Sunday, May 06, 2012

Out of Function at Armageddon Junction

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be tuned up another level beyond the shit being shoveled by the devil.

I know it's Petri Dish. That means some amount of strange and weird ...and occasionally the possibility of wonderful; always human, or trying to be. I was on Jeff Rense's radio show yesterday morning. It was a pleasant sojourn for me and something years in the making. I had little sleep, given I had to get up a little after 5 in the morning and it was well after midnight when I fell asleep. I think that was an asset more than anything else. The notion of being The Dog Poet came up and several mentions of this and that from other corners provoked me to google 'Dog Poet' and this is the first thing that comes up.

It's funny. This Dog Poet, who is gay and seems a really decent sort, was tiptoeing through the tulips about being racist, which he isn't. I hear Mowgli and Bagheera talking, “we be of one blood, you and I”. That could have been me, I think, dipped in pink with no offense intended. Those manipulating the gay item, for the purposes of profit, with attendant containers of agendas; similar to the ridiculously extended amplification, of the face time, of a routine novelty act, into something that would probably look like the offspring of a coupling between a bag of Cheetos and a pencil eraser, might think I am anti-gay. Of course I'm not and all of the links here don't connect in sequence. They are just part of the panorama of this multidimensional circus and... since the allopathic medical industry is another one of their investments they want to get all the bang for the buck that they can get.

Alternatively, something is going on in Peru. No doubt about it somehow being connected, to the usual pooch screwing conclave of black hats. I hate to beat an eight legged dead horse but I'm getting four part harmonies and it makes me feel like I am glad to know what use to put my sinuses to. I also have more than one nose.

This is what has confused me for so long about what is really going on, what is actually happening and I am feeling the effect. I don't want to put up any more links, apparently, some measure of people don't even click on them. What is the point of my going through the trouble to do it? I don't know. I saw something about 30,000 slaughtered elephants because somebody wants ivory to wear, or lay about as a decoration in homes when they are not even there. No, they are off snorkeling into the once blue pacific, charting the wonders of it as it disappears. The elephants are friends of mine, as are the porpoises and dolphins, pelicans and penguins. The people bringing you the big cinematic masterpiece, are making the scenery cease....causing it to die away while you watch it frolic and snack on what? Cheetos? Cheetahs? I hope you don't break a nail somewhere in the long and lonesome halls of afterthought. “Honey? Du yu wanna see what I bought? I'll leave it here on the landing if you wanna take a look”.

The same people, who brought you the thing you wanted, removed the thing you needed in the process. Life doesn't make sense most of the time and there are deeper and ever deeper, beneaths and behinds as you continue to go in your inquiry, should you chose to continue and we do continue but mostly we continue to continue. The result is that it gets more tightly pressed and darker and more confining. It also gets hotter and more constricted. I suppose you might get short of breath in that direction; probably accounts for the erection. If you were going the other way, you could call it inspiration and it moves into less confined locations, where it is cooler, wider, higher and freer. It's not rocket science and only a little more difficult than a performing blow job, unless you find that really difficult ...and in which case you are better served, according to your interests, by filing your nails.

I don't get it myself. I've never been into hookers and gambling and I'm not into horses, I could care less who wins the Kentucky Derby. Horses are my friends, if that horse won't carry me up that mountain, he ain't no horse and if I don't get off his back and walk back down alongside, him on the way down, then I'm not a man, so some say and so says I. I understand drugs, just as well as I know why the government wants to keep people from accessing them, lest those people wake up and tune in to what's been happening to them. Feed them alcohol and pharmaceuticals and close down the free range with barbed wire and barbiturates. Here's your soap on a rope for the prison shower and you'll get your shot of whiskey in Hell; just the one, of course, courtesy of the dog that pursues you.

