Friday, August 19, 2016

The Boxed in Gardens of Zen Gardner and the Tragedies of Schadenfreude.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We are presently in the doldrums section of the ocean of change. I was born in the last third of August. It seems like awhile ago now (grin). Typically nothing much happens in that time frame, historically. Typically nothing much happens in August period, by comparison with more active months and some of those months are coming up. October looms large and we hope to be locked away for the second half of that month, using a periscope to scout out the landscape. One can pretty much assume that they are going to be bringing out the big guns of Terror on the crawl up to the rigged election. This means that The Mossad should be slithering around in preparation for whatever horrors they have on the drawing board at the moment. Satan's workshop should be bustling with activity as the demon elves put together their anti-Christmas packages for those who have been naughty all year long.

I've no idea of what is coming. I recognize the levels of flammability that are present in the culture and in Nature as well. The Ring of Fire is rumbling. So many areas of being, from the streets of the modern cities to the pressure zones beneath the Earth, are pulsing with the transitionary fires of change. It could come from anywhere and from everywhere at the same time. The complexity of potential is daunting. There are so many here who fall into only a few camps; the 'doom and gloom' brigade, the 'absolutely positive regardless of appearances' clique, the- 'I don't give a shit... whatever' contingent and, of course, the, 'I have no clue' brigade. This makes up a large percentage of the human race; possibly the largest group is the group that is scrambling every day to stay above water, while the elites open every metaphorical and literal fire hydrant in town.

I've had a chance to talk to some members of the day to day dream land cabal of people who take what they see around them and define that as all there is. Instead of just laying it out like I usually do and not caring who I alienate, I have kept my own counsel and just shown an interest in the lives of others. There was a time when I felt I should take every opportunity to tell it like it is; how Israel did 9/11 and what all those Middle Eastern wars are all about, as well as the psychopathic criminality of Wall Street and the political theaters, not to mention the international bankers. These days I say very little and pay a great deal more attention to what others have to say. This is not to imply that I find any of it interesting because most of it is not ...but I have learned that the greatest service you can pay to others is just to listen to them and add what might prove useful to them, based on whatever they tell you.

I feel like I have passed the point where I think what I have to say is so important that I just have to say it. I believe that if I never said another word that would be just fine. The wind in the trees has more to say than I do. Sometimes there comes a moment when I can actually interpret what the wind is saying but those times are rare. In those times there is such a poetry in the wind. I can never remember if I was hearing words or simply seeing images. Whatever the case may have been, the experience was powerful.

These days the almighty is the primary concern of every moment. I know I cannot get closer than I am, until the ineffable moves closer. It's all on a kind of proximity rating system. Time and consistency of behavior, juxtapose with the roulette wheel of universal change. There is a wheel of fortune aspect to existence. Spotting those moments of available serendipity is the hard part. To be able to see the biorhythmic upward swing when it is mostly always hidden is an art. I think it is less of an art than it is an intuitive sense and some people have it and most do not. You'll know if you do.

The space between beginning this post and my being back here again has involved some terrible revelations and I will refer you here. When Jeff Rense decided to toss Henry Makow from his site he replaced him with Zen Gardner. I know some things about Jeff now that I wish I didn't but in any case I am going to take the high road and not comment on them. I feel so much better about myself as a result that there is no need to say anything and these things are going to come out shortly anyway- cue Mr. Apocalypse. Art Bell was involved in very similar work and also had the same employer. I've heard a lot of things in my travels and have heard the same things about Art Bell from various sources. When someone is heavily into promoting Halloween-UFO's and devotes large sectors of their sites to the bizarre and have never been right about anything yet, you can be sure that they work for the same people that the same people like them worked for before. None of this has anything to do with Zen Gardner but I am known to digress (grin).

It's a sad state of affairs, this situation that Zen Gardner finds himself in. I don't know what to think. I wasn't there. I noticed he was behaving in an odd fashion in recent times but that's not really my affair. He and I aren't friends and I've been given to believe he doesn't like me very much but I don't rate or judge people according to that. I can well understand why some people wouldn't like me and I don't hold it against them, especially if they don't know me in the first place. Well, I don't know Zen Gardner so I've got nothing to say about him. The evidence is fair damning but there could be all kinds of extenuating circumstances and I know that the Children of God separated families from each other and kept the membership in an economic condition that made getting away difficult. The leadership was composed of practicing Satanists and I don't doubt they had connections to intelligence services as well and most intelligence services are composed of practicing Satanists.

