Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Terrible Spectre of the Dreadful Few

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to have to consider myself a member of the human race. It could be due to the fact that some unfortunate number of us are not members of the human race but rather some sort of alien hybrid that bears as much resemblance to a human being as refrigerator mold does to tree moss.

Unless you are dumber than a retarded rock, you know by now, that whatever viral life form is occupying the land of what was formerly Palestine and is now called Israel, is the most pernicious enemy of human freedom on the planet. They want to pass a law now that makes it illegal to compare Israelis to Nazis. I actually have no problem with that because that is an inaccurate comparison. They are actually much worse than the Nazis, as well as having been the banks behind them in the first place.

There is absolutely no doubt at this time that Israel committed the 9/11 attacks. There is absolutely no doubt that they were the motive force behind Homeland Security and the TSA. One need only look at Micheal Chertoff and Joe Lieberman and a host of other criminal types from the same bloodline in the Departments of Defense and State and every critical area of government. They own and infest the media, which influences the minds of the populace, to believe in vicious lies that lead to the deaths of millions around the globe. They are the architects of Biblical perversions that have resulted in tens of millions of fundamentalist, evangelical Christians believing that their savior was a Jew and that the people who put him to death are the shining spotlights in the Kingdom of God. This results in these potato heads sending their children off to be canon fodder in wars designed by Zionist, Jewish bankers for profit and stolen landscape. There is no doubt that this and much more is true and if you don't believe it, you are either employed by them or deserve what you are getting.

They are near exclusively sitting on the boards of directors of every powerful, alternative sexual organization, which they are using, in a premeditated fashion, to destroy western culture. They are the sole motive force behind taking Christ out of Christmas and laugh at you when all trace of Christian presence is removed from The White House, while a menorah as big as an amusement park ride is raised up across the street from it. They are the sole motive force behind political correctness, which is one of the most singularly evil philosophies in the world.

They were the sole driving force behind the Russian revolution and all of the horrors that attended it. They comprised quite a number of The Young Turks during the Armenian holocaust. The horrors caused by this small band of replicating psychopathic monsters is beyond measure, across the tortured centuries of all our dark and dreadful history, stretching out of memory. You may not like it. You may not want to hear it. You may be just one more chickenshit slave in the cage of your own cowardice but it's all true. Deny it as you like. It's all true and worse.

They were the shipowners who brought the black people in chains across the sea. They were the slumlords in their neighborhoods, once they were allowed to have neighborhoods. Israel is one of the main centers of the contemporary sex slave trade.. I'm not your research assistant. Look it all up. Look it up here. Go ahead, scroll down and spend the next few days reading about these lovely specimens walking upright among you like rabid Komodo dragons. You may not want to hear it. You may not like it but it's true. Yeah, the truth is an unfortunate thing. The truth is a pain in the ass. The truth is uncomfortable and downright unpleasant. The truth is not welcome in the house. The truth can sleep under the bridge abutment. The truth can take a hike. Fuck the truth. I don't want no part of the truth. The truth is dangerous. The truth can get me in trouble. The truth can mess up my life. The truth can get in the way of my appetites and desires because I live for the commands of my stomach and my dick. Crucify the truth! Crucify the truth! Such is the cry of outrage and anger from those whom the truth convicts. Such is the nature of those who live and profit from misery and lies.

I don't want to say these things. I don't want to get up out of my warm bed and apply myself to the kind of thing that has never granted a warm bed or a welcome hearth. I don't want to do it but I have no choice. I will not look back on my life and say in the shamed confinement of my imprisoned heart that I was a coward and a traitor to every good and decent quality that I did not have the courage to seek after and possess. I will not turn my eyes away from the terror, the harm, the suffering and abuse of my fellows at the hands of conscienceless beasts. They are not human, whatever else they may be. They are not human and I will call what I see. They do not rule over me.

Yeah, what about it? Prove me wrong. Defy the clear imprint of their cloven hooves upon the pages of history. Show me where all of this is not true. I hunger for it not to be. Shall it go on and on forever? Shall it never end? So long as the much, much vaster numbers of humanity submit, it will continue. On that you may depend. What is it that spellbinds the minds of so many of you? What is this force that makes you doubt what is right before your eyes? What is this power that can hypnotize? It is a form of blood magic. It is the exercising of certain rites. It includes not only these viral specimens of a certain race but their associates in crime. They are engaged in magic. All wars are magical wars.

There are many kinds of magic. There is the magic of entertainment that captivates the mind and imagination. There is the magic of media that deceives and compromises reason and the intellect. There is the magic of demagogues and charlatans who mesmerize the crowd. There is the magic of arcane ritual that summons demons from their realm. There is the magic of symbols and numbers and names. These things have come out of ancient lands and are practiced today. However... however... a new magic is on the way. This is why I do not fear them and neither should you. Their magic would have harmed me already but there are stronger magics besides what they possess and we shall see that put to the test. These are those times. These are those times.

This is a time of awakening. You may not wish that it were so. This is a time beyond your resistance, you had better get with the flow. Their time has come as it always does. Recorded memory does not contain the last engagement or the one before. Here in this world of trial and error, we have been here before.

I understand that you don't want to hear this. I sympathize with you. All I ask is that you carefully and clinically disprove it. Prove me wrong. I welcome it. Prove me wrong. Make my day. Show me that it is not so; that they do not command your governments. Show me that your leaders do not bow before them when they are the smallest numbers here. Show me that AIPAC has little power. Show me that they do not control what you see and hear. Show me that the names in charge on the corporate documents are not the actual names of the owners and administrators. Show me. SHOW ME!!! I command you, show me!

Show me that they did not cause these last wars. Show me that they do not comprise the neo cons. Show me that they do not murder the Palestinians for sport. Show me that they do not use children for target practice. Show me! Show me that they do not run the international organ harvesting racket simply because their own organs reject the corruptions of the bodies that contain them. There is a mystery here which you are welcome to explore. Show me that they do not presently call for the destruction of Iran. Show me that they were not behind the destruction of Libya. Show me that they are not making relentless war on the Muslims AND Christians. Show me this is not true. Is the evidence not right in front of you? Show me!!!

