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Coiling Gaboon Vipers and the Restless Monkey Mind.

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Far under the compost of the leaves in years passed, one can hear the muffled rumble of the drums of war, coiling up like a Gaboon Viper, in stealth mode, on the far side of an ancient, decomposing log. It might be hard to imagine getting bitten by a metaphor for a vibrating skin; a metaphor the snake is still living in. You don't want to get bitten by one of these. They have an enormous head and two inch fangs.

It is all the actions of serpents on the inter-penetrating planes. You can see enormous serpents half in and half out of the Earth. They are holographic projections of connecting diamond shapes that you can see right through. You can hear the demigod sounding the OM in the darkness of the Muladhara. Initially this also is the drum of war, uncoiling as it rises through the portals in search of Peace and... Peace will come once the opposites are united in the harmony of their love. The entirety of the process is all internal. The outside mirrors the inside; “your inside is out and your outside is in So come on. Come on, it's such a joy. Come on, is such a joy. Come on and take it easy. Come on and make it easy. Make it easy... Everybody's got something to hide, cept for me and my monkey.” The mind is a monkey and I guess you can fill in the blanks. Given the nature of a monkey you can assume there are a lot of blanks. Then... there is the Monkey on a Stick; Murder, Madness and the Hare Krishna Murders. You wonder how events like this can happen.

It should be clear by now that in this age of confusion, Religion is one of the linchpins of insanity. It contains the madness in a holding pattern, until the widening gyre fragments and things fall apart. The center will no longer hold.

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

No greater poem has been written in the centuries of conflict preceding the moment we are in. It says it all ...and now... the mercenaries skulk into the Crimea, to force the issue and enrich the Tribe bankers and B52 cockroaches like Victoria Nuland and her, 'hail Satan' husband, Robert Kagan, who was one of the dual national architects of The Project for a New American Century and- by extension- the 9/11 attacks. The evidence for this is clear but the doomed sheep pay it no mind. They got their own injunctions of appetite. More than half of these sewer vermin are neo-con fascists by way of the fantasy land of Rothschild. All the parts of the puzzle interlink. A high school freshman could suss this out, while tens of thousands of college educated zombies have 'all you can eat' on their minds; the monkey dances, the reflection trembles and is equally as incoherent as the figure seeking to articulate it for the desirable prizes of appetite. More! More! More! I hunger without respite and it matters not who dies, at the hands of the uniformed armies of lies.

Why... against all the arguments of reason and prudence, do these slathering, mouth breathing monsters, persist in the creation of such carnage? They are whipped forward by their infernal master. They have no recourse but to make piles after pile of skulls, bleached white beneath the pitiless sun of darker doings in darker days. It's like Phnom Penh all over again; to paraphrase Yogi Berra.

The world is a lot easier to understand if you look at the whole dynamic of its operation as a Holy War. We are not speaking so much about one faith militarized against another, as we are referring to a War of Souls. Just as Nature sprouts in the Spring and comes to fruition in the summer, harvest time arrives eventually. The fruits are not brought into the silos and barns however, they are routed onward toward whatever destination is the sure and certain result of the thoughts, words and deeds of the residents here.

We have heard various arguments, for and against, the existence of Heaven and Hell ...but even casual observation on the doings of this plane make it quite clear that both Heaven and Hell exist in various forms right here and since; “as above so below,” one can reasonably presume that these places exist in more rarefied and even denser versions of themselves somewhere else. I believe what the Hindu traditions teach and I firmly believe that all of the other religions came out of these traditions, in the root beginnings ...and then came to be established, according whatever changes and schisms followed. In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, of which the latter came out of the former, it is said that there are lokas; what we would call Heavens and they become more and more refined and blessed as they come to exist in ever more pristine and indescribable environments. One also remains in these locations for periods of longer and longer durations, based on the fineness of the locale. Knowledge of these locations is reserved for the very few. There is some kind of cosmic reason why so little is known about the worlds beyond. Atheists point to this as just one more argument that there are no worlds beyond. Most assuredly there are and a study of the various rays that exist in subtle nature will yield much reward for the committed investigator.

