Friday, March 08, 2019

The Slippery Slippery Slope of Sisyphean Fish in Search of a Bicycle to Ride.

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“Well, it's a trick, we always use it.”

Then... of course, we have this, right out of the mouth of a Trojan horse, or a horse of the same color, if you prefer. Why would I refer to Joel Stein as a Trojan Horse? Maybe it has something to do with a Greek by any other name...

Let me explain the actual reason for the term under discussion; The Palestinians are Semitic. The AshkeNAZI's are not Semitic. The AshkeNAZI's invaded Palestine and drove 700,000 Palestinians out of the country and then claimed they had a 'genetic right' to the land by the argument of blood but... they don't have that authenticating DNA in the blood except what is on their hands, due to the regular bombing of that Open Air Concentration Camp on those routine visits, as an act of worship and remembrance, carried on on their religious holidays.

Shrinking Palestine

Look it up! So... when seeking to supplant anyone with the legitimate right of presence, it proves to be effective tactics to say that you are them; even when you are veritably not.

I bring this up today because Congress is in a horse-lather about comments made by congress member Ilhan Omar who is under attack for 'legitimate criticism' of those who shall not be named and is also under attack because, as was coined here ages ago; the truth is anti-Semitic.

This would all be a tasty Jambalaya of humor and hypocrisy if it were not evidence of the opening stages of social chaos. This is the intent of George Soros and 'the other Satanists' who have this end result in mind. They are the ones financing the various events, designed to foment anger and outrage against whomever they are drawing the attention to.

Trump's appointee to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has been called a supporter of a Hate Group. Who identified her as such? Why... it was the Southern Poverty Law Center. Who founded the Southern Poverty Law Center? Right. What a surprise!!! They are now the 'go to hate group namer' in all the lands. Somehow they are the official granters of pariah status to anyone who gets on the wrong side of them.

This newly minted judge has 'ties' to an anti-gay group'. See... here's the deal... because according to me and anyone else who might be relatively sane; tolerance is not acceptance. However, this means if you are not accepting, then you aren't tolerant and you are a member of a Hate Group. I am in complete agreement with all those who object to 'weaponized ideologies'. This is when you take a lifestyle that departs from the norm and don't simply and quietly live out your preference but instead, choose to politicize your chosen lifestyle and demand obeisance from all and sundry and have such obeisance made into a law.

What this weaponizing of ideologies is all about is, first you take one cause, like the gay lifestyle. Then, having accrued a degree of power in that, you next move to something like tranny rights and gender fluid body morphing, chop shops and then there are no longer designated bathrooms for different sexes, even if there has been no chopping. Then you move on to (simply wait for it as it is already moving through the courts) bestiality -(the last sentence says it all) pedophilia -that article was 5 years ago and NAMBLA keeps gaining steam), necrophilia and well... frankly, you name it. Eventually, something like this is going to be all too common as well as move far beyond this example! (thanks for the head's up LPTB)

Here is what is happening in real time and what is intended by the Satanists and catamite money brokers, who finance, publicize and politically push for these things. You have heard of Hell of Earth? This is accomplished when the bestial is made triumphant over the human aspect through some variant on 666. This gains 'ease of passage' in times of material darkness. It is also a place-sphere of specific influence, defined most comprehensively as 'that place where God is absent.' I am not suggesting such a place actually exists, where God is not present. What I am suggesting is that the manner and persona in which God is celebrated there is defined by this understanding; the devil is way the wicked see God.

It's not so much Hell on Earth that they are after as the next step. The next step is manifested spiritual Babylon. Oh... wait a minute, it's here. I'm not a fundie but that doesn't mean there isn't truth in literal scripture. It is the interpretations that can give one pause.

Given that this is a time of Apocalypse; a time of summing up and soul harvest, as well as a time of extreme materialism and ALL THAT IS HEIR TO, Babylon is the logical progression out of the potpourri of what we presently have. Early precursors of this were in evidence during the events that were chronologized in “Wild, Wild Country” which I just saw in its entirety. There was a promotion of abandon and wild polygamous sex in this culture. At one point and they don't show this in the film, there were fifty gallon drums burning day and night for condom disposal. Basically you have to overdo excess to get past it. It is something like calling yourself a sannyasin when you most certainly are not.

I came upon this fellow, Rajneesh well before most people. In the late sixties, I owned The Ajna Bookstore in Woodstock. I had this bookstore so that I could read everything I wanted to read and I did that and then some. Peter Blum became a partner with me in the store and it rolled along for a few years. Personal note and honesty disclaimer. I have zero memory of doing naked jumping jacks in our meditation room and shouting out Yod Heh Vod Heh. Something like this might have happened once but that would be it. I was pretty much a Shaivite/Kali worshiper in those days.

I came across the Raj's books early on and two things I noticed. One was the clarity of his exposition and the other was that everything I read I recognized as something I had read/heard by someone else previously. I distrusted him from the start and caught all kinds of grief from people about it. The romance of my life named Svargo was a member of this group, though no longer commune centric. I heard all about what was what. At the time I was indicating suspicion of his groove, none of these things had happened. So far, no one has since tracked me down to retract their comments to me on the matter (grin).

Yes... if things continue at their present pace, it won't be long before Tiamat is reading to the elementary school kids in the library. So... the left thought they were on to something by shoehorning all these freshmen into congress, thinking they could take credit for diversity; not realizing that some of these people were Muslims. For them, diversity is another way to say 'divide and conquer'. Presently they are pushing this open borders thing about the yearning to be free masses huddled at the gates of America. Don't fool yourself. This has NOTHING to do with helping out the less fortunate and everything to do with increasing the number of Democrats in the electorate.