I don't want to have to tell you these things but this is my world too. I won't be staying long but I will not be silent on the way. You must collectively wake up to what is happening to you, or far worse is around the corner and on the way. You need to get a clue but... in the meantime. Please disprove what I have said. Please disprove what you have read. Please present the overwhelming argument... to the contrary. Please refute case by case. Please use what history and direct present evidence provide and show me how it is otherwise. I'm waiting to hear from you.

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just me, Laurel A. said...

there is not a single thing i can think of to say. except you are so dead-on right. and we will hear more and more of how the wizard will get us and do us all manner of fearful harm if we dare to think he is less than terrifying.....but......the man behind the curtain is exposed. still yelping into his mic, but exposed. only a little more time.

Dave Klausler said...


Jo said...

Ahhhrrrroooo! Righteous Sir Vis!

A thousand blessings and gratitudes to you for all you do along the quest for Truth and Justice. A favorite quote that is apropos; "the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off" You continually nail it Magic Man and I salute you.
In case you missed this link from a member of the Pack at another (SM?) earlier post this week...worth resubmitting:


Hmmm-Darkest before the Dawn? May the Light of the Divine Shine Bright in all our Hearts!


Anaughty Mouser said...


I read every word, every sentence and every truth.

I am sorry, I cannot disprove one single thing you have named because - they are all true.

May Jesus Christ and God Almighty help us and anyone who cries out for salvation from the Rothschild zionists.



L.L.O. said...

The mass of humanity bends over and grabs its ankles. Letting go only to reach between their legs and high five the strap-on wielding Demon in fuck me pumps.
Some people even smear lipstick on their mouths (and other orifices) in the hope of appearing more appealing to the 'Wild Bills' dressed in human flesh, "it puts the lotion on it's skin!"
Meanwhile others hold a candle, trying to keep it lit against a foul, filthy whirlwind that swallows up all that is good. Sucking goodness out like an explosion sucks the wind out of one's lungs.
These are just weak words. I don't have your gift. What I truly feel inside when I view this world can't be described with our limited language. I just know that it makes me sad beyond measure. But I am not afraid and I am not hopeless. Thanks in no small part to you and your reflection of the truth back at me.



Anonymous said...

message from creative forces.....

be patient and watch....their time is past. past. past.

their world is now comprised of only shadows and memories

keep the faith

Rob in WI said...

"I understand that you don't want to hear this"; NOT! When any one with an audience (that pays attention), presents these truths, it is an inspiration. My perception is that awareness of this truth is growing, thanks to those (such as you, Visible), with the courage to resist their magics. When Henry Ford, Lindberg, Coughlin, etc., tried to expose zionist evil, so many became aware that the evil drama of WWII was required to rebuild the covering lie. Today, zionist evil is so rampant and obvious that many are aware of their machinations. Thanks, for what you do. Rob

K.L. said...

missed you...glad your back.


Anonymous said...

Stickman Sez
An old adage, but never more true:
The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Anonymous said...

When a fire burns out of control with the potential to do more harm than good a line is drawn as a savior to prevent natures complete destruction. The line has been drawn and the time to “jump” across and save yourself or loved ones from permanent banishment from the human being (homo sapient) evolution stream to human-being-spirit (homo spirituous) could be drawing to a close. No one knows the due date stamped in the book, but nature is yawning and stretching to rip off the heart and minds' velcro fly.

The crowd is starting to swell, but still remains small compared to the army of the dead. If you still have questions, watch Resident Evil series and see if it helps you figure out who you are in this movie; the heroine is lady nature so don't get a big head. You have to chose now to live and survive in the luminosity of Good or truly become the living zombie you may be currently acting as; by choice or deception, but are not and were not created as such. Live true to your maker and let the wonders of love for your fellow be the staff that provides stability to climb the mountain we call forgiveness, but defend yours and the divine integrity with the foundation of truthful living; there is no chosen group or tribe.

Believe no man or woman’s word of praise, shame, or rebuke without first seeking God's council if they direct energy to commune with you through such endeavors. God has purpose through everyone we encounter for it is God as a reflection of smoking mirrors in a petri dish called material origami . If you can inhale it and exhale the truth of the encounter and satisfy your reflection for meeting yourself, God will appear in you as it wills and the relationship grows exponentially; inward and outward. The flash and burning smell should be your ego shattering and there is no 7 years of bad luck, but the reality sets in; you are not alone or an individual, but a part of something larger and complete. All your encounters will become a miracle waiting for your arrival.

A call is going out and your presence is being requested to jump, but it is not necessary for the evolution of the human-being-spirit to have your attendance. The Universe is infinite in its potential and practicality to use its rays of energy somewhere {c;). Remember that deeply and you will put down your check book and pick up a shovel of truth and help dig us out from under the lie. Change your actions and change the world. Words give motivation or hyperbole, but your deeds provide your history and definition; human zombie or human spirit for your remainder here.

You are being refined in the moments of your individual movie by determining the lens you decide to focus through as you act out your part. You as a dues paying member of the guild have the authority to call, “CUT!”; and change the lens of focus. You can listen to the Universally eternal, internal director and bend for direction or keep improvising on your own and keep tasting your own flesh, but made tender because it is the veal they see your children as in the future. “What kind a sauce would you like with that?” “We got's us some Palestinian Pummeled Passion, Libyan Lemon Peppered, Iranian Irradiated, Cuban Hot Mustard Gassed, Venezuelan Vera Cruise Missiled (I know), or the boss' favorite..., Nigerian Nut Butter!” “American Goulash? Not on the list yet, but coming soon we keep hearing.” “Yeah, I don't like the sauces either, I just work here.”



Anonymous said...

Les, here is a bit about Obama's new chief of staff... Maybe Mike @ WRH would be interested in this.

Bill Daley to step down, Jacob Lew slated to replace him.