It's not about people making choices for themselves, whether they be good or bad. It's about those choices being made for them and then defined as choices made by themselves. Then you can say you were born this way but... is that where it started? Wouldn't you think that the cradle to the grave escapade might actually be a continuance, continuing? The Xerox doesn't work because the Spandax isn't Memorex, not cause “the vandals took the handles." This is what they tell you and you believe it to be true that there is some mathematical equivilating difference between a Gypsy and an Arab and a Jew. It's the replicants that hide in the mix that put you in the shitter. If it isn't clear now, it won't be clear later. That's how it doesn't work. That is the busted accordion of our times; playing that bad Casio keyboard music with all the rearranging thumps and bumps, the dum de dumps and nodwell, up and down agreeing, to whatever lame transmission turning the queen of Heaven into a bitch and a skank and a ho. You break it, you bought it and don't come crying to me on your way back down the birth canal because that is why they say 'payback is a bitch'.

I had an amusing half an hour tripping around in that other Dog Poet's world in the hinterlands of San Francisco. I failed to shed a tear at the passing of one more non rock, non icon, whose greatest accomplishment was leaving the place worse off than he found it. Well, they do have to make a big whoop de doo about the Warhols and pinheads that deck these halls with poisoned jolly, fa la la la la the do re mi.

I'm thinking about Immanuel Velikovsky and those world's in collision; my worlds, these other worlds and how to not collide. That's the ticket, speaking of tickets out of here, which I wasn't but I was thinking about it, so it showed up anyway.

I could find you a host of unlovely shit to stretch like bunting across the arches of this tedious and malicious time; more than elephants and pelicans, more than dead wanna be rappers that wish they hadn't, more than these but if you haven't seen them, you will shortly, as they begin to appear all over the place. Evil is most definitely engaged in destroying itself. The question is whether you will go with it. Do you want to? Yeah you. I'm talking to you. I don't read hand signals, too bad you can't take those earbuds out of your head. Right, we're not doing the audio portion here but you get the idea or... you don't. You will choose or the choice will be made for you, just like it was when you stepped into this free will thing you keep telling me about. You got free will and I got freewheel, we aren't so far apart... heh heh, except for direction.

I do believe it is time for my mosey to be moseying and I'll catch you later in the audio portion; no need to click on the links, they're just there for decoration, like that argument about form over function, which they will be having all the way to Armageddon Junction. I do believe I see the signpost up ahead. You would think people would pay attention to signs and linkages but that is not my affair. My affair is the doing, some kind of doing into being as we shall see, one way or another. Good grief I can't believe this isn't pleather.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:

"Foolish pride, we can't take back our words
Foolish pride, to give hurt for love
Foolish pride, as the wind blows empty
and the night rolls in
our love could be shining
if it hadn't been kept inside
by foolish pride..."

Radio Show already linked in the posting.


Anonymous said...

Curious, that the Beastie boy who recently died, had a last name that sounded like what most people would exclaim, had they listened to his "music"...yeah we got "free will", more like "free Willy", but that's what the gay agenda does to you. Lickety-split, let's head for the porn theaters. Or not. Speaking of which, it's looking more and more like all those escape routes and secret rooms and underground bunkers that the Drooling Elite created, in an effort to escape the shit they created, which is currently hitting the fan, are really trap doors to Hell. How ironic. We could say we told you so, but why waste energy explaining reality to tapeworms. They are never going to get it. It isnt their time to wake up - and besides, they have shit to consume. But the days of parasites are numbered. And the clock keeps ticking, and the jig is up (or down, for some). I get ya, Visible. Some of us are entering each other's heads these days, to the point where nobody knows where one of us begins, and the other one ends. But we no longer care about "me", now - do we? And some will have to traverse the birth canal again (and again), and it's all part of the Cosmic Grand Plan. They say you can wake up in the wink of an eye, but it takes the ability to add the requisite two and two and get four. And some will do that, yes, and some will get hit with a two-by-four. "It's all good," as the young folks say, while they hitch their pants a foot below their ass cheeks, and hump-hump-hump to the beat of ba-dump-dump-dump, in decaying places, in the wide-open spaces, in the urban jungles of Buttfuckville. Or is that OutOfLuckville. One begets the other. Who begot their mother? Do they really care. I don't think so. So let it rip, Dog Poet; we will one day soon, bay at the bloody moon, like fully conscious cosmic hounds, as the corpses of the mumbling giants who once called the tune, rot and smolder in the setting sun...

kenny said...

