Monday, March 18, 2019

In Consideration of Time and Yugas, Devotion and Love

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It's not that humanity is bad. Certainly the creator did not think so, otherwise; why would so much effort have been expended? However, if you were to take a snapshot of the ubiquitous moment and compare it to some correctly imagined ideal. We are, as a collective, falling far short of our potential; to the point that the potential isn't even being considered in terms of what is rational and sane; cosmically speaking. The majority consensus, of what is good and bad, concerning what we aspire to, is... wait for it (drum roll)... material success!

Yes... material success, which is where you get more objects of desire than you neighbor; objects you are unable to truly appreciate, which, in fact, you will come to regret having and then... you will die and no longer possess them. All that you will take with you on your departure is... what you have become, in the allotted time you were here. Think upon this because... I assure you... it is true. Argue this until the cows come home, especially if you have no cows. It will make no difference. It is inarguably true. Whoomp! They it is.

Why are things as they are? I'll take that question for five hundred dollars and give you another inarguable answer. This does not mean you cannot argue; feel bound (as opposed to free) to argue at your leisure. There's a room where you go while you argue. The room is not visible but you are an occupying force in that room, I assure you and there is more than one. In some rooms of argument there are arguments being carried out with the limited amount of people who can even understand what they are arguing about; not that they actually understand it, or they wouldn't be arguing. These are the people who went to expensive schools, solely to be able to argue about this subject with other people who went to school for the same purpose and the irony is that if they did understand the subject they were arguing about, they would be silent on the matter because, as Lao Tzu said, long ago, (paraphrasing) “those who speak do not know and those who who know do not speak.” I don't think I need to itemize the short list of what those subjects are; do I?

There are some theories present; should one even know where to begin looking for them, which illustrate the several large stages through which life passes and each of which is distinctive from the other. There are two points of view that are presently considered in relation to the duration of the different yugas (or periods of time). There is the traditional perspective and the one presented by Sri Yukteswar in his book, “Holy Science”. The traditional perspective contains very lengthy periods of time ascribed to each yuga. Sri Yukteswar's version grants much shorter periods to each yuga. There are those who have expanded on Sri Yukteswar's perspective. I'm not going to debate the legitimacy of any perspective because, truthfully, I don't know. I didn't provide direct links to the traditional Hindu view or Sri Yukteswar's. You can find those if you are of a mind.

Here is what I have to say; so let me address the question of why things are as they are (no, I did not forget.). Whatever the length of these periods may be, one thing is agreed on by all of those aware of the yugas and their qualities of life AND LIGHT. Light is the differential is each yuga, in relation to the other yugas. There are four stages of different concentrations of light, beginning with Satya Yuga (sometimes called 'Krita'), which has the highest amount of light. Then comes Treta Yuga, followed by Dwapara Yuga, followed by Kali Yuga. What differentiates them and what sets the general tone of existence in each one, is their relative degrees of the presence of light and darkness. The time of most light is Satya and the time of least light is Kali.

One can presume there is more darkness than light in the Kali Yuga, where we presently find ourselves but... for how long? I surely hope it ends in 2025, as has been advanced by at least one source. It is the amount of light in each age that determines what existence will be like. Certain perspectives appeal to me more than others. I possess a way of reading that allows me to enter into the mind of the writer, if I follow certain interior adjustments. I have found this to be invaluable on many occasions and I am very grateful for having had it given to me.

I tend to more agree with certain sources than disagree. I tend to think we are on the verge of a tremendous transformation of existence. I heard something about us passing through the center of the Milky Way. If that was true, surely it was significant of something.

I have a certain measuring tool that I use to determine the value of anything; is it useful? Can I make any use of it? If not, then it doesn't really matter to me (if it is available). I make no judgments concerning other people, Perhaps someone can make use of it; whatever 'it' may be. I also measure according to whether, regardless of its usefulness, it is harmful in general, or whether it is directed toward personal profit at the expense of my fellows.

