Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Time to Throw the Golems out with the Bathwater

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

How does one get like this? How does one rise to high position in the government and become a shameless lying whore? What a weight to put on one’s soul. Such is the case with Leon Panetta.

“When I was young and foolish, I heard a wise man say, give pounds and crowns and guineas... but not your heart (soul?) away.” So it was that I thought the Clinton’s were good guys at the time. I didn’t know shit or... perhaps shit was all I knew. It’s not easy catching what’s what when you have a bad case of arrested development and will never be any older than 12. Such is the case with me. Really... such is the case with me. You get nothing but violence from the time you can walk and the only positive is that you can never grow up and your Serotonin flow could wind up behind a hockey mask. That last part isn’t positive and the first part might not be either but I can’t think of any other positives except for the empathetic thing which means you get to feel what happens to other people too. Does that sound like win-win to you?

A lot of people think I’m wise and informed and certainly intuitive and telepathic... with a sympathetic resonating ability that lets me articulate what the reader is feeling. I’m well aware of this but... the truth is that I am only 12 years old and I don’t know how this happens. It just does.

Then I saw Clinton being all chummy with Bush Sr. I saw a lot of things over the course of recent time and none of it good. Panetta says that Al Qaeda is in disarray. There is no Al Qaeda and only the bone dead stupid believe this any more. But here is Mr. Panetta shilling in the Zio-Press about Al Qaeda and all the rest of the glory hole outlets are talking about Bin Laden. Bin Laden is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I’ll tell you something... Bin Laden is not nearly as dead as you. You are truly dead and walking around like all the cobwebs on your atmosphere aren’t here.

Now I’m hearing about some kind of national protest for mid-April. That hits right around tax time so I suppose it has something to do with taxes. I don’t know who is arranging this and I don’t know what the intention is but I do know very well that if this protest does not include certain things then it’s a big waste of time.

You want to protest? Do not elect another Zionist to any political office; cut off all funds to Rothschildlandia. Make every lobby connected to ‘chosen people’ interests have to register as agents of a foreign power. Do not elect or allow to be elected, anyone... anyone who is representative of ‘chosen people’ mentality to any government office. Do not pay your taxes at all. Throw a monkey wrench into the system if you are employed in a position to do so. Do not fucking salute. Do not bend over. Do not vote for the new guy who sounds like Chuckie Schumer and who is being pushed on all the sold out alternative news sites as if he were some kind of answer. He works for the same people. He sounds like the same duck that walks like a duck and you had better duck. What’s his name? Peter something. He’s the same garbage acting like the answers. Obama was no different.

You can take your anti-Semitic slurs and stick them where the sun don’t shine which means they’ll be staying at home where they came from cause no sun is shining there. I’m past being equanimitous when I don’t see any of these representatives speaking out against these foreign interests on behalf of their own country. These parasites came in here and took over everything because they have the capacity to print the money and decide who gets it and you get fucked. So tell me... do you feel like you were ridden hard and put away wet... yet?

If they don’t speak out against the ones doing this then they are in with them, either intentionally or complicit in their silence. Just so you get where I’m coming from... I am with the Palestinians, who are the real Israelites and the original people of the Bible and the rest of you are psychopathic murdering sonsofbitches and please do not pardon my French. I’m also with the French, who need to flush that blackmailed midget Sarkozy down the bidet.

Just what is going on in mid-April and who is behind it? Is it the same people that run the porn empires and the gay movement and the educational system? If it is, then good luck with that. How’s your world doing America? Have you caught on yet as to why certain people have been thrown out of every country in the world at least once?

I don’t have any axes to grind but I can see what’s what. God knows I’ve been victimized by it enough. How about you? You still have a life? You still have children left? You like it like this? Drive the motherfuckers to the sea or die on your knees. Who is doing it is no longer a question. Are there other bad guys who might be genetically something else? Well boy howdy... throw them out too.

Wake up from your pornographic dreams you slack bellied couch potatoes. Can you even do a pushup or a situp anymore? I’m older than all of you and I can do a lot of both of those every single day. I am flat out tired of you being so stupid and complacent. Call it like it is or sew your lips shut with fishing line so you don’t have to be honest and draw attention and... and... you think that will save you? How stupid are you? I’m 12 years old and I can see it.

All Rothschildlandia representatives- out of the country now; stop mincing your words and trying to be a nice guy. It doesn’t work. You are dealing with people who have no conscience and no soul. They are of the synagogue of Satan. That is who they worship and serve. Your own Bible tells you so in the words of your savior and you can’t even put 2 and 2 together. It’s because you are afraid. It’s because the plastic in your water bottle turned you into a... I don’t want to say it. I won’t say it.

Storm the offices of Goldman Sachs and send all of them... every single one of these Satan worshipping scum to Devil’s Island. That’s the ticket. Let us arrest them and put them where they have put us. I will be the warden because I know how that’s done and it will be more humane by far than what they have planned for you.

Wake the fuck up!!!! You are running out of time and dancing around with signs at some kind of staged event does not cut to the heart of your adversary. All you get are the front men that they put there for that reason. Fuck the politicians; get the bankers. You won’t be liking it much if you just let it go by. These people cut the throats out of children in order to suck power from the dark side. If you think this isn’t happening then you truly are a fool. There are a lot more of you than them... for the moment. They can’t do squat to me because I am out of range... not just physically. I work for the master of their master so they can’t touch me but they can touch you and I am warning you. Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut it out of your mind. Muck up the works if you can. Blow the whistle. The truly big gun wants to see what you are going to do. It’s all under control but on a personal level you could get hammered if you don’t stand up.

You want to resist and protest? Do it in your mind and do it quiet and on the sly. Surely you can do it in a mass response but you need to know who you serve and how much greater that power is or... you are right back in their hands. They are about to try to kill a whole lot of people. They intend to kill you... or worse.

Only time will tell if you are some new speech ringing out of St Crispin’s day or you’re just a fool and a coward who... for all your ducking and hiding... gets it in the neck anyway.

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Anonymous said...

