Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well then, "You're nothing but a Pack of Cards".

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, surprise, surprise! Nothing happened on 11/11/11. However, as Cool Hand Luke would say, “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand”. Then again, all kinds of something might have happened but we just don't know about it. The point of my mentioning this goes to what I have been saying lately about no one being able to predict anything. This is the irony of The Apocalypse. While an unveiling, uncovering and awakening is definitely taking place, our ability to see into the future and to compute and predict is becoming more and more cloudy and off into left field. In a cosmic sense, I take this to mean that we should pay more attention to our own internal concerns and less attention to the world around us, unless you are crossing the street or smoking a joint in public; that's mostly for you Crown Colony residents (grin). I don't smoke pot so, don't go there. Of course, I would if I felt like it but it doesn't do for me what it does for you. I'm monogamous these days in terms of comestibles of that order. Of course, that means, it is less available due to my location than anything else is. There's a term for this condition that is something like Murphy's Law but I don't know what it is.

I made that little digression for a reason. I usually have a reason for the things I do. They may not always appear rational to others but that's not my concern. My concern is how it impacts on the invisible because everything visible comes from there. Most of us, who are not in some kind of Karmic groove, notice that repeating difficulties and conditions that return from the past, consistently show up in the moment. Another feature that runs along with this, like a partner in crime, is what happens when you try to change yourself. Ordinarily things run along in your resident personal pathway, like they generally do. For whatever reason, you decide to change yourself, quite possibly because of the way things tend to run along in your 'resident' personal pathway. Maybe if you alter the resident, the scenery will change and life might gain more meaning and contain more joy. As you attempt to do this, you find that all of a sudden, your circumstances and all attendant features becomes complicated, difficult and resistant. It's always hardest when you are trying to change. Some of us are not trying to change and that brings me to the point of this posting.

Ages come and go and because they are a little over 2,000 years, maybe 200 more years (which I consider the period of actual change between one age and the other), we don't notice the transition, except in critical phases because no one we are presently familiar with (of course, I don't know that and present company excepted) knows anyone who is living beyond the ordinary span of human life. Those who can and do, have to disappear themselves at intervals and then reappear again. This coming age is unlike the last several because this is the end of a 26,000 year grand cycle and the beginning of another.

We don't even have a record of much beyond 4,000 years, or two ages. I mention this to give some idea of just how important this period of time is. That is why so many people are here at this time. Everyone wants to be here but most of them forgot why, once the world got their attention.

Big Change is coming, probably because “Small Change got Rained on (grin)”. Nations, cultures, financial processes, laws and most manifest things are resistant to change. One of the reasons why bad people put so much effort into making bad laws is that they require more than that amount of work to undo them and just as much to amend them. This is one of the primary considerations of those who make laws to advance their own interest, as opposed to serving the interest of the community for which they got into that position to do so. This is why the rest of you can Bend over and Wait.

We have mostly noticed how what looked like it was coming, has been taking a lot longer to arrive than we thought it would. We have mostly noticed how events like the big false flag and the pending attack on Iran, as well as other anticipated occurrences, have not happened already, like many of us expected them to. We have also noticed how immediately discredited, recent smaller false flags have been, at least as far as those of us not getting our news entirely from the crass media are concerned. This also emphatically implies that those in positions of power and influence around the world, are also increasingly aware of what really happened. It is becoming more and more difficult for the bad guys to effectively justify their actions. Occupy Wall Street is a global reaction to the result of our collective access to information. Given that this is an apocalypse, that is going to increase and increase. Our awareness of what the world is engaged in and our awareness of our own inner workings and composition, are going to be in simultaneous operation; whether you like it or not. It's better to embrace that with ardor and gratitude, cause it's coming no matter what and it is already in process inexorably.

This is the difference between ease and difficulty and the reason we have difficulty changing ourselves, is because of our level of commitment. It's not just that our circumstances become difficult, it is that we are resistant to the very thing we are attempting to accomplish. This is because the subconscious has its own take on things that the conscious mind is unaware of and that is who needs to be impressed in order to achieve effective change. There are timeless and ancient ways to make your subconscious your best friend, instead of your most consistent enemy. As Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

The world leaders and the bankers and all of their underlings and operatives, also came here for this period to play their roles. This got chosen for them based on previous behaviors. Your position in the mix is also dependent on that. Wake up and smell the bodies burning. What are they burning with? Desire; the quality of which determines the amount of smoke in your mirror. This is one of the major keys of existence. Buddha said, “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire”. Desire is also the agent of cosmic will. Friend? Enemy? It's your call. If you can't resolve this personal matter, you will be unsuccessful at everything outside of you, or partially successful due to the inconsistency of your effort, by degrees expressed in results.

