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The Force of the Kundalini and the Aquarian Age. The Unprocessed Raw Power, Spinal Reverses into Depravity.

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We all see these events and trends happening around us ...most of the time. We see the results of cultural change but... how informed are we about the origins of the changes we see? Think about it. If someone came up to you and asked you where this condition, or that trend came from, how correct do you think you might be? I guess what I am asking is; how seriously do you pay attention to what goes on around you? How deeply into things do you look?

It was 1966 when I first took LSD. It was in Dupont Circle- Washington DC. I was with Rusty Clark and Lou Finley. They were musicians. Rusty played guitar and Lou played bass. Leslie Irish was in our group. He was a known Greenwich Village poet/personality and a quite unlikable fellow; not easy to be around, one of the most self absorbed people I ever knew. As soon as I took the LSD it was as if I suddenly understood just about everything. I saw how crazy the world was. I'd also been insecure around girls previously. Then I saw how insecure they were and my insecurities about that and all manner of other things just melted away. My eyes opened up on the expanse of lifetimes. This posting is not enough space to treat with the impact psychedelics had on me. That will be addressed in the coming autobiography (should God be willing that I remain for the time necessary to complete it). I mention it because of a curious event that happened; one of a long series of galvanizing insights into the land of gears, turning behind the veil of appearances.

Perhaps this was Trip #3. It was somewhere in the area of 1 to 10. A gay culture was showing up in the park. In the evenings, there would be somewhere around a dozen and the numbers would swell on the weekends. There were always a handful of drag queens among them. I found them entertaining. They could be wickedly funny. Unfortunately for them, tolerance was not in effect in those days and occasionally bikers and other types would come around to harass them and sometimes beat them up. I was a pretty capable fellow and one of my friends, Carlos, was a 5th or 6th dan black belt. How it happened I don't remember but he and I became kind of their unofficial bodyguards. Carlos and I both hated bullies.

One of the gay boys that I knew at the time was Larry Rodan; funny how I can remember so many names from that period. Larry was of mixed race, something like half Caucasian -half- Filipino. He was very good looking. This is something I had noticed about the gays of that time and place. I remember sitting on the fountain in the park and I was coming on to LSD and I noticed Larry sitting a few feet away from me, with one of his associates. They were talking about how hot this or that guy was and as I watched them, they became surreal, pastel colored and almost cartoonish; it dawned on me that they were like human pasty, a kind of candy for those of like tastes to enjoy. This was a powerful insight for me, as was their complete focus on the material aspect of life. Sometimes when I watched them, or anyone, it was as if I were a visitor from another planet, so alien did I feel in comparison with everyone else.

During this period of time I was often with my friend Billy and we would get in his car and drive out to the Potomac River with these two miniature lesbians, Susan and Audrey. They were both about 5' tall. We'd take acid and listen to the Beatles and Bee Gees. Sometimes I would sleep in the same bed with them but nothing of a physical nature occurred. At one point, some time passed, during which we did not see each other. Next I heard, they had broken up. Audrey went to Boston to work with Erewhon and awhile afterwards, I ran into Susan in the park. She was brusk and unfriendly, her hair cut close and wearing a motorcycle jacket and Wellingtons, all Butched out. She was with a troop of biker lesbians. One of her wide load associates came by and collected her and off they went. I never saw her again.

I was around a lot of gay people in those days and in the park each night were older men, who worked in government, or whatever they did, looking for rent boys. I would be in the park at all hours. One time I was there for 24 hours straight, working on the poem, Elsewhere.

Something was happening with me and the LSD and groups of people began to gather around me, whenever I was in the park. It was at that time that I offended Scientology and they 'worked' the police to set up a sting through a n'er do well named John Reed. I was with the musician, John Hall, we were nearly inseparable for a year or two. He was along the night of the sting. I was pursued for several years by the FBI and others over this affair and because wherever I went I tended to draw a crowd and especially so after the Kundalini rising, they would go to kid's parents and tell them I was associated with Charlie Manson; because of my having met him. I don't know how they found out about that. There was an FBI wanted poster circulated nationwide on me. I've never been able to get a copy.