Many years ago the Derby infield was a great party. Plenty of smoke being passed, frisbees flying and on the warm days lots of eye candy.

Watched the race yesterday and in an interview with the winner's trainer afterward the guy may have had a Freudian slip saying ".....a dirty, uh, Derby contender....."

It's a millionaire's game and the dirt is not confined to the track.

Maybe unrelated but a dead body was found in one of the Downs' barns this morning.

Anonymous said...

The gulf shrimp aren't lookin good either.

Correction: they're just small don't let the tumors,lesions and lack of eyes ruin your appetite.


Thom said...

Hi Vis,

When I don't click the links in your posts, it's because I've already read them. I look at the status on the bottom of my browser and know if I've seen the article, etc. Those that I haven't seen, I click.


Visible said...

well said 5:29!!!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I asked a school teacher neighbor if she would like to attend a lecture/darshan question and answer session with me. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

I then asked her to please not wear leather as this was not Ravi Shankar the sitarist.

She asked in her best impression of a satirist "is pleather ok?

I laughed and said sure. She's a very witty woman.

Also, I'm very fond of mules.

Anonymous said...

yep. not sure looking the other way constitutes turning the other cheek. suppose that depends on one's angle.(grin)

the (unacknowledged) choice to not make a choice, is to choose to imagine oneself not responsible for their own salvation, or 'stony end', whichever rushes up to greet them first.

Anonymous said...

The exit link clickery is bordering on the frantic right now...

See it as it happens right here...

brokenbeat said...

Fellow Sapien Sapiens,

Last night, the 'new and improved' SuperMoon cast borrowed glory from Sol on this humble orb, teeming with seven million corporal beings -- mostly machines thinking they're men -- mechanically exercising their 'free will', deciding between trivially minor choices in the context of pre-fab false dichotomies. What a sorry state of lacking awareness; most don't know that they don't know. A few know that they don't know what they should and could know. Fewer yet know. I know that I'm in the middle group, intending and striving to cross the threshold into the last group, and hoping a critical mass do likewise, and that the transition of the bulk of humanity from the first to the second group is graceful.

Peace unto all,

John V.

PSO said...

I really enjoyed your foolish Pride song Vis.

Visible said...

Man, the joint is jumpin tonight.

brokenbeat said...

Oops, off by three orders of magnitude on the pop of the peeps... Major faux pas for the engineer in me... No biggie for the artist in me...

Anonymous said...

Expounding on a thought of Anon. 5:29: Everytime I read about those underground bunkers I have to laugh. There is nothing that I can conjure up in my head that would motivate me to wanna share space there when you consider what/who will be seeking refuge there. Locked and bolted in with countless psychopaths and retiles? Uhh, no thank you. I place my trust elsewhere. However, me thinks that it could turn out to be one of the very best investments ever made by the 99% (even if it was a jacked investment). Serena

preacher said...

All this talk about homosexuals, dog poets, birthcanals, dead popstars, pleather, and links not investigated inspired me to produce this link nobody in his right mind will probably click:

The Cramps - Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon

Anonymous said...


yeah. better to focus on 'critical mass.'(grin)

vis a vis; might one detect a 'note' of encouragement masquerading as mild sarcasm?

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
neal said...

Peru. Some may recall there was a recent removal of certain shamans, there is a connection.

Waterbirds are the station of Christ, they are the fire serpents of this generation. They are under certain protections, by certain ones called for this kind of work. Just to broadcast certain truths to many other nations of beings, it is kind of complicated.

Maybe just do the math, water is to air as air is to?

Fire remains, the cross remains, the rainbow that surrounds looks like it is full of home.

Peaches said...

Visible, "Out of Function at Armageddon Junction" blog title speaks for itself.

You are a gifted winner of words my friend. I find myself experiencing personal and small but significant Armageddons/apocalypse' frequently. And it's a lonely world sometimes. But you and your dear readers understand.