Whether we are in for a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly long tour of the Kali Yuga, or whether it is coming to an end is sort of moot. I can't do anything about it. I can do something about myself. Here is what I think I know; meaning I am more inclined to believe it to be true than not. Being that we are in a time of the least light; there is no other yuga with less light, there is ONLY ONE sure course to the divine and that is DEVOTION; call it Love if you wish. Call it Bhakti, if you are talking about yoga and what the most reliable selection might be for the times we are in. I believe only the course of Love and Devotion can be relied on in these times of darkness; in these times where there is more darkness than light.

This is why the Greatest Commandment is the greatest commandment. This is why the appearance of Jesus Christ came when it did and the same as pertains to Krishna and his message and you can add Lord Chaitanya, who is considered an incarnation of Lord Krishna and who also preached Devotion and who made it clear that glorifying the ineffable was the wisest course. It is the course I follow because I believe it to be the most certain means by which self realization can be achieved, besides Kriya Yoga and I have no one in my circle of invisible friends willing to initiate me into that one. This could also mean I made the correct choice already; not that any other of the possibilities are wrong but simply that there is one that is right for me and I lack the necessary personal assets that would make it possible for me to go some other way.

Regardless of whether the Kali Yuga ends in 2025 or not, I plan on an ever increasing pattern of applied devotion and love in my habits and overall behavior. I have finally arrived at a point where I was able to discard the majority of retardants to my spiritual progress and oh what a labor and oh what a relief that has been. I have no other concern, vocation or avocation remaining other than to glorify the ineffable in my every thought, word and deed. I am not yet at that wonderful place but I will not relent until I am.

It does not matter what the world does. It does not matter what the world offers. It does not matter what awaits or what has been. It matters what I do and do not do. I speak not just for myself here but for all right thinking people with the courage and determination to live up to their highest potential, irrespective of anything else that might transpire, whether near or far.

The Divine is resident in every living thing in one manner or another or it would not be alive. One is in a position to invoke that divine being in everyone they meet, or free to invoke whatever else they may imagine they wish to encounter or experience. There may be no evidence of one's success at the time but our actions are depth charges and time bombs. They will go off at that moment when the conditions are right. A car horn will sound. A dog will bark. Some combination of events will take place and then the sun will break through the clouds where it was formerly concealed. It was still present, nonetheless. It was simply not seen previously.

We all have business we attend to in every day. We all have plans and dreams. We all have desires and appetites and these are more harnessed in some and more free of their halter in others. Visual evidence is given every day as to the results experienced by either condition. More often it is something we hear of, rather than witness. Even when we do not witness some cardinal result of one or the other, we can read the signs of whatever is pending, if we possess the necessary vision to do so; if our vision is not otherwise clouded by our appetites and desires.

I believe that I am my brother's keeper. I do not wish to be Cain. I trust that you are the same and that there will be more and more of us among that number, as time and events progress. May the divine be with you in your every moment to come and this is something you have a hand in, should you wish it to be so.

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♫ God's not Dead ♫


Anonymous said...

"However, there is no evidence that human civilization existed that long. The earliest remains of the human civilization are hardly 30,000 years old."

This is not spectulation, imagination or wishful thinking, rather hard science and REAL artifacts.
A wonderful intelligence and energetic search for the truth undertaken by Vaishnava devotees.

"About how far back was your research able to document the human race? What is the oldest “anomaly” you reported in your book?"
"The oldest artifacts go back about 2 billion years."

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, I wish you a blessed day! "God's Not Dead" reduced me to tears in the sweetest, gentlest way. Your voice! Straight to the heart. F**k you, Kali Yuga, we have some Visible music to see us thru.

Another big thank you for all your efforts Les. Sure as the sunrise..........

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

Been away for a while and suddenly, I just had to pop over to your blogs. Glad I did! Inspiration is always to be found here.

