Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Once You Place Yourselves in the Hands of the Almighty it is God's Responsibility to Take You Home."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes... not often (grin) information comes to me and it preempts whatever it was I didn't have planned out in the first place already for a posting. I hope that tortured statement still manages to communicate what I am trying to say and will be unable to say.

They won't let me post that first link so I will try to put in the image.

Pfizer warning

First... the photo above was sent to me. Then... in a related communique, I received this one some hours later from the same source, a medical professional in NV. I do not doubt the general implications of either missive. I am a bit reserved when it comes to the second link because of the Sensationalist tendencies of the author. Just like Mike Adams, Jim Stone has a tendency to bring in the entire horn section when he makes his points. I AM NOT saying he isn't spot on and what he says (in this case) agrees with what I see <and intuit on my own. It is only because of what I have encountered in the past from this port of call.

Neither of these writers nor SEVERAL others who labor in these fields of industry has ever said much that has proven to be true later on. That DOES NOT MEAN it is not true THIS TIME. Perhaps it is a matter of acorns and blind pigs, or broken clocks. It sounds real enough for me to pass on. I will add here that there is MUCH that I do not pass on; the lion's share actually.

I TRY not to criticize these days when I can avoid it. I was not always as restrained in the past. BUT... for the purpose of greater explication, sometimes names are mentioned. I do not want the reader to presume that I hold these people in contempt. It is a simple matter of what does and does not prove to be so, after a REASONABLE period of time. My apologies if I have offended anyone. I call 'em as I see them. I've no choice in the matter. I am OBLIGED to share what comes to me RELATIVELY unfiltered, or as straight as I can make it in a curved universe.

I KNOW that they are poisoning people. I KNOW that whatever war is taking place, every skirmish and battle, has a spiritual origin; be it actual, cultural, or mental. By this I also mean, it all has a Supernal or Infernal origin that PRECEDES the material appearance of the conflicts. Therefore, knowing what I know about the intentions of those whose stock in trade is DECEPTION, it stands the test of Reason for my purposes. Sure... they intend to wipe out a goodly percentage of the human race, who are already doing a bang-up job of that on their own. They do the same with World Wars, hot-spot engagements, and the like. They do it with famines, like The Potato Famine. They do it with plagues. They do it however they find the means by which to do it.

You can say they are misled; yes, they are. You can say they are deluded; badly drawn, possessed, and driven. That DOES NOT CHANGE the results. It's said that 'ignorance is no excuse of the law'. That applies above as it does below. Yes... you can make that excuse, BUT... to what end?

There is a small contingent of disgruntled readers. They don't announce themselves usually and they almost never reveal their identities, being creatures of the underbrush. Being a chipmunk, or a fox, or a weasel or any other small scurrying fauna IS NOT WRONG, BUT... there is a destiny, both potential and real, that attends their existence and they have to keep their wits about them to survive. What I am saying is that it is not a matter of GOOD or BAD. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

What I mean is that I understand what makes people as they are, on whatever stage or step of the spiral staircase they stand. Life is like an elevator and each floor opens upon an entire world of forms and sensations. After a certain point of travel on this staircase, other senses open and are used by the travelers for perception and perspective. One cannot adequately communicate with others about things they have no knowledge of. It is like trying to explain the lawnmower to a Brazilian headhunter. One is better advised to keep their peace in most cases. You only make people angry when you talk to them about things they don't understand, and ESPECIALLY when they don't approve of whatever position you may have taken on the matter AND... which they do not understand.

The idea of KARMA incenses certain people. They DON'T want to hear about it. Mostly... this is because they want people to pay for what they did or are doing. Vengeance and retribution are much on their minds. It DRIVES them. The irony is that KARMA effectively handles all of this but THEY CAN'T SEE IT. They ONLY know about the life they are in and what titillates and offends them. It is of no matter to me whether they agree with me or not. KARMA is a FACT and nothing they have to say on the matter affects KARMA generally, though it might affect their own.

These cabals of doomed fools are stirring up a hornet's nest of KARMA for themselves. They COULD SAY that these people are useless eaters who are killing themselves already. This DOES NOT make it okay for them to expedite their departure, not to mention torturing them en route. These poor fools think that they are invulnerable and possessed of all sorts of Droit de Seigneur and feudal surfing over the bodies at their pleasure.

Those railing for an account of the long past, and who scream out for the rights of others, were OFTEN the very offenders of those rights previously. KARMA works like that. People are DRIVEN to repair what they had earlier destroyed and they often do it with a fanatic eye. People living in the streets were often people who ran the streets before. The people born into your blood family are OFTEN those you had problems with in the past and it accounts for the horrific encounters that hit the news on a regular basis. You get NOWHERE until you understand that the whole world is your family, or has been, or will be, like it or not.

You can rage against whatever. You can scream and stomp your feet. You can make all kinds of noise but IT DOES NOT AFFECT HOW THINGS ARE, except to make them worse. There is no accounting for taste, nor the heart wanting what the heart wants. Wanting is the problem. Soon after you reach a point of not wanting anything anymore, all sorts of wonderful internal AND EXTERNAL changes will take place.

