Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Time to Throw the Golems out with the Bathwater

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How does one get like this? How does one rise to high position in the government and become a shameless lying whore? What a weight to put on one’s soul. Such is the case with Leon Panetta.

“When I was young and foolish, I heard a wise man say, give pounds and crowns and guineas... but not your heart (soul?) away.” So it was that I thought the Clinton’s were good guys at the time. I didn’t know shit or... perhaps shit was all I knew. It’s not easy catching what’s what when you have a bad case of arrested development and will never be any older than 12. Such is the case with me. Really... such is the case with me. You get nothing but violence from the time you can walk and the only positive is that you can never grow up and your Serotonin flow could wind up behind a hockey mask. That last part isn’t positive and the first part might not be either but I can’t think of any other positives except for the empathetic thing which means you get to feel what happens to other people too. Does that sound like win-win to you?

A lot of people think I’m wise and informed and certainly intuitive and telepathic... with a sympathetic resonating ability that lets me articulate what the reader is feeling. I’m well aware of this but... the truth is that I am only 12 years old and I don’t know how this happens. It just does.

Then I saw Clinton being all chummy with Bush Sr. I saw a lot of things over the course of recent time and none of it good. Panetta says that Al Qaeda is in disarray. There is no Al Qaeda and only the bone dead stupid believe this any more. But here is Mr. Panetta shilling in the Zio-Press about Al Qaeda and all the rest of the glory hole outlets are talking about Bin Laden. Bin Laden is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’ll tell you something... Bin Laden is not nearly as dead as you. You are truly dead and walking around like all the cobwebs on your atmosphere aren’t here.

Now I’m hearing about some kind of national protest for mid-April. That hits right around tax time so I suppose it has something to do with taxes. I don’t know who is arranging this and I don’t know what the intention is but I do know very well that if this protest does not include certain things then it’s a big waste of time.

You want to protest? Do not elect another Zionist to any political office; cut off all funds to Rothschildlandia. Make every lobby connected to ‘chosen people’ interests have to register as agents of a foreign power. Do not elect or allow to be elected, anyone... anyone who is representative of ‘chosen people’ mentality to any government office. Do not pay your taxes at all. Throw a monkey wrench into the system if you are employed in a position to do so. Do not fucking salute. Do not bend over. Do not vote for the new guy who sounds like Chuckie Schumer and who is being pushed on all the sold out alternative news sites as if he were some kind of answer. He works for the same people. He sounds like the same duck that walks like a duck and you had better duck. What’s his name? Peter something. He’s the same garbage acting like the answers. Obama was no different.

You can take your anti-Semitic slurs and stick them where the sun don’t shine which means they’ll be staying at home where they came from cause no sun is shining there. I’m past being equanimitous when I don’t see any of these representatives speaking out against these foreign interests on behalf of their own country. These parasites came in here and took over everything because they have the capacity to print the money and decide who gets it and you get fucked. So tell me... do you feel like you were ridden hard and put away wet... yet?

If they don’t speak out against the ones doing this then they are in with them, either intentionally or complicit in their silence. Just so you get where I’m coming from... I am with the Palestinians, who are the real Israelites and the original people of the Bible and the rest of you are psychopathic murdering sonsofbitches and please do not pardon my French. I’m also with the French, who need to flush that blackmailed midget Sarkozy down the bidet.

Just what is going on in mid-April and who is behind it? Is it the same people that run the porn empires and the gay movement and the educational system? If it is, then good luck with that. How’s your world doing America? Have you caught on yet as to why certain people have been thrown out of every country in the world at least once?

I don’t have any axes to grind but I can see what’s what. God knows I’ve been victimized by it enough. How about you? You still have a life? You still have children left? You like it like this? Drive the motherfuckers to the sea or die on your knees. Who is doing it is no longer a question. Are there other bad guys who might be genetically something else? Well boy howdy... throw them out too.

Wake up from your pornographic dreams you slack bellied couch potatoes. Can you even do a pushup or a situp anymore? I’m older than all of you and I can do a lot of both of those every single day. I am flat out tired of you being so stupid and complacent. Call it like it is or sew your lips shut with fishing line so you don’t have to be honest and draw attention and... and... you think that will save you? How stupid are you? I’m 12 years old and I can see it.

All Rothschildlandia representatives- out of the country now; stop mincing your words and trying to be a nice guy. It doesn’t work. You are dealing with people who have no conscience and no soul. They are of the synagogue of Satan. That is who they worship and serve. Your own Bible tells you so in the words of your savior and you can’t even put 2 and 2 together. It’s because you are afraid. It’s because the plastic in your water bottle turned you into a... I don’t want to say it. I won’t say it.

Storm the offices of Goldman Sachs and send all of them... every single one of these Satan worshipping scum to Devil’s Island. That’s the ticket. Let us arrest them and put them where they have put us. I will be the warden because I know how that’s done and it will be more humane by far than what they have planned for you.

Wake the fuck up!!!! You are running out of time and dancing around with signs at some kind of staged event does not cut to the heart of your adversary. All you get are the front men that they put there for that reason. Fuck the politicians; get the bankers. You won’t be liking it much if you just let it go by. These people cut the throats out of children in order to suck power from the dark side. If you think this isn’t happening then you truly are a fool. There are a lot more of you than them... for the moment. They can’t do squat to me because I am out of range... not just physically. I work for the master of their master so they can’t touch me but they can touch you and I am warning you. Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut it out of your mind. Muck up the works if you can. Blow the whistle. The truly big gun wants to see what you are going to do. It’s all under control but on a personal level you could get hammered if you don’t stand up.

You want to resist and protest? Do it in your mind and do it quiet and on the sly. Surely you can do it in a mass response but you need to know who you serve and how much greater that power is or... you are right back in their hands. They are about to try to kill a whole lot of people. They intend to kill you... or worse.

Only time will tell if you are some new speech ringing out of St Crispin’s day or you’re just a fool and a coward who... for all your ducking and hiding... gets it in the neck anyway.

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