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The Landlords of Eminent Domain

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A little something different today, for all those speculating in the hinterlands and inner lands where speculation is the general order of the day. Why are things the way they are and where did all these hideous people come from? Where did these bankrupt leaders; vicious reavers, financial psychopaths, The Satanic Chosen, the indifferent and preening self adulatory come from and why are they here? That's a good question. There's a reason for everything, even if we don't know what it is at the time.

During the period when I met The Man on the Beach, I remember being in a small roadside tavern in Big Sur. I was taking a leak and I happened to look over to the wall on my left where there was some amount of graffiti and it was at that point when this young lad with his long hair noticed the pithy comment, “Hippies are living proof that niggers fuck dogs”. Big Sur was the home of Esalen and any number of various get togethers and hideaways for people out on the edge of the new frontiers of consciousness. It was also a hotbed for very right wing types who owned a lot of the land; what land could be owned. You didn't want to go camping just anywhere in that area. I had heard the tales about baseball bats studded with nails and so forth. I never thought about it much. It was only later that I found out about all the serial killers prowling Route 1; the organized ones were creating their tableaus in the ice plant configurations at the entrance and exit points of the freeways running in and out of LA and then there were the San Bernadino mountain aficionados who preferred the forests.

There are Orange County-like enclaves all over that failed experiment called America. Some of them are called Palm Beach County and some of them are called Westchester County and all of them contain those peoples and personalities generic to the routines performed there. They need the world to work and act a certain way, according to that timeless formula of, “Me first, you later, maybe”. They don't think of themselves as a bad sort. They give money to their various charities that support what is euphemistically called The Arts and they've got the hospitals, where they are basically investing in a future stay and better treatment for themselves and whoever showed up in their familial mix. They give generously to Cancer because cancer is a gift that keeps giving, in terms of stock portfolios and direct mass payments, if you're a doctor, but otherwise serve to advance an enormous industry of related endeavors like pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and hospice chains. Cancer is big business and no one making money off of it wants it to go away.

War is even bigger money maker and no one making money off of it wants it to go away. Oil is even bigger money and no one killing and displacing millions to get it or suppressing every other technology (unless they control it) wants it to go away. But where did these people come from?

Where did this terrible epidemic of bad leaders in every area of endeavor come from and why are so many of them here at this particular time?

It's reincarnation people. Everyone you see has chosen to be here and is compelled to act as they do according to the Karma of their being for purposes of demonstration to others AND to themselves and for the purpose of judgment on the manifest plane. The majority of people do not understand the dynamics of human birth in the manifest. Certain things can only be accomplished in a physical body. That is both the good news and the bad news; given the suffering that attends our presence on this plane. Because appearances play such a big part in the conditions of our residency, our state of ease or disease is dependent on the degree to which we are controlled by appearances. Appearances are the primary lie because they are a temporary and changing expression of something that is essentially different than what is being presented. This is how people become immersed in deception. This is because appearances are always with us and it's just easier for the human mind to accept appearances as reality. After all, everyone else does. The pressure to go along with whatever everyone else believes is happening is very great.

When we are children we are all the victims of telepathic invasion from our parents and also from whatever structures we are exposed to for the purpose of education/indoctrination. The infrastructure and those who manipulate it, for control for the purpose of gain, insists that we proceed on rails and in slots for the greater good, which is a euphemism for the greater good of the few. Both the social and governmental constructs as well as the religious angle are in place for the purpose of dominating our attention so that we will be good little robots from the cradle to the grave. The only system that ever really works out to the advantage of the ordinary resident is the small community/village dynamic which allows for an operating input by the informed citizen. This is what they perverted in order to sell us the lie of demoncracy; “it takes a village” and then of course, you often wind up burning the village in order to save it.

The county structures I mentioned earlier; the enclaves of the privileged and degrees of privileged are regimented environments of entrenched stupidity, which supports the horrors of a material age. They give fealty to a lie of protected comforts based on a superiority of status, which accords the finer opportunities of education that lead to the connections that contribute to the rise in position, in respect of the marketplace and the insular and closed cultures of those whose wheels have been greased so that they might enjoy a higher standard of living because, well... because they're just better than we are; whoever 'we' may happen to be at the moment.

These large demographics of associating professionals, insane Christians and sundry types make it possible for a Bush or an Obama to be shoehorned into higher office so that they can carry out the policies of bankers and others who see no act of torment and aggression to be too egregious to perform. Basically they don't give a shit who gets hurt. They see columns of numbers on a page. They are actuarial junkies who worship nothing but the bottom line. They are as they are because over a long term of coming and going that is where they wound up. This cycle of shit goes on across the space of an age and not much interrupts it as quid pro quo and status quo engage in their extended mutual frottage.

However, the time comes, as it always does when judgment makes its appearance and that is why there are so many people here. They've been brought here to see the value of what they have been up to. They are here because what goes around eventually comes around and here it is in your face. What are you up to at the moment? What is the direction of your thought? That is the determinant of your placement in the order of things. That is also good news and bad news. The thing is that it doesn't appear as bad new to those in their gated communities and places of privilege in positions of power and influence. They're certain that they will be okay because they've got every right to be there. They're the landlords of eminent domain.

Yeah, it's all fun city until it turns into nightmare alley. It's hard to run with the weight of wealth and even harder to hide your face when you've been all over the TV for... the purpose of demonstration.

There are personal veils and there are the larger shared veils of communities and classes. In a time of material preeminence, these veils are powerful in their magnetic force as it applies to the tenets of belief. People join together is a common acceptance of what is real. That's not even generally real, that's just what some amount of people decided was going to be because it most comprehensively accommodated their appetites and desires. This is the time of summing up. That means this is the time of judgment. There's time left to change utterly but the veils... ah the veils; through a scarf darkly.

This may seem a meandering collage of tenuously related subject matters. It's anything but. However, I will leave you with your thoughts on the matter and depart for the necessary effort upon my own veils, such as they may be.

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