Monday, March 27, 2017

Those Disturbing Shrieks of Agony and the Rattling of Oxycontin Pills.

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Well... it looks like Israel will be reforming and streamlining the way the US government operates. This is probably fitting because they already control most United States policy, through the (lying in) State Department, their blackmail fueled and financial stranglehold on Congress and most other governmental agencies, especially the Department of Sexual Depravity and Progressive Decadence, as well as the Division of Gangsta Rap and the ' get laid in under 30 minutes or it's free' Pedophile Pizza, Drone Delivery System.

How is it that that the inarguable and blatantly obvious manipulation of material existence, goes on and on and on, with nary a whimper from those persistently and routinely violated to the degree that they can no longer sit down at all, unless they place a doughnut cushion beneath them first (exaggerated sigh, preceded by disturbing shrieks of agony and the rattling of Oxycontin pills, as they are poured from a plastic container into a trembling hand). Let's see if I can find an analogy or a 'by extension' example for you...

Okay... as any regular visitor to these sites know, Visible is not a jersey wearing fan of Eckhart Toll-booth Tolle. He's seen enough to be convinced about the motives and intentions of the fellow and his near equally expensive, escort-consort associate, Kim Eng. Chris Titmuss goes into his perspective on Tolle. None of the 3 sources just linked here are the example I am looking for. Of course we can study the details of origin for Jared Kuchner or the usual slum lord operations that are the bread and butter of Tribe enterprises, along with certain other business models that we have called attention to in these sites recently. The example we are looking for, to explain why people put up with the “ inarguable and blatantly obvious manipulation of material existence”, can be found in the comments at the Chris Titmuss site. You just scroll down for the first page of responses here and you will find the second page of responses at this location. You will find a few people who get the grasping, greed driven material excess taking place in Tolleton and then you will get plenty more who have all kinds of justifications for why it is perfectly okay for Tolle to be raking in the big bucks. This includes a reference to Osho's 19 Rolls Royces but... as far I clearly remember, he had 99 Rolls Royces and I used to love looking at the pictures of his sannyasin bodyguards, who would run alongside whichever Rolls he was in, with their machine-guns at port arms. It made me nostalgic for the photos of the .50 caliber, Barrett machine-gun mounts, at Elizabeth Claire Prophet's spiritual compound.

I stand back in suspended awe at the logic employed by these apologists for this kind of laissez faire perspective. Of course, laissez faire is generally used to define an economic policy/mindset but I am applying it here as a philosophical definer of the 'anything goes' variety. I am set to wondering if many of these 'Tolle defenders at any cost' are perhaps the same person, or representatives of the same conscious coalition of individuals that are employed by Tolle-House Industries ...because the same eerie similarities of syntax and colloquial particularizations are there to be seen... it leads the mind to certain considerations... or it does me. I get certain 'feelings' and 'leadings' that make me highly suspicious when people come in with the appearance of arriving from a different location vector but are wearing the same uniform style of argument so... there might be something to that. However, I only want you to look at the justifications for it being okay to haul in boatloads of cash for what is advertised as priceless spiritual truth and how nearly all of them are saying the same thing and how most of it rings with that party line dialectic... often the same phrases, with only an occasional change in the sequencing of the words.

How is it that these “ obvious manipulation of material existence” gets a free pass fromthe American public? Of course there is a wide reach of collective stupidity in operation but I suspect that in the case of Tribe activities and Tolle-House Cookie cutter cheerleading enterprises and ANY large industry for the proliferation of shaped ideologies that there is a hidden army at work which orchestrates the general tone of it and which renders it acceptable and palatable to the tastes of the herd as they feed upon what is slurried into their troughs.

As I look back upon what I have wrought (or what has been wrought through me) here today, I must admit to a sensation of feeling rather 'elegant' so far (grin).

Yeah... ('yeah' is not so elegant), I suspect that there are some synchronized swimming displays going on, except that they are not being displayed but rather concealed from sight and only the effects are being experienced without any reference to the actual source of them.