People OFTEN become that which they opposed in the life past. Firebrands howling about rights, creeds, and colors were often themselves the oppressors in a former life. They are fighting to right the presumed injustice to which they were a party before. All races have been enslaved and like it or not they played a direct part in it coming about. When you say things like this it outrages people. This is most certainly true in these times when victimhood is next to sainthood.

We have ridden on rails into the times we inhabit. We built those rails ourselves. HOWEVER... you can always go to the author of all things and make amends and acquire a contrite heart. Once you place yourselves in the Hands of the Almighty it is God's responsibility to take you home. Failing that, or... otherwise, you are left to your own resorts and we'll see how that works out for you. I KNOW BETTER. I know better than to walk through this world all alone or in league with rogues and reprobates. I can't do it on my own. I KNOW this. Everyone else is free to do as they please and enjoy the consequences of it, AS THEY SURELY WILL, for good or ill.

I do not need to be convinced of the crimes of those seeking to twist the world to their own purposes. I don't doubt it at all, BUT I am neither judge nor executioner. I am smaller than an ant-man, given how reduced by comparison I am with the last person I heard name himself that way, Guru Bawa. It took me longer than it should have to get with the program. As a reformed whore I seek to keep the self-righteousness at a minimum.

So... I don't know how much of all this is true. I know enough of it is true. I am not empowered to change or right the world. I am ONLY empowered to change myself and even that requires constant oversight. I do not get angry about what I see and hear about. In most cases, I am not invited to the party because ♫ it's not my party ♫ I am fortunate to be permitted to be a recluse and to have a guidance system. THAT and the Love of God will take me, or anyone, anywhere the imagination can envision AND BEYOND.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post really speaks to me. Excellent analogy with the elevator.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, yeah. Pocketnet just got revamped in a rather annoying way. Wanna try again? DrB is posting you too, from Truth Seeker, and who knows if there's anyone else. I can't read everything on PN.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

woof woof woof..... Dog Poet is hitting the walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth inning two out kind of poetry within prose once again.....

Whether the article or the people you mention at the start of the poem, are or are not, completely correct, it is an example of Mr A. and his walking stick... it is part of the war..... something hidden is becoming accessible.....
yea, those in denial of Karma, are at the level of incomprehension of Dharma, let alone Right Living.... Dharma, the corrective step to an error, (Karma, the broken non functional clock is right two times in 24 hours,) requieres humility , an attitude , a virtue, that requires receptivity, a feminine quality, and the feminine they would rather destroy...... an AI kind of concept to existence, order to understand confusion .... stuck to the level of Karma without capacity of concept of Dharma..... Is it an otological state, or only a step ?? a sort of time-loop ??? ... what is the Way to the Organic time-line ??

Thank you....

Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Anonymous said...

Belief in Karma implies you believe in Reincarnation?

If so, then why aren't people and organisms reincarnated as alien life on other planets? There is likely more life across the universe than is represented here on Earth.

So why aren't any of these people claiming to have "memories of their previous lives" as the reincarnation of Jane Doe from the next village over NOT also reporting past life as an advanced alien species with constructed examples of remembered-superior-alien-technology and also providing a useful demonstration of such technology?

Also karma implies that a reincarnated entity only has a singular string or lineage of past lives, this denies what evolutionary genetics are telling scientists as the strong likelihood of all life on earth sharing a common ancestor or LUCA.

If both theories of evolution and reincarnation are correct that would imply that whatever is being reincarnated is a single entity that gets reincarnated and lives endlessly as every sentient organism and roach ever in existence, thereby negating the punitive relevance of Karma. As how can one single being insult Karma if that being is just itself living out endless lives side by side and harming itself.

Not to mention some organisms are natural carnivores and by instinct not moral inclination torture their prey for fun, an easy example being the common domesticated house cat. Karma seems wholly anthropomorphic, another constructed concept to explain away things so that we can feel better about our situations.

Steve said...

'Explain a lawnmower to a Brazillian headhunter' LOL good one, nice to have a laugh.

Visible said...

Anonymous, your reasoning is so faulty I don't know where to start. Do you not think there are people with minds here? Your argument exposes a profound lack of even basic research and then makes presumptions based on ZERO awareness of the subject matter. How people like you are not routinely embarrassed by such behavior I don't know. It is the essence of cluelessness. The work involved in explaining any of this to you is beyond both my patience and my power. God help you.

Anonymous said...

