Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Landlords of Eminent Domain

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A little something different today, for all those speculating in the hinterlands and inner lands where speculation is the general order of the day. Why are things the way they are and where did all these hideous people come from? Where did these bankrupt leaders; vicious reavers, financial psychopaths, The Satanic Chosen, the indifferent and preening self adulatory come from and why are they here? That's a good question. There's a reason for everything, even if we don't know what it is at the time.

During the period when I met The Man on the Beach, I remember being in a small roadside tavern in Big Sur. I was taking a leak and I happened to look over to the wall on my left where there was some amount of graffiti and it was at that point when this young lad with his long hair noticed the pithy comment, “Hippies are living proof that niggers fuck dogs”. Big Sur was the home of Esalen and any number of various get togethers and hideaways for people out on the edge of the new frontiers of consciousness. It was also a hotbed for very right wing types who owned a lot of the land; what land could be owned. You didn't want to go camping just anywhere in that area. I had heard the tales about baseball bats studded with nails and so forth. I never thought about it much. It was only later that I found out about all the serial killers prowling Route 1; the organized ones were creating their tableaus in the ice plant configurations at the entrance and exit points of the freeways running in and out of LA and then there were the San Bernadino mountain aficionados who preferred the forests.

There are Orange County-like enclaves all over that failed experiment called America. Some of them are called Palm Beach County and some of them are called Westchester County and all of them contain those peoples and personalities generic to the routines performed there. They need the world to work and act a certain way, according to that timeless formula of, “Me first, you later, maybe”. They don't think of themselves as a bad sort. They give money to their various charities that support what is euphemistically called The Arts and they've got the hospitals, where they are basically investing in a future stay and better treatment for themselves and whoever showed up in their familial mix. They give generously to Cancer because cancer is a gift that keeps giving, in terms of stock portfolios and direct mass payments, if you're a doctor, but otherwise serve to advance an enormous industry of related endeavors like pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and hospice chains. Cancer is big business and no one making money off of it wants it to go away.

War is even bigger money maker and no one making money off of it wants it to go away. Oil is even bigger money and no one killing and displacing millions to get it or suppressing every other technology (unless they control it) wants it to go away. But where did these people come from?

Where did this terrible epidemic of bad leaders in every area of endeavor come from and why are so many of them here at this particular time?

It's reincarnation people. Everyone you see has chosen to be here and is compelled to act as they do according to the Karma of their being for purposes of demonstration to others AND to themselves and for the purpose of judgment on the manifest plane. The majority of people do not understand the dynamics of human birth in the manifest. Certain things can only be accomplished in a physical body. That is both the good news and the bad news; given the suffering that attends our presence on this plane. Because appearances play such a big part in the conditions of our residency, our state of ease or disease is dependent on the degree to which we are controlled by appearances. Appearances are the primary lie because they are a temporary and changing expression of something that is essentially different than what is being presented. This is how people become immersed in deception. This is because appearances are always with us and it's just easier for the human mind to accept appearances as reality. After all, everyone else does. The pressure to go along with whatever everyone else believes is happening is very great.

When we are children we are all the victims of telepathic invasion from our parents and also from whatever structures we are exposed to for the purpose of education/indoctrination. The infrastructure and those who manipulate it, for control for the purpose of gain, insists that we proceed on rails and in slots for the greater good, which is a euphemism for the greater good of the few. Both the social and governmental constructs as well as the religious angle are in place for the purpose of dominating our attention so that we will be good little robots from the cradle to the grave. The only system that ever really works out to the advantage of the ordinary resident is the small community/village dynamic which allows for an operating input by the informed citizen. This is what they perverted in order to sell us the lie of demoncracy; “it takes a village” and then of course, you often wind up burning the village in order to save it.

The county structures I mentioned earlier; the enclaves of the privileged and degrees of privileged are regimented environments of entrenched stupidity, which supports the horrors of a material age. They give fealty to a lie of protected comforts based on a superiority of status, which accords the finer opportunities of education that lead to the connections that contribute to the rise in position, in respect of the marketplace and the insular and closed cultures of those whose wheels have been greased so that they might enjoy a higher standard of living because, well... because they're just better than we are; whoever 'we' may happen to be at the moment.

These large demographics of associating professionals, insane Christians and sundry types make it possible for a Bush or an Obama to be shoehorned into higher office so that they can carry out the policies of bankers and others who see no act of torment and aggression to be too egregious to perform. Basically they don't give a shit who gets hurt. They see columns of numbers on a page. They are actuarial junkies who worship nothing but the bottom line. They are as they are because over a long term of coming and going that is where they wound up. This cycle of shit goes on across the space of an age and not much interrupts it as quid pro quo and status quo engage in their extended mutual frottage.

However, the time comes, as it always does when judgment makes its appearance and that is why there are so many people here. They've been brought here to see the value of what they have been up to. They are here because what goes around eventually comes around and here it is in your face. What are you up to at the moment? What is the direction of your thought? That is the determinant of your placement in the order of things. That is also good news and bad news. The thing is that it doesn't appear as bad new to those in their gated communities and places of privilege in positions of power and influence. They're certain that they will be okay because they've got every right to be there. They're the landlords of eminent domain.

Yeah, it's all fun city until it turns into nightmare alley. It's hard to run with the weight of wealth and even harder to hide your face when you've been all over the TV for... the purpose of demonstration.