EXACTLY!!!! fear not, dear Les, it shall be done. Violence against these fools is useless, we'll hit 'em where it hurts....the money and the control. we are free, there is no control other than truth. more awaken each day to the perpetual screwjob, and are taking action to be self-reliant. there are still many zombies, true, but there has to be karmic repercussions to NOT PAYING ATTENTION. an interesting year ahead, my friend.......

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Agree with many of your astute observations, however, if you are "off the grid" I don't see how you can know so much about the world news in the recent past. You are clearly interested, so go ahead and read George or Devvy or Clif - you don't have to look at TeeVee or the newspaper.
Agree about the April 15 protest, not worth wasting time on that. I have a nose for most of the current protests/etc./etc./ nothing worth bothering with yet, not even Ron (he fooled me for a while, but I got over it).

Will sign as Anonymous for now, but will sign up with a name as soon as I have time to review the options.

P. S. You are not older than me.

David said...

As you say herald.

Come on! don't mince words. Tell us what you REALLY think! (Ha!)

And here I was wondering if it was just me.

I also feel that anger and frustration and just want to say "Wake the fuck up!"

Anonymous said...

You've summed it up very well, Les.

It's waking them up that's the seemingly insurmountable problem.

If there is a culture of the future to look back at this time, I think we will be known as the race who died in front of "our" television sets.


ZHP said...

Flipper's "End The Game":

Conspiracy is the game
That the U.S. likes to play
Working, work a thousand ways
And still you´re only a slave
Working for your meals
And you´re working for your days
And still you work to go to
Bed with anyone you feel
And you´re walking down the street
And you´re playing part of the game
`cause all the time they´re watching
You know how you feel
And you think you wanna kill something
To deal with how you feel
But every time you try they slash you with their head
And you´re standing in a line
And you´re waiting for government goods
And you´re thinking that you´re part of them
Try and get a job
But what can you do?
Secretaries, lawyers...
I got a life
Fuck ´em
I got a right
Fuck ´em
Don´t need a date
Fuck ´em
Don´t need my car
Fuck ´em
The neon signs
Fuck ´em
We got the power

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

The latest in Zionist propaganda, is the new show called FACES OF AMERICA, where the pseudo intellectual Henry Louis Gates, transcends the African slave Diaspora to pretentiously tell Yo Yo Ma his ancestry to the Yuan Dynasty. His consultation with the botoxed Queen Nohr was embarrassing, as she feigned surpise to hear about her middle eastern heritage.

The show is gets weird when Gates starts relating people such as Eva Longoria with Mario Batale and Steven Colbert with Kristie Yamaguchi. I may have the matches wrong but some of his connections are serious stretches.

The main point of this show is to promote the melting pot across racial lines. Almost all of the guests have black ancestry somewhere.

But the real kicker was when Gates tells Mike Nichols, who is jewish, that not only he is related to Albert Einstein, but his DNA is Middle Eastern. Upon this statement, the camera focuses on Gates beady eyes, as if he revealed a sacred revelation. He tells another jewish celebrity that he too is related to Nichols, and he also has DNA of a middle eastern.

This DNA stuff could also prove that most Slavs have middle eastern ancestry. This show is another Zionist Hollywood effort to claim Semitic legitimacy, like the guy who dresses up lie Indiana Jones and finds all sorts of Hebrew relics in Palestine.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that Mike Rivero was an agent provocateur just like Alex Jones. Even though I get a lot of information from his website, I often wonder how he is able to do what he does without being a target of the gov't. He is pushing the protest/ strike in April bigtime. Just a thought ----Mud

paolocaruso said...

Last week Secretary of Defense Gates stated in the international media that the Iranians are:
"acting covertly and meddling into the political affairs in the Middle East".

Only stupid Americans could not catch, not even Gates himself, the announcement of outragious hypocrisy.

To be sure... the rest of the world did not miss that blunderous statement.

Presence said...

Nice, Les. Needs to be said.

For those of us still making attempts at waking/shaking those around, maybe our best tool is:
calm, honest, repeat. Repetition. Don't give up. Never know when someone may 'wake up' & then benefit from what you have been alerting them to all along. It's so tempting to avoid the conflict, but as they are ones we love, we want them to have some insight as to wth is being orchestrated.
How can we stop being the gadfly? Obviously that's also the bane of our adversaries.
People simply speaking the truth, and refusing to stop. Do it for the Voiceless. The level of effort involved in suppressing rational thinking is indicative. They count on fear tying tongues. People being quiet, shutting up, closing eyes, ears, brains, rolling over...Don't do it. Make noise, but remember the power of quiet, and calm, and humor...don't give up on good, (maliciously)mis-informed, stubborn people. They will thank you and love you in the end. They will. Remember that you love them too. Love's gotta really be resurrected for something else to come of whatever this all is.
Thanks Les for keepin it so real.

"Fuck the politicians, Get the bankers." Way to boil it down.

Visible said...


Whatever Michael's problem with me might be, I have to say he is pretty front row center with the right stuff. I don't doubt him one minute. Of course I could be wrong about anything but it's not the sense I get.

I don't understand his constant mention of Schumer's understudy Peter Schiff or a few other things but he's a conservative and also an atheist and becoming more of an angry one (not without reason) every day. It's not possible for him to know the truth so I would say he does a pretty good job sailing blind.

I don't understand (and never will) why people can't tell the difference between spirituality and religion. They always think God is supposed to rein in his mistake followers and those using human stupidity for profit but that would remove free will and take all the tension and excitement out of life.

Some things are fixed and some are not. No one knows the shape it's going to take.

Still... on my soul and my life... it all works out and the bad guys go down (especially this time... most especially this time)... end of story

abe said...

