Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In for a Penny, in for a Pounding

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

In the Lam(e)ass Media today we find the headline saying that Climate Data was not manipulated. The British had an inquiry which, “largely cleared the scientists”. Here’s my favorite quote from the article-

“One that attracted particular media attention was Jones' reference to a "trick" that could be used to "hide the decline" of temperatures.”Hide the decline" was not an attempt to conceal data but was scientific shorthand for discarding erroneous data, the committee concluded. Similarly, Jones intended "trick" to mean a neat way of handling evidence, rather than anything underhanded, the inquiry found.” Isn’t that special?

I am more amused than I like, more often than I like, at the sheer unbridled hypocrisy that wars with sanctimony for the top honors in professional behavior. Priests playing ‘ring around the rosy’, or rosebud, as you prefer... is, of course, a heinous violation of trust. However, buggering the credibility of the public on a daily basis ‘en masse’ is an equal act of treachery, which comes to a rape of faith and assorted offenses against trust misplaced in the hands of those whose job it is to be trustworthy.

Whether it’s the misappropriation of public funds; the outright theft of public funds, treason, mass murder- both domestic and foreign or simply a non-stop conveyor belt of lies, which kill a nation’s faith in all those shining ideals that have turned out to be just so much confetti catching the sunlight, with the implication that it is generated there... well, you got to hand it to these people. If you don’t hand it to them they will just take it, I suppose.

I’m guessing they brought the 9/11 commission out of mothballs to use their ruthless capacity for truthseeking on behalf of Climate Gate. One thing they did find was that no missile hit the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit. They also were unable to find any direct link between Phil Jones and Bin Laden except for rumors of an affair while at university in the early days.

Dr. (snicker) Jones reminded the committee that this was proof of his foresight in wearing leather elbow patches on his tweed jacket all these years. I suppose that anything less than good leather wears out in the first year of employment, when you’re trying to get a leg up in ‘the game’.

I’ve said it many times and I will say it again; this is all an expression of the unveiling of The Apocalypse and... the batshit frantic efforts to re-cover it all and keep all ten fingers in the dyke at the same time is as impressive as it is embarrassing. Forget about all this Masonic-illuminati- NWO nonsense. When the cosmos moves, everything else moves too.

We go about our world conquering ways for periods of time. We acquire the goods, the girls and the boys and velvet ropes part, just as the legs part for us. We get used to it. It goes on for so long that we are convinced that we can do whatever we want and kill anyone who gets in our way. We do the most terrible things and call them business and practical necessity. Modern day eunuchs sing our praises as we toss the chump change in our pockets at the canaille, the rabble. We’re beautiful people in appearance and theory and monsters and motherfuckers in practice; that would be your mother. We rule the world in our minds and for appearances sake.

That’s the key... in their minds ...and it is in their minds that the voice is going to come, bringing with it an arctic terror and uncontrollable incontinence. They won’t have to worry about whether to shit or go blind because they are already blind but... they will not be deaf to the voice of retribution and it is coming on the wind and with all the force and sovereign magic of Nature. Personally, I go in awe of her. She feels my footsteps and hears my every word. She sees everything I do because it all happens in her realm.

The mockeries that we make out of her substance stand as testimony to our incompetence and lack of imagination, not to mention our greed as; “they put up a bunch of ugly boxes and Jesus, people bought them”. You impudent swine are going to get a lesson that will not pass away for an age and you will live every jot and tittle of it in the lifetimes to follow. Saturn is going to take you by the hand and show you the meaning of desolation.

The cosmos is merciful, far more merciful than any of us deserve. It beggars comprehension so... even at this late date; many of you could come before the throne; which is everywhere at once and ask to be forgiven. In most cases this would be granted. In those cases where forgiveness might be withheld it would be for the reason that there is no desire for redemption; that is the true meaning of being a demon. They have cut themselves off has been noted, the quality of mercy is never strained. It comes like the dew on every day. But... you will have none of that, will you?

Many of us, because we cannot see the mysterious workings of the cosmos, doubt that it is present when it can be seen in any moment; in the sun and moon and all of the heavenly bodies in their courses. The ancients studied these things and found a perfect symmetry there. They could see the wonderful mind of the maker in the beauty and profundity of the gifts. Far too many of us are not impressed and would rather rub our noses in our own shit and think it perfume. We would rather fix our minds upon the most superficial travesties of Nature, distorted by the basest among us. Madness is afoot and it is going to turn upon the minds that carry it.

The creator lives inside the mind; permeates and composes it. At any time it can reveal itself to the entity that has usurped its rightful place for its own enterprises and amusements. It’s watching you right now. It is sorting all of the thoughts and emotions of every one of us in a collective analysis. It is before, in the midst and after every impetus and ambition. Only a fool does not ask for help throughout every day. Only a fool walks the path he insists on by himself; full confident in his abilities to master whatever comes. May you have the good fortune to fall early and comprehend, before the inevitable circumstance comes upon you.

