Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Forces of the Last Gasp, on Meat Street

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Occupy Wall Street, by way of Occupy Fleet Street, is turning into, You're all Meat Street. As expected, The Forces of the Last Gasp have dispatched their faceless, assault bots, with their black motorcycle helmets into the parks, plazas and sidewalks of this debauched culture and looted landscape; into the dying cities of materialism, on their homeward bound course, which is the eventual destiny of this particular format, marching into its own particular entropy, which is its final destination. Imperialism has its denouement, as do all of the other temporary forms, grafted on to the original tribal state. Every one of these systems has their perversion specialists and money manipulation experts and we know who they are in present day, in tandem with it being, “same as it ever was”.

The police and the military work for the money men. The perversion specialists warp the culture through facetious and gratuitous laws that transform perception by legal decree; it's the law, it must be right. The police and military are those whose conscience has adapted itself to the performance of any and every outrage in exchange for a paycheck. They are enforcing the law and the law must be right. Meanwhile, there are those in the police and military, who still retain a semblance of conscience and know they are being screwed the same way as those they are hammering with their batons. In this time of awakening, many with guns in their hands are waking up to the injustice of the torture and murder of goat-herders and villagers in foreign lands. They did it for the bankers and bankrupt slogans, whether it is Semper Fi, Seig Heil or In Hoc Signo Vinces. There are no parasites as insidious, vile, venal and cold as the bankers. They are the original satanists. Stop the bankers and you stop the clocks, you stop the wars, you stop the poverty, you stop the inequality, you stop every evil financed by them and they are considerable.

It's a simple thing, the same way that the war against the Muslims is about Muslim bankers not charging interest because Usury is the king of pain in the lands of the oppressed that extend from sea to poisoned sea; also courtesy of the bankers, who never met an environmental disaster they didn't like. First they destroy it and then they muster another industry that pretends to clean it up. They manufacture diseases in order to make the practice of medicine a high profit industry. They manufacture laws that make the private prison industry a high profit scam. They destroy the educational system to graduate ignorance and stupidity for the purpose of assimilating propaganda and social control. They take every potentially good thing and rework it for maximum profit. They outlaw every positive methodology, to destroy the possibility of competition, with the varieties of bad shit that interfaces with all kinds of other bad shit that has put us all in the shit where we are now.

It's a simple thing people. Let's look at the pharmaceutical industry by example. The pharmaceutical industry kills and makes infirm more people that the illegal drug industry has ever done since back in the day when they were providing all of the drugs that are now illegal. I'm pretty convinced that The Harrison Act came about because certain forces, in the bed with international bankers, saw how much profit could be gained from opium once it was prohibited. To comprehend why that is you only have to go back and study The Boxer Rebellion and The Opium Wars and the results and you can fast forward to The Afghanistan War if you like as well. Of interest, is the fact that part of the Boxer Rebellion was about the influx of the satanic Christian missionaries into Chinese culture. There are two Christianities, always keep that in mind and one of them has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

Okay; western medicine is allopathic. That means it treats the symptoms and not the cause. Who is the biggest purveyor of symptom suppressants and sundry? Why, that would be the pharmaceutical industry. Who profits from shutting down all natural healing techniques and substances? Why, that would be the pharmaceutical industry.

I want to show you how wide the net of vicious enterprise extends. I suppose I am speculating a bit here now, but given all we know, it sounds as plausible as anything. What industry is most responsible for poor health on the part of the western populations? That would be the food industry in tandem with the chemical industry. Hmmm, isn't the pharmaceutical part of the chemical industry? The food industry employs researchers and scientists to mess around with the dynamics of Lady Nature. They employ financial experts to figure out how to lower costs and maximize profits, which means using palm oil and soy oil instead of more expensive but healthier components. Now, consider the sweetener substitutes that I don't actually have to get into. Extrapolate out into genetically modified foods and let your imagination take you on an excursion of speculation. Now, consider that those who invest in the food industry are almost certainly involved in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry and you can suppose, assume, or outright claim that there is little doubt that they make food which makes people sick, to send profits to another arm of the bloodsucking octopus that straddles the globe but; there's no conspiracy. Nah, there's no conspiracy among the money men around to world to maintain this abusive system and to look for new ways to make it worse, if only there is some greater profit to be gained.

