Friday, May 11, 2012

Channeling Road Apples through a Cosmic Cider Press

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is the sort of thing the 1% gets up to and this is the sort of thing Nature does to the people stupid enough to let the 1% get away with their behavior; like Bill Gates killing children with his vaccines. Of course, as the human experiment gets more and more absurd and indifferent to anything besides dick and stomach issues, Nature is right there alongside of them with similar interests. What the heck, just to show you how strange life can be.

The thing about materialism is that it cancels out your humanity. The moral compass goes haywire and starts spinning like the clock on Twilight Zone. This man's superiors approved of his actions. They defended his kicking a 9 month pregnant woman in the stomach. They buried any and all investigation and this thug had already assaulted two other people previously. This is the kind of thing materialism brings about and who would be more about materialism than the 1%? Who does the thug enforcement arm serve? They obviously serve the 1%. They are ramping up for something and they don't care who knows about it. They'll just throw in another underwear bomber, rectal pipe-bombers, or whatever construct that permits of ever more and more invasive aggressions, against a public dumb enough to buy into the legitimacy of it. The public is best exemplified by the chickens in this video. In the beginning they look like people scurrying around and then? Well, they devolve into a travesty on whatever it was that they forgot that they were.

I've had a connection to Sirius since I was a child. Since I was in elementary school, Sirius and Betelgeuse have manifested a mysterious resonance in my consciousness. Later, Arcturus came into play and is always impacting on my thoughts. I've no idea what any of it means. So, I was a little curious to read this. I don't usually have much use for channeling. It rings funny in my head. It's always vague and pontificating. I remember running into Ramtha and that Seth character, along with Elizabeth Claire Prophet and her St. Germaine info; probably standard reading in the little bunker room machine gun nests that surround her compound, somewhere out west. I'm not saying there isn't good information somewhere in these voluminous transmissions (if transmissions they are). I'm saying I just went on my way with hardly a glance to either side.

If you've gotten something out of these things, I'm not seeking to discredit or diminish whatever you got. It just wasn't for me. I've already got major input from real life entities and don't have much attraction to the discarnate, except as it occurs inside my own head. I never had any use for “A Course of Miracles” either. It looked like something cobbled together by humanist psyche major types and told me nothing new, no matter where I skimmed and opened the book to and no matter how insistent some people were that I embrace the totality without question. Once again, this is not to say that some people might not get all kinds of useful things from it. It just didn't work for me. All the wrong bells went off, just like with that nam myoho renge kyo and Werner Erhardt, Silva Mind Control, Erika and what not. I'm into timeless and ageless things from trusted lineages.

I no longer know what to think about the immense and endlessly contradictory information I now run across daily from the alternative media. It's getting like the mass media; more and more outrageous, speculative, not backed up by concrete evidence, truly wild-assed rumors and half truths that I can't manage to swallow, because so many elements are missing from what I'm reading and hearing. Little Georgie Sorrows and the Rothschild bullshit meisters have been busy as dung beetles in the alternative press for a long time. They fuel uproar and paranoia around the globe. I don't know what to think so I just fall back on my “rely” thing and that seems to work.

Is Fukushima going to wipe out the Northern Hemisphere? Are natural disasters going to jump that gun? Is World War 3 going to preempt them both? Are massive space vehicles going to come out of the skies, having turned off their cloaking devices? We know we have had visitors from other worlds. These things are engraved in stone, in the relics of vanished cultures all over the planet. What about the Ft. Detrick type of bio warfare that evil twisted scientists can't seem to restrain themselves from engaging in?

I'm leaning toward a process of vibrationary transition; something that will be obvious to those who have done the work and been proactively engaged in their own evolution and which will go by unnoticed by the dick and stomach addicts, who are circling around the little yellow chick hoppers, being branded, burned and tagged for the purpose of demonstration, even if those so engaged are oblivious to the demonstration.

I keep hearing that whatever is coming, will arrive so quickly and fully that we'll be shocked at the speed and magnitude of it. It's that 'twinkling of an eye' thing. Something about my recent work is not meeting the approval of some and I'm hard pressed to get that either, since it's not much different than it's ever been.

It's a ticklish and nerve wracking affair. You can't do much about what you can't see and which hasn't arrived; trembling here in limbo... 'I don't know' gets more like itself every day. World leaders are batshit and as corrupt as the ambulatory corpses of rag tag and rotting zombies, rising out of the grave. They're all a bunch of stolen cars, hijacked by demons from the infernal realm. Joyriding demons are burning out the clutch, ignoring the brakes and putting the pedal to the medal, inside the heads and empty hearts of blind and lost souls, leading the blind into box canyons and dead end swamps. These are the abandoned and foreclosed homes of the victims of the alligator sharks.

The prison industry is privatized. Interstates are being sold to corporations. The Chinese are coming to town in a big way. It's expanding and replicating all over the place. Everything has been reduced to the theme and process by which Mitt Romney made his money in the first place. America is being dismantled and sold for scrap. A long hot summer looms, as the pedophile, psychopath satanists ratchet up for their false flag fever pageant. Deep in the heart of the financial center of world economics, they're drafting up some new competitions for The Olympics. There's a new category, called, “Run for your Life and Drop in your Tracks”. They got cameras watching cameras. They got wild gangs of drunken girls, who are no longer waiting for the midnight hour. It's Pin the Tale on the Muslim time, as the Zio-Ogre roars in The House of Commons and The House of Lords, in Congresses and Parliaments where the only good gentile is a dead, dismembered or incarcerated gentile.

None of this is a mystery, except for those for whom it is a mystery, as to how they can pat their stomachs and chew gum at the same time. Dumb and Dumber, approach the logical bummer that is the inescapable result of stupidity on steroids. “Kiss my ass motherfucker. You can't buy no pussy. Kiss my ass. Gimmie a fish (and chips) sandwich, motherfucker”.

You look at the options and you look at the possibilities and then you look at the players and the options and possibilities go right out the window. Dreadful destiny is on rails, headed for the crash dummy walls. I troubleshoot the scenarios in my mind but it all has to be weighed against the intellectual vacuum of the players. Waking up is not a medium of optimism, when you wake up in the same state of ignorance you went to sleep in. Maybe I have the math wrong and I'm missing something and I hope I am. As much as I mention not getting fooled by appearances, I must say, they're pretty intimidating but I just keep telling myself that that is not all there is. No matter what it might look like that's not all there is. Appearances are intrinsically a lie. They are what they are in order to get you to believe in what is not. It's the applied ritual of enforced slavery and it's as old as time.

Well, it has to turn out better than it looks, because it doesn't make sense any other way. We're simply dealing with majority and minority destinies based on radically different directions. You will get where you are headed. You can count on that.

End Transmission.......

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Dan said...

Crazy shit happening. I've long since given up on this world. There's no way it could ever meet my standards and become a "good" thing. I'll admit there are some things I'm fond of, but for the most part this place IS a prison. Is there something better? I don't know but I'm hoping and I'm hoping if accession is real, I don't miss the boat. That's my biggest fear at the moment.

So many questions and no real knowing. Guess I'll keep trying to endure.

Peace and love,


Anonymous said...

Chain of reactions for Thursday went something like this:

wake up, read Visible, go to work, read, write, eat, play with animals, research certain Tribe activities, and then I run across something like this

and read it, and have to think about it for a while, and then watch a movie, and then go to bed, and then wake up again, read Visible, and Visible is talking about what I was thinking last night.

So thank you, Visible. More and more I am trying to rely.

Anonymous said...

I've always had this way of letting things roll off my back. I think it is very important to walk thru everyday as your best. People tend to pick up on this and you tend to get one of three reactions. Hate, want and indifference. When people can't put a finger on something it can create a condition of something being very wrong. If you focus on yourself everything else becomes clear. This can help build a foundation on which to build your dreams without fear.
Jethro Jingleheimer Smitz

Richie (Dana) said...

Boxes & Labels

There is something that keeps bugging me about all this and that is this nagging feeling that there is some truth in our creative powers. We know that the evil we see in this world could not exist without the support of those millions of souls giving it homage. The same goes for every organization, church or even Mr Visible’s blog that we support.

I am starting to think that everyone will just get that which they imagine is “true”. That is a terrifying thought to me. What if I am deluded and confined in a narrow little box of “reality”? What if I get exactly what I wanted?

Question; Why does it seem so important to us that we should point out the “errors” in another and “help” him to see the light?

My mother is a fundie who believes the catholic church will enact a Sunday law to force everyone to keep Sunday as the holy day and those not complying will be killed. Then the end of the world will come.
There are many out there with loads of guns and supplies prepared to defend themselves against the police state.
Chiappalone says that this entire planet and the universe is spurious and will be destroyed.
Ike says that Reptiles are the big problem here and that we need to defend ourselves against them.

All of these sets of idea’s are constructs, boxes with labels, or houses for dwelling in. What kind of “house” am I constructing for my future?
I say the “skys are the limit”.

I am responsible for the link to SaLuSa. How many of you will label that as spurious because of Visible’s comments regarding it today?
I am not buying or defending. Gurney pointed out a sentence and said “Sorry Richard”. Siamson says that surely I could not be “that deluded”. Nice words though huh?