There are personal veils and there are the larger shared veils of communities and classes. In a time of material preeminence, these veils are powerful in their magnetic force as it applies to the tenets of belief. People join together is a common acceptance of what is real. That's not even generally real, that's just what some amount of people decided was going to be because it most comprehensively accommodated their appetites and desires. This is the time of summing up. That means this is the time of judgment. There's time left to change utterly but the veils... ah the veils; through a scarf darkly.

This may seem a meandering collage of tenuously related subject matters. It's anything but. However, I will leave you with your thoughts on the matter and depart for the necessary effort upon my own veils, such as they may be.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show tonight but PLEASE NOTE that I will be on at feet2thefire radio at 9:00 Central and not the usual 7:30 because it will be a live interview with James that will last for an hour. As usual, it will be available for download the following day. That would be tomorrow in case there is any confusion about it (8/*grin).


lightandlongshadows said...

Hey to the Visible & fellows,
Some things that may be of interest:

This is Chutzpah! Russian Godfathers

WOW! NASA Admits LENR (Cold Fusion) Game Changer!


Buenos días

Lee said...

Your departing veil thoughts are interwoven and complex tendrils that you hope we get.

"The more I know, the easier it gets." Eustace Mullins

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am quite loving how the veils are lifting...


Les Thanzeros said...

>. forward, loved the it!

Anonymous said...

Good analysis, Vis. Why are so many present at this time in world history? Reincarnation. Demonstration purposes.

Yesterday i cut out a photo from the New York Times, copies of which i am given by a friend who did hard time on Manhattan Island for over 20 years. Back in the 60's Greenwich Village and all had significant sweet spots. But in more recent times it has become, in essence, a gated community, excluding those of lesser means ~~ or less mean?

Oonyhoo, this photo clipped from the Times is of Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. I mean we got Hitlery and her evil chortles over the programmed end of the man who dared to attempt to bring non-usury banking to Africa ~ Muammar Gaddhafi. There are plenty pics of Hitlery which reveal her twisted soul. But there are few twists possible in this photo of Brewer. The entire visage is a twist. Pretzelface attempting through bleach and betterment to look young and chic. But it doesn't work. The evil in her countenance is so pervasive that the average kindergartner would run and hide just from having to look at it. But those gated folks of privilege in Aridzona keep voting for her...

Amazing, the twisted reality of contemporary Amerikkkan existence, particularly amidst the lives of the rich and famous.


Sherri said...

"Yeah, it's all fun city until it turns into nightmare alley."

Yes indeed. Then when the land explodes,the auroras dance in daylight, and the islands shapeshift everyone will stop and stare. The zombies will eat the cannibals while everyone ponders their place in the freezing fog.

It is all very interesting.

Windows and doors are open and opening for anyone that wants to see what's on the next levels.

There isn't a need to worry about abandonment as we all meet up on the main road eventually.

Passengers away :)

just me, Laurel A. said...

oh cheetos, here we go again. LIGHTSANDLONGSHADOWS......uhm, go back and check the comments i have made to LINDSEY and ANNDIAMOND and go find some other watering hole unless you can get your hand off your parts and stop trolling. the three of you seem to in, the same little group of trainees. social engineering is not a really cool subject. if you want a challenge, go hit up on the ultra conservative die-hard-in-vengeance evangelical bible whacking none-shall-be-spared-hell-if-we-have-any-say-over-it passive-aggressive fake christians, and fake any other religious never-gonna-be's. but dont think a new trollster name will change what i know about your little group of trainees. perhaps you are familiar with "jose galindo"? wisconsin? the military base there, up in the lakes area? oh i bet you are.....or at the very least, acquainted through proxy.

Rob in WI said...

Wonderful post, hard to rate it, as you've given us so many. I couldn't stop laughing through the first couple paragraphs. Thanks for being a voice that has an audience, saying the things that those of us with no audience would say if we had one.
Be well, best to all, Rob

Anaughty Mouser said...


Here's a quote by Johnathon Azizaia:

"And besides, what is the UN really? As is the case with all matters of history and the revisionism that follows, we must return to the beginning; the origins. The origins of the UN can be found in the financing of the same Zionist banking families, the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warbugs, Lazards and Oppenheimers, who have financed strife on this earth for centuries. The UN was created to justify the existence of the Zionist entity as a legitimate nation-state, to put a shroud on its hideous supremacist character; this rings true with the fact that the Security Council never even ratified the resolution which proposed the legitimacy of a Jewish ‘state’ in Palestine. Despite this, and despite the illegal Jewish colonization of Palestine financed by the Rothschild family since the 1880s and the horrible Zionist atrocities of the Nakba in 1948, still the UN recognized this fabricated regime, still gave it a name and a seat. Why? Because its godfathers, the Zionist bankers, wanted it that way. The UN is a tool of international Zionist power and by extension, so is the IAEA."

gurnygob said...

Why are things the way they are and where did all these hideous people come from? Good questions Les.

Reincarnation I’m not sure about, being a Christian and all, but I wouldn’t totally disagree. I suppose being ‘reborn’ could be taken to mean a number of conditions and not just a spiritual one. My mind is open to possibilities.