Jacob Lew, Obama Nominee And Former Citigroup Executive, Doesn't Believe Deregulation Led To Financial Crisis


More on Jacob Lew.


Among the familiar Wall Street faces that Hormats will encounter in his new post will that of Deputy Secretary of State Jacob Lew, lately Chief Financial Officer of Citigroup Alternative Investments Group which lost $509 million in the first quarter of 2008 alone. On visits to the White House he is sure to bump into Michael Froman, who also tore a swath through the Citi balance sheet at the alternative investments shop (they specialized in “esoteric” investments such as private highways) but is now Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs. If Froman is otherwise engaged, Hormats can interface with Froman’s deputy, David Lipton, who was until recently running Citi’s global country risk management effort.

Jacob Lew $900,000 bailout bonus...

OMB nominee got $900,000 after Citigroup bailout
Bonus issued after 2008 report


gurnygob said...

I would love to prove you wrong but if I did that I wouldn’t have time to watch TV. Neighbours and Easterners and Coronation Street Strictly Come Dancing and Spongebob Squarepants; and what about my hair and nails and all. You don’t seem to care that some of us are just too busy to be interfering in other people’s business. And besides all that, I got a pimple on my forehead and finding the right acne cream is a nightmare. I don’t suppose you would know where I could find some.?


Anonymous said...

Bad goys, bad goys
Whatcha gonna do
Whatcha gonna do
When they come for you...

We don't have to do anything when "they" come for us. It's 7 billion pissed-off, starving, fed-up people with nothing more to lose, against a handful of psychopaths and their paid henchmen.

And their paid henchmen always run when they are outnumbered - either that, or they switch sides. Why? Because, they are PAID henchmen (and cowards, to boot). And no amount of money or threats will suddenly give them the courage and/or the loyalty to stand up against 7 billion people who are becoming exactly like those who oppress them.

I's been a calculus equation since day one, and the limit of X is rapidly approaching infinity.

The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time. And X marks the spot.

The tighter they squeeze, the faster they commit suicide. Which is what they have been doing to themselves all along - committing suicide.

They hate themselves, and everyone else as well, and they are going to bring down as many people with them as possible, while they cut their own throats.

As above, so below. They believe in this doctrine, yet they do not apply it to their own situation.

They resonate with the vibration of elitism, and it has always been their blind spot, and a new set of glasses is on the way.

So rest easy and enjoy the show - the days of parasites are numbered.

Richie (Dana) said...

I actually believe you are an alien along with many of the Divine souls who read your work here and are comforted.

A day of reckoning is fast approaching these evil entities and they and all who accept and do evil are slated for total and permanent eradication.

We need to get it through our heads that we do not belong here and never did. We know instinctively that God is there along with many workers of light who are doing all they can to free us from this prison of pain and misery.

Good people everywhere continue to wonder why the majority of the population do nothing and do not care as long as they have sex and food. The simple answer is that they are not like us. They were made by evil to serve evil and that is not going to change.

An evil usurper has taken over this dimension and used the Divine beings trapped here for countless miserable lives with his stupid Karmic laws. This will end.

We know that evil self-destructs but the master of all universes and dimensions is finally headed this way to put a permanent end to this foolishness. Hail to the supreme Divine.

Hang in there guys, the ending will be self evident.

Visible...Thanks so much for the voice of hope. Reading it seems the opposite, but I think the worse things get, the closer we are to deliverance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis & All the rest!,

I have not been in the mood to post anything in awhile but this is Epic T/Ruth Vis. Thank You.

I have a new mantra that is short & sweet:

Endure the Demostrations; a new beginning is near

Love to all,

DW-in-the-Tahoe National Forest

Anonymous said...

Good blog. As you know, the evil pieces of shit you expose in your writings comprise a fraction of the Jewish people. The Jewish people I have as friends and my step-father are compassionate, genorous and understanding. They view the world with hopefullness.

There are those who will take your writings as a justification for their unshakable bigotry. In my eye they are no different then the motherfuckers, ie., Wolfowitz, Chertoff, etc, who have blinded the human race. Take care

Visible said...

I'm well aware that they are not all like that. I have been at pains for years to make that clear. However, by proportion, they have a higher motherfucker ratio than any other and those who remain silent concerning the members of their tribe are culpable by omission. Those who become outraged at having to hear about these things and do not admit to their reality are also culpable.

Those who perpetuate the lie of false victimhood and fabricated history are also so engaged. Those who support Israel, Zionism, the same applies. I know what I see. I may not like it and may wish any number of alternatives but I know what I see.

I would appreciate something more than such a wall of silence from those who damn well know what their counterparts are up to.

When it comes to bigots, I think we know who takes the cake in that arena.

Anonymous said...

some ashkeNAZI love

"Killing a terminally ill person is not murder. (BT Sanhedrin 78a)" (page 180)

"If a gentile hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed. (BT Sanhedrin 58b)" (page 182)

"A gentile who observes a day of rest deserves death. (BT Sanhedrin 58b)" (page 184)

"God is displeased when Jews show hospitality to gentiles. (BT Sanhedrin 104a)" (page 185)

"If a gentile loses something, a Jew may keep it, even if he knows the owner. (BT Baba Kamma 113b)" (page 185)

"All gentile children are animals. (BT Yebamoth 98a)" (page 196)

"Christians are allied with hell, and Christianity is worse than incest. (BT Avodah Zarah 17a)" (page 238)

"When the Messiah comes, he will destroy the Christians. (BT Sanhedrin99a)" (page 239)

"Jesus... stood up a brick to symbolize an idol and bowed down to it. Jesus performed magic and incited the people of Israel and led them astray." (BT Sanhedrin 107B, Steinsaltz Edition) (page 243)

"Jesus is in hell, being boiled in 'hot excrement' (feces)." (BT Gittin 57a) (page 244)

Anonymous said...

"Goyim were born only to serve (jews) us. Without that they have no place in the world."

"The gentile is (the jews') servant. That's why he gets a long life, to work well for the jew."

top rabbi of Israhell, Ovadia Yosef quoted in Jerusalem Post October, 2010

brian boru said...