Stop doubting yourself. Please stop being bitchy that we don't check your links or comment on your radio shows. I click most of your links. I'm horrified about the beaches of Peru.

Well then again I suppose that is your right hehe. I was going to comment on radio show blog that I couldn't believe I was so distracted to not be there tonight and missed half of your show, and lo and behold clicked on and I hear you reciting poetry.

Love Peaches

Josey Wales Jr. said...


I read somewhere that the evil entities (spirits) have been forced to relocate in new host beings, because as judgement day approaches they need to take on a physical human form or be destroyed outright.

So we have more demon possessed individuals throughout the world who have an entity inside them, that makes for a nasty guest, who acts out in anti-human ways.

Could this be?

BTW, I enjoy the links and read most of them, unless I don't want to lose the flow of your train of thought. I may read them later on a second reading.

Anonymous said...

F this, F that, F them, F it F.. etc..

Satanists have a friend in the homosexual.

That's not some all knowing belief system in this. Demons need fools to live in.

BPD? said...

"'There's an old J.A.P. joke: "How do you know when a Jewish American Princess reaches climax?--She drops her nail file.' keep on freewheelin', Dog...I'm filing my nails. ;->)"

By their fruits you shall know them.

Visible said...

Uh people, it is not unknown for me to be in possession of a little wry wit so it can be presumed that I was more intentionally humorous than annoyed when talking about link clicking ( that kind of sounds like a retro-Chinese sexual word pun).

Sometimes being for the purpose of demonstration a banana is actually a cigar.

No Hero Of Mine said...

"I supported Bush in 2000 and 2004 and intellegence [sic] had very little to do with that decision."
Hero, Real World Event Discussions

the gardener said...

This weekend while cleaning out our long neglected and still dry irrigation ditch, we came upon a dead Great Horned Owl. Saturday the full moon day. It had been hailing and cold as a witch's t!t all day-the youth bird was still warm as it lay in the center of the knee deep ditch. Do not have a clue as to what would have brought it down. Will take its body to someone who can analyze and tell me why/how.

We've got all kinds of huge birds of prey that we see in action all the time-from the fishing Ospreys to the Bald Eagles showing off their flying skills. I've lost a few cat friends to the big birds over the years and keep the kitcats close by, especially this time of year when they have babes in nest to feed.

The daddy Owl is pretty aggressive to us, brushing us when he feels like it-swooping around when our small pets are out with us, etc. But I've never wished them harm.

I didn't feel like it was necessarily a bad omen to come across junior in the ditch but not good that the timing was so exact. Not like we spend much time in the ditch-usually goes from snow to water but this year little snow and no water in ditches yet.

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS-I usually read your articles straight through once then back again for the links. I hate it that the links don't open up on a new page slowing me down-so that's why I read through first then the links.

The link to the gay teen who shot his tazer in the air... I really liked that family pic of him, his twin and his mom. Read all the comments too. More about the bullying that is so deadly pervasive throughout our entire society from top to bottom.

Nothing like a long stretch of psychopathic bullying aided and abetted by the psychopathic school admin and teachers to toughen one up for the rigors of enduring the psychopathic bullying in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Rixon Stewart needs to stop the ad hominen attacks against Jeff Rense using Henry Makow.

All three are losing respect from everyone seeking truth in this feud.

That is the goal of the zionists suppplying 'information' and funds to both sides.

Divide and conquer.

siamsiam said...

indeed Vis, not everyone appreciates the Chinese form of cuni-lingus

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Just listened to your show with Rense.

Too bad it wasn't several hours. You were just getting started. It must be a bit frustrating to be short sheeted. Nobody's fault per se but just SOP for show biz.

BTW, Rense, (never had heard his show or him speak) has a really polished glass smooth style. This supports his obvious intelligence very nicely.

Easy to hear why he is so popular.

Visible said...

well, you have your multilingual's, so you got your cunalinguals but I do not discriminate against anyone because I am a vegetarian and it is against my principals to pornicate with dirigibles, which is why i need two airline seats but don't since i have my own saucer.