Your assessment of why things are the way they are rings well in my ears. However, it just seems to me that those in power always seem to come-up smelling like roses while all the rest of us get covered in shi*. I mean most of them (the masters) lived through the two previous world wars while millions of poor people died. Most of the rich live quite well through the recessions and hard times while all the poor suffer and die of starvation, where is the justice in karma? Maybe we (the 99%) were the bad bas*ards last time around. If this is the case then we are only getting what we deserve, in which case they, TPTB are serving truth and justice by meting it out to the rest of us. I am not arguing with you Les just for the sake of it, I just don’t understand the Reincarnation and karma thing. Of course that doesn’t mean you’re wrong so I will shut-up now.
As for the veils, I have one or two that I need to adjust; mind you I have dropped one or two since I started hanging around here, is that good, does that mean I get a feather in my cap?

BTW, there has been some amount of bantering or battering each other in the comments section over the past few posts. I would just like to apologise for my part in that and to say sorry to those I may have hurt. I am sorry.

Of topic but. We talk sometimes about church (not to be confused with religion) it seems to me that the church Christ was talking about was love. That is to say, every act of love done in his name, no matter how small, that is his real church on earth. The gates of hell will not prevail against love, isn’t that right Mr. Frodo?


neal said...

I'm sorry that so many have a problem with the One. Even encoded in history does not lead to just more invitations on a Divine charm bracelet, Osiris, Jesus, we don't make the damn rules. If that needs another grinning trophy to be broadcast, you still have not been paying proper attention, you just won't be touched by what you have been missing.

This is way tragic, it's always been like this, that little soul love you want, but never by your rules.

We will not take this thing here for long, there are other, even more deserving, and longing places, we will not deny our Mother, even if you choose not to participate without more of this.

And you thought that was a UFO, or some kind of station, and some kind of monstrous thing, you are all right. You are so close to that, you could be touched by it, but that is not doing what you will do, that is just crazy, OK.

There is always another, but can you learn to live with it, without all this War?

This stuff is always waiting to fill this place up, that's why it has been made the way it is. Only lonely, in time, you should maybe look around a bit, we are just saying. We will be here, we have only no place to go, just saying.

Sim said...

7:34:00 PM:

I found none of your 3 links to be without merit. Thank you for the information.

And please disregard Laurel A who suffers both a rare form of Tourettes and delusions that she is a blog moderator. She will be better after taking her meds, I'm sure. Preferrably, all of them at once.

lightandlongshadows said...

Dear just me, Laurel A.

I have no idea what you're talking about. I have noticed that yourself and a couple others have taken it upon yourselves to play the part of attack dog in Mr. Visible's comments section. I'm not really interested in squabbling with you or anyone else.
Hope your day picks up

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I must also add that all I have left of this place is an opinion of sheer disgust. My opinion of the collective human race is in the shitter, though I do make exceptions for the individual. I'm wondering if I'm not gonna be a complete hardcore schizoid before I get nuked.

Oh, maybe not. There's a few people here and there I wouldn't object to meeting. (Yeah, of course you're on the list. I have a feeling we'll meet after we get to the Otherside, but that's another story.)

Nice post, and I see where you're coming from. I like what you said about appearances, considering I just finished talking about how much people invest in casting illusions to the world, last week. Especially chicks with their self-destructive fashion trends. What's the difference between high heels and foot binding, in concept? They both mess you up, though one not as badly as the other. And the toxic war paint? How much time, how much money. . . Because everyone else is doing it? Parental programming, even. Mothers seem to be out to turn their daughters into superfluous bimbos.

Didn't work with me. I'm tomboy until the day I die.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

frottage, my new word for the day.

Rub a Dub Dub
Three Bush in a tub
Playing Truth Or Dare
Ill show you mine
Upon each others we shall dine
(Its more than a mere morsel can bear.)

wv: cousnes . kissing and hissing, incestuously blinded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis and Esteemed Readers.

I'm pretty sure that the last 3 years of my life have been some kind of merciful intervention to break me out of the matrix. I don't know why I deserve it but I'm grateful.

Not many folks would be thankful for losing a love a home a job and more ,but I am. mostly anyway. Oh hell I played the game and I was pretty damn good at it for the longest time. A broken heart crashed it all down.

I mean lets be honest that dude who double crosses Morphius in the matrix movie says something like "Ya plug me back in and give me a nice cushy job with about $100 K salary". It's like that for some of us. When things seemed easier and we didn't know any better. We miss that now and then.

Anyway I had just about given up on the whole God thing until I stumbled across Vis. Of all the people I've read and listened to He gives me the most faith that he knows what the deal is and that's at least enough for me to buy his book and try in my rookie way to get somewhere the old pro's been for years. It's because Vis tells the truth in all areas of life , even his own that I have this faith that he knows the God and I can to.

Anyway those folks that are so secure with their pieces of paper with pictures on them aren't as lucky as me so like I said I'm blessed and grateful for that when I remember the lessons learned here. When I forget them I know right away cause I'm scared and angry.

I'm really wondering as 1 month of 2012 passes, what these blogs might be like in January 2014 if the status quo hasn't changed ? I wonder how many people in these circumstances will wish to carry on ? I hope I don't have to find out to be honest.

Anyway Thank You All for giving me the Right Rope to Hang Onto.

