Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't Smoke the Brown Naugahyde

Dog Poet Transiting.......

May your noses never be brown.

Mushroom memories, toadstool realities, munchkin mentalities, in a soft stool parade and don't drink the brown lemonade. Don't drink the brown lemonade. The cultures sitting on a bench at the Altamont Arcade, checking out the underage with the eyes of an Israeli sniper, fishing for electric eels in the generation of vipers. I got your ADD and your bipolar sanctimony, swinging just for you, swinging just for you and don't drink the brown Monsanto Slurpies, don't drink the brown Monsanto Slurpies.

Trying to cure stupid is like killing for peace but hope never dies as long as wonders never cease. It doesn't matter who you are, what matters is the grease. Do you have the grease? You got that duck oil deodorant to slip you through the crease? Maybe you know Dick Morris or Rahm Emmanuel; get you box seat tickets for a season in Hell. You're getting mighty thirsty. You're getting mighty dry. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde.

Newtron Gingrich has near zero support. No one shows up at the office. No one comes to hear him speak. Some junkie wanted to use the toilet but not to take a leak. Newtron figured what the heck and gave a speech outside the door. Later on the janitor swept the junkie off the floor. The autopsy was inconclusive, which junk killed him was elusive. Either way he's dead and glad to be there. Don't shoot the brown heroin. Don't shoot the brown heroin. The quality of the excrement is why they call it 'horse'.

Neutron has an Adelson with money up the ass. It's not hard to make a fortune when you're absolutely crass and your conscience is a bat that sleeps in a cave, where the sun never shines. Of course when you own the press and most of all the rest, what really happened is anybody's guess. Just feed the public guano, till they all sing soprano, like the Vienna Sausage choir boys, if that sort of thing makes you hard, you can look for them in the doorways on Santa Monica boulevard, after dark but don't use the brown after shave. No, don't use the brown aftershave.

Things once familiar have all gone passing strange. If only they were passing and we could call it change. Somebody different wins every primary. This ain't no kind of accident but Stupid cannot see. He's in a Budweiser paradise, with pork rinds on the side. Further down the road he'll be the brown Naugahyde. Ricardo Montalban will do the funeral oration, from Cliff Note Eulogies for Dummies with footnotes and citations. The guests will be sitting on fine Corinthian leather, made from one hundred percent reconstituted pleather. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde.

Mitt Romney's coming. I can't even look, sounds like they're killing the spring lambs and here come the hooks, serve them up with Fava beans and a nice Chianti wine. I suggest you use the lotion when he tells you to next time, “or else it gets hose”. Shit for brains ain't hard when it can fly right up your nose. First they tell you what you are, then you take off your clothes. Then you assume the position. For them it's only business, for you it's a religion. Jesus made me do it. Thank god I am saved. Don't let it bother you that it rhymes with enslaved. Yeah Mitt Romney's coming, oh god I'm coming too! I'm coming to the exit doors and then I'm walking through. Don't hump the brown Mormon dead. You could use jumper cables but attach them to your head. The brown Naugahyde is a stationary ride. No one says “Ouch” when they're part of the couch and the coroner has to open up the wall, cause you can't fit through the door. They'll bury you in a piano case at the Museum of Modern art. You'll be the hit of the opening cause even dead men fart. Don't drink the brown Chablis wine. Don't drink the brown Chablis wine.

Rick Sanitorium is a real piece of work. We need a longer more intricate word. I'm not comfortable with 'jerk'. It's not comprehensive. It's inadequate at best. I'd like to watch that man have sex with his corollary kind. Then afterwards he's dinner or the character from “Thinner” or the character from “Freaks”. It's not only geeks ...that bite the heads off chickens. Soon Rick meets Mr. Apocalypse and then the plot thickens and then the game's afoot. He'll be George Michaeling Satan and sucking every toe on the devil's cloven hoof, kneeling in front of the brown Naugahyde. Yeah there kneels our hero by the brown Naugahyde. It might be dark out here, think how dark it is inside. Dreaming about demons on the brown Naugahyde.

