Monday, March 30, 2020

"David Wilcock. Does he Know What he is Talking about? You Tell Me."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Hmmm... I want to do this right. I can't abide slander, or specious accusations of people absent facts. I've been and am a victim of this myself. It comes with the territory. You either soldier on and ignore the dogs barking, or you fade into the woodwork. I've chosen to soldier on and... since in my case there are nothing but insinuations and fabrications based on an absence of substance, it is actually a help to have detractors, most especially when they are unable to chapter and verse ANY authentic criticisms, or only criticisms that carry no weight for being only personality issues. There's no one who isn't taken to task for issues of presentation and style. These are irrelevant matters, matters of taste and preference. One person wants onions on their sandwich and one person doesn't. Who cares if someone parts their hair on the right, or has no hair at all?

I provide this basic introduction to this issue of Petri Dish because I am going to talk about someone else, mindful of the fact that I will have four fingers pointing back at me through the whole event. I want to talk about David Wilcock because... he is putting out multi-hour videos that include some pretty outrageous claims.

I haven't watched the whole video linked here. I am not motivated to that end. Thankfully, he gets to evidence of what I am talking about, right at the get-go, saying... that the internet and your phones are going to be shut down for 3 days and the reason for that is (drum roll) the bad guys are going to be getting arrested. I suppose this means the Deep State, the international pedophile networks among the elite and Satanic.

He lets us know that he has 2 New York Times best-selling books, that he's been a font of hush hush info for 25 years and that highly placed, but unidentified sources, who trust only him, have told him all of this and in some cases these same sources have been told by as many as five other unidentified people so... somehow... this is supposed to verify it all. Along with this video comes the occasional swooshes of dramatic sound and there was a flashing notification that he's connected to some TV show called Ancient Aliens. He's vague as all get out and I suspect its going to stay that way. I'm not going to listen to this whole thing. He sounds OFF to me but this is just a perception and I want that understood at this point. I am only talking about my perceptions and I COULD BE WRONG. I don't think I'm wrong about the perceptions but I might be wrong about believing these claims aren't going to happen the way he says they will.

I should say that I am not a fan of David Wilcock. I consider him an opportunist and a grandstander and he's been wrong so many times about so many things... if you put 'David Wilcock is a fraud' into any search engine, you will get a near endless stream of people who think he is a fraud and they have their reasons. Some of these reasons I know to be valid but it is IMPORTANT that you know that I don't like David Wilcock and the evidence of the years has rather reinforced that rather than changed it.

I suggest to simply listen to the guy for half an hour or so and see what your gut tells you. It's better that I don't get into the reasons why I think he's out for himself. It's better if you form your own opinion. You will notice in the streaming comments to the right of the video that the donations given are streaming across the top of the page. So far... still watching the video, he is digressing all over the place and mentioning things he thinks are important, such as Prince Phillip, who says he wants to reincarnate as a virus... WTF? I'm watching him slip into the same tedious information that so many people keep repeating in order to stay relevant. Did I mention that Wilcock says he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

Rich people are conspiring to control the world. Wow! What an eyeopener eh? The amount of speculation and reaching going on in this video is excessive. I can't get away from the relentlessly nagging suspicion that Wilcock is a sensationalist, tooth and nailing it to stay relevant BUT... here is the thing about THE AWAKENING presently taking place. NO ONE IS CONTROLLING THIS BUT THE ANGELS OF GOD.

What Wilcock is saying in this video is more of the same thing he's been saying for years. There are people everywhere on the internet making wild claims about this kind of thing. Someone said that Tom Hanks did not have Coronavirus in Australia but was under arrest for pedophilia and that Oprah and all sorts of other people were GOING DOWN in a few days. IT DID'T HAPPEN!!! I've been hearing this kind of thing for what seems like forever and IT NEVER HAPPENS.

Now... he's really way off in left field, stating the obvious, rehashing old info and boring me to tears but I'll keep it going in case something interesting gets said. What is it that so many people don't get about this guy? I was told this video was full of all sorts of powerful information. Not so far. It's Lucy with the football folks.

