Tuesday, January 05, 2021

"We are on the Threshold of Great Change, Externally AND Internally."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every now and then... you are in a position to say to yourself, this is one of those days, one of those weeks, one of those times when you KNEW what the outcome was going to be ahead of time. This is one of those times. Will it be only a few days, with a long reverberating echo, or will it go right off the road and take significantly longer to get back on the road? This is one of those times. It started today, although it could have been yesterday... no matter. It's on now. Yeah... in this case, I don't know the outcome. What I do know is that how I impact on it, is how it impacts on me.

I don't know when it was that I first heard it; “every event in your life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with your soul.” It's come up many times. The reason it kept coming up is because I was supposed to be getting it and I was not getting it, and... until I did get it, it would give me no peace. Then I got it. The whole of EVERY life is an interaction with God from a particular perspective and what I was supposed to do. WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO= was take every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and let it have an absolute effect on me in every situation, knowing it is all being choreographed for my education and my entertainment. As soon as I stop taking myself seriously, Heaven will be inclined to take me more seriously.

This is one of those 'where the rubber meets the road' signal moments in a culture. It is that crisis point that decides how it will go. Will it go up? Will it go down? Will it veer this way or that? Given that existence is an uncertain dance on an unpredictable ocean, wouldn't it be prudent to have all sorts of spiritual safety equipment? Quipmint? This is one of those cosmic kitchen appliance that negotiates the way between the rock and the hard place. Such phenomena, like Scylla and Charybdis are all about under assumed names, in cases of mistaken identity. The AIDS virus was like that. This particular virus is a Mind Virus. It is a virus where you can use the Fear generated by it to pacify a nation. People who employ techniques like that, as means to an end, have no good end in mind.

So... I did a lot of thinking for about a fortnight. I'm not trying to suggest that thinking is the best route. It can surely clutter your life if you let it; Thinking can. Maybe I shouldn't call it thinking because most of the time I wasn't thinking at all, or I was thinking about The One Thing, which is the salvation of those lost in thinking. You see, at some point, it turns into Contemplation and that leads to something else. Anywhere you are trying to go, you act like you are already there. Be inflexible about it AND... you will be there. This is a tried and tested act of practical magic. The onus does reside on the practitioner because they will wind up somewhere else, having mistaken it for something else. Therein is the origin of 'be careful what you wish for.'

As I have been away for a bit, I am going to be the soul of brevity in respect of this posting and end it earlier on; a sort of easing my way back at The Console. You might call it The Command Deck, or The Bridge. It's that place you operate from. How you respond to that which operates you has EVERYTHING to do with the weather you will encounter on your way.

Our nation needs your prayers at this time. This war is a serious war with serious consequences, for some, or for many. I believe the light of the angels is shining on Humanity at this time and there is a great possibility that Great Good may come. We are awaiting the descent of the consciousness that transforms the perspective and ERGO... a brotherhood of humanity. Perhaps it will be like a rising, rushing wind of living song in hearts far and wide. Maybe The Harvest will be great and maybe not. I do know that it matters far less where you are standing than it does what you are standing on. It was the possession of certain principles, certain qualities, archetypes, flowing through them that made it possible for this country to occur. I will not let my mind, nor my heart, entertain doubt or incline toward the negative. This little light of mine? I'm gonna let it shine.

I know I have used the example of two different mentalities on a rollercoaster. Some will be petrified and some will be exhilarated. It's the same rollercoaster. Sometimes Fear is the evidence of the absence of a critical necessity, a flaw in the character, something missing. Once that is recovered, Fear must depart. We make way too much of ourselves and then it becomes near impossible for God to make anything of us. We have to empty ourselves out of everything that is not THE THING ITSELF. That is all that remains, once you have gotten rid of the extraneous. The essential is all that is left.

So... we are in that period now of however many hours, or days or more might be required, BUT... it is going to be epic! So many forces are in the bunker awaiting word from the front. Time will tell and we shall see. I'm going to leave you now, sadly... with but this brief missive (grin). Otherwise though, I'll be back sooner now and thereby become more expansive. Stay strong.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This puppy is exhilarated. This is the time I've been waiting for. The time the wrong side of history is destroyed. NOSTRILS UP!!!!!!!!

Brian Crossland said...

Welcome back.
Happy New Year to all.
Buckle up...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Visible. Could we get a few well-aimed photon torpedoes?

Adam said...

Thank you for this and thank you for your comment reply on the last Smoking Mirrors.

Stay well.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

We appreciate your spirit conductance!

"Anywhere you are trying to go, you act like you are already there. Be inflexible about it AND... you will be there"

Succintly put, characteristic of Visible communication.
Direct experience with sculpture, such as casting with the lost wax method, what impresses is the need for the paster mold to maintain the desired shape long enough for the bronze to cool and take on the finest impressions left upon the wax embedded in the plaster mold.
Analogously, our human imaginariums, on loan as a free gift from the One, must hold fast to the imaged reality for it to show up in our experience. Easily said but we find it difficult having been brain damaged by the confusion of the death cult we were cultured in like ingots!

"How you respond to that which operates you has EVERYTHING to do with the weather you will encounter on your way"

Do we act as loved ones, returning the love, not for any conceivable benefit of the One but strictly for OUR benefit, to polarize our being to give instead of merely consume?

"Can you be loved?" indeed!

Are we resentful emotional Gordian knots, too tightly wound for love to flow through to others in the world? Do we let go of our self-importance hiding behind survival fears? Do we simplify, simplify and simplify until we are as responsive to love as infants but with adult self awareness for critical feedback to stay on point?
How do we handle pain when we KNOW it is all our doing?