Anon, the Gita says that you continue with your level of consciousness in the next life, it's not lost. Let's say in one lifetime you developed a pious feeling of devotion to God, then the next lifetime you became more serious and developed a stronger or deeper sense of devotion and dedicated yourself to it full time. Then let's say in the next life after that, you were born in a place where a very deep feeling of love towards God was developed from your childhood and your spent that entire life being deep in love. You are then already with God and birth or death doesn't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you for posting the comment and your response to Anonymous above.
Indeed the theme weighs-in on ontological incapacity..... and incapacity fused with ambition, without any sparks of aspiration....
as the saying goes, the nature of duality in this construct is that : ' Cat Heaven is a mice Hell, and Mice Heaven is a Cat Hell'... Furthermore introduce two cats in a Cat Heaven, and it stops being Heaven even for the Cats, due to their ambitions and competition with one another, still is mice Hell.....
Souls by their ontological experience exist in time/space, the soul-less or one's without connection in their normal awareness to the Soul, exists in space/time, experiences knowing, the other is limited to belief only and calls it knowing... sort of like pelicans and dolphins relate in about 20 feet of mutual experience, about 15 of air above the surface of the ocean and 5 feet of water below the surface of the ocean, yet both eat the SAME fish.... it is the fish that is really common to the two species in their relating..... and their vitality arising from the same third species being consumed...... so, if the fish had a choice , which 'kingdom' would it choose to be eaten by, the mammal of the sea or the aviary of the air ???? or another fish ???? Yet the pelicans know flying, and the dolphins know swimming... both know the fish as path to their vitality....

Indeed it would require a Boddhisatva type vow and its expression of patience, persistence in a Loving field to open the door to whoever is 'anonymous ' to the experience..... it may be time to cancel the Boddhisatva vow....... lacking the patience.... ontological limit of experience of Self...

Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Anonymous said...

KARMA; a refresher..

Visible said...

It is almost precisely what I anticipated when I answered the comment. Looking always for motive, I did not miss the sneering highhanded posture; like a man sitting on a rock where selfishness put him and then remaining on the rock due to imperious selfishness. I must admit I am STILL not fully restrained when I encounter pomposity melded with an utter lack of understanding and relevance. It was like seeing a kid with a toy rocket built by someone else and then given him as a gift who then goes on to fill you in on the construction of the rocket which turns out not to be a rocket in the first place but a minimalist effort to simulate a rocket.

In earlier times I let fly without regard for the person's level of insight. This made me not much of an improvement. Then I went on to not seeing it one way or the other. Now I am in that place where I seek to be inspired by the higher self of the person having such a hard struggle with his own temporary identity. Now I respond as if I were looking in the mirror. In other words, 'cut the crap, I've got more important things to do.

The likelihood that this was a trolling effort should not be discounted either but I am not interested enough, in this specific case, to inquire into myself and find whatever the trouble is there. Everything I miss, God gets, including all the ones I didn't get or thought I got in the first place.

I didn't miss the Boddhisattva dichotomy either. Sometimes it is not the vow but the fulfillment of the anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere down the line in each of our series reincarnations we shared the same common biological ancestor. So does this mean more than one soul inhabits such shared common biological ancestor? One of our closest microbial relatives are the choanoflagellates who eat members of the bacterial domain.

Visible, I did not deny that there are people who claim remembering their past lives. However, I cannot experience first hand what they can, therefore I can only listen and learn from such people. It is not taboo or disrespectful to say that people-remembering-past-lives do in fact exist. The question I have is why aren't any aliens from other galaxies being reincarnated back to Earth to tell us how their former alien habitat compares with ours, etc?

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible, thank you once again for providing us with the oxygen of source through your marvelous wordsmithing! I would not comment but for the anomalous anonymous commenter 4 who is obviously beyond any possibility of redemtion, as his comments are not only NOT seemingly innocent and logical, but really sly and ilogical, meant to deceive. We see you mr troll who thinks he is smart, because as was stated above there are people here with brains, you are looking for the ones that dont have any, do us all a favor and take a hike.
But thank you also Mr Visible for including this comment, as it exemplifies the use of utter cluelessness to lure the stupid into accepting all the anomalous behaviour seen around us these days. Every day closer to god here on this earth with the help of mr apocalypse! Hooray!!!!!!
A friend from Greece.

Visible said...

Nice segue but it doesn't wash. Please explore the arguments you make, devoid of logic, devoid of actual information, and delivered in a fashion and style CALCULATED to bring about the very result here that you were after. Really CALCULATING souls KNOW that engaging in these tactics implies and identifies them as really CALCULATING souls.

"Come, come, we are all reasonable people here." Is that the picture? We are not all reasonable people when the conditions are unreasonable, BUT... we ARE all rational (mostly) I believe the person from Greece fairly nailed it. The problem with this sort of thing HERE is that we have one of the most informed and intelligent groups of readers here as can be found ANYWHERE.

I will take the trouble to clarify one item; " why aren't any aliens from other galaxies being reincarnated back to Earth to tell us how their former alien habitat compares with ours, etc?"

What evidence do you have that this is not so? None. So why are you making the case that they aren't? This is known as being disingenuous. I happen to know that entities from all manner of locations; Heaven, Hell, other systems come and go here. I happen to be one of these, a previous Native of Arcturus. Proof? I am certain myself. That is ALL that matters. You can't prove anything to people who are already convinced about what they have deceived themselves concerning...

It so happens that there are fellowships and mountain caves, upper astral locations, and many an elsewhere where proof of these things is given and shared ROUTINELY. One must first impress the other residents and then entrance is permitted. I have seen, first hand, far more than I speak about. There are reasons people do not talk about these things. Your comment is one of them. There is a LARGE body of humanity at a particular level of spiritual evolution who would mob up and tear certain 'others' limb from limb were they to ENCOUNTER WHAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. T'was EVER thus.