I read Mirrors before coming here and agree that revelations of gigantic measures are literally on our doorstep!!! I simply can't wait to be amazed, as I'm sure all of us will be!

I know I harp on the QAnon thing all the time, but it's hard to argue with actual results. What's that you wrote about arguing?? :) No point in doing so when you know.

We all have our opinions on Trump, most of which come from a satanic media and Hollywood of whom Trump is shutting down. The amount of child sex trafficking ring arrests are through the roof since he took office and they particularly hate him for that as their access to children is being chocked off because of these efforts.

Q has said the same as you regarding the revelations so soon to materialize. It's going to be very difficult for many people when they finally see the absolute monsters that their "heroes" truly are. The evidence, we're told, is irrefutable!

Q also frequently writes, "Dark to Light." So yeah, considering that team Trump is quite literally saving western civilization and freeing us from satanic rule, 2025 looks pretty good for being the end of kali yuga (please Lord, please).

Go here: and click on the top most picture of the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima with a caption saying QAnon Research. Each "bread" only contains 751 posts before it moves on to the "fresh bread" so you will see a number of the above picture I just described. And really, read the READ HERE FIRST link to get the background... it's very important to understand what's happening there, as Q has said that mossad and cia psy-ops are in full attack mode on the board.

Of note, the media has pointed out that the NZ shooter posted on 8chan as the board is where all those crazy radicals go. That alone should tell you that many will find truth there because they're trying to keep people from checking it out.

I don't mean to offend here. Like you, I'll take truth wherever I can find it. But this is your house and if you want me to stop posting stuff about Q just say so. No hard feelings at all.

Please keep President Trump and his family in your prayers. We've learned from Q that he has survived several assassination attempts, one of which included a nuclear missile launched from a submarine as Air Force 1 was flying near the west coast. Not so unbelievable when you consider the effect Trump and our military are having on the elites and their networks and the amount of resources people like our friend Wrathsmelter have.

So glad to hear you are doing well my great friend! Take care!


Visible said...

Jim... You are completely free to come and go and I truly appreciate your reserve and hesitancy; seeking not to offend. I have zero problem with that. I myself am so busy a lot of the time and there is so much meditation and interior work I engage in that I often don't have time for new sources for information that comes to me in interior fashion anyway.

Shortly after Trump took office, I noticed a massive arrest in Kalifornia, involving over a thousand people for pedophilia related issues. I was surprised that it was a 'backpage news flash, buried out of the sightline of most people. Of course we know why that is. I suspect that one of the 'main reasons' that the near completely Tribe Owned media hates Trump is precisely this sort of thing. This morning my morning started out troubled by so much gay agenda bullshit, like this- sorry not to hotlink, I'm a little rushed (shouldn't be but I am). These precious snowflakes think nothing of moving to a new area and insisting that every perverse need they have be met. Sooner or later comes Mr. Apocalypse. The writer of that article proudly announced that 'it' is a queer Jewish atheist.

I am live and let live but it is hard to swallow when so much is forced down the throat.

Feel free to use this forum to place all kinds of interesting and breaking news from your sources. You can be our 'go to guy' for the multiplex channels (grin),

Be well and blessings upon you!

Anonymous said...

aggressive truth
hello Les thanks for meet you. dont worry nothing can happen to me. you know me from first game. i have respect to you and thanks you

Anonymous said...

Read that article. I find myself saying, "What a world!" more and more these days. :D

Many thanks for your kind words!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This was quite a euphoriant of a post. 2025, huh? Well, if I wasn't lied to; I'm supposed to be off the planet before 2021, but hey! Then I'll get my Akashic Library Card, not to mention I'll be 'out of time', able to access any point in time that ever was, is, will be; so no complaints.

I consider transition outta here like the end of a prison sentence. After all, considering our limitations here; isn't it? Not to mention TRUTH is hard to find these days. Life is Maya and speculation, and I don't appreciate that.