Boxes and labels my friends.
I imagine myself supported only by a Rock called the Divine.
My arms are stretched wide to the whole universe as I search for answers. All things swirl around me while I make every attempt to avoid building myself a prison cubicle.

I say anything goes just so long as we respect the freewill of our fellow souls on whatever journey they choose for themselves.
God IS going to give you exactly what you want.

What is it that you desire today?

Visible, I can never begin to thank you for everything you have done for me.
Much Gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada..

If you are sincere, you will find a sincere guru. Because people want everything very cheaply, they are cheated.

If someone says, "You may do whatever nonsense you like, simply take my mantra," then people will like him. The point is that people want to be cheated, and therefore cheaters come. No one wants to undergo any austerity. Human life is meant for austerity, but no one is prepared to undergo austerity. Consequently, cheaters come and say, "No austerity. Whatever you like, you do. Simply pay me, and I'll give you some mantra, and you'll become God in six months." All this is going on. If you want to be cheated like this, the cheaters will come.

Reporter: How can a person tell he has a genuine guru?
Srila Prabhupada: Can any of my students answer this question?
Disciple: Once I remember John Lennon asked you, "How will I know who is the genuine guru?" And you answered, "Just find out the one who is most addicted to Krsna (GOD). He is genuine."
Srila Prabhupada: Yes. The genuine guru is God's representative, and he speaks about God and nothing else. The genuine guru is he who has no interest in materialistic life. He is after God, and God only. That is one of the tests of a genuine guru: brahma-nistham.

The real guru is God's representative. He represents the Supreme Lord, just as a viceroy represents a king.

A guru's business is to canvass everyone to become a devotee of God. That is the sum and substance of a real guru's business. Indeed, he has no other business.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another excellent post, Les. I'm confused myself about what to do. I usually fall back on this plan: let the system consume itself, stay out of the way.

Overpopulation is the heart of the problem. The size and stupidity of the herd is frightening. I can't think of anything but evasion.

Don't forget drones, the new control. The government can take out anything. If N. Dakota secedes, a swarm of drones will hammer the capital. Or let's say a populist revolutionary leader. The guv will send in the SAS, pop, movement over.

Can't use the system against itself. Ron Paul is meant to divide "the Right", Buchanan, et al. The old model is dying fast, the independent businessman or woman.

And so forth. No military solution that I see. Just withdraw my talents and energies from the system, let it crash.


Visible said...

Richard; There is an error in perception here. This is what I said;

'I've had a connection to Sirius since I was a child. Since I was in elementary school, Sirius and Betelgeuse have manifested a mysterious resonance in my consciousness. Later, Arcturus came into play and is always impacting on my thoughts. I've no idea what any of it means. So, I was a little curious to read this. I don't usually have much use for channeling. It rings funny in my head. It's always vague and pontificating. I remember running into Ramtha and that Seth character, along with Elizabeth Claire Prophet and her St. Germaine info; probably standard reading in the little bunker room machine gun nests that surround her compound, somewhere out west. I'm not saying there isn't good information somewhere in these voluminous transmissions (if transmissions they are). I'm saying I just went on my way with hardly a glance to either side".

I wasn't questioning the Sirius channeler, I sequed into the others that I didn't have any use for. I mentioned that I have had a connection to Sirius since I was a child and that was why I was very curious about that link. Actually I would love it if that were true.

A couple of nights ago I was told they were sending someone for me. Who they or that someone is I don't know but I have no doubt about what I heard.

Visible said...

It's like I've been saying.

Anonymous said...

When Isaiah 3 was written there were no so-called "Jews" on Earth.

Interestingly even the most astute "Intelligence" analysts overlook the most obvious FACTS...!

*found one Koestler 13th Tribe ...on toss out table @ Library, Ft. Huachuca, 1979...go figure.

In the Ovens..Jesus @ Matt. 13...!

Fear Not...

Truth + JUSTICE = Peace.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

"We know we have had visitors from other worlds. These things are engraved in stone, in the relics of vanished cultures all over the planet."

Pardon me for disagreeing; I'm not seeking an argument, only presenting an alternative view. The symbols, stories, artifacts, and architecture of ancient civilizations display a global cosmic religion to my eye. They built their monuments as models and mirrors of the cosmos to impress their cosmic and astronomical Gods. In their art, they depicted sun signs and spirit-auras, not space ships and spacesuits. The way I see the evidence, their technology and their narrative was indigenous to the earth.

For example:

Visible said...

You really impress me with your relentless combativeness, seemingly with no other purpose in mind but that for the sake of it.

I'm not even going to bother to take the trouble to present the huge amount of physical evidence concerning ancient cultures and visitors from outer space. Even the least informed around here have heard about it, seen hieroglyphs. massive drawings in the Earth, records of unusual technology like those perfectly round stones of great size in Peru that present technology can't reproduce.

The sheer weight of strange evidence of visitors from somewhere else is enormous. Someone here might want to get into this with you but I know better because it's a lose lose propostion. I'm still trying to find a subject, any subject that you are not an expert on.

Of course, I don't hold all of this evidence to be indicative of anything because, unlike some, I don't know. What I do know is that there is an ample body of information that seems to suggest something along those lines and that was all I was trying to say but, as is so often the case, anything that can be challenged, even if the point is completely missed, will be challenged. However, I will have moved on to something else in the meantime.

However I did have a flying saucer land right in front of me with a witness attendant so I believe I'm going to go with my lying eyes.

Richie (Dana) said...

I don’t think my perception was off as I can usually tune into to the intent of your words. My apologies if I twisted that trying to get my point across.
My intent is the expansion of possibilities. When I imagine God it is not limited to the narrow views we have all been taught our entire lives. It makes total sense to me that there are billions of sentient beings in our universe inhabited by billions of souls who Love and work only for the Divine. Would it not make sense that some of them would create what is known as the Galactic Federation of Light? That these souls run around the universe in the service of Light and Love?

Everything you do points to the fact that you are a light worker. It is highly probable to me that you actually are from Sirius. I certainly would not discount it out of hand. When I first found you something huge began to resonate. The bells went off in my head. There is something not of this world going on with you. Many others here would agree. Perhaps you do not fully understand right now what that is but someone out there does understand it all and they are coming to clue you in. That I firmly believe will happen soon.

I recently came across the work of Greg Giles who channels for the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command. During the last few weeks I have read every single post and fail to find disharmony with your work. It matches perfectly and is extremely fascinating to me. There are times when those posts speak directly to me and I am filled with emotion and a longing to go Home. I am not trying to prove anything as the “Truth” because I believe that is a very personal thing that each soul must do for themselves. I do believe that if something resonates with you, that you should follow your heart regardless of what others may think. Bottom line is that we are all “Doing the right thing” and we will ALL eventually return to the One who created us. We have lived possibly thousands of lives here and some of us are ready to move on. That is what this is all about. The greatest opportunity in a millennia.
Reptiles, evil persons, and narrow views of life are not for me because I do not want to miss this opportunity and wake up 26,000 years from now in the same shithole. Some people will reject this information and choose to stay and there is nothing wrong with that. That is simply the path that they chose long ago. The idea that some of us will die or burn in hell forever is ridiculous. We are children of the Divine and part of him. We cannot die, but we Must return to him. We will all go through the end of the age and realize who we really are and the awesome power we command. Those that choose to remain will just wake up the next morning in their familer surroundings and will not remember anything about it. I intend to remain awake.
Jesus said we could move mountains if we would just believe. Well I believe that I can move mountains and create anything I wish and am only waiting to have my memory returned to me. In the meantime it does not hurt to imagine my future that is fast approaching.

Create well my friends………..

gurnygob said...

Richard said "What is it that you desire today?"

Maybe not meant as a direct question but I would like to answer it nonetheless.

My desire today is for you, Les and me and all to become 'awakened' with the spirit of truth (God) and that somehow, that truth might rest easy within us. As you say, "What if I am deluded and confined in a narrow little box of “reality”? "What if I get exactly what I wanted?" Let us hope that that isn't so. The world I envisage is a world where all are brought to the same truth, that is to say, the 'real truth.' It seems to me that there can only be ONE truth in the end. All this other stuff (day-to-day business of religion, war, politics, money, etc, etc, etc,) is environmental and mostly the realm of speculation. My 'one truth for all' might sound like a kind of New World Order and in many ways it is. However, this new world, would as a result, be a world of love, firstly to God, but then branching out to all humanity. Men would not just do as they pleased because their first thought would be to please God and neighbour. There would be no need for brother to teach brother or father to teach son etc, for all would be in full knowledge of the truth. No more sickness, no more tears coming up from Gaza or anywhere else for that matter. No more war, no more death, no more greed and so on. With that said, I would like to apologise. I was scornful and without thought to your feeling regarding the link, you put up. I have a plank in my eye that needs removing and thank God, I am reminded of this every day. Forgive me.