I have long been both dismayed and amused by such a large body of the populations that can, with little effort given, provide such sweeping pronouncements, concerning what they know nothing about. In the end, it seems to me that people arrive at the conclusions they desire, in order to justify and legitimize their life choices. They look for arguments and philosophies that affirm the world view that is most in accord with what they are after. This flies in the face of all that is reasonable but... we live in unreasonable times. One should seek to prove what is, in order to adapt to it and have the assurance of reality behind the conclusions they have proven through experience to be so. Of course, there is much that we cannot know but... it is possible to come into a state of abiding confidence in what one does not know, via the intuitive mathematics of what one does know. It's like algebra. You can shoot around corners. Most importantly, if you search for the ineffable (recognizing that the ineffable is searching for you), the ineffable will provide to your mind and heart, all things necessary and desirable to know.

I saw things in heightened states of awareness which proved beyond a shadow of doubt that there is not only a God but a vast and intricate celestial hierarchy. These evidences were provided to me over and over, across time, in such volume that I can remember only a small amount of everything and everyone I experienced and encountered. I was truly fortunate in this regard but... anyone could be. You just have to want it ...and drugs aren't necessary. Various disciplines can take the determined to states of consciousness well beyond anything that drugs can facilitate.

I caught some ration of shit for my use of Ketamine, which went on for several years but once those experiences that it could provide were exhausted, I never used it again.

There is a God my friends and you can choose the relationship you desire; father, mother, lover, friend and more. I chose 'friend'. Each relationship has its own special parameters of experience. Accept that God is real and set out to prove it to yourself in your daily adventures by simply loving the almighty and allowing the natural progression of this form of devotion to unwind into the destiny toward which it leads. Each of us are different and so each of our destinies will have a unique flavor to it. The terrain of landscape and experience may differ but the final result will not. God will reel you in like a fish. Once the hook is set you are done for, in the very best of ways.

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There will be a radio broadcast Sunday night. The program starts at 8:00 Eastern and my segment comes on about half an hour later but James is always a good listen.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Good Yeats poem. Think this is the second time I saw it. Maybe the third. Hey, I knew I saw it before, so. . .

We can also have a few hours of fun expecting probably nothing, but ya never know with this:

Georgia Guidestone cube that was destroyed theoretically dating 8/14/2016 coinciding with Tisha B'Av, the Jewish day of remembrance when the temples were razed in the past.

We have most of the day to see of the ashkenazi zionists will try to start something.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Vis - ‘...the snake is still living…’

If not brought under control the most dangerous snake of all is the one-eyed trouser snake. This snake exists on all continents and is found where ever Man is located. Once separated from divinity it is capable of turning its victims into mindless machines, destroying any semblance of intelligence and self control necessary to move onto higher planes.

This very condition is what leads to what you referred to as 'educated zombies [who] have 'all you can eat' on their minds; the monkey dances, the reflection trembles and is equally as incoherent as the figure seeking to articulate it for the desirable prizes of appetite...'

Those who learn to master their sexual energy are capable of aligning with our wonderful Creator on many levels, so it only follows that since the Divine is eternal conscious energy experiencing all aspects of life through individual co-creators, that each individual would be a unique expression of the One as seen through their individual perspective, which is why it is so criminal that the current ruling elite are trying to force everyone into one conscious 'state' by sociologically engineering everybody to be plastic Ken’s and Barbies.

Only once we have done as you have said Vis and '[a]ccept that God is real and set out to prove it to yourself in your daily adventures by simply loving the almighty and allowing the natural progression of this form of devotion to unwind into the destiny toward which it leads’ will we finally discover who our true ’self’ really is. This is why our life’s journey must be a soul (not sole) journey, so no thing comes between us and the Holy Spirit/Divine. Only then will we enter the flow that takes us where our divine path always intended to lead us. This is how my master/teacher shows me the way :o).

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...


Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

then there's the two trousered eye snake... and the australian deaf adder (almost always referred to as the death adder) that is resident here, fangs can come in at 1 inch for a 1 meter adult and they are the quickest snake of all, the tail tip is a bait/lure for birds, so they have to be quick. and they sit and wait like Cambodian land mines, ankle biters, whereas most snakes run away (they have an alternative history of the garden of Eden , where Eve, panicking, got Adam to kill the snake)..

anyhow, speaking of grovelling, Jordan Maxwell is back and on Rense with a generous offer of Tb's of files for $30 lifetime, or as long as the site lasts, the links for freebie samples are null for me though.
taking the good and keeping the grains of salt in my trouser pocket, he's one of the best informers.
May Jor Done be Max Well.

one thing I would like to see is a declaration of donations (like Stone does at so we know the part of 'to each according to' and verification independent of paypal and the clinton foundation. (though still google blog bogged). it's a fine line between fine lines.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes you get an Amen, and an AUM for that one, Visible prabhu!

Though I sure don't wonder how it happened, nor what happened.. I peeked at the end,
(the demons did it).

Anonymous said...

pierre said (correction mode)

those free samples of what to expect on JMshow site are supposed to be indicative of what items/categories you get when you join, not actual free samples... official.

Ray B. said...

It took a little while, but this segued into a very nice 'Visible Origami'. Thanks.
Vis: "...and a study of the various rays that exist in subtle nature will yield much reward for the committed investigator."

Hmmm. I wonder if I'm on ray B ? (Sorry, couldn't help it...)
Personally, I have cautions about what the various Hindu traditions teach. As I have said before, this was Inanna's territory during formative times. Not a 'person' to promote ultimate human growth and freedom. If I am wrong about this, I will be glad to admit it - looking back...

As far as Buddhism goes, I am actually more sanguine about its roots. This was a 'rebellion' against forms that were not working. A new path. I have no idea how far Siddhārtha Gautama actually got, but at least he broke the dam. Kudos...
Vis: "Most importantly, if you search for the ineffable (recognizing that the ineffable is searching for you), the ineffable will provide to your mind and heart, all things necessary and desirable to know."

Yes, this is the heart of the matter. Beautifully put. The hardest part is the listening and the recognition, when the ineffable says, "Ahem. Did you know that this is a limitation?"
Vis: "I saw things in heightened states of awareness which proved beyond a shadow of doubt that there is not only a God but a vast and intricate celestial hierarchy."

This is going to be the hardest thing for conventionally-indoctrinated Christians to stomach. The currently-accepted dogma is that everything between God and earth-plane is of the devil. Guess who actually wins with that argument? (Many good-guy types will only intervene if they are invited or requested. Bad-guy types do not have that 'limitation'. With the above dogma, only the bad-guys have the field...)

The above is like trying to convince everyone that there are no colors, only black and white. If I remember correctly, there was a movie where Obi-Wan tells Anakin that "Only the Sith deal in absolutes", and uses that as his identification that Anakin had actually turned to the Dark Side...

In my 'travels', there are folks on innumerable planes - good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. They range from Druid-types, just out of phase with us, to beings so different that they are near-incomprehensible. While caution is needed and desirable, to proclaim that they are all 'of the devil' is the ultimate in ignorance and arrogance. And again, guess who wins with that mindset...
Vis: "There is a God my friends and you can choose the relationship you desire; father, mother, lover, friend and more. I chose 'friend'."

You hit on one of my quandaries here. I either know too little or have experienced too much. I have very mixed feelings about all-God. It is not a 'dark night of the Soul' situation, as there is an underlying confidence and certainty. It is just that I truly do not know whether I will greet all-God (or as close as I can get) with love and humbleness, or will draw a sword and charge with "What were you thinking?" as a battle cry...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Ray,

'This is going to be the hardest thing for conventionally-indoctrinated Christians to stomach. The currently-accepted dogma is that everything between God and earth-plane is of the devil.'

I don't know how you arrived at that conclusion Ray. My understanding is that there are fallen angels/fallen celestial beings, and God's angels between God and the earth-plane. I can't say absolutely, but I would swear I got saved by an angel of God when a huge Turk tried to abduct me in the Spice Markets in Istanbul, many, many moons ago. The angel struck me as being a male because he referred to me as his wife when he grabbed the Turk's arm and ordered him to let go of me, which causes confusion with me because to the best of my knowledge angels don't have a sex. I never saw anything of the angel other than his very white arm, and I noted that he had a really old fashioned British accent, one not spoken for many centuries. I never saw his face and before I knew what happened I went from being outside the Turk's shop in the Spice Markets to being outside the Spice Markets without any memory of how I got there! The Turkish man that was trying to abduct me was a huge bloke and when he looked directly at the angel(?) his face went as white as a ghost. Quite an odd experience it was, one that defied any other reasonable explanation. Please note this intervention occurred without any request on my part, I was too preoccupied with fighting for my life!