Amazing post Les. You my friend are spot on, and unfortunately all alone, in recognizing the phony jew-fraud Pete Schiff and the Libertarian movement as the next stage in the zionist dismantling of America. First you get "liberals" like FDR/LBJ to set up entitlements that, conveniently, aren't paid for. Next you use "conservatives" (like Reagen) to deregulate the economy. This allows monopolies to be formed and open collusion to occur. Then once the deregulated economy has been suffiently concentrated in to a few hands, you use bring back the liberals(Obama) and use them to over-tax and over-regulate the economy in such a way as to prevent the emergence of new competition. This new wave of liberals will usually also debase the currency in order to gather the losses of others, amassed in the conservative/liberal political cycle, for pennies on the dollar. This left/right political back and forth is generally known as the business cycle and can last for as long as it needs to last before the Kill-Switch is flipped. Once the economy is reduced to a corpse by being run through this cyclic wringer too many times and leaves the public too cynical to look for another left/right alternative- THEN they introduce libertarianism. By removing what little is left of the welfare state that provides for the general population, the zionists take domestic dissatisfaction to critical mass, at which point they will offer themselves up as the vanguard of "revolutionary change" against the very elites they own and operate. It's all a sick game and would actually be tragic if the soon to be sacrificed gentile elites (and rank-and-file jews)didn't so completely deserve the death that their treason cries out for!

Visible said...

Yes, Peter Schiff looks and sounds corrupt to me even before I look at anything else about him and I haven't even bothered with that. I might miss a lot of things but this particular area isn't one of them.

It continuously amazes me how people will embrace the same thing over and over just because they change the ingredients on the package.

Right now only Jessie Ventura still have my hesitant respect because he steps all around the big puddles and that bothers me but I understand why he has to do that but I don't understand why he just suddenly switches over to other conspiracies and becomes kinda tongue tied when he never used to be. Maybe it's a mine field but I wouldn't be affected that way.

Meanwhile, I still appreciate him. I tend to respect people who have physically gone the distance. I know what that takes.

Anonymous said...

Schiff is one of the "special" bloodlines, has anyone checked to see if he's one of them? IDK, I'm just pointing out the obvious that nobody is mentioning.....

You know, pretend to change but same old same old.... rinse, repeat

Visible said...

No matter how hard you look- and I have looked- you can't make the connection but you also can't prove otherwise either.

Anyway, here's one of their permanent tactics; set their people up to oppose their people and come out on top regardless. Anyone who wants to be a politician in the first place has got some kind of corruption looking to bloom into a purple flower. Politics is nothing more than lust for power and the opportunities that power presents. It is a truly rare soul who just does their job.

Anonymous said...

Did not see link for posting comment today. Wanted to add that I see the truth spreading like a virus. It is spreading into the military and into the people. Like a rabid dog they will be quite dangerous as there wall so deception start crumbling and falling down.

that is why they let it be known that they have nukes pointed at all of the major capitals. A threat! They may have been able to put a bunch of yellow bellies into key positions but there are some who still have balls between their legs. Just as in ancient times there will be some fields of green glass created soon in the middle east. I think 'the chosen ones' will realize to late that they have been chosen for something they did not intend.


ps: keep on, keeping on!

Visible said...

People... blogger makes it impossible for most people to post. Unfortunately only a few of you send your comments by email and prefer to just be angry with me. Even when you send you comments by email, occasionally I miss one and get cursed out. I have no idea what goes through the heads of people who don't contact me but honestly... I post almost everything. I am deluged by emails and other venues as well and I do my best but I am going to miss things.

For some reason everyone thinks that they are the only person contacting me and I'm just sitting here waiting. It's not like that. I do my best "but my best is not good enough" (paraphrasing that old Quincey Jones song; "Just Once") and never will be.

ow Amicus is an example of not getting pissed off at me but I have to tell you, the percentages aren't great. Every one of you know that they fuck with you and but how come you don't catch that they are doing it here with all the times I have mentioned it? If you don't get through then try at least three times reaching me directly before you scream at me. I do this for free to begin with. It's not like we are operating on your dime.

I say this because some people have gotten nasty with me lately for no reason at all. It's like Julia Robert's pouring the fish buckets into the Porsche in Mystic Pizza only to find out the girl was his sister.

Anonymous said...

Visible, with great success come great challenges and no matter who you are, even when you don't care, you are affected at some level by the back and forth of the traffic.

If we don't care it eats us from the inside out and if we do care it eats us from the outside in. How you even stay halfway sane being empathetic is beyond me.

It's the cross of all prophets and mystics that they don't heed their own advice. It is a strange blind spot that diverts their eyes and hearts from the real benefits they give everyone else.

You have changed lives but you cannot change your own. It's always been that way. The reason there are not more Bodhisattvas is because of the constant pain of giving a shit and knowing it will only make a difference a long way up the road.

A Bodhisattva is one thing and a Christ is another. One of them carries their flaws and the other removes them on contact.

It's mathematical, as you say.

You are not a mathematician. You do so much good and you cannot see it. You have little idea of what you have accomplished and perhaps you never will but golden spikes are being driven every day where that cat wailed.

Remember Mozart's grave. I have thrown your own words back at you here and I think you will recognize them. I won't talk about our emails or embarrass you by shining a light on what you did for me but just keep walking. You have to keep walking and keep your head down.

Everyone who ever did any fucking good walked that road alone. It's all new ground no matter how many times it has gotten walked over. It's always new ground and it hurts.


Anonymous said...

It happens in October but I don't think time is a factor here.

"This day is called the feast of Crispian:
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispian:'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.
And say 'These wounds I had on Crispin's day.'
Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember with advantages
What feats he did that day: then shall our names.
Familiar in his mouth as household words
Harry the king, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remember'd.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."

Man you cut to the heart. Do you think people even get your references? Now I'm laughing because I did.

Juan moke from da Big Island dat was schoolin one time.

Rebel 4E said...

Great post Vis,
Good luck to anybody trying to wake the (du)masses'll need it!
Me thinks tptb have been mighty successful in their efforts to lower the I.Q's of Planet Earth's resident dead-heads.
George A. Romero had it nailed way back in the 70's.
I'm calmer these days...(O___o)
Maybe it's because I've given up trying to enlighten the idiots that surround me.
Then again...'Anger is an energy!'
Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey!


Anonymous said...

have to post my favorite film version of the speech and stay with the video for the few minutes after because it is worth it. I know its war and all of that but life is war

Its interesting if you watch Olivier deliver the same speech and note the rack he strides up on for the climax. Maybe Olivier would have profited from technological advancement in film but I still like Branagh better. I fucking love Shakespeare.

Visible said...