I cannot help but laugh when I see anonymous committees exonerate the proven miscreants of all their deeds. When the evidence stands inarguably before them they declare that some deeper meaning was missed or, “They’ve just lads”. I wince when I see those who have taken it upon themselves to be spokesmouths against the empire, behave just like those they rail against; patently lying and misdirecting, even while they present themselves as white knights on a charger, lance or bullhorn in hand and fearlessly facing down the dragon. Methinks they know dick about dragons. They made their secret deals outside the sight of the stupefied and deceived world. In the darkness the kissed the ass of the devil and now they can be heroes one and all. Now they can advertise and cry out for donations because the cosmos hasn’t seen fit to cover their every whim to grow as big as their targets. I wonder why?

Well, we shall see. I don’t know anything so I could be wrong... but my direct experience of the cosmos tells me otherwise and I would not want to be in another’s shoes were they not in complete surrender to that which is greater than themselves. The road is long. One forgets their purpose and the promises they made themselves. Adjustments had to be made. Compromises were required. “That’s just how it’s done” is what they were told and “why not get yourself a piece of the pie”?

In the world of secret handshakes, where the master’s of the universe practice their feckless arts, something is rising all around them. It is not the mob, though that may come and it is not their master, the frightful visage of the personal will. It is something else. For the moment, it seems as if there is only the need for one more public relations release that details how everything is okay and that whatever was done is perfectly understandable once it has been properly explained. We shall see. We shall see.

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Visible said...

I just had the weirdest experience. These days I am removing the wallpaper from my house and it's a real trip. I'm going to paint the place now that the good weather is here. This has nothing to do with my story really (grin).

Anyway. I had called Poncho for his food earlier and he didn't come so I put it away. He was here. he just didn't want to respond. He just showed up and I took his food outside. Since the sun is shining I thought I would put his food in the shade. As I was going to set it down I noticed a lizard had fallen into his water bowl. It was definitely going to drown, given the structure of the bowl.

He was laying on his side with his head above the water (for the moment). When I saw him I said, "Oh Shit!" He looked right into my eyes and I could hear him calling for help. It was the oddest thing. I could feel it transmit across the space between us. I upended the bowl and he, unsteadily, made his way along the wall of the deck.

This probably doesn't sound interesting to anyone. You had to be there.

Now I'm going to go put some water out for these creatures. It's been dry for awhile and he was after the water.

brian boru said...

Hi Les,
Another good post. These people must have bottomless contempt for us. They hardly bother to even pretend that they aren't lying any more.
I came across this poem written by a British soldier just before he died in 1917 which I think puts things into perspective.

But a short time to live:
Our little hour - how short a time
To wage our wars, to fan our fates,
To take our fill of armoured crime,
To troop our banner, storm the gates.
Blood on the sword, our eyes blood red,
Blind in our puny reign of power,
Do we forget how soon is sped
Our little hour?
Leslie Coulson

Neko Kinoshita said...

I think I like the way you answered the lizard's cry even better that the main post.

I was going to comment on the way the echo of the presance permeates everything in my perception these days, but the lizard in the bowl said that better than I can too.

You are always two steps ahead of me. I'm wanting walk along, but at the moment I still need to catch up a bit.


jim said...

This post seems to be a continuation of the "hypocrisy" post. There is a very simple reason why Americans are so full of s#*t. It is because 80% of them claim to be Christians, a comic book farce created by the Jews to control the non-Jews.

The fable of Christianity starts with the Infinite Creator incarnating as a Jew, of course. This Super Jew gets tortured and murdered by not so super Jews, in order to exonerate all non-Jews for being born. It seems that all non-Jews are born in sin, based upon the decision of an ecumenical council held in the third century.

By the way, Protestant Ministers chase after children as much or more than Catholic Priests, but the Jews (who control the media) much prefer the hardcore war mongering of the Protestant Church over the almost pacifist Catholic Church. There are also a hell of a lot more Protestant Masons than Catholic Masons. Rabbis have been caught numerous times doing the wild thing with children, they control most of the child trafficking in the World (war is great business for them), and their Talmud condones screwing little children.

The important fact is that believing in the Christian fables and calling yourself a Christian is pure insanity. Part of this insanity is calling Jews God's chosen people and worshiping them as super humans above yourself. The first step to becoming truthful, to both yourself and others, is to discard all organized religion.

As stated numerous times before, if you wish to contact higher beings, just meditate upon the Sun and Earth. They clearly created Humanity and imbued it with part of their consciousness. Genuflecting to a wooden caricature of a tortured mythological Jew is not a good step towards truth.