Then we got Michelle Bachmann Turner Overdrive. Dumb is just too short a word, like 'jerk' it doesn't fit the bill. You know it gives me a major chub to see her soaking in Liz Bathory's tub. I think she has fantasies about Ehud Barak, whose arms are so short that he can't scratch his ass. That can make a man mean. There's no explanation if you have to ask. Ah Michelle, a cowbell, would look so charming hanging from your neck. I think your sense of romance died from pure neglect. Even Priapus would need Viagra, or a crane to stay erect. You and Katherine Harris are bookends of a kind, where no book will come between you. Ah forget it, never mind.

Let's not forget John Huntsman. Who says money doesn't talk? John slithers like a caterpillar climbing up a stalk on a plastic potted plant. Some do it cause of money. Some do it cause they can't. John's a nasty customer, an Oren Hatchet type. He comes on all avuncular. He comes on smooth and cruel. He knows that basic formula where those of privilege rule. He thinks he's suave and debonair. He thinks he's really cool. I think he's just a tool, a left handed skyhook and meaner than a cornered rat. I think that's where it's at. Wait a minute, he's charitable. He gives so much away but long term calculation is the order of the day. He made his bed with Reagan. He made his bed with Bush. I don't think he makes his bed and I think his daddy's inside his head and he's with the church of Mormon and the clan of Joseph Smith, a Church of Scientology clone whose tablets are a myth. I know the clone is the other way round but I could not resist. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde. He's an Area Seventy, high ranking slut, of killers with no conscience. I feel it in my gut.

They're all stalking horses for that other Barak. The fix is in. The votes don't count. The people sleep. The kingdoms burn. The well informed are the last to learn but soon a special worm will turn and dreams of that will turn to this. Madness is just a seashell, beyond the ocean's kiss. Solitary status is a joy for some favored few but solitary psychopaths are cloistered with us too. I don't know where I am tonight, nor am I sure of you. Two face off in shadows like in John Carpenter's “Thing”. Something indefinable passes the sky above. Something indefinable rumbles in the Earth. Something vibrates in the air. Some have hope and some despair and I can't find you anywhere, cause you are closer than I know. Things happen for a reason so, on with the show and don't snort the brown Naugahyde. Don't snort the brown Naugahyde.

Right now there's no joy in Mudville and my quote marks have gone missing. I'm talking on the aethers but is anybody listening? Disappointment rules the night, except for true elation and some of us have certitude for the purpose of demonstration. Life is bound to a wheel of fire, or a permanent vacation. There's but a hair of difference between dreams and wide awake. The disparity is by degrees and gnosis is a snake. I float and trail my hand in the water and brush the cheek, brush the cheek, of the Lady in the Lake. They all lie sleeping in these times, submerged like treasure chests. The lame, the halt, the ghosts of old and even the very best, have no comfort in these silent rooms before the tense approach, quite frankly friend (can I call you friend?) the one who loves us most ...and you should have some gratitude, cause otherwise, you're toast. One should study why things happen and then motive might appear and if you're slow to comprehend, it will kick you in the rear. I have no comfort in that recycled lie ...that the end is near. We've still got ground to cover, yes, each and everyone. You can tag it how you like it but the story isn't done.

We've had our fill of bullshit, sauteed and casseroled. It's not the flat up front that counts but what's hidden in the fold. Poly runs as Pollyander. Diabolus translates as slander. Some transmit and some will pander and so forth as it goes. Like the ancient television line, “only the shadow knows”. It's not correct but it is precise and someone's nuts are in a vise or soon will be there.

Enough for now, we've run our course. If friends are swayed by fabrications; what kind of friends are these? Trust isn't something lightly given or you're hanging in the breeze. The calculated ugly plots are complex things by nature, they tend toward independent ends and swallow their creator. It's best to step away and let the course run through ...until it's clear to see, the simple truth would be enough but... better you than me. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde. Don't smoke the brown Naugahyde.