Bless you for that. I love Branagh's version and god knows how many of the plays and what versions I have seen. Orson Welles lives in my heart forever for some of his work. He memorized Shakespeare before puberty. How can you not believe in reincarnation but then again... who could believe "We will sell no wine before its time"?

I love the minutiae that attends the lives of the actors like Emma Thompson being Branagh's wife until... uh huh and then on to Tim Burton and maybe James Cameron is next.

I never got to do a lot of the things I thought myself capable of but I think I got spared a lot of shit. It would have been nice to rock the Hollywood Bowl though. You know... just a one off sort of thing (grin). I did get to do it in the deserts and forests though and dance with huge entities where if one sliver of fear had entered in I would have been lunch. That's not so bad on reflection.

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare guy again. You unerringly hit all the places I have lived as you go by. Just Once and Find One Hundred Ways are two of my favorite songs. They're a little dated now but I still love them when I'm in my cups which is too often lately.

Here is James Ingram doing that song

I picked this video because it was the most human I have seen. You have to admit that Ingram has impressive pipes, maybe the best I have ever heard in the pop category. It's funny how that song kind of sums this place up to and not to mention the world.

The album, The Dude was a masterpiece by Jones at that time.

Visible said...

This is my favorite James Ingram moment

Yah Mo Be There.

You can tell they were having a lot of fun and you can tell by the screwups (if you happen to be someone who has performed on stage) that this is before everyone started lipsyncing.

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of name entertainers and I thank god that they had the steadfastness and resilience to do this. God knows that I don't.

Sometimes on stage I felt like I should go back and get a bucket of raw meat to pitch out into the crowd. I had enough problems dealing with what I ran into just passing through, not to mention what comes with the performance angle. I let that go pretty quick.

This (the blogs) is as close as I get these days and when I do crank my amp and let fly it's for the oliva albero and the invisibles; enough with the human end of it.

Visible said...

Speaking of Quincey Jones here is
Stevie Wonder doing "Find One Hundred Ways" and being seriously numerous at the same time. All that over the top stuff you see today, he was responsible for but it looked good on him. It's embarrassing when everyone else does it.

Find One Hundred Ways.

Now you can see that I've got quite a collection of links for when I get into my poignant nostalgia bag.

Visible said...

You got me started. Here's my favorite video. This is what it's really like to be really good and having a whole lot of fun and know that you own it and you can tell that the people backing him love him.

Dancing in the Dark.

We all get the chance according to how we visualize it and some of us wind up as Paris Hilton or Pat Boone as a result.

But man.... when you're lit and rocking and hitting every heart in range... this is what it's like. I know.

Unknown said...

dear LES this side of the atlantic same shit,zombies too,with one litle thing diference i must say, people here PORTUGAL from iam from know that the real sraelites are the palestinians would you believe it ???iam with you LES, salutes from PORTUGAL

Visible said...

Oh yeah... check out the first comment under the video. I almost forgot to mention that.

Visible said...


I used to spend my winters in the Al Garve before we came to Italy. I was at various places in mid-Portugal; spreading out from Lisbon and we wanted to move there but for some reason it didn't work out. Susanne was not happy. She love Portugal and not Italy so much for various reasons but I think that will pass (I hope).

If she hadn't nixed the house I picked there (in Portugal) we would be there now.

Unknown said...

most thing have been changed for worst here in lusitania like everywere ellse in europe thanks to the dictares in brussels ,but i promesse you the whine still is the best in europe,and you are welcomme to PORTUGAL

Anonymous said...

The link you provided for "Dancing in the Dark" came back with the following notation:
'This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Still and all, I love, love, love to come to your various sites and read your inspirational postings.

The slime that permeates our public lives can only be cleansed by the repeated applications of your
honest, light created bleach.

Thank you!

Visible said...

Every now and again I'm not doing anything (rare) and I just get into the commentary; so it is tonight. It's a good thing my head is clear or I would be inundating you with You tube clips. I almost got started on Joni Mitchell, the queen of my heart but I caught myself.

Since I am here and my head is crewed on properly let me just say that it all works out. You really can tell the reptiles to piss off. You really can stand up to these clowns and if you don't then that is your personal problem like the guy in my dream that was bailing out his end of the boat.

Unlike most readers here I spent some time in some very rough places where life could be taken any time; even worse than that because you have to live with some things and death is preferable in a lot of cases.

In my time I have faced down individuals who could well have whipped me but I stood fast and the one driving my chariot looked them in the eye and they fled. this happened more times than I can count.

One time it looked like I would be locked up for the rest of my life but it didn't happen. You would be amazed at how God choreographed it. I was amazed and I watched it happen and not once did God let it slip that he was involved. Afterward everyone thought it was just a great acting job on my part... hardly.

I had the chance in this life to do almost anything... no ties... no attachments... or none I couldn't break any time I wanted to but I was just a little bit smart and I went after God and that is where I am today.

I'm nobody at all but I will tell those who are listening and inclined to pay attention... seek... call out... speak into the mic...

just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Trust me on this more than anything else I will ever tell you... it's there. He is there.

You doubt because he didn't knock on your door but the truth is that that knock is happening all the time.

My life was awful. I had the living shit beaten out of me and everything that could have gone wrong did. Why was that? The divine wanted to cut me loose from the shit that would have happened if I had just walked the common route so he broke every possibility... burned every bridge... killed every hope of a normal life and then... when I had nothing left he gave it all back to me the right way.

When it gets rough these days... and trust me it does; I just don't write about it anymore. When it gets rough I remember just how rough it used to be and this is nothing... nothing at all.

If you can't find the faith and drive to meet the challenge then maybe some other time it will come to you but right now is a marvelous opportunity. If you take nothing else away from these sites... take that. Even if you can't believe... pretend. Act like you believe and it might come true... otherwise it won't be pleasant. Part of the onus is on you. You have to risk it. You have to try. I was lucky. god liked me enough to beat the living shit out of me. I can tell you it is there but you have to see it for yourself.

Visible said...

Sorry to hear it. Here's another kind of Dancing in the Dark. It's worth it for the lead guitar player.

and in this case he already knew he was dying when he did it The Incomparable Freddie Mercury

I salute the troubadours even though some of them sing from Hell. it wakes us up. Sad to say they do not wake us up these days. Not only has the industry shut them down but the artists have shut themselves down; and don't go giving me needles in a haystack.