What is extant in Israel and within the minds of her 'conspirators' around the world, is a unique capacity to accomplish certain things based on an ancient understanding of how the world works, which is the key to manipulating it. Just because you don't see it, which is the purpose to begin with, unless you have those special sunglasses, doesn't mean it isn't in full time operation. As the song says, “What's puzzlin you is the nature of my game”. You get born as a member of one group or another and certain abilities are inherent. How they are put to use is another thing and it is why I don't wholesale groups of people. It stands to reason that in the Kali Yuga the percentages in all groups would slant toward the negative depending on 'the degree' of their innate focus on the material world.

Because of this you can say with uncomfortable assurance that someone is out to get you and because of one's own internal confusions, the critical truth that someone very much wants to help you gets missed. Because of the times and because of intrinsic human nature, we tend to see the negative first, which is why we so often miss the windows of opportunity. When you begin to learn to look at every problem as an opportunity for gain of some order, you have arrived somewhere that we all really want to be. It's as simple as understanding the potentially amicable relationship between your two parts.

Let me get back to that practice of ancient arts by the enemy upon your perception of the world. Right now, subliminal advertising is going on everywhere any of us may happen to be, in the world of artifice; cities, towns, living rooms and sundry. These applied magics can work in two ways, so there are good guys and bad guys, but this is the Kali Yuga and so naturally most of the time, all we see are the bad guys and this leads to us often labeling the good guys as bad guys. This is a set trap, or, think of it as a minefield and each wrong step leading to an explosion of confusion. You wouldn't be confused if there wasn't so much smoke being generated by your desire body, which is being consciously manipulated by applied magics. This is why historical revisionism and fabrication are so important. This is why telling you what is bad for you is good for you is important. This is why healing is not the primary consideration of allopathic medicine. This is why war is presented under the guise of patriotism and legitimate threat, when it's nothing more than a business modality.

The problem with our situation and the difficulty of change, is all based on our personal investments and belief structure concerning what we want and who we think we are; “better the devil you know”, so to speak. Nothing is more dangerous and inconvenient to the goals and desires of those manipulating us than a simple awareness of how things really are. This negates the influence. You don't even, necessarily have to do anything, all you have to do is be aware. That is the intention of The Apocalypse and why it is your friend, unless you are working against the interests of humanity and then, then it is definitely not your friend and why it has an ominous tang to it. You should not have this sensation. You should look at it as a reunion with a long absent loved one. The cosmos is positively operative on your behalf if you are operative on its behalf and what goes around comes around.

Consider the line from Alice in Wonderland, “You're nothing but a pack of cards”. That is relevant and powerful as an observation and an awareness. It's the difference between realizing you are dealing only with a shadow and not substance. Fear is what makes a shadow larger than the thing that casts it and fear originates from confusion in this case. I think we've covered enough ground for the moment. It's a beautiful day outside today and perfect for a walk with the dogs in Nature.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...


I feel the Peace and Love emanating from Your Being.

Thank You Les.

walking hawk

DaveS said...

Holy Feces Visman, you continue to amaze and delight despite preaching the same sermon day and night.

I swear your words are spells that speak truth and give solace in these times of change, and as you rearrange the words to better reflect the current moment, you fan the flames of Mr Apocalypse's passion... and I think that's a good thing.

We are what we believe ourselves to be. Believe that you're spiritual light and that's what you become.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from one of the "colonies", where horticultural pride takes precedence over profits. Well, at least amongst the growers that I know. Following my meditative and marijuana graced bus trip to Toronto yesterday I paid no attention to the contrived and sanctimonious display of poppy's as people stop to "remember those who died so we can have the freedoms that we do". What a stinking load of horse manure!
Sorry vets, your apparent lack of self-esteem and need for attention is now meaningless. You Canadian vets were dupes, expendable pawns in a bankers game. You did NOTHING to stop the most murderous ideology ever inflicted upon humankind, namely "Communism". In fact, you aided and abetted it as allies. Nice work!! With nothing left but a pathetic poppy signifying that the masters of death and heroin are still thriving.

Anonymous said...