Your brother in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Odd that you mentioned Ft. Detrick. Maybe not so odd. I visited the place abouut a half dozen times back in the early '90s. The National Cancer Institute has a Basic Biology Research Program housed within the Ft. Detrick campus.

Long story short--I was supposed to transport some very expensive transgenic mice from our collaborator's lab in the NCI building to our lab back in Philly. It was a hot August day. Just the the kind of day to pop down to Washington to meet an old buddy and enjoy a few beers in our favorite strip bar.

Int the mean time half of the 20[not-available-anyplace-else-on-the-planet] transgenic mice mice got baked in the August heat in the back seat of my car.

I still managed to keep my job.

Such is the triumph of my science career.

Anonymous said... the words of my late, great brother, "it's all just shit we're doing while we're waiting to die".. long as I check out of this world knowing I tried my best to be my best, whatever's next is cool with me..


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Visible said...

Well Richie, I'm probably confused about something then. It happens. I can't Remember what the point or the subject was now.

Visible said...

Ah, now i remember and now I really am confused. I very clearly was not dissing the information coming from the person claiming to be from Sirius, what I was stating was my general view of most channelings; things I have run across in my journey and which I haven't gotten anything out of.

Richie (Dana) said...

Mr Gurneygob,

Whithout a doubt I have very strong feelings of Love for you and always have. I think it is partially the fact that my girlfriend is Irish and also Catholic, not to mention the fact that we were both raised in strict religious households.
There is absolutly no need for any apologies. I know your heart is true.
I can feel that my friend.
I am not here to convert or argue with anyone, much less you.

I am just on a search and perhaps get too excited when something new crosses my path. Hopefully it will be something completly different next week or even tomorrow. grin

One thing I am very confident about is that life is about change, so I make every effort to keep from stagnating in one place.

May the Divine Love of God go with you always.



Richie (Dana) said...

I understand Visible,
No problems here friend.

brokenbeat said...

Like Vis, I don't know.

I don't know if I was dreaming when a bright light shone through the window behind me onto the crown of my head as I lay in bed. I don't know how I could look backward directly into the light. I don't know if I was in my astral body as I looked back at my physical body. I don't know if I was drawing on my imagination as I saw a steam-punk styled space craft. I don't know if the five luminous beings standing at the foot of my bed that night were benevolent. I DO know why I said, "No!" when they telepathetically said "We can show ourselves to you if you like" -- I didn't have the courage, despite not feeling in danger. I don't know if it was a good idea to share this. I don't know if I'll get a visit from the MIB anytime now. I don't know that some of the very odd people I've met were other than human. I don't know if encountering lots of owls means anything more than a connection with nature. I don't know if a particularly frightening childhood nightmare of a alligator-like monster under my bed was more than that. Sometimes a dream is just a dream, an odd person just an odd person, an owl just an owl, and a nightmare just a nightmare. But, I don't know...


John V.

Ben said...

@gurneygob (with Vis's grace and permission),

Amen and amen! This is the essence, to love God with all your being and to love your neighbor as yourself. (As an aside, too many people have been taught to hate themselves for their "sins" (their falling short of the mark, or target). EVERYBODY falls short... except Jesus, and He is our perfect Advocate, and the perfect Advocate for every person that has ever lived. You cannot love God nor others until you have been brought to the point where you can love yourself... as God loves us.

And thanks again for the link to the video you posted on Smoking Mirrors. I've bookmarked it so I can go through it again. There is some powerful revealing going on there.

Stella Blue said...
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Steve said...

Hey Stella,

Sorry for being a dick.

I had consumed some conbustables and thought myself cleverer than I am.

Peace x

Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

on dogs and pain pills (in the USofIsrael)

recently i took my dog (Dog) to a veterinarian because he seemed to be in some pain while walking

the vet recommended x-rays and gave me a prescription for a human pain pills (a synthetic narcotic) - to be purchased at a human pharmacy ???

the pharmacy people thought i was attempting to obtain drugs for my own use or others, illegally, and told me they could not allow me to purchase until they checked with the vet... 4 hours later, they gave me the prescription

except for caffeine, i refuse to use any drugs, so i had no idea what these human pain pills - for Dog - were all about and had to have the pharmacist explain the usage, etc.

(then, i worried: would Dog become an addict; would i have to supplement my income to feed Dog's habit; would Dog experience withdrawal and attack me or others - for no reason - unless i gave him his "fix" ... all questions that immediately ran through my mind ...?)

fortunately for Dog - he absolutely refused to take the human pain pills - i tried every trick i could think of - rolling the pill in some meat, crushing the pill and adding it to some cooked human meat ... Dog sniffed it out and refused - and he clamped down hard when i tried the vet-suggested method of cramming it down his mouth - i gave up - no pain pills for Dog - Dog knew something was not right with this situatiion

turned out - the xrays showed no problems with bones at all - probably just some sore muscles (which is what Dog was trying to tell me all along)

and the dope pushers (big pharma, cia, government, all tribe affiliates) failed to get another addict

btw: that story you linked to is all wrong - it's not about 'Merikans using 80% of world's pain pills - it's about the success of the worlds worst dope pushers - and their total domination of all aspects the US of Israel

Peace to all (except the 1% - life imprisonment to them via walking stick of Mr Apocalypse)


gurnygob said...

To Ben and Richard.

Ben I know that hate for sins you speak of, I lived with it for most of my life, that and the fear of eternal hell fire. Thankfully, by the grace of God and his Christ my life and outlook is changing as the days go by. I might also add Les in the mix because he has opened my eyes so much over this past few years, thank you Les Visible for being more visible.

Richard, thank you. Gosh, sometimes this place would make a body cry with tears of joy. Love to all.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

I don't want to argue about aliens creating human civilization either; it's a lose-lose proposition for me, too. I just politely registered my disagreement. Most people don't read what the archeologists and anthropologists write about these matters. I respect their research, and enjoy reading it. BTW, I know very little about many subjects, but I do know a lot about archeology and mythology, because they're my favorite subjects, and I've studied them. Peace.

Anonymous said...

So many profound writers here. I like reading Les, most of the posts, not so much. Everyones chest beating or trying to lead the way. I say, the Universe wil dole out to everyone, including me, whats going to happen to them and them alone in thier experience here,
come hell or high water.

est said...

so god
got lonely

he had no eyes
nor ears

he had no hands
he had no feet

he had no laughs
nor tears

so here we are
his windows

here we are
his doors

he's built a house
we're living in it

from the ceiling
to the floors

god likes

and he's
always home

gurnygob said...

Victoria Grant for president, can I get an Amen ?????


gurnygob said...

Boy, they must be really afraid of Victoria Grant. YouTube-Vs-a little child. They are blocking this as a download. Make sure you catch it if you can.


david griffith said...

There are times when I think that ‘Life’s a bucket of shit.’ and, if it’s not too deeply weighing on me, I console myself with the absurd thought that ‘At least I get to keep the bucket.’

Life’s not a bucket of shit unless you’re, unfortunately, in the bucket, and then it’s hard to see the situation otherwise.

One night a large U.F.O. flies low, directly over my head, just above the treetops. As this was way out in the bush country, no-one was trying to impress. After the event and the wonder and awe subsides, I can’t help but wonder why U.F.O.’s need brightly coloured, flashing lights.

Are there traffic lights in space?

Are there aliens masquerading as humans and walking the earth? Dunno but if there are then they have souls and karma too.

Of course I don’t know that as fact but it makes sense to me that we’re all ‘children of god’ - or alternatively none of us are. Whether we want to be ‘children of God’ is another matter.

The world isn’t evil. Satan, Lucifer and the whole crowd of demonic entities are rather silly and very nasty - don’t cha reckon? Why would you bother with exercising power in such empty ways?

‘The Life of Brian’ is one of the most profound and funny films I’ve witnessed..... mentioned here in case you need a chuckle.

Thhanks for the post, Visable.

Aunt Franny said...

I just want to share this small experience I had the other night. I happened to hear Richard Dolan talking on Coast to Coast. He was talking about Disclosure. You know, the official, governmental admission of our secret hidden UFO/alien involvement.

He was quoting from something he had written, in which he wrote out what the President should say to the nation when revealing the truth that has been hidden since 1945, about UFOs and such; and about current involvements with off-planet visitors, and how the world would now be changed from that moment onward.

As he read the words the President should say, I had this sudden and inexplicable "change in reality" right in my own kitchen. Suddenly the words were "real" and my "reality" shifted out of that kitchen into an alternate kitchen in which those words were actually being said. My tomorrow was going to be very different, that was a FACT.

Well, the words WERE actually being said, at least by Richard Dolan. But my whole reality shifted then to that moment, timeline, parallel universe, or whatever, where those words were said by the President to the nation, and the world changed. Reality changed from present "thought-form" to materialization in 3-D at that moment, in my kitchen two nights ago.

The shift was from "thinking about these things" in that-present reality, to the honest-to-god real feeling of oh wow... wow... this planet is now truly a different place. It was that slap-in-the-face, this-is-happening, things-are-different-now feeling that we have all experienced at some time in our life when something totally unexpected and reality-changing happened to us personally. No matter how much you shake your head, your reality doesn't revert to the way it was just minutes before.

