Friday, April 23, 2021

"And Yet... The Best Course is to 'STILL THE REACTIVE MIND', and Have a Firm Hand on the Tiller."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”

I left out the beginning lines of the soliloquy. I'm sure there must have been a reason. We've all heard that soliloquy, it's one of The Bard's best and most well-known. Many people have memorized it, including me. How many of us have studied the words and pondered the thoughts contained therein?

The image it paints is high art from the sephiroth of Understanding. Binah, the 3rd sephiroth is in the highest triad. Not many have passed through there. They may have had elements of it precipitate down and into them... but actually getting there? Hmm...

I am hearing about great changes soon to come. I have encountered all manner of theories on the source of The Awakening. Yesterday, or thereabouts, one of our readers left a link in the comments section. I'm none too fond of channelers, so defined by that term. I can tell when they are making it up, or the pawns of mischievous spirits. Don't ask me how this is, it's one of those abilities that got brought up in me following my Kundalini Awakening. It took most of this life to develop it to any level of consistency.

When I lived in NYC, I came across one of those personals newspapers. It was over a hundred (might have been two hundred) pages long and mostly it was sex workers, or random hedonists, looking to provide a service or get serviced. This paper also had quite a number of channelers offering their wares. In THIS ONE EDITION, I came across something like 10 people channeling Abraham and Moses and even more that channeled Jesus Christ. They all had their fees attached to the ad. These were early days, but even then it was a burgeoning enterprise. It sort of put me off the whole idea.

I should point out that WE ALL CHANNEL, some more than others, and for those of us who have reached the promised land, they are almost always channeling. Artists certainly channel, in whatever field they labor in. These days they are mostly channeling from the infernal reaches.

I happened to read the link that was posted and found myself surprised. Even though it was of the usual wide generalities, it dovetailed right in with my own thinking. That certainly surprised me. There wasn't much that she said that I did not recognize as being active in these times. There was one NOTABLE ABSENCE, and when I explain it, I think you will see what I mean. There was no clear idea of where the light, or force was coming from. How is it, in this time of truly intense MATERIALISM that so much spiritual light is active? Why does she say that the evil ones have abandoned their posts? This is not what happened. As the reader knows, we have mentioned many times what happens as the Spirit of the Avatar comes down the planes and into the manifest world.

The Avatar comes from the highest point and at each level, he sweeps out those areas of principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. As these long-entrenched centers of darkness are flooded with the light of The Avatar, the residents flee in the search for a new darkness. Once they have been routed, THOSE WHO SERVE THEM HERE are left rudderless. It's “abandon ship”, here, there, and everywhere.

These things are happening but they have not registered in the common mind yet. It is The Avatar who is the source of all positive change in this regard. The Lord of Light is on his way and everything is evidence of this. Initially, you get the firebrands= the Robespierre's and Danton's of these times. Remember what happened to them! It is all chaos and disorder, as the rampaging deranged, mob-up hither and yon, under the blinded eyes of their feckless, temporal rulers. This is how it nearly always is in the beginning of dramatic change. They are then swept aside by 'seemingly' cooler heads of the larger majority; presently muted and profaned by the media dragons. This will pass.

Most channelers and the usual members of New Age Think are at heart secular humanists. They avoid the term God, except in reference to themselves. It is ALL about replacing the idea of God with the idea of themselves as Gods. Of course, if you are going to be God, you have to act like God and they are hardly capable of that, especially when they see themselves as the new Caesar being rendered unto. It being that financial gain is at the heart of their industries. People can argue about this and tell me that they are well intended and all. I KNOW what I have been seeing for decades, in the gestation and early toilet training years, on to the undisciplined youth and then to the compromised adult of the whole affair. But... that's just me and my perspective. I do not intend to give the idea that I think I am right; only what the evidence tells me. Every lawyer will have a different set of tactics by which to either refute it or weave it into some form nearer to their heart's desire.

You can always tell when people are too much in love with themselves. They are the ones with chapped lips from kissing cold mirrors.

We all want to find answers to the never-ending questions, and yet the best course is to still the Reactive Mind, tossing away both questions and answers; the meaningless scurrying of a monkey about the business of occupying itself with something to do. “Alas, poor Yorick.” That is where you wind up if you chase after the monkey-mind. One day someone is holding your skull and musing that they knew you well. All these roads lead to death! There is a very slender course, a knife's edge, over which one must travel, and OF COURSE, one cannot accomplish that themselves, no matter how often they tell themselves that they are Gods. This is, OF COURSE, true, but... NOT IN THE WAY THEY UNDERSTAND IT.