Sweet brother, thank you, for my airs are lifted, and my senses homed, the divide in me equal to my tasks. Love 'ya, Les. Joey

Robin Redbreast said...

Wise words expressed in simplistic terms for my understanding today Les - thank you
Another beautiful day here too and it's been sunny which helps with the disposition

Anonymous said...

yes. those 'special sunglasses'. don't leave home without 'em

enjoy your stroll.

DaveR said...

"This is why historical revisionism and fabrication are so important. This is why telling you what is bad for you is good for you is important. This is why healing is not the primary consideration of allopathic medicine. This is why war is presented under the guise of patriotism and legitimate threat, when it's nothing more than a business modality."

For those blathering about "What about Ghaddafi and human rights."



Aunt Franny said...

"Look over here! Look at this, look at that! Look over there!"

No. The Goddess is returning and she's bringing a light. This house will be put back in order.

Visible said...

Felix, I think it is a problem of perspective on my part. I did not think those were beautiful people, in fact some of them look like the very ugliness of what they have been up to. At the same time I don't hate rich people but I have mentioned at various times that i could not understand why Rothschild and some of the others weren't on the list and there has even been discussion about it here.

I'm also pretty sure you and I have been in email communication and we even talked about my visiting Japan; unless I am completely nuts I remember this well.

Anyway, I've said over and over here that I can't put caveats, disclaimers and explanations into every single post. I just don't have the time and the reader will have to live with that (grin). A lot of my day gets given over to these free efforts, which I sometimes get a certain amount of domestic chiding about. Then when I try to create a little income, a good portion of which I donate to the community, I get chided by people on the outside, or people who surreptitiously attempt to scam free things out of me when they are already getting free things. I live on a wing and a prayer and I'm content with that but sometimes it can be a temporarily depressing affair.

Anyway, good to hear from you and I hope I didn't muddy the waters more.

Tannon said...

Visible, you are so relentless.

Anonymous said...

lord visibles,do you think it could be that upward push thing through the downward pull,its effecting everything round the other way or something,...

due to being a cloud watcher in my youth and still am,,,I missed lao tzu's dynamics class,but I did hear about it once,and I am pretty confident that if anyone knows whats going on,it would be lao tzu...
it seems your writings today have been written in one of the places he would of visited on occasions lord visibles....

am happy nothing did happen yesterday,I think the only thing I would be happy about would be to see all corporate political financial millitaristic pursuits for oligarchal tyranical control completely annihilated in this world..

respects ...neil

Anonymous said...

So many times I have thought it impossible but you have raised the bar yet again. This work has in its contents what entire books have not communicated with the same depth and clarity. I don't know how many people will get that you have presented one of the major tenets of The Great Work but it is right there to be seen. Impressive to say the very least. I'm deeply in your debt.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Another great blog, Visible; one awesome statement after another. What follows below is not criticism, but only an FYI.

I think of the Apocalypse (which I equate with the Biblical Flood and the Vedic Pralaya) as a cyclic event (a dis-Aster or a cat-Astro-phe) caused by the combined actions of Apollo and Apophis, and timed, in large part, by the 26,000 year-long Precession of the Equinoxes.

Throughout the ancient world, the ecliptic (the path of the sun, moon, and planets) was described as a world-encircling serpent (Ouroboros). The ecliptic was seen as a serpent because, due to the earth's tilt, the ecliptic glides back and forth like a snake between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, causing the four Seasons of increasing and decreasing darkness and light. - GF

"Apophis (the Greek name for the Egyptian god Apep) was the great adversary of the sun god, Re (the Greek Apollo), and was the very embodiment of the powers of dissolution, darkness and non-being. He was a huge serpent who was thought to have existed at the beginning of time in the waters of primeval chaos prior to creation and his power was so great that it was thought that he would continue to exist in an endlessly malevolent cycle of attack, defeat and resurgent attack. He is thus known by many epithets, ranging from evil lizard, opponent and enemy to world encircler (like the Greek Ouroboros, Hindu Sesha-Ananta, Chinese Sky Dragon, and Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent) and serpent of rebirth. In fact, in some myths, the sun god is encircled or swallowed by the serpent (Apophis) who later disgorges him as a metaphor of rebirth and renewal (like Jonah and the whale). The serpent (Apophis) was said to hinder the passage of the solar barque by means of its coils which are described as "sandbanks", and also by gorging the waters of the underworld river in order to attempt to strand the barque of Re.