End Transiting.......

And no, I do not know why the right sidebar menu is all screwed up but I'm sure it's my fault (grin).

Visible's Patriots head to the Super Bowl in a rematch of a few years past; should prove interesting.


Robin Redbreast said...

Twice in one day! That's stamina!
So good to have you back
I'm sure others have missed you as much as me
Rhyming and rythmn amazing
Need some hope
As I'm sure others do too
LLPP xxxx

Anonymous said...

whenever i call you friend it's the beginning and not the
end. re-reading archaic revival today and here's a twist on that. ufo's appear psychically during times of great transition...shifts....determinations. they come from inside 'just us friends' and throw a sort of parabolic wrench into the workings of the overlords since there is no way to contain or suppress.....only pretend to suppress....pretend to be in control. ufo's are our psychic alarm systems.....
paraphrased loosely from TM's archaic revival....

Your Friend

lightandlongshadows said...

"I have seen the fnords"

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Right sidebar menu? Looks OK. Might be the browser. Sometimes I have something that's all screwed up on one browser, and not on another. Love the epic poetry, dude; even if it is in prose format. Brilliant, and in such a short period of time.

I'm voting for Ron Paul if I'm even still around in that time. Everyone else is complete garbage, like you said; and also like you implied, anyone who votes for them is beyond stupid, but hey! If we were smart, the world wouldn't be like it is, would it? In fact, if we were that smart would we even be experiencing Physical Existence, or are we just masochistic and like being inconvenienced at best and tortured at most?

But aren't we due for some sort of upheaval in the first half of March? Not too long to go. We shall see, huh?

Two posts in one day. Sweet. Making up for the week without? ;^)

neal said...

The Patriots and the Giants, now that is some kind of rewrite, you work with what you've got, wherever that is.

Take the Lady, and the Tiger, and a Fire Tornado, now She won't stop staring at this, and that gives birth to monsters, but this Love won't leave anything the way they think they are. It's just a gleam in the Eye, so they say. I don't really think it is that simple, probably much less than that.

No cards these days that spell that out, that makes sense.

Maybe not what is there, but what is missing, now that can lead to staring up close and personal, that is some question.

Or just reading and joyful noises, not so much weeping, depending on identities, and what is allowed, and what is required. This will only hurt forever, there is always enough gas to get there, once empty is ignored. That is absurd, but it takes you there.

And staring, and wondering, knowing how easy it is to be a monster, twins tend to argue, sometimes.

Dancing is always there, but to hold this close, now that is a deathgrip. That is the stuff dreams are made of, and leads to nice monsters, that is always some kind of choice.

That's the family curse, the table has been set, and a monster presides over the drama. Now there is some backstory, with kisses and hugs, and secret notes, and always regrets that are a given, from even being involved.

A deathgrip is always push me, pull you, subject to demonstration, and always exposed in nurseries.

That is change, not what you want, but what must be explained, now that is changing.

This should be erased, but that is not the rules, just bending what has happened. Sometimes, these choices just get really narrowed down, and it is up to what hidden fire and ice is there to determine what is up in the air, but some will say that is just the wind talking. When you post twice, that is why the letters catch up with the rest, I'm just saying that resonates, but can be interesting.

napanac said...

they're making this cat Gingrich look cool because he stood up to the big baad media Everyones asleep even those in the know, I'm ready but I'm really not because I hate putting anything on the net, but I know a lot of people are aware and a lot of us do care

Chinese Sneakers said...

A most gingerly cadence to this piece to be sure.

And the fancy poetry as prose is breath^taking.

i Can't, however, bring myself to go any father and truly delve into what i think you're getting at with naugahyde reference. And i guess the brown thing might dove tail in with all that nastiness, too, huh?