Patrick V1.0

just me, Laurel A. said...

they are here alright, les. they are here. trolls. every time we are edging up, it seems your blogs have their numbers called, and now you are back at the head of the list for them again. and they will stay for a little while. watch them shift. meanwhile, i stand on this. god is god, god is love, and no amount of rule-making can change it. no amount of rule making will exchange that either. the very minute it becomes a problem, then there is a human and inhumane judgement going on. that is called agents provocateur and it is only a tool. it is a tool used by the ignorant and the control freaks, and it is a tool used by the manipulating agents provocateur and the religious fraudsters that pepper the plate of our spiritual food like flies. there is no genuine problem between any of us here that causes us to dislike or feel antagonism to any other over jesus, god, religion, cheezuts, gurnygob, laurel, russia, putin, eastman kodak, or whatever else these trolls are hoping to manipulate to invite utter chaos into this home we are building. SIM, you and LIGHT AND SHADOW are i think pretty well connected to the Rainbow Lake bunch. Galindo, all them. in fact, i will go one farther, you are the same agent. same person. and you can take that to the bank along with your self styled medical and pharmaceutical pseudo-diagnoses. if i am crazy, by god i am happy and proud to have finally reached a long sought after goal. because now i am better than you, and that would put me square up with my idol here. but i doubt i am that lucky, so i can just thank you for the huge compliment. maybe some day in some life i will be much closer to the Poet than i am, but again, i thank you for the compliment. but keep yer noses to the ground, SIM and L&S, because i am pretty damn sure you are going to need a route out of here in a fast kind of way soon.

Boulderdash said...

Speaking of photos. Check out this weird photo of Hitlery.

Can someone explain the imagery here?
Is this a character out of Star Trek?

onething said...

Reincarnation and karma might be a bit difficult to understand at times, but it sure beats the alternative. The problem with heaven and hell after one lifetime is, aside from the utter injustice of it, that one lifetime simply makes no sense as a precursor of any import to eternity.

If a baby or a kid die, what? They're off the hook? Except in the old days, when the church was harsher, and unbaptized babies went to hell (or limbo). So, God is constrained not to allow a soul to realize its potential forever and ever and ever, because it got a respiratory infection in a body that it lived in a few weeks - how will that seem 20 billion years in the future? Logical?

The problem is we live in a very confused state in these short lives, and most people are quite obviously not ready for either heaven or hell based on them. Inwardly, people realize this, and consequently many Christians, who ought to feel spiritually secure, in fact fear death and judgment terribly.
This system makes of God someone who does not actually care about the content of your character, but only whether you signed a contract with the right agency.

It does go against the grain to see an innocent sufferer in this life and suppose they have done evil in a previous. And indeed, it is not necessarily true. People take on difficult lifetimes to hone their skills. But when we see all the bad that people do, we can suppose that those souls need to pay their recompense somehow.

This I think is the biggest danger for people who do accept reincarnation. No matter what a soul has done in a previous life, they should be regarded as innocent in this one, if they are so. Don't become complacent in the face of suffering.

Also, people tend to think of karma acting quickly, with payback in the next life, but it might actually play out over longer periods of time, with a soul gathering talent and strength in one direction or another.

I think a lot of what is going on isn't so much about getting paid back for good and bad deeds, but about mastering this place, acquiring some wisdom. Learning to discern.

Religion teaches a materialistic form of spiritual reality. The task is to gain the confidence to feel out the truth with one's own soul and establish a true, living contact. That's grace.

onething said...

You speak of judgment and I think of the Law of One stuff, in which they say that at the end of a cycle, a minority are actually set in their evil ways and gathering strength and will go on to a sort of hellish reality where they will struggle for eons, and a somewhat larger group are in the mode of goodness and can progress forward, while many people are in the middle and have not really decided which way to go.
It reminds me of the odd saying in the Bible where God supposedly says he'd prefer you hot or cold, but if you're lukewarm, he'll spit you out. Kinda makes sense to me now. If you're lukewarm, you're useless and you can just be recycled back till you've matured some.

A lot of these people in the gated communities are lukewarm. They aren't awake, they aren't interesting, they can kid themselves, and they aren't good either, but they're not conscious enough to really punish.

Anonymous said...

Love your work, Vis. But personally, I think it's very unlikely that there is a punisher on the way, or an apocalypse, or an impending balancing of all the spiritual accounts receivable by all the fiends and non-fiends on the planet. Infinity is utterly indifferent to the tribulations of men. Either you save your energy and still your mind and become more than just a man - and thereby save yourself - or you're f*cked. Just my two cents' worth...

Anonymous said...

These cunning creatures they call chosen,and there knowing shills will not incarnate.Why,because they have no SOUL,as its the SOUL that must evolve to become closer to or GODLIKE.

Anonymous said...

Gurnygob --

The most logical explanation for re-incarnation concerns the 90% of "Junk" DNA that we carry. I think of the "junk" as a library of past DNA inherited and stored from your personal chain of heredity, that forms your personal characteristics inherited over the eons of time... Karma then is determined by the traits that are carry-overs from the cumulative chain of creation that resulted in your present life... Not some stop and shop process taking place in a cosmic re-cycling center... Sins of the father and all that...


Rob in WI said...

Jesus the Christ taught love, not submission, as so many misguided do not comprehend. Study it a bit, and you might comprehend.
Peace and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Yo, stickman

Just got back from google images... had to see for myself this Jan Brewer.