Every religion except for the one that operates under The Talmud, espouses mercy, charity, peacefulness, compassion and attendant virtues, yet... yet... what do we see promoted from the pernicious pulpits by the twisted priests of most of them? Why are we in a time of religious wars that serve the interests of bankers? Look to your ministers people. Look to your philosophers and pundits of the moment who are given so much media face time by the people who own the media for one reason; to keep the truth buried under a landfill of lies for the purpose of profit.

In a time of darkness, the mind of darkness is preeminent, via the reports of the senses and the propensities of the mind and heart of the one interpreting them. Factor in the mass mind and peer pressure and you have a a dark and viscous soup, as sticky as tar and difficult to extricate from. It's no wonder that people feel trapped, have given up, or are completely unaware of what is happening to them. If it were not for the benevolence of the cosmos and the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse with his walking stick, we'd be toast.

It's not an accident that Rick Perry forgot his lines at the debate. It's no surprise that Strauss Khan is much deeper into the goblin night than just being a serial abuser. It's no surprise that so many things are coming to light and that the efforts of the damned are being frustrated at every turn. Some would say, “No, they had all of this planned a long time ago. They can't be stopped.” I beg to differ and I submit that no one has ever pulled it off in recorded history and not before that either,. It always gets to a place like this first. The place of the summing up.

The Sandusky Affair, which will prove to connect all over the place, to all sorts of people, has been exposed by a tap from Mr. Apocalypse's walking stick. Mr Apocalypse is dancing across the world's stage like Gene Kelly. He's singing in the rain. He's wearing mirror shades. He's humming an old Robert Johnson tune. He's on his way to the crossroads to collect on some debts. It's is a wonderful irony that those who have spent their lifetimes putting people into debt and operating off the principle of debt, are now going to find themselves very, very deeply in debt and unable to resolve it, except in a most timeless and ancient fashion.

It's all under control and beautifully so. There's nothing unpredictable, except for those of us, most of us, who can't predict what is coming because; why spoil the surprise? In the meantime, that uncertainty is meant to provoke and inspire us to be better than we might have been in the process.

Keep holding the truth to be self evident and it will certainly become so, sooner or later, once it burns away the rubbish and rags that conceal it. It's all about the right kind of desire and aspiration. This is what burns away the veils. Some say that passionlessness is the key but that's just another way up the mountain. You're either climbing it or you are at the base camp arguing with the experts.

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Patrick Willis narrates:


Anonymous said...

Ok, here we go. First time commenting. You are my morning espresso, black and bitter shot of reality. My head explodes on first reading, second reading my heart starts to hurt and I get a little weepy. You are a poet and wordsmith extraordinaire. Les, you are blessed with the ability to show us the hell we are in and the future we can, with courage, build. You climb to greater heights with every offering. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

militarized police, brain dead populace.

the world in which we live is simply unrecognizable to me anymore.

good reason to 'occupy' one's own space.

"everything gonna be alright".

perseverance and patience.

(no waiting)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les Visible for making Divine's wisdom understandable!

please allow passing my Greetings and Welcome to The Apocalypse!

hidden history (i.e. 400 + years of talmudic terrorism and crimes against humanity) revealed (and to any so inclined PLEASE) READ Reed (written, 1951-1956 by "Britian's foremost WWII journalist" and censored out of existence until now):


an excerpt to demonstrate the depth of the hidden history - uncovered by Reed (Chapter 19 "The World Revolution" (i.e. talmudic terror goes turbo global) http://www.controversyofzion.info/Controversybook/Controversybook_eng_19.htm ) :

"The French revolution of 1789 is the one that provides the key to the mystery. It forms the link between the English one of 1640 and the Russian one of 1917 and reveals the whole process as a planned and continuing one which, having passed through these three stages, clearly will reach its final orgasm at some moment not far distant, probably during this century. That climax, foreseably, will take the shape of an attempt to consummate and complete the world revolution by setting up a world-government under the control of the organization which has guided the revolutionary process from its start."

Josey said...


After reading, I was amazed at the number of potential signs that I could make up with quotes from today's reading.

I could set-up a sign making company and produce placards for people at various demonstrations, er protests, and they'd all be good, just from the material today.

But now they're breaking up all the encampments. They'll return in some new form, soon and maybe I can be ready then.

Possible ad copy:
For $25, you get a well-thought-out expression of "outrage" in 5' X 4' format, multi-colored with rain and element protecting surface rolled up and shipped in one of those map tubes for mailing, which can also be used to hold the sign up.