Also, i wanted to express how i enjoyed your weird HWY 1 stories from a few posts back. Thought David Lynch had it in mind while shining a movie light, however small and shadowy, on that "Lost Highway."

Vaya con Dios.

Eamon said...

Yes, visible, some are listening. Thank you for another excellent offering. Carry on, my friend. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...


I will always be your friend and love you till the end.

When luminous love created below and above; darkness was separated with a dove.

We are all on lists somewhere and home is where the heart is; please, come see me Vis.



Anonymous said...

"If friends are swayed by fabrications; what kind of friends are these?"

Sooo true!

About all we can is do our best to keep an image of that better, brighter world in our mind's eye. It is here, it has dawned - we need to keep looking around for all the little signs that keep croping up, rather than looking at the current state of internal & external chaos. (reminder to self)

Great piece of writing here!

You remain the best word smith writing and observing!

Anonymous said...

They might think you're off the rail, though you're really on the trail even if the cussin cousins couldn't conceive casually while watching the angel Moroni through the eye of Newt and listening to the 24-gun salute as the Bank is ready to drop into the tank and all she's got to smoke is skank; getting slunked by the dealer who was really out to feeler all broadcast live hundreds of miles from the Hive where there's likker up front and poker in the rear and they don't take no prisoners at the Frontier Bar and Grill even if some of the customers would find that their big thrill.

Oh and lottsa people get it alright even if they are too uptight to let the fickle finger of fate slide in smoothly and tickle tortuously. Trial balloons for all the baboons dancing to stringy toons while keeping a keen watch for RedShield's goons as they knock the Spicks and Coons to feed those hungry loons whose votes could go to goats if they were only gnarly enough and tokked real tough, those billygoats gruff.

Florida is Primarily constituted of real estate sharks and their loopy marks with groveling and barks and those too brief walks through the parks where they can approach the Bush to do a little push, push in some lissome Kush served up with some JebJeb zeb-zeb for the Hijabi tush.

Obamination and the Seven Dwarfs are closeted in the kitchen where you can hear their constant bitchin cussin on accounta somebody's been snitchin all over the net and some of the biggest fish in the pond brought out the pair of rods to do some witchin to find out whether that pair of dice will soon be hitchin or posted off to the Persian Gulf where the game will not be golf but may contain enough You Reign Yum, depleted or completed to get their gonads itchin.

There is tragedy and comedy but it makes you all vomity to see how they can be wrapped around that pole like two snakes without a soul doctoring to the mole with all those documents he stole and stashed them in his hole till they reached the final goal putting Dimona on a roll while charging Clevelanders a toll to cross that little shoal by genuflexion to the troll.

Prostiticians get to be rich and famous for selling high and reaching low ,thus gurgitated into the undertow with its topsy turvy flow where only jellyfish grow and sea urchins nip your toe as they chant out "I da Ho" before the cock can crow.

May the farce be with them and with their shredded souls.

-stickman 6 Aquarius, 33 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new movie contagion?
This is like a rehearsal for what is to come and ad for vaccines!
They even make sure to treat every alternative medecines popular on internet(c.silver or samento ect....) as quack, unproven!!!
I believe in Urine therapy, because I cure bad chest cough and depression with it!Also it is FREE and VERY available!
Sadly I do not feel proud about it, because I fear ridicule!
Isn't it sad to see others suffer and you know most will not listen?
But in my heart I feel empowered!Maybe this is why I am still around, so many times i should have died or god knows what else, believe me i went around and never got hurt!!!!!sO MAYBE THIS IS the REASON, TO HELP OTHERS WITH MY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IN DIFFICULT TIMES TO COME?
In time I will know.
My wish for 2012 is the return of the new age goddess and good king.Together they will bring Harmony and dethrone that macho egoistic only one cruel god!
As usual they cannot fool us no more with their fake promises so they are terrorising us and weakening us, then hypnotising us with their magics(Cities, arts,electricity, cars, radio, tv, moon landing,nuclear vaccines....)making us ill and perverted in the process....
For how long more?
I hope their manipulation and use of negative energy will come to an end!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Les, and right after I got through on the other. You're reading minds tonight, don't know if I take comfort in that though. Peace, one and all...

abe in ela.