I don't know what to think about this matter. I do know that this is all a continuation of Mr. Apocalypse amplifying and accelerating what he has been up to for some while now. It could be that not all that needs to be known is known and that that will manifest over time. I can understand how one might become trapped in a particular matrix and be unable to find their way out. I am not one of those people jeering from the sidelines and gloating in the dilemma that another can find themselves in. I look at the man's face and I am perplexed. I wonder and I wonder but I do not know. I do not know Zen Gardner but I do know that, “there but for fortune goes you and I.” I have no such things in my past. The only thing in my past is what I might charitably call, 'colorful behavior' (grin); not as much as can be easily seen in the lives and lifestyles of many another artist ...but some measure... heh heh.

I wish Zen Gardner well. I really do and hope that he can pass through this fire and find both redemption and epiphany. As I look into the details of what caused him to become exposed I am very puzzled. More is going on here than meets the eye. I thank God that I have been protected most of the time from the potential bad consequences of what might have been but never was. I believe that if you are seeking God and demonstrating the sincerity of that in service to others that no matter what tasks or conditions are set before you, you will find redemption. Look at the tale of Milarepa.

I do not mean to here imply that I am passing any judgment on the fellow from The Philosopher's Stone because I am not. He surely has his reasons for doing as he is doing and I am not privy to them, nor do I know the totality of the story by any means. I like The Philosopher's Stone and have found it to be a useful and informative site. I'm not taking sides in this affair. All I can say is that I am sorry that any of this ever had to happen. I feel even worse for the people who have been long time supporters of Zen Gardner. It's a hard place to be and there is surely a great deal of bad feeling and a pervasive sense of loss across the board.

There is going to be a lot more of this kind of thing and that includes certain webmasters who are going to find that the tide has turned against them in an almost supernatural way. I will take no joy in this either. I am not a fan of schadenfreude. I am a strong believer in compassion and understanding because weapons can turn upon those wielding them and often one can find themselves in the same circumstances they were so dedicated in putting another into.

You're in my prayers Zen. This has nothing to do with what you might have done, have done and did not do. It has to do with the always present potential for being spiritually transformed by tragedy and any of the various mediums by which we come to a true awareness of ourselves and others. I've no certainty of the truth of the tale of Paul of Tarsus but the story is an example of what is possible for any of us, no matter how far we have gone down the wrong road. Only God knows what is in our hearts. With rare exception, we don't even know ourselves.

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Last Sunday's radio broadcast is still broadcasting.


Ray B. said...

I did not know of Zen Gardner, except through some article mentioning him. I have never even visited his site, if he has one. However, I wanted to throw-in some wider context:

I am in my upper sixties, and was technically a member of the Flower Power generation. (I was more a member of the military/industrial complex in the early years.) For those of later generations, I want to stress how fk'ed up the fifties and early sixties were, especially sexually. The sexual repression was massive, and came out in bizarre ways - everything from rifles as substitute penises to H-bombs as intellectual orgasms. A sickness, both individually and as a culture...

Also, it was "Leave It to Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" territory. There were kids being lectured against natural-nudity, and the development of a body-shame culture - particularly through religion. Stifling and damaging. And again, readers here probably know what happens when you stuff Chi...

When the counterculture hit, there was a gradual - and then quick - throwing off of sexual chains. Yay! Some was simply exuberant, and some was over the top. There were communes and unusual groupings, as a reaction to suburban non-life. It took a while to sort out what worked. (Toss in AIDS as a probable 'counterstrike'.) Add-in the spiritual-seeking aspect, and it was a wild, experimental time...

However, there was a dark side. Throw sexuality and old held-pain together, and you get S&M. Twisted and repressed sexuality (from the Strangelovian times) could generate pedophilia down the road. Toss in domination, and you get top-down cults, some sexual. All this was in play as a 'holdover' from the earlier repressions. If you got lucky (good karma), you had a great time (grin). If you ended up in metaphorical or literal chains, the sexual revolution might have turned into a nightmare (aka, bad karma)...