Choose from various "expressions of rage" or edit them, or make up you own,then proof your new sign,... we'll do the rest and have it to you in 72 hours.

Whatta ya think?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The City of Portland issued an Eviction Notice to the Occupy camp at the Lownsdale Park site. The word was that the Eviction would be enforced by the Portland Police at 12 PM, beginning Sunday the 13th. I was there from 11 PM to 1 AM, and I heard the rest of the story later. There were more than a hundred police in riot gear to evict a few hundred Occupiers, but a couple thousand Occupy supporters showed up, and perhaps an equal number of curiosity-seekers, forming a crowd of maybe 5,000. The Police, who had been harassing the Occupiers all day, postponed the Eviction. I'm sure it was the size of the crowd that stopped the Police from Evicting, and there's a lesson in that. In the morning the Occupiers abandoned Lownsdale, marched to another Park, held a rally, and disbanded. Regardless of what the critics say, the Occupiers recognize a wide spectrum of vital issues, and they are righteously Taking It to the Streets.

I will continue to harp on my litany that the abuse of Power can only be reduced by reducing Power itself. Within a society, the existence and exercise of exclusive Power is in itself an abuse. The "magic" that produces and perpetuates Power in our society is money and wealth. It's the posession of wealth that gives the greedy and the perverts the Power to be above the law and perform their pedophilia and human trafficking, economic extortion, environmental abuse, and military murders without restraint.

Perhaps it is human nature that there will always be people who try to take advantage of others, but our economic system rewards such people. It doesn't have to be that way. We can create an economic system in which wealth is limited to a level at which no one can exert much Power over others.

Visible said...

(grin) Go for it.

DaveR said...

Too much fun. Everybody's "I wonder why this idiot's running for president" candidate, Herman Cain, just stepped on his weenie, big time. I had CNN of while fixing lunch and there was Herman at a press thingy in Milwaukee. They asked him if he agreed with president Obama about Libya and he couldn't remember Libya. It was so obvious. And he "had to make sure" that they were talking about that Qadaffi guy. (spell it as you wish). He can go stand by Rick Perry now. Too funny!

Angeline said...

The show is getting almost fun to watch isn't it? This round of the republicans best and brightest looks like the big ass end of their bad karma. Oh my, how embarrasing! Don't they see it yet? In the words of David Icke "What bunch of Shite holes"
Meanwhile I stick to real food, organically grown and stay away from all the establishments offerings, be it shampoo or pharma or food. My way of giving them all the big finger, at least I can still do this and it feels good!
Les, it's such a better world out here with you in it and all those who post here. Thank you!

Visible said...

Umm Hmmm Patrick Willis does it again.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible,
a small offering if you please allow; as you and all may know, once the talmudic-slavers were shut down in the Western hemisphere (partly a result of the usa's "civil war"), the vipers turned their slaver ships into opium transports (mainly between India and China) ... and the same crime syndicate (headquartered in city of london) still control opium fields in India (as well as Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, coca in South America, and at one time in Turkey, Syria (maybe still?) ...

amarynth said...

And The Level Shift does it tooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Rudderless (aka from Penn State to State Pen)


Beaver stadium and McQueary, too funny.

Ben said...

Dear Vis, Dear All,

Thank you, Vis, for your words. I know, as you have stated on occasion, that much of what you say is repetition... albeit on a different scale or approached from a different angle.

No matter, it is essential that this word is broadcast as this word is a witness and testimony to the end of this age and the ushering in of the approaching age.

I don't know much; for this reason I constantly ask Father Creator (God, if you wish) for discernment, wisdom, enlightenment, understanding, all of this seasoned with His love (which is personified through Jesus His Son).

On occasion I'm provided with insight into those events that capture the world's attention... on many other occasions I am given only the knowledge that I must rest/reside in Him.

Today was such a day and a day absolutely full of joy; absolute confidence that all "was under control". And this long before I read Vis's latest Petri Dish.

Cast out fear, cast out apprehension, cast out doubt and know beyond a doubt that the world/age that is coming will make this current time seem like a dream or a short nightmare.

The Powers that Would are like a caterpillar as it begins its metamorphosis into a butterfly... the caterpillar has no say in its change, in fact, it is utterly consumed/destroyed in the process. So it will be with those that believe they are sovereign. They absolutely are not and they do not know this.

My love to all.

P.S. I rarely engage in the word verification game but today I must. My WV this time was "forto"... I looked it up and it is the Esperanto word for "strength".