I do like a good guitar player. too bad about that motorcycle thing but this is what I like. Smoked a joint with him once in Gainesville. And sometimes I feel like I was tied to a whipping post too.

It's no easy road to do that kind of thing. It's amazing that some of them stay halfway human. Then again, someone is in charge of the whole thing. I love that feature.

Anonymous said...

Last year when I was really down you sent me this

remember that? I'm still listening to it.


JSP said...

From Arab Woman Blues - Part 1

I have noticed something that keeps staring me in the eye --and it's very simple really..IT can be summarized in two words. - your oppressor wants you to shut the fuck up.

You would have thought it's something much more sophisticated , but it's not's just that - be a sheep and shut the fuck up !

I have dealt with the American public for quite some time, even though it's online, it's still a good barometer...

You see, when you deal with those Westerners, you can tell them anything you want, as long as you don't point the finger at them...this is how it works...

Being the two faced hypocritical asses that they are, they will tolerate you talking generalities but not singularities, but not pointing the finger....

You can say our mass graves, our morgues, our lost ruined lives, our exile, our orphans, our widows. our pain, our fucking long as you don't say You...

You see with those Westerners and American pieces of shits, they like things sanitized, they like it abstract, vague, diffuse, "objective", an IT...who is that fucking IT ? It's just an It...

You see, you need to pussy foot around their fucking language, their fucking concepts, their fucking political correctness and their fucking nuances and dilute it with an IT

IT was bad, IT is bad, IT is un-liveable...IT is hell. IT long as you don't involve those self centered narcissistic bastards, psychopaths. as long as you don't include them in the picture when they are the main actors...

So much is asked of you...not only do you need to deal with your own ruined fragmented lost life, but you also need to be objective about and be empathetic towards them....and their lives..which they "sacrificed" either in terms of "brave boys" or in "tax payer money " or in "health bills" or in whatever the fuck excuse they can come up need to be empathetic towards their empty shitty lives, their gargantuan holes that nothing fills up, no amount of food, money, sex, romance, adventure, things, goods can fill up...

And don't you dare think for a minute it's only whites, oh, no, it's every fucking "house negro" around who lives in this putrid land called the USA including the best house negros around, the Arabs next to the blacks..

My, my, what a bunch of whores these people are...even when they are stripped of their own dues, they're still there defending...

What are you fucking defending you little whores ?! What do I care about your little USA - American shit stories ?! I want my home back, I want to be with my family, I want the dead that you killed, talk to me...

Why can't I go back home now that you have liberated me ? Did anyone of you assholes sitting in your fucked crime ridden cities ever ask yourself this question ?!

You would not, of course you would not, you are too engrossed in your stupid, worthless, petty, trivial world, of celebrities and sports, of who fucked who, and who you will lay next... if at all....

Well guess what , I still want a fucking answer to my question....and I don't care about your 2 mn email that you sent in protest..fuck you and fuck your worthless protests....

Elevating Wilfull Ignorance To An Art Form Since 1776

Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,. Wooohoo! Well, that little flat spot's been expiated I see. Clubbed it brother - Clubb'd IT!
I think the reason so many are not capable of 'getting it' has a lot to do with the drugs they take (pharmaceuticals, food additives etc, etc.) Since the realization that we are spiritual beings ALL cultures and creeds have pursued entheogenic connexion. I have utilized this method myself and I found it to be extremely effective. My Order has always sought out the straight path to the truth. Perhaps the sheeple are numbed to the appropriate vibration/rythm/resonance whatever that key acoustical necessity is, they are not 'tuned' to percieve - as many as I can mention of the ancient structures purpose-built for spiritual expression and ceremony have a consistent pattern of resonance. In most of the ancient temples and ceremonial structures such as Stonehenge and Lascaux, researchers found the optimum resonance occurred at a frequency of 110 or 111 hertz — within the range of a low male voice. Which is why I think Pop music is the domain of brainwashed little whores(lady(?)gaga) and post-pubescent boys - Jonah(Judas) Brothers.

I think if you arranged "Walk Through The Fire" in the orchestral manner of Mike Batt - Tarot Suite or Levy's "Ameno" from the Era album you would create a weapon of tremendous power as a utility for countering the 'chosen' and their use of music as a weapon. I think this of much of your work. You should hear "Walk.." under a vaulted stone ceiling, it is quite amazing. Anyhoo, I not a musician nor do espouse any technical ability; just my thoughts...



P.S. not to mention the commercial value of such an album.

Deus Vult.

JSP said...

Arab Woman Blues cont'd...

Why can't I go back home now that you have liberated me ? Did anyone of you assholes sitting in your fucked crime ridden cities ever ask yourself this question ?!

You would not, of course you would not, you are too engrossed in your stupid, worthless, petty, trivial world, of celebrities and sports, of who fucked who, and who you will lay next... if at all....

Well guess what , I still want a fucking answer to my question....and I don't care about your 2 mn email that you sent in protest..fuck you and fuck your worthless protests....

But you see the Westerner and the American in particular, that piece of shit called American, gets all so offended when you twist the IT and turn it around to a YOU...They are quick to banish you, they are quick to castigate you, they are quick to label you but these motherfucker criminals, these empty hollow shallow pieces of shits were not quick enough to stop your murder...

Oh but Mr and Mrs prime goody good two shoes take offense...but they took no offense when the stench of our dead filled the air of our city, nor did they take offense when our women got raped by their fucked perverted impotent filthy men, nor did they take offense when our children were orphaned and went hungry, nor did they take offense when tumorous cancers ate our insides apart, nor did they take offense when our men were sodomized in the name of their fucking freedom.....

But they do take offense when you step on their little stinking turfs...suddenly their "morality" flares up, suddenly their political correctness is at stake, suddenly their non existent history is questioned, suddenly...