For years now, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Sorcha Faal (such a fool), Jim Stone, Mike Adams, Alex Jones and others have been playing you like a violin. Some of them are making A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY!!! Occasionally they tell the truth. Most of the time it is like infotainment and shilling for products and harassing the public for MONEY!!! AND FEARMONGERING. Don't forget the fearmongering.

How often have you heard this or that rumor from official sources, never identified, loaded down with woo woo and have it not happen? How many times are we going to be told that Planet Niburu is right around the corner? How many times are we going to hear about the Anunnaki, the reptile overlords, the UFO's riding six white horses, as they pop in and out of view, are going to change the world? Of course there are UFO's. I had one land right in front of me WITH WITNESSES but... what did it amount to? How has anything you have heard about ANY OF THESE SUBJECTS, improved your life??? How are you better off today from anything you heard about any of this?

OKAY... OKAY... what if... this time... time #3492, he's right? I will be overjoyed! No one wants to see justice on this plane more than me BUT none of these things have proven true YET. Sure, pedo rings of minor players have been rounded up. Bill Barr and John Durham were supposed to come down with indictments months ago. Where are they??? MAYBE... this time, that perfect storm will occur. It has to happen sometime; doesn't it? I EXPECT all kinds of revolutionary change to take place this year. It's a given, with the stakes what they are, that some very surprising things are going to occur.

People like Wilcock and the rest of them are standing before an enormous dartboard with hundreds of names and places. They close their eyes and throw the darts. They NEVER run out of darts. By now, the dartboard looks like the shit discovery map in San Franshitco. There are sightings everywhere. There are practically no open spaces on that map. Surely a blind pig finds an acorn now and then. Surely a retarded monkey will type out a real sentence on the typewriter... eventually.

On and on he goes about mysterious sources that he can't name but TRUST HIM, they are LEGIT because a bunch of other people that he also can't name, also say it's legit. PEOPLE!!! I want these things to be true. I want these no good predators rounded up and locked up and MAYBE, this time it is going to happen. It could have already happened. Wilcock said it could be in the next few days. Well... a few days have passed now. What am I to think? It could be on Easter. That would be a timely date.

Somehow... people are constantly being taken in with hopeful projections because THEY WANT TO BELIEVE! I want to believe too.

Here's what I think happens. Mr. Apocalypse is a real personification of a real force and he is working through all sorts of secondary persona. Angels of God are circling the world, enforcing the will of God. It is a new age and The Avatar is descending, precipitating down the planes and at some point a massive waking up is going to take place. The final straw gets laid on the camel's back. The linchpin domino is tipped. Critical Mass gets reached. It will happen. So... if you keep saying it is going to happen... If you keep saying for years it is going to happen... at some point you will be right. Something is going to happen at some point.

Yes... this Coronavirus thing is suspicious as can be and no doubt there is a real battle taking place off-camera. It is apparent that President Trump is frustrated and had better watch himself. They are trying as hard as hard can be to bring him down and THEY NEED TO. It is a matter of their survival.

You should make up your own minds. Watch a half an hour of the video anyway. Heck... watch the whole thing. See if you don't see what I was seeing. This is video #3 and the others are hours long too. On what planet does it take that many hours to tell the truth? Everything Jesus Christ said, which is in The New Testament, could be said in that time period, with room to spare.

Some of us are not asking for money and don't have millions of dollars (could this be remotely true?). Some of us are not so polished and can sometimes be abrasive and surely everyone is not going to like us. I have to deal with my own conscience. I have to answer to The Lords of Karma. I have to answer to God for what I say and do. It makes me careful. I really think some of these other people need to be careful. What could be the point of announcing all of this? Doesn't this alert the bad guys (who are probably laughing about it)?

Twenty years ago I was a firebrand. Lots of people liked that. Ten years after I had toned it down and more and more mention of God entered into my commentary, pissing off the atheist webmasters who don't like God brought up. Now it's today and God gets mentioned all the time but... less today than usual. I don't know about these people that have been named here today. I don't have mysterious people feeding me secret information. I'm just a person seeking to serve God and sharing the experience with the reader. I have NO INFORMATION about anything specific.