Just wanted to share this, FWIW. It was very odd. This does not happen every time I listen to Coast to Coast, in fact, never. This was not a waking dream or fantasy (well, any more than everything we do is a waking dream or fantasy that we believe we're "actually" walking through); it was an instantaneous SHIFT. Maybe this is what they've been talking about? "In a twinkling?"


Richie (Dana) said...

The eradication of self

I watched the entire movie you linked and although I felt it could have been done in about 30 minutes, I do realize that there are those who need things repeated so as to get the point. This person is very sincere and is true to his beliefs as far as I can tell. I do respect that very much.

I will say that I view this as another 2012 end times “movie”.
Please consider Cliff High for a moment and all others with dire predictions.
I am sharing below an email I got today which has many fear based scenarios embedded.
I shared links with everyone today that speak only of Love and Light.
Do you see the choice here?
Here's your Republic magazine e-mail alert Update: May 11, 2012
How would Americans react if our streets and neighborhoods teemed
with heavily armed troops representing a hostile foreign power -
people who could detain, abuse, and even kill our fellow citizens
with virtual impunity?
What would be the response of the American public if we saw (for
instance) Chinese troops, or foreign UN "Peacekeepers," routinely
beating and torturing fellow Americans who had done nothing to
warrant such treatment? What if we learned of instances in which
Americans were dragged out of their homes into detention cells,
where they were subjected to treatment that could only be
described as torture - such as prolonged imprisonment in darkness,
denial of food and water for days at a time, being shackled in
"stress positions," attacked with chemical and electro-shock
weapons, and suffocated?
Atrocities of this kind are taking place every single day in this
country - but the perpetrators are your local police, not troops
from the Chinese People's Liberation Army or blue-helmeted UN
shock troops. The dismal but unavoidable reality is that our
"local" police have metastasized into a fully realized army of
The most lurid illustration is provided by the fatal gang beating,
by the local police, of 34-year-old Fullerton resident Thomas
Kelly, a homeless schizophrenic man who was left brain-dead after
a thugscrum of at least 7 and as many as 9 officers beat and
tasered him:
"`See my fists? They're about to f**k you up': The Unofficial
Motto of the Fullerton PD" --
*We no longer have to worry about being sent to Gitmo; the local
police are bringing Gitmo to us:
"The Everyday Evil of the American Torture State" --
*David Goss, a Colorado farmer, ordered a deputy sheriff to leave
his property. The deputy responded by tasering Goss and then
shooting him in the stomach. So naturally, Goss is the one going
to prison:
"Colorado Farmer David Goss Faces Four Years in Prison for being
Shot by a Cop" --
*A tidy snapshot of Soviet Amerika is provided by the actions of
Norfolk's city government, which is seizing property through
"eminent domain" - and threatening to impose fines of $1,000 a day
on businessmen who publicly denounce the landgrab:
"Municipal Communism: Norfolk Land Grab Soviet Seizes Land,
Censors Protest" --
Be sure to share these top stories with your Facebook friends,
pass them along on Twitter - or simply forward this e-mail.
Will Grigg
& Republic Team

siamsiam said...

Please, please Richie...........

Whithout a doubt I have very strong feelings of Love for you and always have. I think it is partially the fact that my girlfriend is Irish and also Catholic, not to mention the fact that we were both raised in strict religious households.
There is absolutly no need for any apologies. I know your heart is true.
I can feel that my friend.
I am not here to convert or argue with anyone, much less you.

I had to run to the bathroom when i read the above. Come on man. Your turning this in to some kind of mutual appreciation society. Keep it real!!!!

Richie (Dana) said...

Eradication of self..continued.

Stella mentioned…..”By their works ye shall know them”
Do you find this interesting in any way?

I believe the future is very fluid and very affected by what we believe to be true.
The solid “future” envisioned in your video link may not happen at all according to what I have learned.

Just think of this as a poker game where Mr. Richie throws in all his chips.
I have nothing to hide and welcome God to judge me right now.

I have never knowingly done anything to hurt anyone in this life.
This world has no attractions and I have no axes to grind or frogs to protect.

I have always used my real name here while knowing that I am viewed by the dark ones and those who work for the Light at all times.

Given the above, I am very easy to find and as a measure of help to those who may care, I live in Hayward California as a neighbor of “Push Your Buttons” although we have not met in RL and I know not where she is. We do enjoy the Fuckyoushima fallout together.

I only present a choice. Do I live in Love or Fear?
I am willing to give this “life” for that which I seek.

I only wish to meet God.

The Aliens have told me that I will be protected in these end times.
You know there are many similar promises made in the Bible which give the assurance of our future.

This will be an interesting test case for all who read Visible as well as all those invisible to us at this time.

If I disappear, what do you think? Am I abducted by aliens or did the dark ones do away with this malcontent?
Because I make this challenge in this special time…..does that ensure me of the safety and lack of fear that are the gift to Visible?

We shall see.
These idiots can try to do whatever they like, but I will not be diverted from my quest.

Much Love

Anaughty Mouser said...

Three nuggets from Tao:

"Knowing other people is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom.

Mastering other people is strength, mastering yourself is power.

If you realize that what you have is enough, you will be rich, truly rich."

One of the true tennets of inner peace and harmony is the realisation wealth has nothing to do with money.

Love to all,


zepheri said...

son bitvh vis
only birth shall be given this light, purple rays morning delite, gathers in the corners, windows for fright, given this day , the last frigid nite.
elcee helcee

gurnygob said...

Richard about the video, I agree. 15 MINUTES would have done it I think. It certainly does have the 2012 factor. I check out Cliff High from time to time.

Siamsiam do I detect someone in need a group hug. We love you too ya know; and if you raise your hands quickly enough, you will catch that big juicy kiss I just sent you. I must say, I'm' feeling rather gay today. Cheer up Siamsiam and let the love flow.


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, great post again ... not so darkly, as a few.

I attended a channelling session many years ago ... found it terrifically boring and was dumbfounded to clearly see just about everyone lapping it up, hook line and sinker. Most people there were older and should have known better. Clearly it demonstrated "the need to believe" what the majority appears "to want to believe". Scary, indeed.

In terms of the link, once again, I'm not buying the story line, or that The Family is here to do some sort of duty or job for harvest re our ascension or descension. Once again I feel this is bogus nonsense, as I think you do.

As you have so succinctly said many times, and I concur more now, "I don't know", but I do know that I have mixed feelings about many things. I'm not much interested in a future world of travelling around in space ships ... just doesn't sound appealing to me. I love Mother Earth. Everyone should plant at least one thing this Spring ... a flower, shrub or tree ... or a seed. If you destroy something of the Earth, replace it with something of equal or greater value. And give away what you do not need to charity. We have plenty of junk that would be somebody else's treasure. And help a person or animal in need, giving them that which they need. Simple acts really.

John C (UK) said...

Stella Blue's little book

siamssiam said...

thanks Gurnybob,

I feel better already :)

Anonymous said...

Nice place you have here Visible. I know nothing, but wild things make my heart sing.

Best to all,

Richie (Dana) said...

You ask me to “keep it real’?
What reality are we talking about here?
One the one hand, most of my fellow Americans are blinded by the material world, spending most of their time in foolish selfish pursuits, cowering in front of their television sets while the MSM tells them how they will be protected from the “Terrorists”, filing like sheep through the naked body scanners which are unzipping their DNA, and buying into the idea that we are separate and not like those others over there who deserve to be killed because they are not like us.

Then we have the “Truth movement” which is mostly becoming just a bunch of the same stupid fear mongering bullshit. Just check out the wording in the email I posted here. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Do you read Mr. Visible? Do you see what he is trying to say?
This “reality” sucks my friend and I am sick of the whole thing.
I see nothing wrong in using the word Love when speaking to one of my fellow humans.

That is the one thing that is massively lacking in the scenario’s outlined above.
If for once, the human race could come together with Love in their hearts for their fellow man and stand together as one we could have a whole new world.

I can assure you Sir that this will happen to a portion of humanity and then everyone can go their separate ways in those realities. You are confronted with two choices.

More of the same bullshit crap or a life of Love and Light.

Anonymous said...

Love, not Justice. The Universe works on justice. I agree with those who are saying we get what we want.
Yes, I wish there weren't Satanists and people addicted to money and control--and then I remember that all of that is in me. Got to remember to keep sweeping my side of the street and love, love, love.

(grin) said...

Macauly Conklin made famous: 'I see dead people.'

Martin Luther King Jr. made famous:
'I have a dream.'

I am living the Orwell dream and I see BPD people.

Anonymous said...

Richard, what people don't know is that SaLuSa thing is 100% biblical. The dragon's craft was wrecked here after a battle in space. Ask the chinese. According to a source I trust, evil has been cornered here when it used to have freedom in the heavens. Methinks the Earth doesn't have the resources to build a spaceship, since the spacecraft obviously defy gravity. Where is gravity's polar opposite? Every other force has one. We volunteered for these flesh bodies to finish this fight as the infantry always has to. We've failed so far.

