Thursday, June 25, 2020

"The Agendas of The Wicked WILL FAIL. Let the Will of Heaven be Your Guide."

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When you see something twisted and obscene; something out of the natural order of things, because you are still able to see... clearly... the difference between how things appear and how they are meant to be, on the ideal plane... it is important, very important, not to let what you see polarize you. It is important to remember that everything manifest is in A STATE OF CHANGE and also to remember that anything you see or hear about, no matter how frightening in aspect it may be= remember that it DOES NOT NECESSARILY APPLY TO YOU!

Something one learns in the martial arts, those martial arts that contain a higher philosophy than just physical movement, is that one can often resolve a conflict before it happens. It is possible through a subconsciously manifesting body language, to disarm an opponent or possible opponent, before conflict comes into the picture, by transmitting a subliminal message to the wider environment through which you are passing. This is a fact well known to practitioners beyond a certain level of accomplishment. It is... well I call it- the disarming vibe.

Martial arts aside... since there are arts of a higher order that come into play, at whatever point anyone puts themselves into the way of it, it is possible to avoid coming into locations where threat of any kind may be present. It is something that happens automatically for the one who is at peace with themselves. Where there is NO RESIDENT AGGRESSION or FEAR, there is nothing to 'ping off of' in another.

Now... whether you like the idea, or dislike the idea, or could care less one way or the other, none of these postures or perspectives affects the status of what is real. I am talking about the existence of a Divine Being. It is the same as when Galileo had his dispute with The Church about whether The Earth rotated around The Sun or, instead, The Sun rotated around The Earth. The Church tortured Galileo and got him to recant BUT... The Sun paid no mind and neither did The Earth. Of course, the truth about the rotation of the planets was known long before the autocratic church went from Mumbo Jumbo to authorized interpreters of Official Bullshit; not that different than the Official Bullshit being peddled in the present. You either live by a code or you will damn well have a code assigned to you.

In this world, the smart ones; sometimes they are called the clever ones, look to where the power is and jockey among their competitors for the high ground. In order to ascend to higher ground, they must either displace those who are in their way or make arrangements in exchange for position. In any case, a portion of yourself has to be given in exchange. It is the same as when one seeks to gain power from the infernal realm. One must make contract with the dark side. It is always about arrangements, sometimes referred to as 'deals'. When talking with The Man on the Beach, he said to me at one point, “I despise deals.” I responded with, “But you don't have to make deals.” He replied, “Deals have been made.” I don't yet know what he was referring to as it had a sense of specific about it but I get the general meaning in any case.

Keeping all of this in mind and adding in a touch of, “As above, so below” one might say that the same could be said about arrangements made with The Celestial Realm. One can also say, with a degree of assurance that the return from The Celestial Realm is of a different order of magnitude and a different quality of return, regardless, as the song says, “Well it might be The Devil or it might be The Lord but you gotta serve somebody.” I made my choice a long time ago and that was good because I came to find out that all of the doors I might have wanted to walk through had been closed to me. It was uncanny what I ran into. It was as if they already knew who I was, even though, right up until today, I still don't.

It didn't matter what area of endeavor I had in mind. The doors were closed. Well... not all the doors. Willing hands and a strong back were always welcome so, I got by. Of course... we have to remember and... I always did, that God Almighty is called God Almighty for a reason. He's Almighty and once one has had their ass kicked seven ways from Sunday; once one has been the recipient of Spiritual Tenderizing, the way tends to get easier. Of course, the level of tenderizing one is obliged to experience/endure can vary widely, depending on what is to be expected of one later on; depending on the nature of the endeavor one is being shaped for. That is seldom established beforehand, although it does sometimes happen where one is informed in the beginning along with a certain amount of signs and wonders but... like I said, generally one isn't told much and that is because, up until the last moment, it's never clear what one is capable of. That gets discovered on the way.

So... there is a great deal of disorder coming. Those behind it, rousing the rabble and the opportunists and assorted go-alongs and come-alongs, have been planning this grand misadventure for some time. They are not without the means to accomplish what they are after. They own banks and all kinds of media. They can finance and they can influence and they have been doing so. They sincerely believe that they are in command of the rag tags and well-fixed to convince anyone they encounter.

I've been saying for a while that it would come to the cities first and of them, the cities on the coasts and then all cities but... myself having said that and... a whole passel of other things, does not make me Nostrildamus, or Mother Shipton; certainly not the later. The outfits are all wrong. Any paying attention sort of person- growing rarer by the day, should have seen this coming. The thing is, one often does not see things coming when their attention is on more pedestrian matters, as The Age of Trivia most certainly proves in this particular instance. People are made spiritually and psychically numb in times of material darkness. Stupid is replicating like Mormons being Mormons. One is not being advised here to associate Stupid and Mormon. It wouldn't be true. They found something that worked and prospered as a result. I know that proponents of most religions consider their counterparts in other faiths to be uniformly deluded but most of them are deluded. They might not have set out that way but that is surely where they have wound up.