Why this long winded tale? It was tumultuous times and I was around so many different kinds of people, some of then stone cold broke and some the heir to hundreds of millions of dollars, like the Kraft kids and many others that I knew. One of the things I noticed was the force of materialism on people and the culture and I noted a direct connection between the whole alt-sex thing and materialism. After my kundalini experience, the truth of the matter hit me like a captive bolt cow killer. In the days previous to my kundalini experience, I felt a near constant tingling at the base of my spine. My face would compress at intervals and a hissing expulsion would flow out of my nostrils. You can note this in the behavior of cobras when they are raised up from their coil. Alternatively I would have chants emerging from me that were like the sounds a cat makes. On the night of the kundalini experience. I walked outside and on the lawn behind the house, there were 5 glowing, holographic golden cobras, hoods raised and 6 green cats in profile, also holographic and neon like and they had the number 9 completely filling the interior of their form. I don't know the implications of this but it remains unforgettable. They never went away the whole time I was there.

So I felt this tingling in the sacral area and noted... you can't help but notice, that the kundalini force is female. I could feel her intimately and fluidly throughout my body and after the experience, telepathy and other powers were full blown in me and so strong were they that it freaked a number of people out to find me in their heads. John Hall was there that night and the whole thing terrified him. There were about five of us altogether. One of them was Jack O'Connor, a drummer. I can't remember the others. Once we had (except for me) integrated back into some semblance of normal, they all wanted to get back to DC, ASAP. We were about 75 miles out in the VA. Countryside. We all got into the car and over the whole drive, no one said a word. They drove right to Dupont Circle and let me out of the car and hightailed it away. Quite a few supernatural things had happened that night. As a result, none of them spoke to me again. I ran into John a few years later in Woodstock. He had become quite famous by then, with the band- Orleans and as a studio guitar guy; that's another story.

So... there I was with this force, alive in my being and all these powers that I didn't know what to do with. The whole process has tormented my life to a ridiculous extreme but I have to say... now... it's been more than worth it. The things I could feel and see, it was like living in another dimension (still is) and as if I were looking at life from the other side of a window. I began to understand that the homosexual condition was a direct expression of materialism in relation to the aspects of the planets, organizing for the channeling of the new and emergent age of Aquarius. The archetypes and infrastructure were all set to be refashioned according to the required stage settings of this arriving age.

For me, the force of the kundalini ran up the spinal column and expressed itself in the spiritual female qualities. For those feminized by materialism and the impact of the divine feminine upon the subconscious part of their persona, it began to express itself sexually, instead of the force rising upward into an ever more transformed persona, it ran in the other direction. Down and outward and accounted for men assuming the female posture in sexual expression.

I watched all of this taking place as I experienced the manner in which it was expressing in me. 'They' have my sympathy and I never had any real negative reactions to the whole thing; thinking it was a phase that they would pass through and which, indeed, all of us have or will pass through in one life cycle or another, since we also come here as both men and women and more often... as other lifeforms. Then they politicized it, forcibly legitimized it and then engaged in programming the entire culture and the youth with it. There is, obviously (at least to me) a grave spiritual danger in all of this and the decadence and perversity that is manifesting, multifariously in ever more bizarre forms of sexual expression, should be past obvious to all and sundry by now. This whole lifestyle serves as a powerful engine of social destruction for the Satanists and materialists (interchangeable with one another) to visit upon humanity around the world.

The cowardice and venality of the medical profession, politicians, religious leaders, all bending the knee to the power of temporal depravity is another sad affair. Psychologists and psychiatrists bend over backwards and probably forwards too, in defense of this lifestyle as being perfectly normal. There is more going on with all this than can be laid only at the door of 'enlightened' mindsets and modern thinking. This is simply one more weapon of 'the enemy' in his war against humanity.

The generations that come and go, showcasing the trends and conditions we find materializing, through each time period around us, are the visible evidence of the unfinished business of reincarnation. The most interesting part of it all is this most recent generation, still in elementary, middle and high school. Expect massive changes to be on our doorsteps soon.

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Stegiel said...

Les I am slightly surprised with your musical background you did not discuss the late 60’s and early 70’s rockers and androgyny. Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, David Bowie, New York Dolls, Queen etc. The mainstreaming of alt sex was also popularized by Beat culture and of course by 1980 movies like Cruising. So in a way the seeds were planted and now the plants thrive.

Visible said...

??? This is a 1500 word posting, not a book. I'm at a loss for what to say. I am going to have to reconcile myself with the fact that sometimes the entire intention of my point just goes by like invisible vapor. Hopefully this will not be the case across the board.

Anonymous said...

I believe I got your point or message or whatever. I believe we are of such like minds it is stunning. I doubt we will ever meet but there is no need anyway. Thank you Les for all you write and all your efforts, I been reading this blog for over a decade I reckon, and I never tire of your word smithing.
I am sure god will grant you the time for an autobiography and I am hanging out to read it.
Keep well my friend

Unknown said...