Suddenly they awake because you touched them with a "profanity"...and oh, how could you ? Them, the God fearing , law abiding pieces of junk...them, the most fucked , retarded, stupid, dumb people on the face of the earth...never mind their bullets that tear you apart, never mind their napalm that burns you to ashes, never mind their bombs that destroyed your homes, never mind their toxins that made tumors your best friend, never mind their pillaging that made you seek food in garbage dumps, never mind any of that...never mind that your kids drink water from sewage pools or that your women prostitute themselves for a piece of bread, never mind...never mind...

Never mind because in the mind of that fucked up entity called America with its whites AND blacks you are at the end of the day a nothing...never mind because in that whorehouse called America even your Muslim Arab is a pimp, never long as you don't offend these sluts of the new world order with your profanities...

Because you see, they are such a fucking moral people...and everything else is out there...everything else is an IT that they never own up to.

Great post, Les. It was that bold 'Fire & Brimstone' style that made me a fan a couple years back. Nice to see that the fire still burns.


Anonymous said...


Um, here's some talent. He has time to tune @ 3:14 mid-song

Unknown said...


I loved where this ended up today. The music touched me deeply and took me back to times that I had long forgotten. Going thorugh some intense medical stuff at the moment and needed to be where this took me. thanks all.

Damn, I miss those days!


WV: letworybe

Anonymous said...

Wow, BOSTON... that really brings back some awesome memories!

Tom Scholz and Brad Delp... two of my all time favorite musicians. and did you know they were/are vegetarians too, and they both have donated millions toward helping animals. and Tom Scholz's unique line of "Rockman" rock music equipment was/is still the best.

Unfortunately, Brad passed on... but Tom still shines brightly.

And if you are one of 'my generation', you surely must remember the song "More Than A Feeling"!!!

Boston's "More Than A Feeling":


Tom Scholtz:

Brad Delp:

-- long john

Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,.. Here's a link your people might enjoy, these guys are involved in the Technical Trading Markets; they provide fundamental analysis with a (grin) and a semantic interpretation of Technical analysis - why is this germain - "Ask who benefits?" In the main they are subjective because that is how they help people make money or avoid losing it. This is why they are so important to my research method - the yids are all about material 'Worldliness' hence the starting point for any investigation into the 'yosen ones' or 'chiddish' eastern euoros is "A jew would sell you the rope to hang him with, if he thought he'd make a buck on it!"

Sign up for thier emails; excellent connection to the source and inspiration of our foe: GREED.

Knowledge is power - empower yourselves.

The light in me recognises the light in you.


Deus Vult!

wordver: paulizz

Anonymous said...

"Smoked a joint with him once in Gainesville."

That wouldn't be Gainesville, Georgia would it Les? Seems I have heard you mention North GA several times before (been reading you since early '06), did you once live in the area?

Also, since we're diggin on musicians here, I've always been curious what your thoughts were on Jerry Garcia. I came along too late for the Grateful Dead and as you know there is a whole history/mythology there. Lots of esoteric symbolism as well as a lyrical alchemy similar to yours. Not entirely positive vibes from some members though. Bob and Mickey belong to the Bohemian Grove, and why is Phil playing an Eye of Horus bass now? Jerry was the genuine real deal though I believe, have always sensed he was "one of us" so to speak. Any experiences or info you could possibly relate?

Here's a somewhat related link you and others may find interesting --

Thanks for everything Les, hang in there buddy :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your intensity tonight Les, really fucking, fucking good!

Those fuckers will get their comeuppance, meanwhile voice it loud, bravo! I'm taking it to the next level.


Visible said...

new Visible Origami

The Music and the Dissonance of the Spheres..

Anonymous said...

"I am with the Palestinians, who are the real Israelites and the original people of the Bible and the rest of you are psychopathic murdering sonsofbitches and please do not pardon my French."

Patrick here...

.....with all due respect, les, the Palestinians are Ishmaelites; they derive of Ishmael, cousins, so to speak, lf Israel...

.....Israel, as in, TRUE Israel, is the Adamic race, found with the caucasoid race; before anyone points a finger regarding "chosen" status, allow me to say that they were, indeed, chosen, but for what? Chosen for SERVICE; the very first moment one feels "special" about it, they've blown it...

scroatbelly said...

L.V. I've been awake since the preacher's son showed me some terrifying end of the world video made by some church. I was in the 4th grade then. There was also some printouts on the old world chaos (nwo). Sons and daughters of priests, ministers, pastors are some of the most fun and wild people around. Another wake up is when I took LSD for the first time in the sixth grade. Once you dose you never go back. I certainly don't recommend elementary school age people drop acid but it worked for me. Getting in shape with some push ups and sit ups is a good idea for when the defecation strikes the roto-oscillator and you have to head for the high ground. Walking three miles a day no matter what the weather works for me. Porn is like a candy bar or cold soda pop, good for a few moments then it wears off. I'd rather see Lightning Honeybox the luscious lesbian next door in all her glory than some web skank.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who posted at 10:35 PM...

You said and asked: "I've always been curious what your thoughts were on Jerry Garcia." ... "Jerry was the genuine real deal though I believe, have always sensed he was "one of us" so to speak. Any experiences or info you could possibly relate?"

Well i can shed some light on Jerry. i had some personal association with him back in the 60s and then again in the early-mid 1980s. I had a girlfriend in San Francisco - circa 1982-83 - and she hung out with the Dead quite alot. After we broke up, she ended up marrying Jerry and they lived together for some years in his house in San Rafael, until they split up. I was also good friends with an older hippie couple in Santa Cruz, who were very tight with Jerry. They also were good friends with Jerry's wife (my ex-girfriend). And so whenever Jerry went on a vacation over to Kona (he liked to scubadive), he would always take them along for the duration, and in high style. So this couple would get always me free tickets and backstage passes to all the Dead shows around the Bay area. I also had another good friend who hung out with Bob Weir in Marin County.