Anonymous said...

Up one side and down the other,
Who could help but want another?
Though all our lives show through our paths
We all just want a piece of ass
I know it, you know it, you wrote it, too
Bill Shakespeare knew it, better'n you
And though 400 years have passed
Knowledge hasn't even gasped
Because the Jew has mezmerized
And kept you goy quite paralized
Full of hate and fear and who cares what
While the Zionists just kicked your butt
While you trusted in the dumbest things
So you deserve the thrust this Zion brings...

Stupid goy... stupid goy... stupid.

L.L.O. said...

I love you man...

Anonymous said...

The Joker's done the final shuffle..
Now, here comes the deal.
Brown chips piled upon the table..
Reality's hand becomes surreal.

MachtNichts said...

Vis, your expert quilt of words is unequalled, again. It sets off a whole orchestra to go with it.

Reading between the lines though I also hear some discomfort: calculated ugly plots, friends swayed by fabrications ...

Don't get me wrong, I am just expressing the vibes coming my way. Correct me if I'm out of line.

Diabolus never lets up, does he? Perfect match for Satan. How to deal with both of them - that is the question. I guess there is only one way, which you have been talking about all along. Make contact with the source. Each in his own way.

wv: repri - reprisals for the oppressors are on the way, no chance of a reprint

Kray Z8 said...

Damn, a Double! ThanksThanks. Nice to see you working the beat again. (Pun intended). Much resonance with both posts and with many of the comments from the Friends as well, so I guess it's more like a Quadruple!!!!

A lot of energy and weirdness manifesting in our consensus reality lately just reinforces the point that it's morphing/disentigrating at an accelerating rate. Imagine that in the year 2012. It's becoming ever more apparent that the only thing consistent we have to anchor to is our relationship to the One. Might be a good time for us to firm that up a bit. Meanwhile, there's never a dull moment in Fantasyland.

Vis, your work just keeps getting better. The message and the entertainment complement each other superbly. Please carry on.

Friends, I am no longer surprised by the degree of resonance and synchronicity in your comments, but I am grateful. Keep howlin'.

Peace, Love, Strength,


For all you men out there said...

"One of the greatest revelations that a man will ever have AFTER he first discovers women is that no matter how great or how grim their presence IN his life, or their presence "make" his life---------he is still destined to exit this life-----ALONE."

Victory Unlimited copyright 2005 from "The Many Missions of Victory Unlimited!"

Though this is a HARD statement that I have made many years ago, it is actually NOT meant to be a DEPRESSING one. Instead, it is only meant to slap many men across the face who have been inebriated by the euphoric pull of Pussssy with the cold, leather, stinging glove of SOBRIETY.

And living a life filled with more periods of sobriety should be the goal here.


Because many unhappy relationships, miserable marriages, and GRAVEYARDS are filled to the brim with men who have lost themselves, their hopes, their dreams, and their overall missions in life due to mistaking any particular woman IN their life "for" their life.

For those who tend to read faster than they think, I advise you to read the above statement again-----but S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Now, to briefly revisit the relevance of the opening quote I have reposted at the top, the reason why I believe that it is important to remember is because sometimes we forget.

We "forget" that our lives are made up of more than the pursuit of pleasure ONLY. There are things that we can do here during our brief time on this earth that have an imporance that is much more far reaching. And the reason why we forget is because we are under the influence-------under the influence of one desire over another one. So caught up can we become in romance and procreation that we forget all about our, at least, "equally" important missions of overall LIFE enhancement and SOLUTION creation.

Everything we do in life either creates a problem or solves one. And every person ever born either adds to the problem or becomes a part of the solution.