This is an apocalypse and as such, there are rules and no rules. Satanic practices only proliferate in times of spiritual darkness and spiritual darkness is always a herald of the light pending in the darkness before the dawn. This is totally unintentional on their part but none the less so. People are losing their heads for having mistaken liberty for license.

These are perilous times for telling the truth. This is why we have heard; “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” and that is why “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” We are most certainly in the time of The Emperor's New Clothes. It is a time when people, suffering some form of spiritual tourettes, blurt out the truth without thinking and then feel compelled to apologize for having said it. Because I never apologize for telling the truth, I have made it a point never to put myself in a position where I could be influenced by the loss of property or position. There is nothing I fear to lose by telling the truth and no position I would seek to defend at the cost of telling the truth. That is not subject to change. If my soapbox forum and all my creative works are vanished from their present state of operation and access, I will speak it in whatever room I inhabit and to myself alone, if there is no one else present to hear it.

I will apologize for being inelegant and for being less than comprehensive in my presentations but not for the contents contained therein. There is a reason why the wise flee to the Himalayas and other locales in times like these. There is also a cause for unshakable faith in the midst of uproar and ambulatory madness. God is real and more powerful than all the darkness gathered anywhere at any time and his chief residence is in the hearts of those providing a habitation for the residence of the indwelling. These are simply times that try our faith. I suggest one find something to believe in, more enduring and more real than anything that might seek to come against it. Such a thing does indeed exist and you must only seek within, until you find it, because it most assuredly is there. I have proven this to myself we have no problems with The Valley of the Shadow for the same reasons as the one who wrote the psalm about it.

Hold fast my friends and seek deeply and... all will be well.

Rats!!! I forgot to include the online link for this book I just finished.

It can be a little difficult in the beginning as The Tibetan is a bit imperious but that can happen when you are so far ahead of the rest of us. I'll put this in the next posting too for those who have already been and gone. Once again here are The Collected Works of Swami Vivekanada- in case you missed it previously (grin). Much love to you my friends!!!

There are some who think The Emperor looks just fine in his getup.

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Visible said...

Over a hundred different visitors in the last few hours and not a single comment (sigh) (grin). Well... I thought if you watched the video about Tiamat the serpent gurl you'd have something to say and especially if you checked out the Wizard of Odd there and saw the now departed cat boy. Carry on.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Didn't get to this until now. No problem regarding Tiamat, who I found when I tried to find a reasonable explanation on what happened to the planet. Thought you'd find it interesting. Nostrils up on the post.

Now, off to work. . .AFTER seeing if Spice Corner in the same strip mall has any MTR Aloo Methi. Ye gods, that stuff is to die for.

Anonymous said...

Okaaaay, I'll bite. It helps that I was going to say something anyway. The post was excellent, of course. They are always better than I see anywhere else and consistently so. What really surprises me is the quality of your songwriting and your vocals. It staggers me that you haven't been picked up on yet and yeh, it's like you said about it being in the hands of God and him putting a veil over you until the hour is right. Still, your musical output is right up there with the very best and I have yet to hear a bad so. It is especially true for me at moments like this when I hear a song for the first time like Somethin Good. That is really beautiful. It has a mystical transcendence. I'm thankful for getting to come across you. I hope we get to meet in person some day. The lizard lady is I don't know what. Peace and joy be upon you.


Visible said...

I just made my version of Thai cookery. Bay scallops, Asparagus, Mac nuts and Maifun Noodles with coconut milk, Tumeric and other assorted spices. It was like the food here usually is... outstanding; if I do say so myself. You'd think it was a pricey dish but that is where smart shopping comes in. Asparagus- 97 cents a pound. The scallops under ten and everything else I had by way of Costco.

Quidam said...

Hi Les,I've got some reading to catch up on, been off-line nearly two years. My niece is planning a one year trip to the Himalayas as we speak. Later on. Doug

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that that which lies beyond the mist is becoming more visible (pun intended).

Much gratitude for your constant attention to current situations and then prolifically spinning them out to us. The word devotion comes to mind but I won't say it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work, per usual Sir. Sir, may I have another!! I'm surrounded by leftist atheists BTW, and it occurs to me again that it's possible that all we learn is strictly personal? Except in exceptional cases,like Yogananda etc, or our local guru, LV.
I remember the first time I heard God's not dead he's merely hiding... 13 years ago. It brought me to tears and I have been here ever since.
Joshua Tree

Ze Eche said...

As the ides approach, good to see you stepping up your game. Always enjoy the resonance of your words, thanks.

Voltman said...

Les Visible"

"People are losing their heads for having mistaken liberty for license."

People are losing their minds for all kinds of reasons.

Jimmy Dore was absolutely great!! Excellent choice!

Here's what the pathological liars are up to:

The Vile And Destructive Nature Of Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

A Conversation about reality - My Dinner with Andre


Huffington Puffington Washington Boast

Lolita Lolo Frigida and Frigitte De la Stomp
Are going down to Epstein's Bar with full regale and pomp
For crooked crony crocodiles ballooning in the swamp
With money monster pedophiles colluding with the Trump

Goldman Sechs with Zew York Slimes and other filthy swine
Are poisoning the feeble minds and keeping Goyim blind
The Huffingtons & Puffingtons, the BrainWashington Boast
Are suffering from Porkinson's, their destiny is toast

The Goyim Know
Shut it down

Visible said...

A New Visible Origami is up now-

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