Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Monkey and the Mango Vase

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Sat back for a few days watching the wheels go round... or the wheels come off, as you prefer. The earthquake machine, whether it be natural or unnatural is cranking up and strange weather is appearing in various places. I have no idea if ‘they’ are messing with the weather. It’s all speculation. I know they can and I know that killing people is something that grants them the tumescence they are after; whether it be murderous helicopter pilots or their more vicious masters or even more vicious bankers behind it all.

Toppling some of the unbelievably corrupt governments of the west is an idea whose time has come but it’s pointless to focus on the politicians. These are just the ordinary whores plying their trade street side. It’s the bankers that need to come down and have all their money redistributed. It’s the pimps and the crime bosses that you want, not the lying mouthpieces who work for them.

I note with interest this piece of news going around that Wiki-Leak’s is a government op. I haven’t a clue as to the truth of that. Some might have thought I was advocating that position but it was merely our desire to bring it to your attention.

This brings me around to the out of state financed Peter Schiff character. Kurt Nimmo puts into print what I think about the guy. In any case he’s a stockbroker and a free market capitalist. This kind of animal doesn’t give a shit about the people his system hurts. A big whoop de doo about his accurately predicting the sub prime, housing crisis; we predicted that well before him at Smoking Mirrors but we’re not trading on that to get ourselves a whore suit.

What I’ve noticed is that things are cracking up all over the place. Kyrgyzstan is an important domino in a place where there are a whole lot of unstable dominoes. Boom! Just like that and out of nowhere, the government is gone. Hopefully this does not bode well for the US, Neo-Con terror operation in Afghanistan. Under the cover of blaming Afghanistan and Bin Laden for something they didn’t do, the international drug traffickers were able to get the opium and hashish business back on track. Now they’re using some of their supply to cause chaos in Russia by addicting the populace. Let’s hope the new government throws the US out of their airbase and hamstrings their capacity for mass murder for awhile.

Meanwhile, some of the leadership that the Iraqis prefer has gained power in Iraq. Sadr is becoming a potent force. It’s about time, given that the US has killed around a million Iraqis and displaced millions more and all of it based on lies. Saddam was like Florence Nightingale compared to the systematic murder carried out by the Neo-Con war machine.

This all started back in the Neo-Con planning rooms at PNAC where they got the 9/11 attack in motion. This was, of course, carried out by Rothschildlandia and agents of western intelligence along with well-placed killer swine like Larry Silverstein and Dick’em Cheney. That telling moment with Secretary Minetta in the war room says it all. Cheney refused to scramble the jets in defense of the country; probably because the attacking air machines needed to finish the job and were under the control of Cheney and those controlling him.

We have entered entirely unpredictable territory. You never know what you are going to see from one day to the next. It’s not just the financial and warmongering skullduggery; it’s the lives of celebrities and the uncertainty of the mass. Confusion is the order of the day. Invest in silver! Invest in gold! Invest in guns and ammo... who the Hell knows?

However and whatever are the plans of the Neo-Cons and their ancient, underworld based, horned master... it can’t all be them. My take is that they are even more frightened than the people they are trying to scare. They’re like jugglers with too many balls in the air, except they are juggling chainsaws and knives while knocking back the Jack Daniels.

Well, as I have said repeatedly, their horned master works for the main guy so they’re not going to get relief in that direction. They are just going to be led into more and more exposure and greater and greater vulnerability. ♫High ho! High ho! It’s off to judgment they go... and they don’t even know♫

Yes, it’s all coming apart. Afghanistan is lost and Iraq looks like it’s going that way too. Karzai knows what’s up and that accounts for his strange behavior of late. Not much gets said about what Russia and China are doing behind the scenes but you can bet it’s having a major impact. They’re right there too. The US is not. Tactically it’s not an advantageous position for the Neo-Cons. Short of the use of nuclear weapons they are toast.