I DON'T KNOW and we are going to have to leave it at that. My friends, make up your own mind and 'BE NOT DECEIVED, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.' That verse does not mean for me what it means for all those other folks interpreting it. What it means to me is that THE DEVIL works for God. Everyone works for God, whether they know it or not because God weaves everything into his intended tapestry of creation for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Today's Song is;

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I should point out to the reader that these days I post a great many things at Pocketnet that don't make it to the blogs. Some of it is pretty funny and the site is MUCH EASIER to access these days.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Great post, and I pass on the invitation to listen to pointless drivel. Done enough of that a number of years back.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth.

I dont must reading what you think. I belive my eays. Sorry Les. You must see be belive i belive with out proof my frends.
The best rollercoster ever.

You have all pices of puzzle. I have paipier from this sick island. 07 security order from 2008 about 14 years old boy to White House? This is bill for hod dog worth 64000$. 2+2= 4
Belive in God it is Time to make paradise in earth. Paradise is a beautiful park or park-like garden.
Matt 6:10
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.
Revelation 21: 1-5

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth are passed away; and the sea is no more.

2 And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven of God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.

3 And I heard a great voice out of the throne saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he shall dwell with them, and they shall be his peoples, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God: 4 and he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall be no more; neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain, any more: the first things are passed away.

5 And he that sitteth on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he saith, Write: for these words are faithful and true
Thank you for what you do.

Robert in Scotland said...

I read all those people you mentioned. I don't believe most of. Ah shit, be honest Robert. I don't know if it's true or not, I just enjoy reading it and then do what I do. None of the theories have ever effected my day to day life.
Maybe this latest panic will. Not worried, always been poor, don't expect it too change so nothing to worry about.
Great topic, thanks.

Anonymous said...

If Sorcha Faal were to predict the sun rising tomorrow, I'd lay even money it meant the world was going to end. In all seriousness, I have never seen anyone be so consistently wrong in their statements and predictions. Have they ever been right about anything, ever? Even once?

Elliott E

Ray B. said...

Vis, I have a intuitional reaction to David Wilcock, every time I see a photo of him (even recent ones). I shy away; I literally cannot continue. (And yes, he is a part of all-God.) I have read both of his bestsellers; they have some good points. But I still balk at something inside him...

I just grin (and grimace) at the "soon to be arrested" stats. Sealed court documents, bah. I like the number 10,000,000,000,000,018 personally.

The one good thing about all this disinformation is that it drives us within. It forces us to use our intuition and higher abilities. God works in mysterious ways...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Wilcock has racism against Chinese.

Visible said...

Those complaining about misspelling a name obviously knew it was corrected immediately. Some things you don't know that I did today; I cursed when I banged a counter. I sighed a couple of times- I forget why. I... I... I can't remember doing anything else. I'm pretty mistake free BUT who is determining what a mistake is? Anonymous sidewinders, burning up with personal impotence and raging with a green jealous fire are. Because of my fascist intolerance, I did not post your comment and I don't feel bad at all. Shame Visible!!! For shame. Piss off. Why don't you and David get a homoerotic SRO and plot and plot the overthrow of what it is you do not know? I was far kinder and more understanding toward Wilbercock than he deserved.

You know what I do when Guillermo Ray- Marajit and others come around and whine and accuse? I laugh. I laugh. By the way Guillermo, self proclaimed racer of Dobermans and raiser of Porches (how do you do that on a janitors salary in Puerto Rico?), everyone at Pocketnet has agreed to just ignore you. You lose (sound of hysterical laugher rocks the room and then fades away into a mocking echo.)