When the high born marry one another, I get the impression that it is seldom by accident. Then when some of them are thrust into high profile positions of power, I presume no accident in this either. When serial plagiarists of the works of timeless masters find themselves on the crass media's most widely watched television program and shamelessly praised as a source of spiritual originality, I wonder. I wonder about all of these things. When I see hideous Satanists like George Soros praised as a philanthropist, I wonder. When I see someone with no experience put at the head of the restructuring of the day to day operations of the most powerful nation in the world, I wonder. When I find that I am simultaneously watching the most atrocious big budget disaster I have seen in many a year, “Kong; Skull Island” (rated at 7.1 on IMDB) and I watch the last ten minutes of something that was agonizingly bad all the way through, get exponentially even worse, to the tune of “We'll Meet Again” I wonder at how it was possible that someone paid $185,000,000 to 'getter done'. I am not a movie director or screenwriter but I have not the shadow of a doubt that I could have done better; you could have too. It is past strange!!!

Now we have put on “Get Out” which is a miscegenation driven, mad scientist horror movie and I do not wonder about how this got done. Hollywood is past sold on their race agenda and surprise! Surprise... it's financed by the same demographic that is doing PCP driven origami on the culture. Right from the getgo we have what looks like the man's friend, or something (over the phone) making some reference to the white girl 'licking his balls.' I understand, the film has to do with killing black people and then I see it is presented as a black guy killing white people. Here's a review from someone about this film. He says it is worse than 'Django Unchained' and I have only seen one film worse than that in years and it was 'The Hateful Eight' by the same director. I can already see the dialogue is filled with white liberal PC speak and every kind of pandering imaginable and this is only 17 minutes in. Ooops!!!!! The black guy sees a black maid in the kitchen; cue the eyebrows raised moment of awakening. Wow! Now we see a black gardener, more eyebrows raised!!! They must have been out of Mexicans. Never mind. I suppose my point is how it's all a lead up to the coming race war. Now the white estate owner mentions how he would have voted for Man's Country Obama for a third term and how he was the best president in his lifetime. It is something to see and it is going on right in front of my eyes!

I'm not going to degenerate into a fearmonger. I know what I see and what part of 'their plans' are at work. I have made up my mind about every position I will take and every posture I will assume. The ineffable is the be all and end all of my life and in all things may the will of the ineffable be done! Somehow, against all appearances to the contrary, I believe that the ineffable has a plan. It might be far reaching and we will certainly not see the end game in this lifetime but “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Of course, I suspect Paul said that and not Jesus Christ but I believe it no matter who said it.

As canny as any of our minds might be; no matter how clearly we may think we see and no matter how sharp is the quality of our reasoning capacity, I believe we see only 'through a glass darkly.” There is much before us that can stimulate our paranoia. There are specters and premonitions that can shake our atavistic self and frighten us... cause us to shake in our shoes. I hear the marching tread of distant boots, thrumming on the road that comes out of the mist, which obscures the future as it rides up to our doors. I give none of this more than a cursory attentiveness. I pray that my love for the ineffable be increased beyond my ability to measure it. I pray that it consumes me. I pray that I might be transformed into a little child who dreams beneath the wings of overshadowing angels. I seek to sink back into the everlasting presence of the one who commands all things. It is no concern of mine anymore what appearances show, or what anyone might tell me about anything they think they see or believe to the contrary.

A few years ago, the ineffable said to me, over and over, while I was in Italy, “rely on me. Rely on me. Rely on me.” Over and over I heard this. I was told that states of awareness would only come if I did so. I was told that certain conditions could only come to pass when I had accomplished this to the desired level. I was told it would happen anyway, regardless, whether I resisted or applied myself to the limits of my capacity. I have wondered then, what difference it might make. I have come to believe that part of it only matters to me and I rest assured that it will come to pass as it was always meant to. I believe this is also true for every one of you who believe and aspire as do I and... of course, it could well happen, “in the twinkling of an eye.” For all we know, the wolf in the night will be bringing it, gently gripped in his jaws. This is the self same wolf who will come bearing each and everything destined for everyone. The metaphor might change but the result will be the same.

Walk in the consciousness of the presence of the ineffable. Speak with the ineffable all through your days. Walk with the ineffable. Commune in the wonderful tranquility of the ineffable, who exists in that timeless and inviolable light that is the composition of the being of the ineffable that makes it possible to see and hear and feel the ineffable, whose real being resides beyond the bandwidth of our capacity to register the ineffable. However it comes about; whatever the mysterious process might be... we are able to be aware of the ineffable. Rely... rely... rely on the ineffable...

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