Amen to that Les. These days I only trust those who openly and fearlessly identify the vampire tribe. Nobody can prove what you claim about them as being untrue. The evidence is irrefutable. What cosmic force put them here to oppress and torture the rest of us I wonder, and why? Maybe it is for demonstration purposes as you claim. Tough to accept if true though.

William Freeman said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you.


katz said...

I like to study the planet, Mars. Even the name "Mars" is an interesting clue to what happened, (before us, here). Mars was the name of the god of war.

Mars, the planet, looks like a huge war destroyed it, so much so, that they all moved underground(whomever survived it).

Maybe some of them escaped to here, on Earth? It is the closest place with the ability to support carbon based life. So maybe that is the origin of this species of refrigerator mold?

It is my opinion that Mars is a warning to us. Do not do it again.

But, of course, that would require leadership, ethics, morality and empathy. That is something that the specific men and women who did this, lack.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima 3/11 The Asaian 9/11............... Israeli Security: We gotta put some camera's inside the reactors
Japanese: But why are they so big?
Israeli Security: We'll throw two of them in for free
Japanese: But why inside the reactor if they are made for outside?
Israeli Security: Don't ask so many questions.. bad for your health!
Japanese: hmm they look just like nuclear bombs uhh...
Israeli Security: Anti-semite, holocaust denier, 6 million, never for...
Japanese: ok ok fine........ http://jinnwe.com/quest.php?id=419

Anonymous said...

You have been on fire lately L. I want to hear it all day shouted from rooftops. Let it rip because the NDAA probably doesn't reach where you are at. I had a moment of hope the other day when a friends daughter suddenly said why do we fight these stupid wars for Israel over the nightly teevee watching session, it gave me hope for a few minutes.

Benevolent dictator said...

Very well put together material

Ann Diamond said...

I feel that overstatement is a problem in this post, and many others I have read. Yes, there are evil Jews out there and some of them run the banks, the media, our governments... but it doesn't require magic to see through them. It just takes a heart and mind that are tuned into what matters. "They" dominate in part because humanity is willing to let them get away with it, and because we enjoy being entertained by them. And some of their magic is even beneficial, i.e. they have a sense of humour and irony that many Christians lack.

When the day comes, and I hope it does, it will happen because our vibration is working at a higher frequency than theirs. What that happens, believe me, much of the darkness on this planet will vanish.

But I'm not sure this blog is achieving that vibration. I think you're stuck at a lower frequency than the one needed to avert Armageddon. I think you may have fallen into their trap...

Nevertheless, a lot of what you say is true - but it doesn't apply only to the Jews. I can name you a whack of other people it applies to, starting with my own race, the Scots...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

a post for those not reading this (not "here"). lets hope some of the magic gets through to them.

wv: stscrin . some dark magic pimple cream does what it says, and a hole lot more.

Nate said...


Maybe you ought to change the pic on Petri Dish to more accurately reflect the truth that you have been stating. It reads: "911 was an inside job".

Shirt should read "Israel did 911".

No criticism intended.

Just happened to notice it.

Awesome post.

All the best,


Visible said...

No Ann Diamond... Diamond? I
respectfully disagree. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to specifically disprove what I said; any part of it actually. Of course, I can unequivocally prove everything I said but maybe... I'm wrong. However, you won't get far with me unless you diligently and factually prove out where your objections lie.

Perhaps you are a stranger to these blogs. I have gone out of my way many times to point out that not all Jews fit this description and have even included anecdotal tales. But, please, disprove my points.

One thing puzzles me and that was the reference to being a Scot,. My spidey sense is tingling

Visible said...

You are right my friend, let me see about changing the t-shirt and thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

You are about as "right on the money" as it gets with your prognosis, but saidly the diagnosis was lacking.

You the problem is mankind has become a global society of parasites, where we mostly condone opportunism and the "land of opportunity" on the dumb supposition that opportunity does not have winners and losers. For there to be opportunity, there must be losers. It is becoming strkingly obvious that the dice are loaded and system is rigged to perpetually elevate the few (who happen to be mostly Jewish).

Well actually Jewish/Zionist is just a badge. Just the same as Christians and Mooslims identify with social groups and are much more concerned about ceremony than deed, so are the gnarling capitalists who present themselves as fake Jews/Zionists.

Though Jesus Christ's message was accidental (any who study his life in detail with honesty understand he was all about grabing the imperial Jewish crown), it highlights the fundamental problem. Currently society is governed by property ownership defined by law and insured by a judicial system. That is the parasitic system.

Imagine that the pyramids were not built as shrines to despotio Pharoahs, but rather a social cooperation creating a lasting FREE communal power network for future generations. Imagine that the Israelite (grey race) wanted more power (as the engineer) and because the Pharoah wouldn't grant it, they ran off with the switch (Ark of the Covenant) which rendered the pyramids as useless stone boxes. Imagine thereafter that the Israelite lied about this truth.

Jesus proposed an unconditional social cooperation to a common goal. This is beyond the comprehension of the social parasite and beyond the comprehension of most of you. Here is my question for you. Who have you assisted someone, without condition and without any expectation? Family members and friends don't count as capitulation is implied by the relationship. If the TRUTH answer is "NOONE". Then you are all just the same as the "Zionists" you criticise.


Laura said...

What is "WRH," please?

B. Bombay said...


There is nothing to add. There are no comments that can describe this post. I have opted out. I'm still trying to find my place. Thank you for the "bread crumbs" to mark the road back.

And Yes. Knowledge and insanity are very close cousins.

Anonymous said...

Americans are all familiar with the colloquial term: 'friends with benefits'.

But what would an honest patriot mean by the term 'friends without benefits'?

Answer: Israelis

WRH host Rivero suggests substituting the word Israelis for Nazi in accordance whith a new knesset law.

As in: You're such a fascist, you're acting just like an Israeli.

If the shoe fits wear it...

Rob in WI said...