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Well,this is a timely enough article for me to chime in in regards to, an article about David Wilcock, so here I go. I have been relenting in the last two years in respects to doing too much online blogging and typing like I used to. It went from being cathartic to very frustrating, ultimately leading me to understand that there isn't much that I was helping with that wasn't already in play and having realized I'm just a broken record. I mind that. I don't like it that my prognostications and what-not that have not come to pass, so I simply shut up for the most part. People making beaucoup dineros don't care about anything but making more money off of people's earnest interest and concern. Now, for the good dynamic. More and more, people are getting sick of the self-promoters and call them out fervently. Plenty of those people are plenty serious, plenty saddened and frustrated with people in that milieu for just still being there only for $. Meanwhile, over the past 5-7 years I'd say, there are a lot of people, since Sandy Hook and the like, who don't take what comes out of the lie box at face value at all. That dynamic gets stronger every day now, not that certain psy ops might not be in play that now use their own "conspiracy theories" to steer people in screwy directions, like I figure is the probable case with Q anon. Now the bad guys would have another angle at deception in providing false hope, penning their own, putative positive narratives for the gullible to follow. I hope there is a "plan" of course, and hope Q is real, but I'm not that quixotic at this point. To Wilcock and the like, Q is real because it's selling like crazy now: the important part to them. In closing, 'cause Imma' startin' to ramble and repeat myself, there is alot more seriousness and urgency with those who are truly serious, and it's getting harder for them to have the graciousness to hear people whom they already learned to not take seriously just keep onna' pluggin' away at, well, plugging their books and having the same shit to say: "big things gonna' happen for sure this week; blue bird people dun' told me...heeyuck". Then, nada of course. It is a sad situation and hearing dippy eggs like Wilcock bang on with his simple tripe, like many others, has gotten to be a quite ennervating in the some pretty lame, writ large terms to most people. So,I think hearing people calling him a literal cocksucker, and you know what I'm getting at, not that I am against it or even care, is pretty precious. It wasn't like that in the comment sections, with mostly fulsome comments, a scant couple of years ago. Now, people are more discerning and are tired of the obvious shameless hucksters. A lot of those people in the comment sections saying such insulting things have probably actually had some metaphysical, occult experiences, so having to watch that fairy asshole "tell it like it is" another fucking day is too much. I think it's a good thing that people are taking to task dick heads like Wilcock, and that Wilcock and others bristle so much and have such disdain for their "haters", prefacing about 20 minutes of their videos with goofy disclaimers to "get out in front of their haters" or some shit is precious too; I think they should actually just try to keep themselves more honest and not blame their own, real and potential customers for their own poor performances...

Le Rocher said...

Les -
Forgive me - I really didn't read every word of the post - but have a personal interpretation of 'Mr. Wilcox'

I have been following 'Ancient Aliens' Since the early days it was know as 'The Forbidden Archeology' [ Thunderbolts of the Gods ] from one channel to the next now on the History series.
This David is just another of the 'Cast' of characters. I have a great deal of respect for the tying these Men & Women do on that show - There is a great deal of informative research revealed - HOWEVER, as with any TV Commercial show, it is very censored & the cast members are held to a strict code of 'One-shall-not-go-there' - Especially, you know where -

Your query to us is akin to - does one value Zecharia Sitchin ?
Is it actually possible to 'Translate' marks and indentations on clay tablets ? with no 'Rosetta Stone reference' I believe the translations are as close to believable as this generation will get until the 'Owners Manual' is revealed. Because, this Translator may have had the same 'Revelations' as I over the time of his works. David, Giorgio, David Childress, Linda Howe, Eric Von Daniken and the rest of the cast, all started their careers with truth in their hearts - now, as all, they are TV Movie Stars, doing PAID 'Alien-Con' shows and playing their parts. They all have their publications, big bank accounts and fame from so many years of exposure - But over the time it has all become dribble to the extreme because none of them will ever REALLY touch on the truly forbidden subjects.

I'll Give just one known item of 'Do-not-touch'
"ADAMS CALENDAR" - I don't know if the Google'ites allow this but it's there somewhere if one looks deeply. I knew about this 40 years ago and not one will touch it with a three hundred foot pole.

Your own will to be investigative is of no one opinion. Seek and search and listen, watch and learn. Each individual can surmise 'revelation' in ones own way from what may appear to be completely mundane to others. Never be an idle mind, should this David Wilcox have touched one mind with one small bit of teaching He will have done his job well.

Whatever may be a conclusion, It is always a good thing to interact within the community - Thanks for asking us for our opinions.

Visible said...