This was the society that Zen Gardner dropped-into. Confused, but finally alive!

In my world, there is also a woo-woo component. There have been several times that I have been 'overlighted' by ill-meaning (unseen) beings. Some were just 'having fun', and some were out to inflict real harm. (Vis calls this aspect 'interference', if I remember rightly.) Part of this includes sexual influences or impulses. In earlier times, this was called visits by incubi or succubi. For today's totally-uneducated-in-countermeasures people, this kind of 'manipulation' is commonplace. Easy prey. So if all of a sudden, you have this strong sexual 'urge' come out of nowhere, guess what? (Even worse is when 'dalliance' becomes possession. Think Théoden, pre-Gandalf-the-White - except sexual. Brrr.)

This is also the "society" that Zen Gardner dropped-into, aware of it or not. Not necessarily alive! (grin)

I just felt like it was needed to put Zen Gardner into a wider context, whatever his personal successes/failures were...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to have your lowdown on Jeff Rense - I guess- heh heh.
I was drawn into a cult years ago - a relatively harmless one run by Elizabeth Clare Prophet - but I soon saw through the manipulation and mind control and feet of clay and left. I once walked into the Mooonie HQ in Lancaster Gate in London and it was like walking into a tornado - powerful entities attacking me from all sides. That was heavy duty mind control.
As to Rense, I admire his courage in naming and exposing the zio devils and there is a lot of information on his sites mixed in with BS.
Bottom line I feel he is basically a good man with big cojones. I know about all the emotional instability 7 wives or more life style stuff - but I hope that the stuff you know about Rense wouldn't drastically change my opinion. Best wishes to you, Peter

Dublinmick said...

I can add to this. Don't worry, the creator sees all.

The Battle Is Raging Which Will Decide The Vicar Of Christ On Earth-The Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow In Opposition To The Vatican Prelate Of Rome

Anonymous said...

Another example of Mr Apocalypse. This warmed me to the core, Celtic fans from Glasgow, Celtic being the biggest football club in Scotland were playing an Israeli team in the champions league qualifiers, why Israel are always in European competitions one can only guess. Celtic fans had been told they would be arrested if they waved any Palestinian flags. Check out the YouTube vid.
Ever hopeful Antony

Anonymous said...

Great expose on Art Bell Les! Timely!

Henry Makow has to be congratulated. He is without a doubt the best writer in the alt news community and also he easily survived the Rense betrayal and is a leader in the Truth movement. He has done what other webmasters failed to do, bring to light the stomach turning shameful, acts against children. Babies raped and sodomized. Typing that almost caused me to throw up.

I know it must be difficult for some of these webmasters. I mean if they can't scream "It's the Jews!" then they just want to leave it alone. Or forgive it.

I believe this episode will be the new litmus test. There are many of us watching. Will the alt community do the right thing and expose and force "Zen" to seek help. Maybe turn himself in to authorities. Or will they, like Jon Rappoport, shower Don with kindness and accolades. Praising him and saying "It's all good Zen, What's the big deal?"

Babies raped and sodomized. Had to cut and paste that, couldn't type it twice. Buy hey, by all means lets pray for Zen. He needs it. He got caught.

There is a supernatural cleansing coming, believe it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Personally I put Zen Gardner in the same category as David Duke. New improved model after a wreck. Rense. . .just another package deal. Same with Makow. Probably Rense an ego that 'almost' rivals the size of my nose, and from what I read about him; he'd be very hard to live with. Then again, so am I.

Ya know, news reports seem to go from RINF to What Really Happened, to Rense. I don't know where Mick Meaney (Is that one comparable to Leslie Crook? Though I gotta admit I like both names.) of RINF gets his. . .if it's another site that collects, or staff goes through all the individual news stories of the world, but hey. What ever.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot something. The story of Milarepa was put up at a good time. (Wondering if you posted it before. It looked familiar.) Am currently a 'slave' to a Chinese goddess, and am rather enjoying it.

Visible said...