Apophis was sometimes equated with Seth, the god of chaos, yet the nature of Apophis seems to have always been dark and threatening, while Seth could at times be beneficial. In some texts, Seth was even enlisted by the sun god in order to defeat the serpent. According to some mythologies, Apophis hypnotized Re and all of his entourage who sailed with him, with the exception of Seth, who resisted the serpent's deadly stare and repulsed him with the thrust of a great spear (the Cosmic Axis).

Apophis is shown with twelve heads (corresponding to the twelve months of the year) above its back representing those he has swallowed who are freed, if only briefly, when he is vanquished. ...the deceased also needed to be protected from Apophis, and there were references to seventy-seven papyri-rolls (corresponding to the 27 lunar asterisms of the Zodiac) which are given to a dead person by means of a spell, containing formulas for bringing Apophis to his place of execution where he is cut up, crushed and consumed by fire." (Compare the function of the Egyptian Book of the Dead to the Tibetan Book of the Dead.)​apep.htm

"Since nearly everyone can see that the sun is not attacked by a giant snake during the day, every day, storytellers said that Apep must lie just below the horizon. This appropriately made him a part of the underworld (the Duat)."

"The Lord of Svetadvipa expands Himself as Sesha Naga, who sustains all the planets upon His innumerable hoods. These huge global spheres are compared to grains of mustard resting on the spiritual hoods of Sesha Naga. The scientists' law of gravity is a partial explanation of Lord Sankarshana's energy. The name "Sankarshana" has an etymological relationship to the idea of gravity." - Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Sri Caitanya Caritamrita Adi 5.119

Anonymous said...

Good Day

When two cars collide at an intersection there's that instant change. Everything was one way and suddenly it is forever different for the people involved.

For a good while around here I have been noticing leaves changing colors and then falling. The other day I noticed none of the trees had leaves. Today there was snow on the ground. I knew this was coming but I can't tell you exactly when it all happened.

I guess that's what the apocalypse is like . A Season.

But a lot of folks love to see a good crash as long as they are not involved.

My Best Wishes for all of you out there who wish others well.

Patrick V1.0

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for providing the link to Qaddafi's Green Book. I read it some years ago, and found it to be almost an antithesis of the protocols of zion. Should read it again.
A "G" was never used in Qaddafi's name until he became a villain in 1986. Then he became "Gaddafi the Gadfly" (to me, a not so subtle manipulation of public opinion). Same with Hussein in Iraq. He was always "Sidam" until Kuwait in 1990. Then it was Saddam, which sounded like Sodom. I remember an article touting him as homosexual using the term "Saddamy".
My guess is that these changes were crafted by the spinmasters in Tel Aviv.
Best of all to everyone, Rob

Terrance said...

Hello LV... saw this bumper sticker

Jesus Saves Moses Invested

thank you for all your work!

Visible said...

Wait till this makes the rounds of the veteran and active service community and as always; what else don't we know about.

Anonymous said...

Let's please not omit at least a mention of the really good parts (God parts), the juicy parts of Sesa Ananta, who is far more than a super powered serpent comparable to the super serpents of other limited cosmologies which are plainly borrowed bits and pieces of selected parts of the Vedic cosmology.

“In the Svetadvipas within every universe is a Sesa form of Godhead who serves Visnu by assuming the form of His umbrella, slippers, couch, pillows, garments, residence, sacred thread, throne and so on.”

“That transcendental abode exists by the energy of Sri Baladeva, who is the original whole of Sesa, or Ananta. The tantras also confirm this description by stating that the abode of Sri Anantadeva, the plenary portion of Baladeva, is called the kingdom of God.”

-Introduction to Adi-Lila Chapter 5, The Glories of Lord Nityananda Balarama

Gregory F. Fegel said...

In reference to the Apocalypse, Apollo, and Apophis, I forgot to mention (there wasn't room in my comment for it anyway) the Vedic "Apo divyah" (Divine Waters) and the Vedic Apsu (Cosmic Ocean) as in the Vedic phrase "apsu surye mahad dhanam - the great wealth which is found in the sun [Surya] and in the waters." [RV 8.68.9] Integral Yoga - Literature - Sanskrit Glossary

A cognate and equivalent of the Vedic Apsu is the Babylonian Apsu, god of the sweet and subterranean Waters.​apsu.html

My previous comment included this quote: "The serpent (Apophis) was said to hinder the passage of the solar barque by means of its coils which are described as "sandbanks", and also by gorging the waters of the underworld river in order to attempt to strand the barque of Re."

