Saturday, June 13, 2020

"They Also Hunt who Only Shoot and Miss, while I Lay my Love Like a Rose on the Grave of Your Mind."

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Given this is Petri Dish and given that we skipped Visible Origami this last go round, you'd think Snark might be called for, as one looks down into the smoldering pit of these depraved times. Maybe something a little like the pit next to Butte Montana, where they snatched all that copper free of charge and left the town in a state that makes Flint Michigan look like an attractive move by comparison BUT... given that it is me who is engaged here... there is no telling what might get vivisected today.

I've mostly fallen away from the hammer and tongs perspective. It doesn't help matters and isn't something I like to talk about anyway. The splendor and glory of the eternally luminous, ineffable is mostly all I can contemplate and consider these days, lest I wind up feeling like the produce manager at a food bank.

Yesterday... out of the blue, Robert Phoenix called and asked if I would appear on his Friday FARcast show.

He's using Zoom now, which I happened to have but have never used. As it turned out, we couldn't get any video but I kept tinkering as we talked and finally brought it in after a few minutes, only to find that we might as well have left less than well enough alone (grin). You'll see. He spends the first hour or so with Laird Scranton. I think I come in around 1:17 There was no prep and no format but perhaps you're one of those who wants to watch it anyway. I know there are some of you out there who are like that (grin). I also just recorded another One Take Wonder of a tune called, “They Also Hunt who Only Shoot and Miss.” You'll find that at the end of this posting. Okay then! Have I covered all extraneous matters? I haven't a clue but... let's see what we can come up with today.

Hmm... you know what? Let's talk about God, in a moment... in a moment. You already know about what's going on in this tortured world... at least you know some of it. I'll itemize a few conditions that are fast approaching but which the Main Stream News has mostly ignored. A plague of locusts has descended on the most populous locations in the world. It was going to be bad enough from the first indications but something unknown is fueling it and now it seems that it will be devastating and, quite possibly, hundreds of millions will die. It's being said a swarm of just more than a third of a square mile can eat the same amount of food in one day as 35,000 people. You know what? Let's let one of the few outlets reporting on the matter inform you with what little they know.

As you already know, the Coronavirus is a scam and an outrage. The powers of the darkness have massed at the borders of all that is right and reasonable and they intend to enslave and murder. There is no possibility of some other alternative. Besides their actions, in this regard, they are also attacking our food sources and most importantly, though it may not seem so at first glance, they are attacking our peace of mind and intimidating us at every turn, while financing and orchestrating their black bloc, anarchy junkies, who are reincarnated Jacobins, here for the purpose of chaos and disorder. They are the spoiled offspring of helicopter parents, purposeless and ripe for mentoring by the Crocodile Swine of End Times.

It should appear logical and reasonable to ANYONE who cared to take a moment of reflection that you can't have ONLY BAD GUYS and it should also come as no surprise, should one care to take another moment for reflection, that the arch demons presently at work will soon find their counterparts from The Angelic Realm coming into the playground and at their helm, The Avatar who HAS TOLD US;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

That statement was made BY THE AVATAR at the time of one of his last appearances.

Now... you can follow the manufactured disinformation of the paid whores, who sold their honor and integrity for the privilege of being catamites for The Dark Side, or... you can use the simple logic of inarguable math, which tells you that there is a Lord of Light to counter the forces of darkness and by your Faith he will make his presence known in your life. If your Faith is accorded in another direction then that is what will make its presence known in your life.

It has always been the case that those whose eyes are clouded by dreams of personal gain do not permit themselves to see beyond their own material interests and there is world enough and gold enough to reward them for that and always has been. The fate of their soul appears of no consequence to them and it is a bitter discovery which they make further on concerning it. I do not know what price I must have paid to learn what it is that I know, among the very few things that I do know, but whatever it was it is worth it to me. I do not expect others to share in my belief but it is what I hold to be true and nothing this world has to offer will convince me otherwise.

It is my hope that the heavenly posse will arrive before too much has been lost, both outwardly and also within us, as we find ourselves up against the difficult choices that the times may force upon us. Whether the posse comes in time for all of us, I cannot say but... COME IT WILL. Perhaps it is required of us that we be tested to the limits of our capacity. This I do not know but... for myself, the whole of this life has been more arduous than I could have imagined, before it all came down on my head so many times. I expect, by this time, I can take anything they can throw at me and that is good because there is NO TURNING BACK and I think some amount of you know that the same holds true for you. There is nothing worse than that cold regret in hindsight, as you are haunted by the specter of your own cowardice for the rest of your term here. You know what I am talking about.