As The Bard once stated through one of his characters, "there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than were ever dreamt of in your philosophy."

You go looking and YOU WILL find it, if you happen to be looking in the right direction. Before that, arguing about anything is a waste of time and pretending to know, or not know, what you do or do not know is sophistry.

I 'think' I know what is going on here, though Heaven throws me occasional ringers and otherwise now and again. On the very off chance that it is a form of this, I have taken the trouble to write this.

In conclusion, this is the end of the conversation for me because I have no time for all-night dorm-chats or endless exchanges of conversation akin to two gay guys talking about the niceties of style and nuance in Proust; before they get on to their real business of narcissistic frottage.

Anonymous said...

Deja vu, all over again and again..

Anonymous said...

"[KARMA...] They DON'T want to hear about it." Obviously this is not the case, as I myself don't yet believe in the theory of Reincarnation but still am very curious and willing to listen to those that do... Nor am I incensed about your beliefs or personal experiences. So I am clearly willing to hear. I have never been to Arcturus before, so I wonder what an alien planet is like from someone who has actually been there.

Is it the same Arcturus from the Bootes Constellation that is in this Universe, or is it another Arcturus from another Universe altogether? Is Arcturus a non-place-"place", sort of like many people having near-death-experiences or is it a place with bio-organic scenery, maybe even some animal-like creatures such as alien-birds?

You mentioned mountains. Is it mountainous there? Is there more than one Sun or no Sun to orbit? If you choose, you can share more to document your past life experience on Arcturus. What color atmosphere Arcturus has would be fascinating. There's no need to get defensive about something that cannot even be begin to be disproved by a "CALCULATING soul" (which I think you might have meant as a direct insult). I am not name-calling or claiming to have the answers here. Clearly you are the right person to ask such questions.

Thomas said...

It's a good post, Visible, but Jim Stone is wrong about this one.

The idea that the vaccines are a killing tool is pure black-magic bogus, pulled straight from Satans sour asshole, and spread from the depths of the psyops department of the deep intelligence central.

You can be certain that the deluded "elites" are playing both sides of this, by trying to ramp up on the one hand a greatly exaggerated fear of the vaccines, and on the other hand a greatly exaggerated fear of the Corona-virus (they always like fear, the more the better they reckon). Certainly, the vaccines are better avoided, as they contain mercury and aluminum, and some people (a few) get serious side-effects, probably from the mRNA molecules. Besides, the Corona is a fart in the wind for the vast majority so the vaccines are not even necessary. But they are not that dangerous. Neither is the Corona. In the big picture, both are pisses in the wind as far as danger goes, and yet people scream about them as if the sky was rumbling, showing cracks, and about ready to fall down and crush them.

The idea of spreading this blatant lie is to get unwary christians into thinking that the vaccinated has lost their souls (can you imagine how ridiculous that is?!! GOD IS EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES!!! That will NEVER NEVER NEVER change, and people worry about a few pitiful stray mRNA molecules! WHERE IS THEIR FAITH??!).

If the deluded christians think that the vaccinated have lost their souls, then they can be sent into an existential war against "the forces of the Anti-christ", who they will be told by corrupted "priests" (satanic minions in sheeps clothes) is everyone vaccinated.


Albert Pike explains the basic idea in his "3 world wars" letter. That is one of the plans they are working after - it is an exceedingly important document, and should be read by everyone who is serious about fighting the evil cabal:
(the letter is what is important. It is in the beginning.)

The elites are using The Revelation of St. Paul as a template on which to construct the narrative, to fool christians who take Revelation literally - in order to accomplish this plan.



Sorry for the caps - but this plan is so deeply malevolent and dumb, I think it justifies it. It is not going to work unless enough people take the bait, and I am certainly not going to stop mentioning it as long as it has not been thwarted.

With love and friendship! Thomas

Visible said...

No. That is exactly what I meant when I said the conversation is at an end. the mocking tenor of your words, and the snatch and grab commentary on Arcturus; is it 'this' Arcturus or 'that' Arcturus. I am not in the slightest deceived by any of this and each new addition further proves out my suspicions by giving me textbook examples of this methodology. We're done. You're welcome to comment here so long as politesse is engaged. It's like the judge said, "I can't tell you what pornography is but I know it when I see it."

Alright then; good fortune to you.

Visible said...

Thomas; I can't shake the feeling that Stone is at best misinformed and at worst, Cointelpro. I remember his 'theories' on what caused the Japan tsunami and a number of others that were ALWAYS over the top a la Willian Randolph Heart. I do not doubt that they are doing bad things with the virus but I spend less time worrying about what I don't know temporally than I do about pleasing Heaven; not that I worry much.

Thomas said...

I've got the same feeling about Stone. I don't have evidence to suggest that he is a professional psy-op-agent, but if he is not, he is certainly very gullible and quite irresponsible.

Many people get the clue that there is evil afoot, and fall for all kinds of trickery, and become tools for the decievers, through the goodness of their hearts, by passing on lies. We should be wary of this.