Astro-mythologically, Apophis gorging and disgorging the Waters is what causes the Flood, the Pralaya, or the Apocalypse. The Vedic god Indra slew Vritra (the Enveloper) to release the Waters. Vritra is also known as Ahi (the Snake) -- so Vritra-Ahi is the World-Enveloping Snake or Ouroboros.

I think that the standard academic etymology of the Greek word Apocalypse is inadequate, because it fails to recognize the potential influence of the Vedic words Apo and Apsu, the Babylonian Apsu, and the Greek Apollo and Apophis. Apophis might be understood as the Apo-phish or the Fish of the Cosmic Waters. - GF

Visible said...

Borrowed bits? I don't allow random, negative uninformed and depressing commentary presented anonymously. I especially don't allow it when it fabricates meaning upon things that weren't said; referencing, "He is not coming". No one said anything about that here. And pointing out that the world is still here is mostly stupid because the idea of the world involves people and there seems to be a time when, if there were people around there is no record of it which means precisely what was being referred to. I know trolls and how they operate, seeking to lower the tone and piss on all and sundry. You don't get to do that here and you don't get to do it by suddenly calling yourself John or somesuch. You need provenance and you won't get heard without it. We don't cater to cowards.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous Nov 12 8:02 PM:

It wasn't my intention to describe the full extent of the Sesha mythos, which could take up a lot of space. I just wanted to provide some information about Sesha as the serpentine personification of the ecliptic, particularly in reference to the Apocalypse/Flood/Pralaya cycle. My focus was on Sesha's limited astronomical identity, not Sesha's spiritual identity, which is ultimately Universal.

Dan Gaston said...

Everybody has an opinion. That’s the nature of the human being, or what we think it is. In my opinion, what is all about is a matter of information at work, pieces of software and hardware which together are interacting producing a result. Each unit has a particular perspective about the realization of itself and of the environment. What one thinks about anything is just a limited and skewed integration of the whole. In other words, there is no reality, just perception.
Well, I’m here every day, checking out your site and eagerly expecting more of your poetry and wisdom. Playing the game I play, the way I perceive it and as I can, so here I am talking to you because I feel close to your being and resonance produces association. We are fellow travelers sailing the ocean of life, specks of dust reflecting the light of existence. We are unique and in the fractal nature of all things we reflect each other as well as the whole. There is no identification beyond the actual state of now and because the fractal nature of existence cannot be any set of repetition through identification of any kind. There are no identical snowflakes as there are no identical grains of sand…there is no reincarnation and the now is the only possibility manifested. Sure everything ties with everything else because all is one. There is no argument for identification except the software associated with a limited perception of experience. But there is all the evidence that the belief is just that, a constructed flawed piece of extrapolation of some perceived events.
With all respect for your opinion, I say these things to you not to teach you anything but just to express a thought out of love. There is indeed no end to life but that doesn’t happen trough reincarnation but through incarnation which is something else altogether. Plus the fact that there is nothing outside life, there is no dead matter as well as no death for anyone except a transformation from one essence to another.
In all this play everything is God and every possibility is manifested by the sheer joy of love. In love we are all one with our “enemies” and they are us. The side from the mirror… staring at us. The day we become one is the melting of the pot of love into oneness. For that day we manifest as separate sparks into the night in the process of the uniting again as in the “past”.
Love you all,

Visible said...

heh heh... there's this crazy guy that's been trying to comment. He curses me out and tells me I'm his bitch and that I steal his material and all sorts of nonsense. Sometimes he tries to sneak in by pretending to be rational but pissing on everything we believe in, as if that's going to affect us.

As soon as I see the first line now I blip him and that's the end of it but it's amusing because underneath all of the profanity and nutso claims of plagiarism and what not- of which no examples have ever been given- is this deep aching need to be part of the action here but, of course, in a controlling and offensive manner. He tells me that I am denying you, the reader, so much important wisdom that he possesses. I don't know what his latest screed was because I don't read it any more but I suspect it's the same. I don't understand what people expect when they act like a deranged cartoon character but I do know what the actual result will be.

The Apocalypse is a truly interesting phenomenon. It is forcing out everything within us and pulling the covering sheets off of all the protected furniture outside of us at the same time. So many uncanny things are happening and I will talk about that at Origami tomorrow. I've been having some of the most intense dreams of my life so I'm pretty excited now as I head off to bed; see you on the flip side.

neal said...