Wow! I'll be darned! Two insightful comments in a row. It feels like a trend! Thanks guys. The upshot of the whole thing is there are just way more of us who care and are trying our best to meet each day as well as we can. Otherwise, there's just chatter and noise and as long as one doesn't get personally involved in the chatter and noise, it stays chatter and noise, kind of a cushiony backdrop, as if you were listening to ocean sounds while falling asleep, like me who plays ambient sounds. I think we're on the right track and if you are always looking for guidance, YOU ARE DEFINITELY ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

SanchoEarlyJones said...

I can't stand wilcock, he's a carpet bagging fraud who's god is that toilet paper with the words, "In God We Trust"... I laughed when you said something along the lines of, or close to ;"it shouldn't take 5 hours to speak the truth".... And I agree, and agreed; I thought about watching it and then saw it took 5 hours to tell the truth, and just knew it was pandering for my money in some way, as well as my time!!!

On that note, some gal on Youtube has a channel calling David out often. Apparently he's turned his companies into a 501c3 religious organization.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les
I have always thought icke was a fantasist walter mitty type, as is the b/s artist Fulford.
They lack the discernment to make sense of what is unfolding, only an awakening amongst the populace will facilitate meaningful change. I rely on my intuitive gut instinct to guide me, and was drawn to your blogs many years ago, always being amazed at the synchronicities when you post the exact thing I'd been thinking of. I had a vision of a woman in a red dress whose head turned into that of a lioness on the 20th of January this year. I didn't have any idea who she was, my brother discovered she represented Hathor who becomes Sekhmet. At the time I didn't realise the significance of the vision, but it's hit home now with this worldwide panic and hysteria.
God bless. Peter

Anonymous said...

At least Alex Jones looks and sounds high as a kite when he jibber jabbers endless about being anally probed by Satanic Nazi cyborg aliens taking over the planet. Between shilling for his Tangy Tangerine oil supplements that cure erectile dysfunction.

DK said...

Reincarnation of Edgar Casey, "channeler" of "Ra" (that was a good one).... colleague of Giorgio Tsoukalos and Ben Fulford

His act wore off on me after a couple months about 12 years ago, if he was right in 2008, the cabal would have fallen in 2009 and we would have been in the new Earth since 2012.

I think it's funny that he's had the kind of success he's had with an act that is so obviously a full-on delusion of grandeur. That said, I recall he appealed at a time I had just taken the red pill and was susceptible to his kind of charlatan. I probably "found" him because he was the easiest person to find talking on these subjects, and I bet that's still the case.

I think there are new comers to this material all the time and that he's been given the platforms he's on (Gaia, AA, etc) because they were set up as controlled opposition and figures like him either corral those folks into a dead-end or discredit him, along with other qualified research and individuals who operate in a whole lot less limelight, with a whole lot more legitimacy.

IMO, Wilcock, and all of his cringe worthy overcompensation for rather obvious self confidence issues, does a stellar job (along with Alex Jones, Fulford, Faal) of amalgamating a ridiculous Straw Man for a range of the population who are in that scene with Morpheus, deciding whether to red or blue pill it.

And the reason I think that group have had the kind of (pardon the use of the term) visibility and "success" (at the very least, staying alive given the accusations they've levied at rather blood thirsty, murderous types the past 12 years) is because there is legitimacy to SOME of what they say.

And I do also think that there is a serious power struggle playing out over the past 5-6 years, and that we seem to be at an important junction in that struggle. I'm not saying swallow Q whole by any means, but in case you haven't noticed, there are major operations afoot, and we're in the audience watching it play out in real time. I don't believe it, nor do I dis believe it, but I keep an eye on it via X22 on YT among other sources.

Thanks for doing what you do LV


Hereticdrummer said...

Great post, Vis. I remember a Sorcha Faal article back when Barack Obama was president. It said that Obama was going to round up all of the Jews in the U.S. and deport them because they were a security threat. That was probably the most absurd and laughable of all their postings. The sock puppet moving against his masters. Sure, that is credible. How the Hell do a bunch of nuns in a convent in Dublin, Ireland have access to internal Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau) reports anyway? That is what they always base their blatherings on. Puerile, errant nonsense. Keep punching, buddy.

Visible said...