Born innocent, of water, means we don't know who or what we are or were, in this beast flesh that will die. We're not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience. Death is a lesson about perdition. The truth is stranger than fiction. Their lies are insipid.

We know they bury and burn any evidence that will lead us from the lies they want us to believe. We perish for lack of knowledge, so how do we get the knowledge we need when they bury and burn it? We have to ask for more than what we can imagine. Our imaginations have been compromised, and as long as we regard known liars even with arguments, we're stuck in their petty world and stuck trying to make something useful of their vapid lies.

Is the sun really 4.5 billion years old? It's been changing matter to fuel for 4.5 billion year? How much matter is that and how has that affected it's pull of gravity and thus the orbits of the planets? You won't see that broached on the history channel.

That they are liars is an absolute fact and only the tip of the iceberg. What's holding that tip up is the real apocalypse. The holocaust isn't the biggest lie, but they'll use it to keep you arguing and wasting your resources that way. And that's just paying known liars regard.

You don't need to channel to know these things, so those things about Ashtar and Sirius make me smell a Canaanite in the temple. Every pyramid is a cheap imitation of the one at Giza, that has no capstone and a tomb that has always been empty. Faking the real thing, they point to the real thing.

Possibilities. I've been testing a little conjecture I have by playing lotto. I think the future has too many possibilities, 10 hours from now, for the average Joe to predict it. But, as you get closer, those possibilities narrow. This is one of the powers of our minds and spirits they've poopooed. Fill out your tickets an hour before the drawing and never quick pick. I risked $20 last Saturday and hit 4 numbers, which payed $27. I risked that money again and hit 4 numbers again. The odds of that are WAY up there. Winning lotto wouldn't test my conjecture better than this. My conjecture bears some weight. If it's true, they can't really fix a lottery. I'll be testing it again today. (-:

Divorce the liars. Ask El Shaddai for the knowledge.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

I think that was Halley Joel Osment who said, "I see dead people".

Consider the 4 comments that just appeared here when you listen to the radio show tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

oh boy mucho thanks to john from the uk and stella blue

john has linked stella little book to the end of the comments...i took a peek and am feeling a warm glow of potential enjoyment...possible further cracking of said 'reality'. my favorite intoxicant.

it does mention it has been edited -- hmmm -- perhaps stella could scan it with her all knowing eye and let us know the parts that have changed.

thanks to all

liz in l.a.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brokenbeat said...

I've always Been drawn to Betelgeuse, Sirius and Rigel, to me the most notable stars in our sky. Perhaps that's due to Sirius being the brightest (and closest) and the beauty of Betelgeuse (the red giant often twinkling magnificently) and Rigel (the blue giant rounding out the trio).

Orion is always the easiest constellation for me to spot due to the belt and those three glorious stars -- the big dog with the archer. All that notwithstanding, that region of space holds some kind of attraction to me, perhaps ancestral affinity, perhaps anticipatory significance.

It is thought that the two giants could go supernova at any time (and could have already) as they are in the appropriate life stage, and due to their relative proximity, this would bathe Earth with high energy particles and put on quite a show. It could also be that instantaneous effects are possible many years before the supernova event is seen.

Rigel, the blue giant at the archer's foot, imparts an awesome, almost ominous feeling to me, while Betelgeuse is more of a friendly giant. The planets orbiting Sirius, being closer to those giants than are we here, could very well have been evacuated to the relative safety of Sol's planets as well as other more distant locales.

I don't doubt that there are 'star seeds' amongst us 'occupying' this space and that we probably have DNA from all points. We are galactic mongrels -- something to be proud of -- mutts have qualities that pure breeds lack!

Besides any biological legacy, incarnations on other planets, star systems, galaxies, universes and dimensions in all manner of conciousness (is 'incarnation' inclusive enough?) has given us a rich soil from which to blossom when we awaken and turn towards the light.

Peace and Love to all space brothers and sisters here and beyond, pure breeds and mutts alike...

John V.

Richie (Dana) said...

You are nothing short of awesome girl.
Thank you so much for that manual and many thanks to John for the link.

I now finally understand why I have always rejected all earth based institutions and resisted all forms of control here.

This is a major wow factor. We have always been free, but just failed to realize it.
I feel like I am a completely different person in just a few short weeks and am very excited to know that this is only the beginning.
I am accepting every offer of help in that manual including brain surgery. (Grin)
I was laughing frequently while reading it.

Visible; Do you see what is happening here?
This is off the charts cool.

Lock and load my friends and let us complete our mission and then it’s PARTY TIME….haha.

Much Love to All

(grin) said...

Yes I should have said Halley Joel Osment and Orwellian. My bad.

gurnygob said...

Stella look up " TheJonathankleck - YouTube and you will hit right into it. You should also watch his "Kingdom Divided" video , some good stuff.


Thomas said...

oh oh oh, Vis

last mirrors and this dish are just gorgeous. Profane language and sharp sharp insights make swinging contrasts. In a good sense. Heh. I am with you on the vibratory shift. In the blink of an eye, I think also. But before the carpet goes down and the new stage is assembled... The end act... All is as it should be. The Divine is utterly perfect, and all that reflects in the world is of Our Making, together with the Master of All Things. That's what I see, at least.

To All Lovers of Beauty, give this a try (and I would recommend HD + fullscreen):

Thanks Les, and Jah Bless Y'all :)

Jo said...

Well I tried posting a (rather long) comment in two parts many hours ago and it still has not appeared ....hmmmm???
I will give the benefit of the doubt that it was just a fluke or error on my part and not due to stepping on the moderator's frog but correct me if I'm wrong.

Luckily I saved it in case so here goes:

Hi All!

Once again I am appreciating the original post and subsequent responses from the cyber community-so thought provoking, amusing, gratifying and comforting too. I wonder, though, if I am the only one who has noticed over the years how often LV can get prickly or defensive when someone disagrees with or challenges him? I figure that it serves to remind me he is just a human bean like the rest of us and needn't be put on any pedestal no matter how much we admire him and his considerable qualities of mind and spirit. (Sorry if this offends...I'm not good at brown nosing and I still love ya Vis prickles, warts and all)

I whole-heartedly agree that "I don't know" is a healthy and humble position for us two leggeds to hold and regardless of the potential veracity of the info I'm about to share, I too believe in off worlders visiting Earth though I'm not convinced that it is in the nuts and bolts material aspect vs inter-dimensional travel so I keep an open mind; but not so open that my brain falls out ;-)

So for both LV and Gregory in regard to this issue:

"We know we have had visitors from other worlds. These things are engraved in stone, in the relics of vanished cultures all over the planet"

I offer a third perspective to the query that you might find as fascinating as I did. It's about an hour long and well worth the time but to get to specific point at hand go to the 40 minute mark...:

(Sorry I don't know how to hyperlink)

As for some of the other cool sci fi discussions, I really enjoy this blog:

The top story about the TIME magazine cover is one I haven't read yet but within it is embedded a Sirius Link that is a very common meme in CK's work which resonates to this Petri piece somewhat I think. You might enjoy reading his posts regarding Obama, Freemasonry and Sirius.

To John V regarding the story you shared about the alien visitors, you might appreciate this guys blog who also talks about his strange connection to owls (see link in sidebar at the site):

Lastly, Thanks Niijii for the story about singing plants. It brought to mind this story/song that moves me every time I hear it:

To Be Continued....

Jo said...

Part 2

It's an amazing Multiverse and no doubt Great Mystery knows what he/she is doing even if we mere mortal haven't a clue. I guess it is safe to say that if something makes your heart sing with joy than it is probably Sacred, and if there's hesitation or confusion it may be best to wait until ones Divine inner compass reads true North so to speak. That goes for the majority of us...I do think there is a minority whose conscience is missing...the psychopath, Wetiko, minion of Ahriman...whatever, however one labels it.

So it is best to be aware and cautious; neither gullible nor naive. A hard lesson I myself had to learn after being burned so many times hoping that Love would reign supreme. Well it sure sounds nice in theory that Love conquers all and maybe for the soul's sake it is true but in the realm of flesh and blood 3D: Evil doers enjoy the taste of Love and Lighters the very best! Is it because their so sweet?

I also got turned off to the Course in Miracles material and read once somewhere that the lady who originated the material denounced it on her deathbed...hmmm who really knows?

As Vis so succinctly pointed out at the beginning of this Dish...there are many rabbit holes of a dubious design and destination in the Alternative Media and it is easy to get lost following the ephemeral trails of "secret forbidden knowledge" which could very well be the intention. K.eep I.t S.imple S.illy is good advice so I'm a blowing y'all a KISS and sending out Hugs too (especially for GurneyGob and Siam Siam)

When it all gets a little crazy ...put on your favorite boogie tunes and dance your Self to the center of the edge and find freedom in the Rhythm of the Holy Aha.

Here's one of my favorite Gurus of the Dance:

Peace friends~jo

siamssiam said...

Richie Dana @ 1900 ....

I agree with you on many points. But perhaps i don't have your faith just yet. I have been working hard on the singularity aspect - still am - but i still struggle a bit.