Now, if you'll pardon me I need to flush my eyeballs with brake cleaner.

Thanks for the visual,

Richie (Dana) said...

Perhaps you did notice that I stood to defend you recently which would hopefully speak for my assessment of your being.
While I admire your discernment concerning an attack on this place I would ask you to remember this.
This battle seeks to separate you and make you identify with a group or organization. That is what they do.
Remember that they push buttons and laugh while we dance. You hang in there and don't dance too much.

I am impressed to say that we can all say whatever we like.
We can make up some wonderful persona's here.
The day of reckoning is fast approaching.
On that day everyone knows the real you behind the words.
My only recommendation would be to ensure that in your heart and mind, you are being the "real" you.

Today I realize that there is no getting away from this. Mr. Apocalypse has a job and he is going to get it done. I still have the temporary luxury of escaping to watch a few movies....but, It all comes back to me and I know it will not stop. We must all face this and do that part alone. Visible is just there to keep us focused.
All of the true beings will understand my sincere thanks for your support and words of encouragement.


ChewyBees said...

Revolution or Revelation, which is it? One brings everything back to start, and the cycle begins again. The other brings enlightenment of life that raises the comprehension and knowledge of the people and situations involved.

We are all involved.

We have been given the opportunity of revelation, and with it the gift of unbridled information and knowledge on the grid of electricity. It wont last forever. Its availability wont last much longer.

Search then Reveal. Then Act, and possibly resist and revolt. But don't revolve. They want revolution. It keeps the entire loop of destruction and rebuild (to the advantage of the few) on their plate. They eat from that plate, with a side of farva beans.

Look at history. Don't you see that the same cycles of build and destroy keep happening, yet the masters and profiteers of those cycles never disappear, but just change form?

The last act is coming. There is a big build up for a catastrophic fall. Are you a player in this act? Are you a member of the audience? Or are you a creator of your own play?

The time to decide is nigh.

missingarib said...

vis, I see what you(and stickman) are refering to when I catch a glimpse of them on my daughters bad telly. The older girls all look like the bride of the joker of batman fame with the enhanced botox look or whatever that is they had done to themselves -at quite a few shekels I imagine- synthetic humans is the imagage that comes to mind rearranged in an image other than envisioned in the Bible sense - good luck to them should the bottom actually fall out

again thank you for the visuals grin

Greg Bacon said...

Where did these bankrupt leaders; vicious reavers, financial psychopaths, The Satanic Chosen, the indifferent and preening self adulatory come from and why are they here

Maybe anytime 'Ol Scratch' takes a dump, he spawns a new generation of these murderous psychos?

As for Karma, I'm not sure about certain aspects of that notion.

If you look at it one way, it's just an eternal game of 'tit for tat' that will produce an infinite amount of bad feelings towards each other, and some of those grudges get turned into violence, with some of the 'collateral damage' killing kids.

Look at it another way, and it sounds like a Western religion, branding guilt into your consciousness so you won't be a 'bad boy' and go to Hell when you die.

Who knows for sure? Maybe we're already dead and are here on Earth to serve time for our past errors and mis-deeds before we move into another dimension.

As for me, just leave me in the ground to be a feast for flesh eating worms.

Anonymous said...


'America, the time is past nigh.'

Anonymous said...

I believe this: Our collective thoughts manifest in form.
Whatever we see out there is a result of thought. Our thoughts are influenced by many different preceptions, some lofty some very base. Like a recipe if you will and then lets see what comes out of the oven. In this case it is not so good. More bad ingrediants then good.
I believe we would not have the
corrupt government we have if collectivley the majority of us were moral and just. The corruption and greed we see is the effect,not the cause.
When I read some the Yahoo readers comments, I am saddened by the stupid hateful thoughts of many. That is not to say there are not those of us who are trying to work on ourselves to be better individuals. I am saying the balance right now is way off. It does not matter to me whether that is because of karma or any other damn thing. All that matters is that it is and we must work hard and be vigilant to change things. Only our thoughts can change things. The only way to raise your thoughts is to practice a truly spiritual life and to look within.
Ghandi said to be the change you wish to see. It sounds simple but it is difficult to practice.
When things start to look better here on Earth then we know it is because we are collectivley changing our thoughts and preceptions to a higher vibration thereby seeing a differnet effect.
Maybe that can't even happen here, maybe it is those of us who try that move on and poor Earth is forever comdemned to house the fools. I don't know.
I wish you all peace and love Linda

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada:

They believe that if you dismantle this material body, there will no longer be will, desire, or suffering. But this is not a fact. The fact is that you are an eternal spirit soul; you do not die after the destruction of the body. Consequently, thinking, feeling, and willing are actually carried from this body to another body in the process of transmigration. When the body dies, the living entity's will carries him away, and according to the quality of his will, he receives another body. That body may be the body of a demigod, a dog, a human, or whatever. In any case, will or desire is the carrier.

Anonymous said...

What's the biggest lie in science?

It's obvious to me that there's some devil way back in the details allowing all this leeway in confusing conclusions. We argue about the fruit of this degenerate tree.

I submit the biggest lie is the number line they teach us all, to start with. Going left and right, in 1 dimension, infinitely. Followed by these choreographed square dances, fudge factors, constants and wholly imaginary numbers like i, necessary to explain a half complete model. It's for counting money.