I've noticed all of that. If you go to whatreallyhappened, every 3rd story is Investment Watch. They are all so co-opted and I am glad I am not there. The avalanche of advertising is beyond belief. I am so grateful that all my advertising is free. Money can kiss my ass and so can all of the Mammon doppelgangers running loose these days. Live free or die.

Visible said...

I have mentioned Milarepa before but not that link.

Anonymous said...

Go to She was Renses wife! He is a bona fide psychopath!
Just to follow up type in Jeff tense love fraud and get the whole story she published... Terrified for her life.

I know exactly what she went through... I was held hostage by one!

missingarib said...

The transmission of the lamp of Buddhism suggests that the seed dharma adapt to the conditions of the soil they sprout in. The second and third generation of the new plant responds to the social and moral/ philosophical climate. The teachers of Indian,Chinese,Japanese,Korean, all point the finger at the moon all turn the wheel of dharma .
The flowers of Buddhism all have the fragrance of deliverance, speaking the language of suyata.
The central yoke ,the spokes ,the rim of the wheel deliver the understanding of nirvana /samsara as no more than the gathering of water and the harvesting of hemp.

Liang-chieh composed a giithii, and
presented it to Yiin-yen.
"It is strange indeed!
It is strange indeed!
Dharma taught by non-sentient things is unthinkable.
Listening through your ear you cannot understand;
But you will be aware of it by listening with your eyes."

The times are such that one voice or another directs attention to the understanding of samsara ,as revelation of Nirvana.
"Time and consistency of behavior, juxtapose with the roulette wheel of universal change. There is a wheel of fortune aspect to existence. Spotting those moments of available serendipity is the hard part. To be able to see the biorhythmic upward swing when it is mostly always hidden is an art. I think it is less of an art than it is an intuitive sense and some people have it and most do not. You'll know if you do."

live long

Anonymous said...

"but I have learned that the greatest service you can pay to others is just to listen to them and add what might prove useful to them, based on whatever they tell you."
Words of wisdom and a place that I have came to as well. Love you Les

Anonymous said...

Zen, don't call me Don Ferguson, Gardner has been scrubbed from Rense

Ray B. said...

For those who have moved on, I had a comment that "wound-up" in the spam file at Vis. The 3rd Elf kindly fished it out and posted it. (Thanks!) It is back as the #1 comment, for those interested...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...


Are you gonna stop in southern Oregon on your trip? Would be cool to shake your hand after lurking up your work for nearly a decade.


Visible said...

Two points;

One- I will be in your neighborhood, send me your particulars of contact and it is pretty much a given we will meet.

Two; that is just like Jeff to do that. I didn't come out these last days to defend a man who doesn't even like me. I do this because we have no facts. Once we have facts then I suppose every man and woman can make their own decisions about what it all means. I intend to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. I may stumble and bumble. I may lose sight of the goal but I will persistently try to live according to the steps of the master. I can forgive and that is the greatest power any of us possess though we may not recognize this. "To err is human, to forgive is divine."

Ray B. said...

I saw this over at gizadeathstar:

“elites [a one word oxymoron]”

Thanks, RB. (not me) Superb!

Ray B. said...

I just ran into this at Wikipedia. It would be interesting to walk-around and feel the energy of the region...

"Fengshui of Wenzhou City

The geographical establishment and development of the city of Wenzhou was designed by Guo Pu, the father of Fengshui philosophical system in Jin Dynasty at the time in China, mainly on the basis of Fengshui philosophical system along with Twenty-Eight Mansions, and Five Elements which develop and manage architecture and geography as a whole in metaphoric terms of 'invisible forces' that unite the universe, earth, and humanity together.

When Guo Pu climbed to the top of West Guo Mountain in Wenzhou, he saw the range of mountains of Wenzhou together shaped as dipper and the city itself aside from mountains shaped as key. Therefore, Wenzhou is now usually nicknamed as the 'dipper city' based on the popular geographical saying of the city 'mountains as dipper, city as key'."