IMHO, the "Ann Diamond" comment is worth exploring. Whoever posted it is an empiricist, an atheist, to whom the terms ineffable and Divine are incomprehensible. As far as "Scots", go, aren't they seeking to escape the UK, and the "city of london"? What's going on is twisting and spinning statements to someone's advantage.Definition of the term "Sophists" is a clue. Please, let's dissect this comment carefully, and learn from it.

Visible said...

Gee Ozzie, thank you for that beyond the comprehension of most of you. I love the sweet scent of humility wafting through the aethers. One point, please provide source and factual backup to accompany your statements.

onething said...

I've never heard before the idea that Jesus was not Jewish. I certainly don't believe the scriptures are divinely inspired (but some are), however, the entire gospels and epistles have the Jewishness all through it and I don't see what you would have left without that.
I even googled it, but didn't find much as of yet.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I LOVE this post, and as far as I'm concerned; the faster your statements come true, the better. Considering I seem to be done with everything I came here for, this is the last thing that I'm waiting for; based on circumstantial evidence.

I've been fed up with this system since I first learned the truth of what it is.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Laura, WRH is whatreallyhappened.com. It's one of the best alternative news sites out there, and rense.com mirrors most of it.

neal said...

Ms Diamond, you may have invaded many true peoples, but there are some really pissed off ghosts changing your fame. Ozzie, your apologetics are dripping with the blood of innocents, and there are some left who do not forget that, these circles will kiss and kill you, I promise, or that is what I am told.
Ghana, I did not think there were any jumpers left who still kept that dance, I am astonished.
Maybe this will be the place where dreams come true, or maybe just leaving bits and pieces to make boats from, or doors.

Waking from speculation is not like not waking without friends, even turtles, maybe that's keeping money, and sense, but that is so sad.

Remember, this is what you want, this is what you get, that is maybe some package. Lost souls are always somewhere in this story, that could be some kind of narration, even first person.

Anonymous said...

Lately, 3-5 pages of Shunryu Suzuki can provide me with a days worth of focus. The beginner's mind has "truth", it doesn't always have to hurt. I've HAD IT with regurgitating the ghouls of the past..."there is NO hell....like an old hell. There is no hell."
I have no idea why Russian priests had their eyes poked out & tongues ripped off before being buried alive with a rotting corpse. Did they have the wrong God? where WAS their God? what's going on here? Can we get a sign from "God" of some appreciated loyalties...not even for a humble Russian priest at the hands of the Cheka?

"there is no hell, like an old hell."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Visible, the satanic connivances of the zionists (especially here in the US) are on full display to anybody with one eye half open. But here's the rub: the inventions and fabrications tht justify these people (in the minds of many) are qualitatively no different from those that others use to sustain an imagined sense of priviliged existence for themselves. So much of the the exposition of and opposition to zionistic machinations come from "aryan" types whose principal objection is being challaenged for the tag of "chosen people" - as if it's no more than a battle between rivals ofr the title of "god's chosen"...The entire history of humainty has been expropriated, tortured, twisted and mangled by both parties (and mainly for the gain of an "elite" few, the real "chosen" ones) and fed to the masses as sustenance. These expropriations and their crude hacking into "belief" systems have been the scourge of humankind for a good couple millenia now. Who among the "aryan" myth subscribers is as willing to re-think and abandon the egregiously erroneous aspects of that invention as they would expect subscribers to abandon the "jewish" myth in its most pernicious forms (being neither, I subscribe to neither - my race is the human race)?...As much as I can agree with Les on the zionist matter, the pall over humanity runs deeper than just zionist propaganda. It goes to the very core of occidental "civilization", I'm afraid. In this matter, you have to throw out the baby AND the bath water, for there ever to be a peaceful world order...No one is really "awake" until they've understood this. It is folly to think just because one is on to the zionist agenda you have freed yourself from the walking dead. Nor would I count on some magical transformation of the minds of men once the cross-over to the Aquarian age transpires. The only possible salvation is freeing your mind from the yarn of a largely falsified and cynical story of humanity. That's an extremely challenging and arduous task. You will not wake up one morning to find your mind effortlessly transformed - unless, of course, it's been erased while you dosed...

"In the most early history of mankind I find all nations endeavouring to indulge a contemptible vanity, by tracing their origin to the most remote periods; and, for the gratification of this vanity, inventing fables of every description..." - Sir Godfrey Higgins (1836)

Anonymous said...

You have been on a roll as of late. You are a soul stirrer and a champion of truth. Soldier on, brave one, and as always, Much Thanx!

david griffith said...

hi Visable ...... speaking for the leaders of the world ... ah bugger it ... no I'm not...... they won't and wouldn't listen.

The truth DOES disturb but it's only for awhile.

It's the global betrayal and the destruction of trust that causes the anguish .... a bit like finding your lover loving elsewhere but far more serious.

I guess part of the lesson of the time is that we continue to uphold high standards in our personal interactions.

Bit simplistic perhaps but we still make choices regardless of the rise and fall of empires.

Probably not a good time to 'lose your marbles.'

Thanks for the nourishment. It's a very good aspect of humanity that we ARE generally happy to share and to nourish each other.

...of course, there are those within humanity who will happily eat each other but, then again, ... as a species, we're not very bright and far from perfect.

I'm just glad that I haven't sunk so low as to be a Rothschild.

Anonymous said...

weareone says:
to Visible, AMEN!

to Ozzie thinker--is that the wizard of Oz?

Anonymous said...


WRH = whatreallyhappened.com


WWS said...

"I have gone out of my way many times to point out that not all Jews fit this description..."

LV ~ That's why I use the derogatory "kikejew" ... Bob

Richie (Dana) said...

Hey Vis......I detect...

Blah, Blah, Blah

Mark said...

Laura ... WRH is the website www.whatreallyhappened.com


Anonymous said...

zionist zionist
desolate mind
composed in obstruction
destituted and blind
isolated divided
devolving demeaned
revolving on failure
of sacrificed dreams
all those innocent people
are goodness and change
the world moves on
in infinate ways
the shades on the atmosphere
hold no pull
when the universe draws
feels through us all


Anonymous said...

well done ron paul....
I stand by you,,,


Anonymous said...