However, I first remember Jerry from way back in the day (1960s) in San Francisco. I used to go to parties on Alan Watts' houseboat over in Sausalito, and Alan knew the Dead. I also once lived in a cabin in La Honda (actually Skylonda), and so i knew Ken Kesey and Neil Casady and the Pranksters (who live dnjmust doen the road) and they were very good friends with Jerry. Even more significantly, I also knew the Jefferson Airplane gang pretty well... especially Jack Casady (from back in Takoma Park) and Jorma Kaukonen, and to a lesser degree Grace Slick & Paul Kantner and Spencer Dryden, and I used run into Marty Balin over in Berkeley occasionally as well. I was also acquinted with John Cippolina of Quicksilver. All these people from the 60s San Franciso music scene were all good friends with each other and with Jerry and the Dead. Back in the late 60s i also used to often go up to the Grateful Dead Ranch in Sonoma county for those uhh special psychedelic sacramental occasions. I also had another friend i had known from D.C. and Virginia, who hung out with the Dead and the Airplane in many of their recording studio sessions.

So all in all, i had many different and various occasions of personal association and fraternity with Jerry. Jerry was an intrepid psychedelic voyager, and actually he tried many different far out potions besides the ususal acid trips. Jerry was a great musician and a really warm-hearted guy, a real gem of a fellow, and i was very very sad when he departed from this world. it would take pages for me to recount all the good times had around the Dead, in Golden Gate Park, at the Family Dog, at Winterland, and at the Warfield Theater. When Jerry died Bill Grahmam had this huge Wake for Jerry in Golden Gate Park. literally almost everybody was there. there must have been a couple hundred thousand people in attendance... and amost everyone was tripping. a bitter-sweet good-bye.

Thats about all i can share for now. Yess indeed, Jerry was "one of us".

-- long john

Visible said...

Hi John;

I'm going to say a few things here and I hope it doesn't piss you off. I know you've been angry at me for awhile and I have no idea why since I've only seen you a couple of times in the last 30 years.

John and some other people could say a lot of things about me, having been around me. Not much of it would be bad because I didn't really do anything bad. I did get wild on occasion but it was an extra-terrestrial kind of wild and scary might apply but it wasn't me to begin with so I doubt I catch much blame for that.

I had to take John's name out of my 'travelogues' series at Origami because he objected to my making mention of how handsome and charismatic he is was/is and how women threw themselves at him in a way I have never seen before. Most of my close friends like Billy and Howard are extremely handsome. I'm the only mutt except for Douglas but charisma sometimes will make up for a lack of good looks.

But John had something greater than any of us when it came to being a magnet for the female eye. Still, he wants me to look at him as a spiritual being and not a babe magnet but I don't see the contradiction there unless being attractive is used for psychopathic ends and John didn't do that in any way i noticed.

He hung out with all the people he says he did and more. I met a lot of those people too but not the way John did.

John was with me when we got hijacked on a plane from Albuquerque in the early 70's and I made friends with the hijackers and almost convinced them to take me to Cuba with them. The Washington Post even printed my poem in praise of the hijackers; imagine that.

John was around for the kundalini awakening but not present at the event itself. I don't know what his take is on that but we definitely saw some things together; John and Billy and me and sometimes Douglas and a few other people.

Suffice to say that few people sucked the juices of the 60's dry like we did. We got the best of that and some hard times too but that is the point of adventures. We really went right to it and damn the mainsails.

In some ways John has had a cruise of it. I have not. Most of my friends were born rich. I was born poor and stayed that way (grin). There's no shame in being born rich. It's what you do with it that counts and furthermore... what you do with you time is what really rings the bell.

Visible said...

I went off on John a few years ago about what I can't remember now; too much assumed familiarity? Maybe. I've been climbing this mountain all my life and the only one who really helped me was God. Billy and Howard helped too. They put their property and funds on the line when I was on my way to different kinds of perdition. Others helped too.

John is an enigma to me. It appears we are friends but I think we are just souls reincarnated from other times who might have had some business together.

Today I am deep in the woods where I am most days and not another soul in sight and I probably won't see anyone else except causal store encounters with checkout people and as for friends I don't see them at all. I think I wish I had some friends and I do have a lot of friends I have never met but they are all far away.

John? you've got lots of money. If you think I'm all standoffish and to myself all you have to do is hop on a plane and come see me. You know I can't come to the US. You know how many times I've been thrown in jail just for having that kind of charisma.

Many of you have a lot more money than me. I have nothing except what the day requires. Plenty of people could come and see me and even use my house while I'm somewhere else which is half the time but they don't. I don't understand this karmic headlock and I can't constantly apologize for not being aware of whatever everyone wants from me when I have so many people to deal with every day and am still completely alone except for my dogs.

I don't know why this comment turned into this. I tend to just say what I feel and I usually don't know what that is.

In any case, if John tells you somethings about people he met, he's telling the truth. We've had exceptional rides both together and on our own and it's one reason neither of us takes fame seriously.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, I forgot... about the Grateful Dead. I loved American Beauty and Working Man's Dead but as for the group I have little interest. You were either into the dead or the Jefferson airplane and I was an airplane kind of a guy.

Also, I was at Altamont and saw what happened front row center and I don't respect The Dead for making that happen and then not even having the balls to play which would have chilled the scene. But that's my only criticism of them I don't know them and never met them but I did meet members of The J. Airplane and lots of other folks.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

Watch Closely... at no Time does the Hand leave the Wrist.

Anonymous said...

Long John --
Thank you for the response, it really is appreciated. I've been into Jerry's music my entire adult life and your experience with him confirms my intuition. I must have been in Haight-Ashbury during a previous life because that scene has always spoken to my soul. You sure got around man, whenever you feel like dropping some crazy stories please do!!

Les --
I'm surprised, you've gotten into so much in your lifetime it seemed only natural that a Dead tour or two would fit right in...not to mention the Acid Tests in '66 ;)
Thanks again and take care :)

Visible said...

I've said that I enjoyed The Dead. I just preferred The Airplane/Starship.

Visible said...

I've said that I enjoyed The Dead. I just preferred The Airplane/Starship.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, as well as friends and kindred spirits,

Les, thanks for your kind and supportive words. I am in no way angry or pissed off at you. I actually wrote a very long and detailed response to you, but its one that is far too much for this comment forum, and alot of it is personal between you and i, and so parts of it would not hold meaning or significance for other readers.

So I am going to email it to you. Please be on the lookout for it. I warn you its a pretty long letter, but its something that i need to share with you, so read it when you have adequate time.