If that were not going to show up, after waking up to that every fucking single day, and remembering to forget all the while, and blaming that on anyone but the one hiding from the karmic blowback that keeps raining down on everyone else that showed up for this?

Sorry, there is that, and tours involved.

Just maybe don't start bleeding into this, but I think you are still invited, I don't care about territory, only the way time and the story impacts the rest. That whole has to be just one invites more for the course.

You were there, you are what you are, and should maybe know better than most everything left.

I guess that is still wanting for some company, but this will not help make that happen, not when it matters. If this was not about those others, it would not need to jump, so much, lately.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Sixth Seal of the Apocalypse will be next to be 'opened' (Apoc. 6: 12-17). Before the end of January. If it happens, it will be quite obvious.

Anonymous said...

Visible wants the readers to be the jury on a case he tells us we can't read? I assume you are asking for a supportive hug. "As soon as I see the first line now I blip him" = anger about what you read. This person claims you stole something but refused to say what?
I find that very hard to believe. My verdict is that you are probably guilty. That is the only answer that explains why you would even tell me this stuff. From what little I have seen of your blog I correctly assume I will get your blip too for not telling you what you want to hear.

Sven, Nederlandse provincie Groningen

P.S. We believe + Affect us

This is a church or something?
You don't believe for me. I am not in your us.

Iris said...

"It's not just that our circumstances become difficult, it is that we are resistant to the very thing we are attempting to accomplish."

You clarified an inner dilemma like a friend looking into my heart. Thank you so much for the inspiration to move forward.

Anonymous said...

This time of change (the apocalypse) continues to move foreword.

What will become has already arrived. We see it in the world's mass communicating on a level that goes beyond twitter or facebook or any of the other "social" constructs. The new ones amongst us were born with their conscience already wired into this new world.
The powers that were are dying off. There is nothing they can do to stop the wave.

P.S. your words and insight are a constant light.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (too much the fan boy)

but just thought of the Voyager spacecraft and the platinum recordings on it. another such craft MUST include some of these blog entries. they remind me of my inner destructive reckless thoughtless careless limited ego minded part of my self. like Patick says there.

wv: ungoi . begone unecessary negativity and lack of well wishing.

missingarib said...

les,your a large glass of ice water or don genero dancing I'm not sure which.I feel like some feedback is necessary for a lot of reasons but mostly because of late a song has been reoccurring to me from procol harum I believe you know how it goes. The lyrics first conjured are these:
And so it was that later, As the miller told his tale, That her face at first just ghostly, Turned a whiter shade of pale.
She said there is no reason, And the truth is plain to see That I wandered through my playing cards, And would not let her be


Anonymous said...

Hi Les, awesome post as usual.
I just had to post after reading your last comment. The covers are definitely coming off and I'm becoming more sensitive to the assholes around me like never before. Problem is I'm not in the moment enough to call a spade a spade and be done with it. So, then I sit and stew over some slight or stupid comment from someone so asleep they're not even worth getting upset over. But, I'm sick of it, sick of having to wait for monumental changes that clearly aren't happening. I want to tell people off and wake them up to their own unbelievable ignorance and not give a flying fuck about what might happen. Isn't that what the 'apocalypse' is all about? Are not we 'the one's we have been waiting for' and perhaps the cosmos is waiting for us to get off our asses and force change upon the sheeple? The usa has gone completely off the rails..people can't do a goddamn thing without posting it on facebook via their smartphones and I'm not talking about the teenagers either. Teens are wide awake and so over it because they feel powerless. I'm talking about 40 to 50 somethings who should know better but have regressed into shallow, emotionally retarded caricatures of who they might have become. Social media is stifling them and forcing them to conform to some false reality. They sit and pretend they have their shit together and it all 'appears' that way in their virtual lives, but their real lives are far different and they know it. Their relationships are a disaster, many are closet alcoholics and financially, they're hanging on by mere threads. But, they pretend everything is wonderful and their businesses are going great because they feel the immense pressure to say so when it's so obvious they are broke. None of them will admit that things are beyond fucked and I don't know if it's denial, FEAR too much fox news or serious brain death that causes this blindness in the people around me...I live in the south and everyone here votes republican and goes to church and thinks they're 'saved'. The negative energy down here is suffocating and noone would dare stand up for themselves and loathe anyone who does. Facebook is forcing them to become complacent and to 'stay in line'. Supposedly 'anonymous' over on youtube announced the other day that facebook would be shut down by them because it's so dangerous to humanity. That was to happen on 11/5 and it never did. Maybe they still plan on doing it and hopefully soon.