The title of Christian is a troublesome one with me Ray because so many people who are Babylonians call their self Christians today that the true meaning of 'Jesus Christ', which is 'station of the anointed', has almost become null and void due to its wide misuse :o(.

Luv Kazz

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is this Sunday's radio show...

P.S - don't forget it's Visible's birthday coming up...

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz, I enjoyed reading your story, frightening as it probably was at the time. Thanks very much for sharing. I enjoy first-person tales. They are the 'fire' as opposed to the 'ashes', as I mentioned some days past.

I base my assertions about (some) Christians on personal experience. Several times, I have opened-up about some positive, even enlightening, experience that I have had. Invariably, the person goes Wow in the first second, reverts to fear in the second second (grin), and blurts out how the devil must have done it. Again, this has happened a good portion of the time. I am not saying that ALL Christians are this way, just the conventionally-indoctrinated Christians...

On your Istanbul 'encounter', I would theorize that you are being Watched. Your spirit and forthrightness have obviously placed you in the potentially-awakening zone. As such, you enter the 'playing-field'. Bad-guys try to shut you down (and thwart good-guys), and good-guys try to encourage you (and thwart bad-guys). This is a different playing-field than for one who is asleep and will probably remain asleep. My observations on 'intervention only-through invitation or request' were mainly for non-playing-field folk. (You may have asked for Help in a general way in the past, which can be used by good-guys in a pinch. *grin*)

Istanbul used to be a main center for Christian worship. Those were in the days of serious God-questing. I imagine a small percentage 'made it through' to higher planes or such. You may have just met one of those. Cool!

(I probably would not have classified your 'rescuer' as a [real] angel. I would likely have put 'him' in a shaman/saint/sage category. Potent, nevertheless, as witnessed by the face of your attacker and your inability to hold a memory of the 'angel's' face or the trip out. But that's just me, and I wasn't there... *grin*)

Again, thanks for the (true) woo-woo tale!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz, I just realized that I had not responded to part of your comment:

"My understanding is that there are fallen angels/fallen celestial beings, and God's angels between God and the earth-plane."

That is indeed true in the Christian canon. I had tried to be brief and perhaps shortened my explanation too much. Let me try a simplified analogy:

If you assume all-God is 13th grade, then God's angels (what I call [real] angels) are in 11th-12th grade. Most of humanity is way down in 2nd grade. Conventionally-indoctrinated Christians are told that everything between 3rd and 10th grade is 'of the devil'. This is also where they put the "fallen angels/fallen celestial beings" in the indoctrination. (This is partially-true, as we are all 'fallen angels/fallen celestial beings' seeking adventure and knowledge...)

I do not hold with anyone who automatically brands (by definition) all beings in the 3rd to 10th grade 'gap' as 'of the devil'. Less knowledge and power as you go down, of course, but not automatically evil. Good, bad, ugly, and beautiful - but not automatically evil. How arrogant...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, the Vedas, when telling of the birth of the demons from the buttocks of the secondary creator, Lord Brahma, don't pussyfoot around or make nice at all about what happened. About the depth(s)of their depravity and lust. It's the original terror-horror-scifi-thriller-murder mystery, epic.
I mean, how many adults, animals and most children do not understand the truth has a brutal streak.

Upon birth/arrival, the demons wasted no time displaying their raison d'être!
They immediately began to plot against Brahma. How could they use him, entertain themselves with him, etc. Soooo without further adieu they did attempt to rape and/or otherwise molest Lord Brahma himself. Right in front of God, and everyone! Oh yeah. Shamelessly evil is a good word for it.
So bad, so vile and evil it twas, Lord Brahma himself was compelled to leave the scene, hurriedly and 'very disturbed' as the *demons approached him..

*(also the origin of the famous saying 'brass balls')

Ray B. said...

via Homer, thanks for the Veda data. (sorry!) I am not a Veda scholar, so I am glad to have summaries from those who are. Just not enough time...