The majority of us who are out of the loop don’t really know what’s happening behind the curtain. My best guess is that Iran has weapons they aren’t talking about. My guess is that all sorts of alliances and deals are being made behind the scene. It’s only common sense. The Neo-Cons are making war on Russia and China in a variety of ways. It stands to reason that they would be doing what they can to protect themselves. So, Armageddon lurches across the landscape like a blind, lumbering and very pissed off monster dragging a huge net of fear in his wake.

Alright... so besides being bloodthirsty vampires, the bankers and the Neo-Cons must be practical men, right? They must realize that if it gets badly out of control that their heads are going to wind up on pikes. These men have gone to the best schools and associate with all sorts of others who advise and inform them. It must be that greed is like a fever and like the monkey whose hand is trapped in the vase by his grip on the mango... they just can’t let go. With one hand already trapped they are still looking everywhere for another vase with a mango in it.

It can’t possibly be sane to want billions of dollars. It comes to a point where you just can’t spend the money, so only the game is important. Terrible acts are accomplished by the movement of fountain pens across paper and it all just looks like ciphers. The human element has been removed from their sight just as it was previously removed from their hearts. A terrible fury of judgment is coming for these clowns and nothing you say and nothing they see can wake them up from their dreams of power and self importance. I just can’t get over how much it looks like a movie. I can’t get over how much of a cosmic moral play it is.

I don’t know what to stock up on or what to convert the currency I don’t have into. I suspect that wisdom and understanding would be a good move. We’re hoping to get a shipment in shortly. These things are like instruments on a plane. You can see where you’re going even if you can’t see where you’re going.

I don’t suppose there’s any new news here. I’m just beating on my drum and whatever comes out was looking for that opportunity. The will of the divine and world circumstances are going to dictate events and we’ll all be wherever we are, based on our understanding and whatever wisdom (or lack of it) assisted in placing us there.

These are those times when just about anything can happen. I mean anything. There’s no way to predict the combinations of natural and human event along with the very unstable environment, made so by the departure of virtues and a swarming in of vice. Whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be interesting.

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SUZANNE said...

Thank you again for your voice. I have turned my back on all other blogs/websites - too negative and I suspect, interfering with my vibration. Your blogs seem to be in harmony with my mind/soul.

I am growing impatient though. I have had enough of the status quo and it is a constant battle to stay smiling and singing.


tim said...

I watched the videos of Dr. Sabrosky, the former director of the war college who finally convinced the American millitary brass that Mossad and elements of the US government did 911. I don't know much about the millitary firsthand, but this seems extremely important. Could you talk a little more about what you think the ramifications of this are?

Pstonie said...

The geographical position of Kyrgyzstan made me think it might kick off what showed up in the penultimate linguistics report as illusory posture (or isolation) of the US military exposed.

As for the bankers, what they are doing is not practical in the least. Can they not see that tying off the lending will kill their source of income, and them in the process? I can only guess that they're shoring themselves up and leaving the lending to other banks, who in turn are doing the same. Still, quite a retarded move. Perhaps they're hoping that all the sheeple will die off before realising what's going on.

But yeah, these are crazy times, and we should all be weary of factions or organizations trying to get us to throw in with them, manipulating us to help with their money wars.

Never been so glad to be the little guy nobody cares about.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

I saw this congressmen Boehner on the news wearing a pink tie and bashing the phony health care bill.
I realize these congressmen are the drunken clowns that divert attention away from the real crooks but it would be nice to see them in chains on the public commons.

As for WikiLeak, I too an suspicious as to the timely leak of such a video. I am convinced that it is meant to intimidate the freedom fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan. They really don't care how outraged 10% of the US citizens are.

I heard a US commentator with a Jewish name state that " the US has a military base in Krygyztan, but the US does not like to have bases in countries with unstable political situations" WHAT A FKING LIAR. THe US thrives on countries that are unstable.

As for Cheney holding back the Airforce on 9-11 flights, I noticed that recently they immediately launched F-16 for a Arab diplomat who was smoking a cigarette in a flight lavatory.

The US situation is desperate. I agree with you Les. They did not save the economy.. they only delayed the inevitable. War is their only card remaining. Anything can happen.

jim said...