Visible said...

Well Homer (you man of many dimensions), I'd bet a lot of people would appreciate having a link to that, including me because I haven't heard it either.

Anonymous said...

BPD? @ 5/7 12:29 AM (my local time),

What's with all the hate? Do you have a vendetta against Stella Blue for some personal reason, or are you a troll upset at her previous disclosure of sordid details of beneficiaries of your master's favors? Maybe that's giving you too much credit via association. Is she just a convenient victim for your homebrewed venom? You seem very attached to this whole BPD issue. Have you had a close look at yourself? Perhaps you are projecting, you know, perceiving something in others that you sense in yourself. You must be familiar with that principle, psychology being your operating principle...

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's what I found.

If this doesn't work go to Google and type -

Jeff Rense interview les visible


Mami's shit: Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scroll way down on bottom left is a list of all Rense interviews that day.
Les Visible prabhu is last.

Anonymous said...

To gardener and all, use caution when you come across dead critters.

Best to all,

Anonymous said...

Could this be the reason for the mass bird deaths?

When will we ever learn?


Visible said...

Well, the Ikeanandtinaturnerargentinasorus,weighing in at 90 tons appears to have shit itself to death. I hope you don't shit your pants reading about it during your frolic in the Petri Dish Out of Function at Armageddon Junction.. It's interesting given the shit souffle our culture has in the oven. My invisible friends say you should expect some really funny shit really soon and increasing in intensity and hilarity.

Visible said...

Funny Funny things going on in compromised blogger as well as this and that and that and

Out of Function at Armageddon Junction.

Visible said...

It never rains but it pours, unless you're looking for cocaine and whore- and the whore you rode in on- but I don't imbibe in either, being as both are replaced by better models, however. You can be sure it is the same people who are cashing in this. It's a 'growth industry' as they like to call it. Check your bar codes on all the lines and asses.

Steve said...

Thanks Homer!!

Citizen Elle said...

I love all of you cunning linguists - keep it up ya'll - LOL!

