Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Energizer Bunny of Bullshit and the Practice of the Presence of God.

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It goes on and on... the Energizer Bunny of Bullshit. It creeps. It poses. It dresses up in bad uncomfortable shoes that cost thousands of dollars. It wears clothes that don't hide what you don't want to see. It's Hollywood; Satan's playground. This is where everyone who wants everyone from everywhere to move into your neighborhood so you can be new friends. They won't be moving into Bev Hills. They won't be setting their drinks on Kim Kardashian's ass and orange ringing their mouths with Cheetos. They will be coming to stay with you, while all the ME-JUNKIES mouth their banal self serving horseshit; pompously parading around on the stage, these windbags of self righteous, self loving and outrageous egotism. They are insufferable. I deplore wishing harm on others, there is no schadenfreude in me. However, if a giant wave should roll in and take these ugly Morlocks away, I might say; “Holay!!!” Then there are all those other people who live there and should not be saddled with guilt by association due to location so... I am not hoping for a tsunami to wash the place clean.

There is a huge uptick in gay themed and gay associated news items; not to mention the Academy Awards. I'm thinking that the next Oscars that they cast should have a guy on all fours with a leather restraint mechanism. Maybe they could even have him being mounted by a German Shepherd with “his master's voice” emblazoned on it. Today I saw where this former NBA star said he would shower across the street if a gay player joined his team. Whatever twinkie wrote the article made sure that buzzwords were included in his nose in the air article. I went down to the comments that were ALL pro gay and I went to make my comment and lo and behold! The comments are now moderated. They weren't before and my comment did not get posted... hmmm. Hopefully some of the readers will make their own comments. If enough of you deluge the place it might make them think. Then again, none of their thinking occurs above the waist.

I apologize to the reader for being on that subject so often of late but it is EVERYWHERE! They have brought out all the guns and all we have to do is look at who controls the media. They are also who is behind the gay movement. They also fund and run every major atheist organization and their representation of this particular area of faithlessness is stunning. We were warned long ago. We should have learned or been paying attention and remembering that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

For thousands of years they have been at it and as the moment arrives, here in this apocalypse, they have finally come to that denouement that is the hallmark of the summing up of every age, which... if we could look back into the hiding mist of forgotten time, would show us that the bad guys have come and gone under many different guises. It is possible that there have been so many of these serial scenarios that they are like the grains of sand on a beach. I doubt the villains have always been the same feckless cast. What I do not doubt is who they are in this period of disgrace.

From the allegorical tale of the murder of Jesus, through to the Holocaust Fantasy that followed on the heels of their carnage in The Soviet Union, to the moment at hand where we can see what is at work, it should be clear as day and if you can't see it, it is because you are a coward and fear the fruits of telling the truth in a world filled with cowards. It is one thing to tell the truth in times when the truth is not under assault. It is an entirely different thing to tell the truth in times when the truth is under assault. I think this is a fitting time to repeat again one of my favorite quotes from the New Testament; “What profitteth a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his only soul.” God doesn't like cowards and what God thinks is more important to me than what anyone else thinks, or all of them put together for that matter.

The greatest problem with recognizing and identifying evil is that it hides in the midst of others and when you single them out, they link arms with those who cry out that they have done no wrong and that you are hateful for calling attention to the naked emperor. It doesn't matter what lengths you have gone to to be precise, even surgical in your efforts. It is made to appear that you have accused an entire segment of people of crimes for which they are not responsible, however, there is a lasting bond between crimes of commission and crimes of omission and silence is as culpable a state as crying “theater!” in a crowded fire.

Across the span of time that led us here and across the span of here in time ...and that projected space that exists in the, as yet, unexpressed future, there is a telling similarity in all these events, Lego-locked together. Usually the cockroaches only come out when its dark. When you turn on the light they scatter. Then the time comes when they come out in the light too and that is where we find ourselves. They do what they do where they can be seen. They scurry about in a presumed impunity because, in their minds, they cannot be opposed. What is happening is not happening because this is they way they planned it and charted it out. It is happening for the purpose of demonstration. The plots within the plots and all the players playing their roles, are being directed and choreographed by agents of the one who exists within a cloud of unknowing. The point of the whole affair is to expose where your loyalties lie and the extent to which fear and confusion control your thoughts and actions.

For some; too many of us, certain questions and concerns never arise about the meaning of life and the position in the scheme of it all that is occupied by the material world. For many, life is just a pinging and ponging off of electric pinball bumpers. Each life lights up the machine in its own particular sequence of changes, adjustments and adaptations. For the most part it is unconscious. It might seem that free will is involved but that is just the acting out of patterns of Karma to its particular resolution and end. Following that is a summing up of everything that happened and what it portends for times to come in the next go round and it goes round and round and round and round, like a calliope with flashing lights and looping music. In some cases it is a spiral and that is the preferable course; a course that can be accelerated, or 'hothoused'. The circular course is one of unconscious reactions to whatever comes up and the other involves some measure or degree of conscious involvement. It is whether or not we can engage this in a way that expedites and clarifies the experience or whether we just keep bouncing off the pinball bumpers.

Manifest life is not unlike a cartoon, or a dance of animated playing cards and the Red Queen is Kali. You could say that life is a lot like a video game, a composition of simulated environments. There is a fantastic film that came out a few years ago called, “The Thirteenth Floor.” It presents some very interesting considerations. Life is a magic show of deceptions and allurements. It is as it is to captivate you, to enthrall you, to entice, surprise and disappoint you. Some lives move from one lucky break to the next and some do the reverse. Ultimately... it is where you stand beneath the all seeing eyes and wisest mind of your creator that counts. Everything else is of no real importance. It is the same as what happens when one is watching a movie... and that sound and fury, excitement, romance and whathaveyou, goes on upon the screen but when the movies ends there is just the white backing screen that remains. A dream took place and then it came to an end.

There is so much that is unknown to me and I hesitate to tell people anything that I have not proven out in my own experiences. There are a few things that I do know and one of these, the most important of these, is the certitude that a divine being exists and that it is well disposed toward guiding our steps along the way. If we have no interest in this then such a guidance may not take place. Then again, regardless of our momentary resistance to it, the guidance might still take place because of the mysterious will of the ineffable. I know that if you seek after the presence of the divine that the divine will appear in one guise or another at some point. Often the way is not easy and this is so designed to weed out the insincere among us. For some, there will be no great difficulty because that difficulty took place in a previous life.

It's been said here a time or two; do your best to come into the possession of Faith, Certitude and Determination. Try as you go to comprehend the whole of the meaning of each of them. Also remember the greatest commandment and that which was added to it, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”'

Finally, practice the presence of God. You may have no evidence of the presence of God but it is a certainty that God is real so... you go about your life as if you are constantly attended by the presence of God. The practice of this assures that God will appear. You have only to persevere in this. Let nothing come between you and your awareness of the reality of the ineffable. I assure you that the ineffable will gradually or more quickly, let you know in any number of ways that he/she/it is around. I am speaking from my own situation and it came to pass for me. I am no more wealthy materially. I am no more personally powerful, better looking, younger, more famous or whatever might be listed among desirable assets here on this plane but... I have something I didn't have before and it is more valuable and lasting than the entirety of all that can be considered desirable in this world. It is priceless and always increasing in value. It is beyond description or definition but it is assuredly more real than anything else. Find in your own understanding a particular way of seeing this and pursue it with a greater zeal and passion than anything else. That is all that it takes and I can also add, it takes everything. “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.” “If god is for me, who can be against me?”

I will see you again shortly (grin).

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Joseph Brenner

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