People in America, who are mostly brain dead morons, believe that Persians (Iranians) are backward, stone age camel jockeys. The have no understanding of Persia's rich history of art, music, mathematics, philosophy, etc... . Americans also believe it is their right to steal all of the oil and natural gas from these uneducated sand ni#&ers, because they are Christians and not Muslim infidels.

Believe it or not, most Americans still do not get it. There are no war protests, because they think that what is being done in the Middle East by American forces is justified. When others die and you get to steal what was theirs, and your Ministers tell you God justifies it, who needs to protest?

In spite of economic woes, the comfort levels of most Westerners is way higher than what Kings experienced even one hundred years ago. In spite of this, there are millions of Christians who look forward to Armageddon. If this is not a sign of utter insanity, and spiritual bankruptcy, then what is?

The war in Persia is inevitable, just as the complete incompetent and degenerate Albert Pike stated years ago. The powers to be will not stop until Humanity is engaged in full scale nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare. You are right, billionaires are completely mad.

Have accrued Gold and Guns myself, and have always maintained a deep faith in God. Sometimes it is best to accept what is to be and just prepare yourself as best as possible before it all goes down. If Humanity could have developed a group consciousness, instead of many different warring minds, then Earth would have been a Heavenly Paradise instead of Hell.

Boulderdash said...

Good point on things going on behind the scenes. The drumbeat for war against Iran has been going strong for at least three years, if not longer. But "they" just can't get it started. I often wonder why that is.

Sometimes I think it is our level of consciousness that just says, "No, enough already." Maybe we've finally gotten to the cusp of that point where we can turn down the need to kill more people.

Other times, I think it's the Sufis who are playing with the TPTB, toying with them, playing tricks on them, stopping the false flags before they happen.

I remember incident with the Iranian speed boat a couple of years ago. Somehow the media made a big deal about the "threat" of a boat that might be better used to pull water skiers than to strike fear into the crew of a US Navy destroyer. You could just imagine a Sufi practical joker behind that one.

Anyway, Les, good to have you back.

WV: fights

Neko Kinoshita said...

I have to agree it is already getting interesting.
I'm having veils lifted practically every day, and I must admit that the death of an illusion in no less painful than it would be if it were real.
I keep looking around and I just keep asking the divine for guidance..
I have to believe that the path will appear when I need to walk it.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a bit much to think that the US defence thingy would scramble fighter jets just because 3 commercial aircraft are flying off course - being tracked - for 30 minutes to an hour or so. Come on thats just an over reaction.

However, if a diplomat was to risk having a cheeky cigarette in the bathroom during a cross atlantic flight then - bingo 2 fighters are scrambled. You know the risk of second hand smoke - its a killer!

(big news on BBC today)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As Suzanne put it I do not really follow any other news at all I find all I need right here at your blogs there really is nothing for me to add except maybe my 'AMENS' brother.You say it all with a clarity call that is untouched like that voice I always allude to crying out in the wilderness...
What is there to add really nothing.Plus the quality of commentators is unbelievable the sources almost impeccable guys like Dublin Mack leave one breathless saying who is this guy on the good guys' team.Keep it up guys as for Les this is what he does this is his Job.
wv-blessit.I guess tht's what I called to do.

Jim said...

Thank you very hard sir for your humour. I find it a constant balm for my injured ego after trying to get my puddin headed buddies thinking outside the box.
Being Canadian, I constantly have to caution people not to give up the hope that a huge silent majority of Americans "Get it". Our politicians do seem a little less criminally minded when it comes to consumer protection in areas like safe food etc., But you can still see flocks of Canadians lining up at Walmart for Chinese made shit and bitching about no jobs. It's not too late to "let freedom ring".

Anonymous said...

Dublin mick... great piece of reportage!

Les- A thought I was thinkin' the other day about how Obama now can order the execution of American nationals without a trial... Now, if that isn't a poke in the public's eye with a sharp stick, I don't know what is.

But it does bring to mind an interesting idea, namely if our politicians can kill us on their word, why can't we arrest them? Seriously.

If would be nice to see some of these congress critters drug out of their cushy offices and thrown into the back of a cattle truck by citizens.