Materialism feeds the I-ME-MINE dynamic. Ultimately, people go mad because they are not what they tell themselves and that gets made known to them. The saddest note of the affair is that they really are what they are claiming to be, BUT... not in the way they imagine it.

Last night I watched “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.” It is a documentary on The Beegees. Earlier I mentioned that artist's channel. Here is a classic example of Karma and channeling; applies to The Beatles and others as well. I could see The Angel who was expressing through them. As time passed I could see what the fame and fortune had done to them, and The Angel, if still around, had been relegated to the background. They were so handsome and beautiful. They looked like they came from another planet. Certain artists have angels that shadow them and move through them. Sometimes they stay awhile and sometimes they do not stay long. It depends on their host.

We see examples of this Natural Channeling. Increasingly, these days, we see the murk of deception, delusion, and degeneracy being channeled. The natural channelers are not present because they are not permitted a wider reach. Also... some generations just have less. Then there are the 'generations of vipers'. It is starting to look more and more how it was in the times when Noah was building his ark. It is starting to look like Lot in Sodom (sodomy?). Do you remember the angels that showed up? Because of their beauty men desired to sleep with them.

These moments we are in are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than is generally believed. I am talking about the spiritual side of it. This is definitely the time to make hay while the sun shines. This is definitely not the time to store up your treasures, where moths and vermin destroy, and thieves break in and steal. However... the magnetism of the objects of desire is very great. You are swimming against rip-tides and undertows. The World is filled with treacherous currents. The Love of God is greater by far than any Body-World challenges. You really ONLY have to not give up and be persistent in your aspiration and ALL WILL BE WELL; remembering that even though the stream WILL reach the sea, there may still be rapids and submerged dangers. This is why YOU NEED a firm and informed hand on the tiller, with ageless eyes that scan the horizon into eternity.

God is all in all and we are at peace NOWHERE ELSE. There is how things look and how things are. They are NOT THE SAME.

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I suspect I kinda did the same thing again (grin), just not as much.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Between the link and your post I feel hopeful once again . It is difficult to maintain that feeling with all that is happening and seemingly to the benefit of the dark side. I dont know why the channeler left out the Source, the Power that is causing the demons to abandon their post. Personally it did not bother me. I know this is a spiritual battle and I know Who calls the shots and when and where He sends the light workers. I so happy to hear such positive news. Finally, A Light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far along the tunnel we have collectively travelled. The situation is getting exhausting, at least for me it is because (my)our former reality has vanished and evil has finally thrown us into a full blown nightmare whereas before it lurked on the periphery . That you gave the link credence made a huge difference Thanks for both , it made my day.

Visible said...

It is always good to take note of whether it is happening to you. If it is not, that is a whole other matter. Then it is best to keep the essence of the 23rd psalm in mind. It is a real state of awareness greater than the shadow dance appearing to the senses. God IS firmly in control DESPITE appearances. This is a profound truth and ONCE IT DAWNS The Spiritual Sun does not set.

Anonymous said...

Visible, you seem to be stirring a pot lately, as in, creating a vortex of some kind within this ball of confusion For myself, I feel as Noah may have felt when it started to rain. Let's ride out this wave, guys. News Flash - there are beings out there waiting to assist us in whatever fashion they are needed and they are so needed, i.e. Divine Intervention. Call them in! Ask for help! BELIEVE in what you came here for. (And don't be too surprised if you see a ship or two).

Kudos to the comment section these days - I really like hanging out here - the people are so real - rare.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for your elaborations on channeling...

Vis: "Why does she say that the evil ones have abandoned their posts? This is not what happened. As the reader knows, we have mentioned many times what happens as the Spirit of the Avatar comes down the planes and into the manifest world."

I have only read a few of her posts. They always come from a Spiritual side.

From her article: "The dark ones, those who have been holding the controlling elements on your planet, have, for the most part, abandoned their posts. To a very large degree, they have been driven out. In another way their numbers have been reduced to that which are too small to hold any power; also, to those individuals who hold no authority or imagination for power." (my italics)

To me, the above is the core of her post. I take "the dark ones" as the Unseen baddies who have been giving orders to the Seen apparatus. Judging from my travels with Higher Self, there has been a whole 'hierarchy' of Unseen baddies (who are indeed part of all-God) who go all the way up to very high levels. To have any permanent change Down Here, those types have to be neutralized/converted/cleaned. (They are immortal, so to speak, and cannot be killed.)