Which is one of the reasons that "I don't know" is so important. Intellectual humility, there is no true science without it. At least until we have sufficient evidence to say that we know, and even then, it is good to be honest: we all have a unique, subjective perspective, and we may sometimes miss something. Otherwise, as long as we mention the reverse (like you did in this post with "it may not be true"), then let people make up their own minds. Training of the reasoning faculty is a good thing.

@Anonymous - settle down. Things take time, especially profound things. You've come to the right place for the answers you seek (or ways to find them). Just wait, read, and be polite if you comment - is my advice.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Thank you once again, Les.

Anonymous said...

Please describe the Arcturus home world!

Anonymous said...

The elite are trying to shut down spiritual things, like the famous Kumbha Mela event happening right now at the Ganga river. The urban journalists and liberal politicians are calling it a "super spreader" event. They know damn well tho that they can't shut it down, like 1 million people a day come to take bath of the Holy Ganges.

The demon elites are insane. So many stories in all religions about saints being persecuted and God destroying their tormentors, and yet the demons continue to do the same mistakes.

In truth the demons are only torturing themselves. The pictures of the people taking bath in the Ganges shows people who are happy and without fear because they trust in God

Anonymous said...

Thomas ..Whether the vaccine is safe or not..No one knows. It is a trial experiment. Period.. No one can refute that fact. There is no informed constant because no one knows the side effects if any. While sensational type folks are talking about losing one’s soul if injectied seems rather far fetched. Conversely, for you to say the vaccine is not harmful is equally as far fetched BECAUSE no one knows.
Bottom line, the vax should be a personal choice. However the powers that be have weaponized the vaccine to formulate a 2 tier society, The vaxed and unvaxed. AND that my friend is very dangerous. Unless you are a doctor or scientist or virologist with knowledge of vaccines and mRNA experiments, then I suggest an opinion is like an arsehole. Everybody has one
As for Karma. Vis says we have an opportunity NOW to be forgiven and get off the karmic wheel. . Why argue about past lives when we have the chance to get it right this time and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

If you've had covid then you have been naturally vaccinated. I had some sort of horrible flu for about five weeks during January and February of last year. Looking back, it manifested every major symptom of covid in turn. Especially weird was the loss of taste and smell for several days. Just passed it off as a bad flu. A few weeks later the covid hysteria kicked into overdrive.

I'm not getting jabbed.


Anonymous said... Lost memories and recovered love Terrance

Anonymous said...

"The elite are trying to shut down spiritual things, like the famous Kumbha Mela event happening right now at the Ganga river."

That is bad news and short-sighted thinking on part of any elite. Hindus deserve to have their own spiritual freedom even if I don't believe the same things they do, so long as they don't force their belief on me. I'm still happy to listen, learn about and respect their beliefs. I don't want them to lose their unique identity and traditions as a people as has been done to so many other peoples. India should adopt an isolationist and protectionist National policy before it is too late and they get assimilated into the Borg.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jim Stone did a fantastic job with ‘Wag the Moon Doggie’... just sayin


Ray B. said...

Speaking from my aerospace engineer side, I consider Jim Stone as doing a great job with his Fukushima exposé:

The initial MSM earthquake 'estimate' was way-too-high. A magnitude 9.0 earthquake would have left tens-of-thousands dead, and most buildings flattened. The 1995 magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Kobe, Japan, killed more than 6,000 and 240,000 damaged homes. A 9.0 quake releases about 800 times the energy of a 7.3 quake. Yet few were killed by the "9.0" quake, and only afterwards by the tsunami...

The MSM conflated the near-nonexistent earthquake damage with the tsunami damage. JS published many photos showing shore-side buildings standing quite-nicely after the quake but before the tsunami rolled-in. Why the conflation?

JS documented the sheer number of safeguards built into each reactor. Very impressive, from an engineering standpoint. The final safeguards, if all else failed, were electricity-independent. They would open exit-paths for the hydrogen-gas build-up (which destroyed two reactor buildings) even with no electricity. They were fail-safe in design. Only an active 'computer command' would keep them shut, once main-electricity shut down. (Control-computers have UPS or 'uninterruptible power supplies' which use batteries to prevent any interruption of power to them. These can last for days.) There was even a last-ditch generator which was untouched by the tsunami but mysteriously was kept off-line. JS noted that a malicious computer virus similar to Stuxnet could have accomplished all the above...

JS noted that the "World Trade Center Building 9" of Fukushima was Reactor 4. That reactor had been shut-down for scheduled major maintenance/renovation. It had the reactor pressure-vessel lid removed and the fissile fuel removed from the reactor. It still blew to hell and gone, even though it literally could not. (Not suspicious at all, right?) JS noted that the explosion strongly resembled that of a tactical nuke positioned below the pressure-vessel, and presented his 'take' on who the perps were. (Reactor 3 also blew to hell and gone. It's fissile fuel was completely dustified and spread over the countryside. A simple hydrogen-gas explosion - like on the other two reactors - would never have been able to do this. JS suspects Reactor 3 was also nuked, from below the pressure-vessel.)

If you actually read JS' analysis, he has done a damn-fine job on the Fukushima Op. Outside of how the original tsunami was triggered (which he could only speculate-on), he nailed it. Speaking as an engineer, this was an excellent analysis...