If they can kill us for no reason...

Ahh, thanks for your blogs, probably the sanest places on earth...


Anonymous said...

The actions (or inactions) of Russia and China with regard to the USraeli Empire's aggression, both present and forthcoming, is completely baffling to me.

For example, why won't Russia deliver to Iran the S-300 air defense system they contracted to deliver several years ago? (And this while the Empire openly plots against Russia and surrounds Russia with missiles, radar systems and hostile puppet governments?)

And China just sits there not only mute, as usual, but still financing the Empire's mass murder crusades.

Russia and China may indeed be sitting around a table in the backroom making some plans, and may have already drawn some kind of line in the sand, but if they have it's not at all obvious to me.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They’re like jugglers with too many balls in the air, except they are juggling chainsaws and knives while knocking back the Jack Daniels.

Hunter would be proud. What a great ,concise turn of a phrase.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find the exact article that accused Wikileaks of being a willing CIA mouthpeice, but the first and second link give the general idea I think.

Disappointing....the revolution, brought to you by Wal*Mart!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahem . . .

The Minetta moment was and is meaningless, because no commercial 757 hit the Pentagon. After 8-1/2 years, come on . . .

abe said...

Hey Les, I gotta respond to Jim:
Dude, I take deep offense at your dismissal of the American opposition. WE DO exist. Just last month we had thousands marching against war and for 9/11 truth in LA but no media coverage, despite being in the entertainment/media capital of America. We also have many veterans and Indians doing all that they can for this nation. Between the spiritual battle of the Indian Pow Wow for indigenous rights the world over and the excxellent work of Gordon Duff over at the site, we ARE mobilizing for America and we WILL fight our battles- with or without the jew media's attention. We are not brain-dead either,but forced to live with the lies the Les once accurately called "the currency of the kingdom". Those christian-zionists that get all the TV coverage are not Americans, they are jews and should be addressed as such. Stockholm syndrome has descended on much of land to the extent that many now identify with and support their jewish captors to a degree that, I believe, has left them void of any legitimate claim to an American identity. Yes, their are many evil jews, and their cattle- inhabiting this land. All that means is that the remaining real Americans have been made a despised minority in their own land, unfortunately- it's a feeling I know all too well.

Anonymous said...
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Greg Bacon said...

After watching that Iraqi video that showed an Apache helicopter gunship shredding into hamburger civilians, then cackling about the gore, then blasting into protoplasmic bloody gore the brave Iraqi civilians that tried to help the wounded and AGAIN laughing, I have to ask:

Were Beavis and Butthead pulling the trigger or was that the collective laugh of an nation gone mad?

Where's the escape hatch? I want the fuck out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The first jim is definitely not the second jim. Will change back to anonymous as people are so f#*king stupid, they will not recognize differences in writing style or content. By the way, why do some people have to write monstrous quantities of comments that literally drowns out everyone else?

What is a seven course Irish meal? A welfare check, stolen goods from work, food stamps, an unemployment check, child support, drug money, and counterfeited English Pounds!

Anonymous said...

Well doggone Jim you are just no fun are you?

To many he will seem blatant and bumptious, but in Paris they are simply regarded as being British.

When the English agree with you, you must be wrong

The years most popular study of fiction in Britain is called study of peerage...

Anonymous said...

It is shameful those British computers do not have a scroll feature.

TheSparkle said...

That's no moon. How bizarre.

Dublin Mick! Keep up the good work.


Visible said...


I guess you're talking about This.

I don't really know what to say because a lot of it seemed to be a tad grandstanding and overly formalized genuflecting. I'm quite sure a great many people in the military have known for a long time but... there's so much I don't know that I can't speculate.

I applaud the man for saying what he does being who he is and it is certain to be one more straw on the camel's back. Sooner or later the information goes viral and we can only hope that also means the end of this particular virus as well.

abe said...

Thanks for the link Mick, synchronicity is the order of the day it seems. Antisemitism warning, blood libel below:

chuckyman said...

Well said DM.

Jim...your name is in the book. May advice is to starting checking under your car. Kharma’s going to get ya

V word = queti

Anonymous said...