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Great advice re: Sunday, August 21, 2016 1:53:00 AM

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Think of "Zen's" position critically. Let's say he's an intelligence asset. Well...his story came out, about the Children of God thing. Why in the hell would that happen? Intelligence controls everything on the Internet, in one way or another. But that's irrelevant, because he admitted his involvement. What kind of a fool would do that? This leads me to believe the whole thing was scripted. Now, call me a heretic and burn me at the stake, but Zen is one of the few truthers on the Internet who actively pushes the Flat Earth angle. By discrediting himself via The Children of God admission, Zen thereby blackwashes the Flat Earth debate with a bang and a boom and a big, loud varoom. It's so simple a child could see it. This should put people who are on the fence about the Flat Earth matter, into hyperdrive. This should make them investigate it even more. But instead, they will investigate it less. I know the regular visitors at Vis's blogs aren't big on the Flat Earth thing, but any child with some basic math skills can prove to their complete satisfaction that the earth isn't round. Or elliptical. Discovering this would blow the lid off the biggest scam the elite ever perpetrated. The whole house of cards would come tumbling down, because everybody's basic belief system would crumble, and they'd never believe another word the elite tried to pass off as truth, ever again. Which makes it even more curious that most truther sites won't even entertain the notion. (Unless, of course, those sites are intelligence-controlled...) Icke says it's bullshit, Makow says it's bullshit, Rivero says it's bullshit. Not sure about Rense. If there's a Mr. Apocalypse, and he's blowing the lids off all the big secrets, that secret is going to come out for sure. I make my living via the application of statistical predictive modeling and algorithmic mathematics. I'm a tough sell and I don't accept any bullshit theory, unless I can quantify it mathematically, and prove it, or disprove it, to my own satisfaction. And the earth is freaking flat. If you would allow people the opportunity to post their proofs of this, Visible, it would be very open-minded of you. Slamming the door on it makes you look like William Randolph Hearst or Joe Goebbels. And that's all here is. A person's actions dictates what they are, no matter what they might claim. I have no interest in this place any longer - unless all perspectives are given consideration. If they aren't, the operator of the site is a gatekeeper. Which just makes them common. My advice is to man up and switch gears and not only admit that you don't know anything, but prove it, by not slamming people who have a clearer view of the world on certain issues, than you do. It makes you look like the rest of them. And in my heart of hearts, I don't think that's what you are (or do I). But as you often say, "Time will tell and we shall see..."

Anonymous said...

The sexual repression of the 50's and 60's. Oh the Horror! The HORROR! When girls would walk around shirtless until they were 10 or 11? When women got married before they gave up the pussy? When you were expected to honor your vows? OH the HORROR!

This rebbe and his girlish intellectualizations to present his narcissist ass as righteous is about to make me puke. I'd take the sexy feminine women of the 50's and 60's over these frumped out shemales any day. The rebbe is a metrosexual if there ever was. Feminism had to have been a response to slithery slimy sneaky rationalizations of the rebbe's that women should open their legs for anyone who wants it at the snap of their fingers.

One is better than 1000. It's the feminine duty to make you exceed yourself for her. You gotta slay 150 philistines and some dragons too. That's how I like it and that makes it better. Fuck off metrosexuals.

torus said...

Greetings. So, it all comes down to; "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God", and "let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
It's going to be moderately difficult, but as an experiment, I do plan on leaving the internet for a full year in 2017. I'm glad that I never joined Facebook. I don't "twit", and I've never Skyped. Les has commented on the vast percentage of pornographic Internet traffic. No surprise there. I've grown absolutely and thoroughly disgusted with fear porn, prognostication porn, BUY GOLD AND SILVER NOW porn!!! WILL YOU BE READY PORN!?!
selfie porn, hustler/preacher porn, the new "alt right" Milo Yiannopoulos and Steven Crowder porn, and the sheer inefficacy of various movements to bring down the stinking lies of 9/11. Fifteen years and going strong!
The "new world order" is a lie.

Visible said...

Let not my commentary be read as a support of Zen Gardner by any stretch. I attempt to explain why I even got into this in the Origami coming up any minute. I simply think there is something else going on behind the scenes. I agree that it is all scripted I also believe the flat Earth fantasy is full of shit and there is no way for you or anyone to prove otherwise. You are just wasting space and trying to fuck with people's heads so I don't care if you come around here or not. I would actually prefer that you don't. There's a big wide internet out there where you can spread your bullshit. This is not one of those places, call me a 'gatekeeper' or whatever you like. I most definitely am a gatekeeper given that I try to protect this space for the reasonable and rational among us of which you are not one. Go peddle your fabrications at a place where they are welcome. Why would you come to my sites in the first place. Well... I know why, don't I?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Something Along the Lines of a Continuing Theme.

torus said...