If the above intrigues you:

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

That doesn't PROVE anything at all. That is just OTHER PEOPLE saying things and then being held up as real. That does not make them real. We now operate according to an opinion Twitter machine that polls from the rank and file and then promotes opinion as being real. It's not.

Visible said...

This is the problem with OPINIONS running the show. This indicates what MANY people feel who have studied the matter and also run wild with speculation=

Of course, I could post links like this as well= and many more. Those of us who have been intimate with SO-CALLED big players on the internet have heard many things over the years. There is a LARGE body of us who don't buy into his playing fast and loose with the truth. I could inundate with links here but I will not.

This is what I said= "I am a bit reserved when it comes to the second link because of the Sensationalist tendencies of the author. Just like Mike Adams, Jim Stone has a tendency to bring in the entire horn section when he makes his points. I AM NOT saying he isn't spot on and what he says (in this case) agrees with what I see and intuit on my own. It is only because of what I have encountered in the past from this port of call."

So... it doesn't matter how careful I am in what I say. I am not interested in opinions, including my own. I was around during all of the kefluffle about Rense, Rixon, Jim Stone, Harry Makow and others. I spoke DIRECTLY to all of them (except Stone) about what was going on. Henry wound up banned from Rense out of it and ONCE AGAIN, I don't care for opinion, including my own. I flat out don't like unfounded insinuations or YELLOW JOURNALISM. I actually take the trouble to see what others think on the matter, even though I don't care for opinion, BUT... I see the trends with certain minds; who buys in who does not buy in and then I watch myself and I wait a good long while before I take a stance on someone.

Yeah... ANYONE can find one acorn or go by a busted clock and be right at some point. It DOESN'T alter the other things that got said. They are what they are. I'm not going to go into it any further, give examples or direct quotes from others about Mr. Stone because it isn't interesting to me. I was right there in the Ken O'Keefe matter and Zen Gardener affair. I saw what got said. I communicated with some of the players and I got a draft outline that... as ever, leads more one way than the other, or leads nowhere at all.

People WANT TO BELIEVE what they want to believe and NOTHING ELSE matters and they will use every resource in the book to back their OPINION. The deeper I go into this rat's nest the more entangling and confining it will be. I've taken more than a decade to form my OPINION and that's where the matter stands. People like Stone, Mike Adams, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and some nmumber of others have proven- beyond all doubt in my mind- that we don't have any business together. It's the same with Alex Jones, people will say, "Yeah... but he said this and he revealed that." Un huh... that's how it works. They insert a certain amount of the truth into a salad bed of lies and there you are (not).

There is NOTHING PROVEN in that Fukishima article. It is supposition and OPINION. People who WANT to believe these things do, just like the Annunaki- reptile people- cloning of powerful people and ON AND ON. I'm not saying these things are not true. I am saying nothing is proven and believing what you don't know to be true has its own consequences.

So... a person gives their position on something, like you do and like I do but it's only meaningful to those who want to believe it and IT MAKES PEOPLE ANGRY because they think you are talking about them, even when you are not. The ego gets all agitated and shit storms bloom out of nothing at all. Something's off about Stone for me and that's how it stands. I have the same effect on people but we work in entirely different fields. This probably won't go well but... what are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

I suppose I come by sometimes at the right moment. If I remember correctly I am the one who got the ball rolling about JS to begin with in your case when all that trouble started at the Truthseeker/Rense range war. If I remember correctly I warned you about your tendency to get buddy buddy with people you didn't know very well and that I said would cost you later and which did (GRIN). It was I who shared certain details with you for that purpose. You know that you can't win with people whose minds are fixed and as I also warned you, lie in wait for a chance to peck you to death in the chicken yard.

There's no better time to bring it up again than now. I've told you repeatedly that not everyone who comes here is your friend, and there are some that would like nothing better than to have you drawn and quartered virtual fashion. It's probably better to have a light touch and avoid peoples and personalities and their issues because there is no accounting for taste.

I'm not lecturing you and if I were I could get away with it anyway (double grin). I sense you should watch out because shit comes out of nowhere now and then and if you're not centered it will spin you off the table. Think of me as your early warning system. Don't explain to people. They don't fucking care and see it as a sign of weakness. You know the world I worked in all my life. I've got the background here. Like you say, don't argue and merely state what you have to say and ignore the rest. I don't know why I am saying this. I seldom have much to say here and when I do it is often not nice. Hah! Hah?

The Rumor Mills article is very informative. It paints the picture of a form of megalomania that is everywhere these days. He makes curious points at the end and I am not going to debate them. Possibly he is only somewhat fucked up and not totally fucked. I don't like him for all kinds of reasons but no one cares about that either.


Visible said...