Visible said...


I nearly wept the other day, thinking about the sincere Catholics who have no part in this but must feel tarnished by the affair.

I know it sometimes seems that I do not respect people's religions but that is only the manifest side. I deeply respect their beliefs and their efforts to live according to them.

Unfortunately the truth about the ineffable is seldom told and one would probably be better off worshiping the 'consciousness' that dwells in the sun, even if it is a demi-god.

I'm generally more drawn to Rousseau's perspective than the rest.

Still... religions poison the mind of the people when the people do not use their minds and that's something the mind ordinaire often abdicates early on.

I like that enduring homily, "Religion is for people who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there."

Anonymous said...


I'm an odd ape... but these days I'm beginning to feel less 'odd' and more ?.

I've started to notice things, things that aren't there – yet are. There are shadows following me, I catch them out of the corner of my eyes and these aren't like the usual shadows that lurk in my life. Those I'm used to. I feel like I'm beginning to see something that is here and yet isn't. Maybe one of the alternate dimensions or maybe it's something else entirely.

I'm not prone to visions, but I've a pretty open mind about such events and I can't help but wonder if there is about to be a HUGE change to our collective consciousness.

I had an incredible mushroom experience once where I died and was given a choice to return to my body, or stay and play in the afterlife. The voice/feeling guiding me thru this let me know that if I thought life was complicated, wait until I experienced the afterlife. We communicated and this entity basically said if I wanted to stay I could, but that it would be better for me to learn a bit more before taking that final journey.

I woke-up in a pool of vomit having pissed myself. What a trip! Since that time, I've treated mushrooms with much respect and in the few times I've eaten them since, I have the oddest experiences of something/someone uploading information from my mind. Not so bad, but it's odd to find-out you're nothing more than some sort of spiritual CCTV camera for a higher power.

And now there is this rift in the reality I'm experiencing, but it isn't the sort of thing you'd tell a doctor, at least not a western one. The thing is, I feel these shadows are good, not evil. I even sense a playfulness about them; I think maybe these shadows are living a Real Life and I'm the one in the shadows... maybe we are all shadows? Hmmm.

My cats are acting weird, the internet page that list earthquakes has dots located in places I've never seen dots before and now these weird 'shadows' I'm seeing...

Maybe I need to stop drinking so much coffee?


Unknown said...

I the pardigim of old when man saw the spirits around he they would have seen the spirit in the bowl. That was no lizard, it was something far more.


kikz said...

mornin les,

wonderful post, as usual..

lizards like to drink 'drips' off leaves.. if you have some plantings nearby, spray them down.

in the summers all our anoles come out when i water in the aftn.. they dont' like to get wet, but will wait til i finish move in closer to drink..

Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning I went out to feed the birds and all eight of the bird feeders and the two suet holders were pulled to the ground.
The bears are very hungry this time of year, having just woke up from their long naps.
Then he went into the storage shed, knocked over the barrels where the sunflowers and cracked corn are stored.
The mother lode!
The barrels are covered by boards with large stones on top.
The tracks showed a pretty big fellow.
I love black bears, the way they flow through the woods like water is a sight to behold.

Visible said...

So Patrick, it appears you are having the same problems with your keyboard as I do.

Yeah, about that lizard; the freakiest part was that I felt this immense sense of gratitude afterward. that's not normal.

Visible said...


Here's more serendipity. I hooked up the hose this morning so that I could water everything in the late afternoon. I hadn't done that so far and was set to go anyway.

Visible said...


That sounds like my life, except for different details.

It ain't the coffee. it's the times. I never know what sort of unusual phenomena is going to appear. I don[t even know who I'm going to be from moment to moment. I think it's one reason that I'm less patient than I've been in the past. The situation has me a little jumpy.

It's not really fear or paranoia. it's more that I don't want to jump wrong. My sense of space has altered and I'm not as sure as I was about near and far or whether what I see now will be there later.

Meanwhile I'm working up on a ladder because the incompetent criminal who sold us this house wallpapered the ceilings and some of them are 12' high.

Anonymous said...

"Saturn is going to take you by the hand and show you the meaning of desolation."

Good stuff Les. It wont take long for poeple to see the naked hate and fear within all systems. The question is how much homework will they have dont to use this awakening to change or move past the blackness or will they be happy to talk that walk with Saturn? Either way the message will get to them, I say?

"The cosmos is merciful, far more merciful than any of us deserve." Les, no man, the cosmos needs us, we are it. Merciful or not, the stream of cause and action is within us, like the light and lord. We might feel we do or dont deserve something but thats just one mask or another, we put on. We deserve nothing, for we have everthing?
Anyway, thanks Les. The creator, the cosmos, and the mind or all one and the same!

The Fool

Visible said...