I certainly agree that what the majority see as reality is a total BS construct. As for what you put out - as i said nice words - but i just can't stretch that far, yet.

Seems a little bit too much:

Peace to you

MiaBellezza said...

Re: TheJonathankleck - Kingdom Divided - ha ha. That guys sees serpents and sheep in just about anything. If you want to believe something you'll find a reason to convince yourself of that belief... Nuff said and get real.

Re: ET 101 - it's a comedic piece. Nuff said and get real. Who are you people? LOL

siamssiam said...

Thomas ....

This is nothing at all personal - but i found that video very depressing and in no way beautiful. Disturbing!

Maybe i don't belong around here anymore. Seems the important messages have been hijacked by a lot of new age stuff which i find weird and infantile.

Nanoo nanoo

Denny said...

Re: The Cosmic Instruction Manual for planetary Evolution, the imminent planetary shift, the DNA encoded reshuffle and the re-routing of the brain synapses...

Come off it.!

Smyrna said...

Gregory needs to read up on a place called Tiahuanaco on the shores of Lake Titicaca high up in the Andes. Von Daniken dedicated a whole book to it. It being built 17,000 years ago by stone-age man just doesn't stack up.

Visible said...

Jo, it's possible you missed the dozen or more time when I explained what and why I do and say as I do. It's also possible that you miss the intent of certain posters seeking to create argument for it's own sake and the many, many writers who have detailed in hi def all of the inexplicable things that point to visitations from other realms. It's possible my measured response sans aggression but merely pointing out what should be self evident also went by the by.

It's difficult enough doing this sort of thing and I'm coming to the end of my tether in terms of motivation to continue occupying large segments of my day seeking to finesse what to me takes no great effort of inquiry to define as what it is and to have to explain what I've explained so many times that it begins to seem that understanding is not in the program.

I suppose the greatest disappointment is in the inference that this happens all the time on my part when it is the odd response and by no means the rule. I'm always surprised when people have such an assumed comprehensive grasp of all that happens here when having been here in a less than comprehensive way. Well, I've said more than I want to and a great deal more than I intend to in the future.

There's any number of sayanim and hasbara that like to come around here and see what can be disrupted. In the future I'll just blip it period and that will provide me more comfort than I've had of late.

neil said...

the wind that blows and sweeps the hills
Draws the springs of summers will
lighted hearts that walk the path
Dynamic bands of natures spark
Reaching upwards filling out
Riding songbirds through the clouds
Sounds of ancients a blaze of living
Turning changing racing rhythm
Onwards inner thunder flashes
Streams of heavens lightning clashes
Hearts emblazoned paradise calls
Hums the earth in will of all


Visible said...

A New Visible Origami is up-

That Big Open Air Affair.

the gardener said...

RE: 'stella's book'- loved it and have passed it all around.

RE: Sirius, Betelguise et al

and this great pic with illustrations of these fixed stars and size comparisons. Wow! I did not know that these were so HUGE!

re: siamsiam Just because it was very humorous does not make this like an Onion article!

Without coming off as "New Age" I resonated with most of this.

For anyone making Visible defensive-EVER calling him on 'his shit' so as 'not to come off like a brown noser'... IMO-Les Visible is as close to any Avatar I've come across in my extremely strange existence here for the past 55 years. Like ragging on Jesus so he 'doesn't get a big head' kind of SHIT. 'yeah Jesus, you're totally cool, love hanging with you, can't live without you in my life actually but the last time I saw ya walking on that water-I mean.. you weren't PERFECT or anything... I saw some splashing, a little bit of falling in there at the last part'... DO NOT WEAR HIM OUT WITH YOUR STUPID CRITIQUES OF HIM-moved any psychic mountains lately? Pretty exhausting works! Created anything brilliant for others lately? Pretty exhausting work. Fought to defend yourself lately? Pretty exhausting work!

RE: the owls... After finding that small one in my water canal right near the front of it-it is a long one and now that remember it-like a birth canal hmmm... just last week, Another weird experience-this time with the big guy-daddy Great Horned Owl happened Friday.

I've had a lot of interactions with some true alien type presences (not benevolent ones) since I was bewitched into buying (eh what a concept) this incredible property I dwell upon. There is an always energized view *unless they're cloud shrouded* view of the Tetons of which they sit upon the Continental Divide *important to me* ...

Unbeknownst to me and my now dead husband-we landed a deal that wasn't meant to go through-just a ruse to steal people's earnest money...$5000 here, $5000 there by this old couple who I have reason to believe were doing more than a little bit of black magic and all that goes with that on this plane.

So anyway-imagine landing in "paradise" and it really being total bad aliens land. And they are all into literally rail roading anyone who shines the light on them and their insane hunger to satiate their perverted addictions whatever they might be.

Imagine an innocent family burning some high magic makers of the cult that is definitely into Zion. Imagine their efforts (no holds barred) to get it back.

Imagine being at some real rough climate with huge amounts of snow each winter (except this one-eh) and having no heat except for that which you provide (sawzalls and temple timber anyone?) and a pubescent kid who is at the point of BLAMING YOU FOR ALL MISHAPS, DEATH OF DAD etc...
to be continued

the gardener said...

So after full immersion in the heart of a very powerful, very secret, very discreet cult full of uranium eaters and all of these hive minds after YOU for a few years... I THROUGH HUMAN MAGIC STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE have managed to come through intact enough to be able to get while the getting is good.

So I've got these two men, one a hard core part of the mob and the other kind of an unwitting guy (ie- a normal person) way out back in a clearing of the land-rising water banks to the East-woodsy ness to the West... and this great big huge OWL shoots out of the trees. And starts circling us. This always trips me out when he does this ... I'm like 'hello beautiful!' ... This Owl flies so high in the sky I was impressed-letting out these huge SCREECHES like I've never heard him do. He comes back down and is swirling around about 30 feet overhead. Screeching so that it echos!

Whoa! the devil cult member is getting all nervous-he's trying to get out of the clearing. Instinctively I herd him back to the open clearing. The Owl is doing this for a very long time. Definitely gets the attention.

But he is distracting UPWARDS. In the meantime there are three huge horses walking around us like they are dogs... not my horses so that is making me a bit cautious.

Anyways-this man starts getting really hostile towards me, attacking me for all my MAINTENANCE FAILURES... hahahahah I am so beyond 'perfect' right now-today... he starts in with a patriarchal warning voice... a downer voice. I remember the 'clap clap clap' and work THAT into my routine. The owl doesn't follow us out of there.

This man was very off balanced to say the least. The Owl had major impact on him. The Owl is very much a presence on this very alive property. He brushes us with his mighty wings if he feels like it-maybe blaming ME somehow for the death of the smaller one?

Almost an overload of EVERTHING in that hour and a half involvement with a Greybie or whatever these 'people' really are. And that is up for speculation always for those of us not of this cult. One we're all going to get a big taste of since they're feeling free to run their big guys as frontmen for this country. THEOCRACY ANYONE?

Many people have been along with me on this horrible journey to the Center of Cult Central. Many have helped me survive this in many ways-several of those helpers are now DEAD. Several of them are totally psychically tuned in with me on a very telepathic way working me out of this maze.

I've NEEDED Les Visible for survival several times-he's always on the same wave length as myself-the ebbs, the flows...

I was asked once by one of these patriarchs "ever been BAPTIZED?" in a scary way... "NO, never came across anyone capable of baptizing the likes of ME' I responded. *screams*...

so anyone who finds fault or has their fun metaphorically 'holding les down to cut his hair because IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT!' won't find any interest from me in aiding or abetting them in any way and just might find their selves seen by the Owl. Night bird.

the gardener

PS- I've always had this thing about ORION-I've got a scary little story about my first encounters with a reptilian guy passing as human-middle name ORION.

the gardener said...

During some of the scarier parts of my story line-this video came out as a trance remix to Chris Crocket's defense of Britney... I loved this remix.


(What Would Mean Mitt Do With The Likes Of Chris Crocket?)

Chris has a whole string of videos (often done in his closet) some of which I found to be quite profound.

the gardener said...

JeezUS Richie (Dana)... "My mother is a fundie who believes the catholic church will enact a Sunday law to force everyone to keep Sunday as the holy day and those not complying will be killed. Then the end of the world will come."

Though if you're into any day being more holy than any other-I do believe it would be SATURDAY... as the sabbath. I work to keep each day as a holy day.

That is how it is here in beehive central. Heard the threats on anyone daring to keep their businesses open on Sunday. There might just be enough patriarchal sociopathic resonance for America's own homegrown cult to have one of their own openly in control of this country as CEO!

Feeling the urge and the need to go fire up one of my tools that's working today-the day that the Lord hath made-I will rejoice and be glad in it even though it is Sunday and Mother's day to boot! lol

Ray B. said...


"I'm leaning toward a process of vibrationary transition; something that will be obvious to those who have done the work and been proactively engaged in their own evolution and which will go by unnoticed by the dick and stomach addicts... I keep hearing that whatever is coming, will arrive so quickly and fully that we'll be shocked at the speed and magnitude of it. It's that 'twinkling of an eye' thing."