Am not English, but actually a great mix of half German and half British. Also hate scrolling through redundant tripe. The part of me that is Irish is Black Irish, which means we think organized religion is just a pansy show.

On a side note, believe the English are just a bunch of welfare collecting, homosexual, heroin addict, murderous scum, so do not appreciate being referred to as English. Anyone who worships a f#*king drug dealing Queen deserves to lick Jew ass. Would love to see Ireland kick English and Scottish (dress wearing, sheep raping fairies) butt, but they are all muddled in the little boy bun screwing religion called Catholicism.

chuckyman said...

Half + half + a little black and some Irish envy also. So you’re charming, funny, hung like a bear and thick as shit at maths.

What’s that you’re singing? ♫ I was trolling through the woods one day... ♫


Anonymous said...

hey, DP. i really have been appreciating your latest entries and Sunday's radio show. i apologize for judging you harshly. i realize your path is different than mine and the wisdom and care coming through on sunday was undeniable despite the chemical influence. i have a few questions for you and i'd love your feedback. in many of your posts you seem to have an anti-Zionist emphasis. i have no doubt the Zionists are misbehaving and i imagine one of the more sinister components of TPTB. however, it seems like from your perspective they are the source of the globalists. i see them more as a faction, and if i were to pin the source of planetary crime on a particular group, i think i would choose the banking cartel. perhaps that's what you mean by Rothchildslandia...yes? also, what do you think of this theory being proposed by cliff high and jay weidner about these alien Aryans that are the real power-source of darkness for the last 6000 years and the real bosses of the globalists/neo-cons/bloodlinefreaks/vatican/banksters? cliff's idea is that these Arians are leaving earth and taking refuge on mars so as to miss the 2012 solar event which will wipe the face of our blue planet clean so to speak. then they plan to repopulate after the dust settles(200 years or so). far out stuff...still i'm inclined to consider it as something about it seems to make sense. cliff also theorizes that there's some war going on just outside the perimeter of our planet. if so, then who are these so called Aryan/AlienFreaks battling?
thanks for your good spirits,

Visible said...

Most of the central banks are owned by Rothschildlandian interests. I realize any number of people are looking for hidden culprits; "the man who squats behind the man that works the soft machine"

Since the Rothschild crime family did 9/11 and all present troubles spring from that source they must bear the weight of the guilt. Of course there are dark souls from all cultures and countries but this particular groups is very much over represented for their numbers.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought:
Do amerikan atrocities take the synapse-challenged's attention away from rothschildlania/anti-assimilationland's atrocities?
or at least diffuse the rage?

tim said...

According to Dr. Sabrosky, whatever high brass he has been discussing 911 with over the past few weeks claimed that they "didn't realize" that building 7 was a free-fall demolition. When asked what their reaction was, he said first disbelief and then rage. "They (Mossad w/ Bush admin. officials) did it, didn't they?" So whomever he is talking about finally understands or this is just more bullshit.

Visible said...

Any and all confusion benefits and adds to the general confusion and misdirection.


I don't think it's bullshit. I just don't know who he spoke with. It seems uncanny to me that higher 'connected' military wouldn't know. That said, no doubt there are plenty of people that just couldn't see. Due to nature of the ever approaching Apocalypse seeing is becoming more and more common. Veils are failing away from minds.

Anonymous said...

nother question for ya. you reference "satan" periodically in your posts. do you mean this metaphorically or as a field of focus(like a thought-form created through collective belief) or do you believe there's a actual Satanic entity that objectively exists and is feeding the rothschilds with power-lust?

Visible said...

I believe there is only one divine force that appears to the wicked and carnal as The Devil.

However I do believe that there are concretized collective thought forms like materialism and other things that have great sway over the general mindset in the form of magnetic polarization that leads to a variety of hypnotic states.

Though there are a bewildering array of possibilities in form. It is much simpler behind the phenomena. There are a countless amount of different plants but they are all expressions of the sun and rain. The rain is also an expression of the sun. All the complexities of weather have a relationship to the sun.

tim said...