How many inventions, modern advancements, spiritual insights, nations liberated, lives saved, works of art created, etc. would NOT be here if the MEN who created these things were SO drunken with the love drug that they TOTALLY neglected the other aspects of their lives????

For all you men out there said...


A woman's presence in a man's life should make his life better because of it------not worse.

Sometimes, MANY times, the thing that most call "love" is little more than emotional obsession.

And emotional obsession, whether it be over a woman, or over some "thing", by it's very nature, gives a man a sort of immobilizing tunnelvision that prevents him from doing what he was born to do:

To SOLVE a fukking PROBLEM.

So instead, he BECOMES a fukking problem----to other people first, and then ultimately TO HIMSELF.

As long as we allow ourselves to be sidetracked by people, things, or "women" who do not add to our forward motion, who do not help fuel our inner creative fires, and who prove themselves to in fact be OPPOSITION to our overall life's mission----------then we have met the real saboteur:

And that saboteur is "us".

Everyone we meet down here as we march our way through this life, over time, either proves to be our ally or our enemy.

Very few people that we encounter here, "AND" who leave a significant impact on our lives is NEUTRAL. And the unfortunate part about this is that many of us only discover the true positive or negative nature of involvement with others through the Night Vision Goggles of HINDSIGHT.

Nevertheless, I believe we all do ourselves a greater service by holding all people, all life events, and all "women" just firmly enough to enjoy the richness of the experience-------while simutaneously holding all of these same people, life events, and women loosely enough that should they cease being a part of our lives, their "exit", no matter in what manner it may occur, will NOT destroy our lives.

Many a man only finds out after it's TOO LATE that the danger of making a woman his "life" only succeeds in leaving him with "life-LESS", when and if she exits.

To make a woman a significant PART of your life can be a great thing. But being able to know when it's time to "man up" and jettison a woman OUT of your life is a thing that is equally as great.

lightandlongshadows said...

Hi Archie, how's the dingbat?

Anonymous said...

@For all you men out there said...

Or to sum up your post .

"If men didn't have dicks they wouldn't have any problems at all. "

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

Alas full circle it has come my wife and I always thought it was fun to use our best stern poker face and admonish others into full disgrace about how can they hope to be saved with grace?
Have you no compassion nor heart and soul?
Ya know it's gonna take a toll.
You say in our eyes you see a moat but do you ever consider how many naugas it took to make that coat?
Aloha ViZ and all oh my is that the sky giving us a call? Let's hope it doesn't fall!
My buds and neighbors are gonna be sure I have lost it all cuz due to this thread I'll rhyme when they call...silly me and silly they it's all about demonstration when they ask I'll say.
OH! By the way please all you wonderful perns here have a great day!
Mahalo again for the floor now I must prepare to go out the door.
Oh shit this is gonna be one of those dayz...I love it though now what do the rest here have to say?
Uke-itar man on a rock in the sea.
{uh oh ViZ inspired songs in me!}

Anonymous said...

I hear the world unwinding,
It goes so fast these days.

Blind men at the wheel,
advising us to pray.

Heading for oblivion,
with nothing left to save

Or anything you cannot buy
for money, sex or fame.

More Risible

mike m said...

Vis, want to make a bet on the Super Duper Bowl?

I will take the Giants vs. the Patriots and the winner gets first whack at smacking the Lizard Lip Newt upside his pinata like head.

Be careful when you crack that nut because all kinds of pus filled maggots will be falling free from that rotten gourd.

Lee said...

This is one the funniest blogs online. The combination of truth plus rhyme with comedy = Genius.

"That sure can make a man mean."

I would call that, "Can't Scratch My Ass, Fever".

Visible said...

You're on Mike, although I think it will take a miracle for them to win but... after what happened with Baltimore I would say it looks possible. they seem to have the wind at their backs.

fiatlvx93 said...

"Trying to cure stupid is like killing for peace but hope never dies as long as wonders never cease."