You familiar with that quote from The Tempest about calling the demons of the deep? The reply was, "Yes, but will they come when you call them?

It's a matter of degrees of awareness. We may be all one but; and it's a big but- the degree of awareness differs. I try to keep my tiny and helpless state in perspective. it's easy to say almost anything in a convincing tone. It's another thing to accomplish certain acts.

Anonymous said...


Its something and its all good!!! I dont see but feel little nymphs flying around me a lot. Sometimes they touch me and say silly things in my ears. I thought I was going bat shit crazy, and still Im, but its something much bigger than I can deal with in conscious form?
I good friend suggested I was being visited or guide or what ever and I just wanted it to be in the form of little flying women? At one point in time, I would have just laugh about this suggestion, but nowa days that seems to be a very good starting point? Just wanted to add that many weird and neat things happen to all of us, Im sure?

The Fool

Anonymous said...


Yep saying and doing are much different animals. Im very guilty of saying what could be done but still fight and struggle to do it. Im thinkin thats the case with most of us, what do I know?
I see your point, and the demons will come, if you will it or agree before hand.
Im cool with anything you share, and thankful, but dude, whats up witht the "helpless" word? Try saying Im in a "helpful state" a few time time as well?

The Fool

gurnygob said...

reply to what DaveS said...

I don't think it's the coffee (grin)
You should try button mushrooms fried in a little butter they taste great and don't have any side effects.
I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes or knock the power of mind altering drugs as I know nothing about them, but if these drugs have the power to open doors in the mind that would not normally be opened then why do you wonder when you start seeing, hearing and feeling things out of the ordinary. And, if your mind is out of zink when you see and hear and feel these spirits or whatever they are, how can you trust something that has come from such a state of being. I would be very afraid to go down that road, but that’s just me.

Visible said...


You're playing with semantics. Jesus Christ in full flower admitted he couldn't do anything himself. And any bonafide teacher I have ever met has relied completely on the ineffable for everything but I don't have time to get into the minutiae.

Gurneygob; don't go there. (grin)

Anonymous said...


Either way you have been very helpful today, thanks. Im making too much out of words, yes. As it has always been, youre looking at a bigger picture than I, and helpless is a good word in such a place as you find yourself. I do very much agree, Im not the "real" doer but a vehicle for something larger, helpless to its means but willing to go along?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

I love to eat non-psychedelic mushrooms a lot more than I like the other... As for the kind that alter time and space – you're either the type of personality that understands that the drugs don't change you, unless you allow them to. Some people don't like facing the reality of who they might be, or are, and in an altered state such a mind can forget the way home. Or use it as an excuse to behave in nonsocial ways.

Personally I've felt intensely more 'me' during a couple of my trips... I could experience everything around me and I felt as one with the cosmos. Such mind experiences cost the body though and I still can't fathom the folks who eat a handful of 'shooms and head-off to a club.

Mother Nature is much more exciting than a silly club, when you can see, hear, feel, and even connect spiritually with everything near-by; pebbles are boulders, moss becomes a forest, the world is large, wonderful and full of mystery. The world is always like this – the chemicals are a cheater's way to find nirvana without years of focused meditation... like I said it comes with a price your body pays.

Such experiences are like fishing in a pond stocked with big fish... the fish are fun to catch, but it isn't the same as catching a big fish in the wild. Or maybe like going to a whore house for sex.

The key is to realize the drug isn't the best road to take if you want to spend a lot of time being one with the universe, but it does give you an immediate idea of what's possible.

And outside in Colorado the wind is howling, reminding me that it's good to be good with god, however you choose to do it. Just make sure the god is the nice one, not that murderous old testament freak who was always demanding dead burnt flesh and the blood of non-believers.

Reminds me of one of the ideas I used to play with... the god of man is really a middle management god who is either learning the job, or is one of those tyrants who've risen to their level of incompetence and is stuck, just like many of the souls its overseeing.



Visible said...

When I am on mushrooms that is the real world and the real me. Being an extreme sort of a fellow I take enormous amounts such as over 7 grams on occasion and have eaten entire pages of acid as well as consuming god knows how many hits of liquid from a vial. that guy from Pink Floyd has got me beat though and there are, of course, people who have taken astronomical amounts.

No matter how much I took it just got more real and I got more myself. I can't wait until I've earned this state.

The Fool; precisely so.; Words interfere with communications quite often. We probably mean the same thing but it's getting said differently. With music you don't have that kind of problem.

gurnygob said...

it's just something I never got into and at 50 years of age I think I would be better sticking to the ones you fry for breakfast.

Neil Young once said...

"Keep on rockin' in the free world..."


Visible said...

It's not for everyone and it's not not for everyone too.

It's takes a certain kind of personality; probably with a certain kind of past. Some people deep sea dive with equipment and some of us do it with other things.