I'll give an update on my latest sustainable community efforts for your amusements shortly. One nice bit, surprise, surprise, my previously stated dream of living in a yurt has come true.

~~~blessings from the deep~~~

Gregory F. Fegel said...

What causes me to ponder the death of the 47 year old Beastie from a rare parotid cancer, is that's the type of cancer many people think one might get from using a cell phone.

Since Vis used the words cunalinguals and vegematarian in the same sentence in his comment above, I feels entitled to post this pop quiz.

Wimpy gets his Omega 3s from hamburgers.
Bluto gets his Omega 3s from fish.
Popeye gets his Omega 3s from spinach.
Olive Oyl gets her Omega 3s from olive oil.
So who is the healthiest of the four?

Answer: Popeye, because he eats both spinach and Olive Oyl.

Jo said...

Funny just today I watched a series of videos about obesity and the main cause: SUGAR/Fructose! It's really well done and anyone interested can check it out here:

Not surprisingly that last link you posted to the obesity story did not say one whit as to the cause of the epidemic being the crap that passes for nutrition these days that those goons at the FDA allows. Meanwhile that criminal alphabet soup org is in the back pocket of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Mafia and now requires any health claim for a natural food to be supported by million dollar studies...oh and BTW aspartame is good for you (if you want to become a zombie debt slave)

Even more despicable was the embedded link to another "related story" seeking to blame MOTHERS (poor ones at that) for their children's weight problems rather than the sick culture that encourages a diet of cheap fast food junk! Twisted logic for sure and it's intentional...I wonder how many main streamers reading those articles mindlessly joined the program and placed fault on the victim instead of the perps. Happens all too often in the Land of Nod, Bend Over and Let me squeal for you Master AKA Duhmerika!

Another resonance with your blogs Vis is that when you posted a reference to Cool Hand Luke recently, I had just picked it up that day....I hear this sorta thing happens a lot with your posse ;-P

Also, kudos anon at 5/7 3:54. I was wondering the same thing about BPD? It's like you read my mind and I'm glad you took the time to call that troll out! I for one enjoy Stella B's contributions and that other person is just a hater and ought to get a Life!

Thought of you earlier this evening LV when I stumbled upon this quote....probably belongs at VO but I'll add it here anyway:

"All you want is to be happy. All your desires, whatever they may be, are of longing for happiness. Basically, you wish yourself well...Desire by itself is not wrong. It is Life itself, the urge to grow in knowledge and experience. It is the choices that you make that are wrong. To imagine that some little thing---food, sex, power, fame---will make you happy is to deceive oneself. Only something as vast and deep as your real self can make you truly and lastingly happy."
---Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I myself kinda balk at the term "wrong" and prefer ... mistaken ... seems a bit gentler and my ego is a fragile thing (grin).

Peace Onyas~~jo~~

Kevenj said...

Hey Gardener- are you any relation to NOVA?

Richie (Dana) said...

I do have to say that Jeff Rense is the most excellent interviewer and always will bring out the best of his guests.

Mr Visible,
A most enlightening and stunning performance Sir.

You honestly should do this more often with Jeff as people really need to get off of all these physical manifestations and 'evidence' of this or that and concentrate on that which is all that matters.

I just see this most humble servant who is graced with experience made of the stuff of dreams and which it is a near impossibility to explain, actually get that thing across the void of confusion that surrounds us.

That is the essence of the gift you receive from the Divine.

My gratitude, as always,


Anonymous said...

pierre said (3 glasses, alas).

mucho gracias for the rense/vis link. Ive been looking for it daily.

gardener, try right click, open in new tab or window. try control + left click.

anything more to add? hell yeh, but not that hasnt been said better here before. hissing clinks, serpents, but usboros here, except for the hernias, then side splitting laughter, hissing against the wind and chicken guts reveal what you want them to. in the end we shall be told without doubt.

(heres a thought, we make a Stuxnet like cirus to infect the mass (judo) media, instead of the nuke plants, we kid them that the end is nigh (well, nigher than we hope) , they go marching one by one, down to the ground, into their bunkers "hurrah hurrah!". we continue the podcast so they never wanna come out (I think I got a bit of this from TX1138 movie).
then we try to fix the stuff without their wilfull destrructive behaviour, or incompetence (take your pick, and flick those clicks.).

Steve said...

I could be very wrong here, so please no one take it to heart.

Do you think Stella Blu, BPD, Jo and the odd anon are one and the same person???

Anonymous said...

via kathy
I'm late to the party but wanted to comment on Gardener's upbringing. Pretty cool! My home was always filled with books of an odd, for the day, sort. Edgar Cayce was prominently displayed as were Hesse, my favorite author to this day, and Castenada. Odd indeed for a catholic cop and nurse in nyc. Cayce is, in no small measure, the reason I'm open to any other-ness possibilities.
Physically, his castor oil readings have helped my hepc tremendously. I know lots of pp who did alpha interferon, horrible stuff.
I just scanned up the thread and not only am I late but I'm in the wrong place, (big sigh).
These few weeks have been just horrendous and I don't know where I am.
Peace to all

Thomas said...

Amazing post, mister Visible. In my humble opinion, one of your best.