Sabrosky says that he spoke with the Marine command center and the US war college, but he never mentions any names. In the beginning of part 3, he says that if Americans understood that Mossad was responsible, WE would wipe Rothchildlandia off the map. It would be brutal and the end of israel. Do you see that happening?

Visible said...

Yes, Israel is going to be destroyed. I don't know how but that is its destiny and the culmination of the abomination that it is. How that is going to happen I don't know. There are all sorts of possibilities.

Some things about that whole interview leave me wondering but it could just be me. I've got good feelings for Mark Glenn and the fellow from The Liberty is a determined soul and I like that.

Something isn't ringing right, though that is often the case for me. It could be something else entirely. It's hard for me to imagine that some number of people at The War College wouldn't know what happened. I discovered what happened years ago and I didn't have their sources. it could be that it is important for them to appear not to have known for good reason.

Anonymous said...

i'm with you, DP. i can't imagine that any of those in the highest posts of usa military/bankgov don't have blood on their hands. if isreal is destined for annihilation as the culmination of its karma than i would think that amerika as we know it has another one coming as well. and i think it will be at least as tough as isreal's medicine.

Anonymous said...


You made all of those references to the Sun. You must be one of those Pantheist types that has an independent mind. We will have to put you on anti-depressants and heart medications until you are sedated.

Then we will force you to watch MTV, reality TV, and all sorts of other Jew brain washing crap until you succumb to death. How dare you refer to the principle creator of Humanity as having any important aspect in your life. You should kneel down right this moment and worship our creation, the mythological hippie Jesus, you anti-Semetic pagan.

If enough of you goy scum wake up, we will have to unleash the murderous police force to slaughter you sheep sooner than planned. Right this minute, if you do not wish a visit from the Mossad, recant all of what you said about the Sun and give all credit to Satan, Lucifer, and Jesus (our creations). Please remember that we Jews will not allow worship of Nature, which is the body of the Infinite Creator.

tim said...

How do you survive a solar event by leaving Earth and going to Mars?
Another understanding of the devil is that the Divine manifests as birth, life/chage, and death. The devil is seen as a personification of the death manifestation.

Scissortale said...

I do get rather bored with the broken record rhetoric about "Christians" and the "mythical Jesus". I admit there are plenty of those who disguise themselves as Christians that start wars and steal from other nations and there are those who are ignorant enough to believe their preacher's false teachings about "infidels", but this is all done by design and anyone with enough knowledge and insight should easily know who's really pressing the buttons.

Maybe it's time to ask why they are so afraid of a "myth" that they constantly campaign to eliminate Him and His followers by word, and before long by execution.

Anonymous said...

it's not my theory. i heard it from cliff high. you can check him out at he's a brilliant guy,however, the first time i heard this "off-worlders" theory of his, i figured his imagination was getting the best of him. then my second thought was, who am i to say? i certainly believe there's a lot of unexplained ufo activity/gov-coverup as well as a secret nasa space program as well as 12 trillion $'s that just dis-appeared into thin air. who knows...? it might explain the seemingly super-natural hypnotic trance of the usofa masses as blatent criminality happens right before their very eyes wide shut on a daily basis. and, i'm right with you. i'll take death over immortality as my teacher any day of the week.

thanks for your response to my satan question...very well put.

Anonymous said...

Scissortail -

Well, of course anyone with "knowledge and insight" knows that there is not one iota of evidence that anything about "jesus" is mythical. "Astrotheological": oh pleeeeze!
And, well, just about everyone knows that The Protocols are the final word on EVERYTHING in the universe, so we don't really have to name names, do we?

Lukiftian said...

"No country can survive the lies of permanent war. Maybe that’s the plan. But in the meantime a few are profiteering and the illusion of big money is a temptation that some will always follow.

Just ask your local mercenary."

OK Dublin Nick, the answer is 'no'.

I developed standards in my middle age... better late than never I guess, much to the lament of my wallet.