All it takes for them is to get the fear of them inside us. That is the only real weapon they have and they have been using it for generations against us. Alternatively they pander to our appetites, or prey upon our weaknesses. They are skilled at this sort of thing. Having sold themselves out long ago, they know about that place in others. What they do not know are the places inside themselves that they have not seen. One day they will find themselves on the road to Damascus but it may be an incredible reach of time into the far, far off. In the end... ALL OF US COME TO EPIPHANY. Is it not better that we come sooner rather than later?

This is the strangest and rarest of times. They come so seldom because of the serendipity which they bring. In the Advent of the Avatar, those who have prepared a place will find that the presence has come upon them and then there are such remarkable opportunities that I will not even attempt to list them. One is in a position to make a quantum leap spiritually, or... failing that, be sent to the wardrobe department on The Moon for the outfits and identities that will be required of them across the stretch of the age and beyond, until such a moment comes again. As has already been said, these times are rare indeed. If relentless theater and inexorable suffering are to your taste, you will be gifted with more than you EVER bargained for. How many battlefields and heartless marketplaces await in the yonder?

The Avatar will come and go and with him will go many another, the heart of the world and those who carry their portion will attend him. What sort of world will remain, once the golden age has come and gone?

I will tell you this one thing. If there be true fortitude within and an unbridled love for the one who placed us here to experience it, then there is NOTHING that can hinder your passage onward and if you have to spend your life on that account because of some debt outstanding, you will count it as the grandest investment you have EVER made. Except for exceedingly singular and uncommon examples such as Elijah and a few others, YOU DO NOT GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE. Does it not make total sense to then spend it on this recherche opportunity, should you be granted such an honor?

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Today's Song (HOT OFF THE PRESS) is;

And then there is Pocketnet and the relentlessly scrolling cut and paste vignettes of Yadda Dadda and Big Whoop de Do. You can locate it, already in progress, here.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Killer post, and killer song. Your voice is sounding better. Has less of a rasp to it. A ten nostril post!

Anonymous said...

New Tunes !?!

Sounds Fabulous Mr Visible

Good on ya

Anonymous said...

Some slight humor for you, I did not write this little bit but I laughed my guts out hope you do too.

when i use ‘ish’ its like saying I'm uncertain about something like “I'll be home around 3ish" 
so, why are they so uncertain about being Jews....?? 

Have a fun time brother. Love your work.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Agin, you gift us all with a creative substrate upon which our beings may rest and wonder why we have forgotten who we are and to recall our purpose: to raise our radiant light and joyful sound up an octave!

It is my hope that the heavenly posse will arrive...but... COME IT WILL. Perhaps it is required of us that we be tested to the limits of our capacity.

The posse is here, waiting only for us to cooperate from an impersonal, empowered, persistent perception. It has always been here and near, only our minds were too divided to tune in.

All it takes for them is to get the fear of them inside us. That is the only real weapon they have and they have been using it for generations against us.

The fear pandemic, nothing new, but currently demonstrated on a worldwide scale, is the inoculant PREVENTING cooperation with the Angelic posse! Standing up for our true Selves, the One in the many, is the key!

Ray B. said...

Vis, an encouraging post. Thanks!

Vis: "All it takes for them is to get the fear of them inside us."

Several decades back, I was climbing alongside a waterfall in the Northwest. I was making a great pace upwards. A companion below shouted up, "Be careful. You might fall..." Somehow, that warning got inside me and shifted my entire state-of-being. Rather than being confident and fluid in my movement, I began to climb 'by head'. This made me awkward, which increased my fear of falling. Finally, I gave up and scooted back down on my rump. I have kept this 'debacle' in mind since then, in not allowing another's mindset and chi-charge to take-up residence in me. A valuable lesson...
Vis: "A plague of locusts has descended on the most populous locations in the world."

If I were an onlooker to this planet at this time, I would note that this seems to be a 'completion time' for those of the Judaic offshoots. Israel seems to be getting what it has worked so hard to manifest. In turn, this seems to be bringing-on the Gog and Magog confrontations. Throw-in riots and plagues. Now locusts. (And dogs and cats living together. *grin*) Once could be forgiven for thinking this is a 'setup for completion' for the Judaic offshoots, as I mentioned in an earlier comment.

Hmmm. If one had used every 'black' method to bring-on their completion-event, what kind of completion-figure would they manifest?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

^^^ "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."


Anonymous said...

The jig is up USA is cooked
Apocalypse or not , there’s no pulling out of this nose dive.
Maybe the Ineffable doesn’t Love America and who could blame
Him /Her /Whoever. Hell has arrived folks. Just when you think
it can’t get any worse.....just wait and see.
Sorrowful in Seattle

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Skinny Dipping in the Pools of Infinity and Sunbathing on the Rocks of Time."



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