Here be the verse I chose for this:
"You are my strength, I sing praise to you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely." (One of the Psalms.)

Doug Pearson said...

Along with the Food-Medical-Pharma industries you can also throw in the Media. For without it millions of tons of pure cancer causing garbage would be left uneaten and slow down the whole process. The media also works to glorify the military, police doctors(men in white) and a host of others. For example the military guys are always fighting for freedom and democracy and goes back to when I was just a tyke with the likes of Gomer Pyle, etc. Doctors are the same way. Marcus Welby, Ben Casey, etc Hell, you could put a polecat in a white coat and people would follow him to the mortuary. And while I'm at it religion too. Little House on the Prarie. Good god -fearin' folk. The list goes on. Many see these discrepancies in logic and scream to their friends that the wagons are being circled and it's time for a call to action and in turn are ignored, or worse yet, laughed at as being the crazy ones. I mean if it's a logical question you must be bug assed crazy right? Anywho, about all I can finally conclude is that we all have to live our lives the right way and remain true to out ethics and morals and lead by example. But hey, what do I know?

Pete said...

Masterful exegesis of present appearances. I can see why waking up is so hard for so many. Who would want to accept the reality of this reality?

Smyrna said...

I have understood the Afghanistan 'war' to be about heroin. Wasn't the crime of the Taliban to shut down poppy production? It's full steam ahead there now and accounting for 90+% of global output. This was certainly an added benifit, if not a key plank in the staged events of 9/11. The trucks taking the raw product to the refining mills get military escorts, no?
I'm not into that scene, but from what I gather Russia and Eastern Europe are the big markets at the moment. 'Welcome to 'Democracy', have you tried Heroin'?

brian john krajci said...

one love, one heart... Who feels it knows it y'all!

Terrance said...

For an average man, the world is weird because if he's not bored with it, he's at odds with it.

Journey to Ixtlan

Aunt Franny said...

I don't know about the rest of you, or even you, Les, but I'm pretty sure I'm not from this planet. I've been pretty sure about that since age 8 when I realized that it was IMPOSSIBLE I would grow up to be anything like any of the so-called "adults" I knew about or had heard about.

Nothing on this planet makes sense except the natural world, which functions beautifully and harmoniously all by itself.

That observation is so simple and so obvious to me, but where would I even get such an idea? It must come from somewhere else, from a sane world that I can refer to in memory -- because sanity sure isn't happening here and apparently hasn't been happening here for about 13,000 years.

What an incredible waste of a totally beautiful and generous world.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Google research support material for the Judge’s post today….

Global Eugenics brought to you by the wholesome good folks at the CFR. See the CFR Global 2000 report and then see the Georgia Guide Stones for their monument to their program.



Anonymous said...

great video here:

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?” – Documentary

go to 1:38 for solutions

thom j

Anonymous said...

Wait - just wait and watch...

It is changing.

Excellent words.

Excellent video & reading by Mr. Willis.

Strength... Don't wait out for justice.

Never hold out for a hero, because you are the hero through strength.

Anonymous said...

Amen, you got a witness!
Thank you Les

Rabbit said...

You are on fire, as usual but maybe more Les. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Amen Les! Just finished the first reading of your book.It is exactly what I needed.
Mo Visible
WV and the Mingos howl

Kray Z8 said...


An erudite and concise missive, stimulating and inspirational; Well done.

Your statement: "In the meantime, that uncertainty is meant to provoke and inspire us to be better than we might have been in the process." struck home with me. Like others, I get a certain amount of grim satisfaction from seeing tptw fall into their own feces. But I must be careful, for therein lie the seeds of smugness and sanctimony. Rather than focus on situations and people who are rightfully a task for Mr. A, as you point out, I should work on the one situation I can affect, which is my connection with the Divine. No use revisiting their sins when I have a few rough spots of my own to attend to. Lao Tzu said "A well-balanced man examines himself with great trepidation." While I view the events in the larger world with interest and concern, I can do little or nothing about them. I choose to apply my energies as you have repeatedly suggested, LV, in getting my own house in order and moving toward the light. Just a thought from another member of the howlin' pack.

Your blogs of late and your readers' comments have been astoundingly good. Full of synchronicities; sometimes in the exact words of what I had been pondering. I keep hearing the 'ring' of truth. Thank you, Dog Poet and thank you Friends. Endure.

Peace, Love, Courage,


Smyrna said...