We're promised a sword with teeth, a snake in the road that will upend it all. There's a better model for numbers that irons out curves and reveals predictability to some much reported unpredictable behaviors, and also strongly suggests some unkown supernatural(?) numbers ABOVE, not left or right.

The rechabites have the orthodox math fort guarded. Any mathletes out there wanna go apostate?

Too many of these blogs are like hamster wheels examining the leaves and fruit of this perfume with a fly in it. Smell the subliminal dung in residence to it all.

This is the time of apocalypse. What those who call themselves jews really are is only a scratch on the surface. I'm happy it's all a lie because it all stinks.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Mikey Neptune: You probably are a bunch younger than me and thus more facile at internet research when it comes to scoping out images and such. Hell, i don't even know how to cut and paste yet on my aged iMac. So here's another one for you to check out.

Clipped from page B-1 of the October 27, 1908 edition of the New York Times is this photo taken at the N.Y. Stock Exchange in 2004. Featured are movieman Steven Spielberg and "deal maker" David Geffen. In this shot the playing mountain looks fairly benign, though evidently enjoying a private joke. Geffen, on the other hand is a total case study. His mouth and jowls are set in a near simulacrum of that projected historically by Benito Mussolini. The shaven pate matches the the look. Most significant photographically is is Neanderthalesque browline, accentuating the flint-eyed glare of adamantine willfulness. Well does Geffen exemplify a Chosen appearance.

Though botox treatments and reconstructive plastic surgery is now becoming de rigeur even amongst financially elite men, and contact lenses can somewhat mask the visual expression; taken altogether the composite visage of those who have long gone over to the Dark side generally "shines" through all the attempted melioration. Expressions and projections can be fleeting, but the power of the camera to capture a moment in time can be quite revealing.


onething said...

Part one--

Since finding this site a few months ago, I’ve been deeply pondering the Tribe question as it is raised here. Not that it is a new topic for me; I’ve been aware of it many years. I have hesitated to write because people might jump to the conclusion that I disagree with Visible’s posts, and I do not. In the past year or so, though, I have become aware of what I consider an even deeper problem, and that is the fact that humanity has a natural predator, which is the sociopathic personality. The Jewish problem is contained within that, but with a twist.
It’s imperative that we get this right. Perhaps it’s my contrarian nature, but I’m constantly thinking of example after example of outrageous acts of murderousness and cruelty on the part of various people of the human race. I also have seen, since I am on the lookout, so many examples of good Jews. The idea whose time has come is to understand that humanity is not all equally immoral, but that there are those who are far, far more immoral than normal people. And while many of them do indeed swell the ranks of the criminal class, not all of them do. Some are more functional, better educated. It is an absolutely natural human tendency to think that others function interiorly in a similar way as ourselves. This provides the cover for the sociopath. We are just not expecting someone to not have remorse, to have no interior life, and to therefore gravitate to shallow, glitzy rewards of money, fame, power.
It’s important to understand that given the chance, sociopathic personalities actually have an advantage in climbing the corporate AND political ladders – because backstabbing, lying and cheating do not bother them. Risk taking does not scare them. Unlike other people, who may also like money and fame and power, these have little else to motivate them because they simply do not get the same internal rewards and have no introspection or deep thinking as other people do.
Even though the number of sociopaths in society is one or two percent, there are those who have sociopathic tendencies and in times when the balance becomes unbalanced, these people bond well in a sociopathic system and provide power in numbers. Then there are the weak ones, perhaps another 15 percent or so, who are easily convinced and cowed. Last election we had Sarah Palin, an obvious sociopath (but not quite functional enough to remain in the arena) and now we have Romney, who appears to be a sociopath, and yet no one picks up on it. This is a very serious problem.
The main difference between the Jewish conspiracy and the gentile sociopaths is that the gentiles are generally short sighted and into it for themselves and perhaps their kids, whereas the other acts as a group over long periods of time. In fact, I am guessing that this is the reason gentiles are referred to as cattle. Because gentiles understand quite well greed and rapaciousness, but serious deviousness and cunning we don’t expect, and thus we can be tricked and herded to our doom.

onething said...

Part two--

When it comes to empathy, there are four levels. The first is love of self, the second love of family, the third love of tribe or group, and the fourth is love of all humanity. We humans are tribal in nature, and that I think is what is wrong with our democracy. We have to decide among strangers. If we look at the Native Americans, they were democratic, but they knew their leaders intimately. Human society took a spiritual dive with the advent of civilization due to this loss of intimacy and the arisal of hierarchy. Can you imagine a Native American genuflecting and showing his ass to the chief? I think not! Despite our fall, we are being pushed and pulled toward the fourth level, love of all humanity. Our religions urge it. When people live in tribes, it makes sense to put the tribe first and be somewhat rivalrous toward other tribes. It’s a way to maintain the health of the territory and keep one’s place. At this point in history, making the leap to love and respect of all humanity is a survival imperative. Without it, civilization becomes too destructive.
The twist with the current world power conspiracy is that there is a group that has remained tribal and is acting with a very long term goal. And it is interesting that this does not make the group superior as they may suppose but in fact inferior. If one has intelligence and uses it for cunning and deception, then what kind of superiority is that? It is perhaps a superiority of talent, but morally inferior. And if one is locked into believing in a God who would encourage dominion and slavery of the whole world to one tribe, then one cannot get to know the real God. If you think your tribal superiority is divinely decreed then you are locked out of getting in on the natural progression from love of tribe to love of humanity. If there is no stasis and everything is movement, what happens when you lock yourself out of progressing upward? Where will you go?
But it seems to me in the end that the important thing is not only to break up and expose this conspiracy, but even more we have to find a way to identify sociopathic personalities and render them powerless.

Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family said...

These priviledged red Edomites must be sweating their balls. They have so much loot to loose. Someday the herd will close in on them and the riot squads may not show up to protect them. They know this of course so in place is a system to cull the herd should they ever get so bold. The very food they eat will kill them as it is already killing quite a few now.
The veil of Isis is falling, falling, falling...

just me, laurel a. (not logged into google right now) said...

@ ONETHING 3:51am......

and thank you richard/dana, its best you let me worry about me though. for reals. and not in a mean way, but because you cannot see the thing i see, and i cannot see the things you see. we have enough on our own plates as it is, i know. and you need your energy for yours. i have a very bad and thorny road here, for whatever insane reason, i dont know, and it doesnt matter, it just is what it is, and i have had a difficult time of it lately keeping certain ones from mine and even my related persons' facebooks and emails, and phones, even though we have utilized all available security for each. the only option is to keep on changing numbers and names, but that is nutty all by itself, and is getting costly and ridiculous to keep up with. or i guess we could just cut ourselves off from the human race in toto. so, its my problem, and is my response to certain ones. it is not really necessary for anyone to decide that if i am not all dreamy-eyed then it must be i am failing myself in some manner. nor can i nor will i become a person like that, it is not my nature, if it should become my nature, it will just be, and i wont have to look at it, or for it, or wonder about it, it will just become and then it will just be, so neither must anyone else look for it or try to create or adapt it to me. you need the energy you have to work with your moment. i have sufficient for mine. i am not quiet about it is all. and i am not likely to become quiet, unless one day, that is just who i am, at which point i am then quiet. no big deal either way. but most of all, dont be too hard on me or yourself, as i know your intent was of a wonderful friend, a loving soul, and i do know this, i do see this, and i do so much appreciate that. its rare, and i dont consider it lightly. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great post LV......
I had to write a few lines as my wv
is "frambo" -- when frambo gets back
from pissing on all the dead Taliban in Afghanland,
he'll doubtless go to work on Wall St. unless his ptsd is so bad he ends up homeless under a bridge....
yeah, those pix of hellary are hideous.... she and Madalyn Albright ought to have a beauty contest...

Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family said...

I had to investigate this Janice "jan" Brewer.
Jan ice as in it is colder than ice in January. or

A term for a perfect woman. One who's style and beauty are difficult to describe. Who's scent intoxicates and excites. A truly beautiful soul with a smile and touch that can heal the infirm. The type of woman one searches for their whole life.
I think I've found my Janice. My life is complete.
Everyone knows Janice. Janice is the volunteer hall monitor for the world. Don't you know nothing would get done around here without Janice? The world owes Janice a favor without even realizing it, and Janice loves it that way.
Somebody who partakes in the joy of burping, and does so with great aptitude. Be prepared to be all amazement at the quantity and volume that comes from so diminutive a person.
"Oh my goodness, did you hear that burp? There must be a Janice somewhere!!"
A bitch. No one likes her. Although, she has a nice smile at times. She is cold hearted and a terrbile mom.
I feel so bad for her family, they're stuck with that Janice.

The show must go on, even in Arizonia.
Definitions from Urban Dictionary.

Anonymous said...


I like how you stated the case:

"...don't revolve. They want revolution. It keeps the entire loop of destruction and rebuild (to the advantage of the few) on their plate. They eat from that plate...

Indeed. Revolutions mundanely end up being matter of Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.


Anonymous said...

Could we be volunteering because the One asked for them; out of love and curiosity to know itself and not karma? Could we as a ray of the Divine and out of our love for being Source come back to give God the experience that it could imagine and quench it's thirst to feel and know itself under extreme conditions of love hidden? If that is a possibility, what would Source expect beyond the experience? Could the Divine without expectation or judgment except for the experience itself, provide each incarnation the capacity to bring a larger scoop of filling for-giveness to Source's curiosity to know itself? How could unconditional love under conditions it could only imagine; conditional love, without the creation of a physical Universe to engage itself fulfill it's curiosity to know it's imagined un-self?

Is heaven the end all or another station and class room of evolution for the spirit? Is that the realm to integrate Universal feeling, with Universal understanding in order to fill the curiosity of Source's addiction to unconditional love? Could we merge back into the One until our next volunteer session?

Through the request of prayer, meditation and intention the realization I volunteered out of love for this experience for the Ultimate Lover came flooding back; and peace has since resided with my every day regardless of the visual absurdities. It has settled and illuminated the spirit residing in me as Source perceives it's curiosity fulfillment during this run of my human experience as a man again. As my lifetimes and experiences for God have unfolded I remember one thing only each trip through. There is no easier or more viable process to consciously engage in the opportunity to fulfill Sources curiosity to know the experience it is seeking through our presence here at this time than asking God to be present with me as it unfolds. We each have a choice; presence or not. I am watching it unfold and have removed fear and anxiety with love and devotion.

I love you all. Thank you for increasing my capacity for-giveness and to love.