Oh great. Thanks... really (grin). That should really calm the waters. Did you ever work at the UN? I think you'd be a world-beater there. Moving right along... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible,
Thomas, Linda et al
After patrick's comment and Visible's response this link may well be superfluous, from RMN... but it may have some useful information as does the video...
Individually, if indeed we find our selves in the condition of indivisible duality, as the word individual implies, especially starting with the capital letter, family, community or species wide, this condition of the CCP (and their minions, supervisors and collaborators) plandemic, does make an invitation to be informed to whatever level of fidedicious data, use intuition and make one's self responsible for the choice made, knowing that choosing not to choose is a choice.
and, i do take the opportunity to express a profound gratitude to Patrick, for making the videos, especially out of function at Armageddon Junction and The Frayed Angels... i cannot say how many times i have watched each one, and never find it boring, on the contrary, uplifting time and again....Thank you Patrick !!!
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Anonymous said...

"India should adopt an isolationist and protectionist National policy before it is too late"

Haha, India has been in the mood of Hindu nationalism since 2012 and it's only getting stronger. White skinned or foreign devotees can help inspire indians too cause they'll see "look at how serious these white people take dharma, let's also get more serious too". Imagine being born in Vrindavan and growing up as a child, seeing Krishna as their best friend. They don't really care about philosophical arguments or Krishna speaking the Gita on the fields of Kuruksetra. Their bhakti is much deeper than that.

Bill said...

Stone did not write Wag the Moon Doggie. That was written by a gifted author named Dave McGowan who wrote the Laurel Canyon Tales.

Visible said...

In the interest of the search for a larger and deeper harmony of being, I am going to call Nolle Prosequi on the matter. I don't care for Jim Stone but that could... may be a personality conflict or something I see wrong in his elements of style. At a more profound level, I don't care one way or the other about the fellow. There is a group of internet operators that have rubbed me the wrong way for a long time. I should have mentioned Sorcha Faal also= aka such a fool. He STILL appears from people who think he is a legitimate source of information.

My problem is perhaps a personal problem, or really no problem at all. It shouldn't even have my attention but it came to my attention and I thought I would add a disclaimer, lest the reader believe that I support the position being presented by that writer. As time goes by, it happens that someone will mention Eckhart Tollebooth, or Dr. Wyne Dyer, or anyone from that area of enterprise. Yes... I know that equanimity and a wider appreciation of everyone is what the traditional wise ones say, but... there are those I do not appreciate. The same applies to me. Most of the time, people either really like or really do not like me. That's how it has been since forever. I'm okay with that. I understand it and have no problem with it.

I am prepared to love humanity in toto but I do not like all of them. I am what I am for good or ill. I say what I think and sometimes I am wrong, maybe not personally, but cosmically. There is no higher law that insists I must like everyone and I don't. I could play that game, get a nice robe and that mysterious eye that hints at wisdom that cannot be spoken. That is also not my style. I am a work in progress and next year I will be different than I am now because I am relentless about it. I avoid entire segments of the public, not because I don't love or like them but because we have no business with each other. Chipmunks and squirrels live in the same forest and you can see them skippering and chattering about but they don't hang out together and swap war stories and no one thinks anything about that. We are different creatures and there's no right or wrong about it. Jesus Christ did not LIKE everyone. He was outspoken about it on occasion.

We are what we are. I hope I haven't hurt anyone's feelings by simply having a different opinion. They are still opinions. I have my reasons and others have their reasons. I pay extraordinary attention to what people say and sometimes I don't like it. I move on. I don't wage an internet battle over it. I don't much think about it. Sometimes it comes up and, of course, I would be better served by keeping my opinions to myself.

I usually keep to myself in my personal life and that becomes more and more the way it is for me. I don't like to argue or debate. I have little interest in what most people get up to. I've learned my lessons about getting along with people and often that means not saying anything at all. That is very hard to argue against. Unfortunately, I have these blogs and sooner or later someone will take exception to something I said. It is in the nature of it. Mostly, I let this go by and it doesn't happen much anyway, but it does happen now and again and all I want to say is that it's not personal for me. I have true and lasting friends who think differently than I about the composition of life, or anything for that matter. We usually make jokes about it, but if you joke with people you don't know, they can take it personal, even though it's not.

Mr Rabbit said...

If you have a seat at the table of God then what does it matter what table you are not invited to in this world.
Always trust your instinct regarding people as it is there for a reason.
We are meant to find this page and that is why we are here.
El Vee is the real deal and always will be.
Thank You for getting me through the forge of hell with evil sadistic nurses as the phrase...for the purpose of demonstration was on loop.

Visible said...

Hardly a day goes by when I do not think of India; Varanasi, Rishikesh and others. It seems I should have gone there at a young age and never left, BUT... God's Will.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not too hard on yourself. Everyone guilty of that.

Whether or not religious holidays will continue to be impacted by the BOVID-19 is the current irony. Even virologists admit that no virus is likely to wipe out an entire species. Maybe just 99%, but just look at the rabbits in Australia and the Australian government keeps on devising new methods to eradicate what they deem an invasive species, the cute rabbit. It is a long battle and history to kill off the Australian rabbit. The virologists say that it likely won't work, maybe a gene drive ultimately will or perhaps the currently-in-development immuno-contraceptive-vectored virus will? I guess it could be applied towards other mammalian species as well. It kind of goes against the fundamental nature of viruses however, to not to kill the host.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a lot of these comments are above my head. Sorry if I am not as bright as many of you here. That being said I went back and reread What Vis had said. paraphrasing here he said two pieces of information had come at him that day (he wrote the Petri Dish) and he had the intuition what he was sharing could be true and yet he also stated that he did not always have a trust in these folks. My impression was he passed it on and everyone was free to make their own judgement on the JS article. Period . I must have missed something as to why it created this discussion. Take it or leave it was my impression ,he was not saying anyone had to believe it, he merely said to him had a ring of truth io it.
I am not coming to your defense here Vis,, you certainly dont me to do that. My point is I don't know why the whole thing got so weird. So much is happening in the world right now and opinions aside, I think intuition is legit , opinions are usually based on what someone wants to be true coupled with fear and wanting to be right. Gut feelings are a more authentic .. That is my humble OPINION. LOL

Thomas said...