Makes me not wanna come outta my 'nose cave' unless I have no choice.

Anonymous said...

"...All that you will take with you on your departure is... what you have become..."

I've never read or heard it expressed quite like that before, ever. That's as real as it gets. Wow!
A feast for the mind and soul.


Kazz said...

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Feral Cats, Slugs and Bugs and Vampire Bats; these are Not a Few of My Favorite Things.

Ty said...

You are so right Vis... the act of getting lost in harmful desire can be about as obvious to our awareness as that state between awake and asleep... thank you for being that expert fisherman you are, helping to pull us out of the deep water !



Ray B. said...

Nice column, Vis. Thanks.

There are some indications that the Yuga ages are more 'conveyors' of astronomical data than true huge-length eras. Adapted from The Cygnus Key by Andrew Collins:

A grand calendrical system seems to exist which is tens of thousands of years old. It is built primarily around two repeating events in Earth's sky. First is the triple saros cycle* of 54 years. Second is either a movement of a degree of precession or of two sun-widths**, both of 72 years.

Much like the Maya calendar is built around two intermeshing cycles, you can build an 864-year calendar using 54 and 72 as important 'markers'. On one set, 54, 108, 162, 216, etc. are years of 'repetition'. On another set, 72, 144, 216, etc. are years of 'repetition'. Years of synchronization occur at 216, 432, 648, 864 years. With that as a basis, from p.306 of his book:

"In Puranic trtadition, the Year of Brahma, the creator god, made up of a Day and Night of Brahma, is 8,640,000,000 terrestrial years (a clear multiple of 864 and 432), of which one single Day or Night of Brahma is 4,320,000,000 terrestrial years (again a multiple multiple of 432). One Day or Night of Brahma is made up of 1000 Mahayugas, each of 4,320,000 years (another multiple of 432). One Mahayuga contains four yugas (or cycles): the Satya-yuga of 1,728,000 years, the Treta-yuga of 1,296,000 years, the Dvapara-yuga of 864,000 years, and the Kali-yuga of 432,000 years.

So important is the number 432 to the yuga system that it has even been suggested that it might constitute the length in terrestrial years of a 'little' Kali-yuga... What is more, all four yuga values cited above are multiples of idealistic synchronizations between the precessional period of 72 years and the triple saros cycle of 54 years, namely, 1728, 1296, 864, and 432, with these being, respectively, 4 x 432, 3 x 432, 2 x 432, and 1 x 432.

Thus each yuga displays a gradually descending value based on the ratios 4:3 (1,728,000 to 1,296,000), 3:2 (1,296,000 to 864,000), and 2:1 (864,000 to 432,000)."

With the above ages all being 'reducible' to basic astronomical roots, it may be that Yugas were set-up as basic teaching tools to convey astronomical knowledge down through the ages, rather than as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron consciousness-ages...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
* "Yet by some strange quirk of fate, the eclipse cycle resynchronizes every 54 years, that is after exactly 3 saros cycles of just over 18 years apiece. So every 54 years, a solar eclipse will occur at approximately the same time and place as it did at the beginning of a triple saros cycle. The Chaldeans also knew this fact and used it to both predict eclipses and mark the passage of time."

** "...cyclic precession causes the stars to shift their positions against the local horizon approximately 1 degree in every 72 years. Some might argue that there is no real evidence that our most distant ancestors divided the circle into 360 degrees. But there is another way to achieve a figure of 72 years for a precessional 'century'. One degree of arc is very close to 2 width of the sun. Thus it might be said that the background of stars shifts 2 sun's widths, or approximately 1 degree of a circle of 360 degrees, every 72 years."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Let Us Become Living Examples of the Living Truth Within; Love is Supreme Among Powers.

Anonymous said...

It's always wonderful when someone is able to offer definitions and descriptions of profound spititual concepts in such a way that ordinary people might understand and maybe even spark a fire.



Joseph Brenner

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