Did you ever watch 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'? In it, there was a character named Guinan, played by Whoopie Goldberg. The character was a higher-level-consciousness being, though not Q-class (those were omnipotent, though emotionally undeveloped). In episodes where 'Enterprise' was in a parallel universe, only Guinan could tell that 'something was wrong'; that things were not as they were 'meant to be'. All the ship's crew thought the parallel universe they were in was 'normal'. (Guinan only had a general 'feeling', not detailed info on the 'other' universe.) As such, Guinan played a critical role in steering the crew to circumstances that 'collapsed' the not-meant-to-be parallel universe back to the one of the series. I bring this up because I am curious whether - when the 'un-hacked' river of Reality reaches us - any of us will remember the 'bad old days', or it will just be 'poof' and we will think the 'new' is normal. Intriguing...


Richie (Dana), Friday, May 11, 2012 3:55:00 PM

"...this nagging feeling that there is some truth in our creative powers. We know that the evil we see in this world could not exist without the support of those millions of souls giving it homage."

There is this wonderful body of work by Rupert Sheldrake, a Ph.D. biologist. He posits (and proves) a kind of group manifestation effect that he calls "morphic fields". Get enough people (beings) together and have them do something repetitively. It gradually forms kind of a 'valley' in reality that becomes harder and harder to resist 'entering'. (He was the first to call physical laws simply 'ingrained habits'.) If you take your comments and apply Sheldrake's 'modus operandi', you get a whole new view on the world...


Ray Zerwitt, Saturday, May 12, 2012 6:35:00 PM

"We have to ask for more than what we can imagine. Our imaginations have been compromised..."

I wrote on this a week or two ago. I like your wording better than mine!


MiaBellezza, Sunday, May 13, 2012 3:42:00 AM

"Who are you people? LOL"

Personally, I have (amongst other things) a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering (earned), work on USAF aero engineering side for a number of years on secret projects, and work for Boeing for a number of years on secret projects.

Who are you?

Seriously, if you have any mechanical engineering qualities, you should check out a site named Puma Punku in Bolivia. There is abundant evidence for advanced machining abilities in very hard rock - most Egyptian work (by mass) is in much softer limestone. Given the early date of the site and the bronze-age culture (at best) of the regional inhabitants, there really is no sane argument for local manufacture. So, it is either ETs, time travelers, or direct manifestation. Which do you prefer?


Smyrna, Sunday, May 13, 2012 11:22:00 AM

"...a place called Tiahuanaco on the shores of Lake Titicaca high up in the Andes."

I just saw your post. Puma Punku is just a little way from Tiahuanaco. Some think that Tiahuanaco was the more human-built side and Puma Punku was the more ET-built side of some venture.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

one thing I do cling to (if that's the right expression), is something like it 'aint so bad (cue Rocky). if it was, nothing at all and nothing good would happen, though it seems to be trending that way, there's only so far that bad can happen with people, then all the real stuff comes out.
without cooperation, without love, without a community with immunity from those who think they can act with impunity, we would not be here.

and (continuing this quasi contrarian piece) I take myself and my own sensitivities to the negatives into account, so maybe it's me (at least the tone, personality).
so why continue to study these worldy maladies and prognosticators of gloom and/or massive changes/shifts.
quoting Monty Python's flying circus clever sheep skit, where a clever sheep, (let's call him Eric) is teaching the others to fly, they are dropping out of trees all over the place. why, the interviewer asks the farmer why if they do wont so much fly as plummet, he is continuing to study this leading sheep's antics?
"because of the enormous commercial possibilities if he is correct"
gotta laugh!

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the link about owls. I made a short comment there about my owl encounters, but didn't get into any visitation/abduction discussion. I am posting it here below.


Fascinating tales -- you're a courageous soul and I applaud the stand you've taken. Having, and knowing you have, yer back covered has no doubt made all the difference.


I've had many owl encounters over the last 15 or so years and some are fairly ordinary and some not so much so. The more ordinary ones involve seeing owls in trees and on wires at various distances. The more interesting sightings were owls swooping over my car at right angles more than once at the same place on a highway, flying alongside my car at window height on the freeway for some distance including under overpasses, screeching from a neighbor's rooftop outside my window and on other occasions clambering on my roof. Those encounters may be understandable as I live in a semi-rural area, but taken with some other occurrences could be screens for other entities.

The most meaningful encounter was about a year ago when I felt compelled to connect with nature late one night and walked to a vantage overlooking the sea. I was struggling with the language to address the Divine, with which I felt in communion, and dropped all the unnecessary verbiage and simply thought, "Divine, welcome" feeling that this expressed the Divine in me was welcoming the Divine in nature. As soon as I said this silently, a brown owl flew to a spot directly over my head, just a few feet above me and made a graceful, silent 180 degree turn in one place and flew back over my house. I knew that was an expression of the Divine greeting me. A very special moment.


John V.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Hava NaGila Monster and the Music of the Fears.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It expresses so much of what I have been feeling and not able to say so that anyone could understand. I too have some sort of non-understood Sirius connection.

Sometimes I love this beautiful little planet so much I ache. I don't want it to be destroyed. But those in charge here, that's a far different matter.

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Monday, May 14, 2012 5:32:00 AM

Your experience with the owl and your inner 'knowing' reminds me of one that absolutely showed that we are 'watched' and cared about. In the mid-seventies, I was visiting in Denver over the HolyDays. My then-marriage was slowly coming apart, and I was feeling pretty low. I went out for a walk one night; clear skies, sub-freezing temperatures, and quite-deep fresh snow. Pretty, though I was more moping than enjoying.

Then, fluttering in front of me by the streetlight, I saw a sizable butterfly. I mentally shook myself, blinked, and looked again. Still there. Denver in mid-winter. Yep, still fluttering around. That butterfly stayed a few feet away from me for what seemed like a long time, until I finally 'got' that this was for me. I had quite a heart opening, and a sense of gratitude and 'belonging'. Then, it just slowly fluttered away into the darkness. (I hope that it was 'popped in' from warmer climes and then 'popped back'...)

(For the record, I was not on drugs, alcohol, medication, lack of sleep, fugue state, or other 'condition' to explain it neatly away.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I think it was Whitley Streiber ("Communion", etc.) that first put out that owls were frequently used as hypnotic 'cover' masks by Greys. Keep a close eye out for anomalous experiences in this regard, just in case.

brokenbeat said...


My apologies for leaving the "J" off of your name in my last comment -- it was the inadvertant result of a sloppy cut-and-paste and made for an odd start to my comment.

Ray B.,

Thanks for sharing your similar experience of a greeting from the Divine...and so much about who you are and what you've done professionally. I'm not so brave as yet in sharing personal details, but I'll add that I've studied in a similar field but with less academic and professional acheivement -- by choice. I could have followed a similar path, but chose not to for a variety of personal reasons. I am in no way judging your choices -- it just wasn't right for me then or now.

Regarding Whitley Strieber and the owls, I read Communion and Transformation and some other title as they came into publication and have been aware of his positing that various animals can be used as screen images (hypnotic 'covers' as you said) for aliens. Others have said similar things, but he was the most visible in linking owls with greys. In the article Jo mentioned above, Whitley commented that often they appear in groups of three (as they did in the article). I've always seen solo owls for what that's worth. I don't discount the alien cover posibility as I have had other odd occurences that hint of that throughout my life, but as I said previously, sometimes an owl is just an owl.

I don't mean to diminish these magnificent creatures by saying 'just' and I believe they can signify many things such as awakening and gaining vision, wisdom or some of the other aspects mentioned by others. Like so many things hi-jacked in this world, beautiful creatures get sullied by association. For owl-lovers, there are some amazing you-tube videos of owls striking poses or playing with a cat.

Namaste to all, including the night birds,

John V.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Smyrna said...
"Gregory needs to read up on a place called Tiahuanaco on the shores of Lake Titicaca high up in the Andes. Von Daniken dedicated a whole book to it. It being built 17,000 years ago by stone-age man just doesn't stack up."

Archeologists date the Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) settlements at 3,500 years ago (1500 BCE) at the earliest, with their peak in architectural achievement coming at about 600 to 700 CE. For a brief, but interesting, discussion of the origins of Tiwanaku, see:

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Tuesday, May 15, 2012 7:40:00 PM

Hi! Thanks for the extended reply. The carefulness and courtesy of your speech speaks volumes about who you are. No need for details!

By the way, my earlier reply to MiaBellezza (Monday, May 14, 2012 1:48:00 AM) was not to tout any career or other accomplishments. I am afraid that I was reacting to her 'blow off' of various Posters in what I took to be a rude, cavalier way. I gave kind of an 'in your face' response. Oh, well...

Also, in terms of sharing personal details, there are two levels of caution. For the garden-variety 'jerk' coming after me, I can simply change email addresses or ISPs. I have no fortune or 'credit rating' worth defending.