Dear Linda;

I come from a family of doctors, and am myself stydying natural science (should have my masters degree in 2 months).

It doesn't mean that I am right about the vaccines - but I doubt that I am wrong. I see no biological mechanism that would make them more dangerous with time. Like everything else in nature, mRNA molecules degrade over time, also the ones that the body itself produces. Then we are left with the aluminum and mercury, which the body can also expel.

I agree totally with you that it should be a personal choice. And like you, I find it an evil travesty to separate people on account of vaccination or no vaccination. I am firmly against it, and am speaking against it in the harshest terms, also on the intraweb of my university (not scoring many popularity points there, comparing university staff with gestapo, I can tell you).

I also find it disgusting and perverse that they contain human foetal cells, but these, too, the body will take care of. Indeed, it is constantly working to seek out and annihilate all alien biological matter. It is a marvelous creation! Marvelous, simply! It would be good for people in general to put more faith in it. It really does an *amazing* job - even though many people never give it a moments gratitude. It keeps working, even when we treat it like trash, and it takes *a lot* to really break it down - and even then, it can usually stabilize itself again. It is an incredible gift, in its own right - and will easily take care of both Corona, other diseases, vaccines, heavy metals, and other poisonous substances, if we let it - have faith in it - Mother Natures creation.

The reason for the foetal cells seems to me to be primarily to rile up Christians. And I agree, it *is* a disgusting practice. But foreign matter is not dangerous to the body, if it is not in too great amounts.

Now - I may be wrong, I may be right. But I have not drawn my opinion on this from nowhere. I do not think that the vaccines are very dangerous, although, to be sure, some people have trouble with them, even die - but they are in a *small* minority.

That is where I stand on it until further notice. And I do not believe that my mind shall be changed on this matter - but, one never knows, of course :)

Kind regards,


Hassan R said...

Thomas, I understand you're trying to be the voice of 'reason' here re: vaccine safety, but talk is cheap; show me the proof.
Here's a paper showing how HALF A MILLION Indian children were left paralyzed from gates funded oral polio vaccines.

One can only wonder what the figures would be if similar studies or studies that also accounted for the not so obvious vaccine damage were carried out for each of the vaccines in the current schedule.

Rudolph Steiner had interesting things to say about early childhood vaccination programs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas thank you for your warm reply. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I have seen many doctors and scientists come out against this vaccine. All animals in the trails died when exposed to another virus. I am not trying to convince you of anything. We all draw our conclusions from ‘’whatever’’ the source. Suffice it say I am not getting the jab, I am listening to my intuition and maybe that simply means the vax is not good for me.. Meanwhile I sense you are a good soulful sensitive person and so let’s leave this by the wayside.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"One of our Highest Possibilities is to be an Angel Whisperer."

Thomas said...


Yes, that's an ugly case with the indian children, I agree. Very ugly.

Diseases are different, and so are vaccines.

And certainly, there may be better ways than vaccination, but most people in the western world get several (even many) vaccinations, and live.

My point here is to keep a balanced view - not too much to one side, not too much to the other. Like Lao Tzu also talks about :)

But certainly, I agree that vaccination should be voluntary, and never forced.



Thomas said...


There have been no animal trials with the current crop of mRNA Corona-vaccines, which is scandalous in itself. They did not have time, they say.

More likely, it is to stir up insecurity, fear, and division, I suspect.

But so far it does not look like they are very dangerous, and I don't think that's going to change. They are unnecessary, however, as there are much better remedies, that do not require a digital vaccination identification database.

Kind regards, Thomas

Anonymous said...

"Here's a paper showing how HALF A MILLION Indian children were left paralyzed from gates funded oral polio vaccines."

I don't disagree, it is heartbreaking. However, I do not buy into the conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is evil incarnate or wanted any children at all to suffer. This is why. Even if Bill Gates was Dr. Evil, such a travesty accomplishes nothing on any strategic level, certainly not geopolitical... which means that it is unintended consequence of vaccination and the current state of science.

Think about it, even if such travesty was maliciously intended, what would it accomplish for anyone? Literally nothing. Child paralysis does not further any nations agenda that I know of. If you don't agree then please say otherwise. If you think that it does enhance some nefarious group's agenda then please say how.

Viruses have had billions of years of evolution before the advent of our species. Is it too unreasonable to suspect that maybe we've still made great progress in the face of such an adversary? I still don't view viruses as an adversary, viruses don't think or care, we are also virus and would not exist without them.



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