Thursday, August 22, 2019

From the Brick Oven, Flaming Dumpster of Paradise Lost, Here's your Pizza for Judgement Day Dinner.

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Ah... my friends, we are in the midst of a full blown homeless epidemic, a full blown homo epidemic and a full blown urban shit tsunami, as well as a, four sheets to the wind, hypocrisy hurricane. Dan Bongino is on fire today!

Folks... heads are going to roll. You already know that Epiphanistein was murdered, OR... spirited away, because of the damaging intel he possessed. This then puts the cross-hairs directly on Ghislaine Maxwell. However... what Dan is putting out there, if you get the connections and implications, is a great deal more revolutionary, in its uproar potential for The Deep State, Comet Ping Pong, Pederast Pizza, with the Hog Nostrils sliced real thin; just the way you like them! Yes, girls and boys from the Flaming Dumpster of Paradise Lost, it's a Pizza from Hell! If it isn't delivered 30 minutes before Judgment Day... too bad in that case.

Can you feel the tingling of the small hairs at the back of your neck from that invisible wind? It's better than the hot breath of the infernal one, walking oh so close behind some. Do you doubt any longer that this is an apocalypse in EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD? Apocalypse; "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling". I get the strange sensation of a snake swallowing its tale when I read that definition. As a noun you get; “the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation”. Yikes. Let us rather say, the complete and final destruction of the world as you thought you knew it. That's not only more correct but less Chicken Little igniting and more Lightning Struck Tower.

When you were born, you saw things upside down; like an old fashioned camera. This is why learning to walk was one of your greatest accomplishments, but you don't remember the process you went through getting there. Here is another thought; remember all those times in your life (more so for some than for others) when you were in a terrible crisis- when you thought your life was over, or might as well be- when you didn't know which way to turn- when you had no idea of how you were going to get out of it or around it or past it OR.. get over it? What happened? You can't even remember but... here you are. How important is any of it now? Think of those moments of despair, the ennui and weltschmerz... those moments of loss and the moments of triumph and gain. It's all back there somewhere and you are here; one would hope. There is never any time but now. This is one of the greatest challenges for the mind to overcome; bigger even than learning to walk. Once you have arrived there, then you can dance because 'IT' is all about FREEDOM. The deepest objective of life is FREEDOM and TIME is/can be and often is, a prison.

An interesting consideration about time is to think about how it passes at the beach and how it passes waiting in line; time spent in prison and time spent free to move about. I am experienced in both of these. Time it seems is extremely subjective. How does it pass in a dream? There are different states of dreaming. One of them you are experiencing as you read this posting. Your entire life is a dream and you wake up when you die. Some people, a rare few, wake up while they are still alive. How do they accomplish this? Imagine that you are underwater and cannot breathe. How great is your desire for oxygen? This is how they accomplished it; metaphorically speaking. It requires a relentless fixation upon waking up.

You can also just make it the single greatest focal point of your existence. You can make it something you want more than anything else. Consider it an all consuming passion.

Waking up, usually, occurs in stages. It rarely, if ever, happens all at once. There are some number of people who thought that the partial awakening that they experienced was a complete awakening and they then assumed that either they knew all there was to know, or it wasn't important to know any more than they thought they knew. This is not a good state to be in, especially since you will NEVER know all there is to know. We'll get to why this is not a good state to be in later on.

Those who are truly awakened share a common feature, one of several common features and that is a complete and utter humility of an unmistakably genuine nature. It is the kind of humility that can be understood by holding a flashlight up to the sun, maintaining it is the key. For the truly awakened, they do not have to worry about it. The resonating impact of their awakening guaranteed the maintenance. Think of it as a divine imprimatur.

Another commonly shared feature is that they have come into direct contact with the Supreme Being. This can take many different forms, so one should not, upon hearing about the experience, believe that it would be similar for everyone. Such is not the case. This direct contact with the Supreme Being accounts for the humility. It is a lasting humility, as is the presence of the Supreme Being.

Another commonly shared feature is the palpable sense of Love that one feels, in the presence of a truly awakened person. Here is a picture of a truly awakened being.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

I spent a couple of short years with this person. At times he was incandescent and a visible corona of light radiated out from his features. He was shining all the time but sometimes... wow! Here is another picture of him.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

It was taken just before he discarded his physical form and passed to the celestial realm. He was well over a hundred years old when that picture was taken.

I met another being, on a beach in Kalifornia, who was substantially older than that but I have no picture of him. My friend, Douglas Hume (brother of Fox Newscaster, Brit Hume) heard about the encounter and finding it hard to believe, flew out to Kalifornia and went to Lime Kiln Creek to check on the story. The man (of course) was gone but Donovan (not that Donovan) and his girlfriend were there and substantiated the tale that Douglas heard. Donovan was there because he wanted to string a bell across the valley (grin). I don't think that happened. Today it is a state park.

Another common feature of a truly awakened person is the frequency with which they say, “I don't know.” Something else I have noticed about the truly awakened is their fearlessness. Of course, given their direct association, they would be but... still. One should never pose as a truly awakened person if you are not, because God is Real and misses nothing. From the moment you set forth on that escapade, he is arranging the details of your journey, as a teaching moment for The Purpose of Demonstration. EVERYTHING that happens on this plane is for The Purpose of Demonstration... everything.