"I do know that it matters far less where you are standing than it does what you are standing on"

Lao-Tzu brevity; so useful as well as pleasing!
Are we standing on the quicksand of our emotional response cluster?
Are we standing on the rock of deep knowing from a logic beyond particular facts and events?
Are we standing at all or still cringing in fetal position waiting from the punishment we fear from the One but which is only our own internal adversary trying to bluff us into staying in the cocoon,k refusing to emerge and fly spiritually, as designed?

Some native american chief reminded us that we must stand up from our sick bed for the Great Spirit to fill us with the One power.

Are we there yet?

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Happy New Year, Les!

Lin Wood seems to be a man in possession of torpedoes

Ray B. said...

Welcome back, Vis! I enjoyed your column. Thanks!

In this tumultuous time, I enjoyed a win last night. The experience was pretty far-out for most, but important in portent (hah!)...

Last night, Higher Self went out on a Cleaning-the-disabled 'mission', as it had done over the past few weeks. This time, it turned-out to be exceptional! Questions to HS about the Being: Consciousness level? (33-level, for those interested.) Human? (Yes.) Has a physical body? (Yes.) Male/female? (Male.) And, the sense was Old. So, what HS was working-on was effectively a human Immortal. (33-level is far above Ascension level, so he was/is here because he wants to be.) Very rare. Wow...

When HS had mostly finished Cleaning this human (including pumping-up his energy-level), a 65-level Being (this is Angelic level) took interest. Conversations occurred. A second 65-level Being from another 'area' took over, since the human was feeling very sad - probably because he was 'alone' (in body) at this high level.

Suddenly, the human exclaimed, "Jon Fu Shi!" (phonetically spelled). Apparently, an old friend had suddenly 'appeared'. This friend was human and 32-level, but now had no physical body. They yakked for a long time, and then this friend took both on a long 'trip' through different Higher Kingdoms. Cool.

It was at this point that I began to fear that the in-body human would 'drop' his body - either by dropping-it, dissolving-it, or as a by-product of Ascension. Lots of 'incentives' were revealed by his no-body friend. Personally, I felt it would be a loss to 'remove' the body.

A long 'talk' took place between those two friends and the second Angel. In the end, the in-body human kept his body. I felt relief, so I count this as a win.

(All the above makes you wonder why such a high-level human would choose to keep his physical body. It might be important for our future...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Gosh - it is THAT simple to have an investigation into vast Criminal Election Fraud suppressed on the grounds that investigating Election Fraud is an 'attack on Democracy'.

All you have to do is stage a coup and blame it on 'Trump Supporters'because the crude Actors were dressed as 'Trump Supporters'.

They might as well all have dressed up as Pennywise the Clown to discredit the Circus Entertainer fraternity.

Ok, four people died,but their lives count for nothing in the MSM narrative and as long as the False Flag Aim is achieved.

I am going with the conventional God of The Bible here - the One who moves through the Holy Spirit, as the Hope - the One who Pastor Kent Christmas declares, very convincingly, is allowing things to go down to the stage of seeming completely dark and hopeless because Men are not going to sort this out - only God can and is now directly involved, and this is for the Pupose of Demonstration that the Glory is God's Alone-

Intellectually I KNOW that only that which is of the Holy Spirit is to be trusted - but I don't yet myself have the privilege of its inspiriting myself and thus only know it intellectually,not feeling it at all.

I was commenting on this False Flag on Quora, and have been blocked now on the grounds that I don't have a verifiable name, which is the one I am using here, and is on my passport.(I sent an appeal along with passport photo)

Very frustrating, as the very first reply I could not respond to was this one - 'Everything is a conspiracy with you people, good lord'

Anonymous said...

Buy XRP!!

Visible said...

This is not a commercial zone, nor anything like it. Thoughts and intentions come and go and we are all shaped by them to ends unknown, otherwise, we most certainly never would have gone there, if Hindsight is ever an indicator. If Regret has any weight. So... a simple notification of implied intent from my end.

"We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with sleep."

Anonymous said...

My human mind tells me the US of A is officially dead. It is in God’s Hands now and sometimes I think He has washed those Hands of us. Of course that is my human mind again projecting unto a GOD of whom I really know nothing.
The Good Book says “God helps those who help themselves”. No one can say the heart of this Nation did not rise up in Prayer, no one can say rallies and support for our President were not heartfelt or well attended. No one can say those of us who did what we could in our own small extended groups failed to act.
If I am left with anything that is positive it is that I saw the American people come together in a desperate and courages attempt to save the Nation from the tyranny that is about to overtake it. I am now fully awakened to the corruption at the very soul of our Nation’s leaders. Not all , but those few who have integrity and the love of this Nation in their hearts are too few. They could not stop the steal of our country. Yes, I am fearful for the days ahead. I believe what we are about to witness is going to be horrific. Ironically, maybe thats where it has to go wake the rest of us up. We’re all in this together and we will pay the price for the ignorant and brainwashed.
Take care
Mind how you go
And perhaps pray that God has not turned His back on
the ten good men.

Anonymous said...


All that is really happening is that the darkness purveyors and their assorted lackeys and lapdogs, in their momentary hubris, are exposing themselves and their intentions for what and who they are, for all to see. It's an age old story playing itself out yet again. Fear not.


Leesa said...

Hi Les, syncronicity!!! I was listening to an old audio tape from 1996 yesterday on a loop, coz I love the band 'collective soul', heaven let your love shine down- is one of my favourites... You must have heard it through the ether from Australia...LOL
It really is getting to crunch time.... I'm excited and elated!!!! Funny also that I have had a frozen shoulder for the past 2 years also like you... I can't wait for the ineffable to 'take these broken wings, and learn to fly again, and learn to live so free"... I'm almost on the mend though, all good!! All my love to you... We are nearly there... I can't wait to meet you in person, my soul brother, Vis, Best Wishes, Leesa

Sukh said...

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