One might be encouraged to think that all Hell is breaking loose and that the blood-dimmed tide and mere anarchy both are conspiring to soon have their own seasonal holidays. It doesn't work like that. It is certainly going to be like that in certain locations for a bit but you don't have to be there. What is happening is what happens at THE TURNING OF EVERY AGE. Long-standing traditions and infrastructures are breaking down and all that we once thought of as stable and enduring are going to prove to be neither. However... they are merely going to be replaced with new archetypes that will probably be mistaken as new and even improved BUT... they are pretty much going to be what you already had in a new suit of clothes; much as Christianity was grafted over all things pagan. This is not to say, on my part, that it might not prove far better. It usually does when it is fresh and invigorated. It generally takes a few hundred years for it all to become corrupted. That is the way of the world. That is just how it goes.

During the intermission period of transition, conditions can well get hot and heavy and surely will in some locations but it is only a period of transition and that is why the wise and the sensible tend to be out of sight during that interim; headed off into The Himalayas or whatever remote port of call their greater understanding of circumstances directs them to. It is not all that likely that the masses will be listening to voices of reason in these periods and this, the voices of reason well know. There are going to be all kinds of broken eggs prior to the omelet making its appearance.

Despite the agendas of the organized wicked among us and despite the ambitions of every entrepreneurial social reformer, things will go according to The Will of Heaven. Should you have the good sense to associate yourself with The Will of Heaven, you will be minded and assisted in all your efforts to serve The Will of Heaven. Otherwise you will be informed, at some juncture, of the folly of your course. Keep your head down and your heart open.

Still your reactive mind and take hold of some aspect of Universal Brotherhood because that is what is coming. Do as well as you can according to your understanding. At the moment you are here. You might not be here tomorrow and at some point you will be gone and you can count on that. How you spend your time getting to the point of departure has everything to do with where you find yourself afterward and after that too. This is about as clear as I can make it and this feels like a good place to segue into something else. May the blessing of God be upon you and may you have the good sense to side with The Will of Heaven in all things.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If you read between the lines, everything is awesomely wonderful. What never should have existed in the first place, is going away. Too bad that can't happen overnight.

Thomas said...

Good stuff, Visible.

Anonymous said...

Mysterious Mormon ways (lol)

Anonymous said...

Something interesting is happening for me in the midst of all this mass chaos. It’s becoming easier to discern who to follow and listen to. It’s as if you can hear it in the tone of their voices. You can glean it from the articles they write. Their wisdom shines. They must be hearing the Divine voice of reason in their minds and hearts. They sound peaceful and confident in the delivery of their message just like the author of this post. Thank you for being here now, Visible!

RCM said...


Dear Visible
As usual, during so many years a really fantastic stuff!
Please try to look for Antoine Béchamp instead Louis Pasteur.
"Few people are aware of the controversy which surrounded Pasteur in his early days or of the work of a more esteemed contemporary whose works Pasteur plagiarized and distorted.That contemporary was fellow French Academy of Sciences member Antoine Bechamp , one of France’s most prominent and active researchers and biologists whose theories and research results stood in stark opposition to..."
God Bless You

Ray B. said...

Vis, a cautionary column. Thanks!

I would view the global situation as Problem -> Reaction -> Solution at its finest.

The Problem is in the PTB ratcheting-up global tensions. It reminds me a bit of the AI in the Wargames movie, inching-up pressure on one power after another, so that each in responding is brought closer to the edge of *ahem* a first strike. (It also reminds me of the infamous quote, "If my sons did not want war...".)

The Reaction is the public (the sane part) noting that we are moving ever-closer to WWIII and demanding some form of world governance to reduce the chances of a nuclear Armageddon. Throw-in every possible fear/chaos addition (pandemic, social unrest, financial upheaval, etc.), so that the populace is in pure 'reaction' mode.

The PTB will be ready - when the hysteria has reached a fever pitch (and maybe a few nukes have been lobbed) - to provide an instant Solution. Probably one that has been pre-written (like the Patriot Act). It will be slammed-through without much discussion, amidst much hand-waving about good-for-us, safety, a new era, and such. Only later will the 'hooks' be revealed...

I assume that there are (positive) Higher Powers out/in there (based on my experiences), overlooking our collective situation. Without Higher Power 'interventions', the human race is probably screwed. Hmmm. Now that I think of it, that is Problem -> Reaction -> Solution taken to a whole new level...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I was attempting to be tongue in cheek with my Pasteur comment but I guess it went awry. As for scientific, literary and other forms of plagiarism, that is a sticky wicket. At the time the telephone was invented and the car and any number of things, various people were working on it independent of each other at the same time. This is not an attempt by me to exonerate Pasteur, I am simply pointing it out. In this time I have encountered accusations of every kind concerning just about anyone I have ever heard of. To be truthful- and I know how this may sound, I don't care. None of those things interest me. The truth is hard to get at in any time but when it has to do with The Past it just gets muddier and muddier. I ONLY care about one thing; being resonant with the indwelling presence. It occupies as much of my time as I can remember to give it. The buzzing insect chorus of chaos and confusion on all sides grows louder by the day. As well as actual locusts we have locusts now at every level concerning everything. I find no peace in any of it.

The world, at the best of times is a lie. At the worst of times it is a hotbed of mendacity. I can hardly believe what some people permit themselves to say these days. I wish there were somewhere to go but it seems that the whole of the Earth is infested with the vindictive spirit.

Of course, I have no intention of being dismissive of what you said. It may well be true but there is nothing I can do about any of it and all of it is far, far outside of my field of interest.

Visible said...

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"Only the Path of Love can Cut Through the Material Darkness of These Times."



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