It's certainly not necessary to the path but it's also a legitimate path and only those so engaged are allowed to make that judgment.

When I engage, no matter how unusual it might be or how remarkably strange, I am right in the groove and it is for me, a safer and more real place that most of what goes on down here. Forty years of experience in the matter so I must have a clue.

Generally people should avoid these things. The shamanistic mind is not common. Those who possess it have permission. As for everyone else, I couldn't say.

But we probably shouldn't talk about this here (or at all). It upsets some people for no real reason, except the desire to control everyone elses life and pass judgment on all things whether they know what they are talking about or not. The less so, the more virulent the reaction.

nina said...

Whenever you place water outdoors, put a stick in it. Then the critters who drink and get lost have a way out. The same goes for unfilled planters, I've found dead "Izzies" in them unable to have gripped the smooth interior walls, starved to death, flies came along and laid eggs, it gets pretty ugly after that. Lesson: The stick is a ladder to home. If you think they might not reach your stick, put in a few sticks.
Long sticks, wooden.

Love, nina

Visible said...

Thank you Nina. What I did was put out a very shallow pan; easy in and out but i shall keep that in mind. I don't like too much standing water around because of the mosquitoes. I don't really have any- flies either and I want to keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

Les and others–

A nice, profound Petri Dish day... nice comments; there is hope for lizards and maybe even the rest of us. Keep your eyes open for sticks protruding from the heavens :)



Visible said...

Have you people seen this?..

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks? This news seems to be much like anything else in the mainstream media world, a leak too? Ive found much of whats leaked is for damage control and this seems to be the same? Ive been on the top secert side of the house and what people want to hide, they can. Not sure who said this but most things we hear are in the "safe voice." That is, nothing we read or hear is first person and is filtered for one reason or another? Its no big suprise that a website named Wikileaks is leaking preplanned info, not at all?

The Fool

Scissortale said...

Johnny Lennon said that he thought he was crazy until he took LSD – as good of words as I’ve found to describe my own discovery of the senses.

Of course it’s true that ancient pagan beliefs and rituals have been woven into the teachings of Christianity. Yeshua, Jesus, the Christ – whatever you know him by was in fact the great rebel against the organized religion and his success was such that the only way to defeat him was to join him, subverting the philosophy from within.

I’ve spent enough time in the halls of these religions to understand their intentions and fallacies, while many of the nay-sayers simply rationalize that nothing exists outside of the hearts and minds of men, and that no higher powers or entities can be found in this universe that are superior to the shaved ape who roams the planet Earth in search of his daily banana.

In my way of thinking, Darwinists are the great myth believers who continue to follow and preach his unproven gospel, while still not being able to provide the missing link that I discovered long ago.

Frog said...

Yeah, I just read the wikileaks article. Who knows. Layers upon layers of deception. Are the spooks running it or attempting to discredit it by associating themselves with it indirectly?
Jesus said "you shall know them by what they do". I'll have to peruse their articles and leaks more closely...

Visible said...


Except for my prowess at sports I was a total outcast and run through the grinder... into the military and discharged for being insane. I believed them. I signed myself into a mental hospital and talking to the doctors it occurred to me that they were insane. I read a Psychology Today article about Tim Leary and I said, "I've got to try that. I escaped from the mental hospital and through various twists and turns I wound up in Washington D.C.

I'd forgotten all about the article I had read. I was in DuPont Circle where I fell in with some major early tripsters. I remember taking my first hit of Owsley green smear. I was in an apartment with two guys and 3 girls. As I came on I saw the makeup melting on the girl's faces. I saw that they were more afraid (not because of the acid) than I would ever be and I thought to myself, "It's all for this? It's all to win the attention of frightened girls who don't know anything at all?"

This is no knock on women by the way. I have to watch everything I say these days because someone always gets me out of context.

I started laughing great peals of laughter. They were asking me why I was laughing but I couldn't tell them. Before this I felt like an old man already and suddenly I was younger than Spring.

Things came together in my head at the speed of light and I knew I wasn't crazy. The world was crazy but I was sane.

The two guys that were there with me just wanted to get laid and since I wasn't in the program they wanted me to leave. How they could think about sex at such a time I could not fathom. I met a lot of those kind of people as I moved through life.

Anyway, I walked out into the Georgetown night and danced through Middle Earth in my mind all the way back to the apartment. Nothing was the same after that.

Everything I thought I knew was shit. I had already read Nietzsche, Freud, you name it. I was obsessed with knowing; a real pseudo intellectual. In such a short space I saw to the cosmic heart of life and encountered a tidal wave of joy.

That was just the beginning.

Many leagues since; brutal circumstance... heartbreak and loss (Like Jonah in many ways)
but always that subterranean river of joy.

