not have to ignore the attack.

Meanwhile, I hope things improve quickly.


torus said...

Typos.I shouldn't type while walking.
"Who includes..." & "Nyet, Nyet, Soviet".

Anonymous said...

Ray B,

I’m afraid you’re giving me too much credit - my observation is a lot more trivial. A little background:

Some time ago I taught a course in introductory control systems. In the lab, I set up a vertical Plexiglas pipe about 10 cm in diameter and a metre tall, open at the top, closed at the bottom. The inlet was connected to building water through a hand valve, and the drain was through a proportional valve. I had the students set up a PID control loop to maintain the water level, even if the hand valve was changed, by actuating the drain valve. It was good enough that with the setpoint right at the top of the tank, it would actually maintain a slight meniscus. But to do that took a LOT of tuning, as you can imagine. Anyhow, it gave me a great respect for anyone able to tune control loops.

Fast forward. I somehow came across Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis. Despite everyone I knew thinking Lovelock is a quack, his idea hit me between the eyes. How is it possible to regulate precisely the partial pressures of the important atmospheric gasses? (In spaceflight this was considered so difficult that until The Fire, the atmosphere was pure oxygen.) How is the salinity maintained in the oceans? It seemed like everywhere is homeostasis and control loops. (As you probably know, control loops are even trickier if there is significant lag in the system response, and when you’re talking about controlling a feature of the entire earth, there’ll be a huge lag.)

Fast forward again. Conventional wisdom has matter evolving (from hydrogen in the big bang, if you believe in that) into life and then into consciousness. I strongly feel that it’s the other way around, that consciousness was first, and matter is arising from awareness. If that’s right, the Awareness, which I believe Les would call the Ineffable, tunes the control loops. No wonder they work so well!

All the above is to demonstrate an effort to extrapolate my tiny circle of expertise into the larger world around. When I do, I often find my insignificant little circle writ large, so now I anticipate the analogs. I find it enormously reinforcing when I see an analog between the technical and the natural worlds. (And I find it enormously sad that most people look right at these amazing natural homeostatic systems and not only fail to see them; not only fail to appreciate them, but have no problem seeing them destroyed. Many indigenous people could not only see them, they virtually worshipped them.)

So back to the original idea of hysteresis. Lately I’ve been working on a digital system (the signal is either +3.3 volts or 0 volts) and the signal contains a lot of noise riding along on it. To get rid of the noise, I set up a Schmitt trigger whose dead band (the voltage difference between upper and lower switching thresholds) could be adjusted. Slowly increasing the dead band until, like magic, the noise was rejected, and only the signal remained. Nature uses this same idea during the transmission of impulses through nerves to reduce random noise, but I wondered if it might be used in psychology too.



Anonymous said...

Ray B (continued)

Maybe. Go back 10,000 years. We are living in small groups. Imagine how dysfunctional it would be if every time you heard a different idea, you tended to adopt it. It seems to me that there would be little coherence in the tribal notion of how to carry out essential tasks. Instead, it seems to me, it would be better to build in some reluctance to accept new ideas. You’d tend to retain an earlier idea, even if a new idea, proposed by one person, had merit. There would be inertia in the tribe’s world view. It would be less efficient, but more stable. Of course it would also result in much superstitious behaviour…

So that’s all I was trying to say – that maybe we have evolved cognitive dissonance, which makes it difficult for us to adopt new ideas which seem to conflict with the old ones, in order to reduce “psychological noise.” At one time it might have given a strong survival advantage, but now, of course, it prevents most individuals from seeing what’s actually going on around them, and has become a serious and dangerous liability.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic. The shoite might hit the fan in a week regarding the financial markets. China is backing the Yuan with gold on the 19th. I think we've got less than 21 months of anything remotely resembling status quo, and based on my sources, perhaps less than six. If I'm still around by then, I don't think I'll be anything like what I am now. Or should I say, 'what I was yesterday'?

Ray B. said...

Hi, John! Thanks again for the extended reply. I can certainly see the need for 'groundedness' and the concept of individuality (resistance to outside influences). I think this ties in with what we are discussing. In fact, I am disposed to think of earth-plane as a classroom or 'incubator' for holding one's own ground. (Amongst other things.) Resistance is not futile... (grin)

Along those lines, I can give 'testimony' to the fact that other entities have trouble with 'retaining a focus' the further they are (naturally) away from earth-plane. Ironically, the ability to have more 'power' (through less inhibitions) seems to be balanced by the inability to retain a hold on the present. Perhaps a natural 'law'.

Given this 'effect', I might posit that we (early humans) came down to earth-plane in kind of a 'group think' mentality. This was likely the remnants of natural telepathic abilities that exist 'further up'. I am even fairly confident that the 'Tower of Babel' moment was this condition 'switching off' after some time on earth-plane. (Assuming it was not 'done unto us'.) This would fit with the 'confusion of mankind' aspects (including different languages springing up) and the physical dispersal into different tribes/nations.

From that time on, we were 'alone' in a truly terrifying sense. Enforced individuality without experience of individuality. I assume that we had to 'build-up' ways of interacting without the 'group think' crutch. Your method could be how we did it. However it manifested, I suspect it came-about in a pervasive atmosphere of fear. We were in virgin territory, big time. That would account for the 'reluctance' to change. Any change would be 'into the unknown', and particularly a big deal because of the general 'stress out' due to unfamiliar individuality.

I could see how this might "build in some reluctance to accept new ideas." That might even account for why initial 'progress' down-here was so slow (post 'Tower of Babel' moment)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Love To Push Those Buttons, I could see TPTB going apesh1t over any move to dilute their control over the financial system. Interesting times, indeed...

Anonymous said...

Ray B:

Regarding your friend's mother - trade places with her. An acquaintance of yours is explaining to you why the Apollo Project was fake. She speaks of shadows and Van Allen belts and movie sets. No point arguing, she will never change your position, nor you hers. So you look at the ground, making little circles in the gravel with your toe. But at some point you just can't bear to continue hearing one of mankind's greatest achievements denigrated, so you change the subject, even if crudely.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Outside the Sheltering Wings of the Almighty God there is Only Suffering.

Ray B. said...

Hi, John. You make a good point, but this was different. I guess you had to be there. Good enough...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this Les, looks like the vermin have really got you in their sights. I know, cos I'm in their sights as well, though so far no piece of scum has kicked me in the jaw when I wasn't looking.

Can't believe you're still posting after all the shit these Rothschild filth are throwing at you. I think you must be on a mission of god or something. I had to give up posting because the heat just got too much. Still pretty hot for me, but we learn to adapt.

God bless Les, you have friends out here.


Anonymous said...

That x-ray....
Those inserts look like those manufactured and sold by Synthes Corp.
They sometimes 'farm out' the work to other shops. As a part of my job I inspected them for dimensional accuracy and workmanship. Perhaps the very ones now in your head. What a synchronous world. Not to worry - all machinists try their best, and often their best is very good indeed.
Some of the inserts are made of stainless steel, others titanium. They have an interesting screw thread design, a tapered multiple start, with locking thread flanks. I have similar pieces in my collarbone. We even made little curved plates to cover holes in skulls.

You are certainly right that the Germans suffered horribly after what 'the greatest generation' call 'the good war'. What a joke. What happened was the most duped generation fighting an evil war, a continuation of WW1, the cumulative effects of which has just about destroyed Europe. All it needs now is a little shove, and it's possibly lost forever.
There is a film, 'Anonyma'...almost too difficult to watch.

And to think that Rudolf Hess languished in prison lo those many years for trying to bring a truce.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Welcome to Samskara Land.



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