Your story about 'Brahma versus the demons' immediately brought up the 'Quetzalcóatl (Mayan name Kukulcán) versus the high priests' story. This was where Quetzalcóatl was trying to raise the ancient Central American culture to more 'godly' practices, and was basically ambushed. The high priests (possibly 'inhabited' by demons) got Quetzalcóatl drunk, into various sexual activities, and so on. Later, Quetzalcóatl was so demoralized by what had happened that he pulled up stakes and left. The high priests (with or without accompanying demons) had won. Central America descended into the practices the Conquistadors found with the Aztecs...

Apparently, the archons/demons were 'here' at the start and continue to probe (sorry) for weaknesses and naivety. Perhaps, earth-plane is just a 'seasoning' ground. Come in with all sorts of ideals, take your licks (sorry), and emerge sorrier but wiser. One hopes that there is a higher purpose, rather than just a maelstrom...

(Your story and my story perhaps testify to the necessity of 'growing' to the point of meeting the demons on their own ground [consciousness level]. That way, one is confronting the 'issues' directly, and knowing exactly what one is up against. I believe that was what Siddhārtha Gautama was doing under the Bodhi tree...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Ray,

'Conventionally-indoctrinated Christians are told that everything between 3rd and 10th grade is 'of the devil'.

Conventionally-indoctrinated Christians are sociologically brainwashed through Man's institutions, which are all fictitiously created for one purpose and one purpose only, to control and destroy humanity, which I believe is the body of God on the third and fourth dimensional planes. While I am willing to concede that these institutions start out working for the good of humanity I can’t help but note that they always end up working for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the majority in the end, which is why Jesus hated the Nicolaitans (one who conquers and subdues the people) (Revelation 2:6). I suggest that the reason these secret societies that run this world are always so secret is because the dark cannot step into the light without being vanquished!!

I find it much easier to be objective by viewing what is going on from a biological perspective. Imagine humanity is simply a collective of individual cells (men and women) that make up the whole (body of humanity). In any human body if the cells/individual humans start to attack the larger body/humanity those cells would be viewed as either cancer or AIDS.

Cancer occurs when good healthy cells mutate and turn into cancer cells (indoctrinated Christians), which quickly spread throughout the entire body. Once this cancer spreads far enough it causes the death of the patient/humanity and the cancer cells die along with the body. Another way of looking at it is that the white cells (police and army) within the body, that were meant to protect the body from hostile organisms, start viewing the body as the enemy, so instead of attacking that which threatens the body the white cells attack the body they were meant to defend. In both these cases the cells involved have become rogue cells due to the fact that they have been tripped by something to turn against the body. Man's religious institutions, governments and corporations (collectively known as the Tribe of Judah) are the trip that is being used by the lower energies to accomplish this.

I see that while humanity has been indoctrinated to believe religious institutions, governments and corporations are there to protect them these institutions actually feed off humanity as a tick or leach would feed off the blood of its victim. The factional reserve banking system is used to drain the life blood/energy of the victim, and if left untreated the parasite will drain the host, then move on, which is what this organism has done throughout history, but once this organism goes global, as I see we are on the precipice of, this organism keeps draining the host/humanity until it kills it, which destroys both the host and the parasite! This process has been going on for thousands and thousands of years, which is why humanity has never evolved past a certain point. As proof of this perspective I would like to draw attention to the ruins of the many ancient advanced civilisations currently being unearthed today, many of which were more advanced than the West today. This process occurs to stop humanity's evolution, which is why the ruling elite go to so much trouble to destroy ancient artefacts and texts that would expose the truth!

(Part 1)

Kazz said...

(Part 2)

It does not have to be this way because we are co-creators who can create anything we want, all humanity has to do is evolve enough to realise what is in the best interest of the collective organism, which is why the global elite shut down all civilisations once they begin to evolve past a certain point. The excuse that the elite created this process for the well being of humanity appears a bogus claim in sight of the fact that the only way one can evolve past a specific point is by resonating more harmoniously within the field, which translates to working for the good of humanity, so killing off civilisations simply because they are on the verge of evolving only serves one purpose, and that is to STOP HUMANITY FROM EVOLVING AND MOVING FORWARD. The question that should be asked is why would anyone want to do anything as selfish and heinous as this? The answer is that the global elite prosper through this system because it allows them to live in abject luxury, even though their excess is totally disharmonious to creation and the well being of humanity. It is for this reason that it is so easy for those who are evolved to any degree to recognise that the global elite and their minions are nothing but self serving satanists, or as Christ put it, Nicolaitans!