I sometimes think about people saying here that they don't trust me and it makes me laugh. I suppose there are various ways in which people can be sure that they can't trust me. They can't trust me to do what they want me to do or be who they want me to be but...

I can catalog my shortcomings without much trouble. I am sometimes quick to anger. I have been irresponsible and I have been really, really wild. Most times it was entertaining and funny and sometimes it was not. I think everyone's life is a record of what they are and what they might be. The absolute truth is that the world doesn't have anything I want so... well, I'll leave it at that. I think that answers the question.

nina said...

Do consider blogger Zbygniew has been blogging unimpeded since 2001. His first blogpost, 09/11/01,

Geeze, its all weird. Are we living in a James Bond dream? Obviously, this is what is wrong with us, we like peace and quiet.

Scissortale said...

As you are probably already aware, I didn't know whether to trust you in the beginning, and I still remember you saying to me "I don't know who you are", towards the end of the Christian assault thing. I started laughing at that moment and thought "I think we both just awakened to who the other one is, and now it will be okay".

I've never had the pleasure of being certified crazy, but have been called by that description many times. Of course, the prophets were all thought to be crazy, too, so we're in good company. I finally figured out that being crazy in our terms actually means that we can see the world for what it is, and not for what they would have us see it as.

jim said...

Well, it should be no surprise that my experiences include plenty of Albert Hofmann and of course the green stuff. This frigging blog seems to be a magnet for space cadets. With regards to Albert Hofmann, the Feds busted the two big producers of it in 2001.

Was in Frisco 4 years ago, and the hippies and trips are all long gone. Just really expensive green stuff, which is far better than nothing! The way to go is grow your own shrooms, as you at least know what your liver is digesting. If it does not bleed blue when you pick it, leave it the f$*k alone.

On a related note, the Sun is not a demigod. It created you and me, but knows you have Free Will and merely invites you to talk to it. If you care not to gain wisdom from the all giving Sun and Earth, that is perfectly cool. Think of the Sun and Earth as Super parents, because they are.

The beautiful thing about the Sun and Earth, besides being a way higher consciousness than Humans, is they cannot lie. They are so evolved, they are incapable of lying. Whatever knowledge you acquire from them is true as far as these super conscious beings understand it.

Compare this with the horrible religions that steal, cheat, and deceive on a nonstop basis. All Priests, Ministers, Rabbis, Mullahs, and Brahmins are just shysters who do not wish to get a real job. Organized religion is like prostitution and gambling, as old as Humanity and a hindrance.

Anonymous said...

"The absolute truth is that the world doesn't have anything I want"

Sounds pretty healthy and right on to me. I think part of the trip is learning not to want. It seemed to me that I might get to your state of not wanting, but I would get there over a whole lifetime or two. What do you do when this lesson comes sooner? My answer is love the shit out of whats left? Just a guess, as I still want?

Not to play Les, but most people want something if they use that word, want? If its not in this world than another? I trust you and your words but Im not sold on there being nothing here for ya?

One of the side effects of LSD for me was not wanting to live a normal life. After seeing the links and colors of the wheel and the cosmic core, its hard to turn back? I found myself drifting a bit and lost to daily living. Not wanting to do shit wasnt good at that point? A fair balance between what is and what could be is ruled by wanting, some?

"subterranean river of joy" is always there for sure. For some reason Im thinkin about the Talking Heads here? Anyway, the river of joy you see is much like the earth mother to me (maybe?) The one thing that creates, takes away, and is the "shelter from the storm" for me is her and all her forms. Looking a trees is looking at her in my eyes? The birds song each more is her voice, the wind her touch? You get the idea. Les, this subterranean river of joy is in this world dude and youre wise enough not to want it, but thanks for lovin it!!!

The Fool

Unknown said...

Yes, what I type does not seem to end up on the other end. ???

As for Wikileaks, you will often find tat the first rule of intelligence agencies is to control if not create your opposition. Disorganised is the only form that stands a chance of success. On top of that is opposition of the conscience.

Share truth. If you do not know it is the truth, don't share it. Don't get involved in action groups that seem to want to take actions that will put people in jail, it will

YOur greatest weapon is your conscience.



ps: 12 fiit ceilings are great for murals. :)

Scissortale said...

I too was an outcast, mostly by my own request. Born of a small town upper middle class family, I was invited to all the little social functions and that sort of thing, but I never felt like I truly fit in. I wasn't big enough to be a sports hero, but instead became the drummer for the schools first rock band and also ventured into art, but I just couldn't ever play the game...or keep playing it. Finally dropped out my second semester of college and went to Ft. Knox to hang with my buddy who was just back from the Nam. [I suppose that should stamp the expiration date on my forehead] Two years later, we ended up doing a little time together.
Anyway, yes it's been a long hard journey but I feel that I've obtained more knowledge/insight than most who took the safe route. No pain, no gain you might say, as I think that those who lead the safe, prosperous life that was laid out for me never learned much and will go to their grave, having nothing but a small brain, large belly and the illusion that they led a full life and figured out what it was all about.

