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Riding on the Rollercoaster of Cosmic Change

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You can see it coming. Even where I am, where you can’t see much of anything except for people doing the same things they’ve been doing for generations, you can sense it coming, if you’re sensitive (grin). Actually that’s a good point because sensitivity is an endangered state and might well go the way of manners and taste, which departed some years ago but weren’t missed except by the people still committed to having them as a feature in their lives. Most of us have to keep them undercover, most of the time, because manners, taste and sensitivity are not routinely welcome ...which is why they left in the first place and... they make you look like a victim in waiting.

Probably you’re thinking, that’s not true, lots of people still have manners, taste and sensitivity. Hey, I’m not all that different from you. I also lie to myself and I make things out to be more beautiful than they are because that is how I prefer it to be and because I know we all create our own world, our own reality and I prefer the hopeful and expectant to the fearful and apprehensive.

Why I am writing about this is due to what I’ve been noticing of late. Mind... I’m not seeing it in person and I don’t run into it because you have to be around people for that to happen and usually I’m not and... people down here are out of the loop and so they’re still like they used to be. However, I am sensing it and I am seeing it online and I feel it vibrating on the ethers. It’s like a movie trailer or the sound of distant thunder which might actually be guns. It’s like the sound of distant voices that could be laughter or screams but you get an impression of which one it is. It could be both. That’s how it is these days... it could be both.

Even last year people were kinder and more generous via the internet. Now there’s a tension and an anger loose. Something is pressing down on humanity and I suspect it is impending ‘change’. I started to notice it a few months ago when certain people got angry with me about something they wouldn’t have responded to before. Or they might have taken a moment to consider my reasons instead of simply reacting. I notice it in myself too. I’m impatient with certain things that I’ve been more tolerant of in the past, like people’s intolerance and their death grip on dogma and cant.

I realize that the reason people have a death grip on their traditions is because their traditions are about to undergo sweeping transformation. They may not know this but they can sense it; feel it, like I sense and feel other things. All of what has been so familiar for so long is about to become new and unfamiliar and change is something that humanity resists except for those who are part of the medium of change.

It’s just as well. Materialism has brought things to the point where the joy has gone out of life. This is the reason that people are immersing themselves more and more into it, as if that might eventually lead them to what they are missing in the midst of what promised to provide it but never does. Another reason for the immersion and the intransigent resistance to seeing what is going on all around them is fear. One way people deal with fear is to pretend it’s not there and maybe it will go away.

You take two people and put them on a rollercoaster. One of them is thrilled and into it and the other is scared shitless; one shared situation with two different perspectives. The same could be said about the changes coming upon us; changes that are unavoidable and in some cases, unavoidable due to long term, collective intransigence.

It’s the strangest thing; the stranger that things become ...the calmer and more secure I feel. Even the occasional impatience doesn’t feel like it belongs to me but is just something happening around me. There’s this sense of rightness that feels so much stronger than all the uncertainty and apprehension that seems to have grow more intense than it was. There’s the sensation that it is going to get a great deal more intense and then there’s the sensation that the rightness will continue to be stronger no matter what. I guess I’m one of the people who’s excited on the rollercoaster since the ride; the conveyance, the space it is passing through and myself are all a part of a consciousness that is controlling everything and always will be.

I’m thinking that the only time I’ve had problems in my life were when I wasn’t aware of this consciousness and its absolute control. I resisted the direction it sought to carry me in. I fought with circumstance on the behalf of what I thought I wanted and was blind to the endless series of blessings that were delivered to my door. Of course, they didn’t all seem like blessings. Some of them were hard and painful but I suspect that was also due to my inability to see and surrender. Some of them were hard and painful because I chose them over the blessings.

This thing with the Pope covering up the sex scandals has been known to some of us since he got into office. Now... all of a sudden its big news and- let me tell you right now- it is going to have an impact of things far beyond what you might presently expect. It is also an indication of similar conditions about to be visited upon the majority of those who have believed themselves to be in charge of everything. It’s connected to Kissinger’s stomach pains which are nothing really. Are they?

Powerful forces are bringing their weight to bear upon the world within and the world without. It’s affecting us differently. Some of us are not willing to change and that includes not only the villains but many who think themselves righteous and good. Many who are in high positions and present themselves as servants of humanity are doing no less evil than those who are deep in denial about their murderous impact upon their fellows. But what are good and evil anyway? Perhaps we are going to find that out.

The ever increasing tide of individuals and organizations calling for 9/11 Truth are having a telling impact on the PTB. Jessie Ventura’s appearance on The View with the Disinfo Chicks was a powerful event due to the audience that twit fest reaches. Cracks are breaking in the wall of lies and the truth is leaking from the dammed up waters that will not be held back much longer.

Things are coming out about the bankers and world leaders; about their private lives and the sexual predation of children. There’s a Scarlet Pimpernel of a force loose in the fabric of the dream and its tweaking things at all levels and it’s always gone as soon as you go looking for it. The power of the dream is receding and an uncomfortable light is casting its shine upon familiar things that we could never clearly see before. It is uncomfortable because it is unfamiliar. We thought they were one thing and, lo and behold, they were another.

We are beginning to discover that we never knew ourselves or each other at all. We did not see the commonality of hearts and the kindred spirit of our being. We are being informed of it now. We are being informed through trauma and trial and loss. We are being informed through disillusionment as to what is real and what is not. We are being thrown upon each other by circumstance in order to see our dependence upon one another and the priceless treasure that we are; so much greater than things and the petty vanities of our selfish natures that have hardened under the influence of a ubiquitous materialism.

It is changing and portions of it are passing away and all the fear and pain that attends this is nothing more than the sensation of our attachment to it. The pain and fear are only as great as the degree of this attachment and can be remedied by the simple act of letting go. Our own ingenuity and willful intent to triumph and survive will not help us now. We are being put through it to show us this and we will see it... whatever it takes to bring it about, we will see it, like it or not. It is much better to give way and ride it to the revelation that it brings than to oppose it and have it ride over us on its way.

Now is the time to show a greater compassion and to seek a deeper understanding while we feel so much less inclined to do so. Such an investment will repay the faith extended many times over... many, many times over.

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