As I am so sure of the perspective I provide I would like to challenge anyone to show where there is inconsistency in my work. After all it is not about being right it is about being correct, and if my perspective is incorrect I would very much appreciate being corrected. Since I am pro humanity I am pro everybody, which is consistent with the golden rule of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you' (Luke 6:31, Matthew 7:12). Christ stated, “[d]o not think that I have come to abolish the Law of the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfil them.’ (Matthew 5:17). This being the case how can any real Christian justify the actions of Man’s institutions that are being used to rape, pillage and steal upon this plane when the 10 commandments (the law) clearly tells us thou shalt not kill or covet that which belongs to thy neighbour?? Using the justification that people are things and not the 'chosen one’s’, because they have been indoctrinated to believe they are a second dimensional name instead of a living being, falls down in view of the fact that when the people do begin to evolve they either have to become part of the system or are killed, and when humanity awakens en mass they are exterminated through war or starvation to negate the process. How is any of this consistent with what Jesus declared, which was, ‘ [l]ove the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’… All the Law and the Prophets depend on those two commandments.’… (Matthew 22:38-40).

I have concluded that although it is claimed that the myriad of differing views and perspectives are all valid, unless they are consistent with ALL the facts at hand they are not. I have been posting here for years, so I would like to challenge anyone to show me where my perspective/philosophy is inconsistent with the facts at hand. Some argue that the truth cannot not be known, but if this is so than how do police ever solve a crime? Christ told us the truth shall set us free, but from what I can see you are not free if you have any hierarchy above you other than God. While I agree that there is a hierarchal system in Heaven we are told that Man was created with free will, which means unlike the rest of God’s creation humanity is above the celestial realm and answer only to God, which is what pissed Lucifer off so much and instigated the fall, not only of some of the angels but also of Mankind!

Luv Kazz

Quidam said...

Kazz, You make me a better person...I love the way you think, I think about you.:)

long john said...

A most excellent book, well worth listening...

Rāja-Vidyā - The King of Knowledge, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1973) [narrated audiobook format]

Auto-Playlist of Chapters

List of Chapters

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

We Came to Armageddon, just to Find the Battle Won.

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz, thanks for the long response. Most of it is commendable and of course correct. About the only ways I would expand on it are beyond the visible. However, this depends on the consciousness-level and experiences of the reader.

There is a vast, beyond-3D world 'out there'. The number of (real) elves on Earth exceeds humans on Earth, for example. They are just (mostly) not seen because of consciousness-level differences and the fact that they have moved mostly into oceans and outlying areas because humans holding pain cause them discomfort. They exist at Soul level, so it doesn't matter to them where they are.

I have run into so many 'species' up and down the consciousness-levels that I have lost count. It is like "Star Trek", except that it occurs vertically rather than horizontally (up rather than out). Humans are just one itty-bitty species in a great big 'zoo'. A zoo that occurs both upwards and outwards...

It is possible that some species right next to all-God (the first divisions from Unity) do not have free will. However, I can tell you from experience that free will starts way up there, and is not limited to humans. Only-humans having free will is a form of vanity and of not having made the journeys for one-on-one contact. Most up-or-out species would laugh at this or shake their heads sadly.

So, the only comment that I would make on your posting is that it is very human-centered. At some point, a person breaks out of that. Or they don't. I would take your Istanbul experience as a clue that there is much more 'out there'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Floyd,

Thank you for your kind words but thanks does not belong to me, the good within you can only spring forth if the well of love within you has not run dry :o).

Dear Ray,

I don't doubt your account, and sense that the world I perceive with my 5 senses is only a very small portion of the ALL. I don't stress about what I do and don't see with my physical senses because my higher sense of self comes from a much deeper place, one that is all inclusive, where love abounds. I know I perceive little at this stage, which is why I try to report what I see from a detached stance, but I do so with the realisation that my consciousness is constantly expanding, therefore I must create space within my understanding to accommodate growth. A general freeing of the mind would seem necessary for this process to unfold but at the same time I must maintain a sense of who I AM, or risk losing contact with the Divine, which is far too great a price to pay.

