Friday, April 17, 2020

"In the Time of The Grand Apocalypse there Came the Pandemic of Restless Sleep Syndrome."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Any time now, they are going to announce that the pandemic is over; not that it ever really began but... they have come to term on their Test Run. What they have next in mind I do not know. What we do know is that The Awakening is a real event. Microsoft released an ad with Satanist Marina Abramovic. It got a few hundred upvotes and MANY thousands of downvotes. That is amazing evidence of SOMETHING and that something is evidence of The Awakening. I call this Satanist a Satanist, based on the infallible rule of cosmic law; 'BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.”

There should be no surprise about this, coming as it does on the heels of Bill Gates, taking to his heels from Microsoft and his eyebrows deep complicity in The Coronavirus Hoax. The world is waking up and there is nothing that the Powers who Wish they Were Somewhere Else can do about it. Why this should come as a surprise to anyone in the time of a Grand Apocalypse is beyond me; it's probably the result of Restless Sleep Syndrome.

I referred to a curiosity in yesterday's posting about those who are 'inclined' to go bad becoming worse than they were and those who are 'inclined' toward Good becoming better than they were. This is due to the pressure of The Awakening coming down on all of us, with various levels of force, depending on what is needed. This awakening is all about evolving us, in hot-housing fashion, accelerating our evolution to a new sense of identity, while leaving behind our old curmudgeonly carnal self-involved identity. There are many who are attached to their sense of who they think they are, however... VERY FEW of us know who we are. So it should come as no surprise when certain personalities start acting out and going into attack mode upon others because of the rising fear taking place within them. You are going to begin to see a degree of combativeness from various quarters, as the unevolved personalities fight for their existence. This is futile. Just as you cannot fight City Hall, you assuredly cannot fight The Supernal Realm.

As the chorus line from that great blues tune of the same name states;

“You got to move. Cause when the Lord gets ready, you got to move.”

We need to be more understanding in these times when people lash out at us from the darkness of their fear. I have been as guilty of reacting as anyone. We have to be on our guard. The means by which we are suckered into reacting are quite slick. It comes for us where we are weakest. I have been the victim of Slander and False Witness to the extent that it might have cost my life had I been without my invisible protections. As a writer on the internet, I have had what I said taken completely out of context, or been accused of saying things I never said. Because of my past history I am overly sensitive in this regard and I wish to apologize for not seeing what was happening ahead of time. Of course, agents of the Infernal Realm were out to compromise me and I fell for it.

You have my promise that I will seek to be more measured and circumspect in the future. There are ways of being masterful and gracious, instead of hot-headed and I am aware of these alternatives. Since it is bound to happen again; indeed, this very posting will bring the very thing of which I speak, let us see how I do from here on out.

Since we are on the subject, let me clarify something I said that was been taken to mean something other than what was intended. I used the word, “abstinence”. Here is the setting in which I presented it;

“Certain luminous beings attach themselves to us, when we have accumulated the necessary virtue to make ourselves habitable to them. The SAME IS TRUE of more maleficent entities, which are drawn by our lower passions and weaknesses. This is why PURIFICATION is so important and that is achieved through austerities, abstinence, prayer and most certainly, GRACE. The same way that ants and other insects are attracted to a dirty kitchen, the same thing happens to us internally. “Success is Speedy for the Energetic””

I did not mention sex. I hadn't actually been thinking about sex when I wrote those words. Given the casual way that so many people relate to it in these modern times, certainly it would apply. Someone reacted to it out of all proportion to my intent. I responded without thinking. I could have handled it so much better. It is IMPORTANT to recognize that words can both Heal and Harm and we must use caution when employing them. It came to my attention that Abstinence is often connected to sexual activity and I can see how that got inferred when it was not the case.

We live in a world of the senses and MOST PEOPLE due to ACCOMMODATION, presume that what you see is all there is. This is not the case at all. The senses perceive on a narrow bandwidth. There is a much wider bandwidth one might perceive on but Materialism has closed those avenues off for most of us. However, the reports of Clairvoyants reveal an entire other world that is populated by many a curious life form. Here is a Christian take on the matter and the author makes many good points. My point was that when one becomes 'cleansed' of the qualities that attract low-level entities, one is no longer troubled by them.