Someone said "The Jewish people I have as friends and my step-father are compassionate, genorous and understanding."

Lies, lies, lies. Jews are obscene child sex criminals. Traumatic genital mutilation of babies is a crime against humanity. It is the fundamental reason why Jews are as sick and twisted as they are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I'm a hasbara troll and unfortunatly after reading this-I got nuthin' to say other than I'm gonna eat a knisch and then shoot myself in the head.
I, sir, am vanquished.

Anonymous said...

Cheezuts wasn't a joo, though a lot of people like to call him that.

And the reason that I bow to Cheezuts is because he would grab me by the hand and say "Don't do that!". (c;

There are a few people that great, but it seems not many. At least I hope there are a lot more than I know about.

Keep on truckin Vis. It's good for our heart trouble.


siamsiam said...

You'll get no disagreement from these quarters. What evil lives these vile creatures live. However, I do despise those that knowingly do their bidding more. I understand that most people have a price. But what price to betray humanity. What sentence must such a crime attract from the cosmic court.

Yes that is the charge: 'that you (name here) did knowingly betray humanity for short term monetary gain and perverted privilege'

Thing is though they are laughing all the way - as 99.99999% of those i speak with haven't got a clue.

I wish i had your insight (or faith in other words). Go on Vis give us a clue. Please.

Anonymous said...

When you're right , your right.
I don't know who these beings are or where they came from and yes, evil it their idenity.
You are also right when you say we get what we deserve.
This has been going on since the beginning of recorded time and still we sleep. Blame must be spread evenly. We have had plenty of oppurtunity to stop this yet we don't. Why? Maybe the beasts are correct in their assumption that we are stupid.
When a woman does not leave her abusive husband, it is her choice to remain in bondage. All her excuses; the money, the kids, etc
are just that.Excuses.
What is the payoff for us to continue to take this torture? Tell me it is going to end soon, I want to believe that. I have been aware of this for so many years now and I am in wonder at the stupidity and the gullable masses.
Where are our brains?

Ann Diamond said...

"Ineffable" and "divine" are not exactly "incomprehensible" to me but I can tell when someone is speaking from an inflated sense of his own divinity. That was another characteristic of certain Nazis, by the way.

Blog on...

siamsiam said...

Sometime ago i was casually introduced to an (English) guy by a casual lady acquaintance. He at once volunteered that he was Gay and Jewish. He quickly added that he didn't like what Israel was doing to the Palestinians but had to support them because he was Jewish.

I quickly told him that i was English and was sickened by what they were doing in Iraq etc. etc. and therefore actively condemned their actions.

However, most Brits i know support killing and maiming overseas. So i have weakened the point i set out to make. I think!

katz said...

"Just the same as Christians and Mooslims"

Use of this term, added to the writer's obvious hatred of Jesus, means this quoted poster is a zionist Jew.

Anonymous said...

Association For Research and Enlightenment
For if thou seest not in thine enemy that thou would worship In thine God, then thou hast not caught the light. For GOOD alone may wholly, materially manifest in an earthly world; for so came thy Lord into flesh.

EVIL only hath its appearance in the mind, in the shadows, in the fears of those that know not the light in its entirety. 689-1

Ann Diamond said...

Maybe I should clarify my mission. I am not going to try to disprove your claims about 911, banksters, collusion of our governments with the Israelis and all the rest of it -- basically, I agree with all that. But let's not forget "collusion" means, well it means a lot of people are feeding from the same trough.

I said the problem with your blog is overstatement. Repetition. Having established that Mossad did 911 (in conjunction with several other organizations and a host of different players... some of whom owe their allegiance to Aleister Crowley who, last time I checked, was not Jewish) why not move on? Why not stake your spiritual territory without resorting to this embarrassing rant about "God's chosen people" which you then (occasionally) retract with that silly aside that "not all Jews are evil" --


This is an obsession. I know obsession. I have been obsessed. State your position, back it up, move on.

It's clear you go to bed at night wishing that Israel could be wiped off the map. I agree that the rulers of Israel are some of the most evil sociopaths on earth. But exactly the same is true of America. So let's wipe them both off the map and just start over.

You don't advocate that. However, just about everything you say about the Jews could be applied to the British. Why not spend a little of your hatred on them for a change?

Maybe I'm really talking about "subtext" here. You seem to have lost control of that. Endless repetition of the same facts and arguments sends out a message about the writer, not the enemy he is attacking.

Your readers will of course be like-minded friendlies - but what about people like me who can't ignore the obvious fact that you are possessed by anxiety and fear of a group that historically has often been labelled a threat to humanity? You don't see how easy it's becoming to label YOU as someone who got stuck somewhere along his spiritual journey and now keeps spinning his wheels in the same old muddy rut? Can't you tell you are spewing cliches that even people who agree with you could start to be bored by?

You're right about humanity being blocked from spiritual progress by gangs of materialist thugs. There are ways to move beyond this, is all I am saying.

Visible said...

Once again Patrick hits a A Grand Slam Home Run.

DaveR said...

The problem as I see it is that there really is no way to reform the current power structure. It adapts far too quickly or any piecemeal efforts to make any substantive changes, as George posits below. The only way I see to make any dent is to just turn our backs on it and go to the new thinking. The old will wither and die that way.

Looking at it another way, arresting and prosecuting the guilty is nigh on impossible (sorry Katz). The courts are just as corrupt as those to be arrested, it takes years to nail each one, and they have unlimited funds with which to defend themselves. As a friend pointed out several years ago, 'It's just like a shooting gallery. If you manage to hit one another just pops up to take its place.' Therefore opposition is not an option any longer. Therein lies the magic bullet. Just walk away from the game.

Along those lines, here's an interesting bit from urbansurvival.com (http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm) in yesterday's column. I'd suggest reading the whole column, since I've only copied about 1/2 into here (fair use?). This is why efforts like the New Shangri-la are so important.