Far from being frightened I feel a moderate level of excitement within, akin to that which an expectant traveller experiences as they ready their self for some marvellous adventure into the unknown. Life should feel no other way :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I'd go half way between Karen and Ray, with plain Aliens in the mix somehow.
Probably wasting my time, but something I have been meaning to do, read up on the Church history.. all 7 volumes of it if I get that far.
Philip Schaff History of the Christian Church, Volume I Apostolic Christianity. 1890 - before the fall of the last century, written the same year as Doane_Thomas_W_Bible_myths_and_their_parallels_in_other_Religions.pdf
(the Zeitgeist book I call that one).
was Lao Tzu a plagiarist too? P31 of Shaff's Vol1
"In this life we can, of course, only distantly approach perfection in this or in any other branch
of study. Absolute success would require infallibility; and this is denied to mortal man. It is
the exclusive privilege of the Divine mind to see the end from the beginning, and to view
events from all sides and in all their bearings; while the human mind can only take up things
consecutively and view them partially or in fragments."
life as a pinball under the pinball wizards game plans.

Ray B. said...

pierre: "I'd go half way between Karen and Ray, with plain Aliens in the mix somehow."

pierre, you would probably enjoy the SF television series "Babylon 5." Two ‘senior races’ were contesting with each other for dominance of the galaxy. Junior-planet Earth and other junior-planets got caught in their power struggle. This sub-plot brought up everything from alien intervention to the roots of the NWO. I’m surprised that B5 made it on-air at all...

B5 was originally funded for a five year production, just like ‘Enterprise’s’ five-year mission. After early success, TPTB cut guaranteed funding for the fifth year (just like ‘Star Trek’s’ troubles) and forced the writers to compress years 4&5 into one season. After that slice-and-dice was aired, they gracefully (!) gave 5th year funding, with the series-arc having no place to go. Bastards...

B5 had the overall ‘reach’ to go into the majors. Several DVD movies had been produced (with great reception) that tied into the B5 universe. A semi-flawed spin-off series was airing. All that was ‘canned’ by none other than The Donald, after he bought the holding company.

B5 is available from Amazon, et al. However, one has to know-about-it to find it. The original ‘Star Trek’ was put into syndication after a few years, and the growing recognition of its quality built a fan-base in the general society. B5 was/is not allowed that opportunity. Poor business practice. Hmmm...

To me, the main area which resulted in the show’s ‘disappearance’ was the integration of ESP (particularly telepathy) into the show. This capability was not for freaks (as controlled-Hollywood would show it), but was integrated into the heart of the pan-stellar society – Earth included. From commerce to war, and everything between. B5 threatened to make this ‘worldview’ commonplace. It was therefore a threat, and had/has to be near-‘disappeared’...

As far as I can guess, B5 p.o.-ed the PTB. The good-guys won. They kicked the Shadows off-Earth and out of the galaxy. (The Vorlons, too, although they were more benign.) I would suspect that-alone would qualify B5 for ‘payback’...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Ray,

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by your comment, 'the only comment that I would make on your posting is that it is very human-centered', because I am not quite following what you were trying to convey.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz: At the time, I was responding to your two-part post. Let me explain by analogy:

When the Christian world was under siege by the Islamic world, stay-at-home Christians imagined a powerful Prester John figure somewhere in the mysterious East who would lead his armies to succor Christians everywhere. Only two worlds really existed to them, the Christian world and the Islamic world. They could not imagine anything outside of that, having not broadened themselves.

Now contrast this with the Venetian merchant traveler, Marco Polo. He actually went out into the real East (some say even traveling to the American west coast on Chinese ships) and saw who/what was really there. The number and variety of real cultures he interacted-with was amazing. When he returned home, he actually was not believed - the tales were so 'out there' to the locals.

Marco Polo returned 'changed'. He had actual experience under his belt. The Venetian Court must have seemed small and almost-trivial after having been in the Chinese Imperial Quarter. I imagine he also saw Christianity as insular, after having seen everything from Zoroastrianism to Hinduism to Confucianism to Taoism to Buddhism...