A great deal of care goes into everything that I write. Unless it is said, the reader should not assume it was intended. We tend to read into things what we want to see and that does not mean they are really present. I have nothing against sex. Jesus said, “All men take not this word, but they to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs, who were born so from their mother’s womb: and there are eunuchs, who were made so by men: and there are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven. He that can take, let him take it.” In the early part of my life I was very promiscuous. At that period of time there was all sorts of latitude for casual encounters. I explained it away to myself by saying that I was a poet and musical persona and THAT CAME WITH THE TERRITORY. However... it was ALWAYS GOD I WAS SEEKING UNION WITH and eventually, that overcame all earthly longings. I still seek sex but I seek it with the divine. I assure you that this kind of sex is FAR MORE intense and incredible than anything physical contact can provide and I speak again from experience.

This is what works for me and I hope it continues for all eternity. I have no further attraction for this activity in the pedestrian sense but... I DO NOT PRESCRIBE THIS FOR OTHERS. There would be no human population without it and it can be a wonderful thing. I am grateful beyond measure, or the possibility to express, that I have been able to come to this understanding, but it is ignorant to proclaim it as a virtue and to fall short of self-containment. The Catholic Church gives us all the evidence we need of what happens otherwise.

What I was trying to explain in the last posting is that there are forces who are out to get us, to corrupt and confuse us and to enslave us in terrible fashion and one MUST BE ON GUARD. I have been the unfortunate recipient of terrible ordeals. That is what it took for me to wake up. I can see so much more clearly now than I ever did once. I am also aware of what others are going through and it pains me to see it. Lifetimes of suffering can be the fruit of folly and poor judgment. Some things are all too easy to get into and much harder to get free of, like becoming entangled in a thicket of briars.

Celebrities account for some of the most thoughtless people on the planet. Because of their narcissism and self involvement they cannot see past it and they are seduced into all sorts of diabolical behavior. Many of them are sociopaths and they are now significant role models for the young. This is how people like Marina Abramovic become popularized. If she possesses any talent beyond self-promotion, I have not seen it. There are powerful occult practitioners off-camera in the corridors of influence and power and they wield great clout. It accounts for the music videos we get and that epidemic of one-eyed fashion shots. They direct and control the content in music and films. NONE OF THIS is accidental but PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP and the forces that once thought they had the whole matter in hand are LOSING THEIR GRIP. They now find themselves in the same position as Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. These forces are no longer under their control. It could well be why they had to shut down the world recently through their phony virus. They KNOW what is happening but they are powerless to stop it. This is good news for the rest of us.

We are entering into the time of real signs and wonders. The spirit of God is moving over the landscape of the human soul and none of us will remain unchanged following its passage. The unknown and incomprehensible is working through the known and comprehensible and there will be such a tsunami of awakening, the like of which none of us have seen in this life. There will be other tsunamis as well. The Earth is going to shake and tremble and the affairs of the powerful dissemble to no avail and are tossed into disarray. Let those who are mindful give heed to the inner voice for it will surely speak. It IS surely speaking.

End Transmission.......

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It was a long and windy road for the nits making lice in the Pocketnet. There was a fearful itching and scratching but it was a phantom of unknown origin. Still... Pocketnet, with all of its archaic Window's 3.1 construction remained.

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robert said...

Dear Visible One,


The clarity of this post indicates the balancing act of self and Self, of our limited self with the higher Self, the template from which we formed, in the transparent give and take.

The tricky part for those of us with the 'perfectionist' neurosis, is how to train our limited self with the patient kindness of love, instead of the whip hand trying to please the inner judge!

You are showing your love hand in action!

These forces are no longer under their control. It could well be why they had to shut down the world recently through their phony virus.

Like a Samson option, like a spiteful child threatening to take its toys and leave, this bona fide bonehead move WILL backfire on them, big league!