I always love your writing and your cutting wit, but this article is particularly powerful. I have had LSD once (without my consent-long story) and I have had ayahuasca a fair number of times. I also found they give you profound insight into the material world by opening up spiritual truth. I haven't had substances like that in quite some years by choice but I find that the effects still remain. I don't know if I had a true kundalini experience, but I certainly had what seemed like ancient truths revealed to me from beyond the veil. My question is, how do you know if these insights are from the ineffable, or from some other entity trying to deceive?

Visible said...

Unknown; Well... in my case I took probably around a thousand psychedelic voyages. I agree that might be a bit much but I was pathological about getting to a certain point and it took me a really long time to realize I wasn't going to be allowed to stay until I got there by spiritual work and austerities. So... over the reach of such a length of time and experiences- so many of which I can't even remember, at some point I made a connection and after that, everything got processed and validated by my invisible friends. I'm sure there were efforts to deceive and seduce me both but I didn't much pay attention to any of that. I had my attention fixed on a specific end result, come Heaven or Hell or whatever. At this time I can get an immediate audience with my teacher/guide at any time of day or night. This has been possible for around 8 years now. it wasn't before and it intensifies with the passage of time. Meanwhile the focus on my attention, intensifies and I wind up getting more exponential results. My studied opinion on all of it now, is... press with every ounce of force and. Ceaselessly seek to remember, remember, constantly bring the mind back to the ineffable. Depending on how intense one is about it, that is how quickly blessed habit overtakes it all and it becomes effortless.

Visible said...

Rob; On the other hand I can assure you we will meet as that is how it works. I really appreciate your fervor Rob. I assure you it does not go unnoticed by me and... more importantly... by that which I serve.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A definite 5 Nostril review.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for the last couple of columns and the mini-bios. Appreciated.

I had a week-long, spontaneous kundalini-like experience back in the early 80s. Not on any drugs (unless I somehow got slipped one), but I had been doing various spiritual techniques for some time. Fortunately, I had been trained to just let experiences 'pass through me' in Observer status - so, no freaking-out happened.

Like you, I had many past-lives pass through me. In my case, it seemed like I was 'taken over' by an individual (a past 'me') for a short time, was them, and then went through the experience of their death. They all 'left' through the top of my head (crown chakra). And repeat, for almost a week. Most were various types of human. However, one hissed like a snake. Another made a humming sound, like you would get from bee wings. Always wondered about them...

In my case, some of the 'process' was painful. My lower back became excruciatingly painful, probably because of clearing-out obstructing 'stuff'. I would sit in a hot bath for hours. What was interesting was that whenever I was at the physical/emotional end-of-my-rope over the pain, it would back-way-off for a time. It was like somebody was 'monitoring' the experience and adjusting the valves, so to speak. Interesting.

There were different spiritual experiences along the way, including 'doctoring' a spleen which looked energetically like it had been really shot-up in some earlier encounter. Yuck. There was also the 'removal' of an ankle mini-chakra which was impaired, its repair, and its re-emplacement. During that period, either a higher-part or some teacher/guide was doing a lot of 'repair' on me. (This included a need for me to physically 'release control' of my body, so that whomever could move-me-about to do the energy-work that was needed. Almost a form of channeling, except that I was probably channeling 'me'.)

After a week or so, it tapered-off. I kept getting images of a house I had visited out in the boondocks. Finally, I 'got' that the 'process' had gone as far as it could, within a city environment. The 'vibes' were too dense. It needed a cleaner environment, so to speak. So, I went to that house. The 'process' immediately restarted. It went on for a further few days and then subsided. Whatever 'needed' to happen had happened.

A note for readers: If the raising of the energy on the planet causes any readers to go through a spontaneous experience akin to Vis'/mine, the most important thing is not to freak out. Treat it as a learning experience, and 'flow' with it. (Don't jump off a cliff or such.) Some may be pleasurable; some may be painful. A lot may be 'new' to your ego. Try to observe and learn, and not to toss-away strange stuff as 'unreal'. Take mental notes, for future contemplation.

(And on the other side of the equation, take note of the general 'intent' of the exercise. If it seems like you are just being 'beat up' or victimized, this might be a psychic attack or mini-possession. Use your intuition; don't be naive. You will know.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hmm - Don't' worry about the autobiography.

My guess is "there's an app for that" and Google and their spooky friends have
had you sussed for years based on your excellent writings.

Enjoy every moment, everything life has to offer and keep doing what you do -
I hope your blogs will be listed in the library of congress somewhere - and remain
in the public sphere for many to discover in the future.

Dog Bless Les

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

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