All i wish to say here is that I love you Bro, and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Always.

You and I and others well know the momentous time long foretold is now fast approaching, and the light of the dawn of the new eon is breaking.

You and I and everyone who is here with us now, and later, who sense and know the truth of this, we are all lights moving as one song, vessels of the light and love of the Divine. And there is no other.

And when the veil is lifted, and that day comes upon each and all in its everlasting fullness and infinite glory, there will be no more sorrow. Upon my word, I have seen it and I know it already to be so. Blessed Be.

I love you all, who are each and every one, none other than my own true self. The heart of my heart, the life of my life, and the soul of my soul. The One. Tat Tvam Asi

Aum Shanti Aum

-- Long John

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:16 pm,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. However, if i told you all the names of all the bands and famous musicians and famous celebrities i had known or had met back in those days, you would not believe me.

Its a long list and i only just scratched the surface with a few in my comment. I donlt really want to elaborate. I really don't feel comfortable name dropping. It makes me sound superficial, and i am not a superficial person, at all.

Some (not all) of the famous musicians and singers and bands of that era were not really all that high, even though it may have appeared that way to fans and outsiders. Some of them were real egotistical jerks who got stoned but never truly got high.

Also, Les likes to say that I was some kind of stud or babe magnet, but i wasn't really so attarctive as much as i was bold and self-confident. But i wasn't always that way.

I learned early on that if i believed in myself (or at least i appeared to), meaning that i had a sort of magical aura of self-confidence and natural charisma, then chicks would find that rather exotic and appealing... and some of them did. But also, i was so tripped out most of the time that it wasn't all that difficult to play the part. And some of it had to do with being in the right place at the right time and meeting the right people.

Everything was/is in constant flux, so the theatre and the actors and the scenery was always changing. I learned to be fluid and ride the flow of the dream and act like i knew what it was all about. But it was really all a mystery.

Everything just happens, but no one individual is in control. Its like a magic theatre and everyone is a puppet dancing on a string, to the tune of whatever they resonate with. I just chose to resonate with the divine consciousness that envelops and supports all things. So naturally some people were drawn to me with little or no effort on my part. Like being a hollow flute. I just found myself part of a moving musical play.

It was all Les's fault. Actually the magic - the power - danced through him and then through me... and so it went. God knows where i would be now, if i had never met Les. I'd probably be some retired university professor or a multi-billionaire like Steven Jobs of Apple. But alas, there's no going back now.

There is an old saying in India and the Far East. It goes like this: Once you find that your head is in the tiger's mouth, then its already too late.

Once i had taken acid and then i had the unique fate of meeting Mr Visible, my head was already deep in the tiger's mouth.

So be careful what you ingest, and who you encounter... lest you fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Visible said...

Thank you John.

You're unpredictable. I thought you might jump on me and I was going to post it no matter what. You're too kind. It's true I got the hand mudras and the keys to the kingdom but it hurts like hell. Everything seems to hurt. I can't wait for my promotion to some other field of play. I don't like it here and I have to run from everything. That's funny and ironic because I can face it down anytime without even thinking about it.

I've had a real load laid on my shoulders these last couple of years. Sometimes I feel that it will crush me to earth and break me in two.

Visible said...

One further thing John;

saying you are not handsome and charismatic is like saying there is no Washington Monument. It's there and so are you. We had fun on that airplane huh? heh heh and we both wound up with women named Susan except that mine's German and called Susanne. If anyone is great and has magical powers it is her. I wouldn't be alive if not for her. I'd be dead or in prison which would be worse although I fancy I'd take some of them with me when I went Virtuosity style.

Anonymous said...

"Whom Krishna saves, who can destroy?

"Whom Krishna destroys, who can save?"

Anonymous said...

No Les, thank you brother.

I loved you then, and i still love you now. I can't think of anyone else that i would rather be in the company of. Whatever your pain, whatever your burden, whatever your hurt, whatever the weight... you can lean on me. You can count on me... and you can count me in.

I have been carrying my own cross for ever so long, i don't even know any other way anymore.

You must surely remember... "perserverance furthers". I learned that one from you.

Actually, there were a number of other far out times we had too... i tend to get lost and tangled in them when i start to think back. Thats why my email was so damn long and convoluted. As soon as i open the vault, all the other memories just come flooding in. Like stuff and people i haven't thought about for 40 years. Sorry about all that. I will send you another email that is much shorter and way more to the point.

Btw, my partner Susan is German too. He father was from the Germans in North Dakota. He even spoke German when he was a boy. And my mother and her brother my uncle were very German... they came from four generations of Pennsylvania German medical doctors, and before that from Germany. All our Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays always abounded with german saukraut and dumplings and strudel.

My mother's brother - my uncle - was a (very german) medical doctor and a famous researcher too. He was a US Marine officer and WWII hero, and a brilliant man. He also had a library of rare occult books, a collection of Nazi swords and skulls, and he was also a serious Guru to all the early super bodybuilders of the 1950s and 60s. He also was (and still is) well known for being 'the father of anabolic steroids'. He was a huge towering man of six foot six. He typically wore US Cavalry boots, a huge bowie knife, a civil war hat, and he drove a 1960s gold Lincoln Continental convertible with a white leather interior. He was quite a well known character in Washington high-society circles. That was my awesome uncle. He was larger than life. and I lived next door to him when I was growing up.

I also owe a whole heck of a lot to my wife too. She is a stong woman and an awesome healer, and I would be lost and probably homeless and destitute without her. We have been together for over 25 years.

In any case, I hope to give you one super-size hugg someday soon my dear old friend... Whe we walk again in those golden fields of Lothlorien.

"You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in the fields of gold.
When we walked in the fields of gold.
When we walked in the fields of gold.
When we walked in the fields of gold."
-- Sting

I love you more than words can tell.

Ever Yours in the Truth,

Long John

Visible said...

I love you too John... very, very much and I also love that Sting song. I recognized it immediately. Remember that there's more than one ring-bearer with a phial from Galadriel.

I want to apologize for not staying in touch more and not giving you proper respect. I'm flawed in some ways and really busy too. It seems like all I do is work.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.



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