In the meantime, Mr. Apocalypse needs to get the fuck down here now and start tearing shit up because as much as I can't stand anyone right now, these people are decent and kind for the most part. They mean well but are terribly misguided and it would be a damn shame to see them suffer needlessly. I don't know what's coming down the pike either, but it doesn't feel like it'll be all sunshine and lollipops like the many seem to want to believe. I think it's going to be really bad for many souls on this planet and I fear nothing. My problem is that I have noone 'in the flesh' that I can talk to about these things and the lonliness is becoming unbearable. I keep praying that I hook up w/ like-minded souls very soon.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to express myself and hopefully some one else can relate to what I've said. Thanks for the blogs Les. You don't know how many of us you save from complete despair with your blogs. You are an oasis in a parched dessert and you just keep getting better.

Via Con Dios,
Ellie Bellie

Lee said...

Hi there Les.

No comment: Its my euphemism for " I don't get it."
Then again, I don't get Sports, Mathematics, or Women.

However, I do get "Cool Hand Luke". I saw Paul Newman in a car while crossing a street back in 1966. They were filming those farm scenes just a few miles north of Tracy, California.

I remember this line from the movie too. "What we have here is a failure to communicate".

Here's a play on words that I just thought of pertaining to the subject. Cool Hand Luke got dealt a House of Cards.

Oh, that's another thing I don't get either, Cards. All I know is video poker

Steve said...

Here is something that happened at 11 past 11 on the 11th, I have copy and pasted this comment from a Elliot wave blog that I follow. (ES) regards to the SP 500. May not seem like much now, but could prove to be quite significant. post follows...

"There sure is a large number of Fib relationships to the recent 11/11/11 11:11am high (ES).

78.6% retracement of recent decline.

34+/- hours since recent decline low 11/10/11 11:01am low.

Hitting bottom of a Fib fan line drawn from 10/04/11 low (1068)

Perhaps the high for the retracement is already in?"

It would not surprise me one bit if this "high" for the day at 11:11 11/11/11 proved to be quite some turning point for events, not just in the stock market. Should be an interesting week.

Anonymous said...

"an unveiling, uncovering and awakening is definitely taking place"...I wonder how widespread an "awakening", an intelligible "awakening"...OWS an "intelligible awakening"?...hardly, in my eyes - more akin to an infant's tantrum when it has an irritation it can't articulate intelligibly. That's a reaction, not an awakening. True, far more minds have been enlightened than would have been possible to reach before the internet. Still, that's a relative handful - the likes of those who read Les Visible, for instance. No critical mass, for sure...87 percent of the "99 percent" remain under mainstream sway...One writer characterized his as an awakening amongst a kind of dying off...I take that to say - your "awakening" is the privilege of awareness and witness to this "kind of dying off." If you believed it would change the world, then you've misunderstood what it means to be "awake" here and now.

MachtNichts said...

The myths of yesterday or the myths of today. Where does truth lie? Obviously we have been had for quite some time, following the market place and the money changers.

I am still wondering about those alchemists who have to disappear in order to come back again. Is life on this planet really that worthwhile or is it just a wringer we have to go through?

Of course, i don't know what lies beyond but i think i am going to find out. Wondering about the small 'eyes'? I liked how stickman de-capitalized his, intentionally or not.

Thank you for being, Vis, here, at this time. Love, Silvia

Ha,ha: wv: taket - take it or leave it

Steve said...

Well, I should have checked for myself before I posted that last comment as it looks to me there was a higher high at 13:10 But if you dived 3 by 3 you still get a 1 and someone could make that mean something if they tried, I'm sure.

Visible said...

Well Sven; I didn't post it because it was filled with profanity. I thought I said that. Since you've read so little here why is it you present yourself as someone who has been here a lot? No one cares if you join or don't join the church that this place is not. Anyway, read more carefully in the future, even though it is the modus operandi of this fellow to keep changing identities and types. It's too easy for anyone to say they are anyone, like Sven for instance. I know this individual tag team thing and I know who generally seeks to cause mayhem and dissension here.