Now, expand the above with what I last posted to you:

Contemporary Christians really have no idea of what is truly out-there in space or up-there in higher planes. They have old, hand-me-down tales, but no actual first-hand experience (mystery groups aside). They are in a Prester John situation.

A few of us have actually traveled outwards and/or upwards (voluntarily or involuntarily). We went Marco Polo-ing. We did it almost as a profession. We returned 'changed'. By analogy, it is like the 'exposure' obtained by a deep Near Death Experience person who has traveled way upwards and returned. It is hard to stuff yourself back into human-centered-ness after something like that.

(There was a great soliloquy in "Blade Runner" when the last replicant, dying, described his life out amongst the star lanes. How expansive it was, compared to the life of an Earth-bound detective. Or, if you are a Tolkien fan, imagine how different the Hobbits were, from the time they set-out from the Shire to destroy the One Ring to the time they returned home. In a sense, they went Marco Polo-ing. You can't go home again, as the saying goes.)

So, if you put all the above together and fill-in around the edges, that is what I meant by 'your posting is very human-centered'. A person is there until he/she is not.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Ray,

Thank you very much for elaborating for me. I have done the Marco Polo-ing thing through travelling here on the physical plane, which is why I see the forced implementation of any religion as being satanic, but I have not been beyond that YET, except on my jaunts to a higher dimension when I was young, and that was always to the same place :o). I had a nightmare about the implementation of Sharia law in Bali last night, it caused great bloodshed :o(.

One day fundamentalists might realise that their world of fear and danger is simply a projection of their own minds. I am not saying there is not danger in this world; during my travels I was drugged on one occasion, nearly raped on another, and would have been forcefully abducted had my woo-woo knight in shining armour not protected me, but that was not indicative of the majority of my journey. I don't take unnecessary risks but I do like living on the edge, because as the saying goes a coward dies a thousand deaths a hero dies but one :o).

Thanks again for your thoughtful response Ray. If you are ever in my neck of the woods I would love to hear about your Marco-polo-ing experiences in the ethereal.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Karen / Kazz, thank you in turn for your thoughtful reply. You are in Australia, no? Who knows; after the US Presidential elections, there may be mass emigrations...

"One day, fundamentalists might realise that their world of fear and danger is simply a projection of their own minds."

Yep. And unfortunately, the more 'stuff' you are carrying, the more reluctant you are to actually feel-it-through and be 'free'...

About your dream, I am a great fan of women and the female aspect. So, I am in a quandary about the forced-submission of women in the (fundamentalist-side) Islamic world. I hate it. I am not sure whether this is just a karma-return case, as Vis sees in every seemingly-negative occurrence (in this case, overbearing in one lifetime resulting in victimization in a next). I tend to see it more as (unseen) baddies getting their kicks in. But who knows? It just needs to change...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

It's still Karma. Perhaps a definitive definition of the meaning of the term might be useful. Just ask and I will provide it (grin). Even though my rendering might not be comprehensive, it will address that particular concern which seems to be something that troubles many. Karma is not just action and reaction, or even an adjustment of the scales. The Rishis had a more involved understanding.

Ray B. said...

Asking... (grin)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"By the order of Brahmaji, Sri Ganesaji took up the charge of noting down the dictation on the condition that Vyasadeva would not stop dictation for a moment. The Mahabharata was thus compiled by the joint endeavor of Vyasa and Ganesa."

Karma and Reincarnation

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@RayB, I was more anti in the past and skipped B5 completely, thought it too quirky from a cursory glance. Space 1999 I did watch as a teenager (telephathic trees and you could say also a marco polo road trip). Fukushima on steroids with more inertia (moon explosion on the premiere episode). If MP came from Venice I would get my conspiracy antenna out, same with Columbuses heritage. GPS coordinates from the Aliens or paleo-neolothics perhaps. I'd settle though for a more down to earth Kazarian Mafia vs Nazi International, but there is definitely the X factor (you and me and Rothschilds makes three?). I also thought the new Stark Trek a good roll, though Visa Vis Vis,s assessment I have no taste.
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