Götterdamerung (Twilight of the Blog Groupie Trolls) said...

And I said "Look here brother-who you
Jiving with that cosmik debris?
Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?
Don't you know, you could make more money as a butcher?
So, don't waste your time on me"
Don't waste it, don't waste your time on me

ZenHG said...

Something is in the water, I think, or perhaps the air.
The other day I was walking from my room to work and it was pouring rain, freezing cold.
I noticed all the worms all over the roadway, but as I got to the top of the hill I noticed a lizard.
It was out of place for this area, I had never seen a lizard here before; it had drown long before I got there.

Funny how you would share a story of a lizard... Things have not been right since; least of all with me, my head is foggy, I need to go...
I can feel it getting heavier and it is extremely unpleasant. All I want to do is crawl in a hole somewhere.
Good post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I know the Voice speaks to you. It speaks to all of us... if we just listen. So many things you say, I've heard first in my own mind. But the way you deliver HER message is Brilliant and Godlicious.

kikz said...

good advice nina :)

other lizard stories.. hope i don't bore..
lizards (african anoles) have always been ubiquitous in my life... they live around and lay eggs in my potted plants, and consequently have been transplanted everywhere i've ever lived:)

we have one, a yearling.. that has been rather thirsty lately.. or has a death wish.. we hav a small above ground fish pond on the patio.. and w/in the last couple of months, in between snows... i've had to scoop this silly lizard out of the fishpond.
same lizard ea/time... small female. there are rocks above the waterline, and an ele cord for the heater and aerator.. so there's plenty to climb out on.. so i dunno.

booboo head.. about 4 yrs ago, one of my daughters came across a larger male w/a head injury. w/o too much protest he allowed her to administer polysporin to his wound.. which healed nicely, but always showed a scar.. hence the name.. he got to be quite tame, as most of them are.. being handled so much by the kids..
he would almost come when called, and hang out on our patio table or up the gazebo netting.. he was quite the fixture and he ruled his domain w/lizardly aplomb..
he passed last fall due to some infection.. but we'll always remb booboohead, as i'm sure he sired many babies :) they do have have their own personalities, and there is cross species communication, and much direct eye contact. we often wonder what they are thinking of us.. we huge lumbering, booming voiced giants :)

Anonymous said...

Attacking and destroying the Faith, comes right from the Protocols of Zion, #14 I believe.

To those that think and say it is a control mechanism, I tell you that you are flat wrong.

This same 'control mechanism' that kept Jews in caged Ghettos, Forbid Usury, Jews from teaching, holding political office, practicing medicine, Expelling them from over 100 Catholic Nation states and often confiscating their ill gotten wealth and later 'Inquisitioning' the Marrano Crypto Jews for subversion.

It was until Luther (May he rot in Hell) defied and contested the Churchs power and later divided Christendom that the power of the Church began to unravel.

ie The 30 year war, 7 year war, French Revolution, Looting of the Vatican by Napoleon, Communism, WW1, Theft of Palestine up to and including Iraq presently, not to mention divorce, Abortion, Usury, feminism and a host of Jew ills.

It is the NEW World, In the Old World there was order. Our Faith was what kept order.

Anonymous said...

The cosmos must have been in an exceptionally fine mood the day you were born, Les, considering your numerous and outstanding talents. Make honey of words, that's what you do.

Hope this doesn't make me persona non grata, I've no love of creepy-crawly things, though I found your "exchange" with that lizard simply delightful.

Perhaps the cosmos will correct things soon:

Betelgeuse & Antares are going Supernova at DOOMDAILY NEWSPAPER

Here's a fragment of comment from that article:

"...It could have happened 500 years ago. In that case it would reach us in 100 years. If it happened 597 years ago, it would be here in 2012. Think about that and then think about the Mayan Calendar and it’s predictions. Did they know it had already gone supernova and was predicting when the effect would hit Earth? Probably."


coletteonice said...

i was at the nelson mandela ticker tape parade new york...millions of rosebuds raining dowm amidst the 3 million people gathered there in downtown broadway...and the sunlight captured and glintering on the flying edges of infinite reams of paper being sent from the endless skyrises ....

Anonymous said...

In regard to your comment,"Yeah, about that lizard; the freakiest part was that I felt this immense sense of gratitude afterward. that's not normal."

The Japanese have a saying,"Kan-Sha"

According to Masaru Emoto, the researcher who studies the power of words on water, Kan-Sha means gratitude in Chinese, and according to some, it is one of the most powerful words a man can utter.

I love your work, keep it up. We all benifit from it.