Peace be with you,


just me, laurel a. (not signed in to google) said...

@ ONETHING 6:59 am....... wow. yes. absolutely. that is a perfect posting, both parts :)

amarynth said...

Just a note about book deliveries. Our last consignment of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World is taking a little long to be delivered for onward shipping. Kindly be a little patient. Your book will get to you.


Capt'n Spadge said...

Thanks amarynth, was thinking about that yesterday, no problem.
How was your "weekend workshop" everyone, or has it morphed into a daily hang with Visible?
I would love to here some stories!
It seems very quiet over there, but I'm sure it isn't :-)


Anonymous said...

" What are you up to at the moment? What is the direction of your thought? That is the determinant of your placement in the order of things."

Yep love ya Les, even if I say misplaced and hurtful words.

I know what youre up too and thank you for that!

Sorry bout your lady friend. Youre wise and correct about its happenings.

Summing it up is so. But in collection of self and its sum you are also creating new friends! Judgment isnt for humans sake, just ones own self.

Will you choose to move on, create anew or rest in darkness? Thats what is asked in this judgment. Its no test, as we all learn it in time.

Each life holds these lessons now as in any time before us. The simple fact most of us have to relearn these matters in this time is wonderus and a gift. Give thanks its soo easy to see the path now!

The pains and trials we see around us are all gifts and doorways. Any hope light and love can open and guide the way. Its the loss of faith hope and human will that marks our times, not a small group of evil men.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, ghana. A crystalline distillation of our realtionship to the One.

More Risible.

Anonymous said...

As always, a treasured gift from Les Visible.
Thank you.

One of your commenters sent me on a cyber-chase for photos. I didn't find the one he was describing,
but I did find another involving one of his subjects that is, as he described the photo he was looking at, very powerful in it's ability to capture a special unguarded moment in time.
The event reeks of the things mentioned in these pages;
the toxic waste from a culture in decay.

So, for stickman -

The rabbit hole is immense.


Anonymous said...

sorry people another horrible one

rothschilds snake riggled
the mongoose gripped tight
on the broken body of colonialism
tyrany genocide and strife
crushed smashed and defeated
there was always another way
but the snake chose the path of a mongoose
another predator becomes prey
life longs and fills with newness
freshness pours far and wide
the motions set their courses
natural rythms flow deep inside
deception falls to nothingness
just more obstacles to overcome
the snakes death was inevitable
the mongoose needed to feed the young


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hitlery :

over an out

just me, Laurel A. said...

anonymous @ 7:26 am....... ohmg. wow, that is some photo. bought n sold, bought n sold. and the others in the photo look like they knew they brought a winner in THIS time. *popcorn, check. coffee, check. generator cranked in case i need more power, check :)) *

Anonymous said...

indeed the other side of kimball ave is bronxville. the o.c.?

dude, who's stalkin' who? still, 'i
like the way u talk'.

strange brew ...

MR said...

I wish I could make it to join you all in Mexico, but I just can't. I am so close to you all, but many family issues exploding at the moment are keeping me away. I was able to get to a Sufi workshop this past weekend that was held in my hometown. In meditation, I heard very clearly how loved I am just as I am. That I am like every soul here on Earth at this moment in time .... totally loved, through and through, no matter what you think you are, no matter what you think you have failed to do, you are deeply loved and cherished. This message is for everyone .... whether you are a practicing Sufi or not, whether you are a troll or not, you are deeply loved. Shine Beings, shine. Our time now is to let it all go and shine.

Peace, my brothers and sisters. Peace!


Anonymous said...

Stickman, I admire your work very much. You’re like a side of pasta to Les’s Veal Marsala. And I’m no spring chicken… ask my wife, she’ll tell ya.

-fwiw, this is for you:


A.Mouser said...

Please give an update of what is going on Les Visible.

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

UK soldiers film themselves raping a ten year old Afghan boy and girl

"US/NATO Zionist stooges have been totally dehumanized by the relentless Islamophobia and hatepedding by Zionist media. These murdering COWARDS are from the scummiest rungs of tiny UK's bankrupt, racist hatefilled imploding cesspool. Rape and child abuse in rife in the west and these scum are just doing it out of sheer depravity."

Tannon said...

Discernment without passion or judgment is a healthy practice. A certain balance that if maintained will result in a blessed perspective.
Intangible and ineffable; catching that ephemeral glimpse in the experience and left only with the impression that something really real was there.
Somewhere between Gratitude and Horror rages the battle and lies the purpose.

Anonymous said...

ghana,I wasnt going to say anything,but feel I have too,,,,,that was astoundingly beautiful highly charged stuff.....

huge gratitudes and deep respects for your wonderful teaching,,,,


Caltus86 said...

Greetings to all and I sincerely hope you are all doing well. You all have gone so quite that I am missing my daily bread on here. Arise you enlightened souls and keep the fire burning.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Anonymous said...

There's got to be a f**king pony in here somewhere!!!!

Visible said...

update tpmorrow

Anonymous said...

Thanks onething, that was a fine analysis.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Why Can't I get There from Here?

Ann Anon said...

Excellent blog post, Vis. Bang on the money.

Not sure what's happening in the comments section tho' - used to be able to match your level of thought but recently?

Buck up, folks.

WV resti


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Sandusky Principle and the Hive Mentality.



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