But I'll tell you what will happen, because I know intimately the mentality of some of these guys. They'll carve out little pocket empires of their own, some of them... abroad, and also here in North America. They answer to no one, and if you stop paying them, or don't pay them enough, you're in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

If you dumb ass goyim wish to believe that the Infinite Creator, who created the entire Universe of which the Earth is a extremely atomic part, incarnated as a Jew in order to be tortured and murdered by Jews to save people we spit upon non-stop, then go for it. We wrote the entire Bible, especially the New Testament, which we did not have to plagiarize as much as the Old Testament, so continue to be our stupid sheep and have faith in our word of God. You somehow believe that you can escape Jew control, by following a latter teaching of the Jews to non-Jews, so you deserve your fate.

Christians are all delusional, hypocritical, degenerate monkeys that need the Jews to tell them what to believe in and do. They are all less than animals to us Jews, and clearly do not care that their Priests/Ministers tell them to turn the other cheek or accept their fate or act as lambs. You gutless Christian shit are good at slaughtering women and children for US and Israel, as that is how far your real courage extends.

You eat our fast food, play our sadistic video games, smoke, pop, and shoot our drugs, and imagine you are in charge. You goy are ugly, fat, stupid, sadistic, back stabbing garbage that are next on our venue after the Middle East is conquered. Enjoy your temporary illusions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reflective post Les. All-out world war seems to be the only option left to the "leaders" of the United States of America.

Jim, you wrote a sentence worth reflecting upon:

"In spite of economic woes, the comfort levels of most Westerners is way higher than what Kings experienced even one hundred years ago."

I believe you are fully correct. So it begs the question why some western people feel they need a billion dollars buy hook or by crook - an amount they can never manage to spend anyway.


Steve Watson said...

The UK internet censorship bill has now passed house of Commons and is to be ratified in the house of Lords - from where it originated.

"Mandelson began the onslaught on the free internet in the UK after spending a luxury two week holiday at Nat Rothschild’s Corfu mansion with multi-millionaire record company executive David Geffen."

That's right free thinkers, you can soon kiss SM goodbye in England.

I believe SM is already censured away / not unavailable in New Zeeland or Australia.

Your (Western) country will be next!


Visible said...

Yes, we are censured in Aussieland but you can just go to the Wordpress Mirror or the next place where it will keep right on moving. they want to play Wack-a-mole that's fine with me.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Riding in the Back of the Universe's Long Black Limousine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les, thank you.

1) I heard Alex Jones' penultimate interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts yesterday. The good Dr. has had enough. It's not his age so much as the realization that waking the American great unwashed is futile.

2) I fell off my chair when that guy claimed "Reichsmarschalls" were unaware of Israel's role in 911 or of WHAT 911 was (controlled demo). No bomb/demo experts in the military, eh? Poor little lambs! Funny thing though, military's been blowing things/people up all over the world for decades! Covering their treasonous asses, is all.

3) Vids of military atrocities... since these aren't wars, but rather invasions, no rules apply.
Anticipate those same monsters
prowling your streets in the near future. Brings to mind the Raven gang from "Treed Murray." (shiver)

4) Cliff High is an interesting guy.


Anonymous said...

Censored in Aussieland?
I'm readin' you loud and clear from here Les, for now anyhows.

Haven't been wack-a-moled just yet.

AUDPaulE (Fremantle)

Visible said...

It might be just the government servers and related and they haven't gotten around to the homes yet.

ether said...

Pardon me if this seems like such a trivial question but I would like to know what your definition of a hippy is. I'm 32, my parents were supposedly hippies and I was supposedly conceived on acid in the 70s. I hang with a bunch of people who sometimes call themselves hippies but what the hell does this mean?


Anonymous said...

So where is your Obama? He could stop the whole thing right now.

armchair radical said...

As the chaos looms larger, so grows the calm secure feeling in my chest. I love that part. Fear is gone, it is almost like watching a slow motion crash on the other side of the highway... I'll be fine and drive home unmolested, but oh, what a show.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les i've put your blogs on dvd so i can still read them if and when they turn the net off.i havent read the early ones so should keep me going for awhile

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Ride the Apocalypse on the New Ship of Seeing.



Joseph Brenner

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