I am thankful to all beings choosing to be here now, for the most "interesting" time in the recorded history of this cycle, this age transition coming like a cosmic orgasm!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Weeeeeeell, considering the worst of the worst seems to think of themselves as islands and appear to have forgotten the interconnectedness of everything, they are gonna get screwed on all fronts very shortly. Works for me, for the Powers That Should Be In Sub-Level Seven. Well, that's where they're a'goin' until they wake up. They ought to be real grateful that NOTHING LASTS FOR EVER. 'Cept Source.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I take it to be that I have plenty of sins and that, if I did possess an ever-lasting soul, upon dying I would have to reckon up with higher powers. I stole money off of my now deceased grandmother about 15 years ago, and I never did tell her before she passed and that's on me for the rest of my life, and I will be held to accounts for that shit when I die. I have made donations to animal shelters and have tried to make good on demonstrating remorse for it, but it is out of my hands so as to what will ultimately happen because of doing it in the first place. I strongly believe that I know that nothing good can be said or come of that, me stealing money, by higher powers upon dying. I can't and won't fight that "city hall" of course. I am going to be judged for that. I do feel alot of remorse for that and other sins every day. I hope that that can count for something in expiation-based terms, but don't feel too sorry for myself about any of it. I will get what I deserve! Most people do know they have certain sins and have shit they are truly sorry for, but does anybody think that applies to "big wigs" in this world? If they sat at a satanic ritual engaging in the rape, torture and murder of some poor victim, how could they think that they had a soul and that there would ever be serious consequences for anything they engaged in? I take it that the dumb dumbs actually believe they don't have an ever-lasting soul, and that that might become quite the sticky wicket for the morons "in the twinkling of an eye", ever-so suddenly. Then, how much atonement did they ever seek? It's been said that the unveiling of all the lies will be quite the affair, with even the tiniest of pebbles with lies hidden beneath them getting exposed too. I am pretty sure that literal satanic types more than slightly set themselves up for a pretty awful fall in taking so, so much for granted. I can't take it for granted that there won't be a consequence for the bad shit I've done, no matter how sorry I am for it and given I truly have not stole money like that for quite some time and will never, ever do it again. It worries me still. The satanic cretins have no shame, no remorse, and if they take to staring at skulls, contemplating how there's "nothing there" after death and how this life is it, like I have heard about Freemasons, then I think that the fuck ups might be stepping in some serious shit there. But hey, they aren't worried about their souls, so why should...uh,eh, nevermind...I am still worried about my sins. Those "geniuses" already know there is no such thing as a soul and yada, yada yada. What could ever go wrong? My sins and failures have me worried as to what would happen after I die. Lots of stupid bastards in high places aren't worried about that one as of yet...what could go wrong?

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Well, the fact that Curtis owned up to it using his full name and shows genuine remorse strongly suggests that the only way is up -

Satanists and Freemasons at that level I assume believe as a matter of course that they have souls and that there is an afterlife - they are , after all, performing these ritualised atrocities in a ceremonial context specifically to invoke and channel supernatural forces, and one cannot very well square that with the Scientistic Invented Worldview of a purely mechanical universe.

They are liars and so you cannot believe anything they say on any subject anyway.

Curtis is emphatically not an 'L' word and I am sure is already forgiven, if such is necessary, by whichever agency might have that power -

Visible said...

I had to remove the misspelling in my comment. Well... I didn't have to but I did anyway, also for clarity in my comment. What I was trying to say, Curtis is that your sins don't sound like an area of major concern. I suspect with only a little increased effort you can balance the scales. Much of the time our offenses are more against ourselves than others, or we've joined up with others to collectively offend ourselves.

riseandshine said...

Thankyou Visible...I understand your words,yet I still know nothing..I'm a thinker who knows nothing, not a writer, can one express gratitude if one cannot write? I hear truth in your words and from this man, who incidently reminds me of you (grin).. ...and it still does'nt make sense

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Carrot and the Whip and The Golden Fleece are Not What They Appear."



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