"Guidance: The last piece of my experience is summed up in two great observations. One is Arthur Clarke's Third Law:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Our other touchstone is Albert Einstein's:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Synthesis: Clif and I need to create what we're calling a "fifth order house."

I expect, what our fifth order house will be is a first-effect at the kind of "new company" which my friend Jack Lessinger envisioned in his book a while back "Transformation: The fall of the consumer economy and the rise of the responsible capitalist."

As a result of understanding (so we think) some of how all this will work, Clif & I will produce period .mp3's which will be distributed dirty cheap (we figure $3.00 each .mp3 will cover costs) and - you'll like this part - since it's a fifth order house we will allocate half of the revenue to the expense categorty "charity-community" and we will give that away.

Discovery: It's on this "giving away" or more correctly stated "giving back to" the community that we made our first discovery about how the current system has been designed to ensure it's own survival.

We had originally thought "WTF - let's give away 80% back to community and really harmonize well with Universe."


Turns out IRS (in Publication 24) has a limit of 50% which can be sheltered from income tax. To be sure, there are ways to organize for higher levels, such as non-profit status, but then you get into detached boards of directors, and all the rest, which when you think about it is in conflict with Einstein's advice about simplicity.

But my discovery (or first-hand observation more accurately) is something I hadn't considered previously: If a company were to be formed with the express intent of help omnihumanity, we have codified limitations such that the older 4th order institutions maintain their reason to exist.

So, in other words, if Clif and I were to give away say 90% of whatever comes in to the Fifth Order House, we would end up paying income tax on 40% of the revenue.

Which gets us to a very, very interesting question: If a company - let's say a music group - performed on .mp3's and did mini or micro-payments and really did just wish to spread around good and be self-sufficient, why shouldn't such a business entity be able to give away an unlimited amount of profit back to the community, so long as it was to bona fide 501 (c)(3) charities, such as the local food bank?

The implication is that government can spend money more effectively than the people who make it and wish to give it away. ... ."

katz said...

Anonymous said...

Cheezuts wasn't a joo, though a lot of people like to call him that.

And the reason that I bow to Cheezuts is because he would grab me by the hand and say "Don't do that!". (c;


Just to let you know, calling Jesus, "Cheezuts" is insulting and degrading. Maybe you are trying to be cute? It's not. Please try to respect other people's beliefs, at least where you do not continuously insult Jesus.

Otherwise, I will consider you a hasbara troll for once again, trying to demean Jesus.

katz said...

To Ann Diamond,

You are correct that specific men and women did commit mass murder, both here on 911, and ongoing crimes against humanity in the Middle East. They can be arrested and tried in a court of law, and are eligible for the death penalty, and full seizure of their ill gotten gains.

However, Israel, zionists ADL, ATL, JINSA/PNAC AIPAC and their corporate mouthpieces, including the CEO/Board of Directors of the multinational corporations in the weapons, big pharma,banking and energy sectors have done too much against the Earth.

That is why people get so angry. It is righteous indignation.
We are sick of being screwed, on so many levels.

So, don't get your panties in a wad, if some of us slam these self chosen morons, cretins, criminals and those who protect them.

negativity is energy said...

L. check out this blog, one of the best blog finds of this or any other year:


Anonymous said...

The Materialist cesspool claims some more victims. News from South Africa revealed that authorities there discovered a small herd of butchered rhinos in one of their wildlife sanctuaries ~ minus their horns, of course.

Rhinoceros horn is considered in parts of the Orient, particularly China, as a major male potency stimulant. Horny old men who have a tough time either getting or keeping it up pay high prices for the powdered horn. This establishes a major Black Market.

Middlemen entrepreneurs who would sell their mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers at the right price are delighted at the profits they can garner by offering tempting money to another set of middlemen on the African continent. The latter type then offer much smaller sums to backwoods hunters for the horns of the endangered rhinos. These men may want money to support their families, or maybe a second family, or perhaps a boobtoob, possibly a motorized vehicle or a new gun.

You see, it is a vicious circle. Agencies such as television create felt needs on the parts of individuals who are not satisfied with their lot in life and these men then act on those inculcated desires by seeking out an easy way to access the items of their desires. But they are never satisfied and neither are the horny old Orientals. So the killing goes on. Soon the Rhinoceros will go the way of the Dodo, the passenger pigeon and the great auk.

The original sin in this instance is materialist desire and the willingness to transgress to achieve the desired object, status or situation. Indeed a vicious cycle. Cyclopathic. When such pathologies are institutionalized into religions, corporations and governments, such institutions are by definition materially and morally corrupt. Such is the status of the majority of humans, ensnared and ensorcelled into the webs of materialism.

-stickman, 22 Capricorn, 33 A.E.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

By Way of Some Kind of Explanation.

Lindsey said...

Who REALLY run our world? search "israel Did 911 All Proof in the World" and search "ZionCrimeFactory" for proof.

"Reporting on the death of supremacist Zionist leader David Wolffsohn, the September 17, 1914, edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES tells us that during his closing address at the Zionist Congress at The Hague in 1907 Wolffsohn “pleaded for greater unity among the Jews and said that eventually they must conquer the world.”

w(dot)zioncrimefactory com/jew-world-order SPREAD THE TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

Tis True. I saw something last night and looked into it further today. I should say something was shown to me. There is something coming, it's plain as the whiskers on a cat's face what it is. But before the kick-off in this season's game there is going to be a blood sacrifice. Think Archduke Franz Ferdinand.For some reason I felt compelled to share this. And those with wisdom will understand. As they eat and kill each other which is inevitable because the beast is devouring itself, we will stand above and outside it and watch the show, then we can come in and clean the field and get back to the business of living as if they never were. Which is actually the truth.

bholanath said...

5 Rhino Poachers Killed at Kruger Park

Park rangers are starting to cut off their rhinos' horns to save them.
But it's not only rhinos being killed and exploited for Asian men's dick problems. Whales, bears, tigers, and practically every endangered species on the planet AND dogs and cats. Yes - dogs in the millions, made into soup, elixirs, etc for "energy". Look it up.