@anon 20.
Walk us through it, using Grade 4 mathematics.

Visible said...

I have actually wasted my time studying their equations and conclusions. The parent retard of this particular CIA invention has even come around here chiming in with his Tavistock programming. Why they find these sites so attractive I do not know but I seem to hear about it more than most. I suspect one part of it is that I am a reasonable person and do let people of all stripes come and go here until they piss me off (grin). The thing is that this is not a site that concerns itself with science fiction. This is a site(s) for philosophical and metaphysical and spiritual back and forths... flat Earth nonsense is not the kind of thing most any of us want to spend our time being hindered by. It is sheer rubbish. I could go on at length about how this is an absolute impossibility but... that is what they want. It has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with spreading dissension and creating arguments about something that no one but an utter retard would get involved in.

I love the way the guy points out that he is a statistical engineer or something, as if such a claim implies that he is in possession of knowledge that can be proven by mathematical technology. The whole idea is so ludicrous as to be demand a Disney character creation. What they do is come across with this reasonable facade personality and they are relentless about coming back again and again, as if to wear you down by the endless redundancies. It is utter bullshit! I gave it the time of day for about half an hour and that's it... over and done. I'm flattered that they think this is one of their most important places to stucco this shit on a shingle as the daily special. I am flattered but I am not amused.

katz said...

You are going to miss the cat videos.


BTW, if zen gardiner is cia, which is possible, I'm not surprised. He always lifts other people's work and post is. I usually have to go to the original post to read the whole thing, and I never cross post him, bc I have never liked him. However, this is a surprise to me, bc I believed that zen gardiner was a woman, and had no idea about this Family situation.

:) don't lke child rapists, though. not at all.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, flat Earthers. 'Splain why I can't see Mt. Everest from Kansas! Or why a boat disappears over the horizon. Maybe you ought to take a space shuttle ride, ya bleemin' neep noddles!

Ray B. said...

Vis, I've mentioned this before around why sites get "Fl@t E@rthed". In addition to the psy-op agenda, it has to do with site rating. Google announced - some time back, now - that it would rank sites by 'probability of truthfulness' or something like that. Good sites would appear early in page ranking, and bad sites would be back on page 2385. Fl@t E@rth is one of those 'ranking' issues.

Since hand-counting of Fl@t E@rth comments is impossible, they probably do it by bot. More than three occurrences of Fl@t E@rth on a page kicks-in the page-plunge, say. So, anytime these a$$holes get on a page, they win. Even if they are shouted-down.

There is even a gotcha in there. If rebutters use the term Fl@t E@rth in their rebutal, that counts, too. The bot doesn't care...

So, I would tend to be a massive 'Gatekeeper' around any issue (fake M@@n Landings, also) that gave Google the 'authority' to page-plunge me. Other site-keepers might want to note this 'angle'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. For those who don't care about page-plunges, there may be other consequences. Page-plunging is probably only one of many censorship strategies triggered by Fl@t E@rth, etc.

Visible said...

I don't let them on the page anymore.

Anonymous said...

@ anon #20

I knew you would crawl out of your hidey-hole to spout your flat-earth rhetoric when this whole Zen/Rense/Icke, et al., business came up. You think every "truth" blogger must be an intelligence asset or a gatekeeper, simply because they don't believe in every little conspiracy theory that you believe.

People are waking up to the scams that the elite have been perpetrating on them/us for nearly a century, but we/they aren't convinced the flat earth theory is the Pandora's Box that will cause the house of cards to tumble. Feel free to quantify and prove/disprove, and impress us with your "predictive modeling and algorithmic mathematics" on how the earth is flat. While you're at it, tell us why, at the end of the day, this obsession of yours matters, and ultimately how it will affect us should we choose not to man up, switch gears, and admit we don't know anything.