It really is all a matter of perspective. I wonder how many people will see two different comments, here and at Petri Dish, both from early this morning, both referring to the same constantly reoccurring synchronicity? This is what happens when resonance is present. You can't fake resonance because it is visceral. To me that always explains how people can be taken in by Wilcock and others when... to the rest of us... it seems obvious what is taking place.

Hereticdrummer said...

DK is right on it. The benchmark of a good disinfo site is that it purveys some truths that are ignored or obfuscated by the main stream whores of mass media. That is how they rope a discerning person in. Then ultimately they will lead him or her down the primrose path of delusional fantasy. That is Sorcha Faal's modus operandi along with all of the others.

Anonymous said...

Like the old saying goes, 'even a broken clock is right twice a day'. But it never seems to be the right time of day for these guys.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Destiny of the Reactive Mind is Suicide for the Purpose of Demonstration."

Anonymous said...

Just suffered immensely through the 2-3 hours of Cock video. I think he is advocating the use of Argon gas inhalation and wants to relieve you of 1,200$ to join his free energy cult?

That is the gist I got. At least Alex Jones was comedic delivery and you get a health supplement that doesn't work for Joining his cult.

This is the summary of the talk verbatim. Bad things will happen unless you join his Argon glue sniffing cult and give him 1,200 Kumbayas in the form of Shekels.

Andy said...

Dude. David Will-cocks is the Creflo Dollar of the New Age evangelist. He dont like me. He really doesnt like it when ya spell his last name like that either. Hahahah. All these false prophets for profit. Being charasmatic doesn't make you a genuine person or prophet for that matter. Lol I spiritually body slammed him and gave him a bar but spanking more than a few times on forums. Hahahha

If you are coming from a place of fear????? You are not Gods chosen one. That is all I need to know. When I see a person such as Willcocks I can see in about 2 minutes his foundation is fear. Doesn't matter what he says. Like my friend I affectionately call "the TAO Master." He doesnt even know he is reaching and living by the TAO and you can feel peace and Humility just oozing out of his pores.

I met Creflo Dollar once walking through the Dulles airport a while back. Doubt he remembers me. I "accidentally" bumped into him and said I need a new plane. He said watch yourself. I said, ohhh excuse me and these big dudes liked at me mean like. I kept on walking. A few years later, he tried to get his Parishioners to buy him a new private jet. That didn't go so well for him.



A 3 year old with a full dirty diaper knows more about the Cosmos that both those fellas combined. They are. Just regurgitating something they heard or read. Only through the avenue of Inspiration from "God" can a person really have intuition, sixth sense, prophetic speak or what ever you want to call it. The Halo is the original symbol of an "idea". Later replaced by the light bulb. A halo is an altered field state at the Crown Chakra. The 3rd eye rests in the nasal cavity. Yes I know you know that. That's how Lassie knew timmy was in the well. Blah blah. Blah. hahah remember that comet about a spiral looking like a circle? Halo?. Halo? testing testing is this thing on. hhahhaha

Wave after wave washing over is the generosity of your words.

Good Stuff dude. Good stuff.

The Ray here is different than the Ray at another place I tend to go. I will send ya a glimpse of something via email to jog your memory Les. Perhaps you haven't read my latest 4 year trajectory. You will know it's me. Alot of people have read my words but didnt know it was my words they were reading. Because I remained in the background. I dont wanna be famous or any of that crap. I'm just a roughneck cowboy. I like pickup trucks, Eaton transmissions and pretty little brunette country girls who are sassy. Lol

High Clif! Yes, I will probably email you too. About the Expando planet thing ya wrote a while back. He ain't here yet. But he will read these words in about a day from now.

I apologize for the Rant.

Visible said...

Those commenting here add such a valuable dimension to this whole exercise that it would be a real help all around; to me and to everyone else who comes here if you would make your visits more regular. It is all much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thargs said...

Dear Vis,

I believe I pointed you to the scummy noticeboard known as ""

It's worth going there for some major LULZ, not the least of which you will find if you put the term Wilcock in the Search box.

I am proud (even though Pride is a Deadly Sin) to have authored a few of those threads.

Love, Thargs.



Joseph Brenner

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