So, I don't post profanity laced tirades. As soon as I see it I blip it and I'm no longer going to post efforts that seek to lower the tone and intend to depress the regular reader. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what's going on here or to catch similarities in syntax or the use of language anomalies that are not generally in use in certain countries.

I'm not affected by displeasure on the part of those seeking to injure us here so I don't think we'll be seeing anything like that anymore. It's extremely rare in the first place I can't see it affecting the trend around here if you are not here anymore. Have fun... somewhere.

For the rest of you, I will see you at Origami shortly.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say got your latest book beautiful artwork and a joy to read thank you

Robin Redbreast said...

Can you feel them
Waking up?
All around the world.
Can you hear them waking up
Can you see them
waking up?
Can you sense them
Waking up
Starting to be knowing.
Can you taste them waking up
Sharpening up!
Can you sense their apathy
Turning into purpose
Can you see their anger
Gaining back their self worth.
Rude awakenings
Chains are seen
Common purpose
Break us free
Step by step
Round the world
Love seeds are growing
Fear is known
That it is nothing
Finally awakening
From the longest slumber
Helping each other
Release the chains
Be born again
Finally awoken
(just wrote this Robin- is this what 111111 is about!?)
LLP robin xxx

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Ruminations on Nature and Ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin Redbreast, whatever you're smokin', please share it with the rest of us 'cause we sure could use some of those positive vibes you give out. I so hope you're right about 11.11.11 because even though the energies where off the charts, nothing happened. Looks like a lot of the people who post here were as disappointed by that as I was, whether they realize it or not.

Dare I even think that maybe, just maybe 11.11.11 was the turning point, the 'pole shift' so to speak? Did a doorway open up? Was a cosmic threshold crossed? Did we reach 'zero point' and from that day on everything gets incrementally better and then fantastic and then...OH!, OMG, YES!, OH!, OH YES!, THAT. WAS. SOOO. AMAAAAAZZZING!!, YES!, YES!, YES!YESSSSSSSSSS!..........

Sorry...couldn't help it, I just had to go there and lighten the mood a little. LOL!!

Peace be with everyone here today and always ;-)

Ellie Bellie

Anonymous said...

Vis @ 12:10,

Maybe the best way to deal with the jackass poster is for you to post an exerpted paragraph or two. This will subject his fulminations to the purgative critical blowtorch of the blog community. Perhaps exposure is the best corrective for ranting trolls.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie Bellie

You're not alone in your thoughts for sure. As Vis quotes "These are the times that try mens souls".

I'd prefer the instant action approach as well but nobody asked me.

It does truly seem as time goes on that all the superficial fluff that bothered me before makes me insane now.

Anyway good rant Ellie. I enjoyed it.

Patrick V1.0

Visible said...

I actually have posted a few but withheld the ones that were exceedingly profane. I've been wanting to avoid providing an atmosphere of contention where people are just back and forthing with each other but I will give it careful consideration next time on your behalf.

Robin Redbreast said...

Hey Ellie Bellie
Thanks - not smoking anything other than tobacco - and so many people seem to have an issue with me doing that (grins)!
I was having a reflexology session with a dear friend at the full 111111 11:11 moment (coincidently).
Had been a while since I last had (and have moved on so much since then).
What an explosion this time!
Not experienced it before - but with eyes shut during- I firstly saw images of clouds, then the sun (or was it the moon- I always get those 2 male/female energies mixed up (grins like a Cheshire cat).
Then I saw red hot flames - firstly from the bottom to the top- then from the top half of my visions - downward.
I have no idea what this means but it was certainly powerful (my friend enjoyed it too!)
I made several prayers, demands and requests to our creator/.....
For mankind
and nature
Faith and hope it had some effect

Barth Bottoms said...

11-11-11 was Nigel Tufnel day, the guitarist for Spinal Tap.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

International Free Range Chicken Ranches of The Apocalypse.

jpow00 said...

Hello Les. Another great one! I love that you can touch on pertinent details but still not lose focus on the larger picture. We ARE what we believe we are! We ARE luminous beings of energy and light. The opposition does not want us realizing this, so we are distracted by various appeals to desire. Thank you for helping this one to keep that thought front and center! peace be on you.

John C (UK) said...

Ellie Bellie,

I know exactly how you feel, I am stuck up here in the north-west of England with nobody that I can relate to. If you try to talk you just get glassy-eyed stares. Even my daughter thinks i'm a nut. No wonder I drink.

wv: exazzl - exactly while pissed.



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