For most of us, it doesn't matter if the earth is round, spherical, flat, or even cubic. Anyone who is awake knows we have been, and are being scammed, and we're doing what we can to make our world a better place, for ourselves, and others, in spite of that.

Stop wasting your time, and ours, trying to convince us that your theory really matters, because it doesn't.

Rabbit said...

I don't have much time for Zen or his closest followers and they aren't too agreeable with me as a rule either. I find the self righteous assumption of moral high ground of some new agey thinkers to be obnoxious and despite sharing many views with them, I'm a baby boomer myself, I'm more conservative in some things and religious too so have found the limits of their 'enlightenment' I regularly read the site, because Rense directs there a lot. I'm a Rense regular too, but have seen through him in stages with the latest being the final nail. That being the way the site runs with the Islaophobic narrative, despite being as aware as anybody around, (since most who know it found out via his site) that it is an invention and Takfirism is a Zionist invention as Wahhabism itself is theirs and not of Islam despite the complex situation which masks this. Rense feeds into the clash of civilisations narrative even whilst he displays the evidence it is a false one and designed to create war. Rense pulled out all stops for Trump and has helped elevate the increasingly insane reactionary debate on Islam in the USA in the direction that Bush and then Obama regimes in their turns have directewd it in the first place. A loyal servant of the NWO is Jeff and I don't need you to tell me that. Besides this I can read a lot from implications of his lifestyle and hobbies.

A long time ago I saw how the Rense site manipulates things. Not long after refusing to give a Youtube blogger any airplay despite calls for it, they did start to feature another blogger whose topics and themes emulated the first one and even the channel name was a copy of the cute assembly of the Babylonian and Chinese horoscopes of the blogger. Another channel appeared and was featured ever since which I recognised as a clone of one they wouldn't feature. Reason why I don't trust James Morris is precisely because his appearance on Rense and feature status ever since began under such circumstances and he plays a disturbing game as an apologist for ISIS. Why do they always turn out to be Jews or "almost Jews" ? Gordon Duff another one. One of the best things for your credibility was your loss of a place on the Rense roll Les. Cheers and Happy Birthday I think I saw Zuckerberg reminding me last night.

Rabbit said...

@Ray B

That puts the mockers on any mention of 9!! then I guess?

Anonymous said...

pierre said,

though if the Divine wanted a flat earth , that would be possible, but it isn't the case at present cause we have certain gifts of logic and reason, divinely given too. I'd suspect a flat earth would be 2D too, which might explain the blandness of the proponents dispositions.

David Fiske said...

Thanks for this Vis. I've been reading Zen Gardner on Waling Times and sometimes Rense. He has been full of crap in my view and what's more often promoted Stuart Wilde who started off witty and fun but ended up going down an immoral tube of sex with wives on his enlightenment trips. In fact an awful man.
Don't like spreading dirt but not in this case. Zen and him must have had something in common.

Ray B. said...

Rabbit, August 22, 2016 8:25:00 AM :

"@Ray B: That puts the mockers on any mention of 9!! then I guess?"

(Definition: "To put a (or the) mock on, which hasn't travelled outside Australia, means hinder/put a stop to/put a jinx on.")

Not at all. Assuming you meant "hinder/put a stop to", it would only mean that you tried to stay in a non-combative or non-fearful mindset while discussing it. Mention away; the betrayal needs to be continually re-broadcast...

When I first heard of 9!! by radio an hour or so after the first 'hit', my Higher Self did not want me to turn on the TV and watch. I understood that I would just have joined in - and contributed to - the great 'ball' of pain and negative emotions being generated by the lay public.

Somehow, the baddies actively benefit from any such 'generation'. In the largest sense, it keeps sheeple-humans in their lower chakras. (Via collective consciousness.) I have also heard that it has some form of 'food' value to certain beings. (Negative Chi is still life-force energy.) It can also be used as the 'fuel' to perform magick. (Magick can be light or dark.)

For the above reasons, I prefer not to give the baddies what they want. You can discuss the same things without 'feeding' the bad-guy agenda, with a conscious effort...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Earth from Moon orbit. Beautiful. (And round...)

mike m said...

Watching The Man Who Fell To Earth while listening to Ziggy Stardust.....nice



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