Oliver in Ga.

Visible said...

Kan Sha! then.

When I was a child I was fascinated by the star Betelgeuse. It was often in my thoughts for no particular reason. Hearing this just now gave me a start.

Mike in Michigan said...

I'm not one to be a sycophant, but I must say, this is about the best Visible rant I've read since I started reading them a year or so ago.

If one wants to nitpick, it (to this observer) falls in between "Petri Dish" cultural rampage and "Visible Origami" metaphysics.

Which is not to go "meta" in that pseudo-ironic way that trust fund hipsters go in "mocking" the upper-class idiosyncrasies of their frou-frou hometowns of Winnetka, White Plains, Ann Arbor, Beverly Hills, Somerville, etc.

They support "Change!" But not because they give a shit about change. They've spent years, decades building up their hipster cred, and to piss it all away by thinking outside the box and making some haphazard comment about Gay education in Massachusetts crossing the line? Unthinkable!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

God's not Dead, he's merely Hiding.

Anonymous said...

Dog-Poet, Your post reflects that consciousness and planetary frequencies are changing in that the authorities can produce such 'dribble' and delude themselves that we the people won't notice the obvious lies and cover-ups.

In relation to the church and karmic deeds. I had a revelation that what I thought was a smart move - the Catholic confessional as a way of knowing what everyone (Kings & Queens etc) a form of 'thought police'. Is in fact a far deeper ploy of keeping people strapped to the karmic wheel of reincarnation. Since the absolution by the church means those folk can go on sinning and get a "get of jail free card". Well all that does is ensure that the Church will have perpetual control on their lives and repeat offenders. I guess they don't want to be alone. but with no ability to grow spiritually.

Martin said...


consider blogger Zbygniew has been blogging unimpeded since 2001..."

I don't think so; there is only the appearance that he has been blogging for a long time. suggests otherwise

The site would appear to have no real "heritage". I noticed via the webstats counter at the bottom of "Mr Zbygniew's" pages that the blog has had only about 29000 vistors (up 5000 from 24000 in the past 24 hours or so).

Creating blogposts with some notional future or previous month and year is simplicity itself, using "post options."

Who the heck is this Arthur Zbygniew anyway? And Les, who or what brought this website to your attention (presumably hoping that you would then bring it to our attention)?

Visible said...


I got it in an email from a a reliable source so one might ask where he got it.

None of this is relevant though. You will note that I made no claims of truth of falsehood about the info. I said, "have you seen this?"

This I did in anticipation of comment responding and possibly bringing up new information which... your comment just did (grin).

In no way did I intend to authenticate the thing. I would have said so in that case. I just thought it one of those curious things. The real consideration is the heavyweight columnist from which it originated... or did it?

Martin said...

Hi Les

Not once did I think you were in any way endorsing that information, and I am sorry if I gave that impression.

You wrote: "The real consideration is the heavyweight columnist from which it originated... or did it?

I assume you are referring here to Wayne Madsen (as referenced at the top of the post in question on the "Arthur Zbygniew" blog).

Wayne Madsen (whoever he truly is) provides a subscription only service, so short of subscribing to it (something which I have no intention of doing), one has to take the words of "Arthur Zbygniew" in good faith.

The only thing I am pretty sure of is that "Arthur Zbygniew" is not a real, flesh and blood long-term blogger (or anything else that is "real").

It would be interesting of course if you could learn the identity of your source's source... ;-)

Visible said...

Makes me laugh Martin. I wasn't implying that you were implying (grin).

As for the source being correct, I don't think the other larger sites would have posted it without vetting. I too think the name is false.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up.

Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench.

Anonymous said...

That is one reason I don't ever mention Sorcha Faal any more. It implies that I endorse the whole site which I don't, but when you mention part of the 50% she gets right ignoring the rest of the "smoke and mirrors" it becomes the same type dance.

I just try and take interesting information wherever I can find it. I can understand it however as I myself have a tendency to be one of the worst "troll hunters" around.

Kieran Alexis said...

Get down off that fence and tell us what you really think!

But seriously, a great piece.
Well put. A rising tide, indeed.
Amusing, is it not?

Re; the animals/lizard.

For the last 2 yrs [and before, but now, more and more], animals have been presenting to me, dead, dying or in clear and present trouble.

Yesterday 2 bees, one flew off [with help] the other died, but at least in the sun on a flower [once i put him there]. The other day another bird flew into my room.
Out she went with some gentle coaxing and reassurance [and grabbing.]
Wasps too, all of them in need, and all of them communicating that need to me.

What a choice [no choice about it] I help or not?
Is this 'interfering' or not?
Of course I help. Of course it isn't interfering. It is our sacred duty to life. All life. But it is a choice.

Good day to you all.




Joseph Brenner

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