Les, in regard to your mention of Palm and Soy oils, I make mention also of Canola, which I avoid as much as possible, as I only cook with olive oil.
Canola(an acronym: Canadian Oil Light Acid) which is a more marketable name for Rapeseed Oil, of which it is a lower acidic engineered breed; was originally used as fuel in lamps and a lubricant for steam engines, some quick research tells me. Now people eat the shit. Many an arable acre here in the antipodes is devoted to it. If you don't eat the fruit from which the oil is derived, why do you eat the oil? When considering the modern epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes, consider that.
As for artificial sweeteners, well they just have to be bad no research necessary.
As for 'Lite', 'diet' and 'Low-fat', they have their 'purity of essence' removed as surely as "fluoridated water is the greatest commie plot conceived against humanity, Mandrake!" (Many a truth is spoken in jest; there's a classic).

Anonymous said...


Yes. Olive Oil rules! Our local newspaper food section lists their recipe ingredients to include only canola oil and kosher salt, etc. Where did this come from? Our city grew from German and Polish people.


Anonymous said...

Good GRIEF ! so much BLATHER. let me sum it up in as few words asa possible. here it is .....wait for it ..... "Instant Karma" by one John Lennon. or chickens coming home to roost. what the fuck ever. btw, I don't care if this posted or not. ha ha SOMEONE will read it. if only some nerd in a cubicle or a basement some where. Fellow Traveller

Angeline said...

I have friends from Palestine who's parents have drank olive oil all their lives. I love Olive oil, in the states to get good olive oil one must spend around $16 a bottle, extra virgin organic. Unfortunately though Olive oil isn't good to cook with, heat damages the oil and removes much of it's goodness also creating carcinogens. So, I drizzle it on food and make salad dressings with it.
The best oil for cooking is coconut oil. It holds up well in heat. It's also useful for so many things that I have jars in 3 rooms of the house. Use it on my hair and skin, it's divine. Some even eat it to loose weight...
check it out sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I can't read your blog. It is too poetic for the sake of being poetic for me to appreciate. Why not just say.."Kill all the zionist people" and be done with it? Wouldn't that pretty much sum up 99% of our problems? I'm still pissed off that they put Jesus on a cross! Those evil, vile Pharisees! We need to turn them money tables over again huh Les!

Visible said...

Then again, you're too unappreciative to be appreciative and so you probably don't realize that poetry is a formula that presents things in a particular way in order to give impact to things that are routinely ignored by most people in the usual ways but lacking a poetic sensitivity I'm recommending you stick with newspaper sites from now on.

Anonymous said...

There was a big article in Sunday's edition of Buffalo News that is quite telling:


Red Hero. Even got a library in town with his name on it.

Hasbara rules.


Robin Redbreast said...

Fantastic. Les and comments - nice to see so many new names too (perhaps the're old names ! I've only been coming here for 11 months. LLP xx

B Erhart said...

TOUCHE', Mr Visable


B Erhart

Gregory F. Fegel said...

A correction to what I wrote earlier about the Occupy Portland denouement. The guys I talked to earlier had everything straight, except they didn't see or know about the clash the Police had with the Occupiers at circa 6 AM Sunday the 13th, when fifty protesters were arrested while trying to remain in Lownsdale Park. Yesterday I spoke with my friend Mike, who was there, and he said that the fifty arrestees were "brutally beaten" and that one guy, who had previous back injuries, was sent to the hospital. Mike said that the Portland Police had several hundred Police reinforcements in riot gear from Clackamas County, who were not wearing badges or ID.

I told Mike about the screenplay I've written for a silent horror movie/video called "The Rothschild's Monster," and Mike, who has the video skills and equipment that I lack, said he wants to produce it for me. If the video ever gets made, I will provide you with a link.

Visible said...

A Nosferatu kind of a thing.

Teresa said...

Eustace Mullins on the pharmaceutical/medical industry in the Western world (about 30 minutes):


wv: (en)garde


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Visible wrote: "A Nosferatu kind of a thing."

Yeah, with a classical music soundtrack. The scenario is a brief history of the Rothschilds, recent US Presidents as elite-controlled Golloms, and the peasants storming the Rothschilds' Castles.

If it ever gets out, no doubt some people will say that I went overboard with my satire. C'est la vie. It won't be the first time. I've been living outside the System for a long time anyway, so what the hey.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Croaking Frogs in an Endless Moaning Swamp.



Joseph Brenner

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