“Rhinos are dying, but so are poachers. The struggle over animals is a full-scale war in South Africa and elsewhere. I mourn the loss of rhinos, but applaud the deaths of poachers — otherwise they live to kill again. Only corporations, cops, poachers, and pacifists would call this position ‘pro-violence.’ It is not. It is pro (extensional) self-defense. That’s a distinction with a difference. Pacifists cannot stop poachers, bullets can. Bring the war to the poachers.”- Dr. Steven Best

Yes, "materialism".


gurnygob said...


I agree with others here. Please stop running Jesus down. HE IS MY LORD. I would be told to go sling my hook somewhere else if I came here and insulted other deities so please save your weasel remarks for those more deserving and keep your worm-tongue behind your teeth.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Nothing more to say!!
All true, all proven, all right Vis!!
over and out......Jimmy

A musical interlude said...




Anonymous said...

No one can refute this.

And as far as making Nazi comparisons illegal, well, to compare Zionists to Nazis is just an insult to Nazis everywhere. (grin)

Peace out,

Anonymous said...

"katz said...
I like to study the planet, Mars. Even the name "Mars" is an interesting clue to what happened, (before us, here). Mars was the name of the god of war.

Mars, the planet, looks like a huge war destroyed it, so much so, that they all moved underground(whomever survived it).

Maybe some of them escaped to here, on Earth? It is the closest place with the ability to support carbon based life. So maybe that is the origin of this species of refrigerator mold?

It is my opinion that Mars is a warning to us. Do not do it again.

But, of course, that would require leadership, ethics, morality and empathy. That is something that the specific men and women who did this, lack."

Perhaps this is wht they rejected Velikovsky one of their own people?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about things. I see better now. I suspected it a while back, but hope sometimes rises above what innards say.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as I wished.

Seems like that's a familiar refrain for me... this isn't the place repeat that I get in my life.



Matt said...

The source on Bolshevism, WWII, The Palestine Mandate, and all else zionista: Douglas Reed : The Controversy of Zion

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet...

You have nailed the proverbial spike into the beast's heart more firmly than I have ever read before. I only wish that more people could comprehend the enormity and prescience of your words.

God help us all.

Anonymous said...

I think Jesus would get a good chuckle from "cheezuts" or "jeebus" for that matter.- God ain't that thin skinned.

Anonymous said...

Hello...The Jews do not care about exposure, negative allegations, or name calling, which is all this beautifully written rant is...it's just name calling.

The Jews shall continue on unfolding their plans for total world domination until we PHYSICALLY put an end to it! Period!

...and for those of you who naively believe that your God is going to come and save you and kill all of your enemies, I implore you to pull your heads out of your asses long enough to do a quick study of the Ukrainian Holodomor...that, hopefully, will give you a clue as to how eager your God is to help you escape this terrible thing (that you, yourselves, helped to bring about!)

- little guy

just me, Laurel A. said...

potai, dont let the particular ones bother you. any god worthy of the position would have absolutely no concern over what word or description anyone uses. cheezuts is fine. why wouldnt it be?

just me, Laurel A. said...

anndiamond is not a woman, and is not a person, but a persona, whose "blog list" is only of places where this group of trolls can gangbang wherever the word "jew" and "ew" might occur. MIGHT occur.

and again, i swear, if i run into one more shallow minded mouthy "christian" who insists anyone and everyone honor their perverted little goddamn personal demands as if they were the bearers of the only holy fucking relics, i shall absolutely go PAGAN on you all. you are not speaking of how insulted you believe "god" or "jesus" is...... you are exercising the sickest passive-agressive hateful control-freaking mini-mind-fuck allowed by the big asses over you little donkeys. get. over. it.

neal said...

Jesus laughs, but the wife is really pissed, and they will get up off of the couch and do something, and you will not like it. The ones behind it all, I think they are wetting themselves, in anticipation, and demonstration.

That is a lot of stationary fireworks, maybe a clue to how things work, in this place.

That also rests in waste places. Home is where your hat is, the wind has other plans, mostly ends up with a bunch of hats, not important.

Visible said...

Yet one more brave voice of anonymity. This one is an expert on the Ukraine. How do you guys manage to be so brave with no one knowing who you are? You're like the shadow, right?

Anonymous said...

@"Ann Diamond" and the HasbaRATS:

Please answer a question that I've never ONCE seen even the wiliest zionista answer: Why have these stellar people been kicked out of nearly every country in Europe 109 times?

I'm sure the response will be to point out how many Nobel prize awards they've earned; purely from merit and the good of all humankind.

Pelicanman said...

The rest of the world's people, including all Muslims, Philippinos, and Koreans, needs to stop mutilating penises so these sick pretenders to membership in humanity will be easily identifiable and exposed for the ingrates that they are.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for helping me fight my terror.


just me, Laurel A. said...

@pelicanman......unless they are chasing after YOURS with a sharp stone, its not really a problem for you, right?

Anonymous said...

As to the source of Jewish consciousness, they are/were the highest level from the last solar system. Evolution of the material was the goal. This is why they are so powerful on the material plane (plane of death and destruction and resurrection).

In this Solar incarnation, the goal is the evolution of the soul. We rightly should have passed beyond the stage of material focus. In this great solar incarnation the core jewish group consciousness is a retarding of the movement of Human evolution as this group complex has refused to give it up and move on.

In a sense they are a test to Humanity to recapitulate what we have passed through to grow beyond to truly become a light station for the Cosmos. We can see the relative strength of material verses Soul Consciousness being played out.

In an awakened state it is obvious all is living presence. When the pull of Soul Values is sufficiently great enough to absorb gross materialism we collectively move on.

Nuclear power is a form of black magic as it gets its power from breaking apart the evolutionary advancements of the atomic communities causing a step back for them ad a lot of trouble for the material operations. In White Alchemy, the atomic consciousnesses are advanced with a reflected increase in evolutionary potentials.

Les, you are one brave genius.



Joseph Brenner

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