On the more serious side: I gave a posting a month or two ago where I said that we were 'logged into' alphabet agencies (and overseas) simply by being here. Each computer has a unique physical address (MAC), so anyone can then be tracked down to the physical location of the computer. From there, cross-referenced databases tell all. I am not so worried about this because I take care not to give online evidence of vi01ence, have been on the 'other side' so much that being horizontalized brings up no fears, and know many things that most 'bad guys' have no clue of (see my post at VO on Monday, May 14, 2012 3:48:00 AM). I think of it as 'enlightened fatalism'.

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Gregory F. Fegel, Tuesday, May 15, 2012 11:43:00 PM

I know you were only replying to Smyrna on Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku), but I feel I need to leave a bread crumb trail for future readers...

Tiahuanaco being built at least 17,000 years ago was ascertained through astronomical alignments by the original German archeologist (who wrote major textbooks on the site). Naturally, his fellow German archeologists went up in arms and sent out a follow-up team to 'debunk' him. This second group eventually agreed with the first archeologist as to the date.

I trust 'modern' archeologists to be gatekeepers for the orthodox view. If you dig deep enough, guess who sets this view?

Regardless of Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku), I am suspecting a graceful pirouette around my post on Puma Punku (Monday, May 14, 2012 1:48:00 AM). Since your post was Tuesday, May 15, 2012 11:43:00 PM, I suspect cherry-picking. Go and find some good video on the magnificent machine-working of hard stone at Puma Punku.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MiaBellezza said...

Ray B, Stella Blues et al, I apologize for being rude. After I posted the comment I regretted the last sentence.

I just don't like anyone falling for the ETs are going to save us bit because it smacks of something on the NWO agenda. And yes I have researched about our alien connections and believe they have been here in the past and perhaps even now.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ray B:

I did not see your previous comment before I posted my comment to Smyrna.

Arthur Posnansky's theory about an early origin for Tiwanaku and Pumapunku (12,000 years ago)
does not jibe with the archeological evidence, which dates those site's earliest settlement to 3,500 years ago.

Radiocarbon dating of the mound fill at Pumapunku places the construction at about 530 to 600 CE, during the heyday of the Tiwanaku culture. The megalithic architecture at Tiwanaku and Pumapunku was built with red sandstone, which is soft and easily carved.

Humans started using stone tools circa 2.5 million years ago. By the Upper Paleolithic (50,000 to 10,000 years ago), humans were using drills to make holes in stone, and they were carving stone.

Take a look at this 17,000 year-old carved sandstone lamp from the French cave of Lascaux. It shows that the people of the Upper Paleolithic were capable of carving stone into elegant artifacts. Why would space aliens, who could use machines or lasers to carve stone, bother to carve a stone lamp for holding animal fat and a wick? Wouldn't the space aliens have flashlights? See

Ray B. said...

Well, Vis, I can see why you made an earlier remark about Gregory's need for argument...


Puma Punku has stones of 100-150 tons. They are made from Granite and Diorite, not red sandstone, and are extremely hard materials. You may be confusing the materials with some at Tiahuanaco. Even more impressive is the exact cuts they made in the huge stones. Again, please watch the videos.



"The age of Tiahuanaco is difficult to assess and very controversial. Polish-born Bolivian archaeologist Arturo Posnansky has concluded that the Tiahuanaco culture began in the region at about 1600 B.C. and flourished until at least 1200 A.D. His disciple, Professor Hans Schindler-Bellamy, believed Tiahuanaco to have reached back 12,000 years before the present era, although a more conservative Peruvian archaeologist. More recently, other archaeologists have pushed back the date to an amazing 14,000 years ago.

The controversy arises because most of the datable artifacts are from the more recent past, while the stone megaliths and other structures do not lend themselves to dating techniques like Carbon 14. Many stone pieces have been uncovered from more than six feet of earth. The mountain ranges which surround the area are not high enough to permit sufficient runoff of water or wind erosion to have covered the ruins to such a depth. This suggests a very old date as the accumulation of sediment is slow in this arid land."


You are really stretching with this one: "Take a look at this 17,000 year-old carved sandstone lamp from the French cave of Lascaux." It is bordering on ridiculous to compare hand carving of a few-pound, soft stone to massive, machine-like precision cutting of hard, mega-ton blocks. But, of course, you knew that...

If you can, try to put on an engineer's perspective. Once your jaw is removed from the floor, you might feel an incredible urge to actually find out what really happened there.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Ray B:

You commented on my "need for argument"; that's a matter of the pot calling the kettle black.

Most of the megaliths at Tiwanaku/Pumapunku, including the famous Sun Gate, were built of red sandstone. Andesite/diorite was used in smaller quantities, mainly for accents and decorations. The archeology articles I have read do not mention granite at Tiwanaku/Pumapunku. Andesite/diorite is softer than granite; it can be sculpted with harder stones, copper chisels, or flint scrapers, and abraded or polished with sand.

Uncertainty about how the monoliths were cut or transported does not establish certainty that space aliens constructed the monoliths. You can't solve one unknown by attributing it to another unknown.

It is estimated that 400,000 people lived in the vicinity of Tiwanaku/Pumapunku when the Temples there were built. Acheologists have discovered their towns and their artifacts. What artifacts or tools belonging to space aliens have been found at Tiwanaku/Pumapunku? Nada. Nor are there any marks on the monoliths that "prove" the stones were cut or moved by extraterrestrials.

Ray B. said...


At they had a major discussion on Puma Punku, etc. Both sides had at it, with predictable results. One paper read and quoted by Kroms33 (who worked in the construction field for 10 years) is below:

"My original argument was that the some of the stones were made of granite and some of sandstone - go back and look what I wrote...

The only article discussing the stone make up was a PDF that brushed on exactly what I have said; sandstone and granite were used:
'Substantial clamps of various shapes once pieced together
the enormous sandstone slabs used in the construction of the
four platforms at Pumapunku'
'composed of large dressed granite stones engraved with basreliefs'

and that is it... nothing else.

You did prove my point though - and the reason that I asked you (if you can remember) is to prove my point that I originally made: That both sandstone carvings AND granite carvings exist at Puma Punku. You did exactly that."


Another poster in the same discussion, Lazarus Short, notes:

"...copper tools and all the time in the world still would not leave behind stones cut to tolerances best understood by a machinist (i.e. [Christopher] Dunn). Dunn points out that machine tools leave a different imprint than does hand working."


On 'space aliens': Zecharia Sitchin's last book (2010) was "There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA". I read and enjoyed the scholarship. In it, the major thing he notes is that scholars have made an artificial demarcation between cuneiform writings on 'Gods' and those on 'Demigods' and 'Humans'. The 'Gods' were DEFINED by the orthodoxy as myths and the later 'Demigods' and 'Humans' were DEFINED as history. Sitchin saw this demarcation as unwarranted and even derogatory. So, it comes down to the Sumerians either being 'liars' or knowing what they were writing about.

Sitchin makes several assumptions about the 'Gods', leading him to derive a 'space aliens' lineage and his 'Twelfth Planet' theory. I do not agree with several of these assumptions, as they disagree with my astrophysics classes. However, the core cuneiform writings do document a very-long-lived, technologically-advanced race that was separate (in a ruling sense) from the surrounding humans. Whether they were truly from space or were truly alien is awaiting further archeological digs, in my opinion. Their cuneiform name, Annunaki, in ancient Sumerian texts is defined as "those who from heaven to Earth came"; this is certainly intriguing.

When I combine the above with similar writings DEFINED as Egyptian 'myths', Indian 'myths', Chinese 'myths', Incan 'myths', etc., I come up with the sense of something odd happening in humanity's past, which MAY involve 'space aliens'. You, of course, may draw a different conclusion.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ray B:

The two rock types at Tiwanaku/Pumapunku I've seen mentioned are red sandstone and andesite; andesite (named after the Andes) is harder than sandstone, but softer than granite. Nor is andesite a type of granite.

The term "cut to tolerances" refers to exactness of measurement, not method of execution. A skilled stonemason using hand tools can cut to any tolerance that a machine can, though it may take him more time. Machine tools might leave a different imprint than hand tools, but the ancient stonework was often polished with abrasives, which would erase those differences. It is well-known that stonemasons in ancient Egypt used large bow-saws, fitted with sinew greased with abrasives, to cut large blocks of stone. The bow-saw will cut a perfectly sraight line, because the bow-saw will not work at all unless the sinew is kept very taut. In Egypt and elsewhere, groups of stones were often quarried and used in their original relation to each other - thus producing a "perfect fit" that a knife blade cannot enter.

The interpretations of mythology as records of etraterrestrial visitation made by Sitchen, von Danikan, and others ignore the anthropological context of the myths and symbols. The people of the ancient world saw the earth and the cosmos as a spherical system, in which all astronomical bodies, and some cosmological functions, were seen as Gods. The stars were seen as the ascended ancestors transiting a celestial realm. The stories and the artwork of ancient mythology make perfect sense in that anthropological context. The stories and the symbols of ancient mythology are formulaic and repetitive on a global scale, which I think indicates a common origin for their beliefs in very ancient times.

Ray B. said...

Well, Gregory, I am done here.

I have left a trail of breadcrumbs...

You have left a trail of breadcrumbs...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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