Excellent Line.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your (2 for 1!) works Visible!

i never had material or whatever means to get a front row seat to anything, until,
now - i got a front row seat at every Visible "show"!

missingarib said...

Vis,bouts of introspection inter spaced by the laughter of a small child frame the time/ space between your reads.
I stand starring at the night sky -think I hear the child needs granddads attention.

live long and prosper-thank you

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

genius too, was a word I used
when I read this work of Vis
but paused as not to cause to cringe
the ego part that's only his.
I am in awe when myself perchance
do sometimes come to rhyme
its in my head., already there
nanoseconds before my time.
its proof of god, and our quantum brains
like music, sex and poker.
god plays dice, he's naughty AND nice
but it's man that's his courtly joker.

wv: resticro . rest , lest I crow on too much.

onething said...

I once cured my dog by letting her drink my urine. She had been ill for several months, and began to recover almost immediately. She drank it 3 times a week or so apart and then lost interest. The thing that amazes me is her instincts. She wanted that urine badly and it made her better.

tommy said...

I survived smoking a dry cat food kibble, so maybe the naugehyde won't be too bad.

Gotta beat 'em at ther own game first if you wabt to get rid of 'em..

Visible said...

A new Origami is up-

A new Origami is up-

Colored Perception and Limited Perspective.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
I'm listening and you're still the one. Rhyme on and we'll come sailin' through. I'm listening and waiting. Waiting for mighty Ron Paul to strike out. Waiting like Van and Amadon through the centuries for Adam and Eve (Arthur and Gwenevere). Waiting here in the bayou where you can't eat the fish. No ticket for the library train, no WIFI for the Kindle, but I got Viz and some pre-Fukushima cheese. Gearing up for the torture, reading the NDAA Tarot in the priogue. God loves us each and every one. POOF

Unknown said...

This is my first time commenting, as I just recently ran across your blogs, which I have been reading with great interest. At this point, all I can say is, THANK YOU! You give me a glimmer of hope, as does the voice of Patrick Willis. I want to give you a little glimmer of hope in return.

I am on a mailing list of a "reorganized" Mormon, (the ones that followed Joseph Smith and are now based in Independence, MO...yes I know he was a farce, but my mom is one of "them"). This Mormon lady is very well-versed in the Bible, and she is also a prolific writer with a large mailing list. She and her ex-military husband are NOT voting for Romney, just because he is Mormon. They are fully supporting Ron Paul. They understand that "Zion" is not temporal, but rather is spiritual, and she fully admits that the Anti-Christ rose up when the flag of Israel did. So, there is some hope.

I do support Ron Paul, because by appearance he seems to stand for truth. My verdict is still out, but he is the ONLY one that I will vote for, and if he does not win the primaries, I will still write his name on the presidential ballot....OR I will fill in the blank with "God."

On a side note, did you see the recent video done by Dr. David Duke who stated that a writer for The Jewish Times, said that Obama should be assassinated? Adler came out and apologized, and the article was retracted. Now Hillary is leaving her position, which is strange. The Mormon lady believes Obama will not survive until the 2012 elections, according the Book of Daniel, and I've read other's comments, who feel the same. I too had this feeling, and I was not influenced by anyone else, to come to this conclusion. I think Hillary is prepping to take his place in the Presidential Elections. Now do you want to hear something really strange, and yes, maybe a bit whacko (grin)?

Hillary is a Scorpio, and the constellation of Ophiuchus was brought to everyone's attention by the main-stream media back in 1/11. Ophiuchus (up-hi-u-c-us) is the serpent handler whose heal crushes the scorpion. The response to Ophiuchus was Fuk-u-shima, with "shima" meaning mother by Native interpretation. Just thought I'd throw that in here, as food for thought.

In closing, I also have absolutely no doubt that God exists. He has spoken to me, as well.

Be well, and thank you again for your awe-inspiring words. Rhonda



Joseph Brenner

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'The Miracle of Love' from the Les Visible Album
The Sacred and The Profane

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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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