There are many astounding and inexplicable things that happen here. A good many of them no one even sees; well, maybe a few people see, if they happen to be around but everything on the manifest plane is vibrating at one frequency or another and some things, some people, some places, are vibrating at a rate higher than the bandwidth of ordinary human sight. In some cases, there are those who can alter their own frequency and disappear and appear, right before your eyes. There are planes of existence present right this moment, around every one of you that you cannot see. The MOST ASTOUNDING thing to me is that people do not routinely apply their every waking moment to finding the author of the whole affair, which is a stage setting for... (drum roll) The Purpose of Demonstration.

The Greatest Commandment is an interesting one to be sure. The others are self explanatory and some of them seem redundant and replicating but numero uno is something else. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” Interestingly and lately, 'with all thy strength' has been disappearing from internet scripture. I don't know why that is but I am not fully awakened yet. Invariably some Fundie will show up and smack me upside the head with a virtual Bible, which they tend to wield like a club and point out that I failed to mention, “And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Well... I was referencing the Greatest Commandment not the second and neither... neither are in the Ten Commandments (curious, that).

Anyway... the greatest commandment sums up the direct route to being a truly awakened being and it brings me to the single requirement for achieving or acquiring this or ANYTHING. You just have to want it more than anything else. That is the key to having anything. Depending on what it is, you might not get it right away but if you persist and don't even let a temporary setback like Death stop you, you'll get it. I personally guarantee this, not that that makes a whole lot of difference to some.

Another common feature among the truly awakened is that they can immediately recognize each other without either of them having to say anything. It should go without saying that they know all there is to know about you as soon as they meet you, be you awakened or not. Anyway... all of this brings me to one final admonition; “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” People seem to leave out the middle part of that quite often. I should point out that what is implied here is that if you seek ye first the kingdom, all your righteous wishes and hearts desires are guaranteed. Once again, simply wanting this more than anything else is key. A really interesting aspect of that statement is the one that follows it, being the 34th portion of Matthew 6. I'll leave the discovery of that to the curious enough. Much of what is here won't mean much to many. It's not what they're after.

Finally... aside from life literally dripping with irony and aside from the greatest secrets of life being hidden in plain sight and aside from simply going to the source for anything you're after, which, for some reason, most people do not do, life is also perfect. It doesn't look that way because we are not. We think we are not and... as a person thinketh so is he/her/they/it. There's a certain thing that weighs us down and conceals our perfection from us and also causes us to transfer the same to each other. It's a difficult thing to get past that but you never will if you don't give it everything you have and want it more than anything else.

That should suffice for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

What's come over you, Visible? Brighter and shinier than ever!!!!
Like a good wine...............

And, Fuck Cliff.

jamesC said...

Happy Birthday Visible!

robert said...

Happy Birthday Visible!

Your entire life is a dream and you wake up when you die. Some people, a rare few, wake up while they are still alive. How do they accomplish this? Imagine that you are underwater and cannot breathe. How great is your desire for oxygen? This is how they accomplished it; metaphorically speaking. It requires a relentless fixation upon waking up.

... life is also perfect. It doesn't look that way because we are not. We think we are not and... as a person thinketh so is he/her/they/it. There's a certain thing that weighs us down and conceals our perfection from us and also causes us to transfer the same to each other. It's a difficult thing to get past that but you never will if you don't give it everything you have and want it more than anything else.

It strikes this one that it is all a matter of normalcy bias or perceptual bias, which keeps most from committing to doing whatever it takes to maintain union with the One.

Given the stories which you share of your vicissitudes and trials, anyone who has not been challenged deeply enough, will simply listen to their intellect, that phantom of programmed conceptual prison (the devil’s advocate) which whispers to the heart, “Nah, why rock the boat and try for that which more courageous people than I have set their hearts upon and failed?”

If the Ineffable has not previously challenged people who have managed to content themselves in the relatively pampered slavery of modern life, to the point where they have exhausted their personal resources and have had to reach down deep within themselves just to survive or retain enough balance/sanity, then how will they fare when civilization convulses?

For this one, nothing in conventional life ever satisfied the inner calling. But, when youth and opportunity seem endless, continually trying it “my way” seduced the mind into a series of dead ends, which were useful for demonstrating that nothing soul-satisfying can come from human limited striving.

On the positive side, the mistakes made were painful enough to hit the limit of the onboard, lie-spinning mechanism of the intellect so into deep depression was the only way forward: hit bottom, start listening to the deep mind/deep heart, for a while at least, and get back on the path, however crooked.

This pedagogy of the soul paved the path with some signposts and some valuable experience with facing the One, humbled and contrite for long enough to gain some insight and to confirm that, the consumption of no experience in this world, from the outside in, would ever do.

Only creating, from the inside out and making sure that the creation served the greater good, was valuable to persons beyond the subjective solipsism, emulates the One.

Even knowing all the above, the prospect of suffering even more from our own foolishness daunts the human will UNLESS there is a some relationship, an active ongoing conversation in direct experience with the Unlimited, to make it possible to survive our own foolish nature.

Your work has continually pointed this out. When we consider those who have been fast asleep (m deeply asleep that is!) our limited minds quail at the bill of suffering soon to be past due!

Thank you for your courage, humility and creative expressions you bring as fruit of the spirit.

Anonymous said...

Happiest of birthdays Visible!

Thank you for sharing your journey of
faith, certitude & determination. As well as
your gentle reminders to strive for
the love and will of the almighty.

Wishing you a year ahead filled health, joy, &
more moments suffused with All That Is.

From New Jersey With Love

Frog said...

Nice. Thank you Visible.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

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