To me, "abandoned their posts" is exactly what has been happening. A few decades ago, a top-down movement/alliance of many Consciousness Levels (including 'The Avatar', in one interpretation) began Cleaning higher baddies, i.e., removing or forcing-through old trauma/pain that made them what they were. (The old phrase that behind/within every demon is an angel.) Once a baddie was Cleaned, he/she/it "abandoned their post." They stepped-back from their 'orders' originating-from further-up the baddie chain-of-command. Even better, most started cleaning-up the mess that they had created, Down Here.

Do the above enough times, and "their numbers have been reduced to that which are too small to hold any power." Again, I take that as referring to the Unseen baddies. Their whole 'apparatus' is imploding. This is what I have felt in the last week or so, via Higher Self. Something Big has shifted - like a general withdrawal, or at least a grudging retreat. Cool.

(To us Down Here, it actually means increased vigilance is needed for a time. The abandoned earth-plane controllers are now on their own. And, they know why they are on their own. For a while: Interesting Times...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Lots of posts like that on Rumourmill News. In fact, it may even be there; not that I'm gonna look for it. Another beautiful post. I suppose now is the time of slum clearance, and then comes the time of healing.

Thomas said...

Good! Good! Very Good!

Thank you, Visible!

p.s. A small writing critique: some sentences could have been fleshed out somewhat for newcomers (some even turned into entire paragraphs), but were clearly understandable to those who have followed your work.

robert said...

Visible One,

You speak from calm no matter the topic you are inspired to address and that is the message of the medium: hold to the inner knowing, laugh off the blind man's bluff of the subjective adversary obscuring reality.

One of the confusion games is a simple divide of mind from feeling, favoring the dominance of one over the other. The mind is given its bone that only it is hugging the real objective world and feelings are just a gangster's moll, clinging to a subjective sovereign.

Yet another impure inversion passing out like a drunken demon!

The mind not engaged to the balancing being is more likely to be deluded by the grandeur of a mind game, living completely within a subjective scenario, like the media Matrix overlaid upon the world.

But feelings, as distinct from emotional reactions triggered by routine mental errors, may report on the state of being when contemplated calmly:
The body's physiological response to the imaginary out picturing with warped intentions, the moving state of other beings and the timeless state of Being responding to our intentions.

With everything upside down, we try to jump away from Earth instead of embracing her, falling down instead of rising up to meet the dawn.

Materialism feeds the I-ME-MINE dynamic. Ultimately, people go mad because they are not what they tell themselves and that gets made known to them. The saddest note of the affair is that they really are what they are claiming to be, BUT... not in the way they imagine it

The lowly have seen their true state of being enough to know the futility of human aspirations. How wasteful action is without cognizance of the Design, how heartbreaking it becomes to dream the dreams of the dead.

Then we breathe another breath among the living and find gratitude just to be still in the possible, in the heart of the One, in the play beyond comprehension.

Waking up IS hard to do! Especially as we have been trained to fall asleep all of our lives. Compassion is more than sentimental vaporing, it is the power to see through the separation and feel the truth embodied all around us in our fellow beings, going through the transformation together, all here with us along this unwinding way.

Is it not beautiful when we leave our identification with being less than One behind?
When we see that we hold our personal limits close to hide the One from ourselves, as if we are not worthy to live unless other people tell us we are?
When we insist on social validation which has always been a phantom gallery, shouting over the still voice from center point to the point of despair?

We wake when we see every limitation as the deceptive usurper of life unlimited.

Now is the timeless place to be
Here is the endless place to see.

We love because there is no other way to be alive, not for illusory rewards.
We find our way to shine since there is no lasting joy in eating others' radiance
We live because the will within us has always been there waiting to live more than ever...

Anonymous said...

I feel ya on the new age thing. That book The Secret is so cringy and self righteous. The new age people almost never mention karma, God, or reincarnation. They basically are arrogant demons who believe themselves to be gods. I used to be friends with an indian woman who was obsessed with the "law of attraction", which is very popular among MLM cults. Here's an idea: instead of focusing on wealth and cars and big houses, why not focus on God? Why not attract God? Materialistic people are foolish, they are chasing after literal fecal matter instead of the most invaluable diamond.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Cause of your Misfortune Comes From Ignoring or Rejecting The Skeleton Key of Life= Love."



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