Free will is made out to be more than it is, perhaps by me as well... Using it to ask the Universe to serve It, but the question is if this is not rather a state of grace, by surrender, than something for "me" to actively do... Meh, all is well, to be sure. The Divine is Perfect, and Everything comes from there, so where to find imperfection, except in my own choices? They will make or break me, for the purpose of demonstration, so maybe that is a service as well? ;P
- That It is just how It should be, in the hands of the Divine, I feel, so, what to worry about? Nothing, except my lazy self. Anyways, the day(s) of reckoning is coming closer, no matter when and how it will play out... Balancing is the great act, at least from where I stand. But I don't know, hehe!

thanks Vis, and to All, may you lose the boundaries between yourselves and the the All-Divine and hear the songs of the stars in your Inners.

Visible said...

For those of you who are engaged in the familial portion of the commentary of the comments section, vis a vis bro a bros sis a sis and this and this, I just spent the last few minutes with the Devil, Old Scratch, and invisible friends were about, this was an in person appearance and I was a little shocked and bemused cause the debils powa as supreme as it is in these days in most lands and heads still can't get into the employee parking lot of the 7/11 in comparison to the folks I work for, regardless of appearances, so....

I don't know who is or is not what they say they are but I do know that the devil is in town so it depends on who you rely on that counts. everyone is okay with me until; they go out of their way to piss me off.

I expect peoples feelings get hurt now and again, it's all in the disclaimer about stepping on somebodies frogs where you post your comments here.

I'm sorry about that, it happens, we all do it sometimes but I just motor on. I keep going. I don't look back in anger or regret no more. I just keep going. What you do you do.

I have had revealed to me more in the last several days than most of my previous life so I will say that strange is the order of the day and god doesn't do it all by hisherself. You get what you give. Everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration as we shall soon see.

Anonymous said...

As of yesterday, early morning, blessings have been fulfilled.


Kevenj said...

I sincerely hope my inquiry to Gardener was not taken wrong.
NOVA is the author of some very unique books concerning the sudden end of America as we know it and Gardener is the main narrative.
I was wondering if he got his name from Nova's charactor.

Clarity said...

My apologies to some, as I wanted to comment to several people and get behind. Going back as far as SM of 4/30:

Lee~ Those little inspirations will come more frequently if you believe and keep at it. Doubt will creep in at times. As far as shortcomings and failures, well, who doesn’t? You’re supposed to have them. That’s why you’re here. We are often our own worst critics. An important part of growth is forgiving yourself. You’re here to learn, and mistakes are part of learning. What can you take away from those mistakes? Rather than condemning, learn from them, and try not to repeat them.
I was listening to an absolutely beautiful poem (again) - one of my favorites - and as I was listening to it this time, your words came to mind and I thought it might help you to hear it. Whether it does or not, I hope you enjoy it.

GTRman~ I saw your animal links. I went to the first one, scanned the entire list, and chose one to look at. I then saw it was the same one you posted later in your comment. I looked at a few others after that. I did enjoy them. If you’re not familiar with the book Owen and Mzee, you might want to check it out. It’s a nice story, and I read it to my students every year.

manifest destiny~ Your comment several days ago jumped out at me. While there are differences, I see a number of similarities in our situations, and to some extent, I can really relate to what you are going through. I am the bad guy in my family, and Visible said something to me that helped immensely. I was able to move past it and find some peace in this area. That’s not to say that I don’t hit an occasional pothole, but the road has been much smoother. I don’t know how much his words will apply to you and your specific situation, but perhaps you will find them helpful in some way:

“I know that certain portions of your life in the right now are the sort of thing to create insecurity and that agonizing internal struggle wherein we have to decide whether to be true to others (read false in all ways except for immediate gain) or true to ourselves. 

“Listen closely grasshopper, staying convinced of your inward course will result in the salvation of everyone you care about, not doing so leaves all of you at the mercy of the tides. Since you are the only one in your family with the conviction to question what ought to be obvious as lies, except before the eyes of those who bought into lies that causes the truth to be hidden, you're doing a bangup job. Keep in mind that certain events on the near horizon are going to fundamentally change the way everyone looks at things.”

mike m~ I think you need to focus on letting your feelings out. Holding them in can be harmful physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Okay, I’m kidding. Loved it - absolutely loved it! And I enjoyed seeing a different side of you. :D

brokenbeat - John V.~ First, I wanted to say that I enjoy your posts. I get an overall good feeling from them. Regarding your food sensitivities... have you looked into NAET? My family and I have all had it. My daughter is going again right now. I sent my friend, who was on a gluten-free diet. One treatment, avoid the substance for 25 hours, and she was cleared of the allergy. The next day, she was able to eat with no restrictions. After about a year, she started feeling mild symptoms again and went back for another treatment which has lasted for many years now. It’s normally a one-time treatment, and it’s noninvasive, so many feel it’s worth giving it a try.

neil~ beautiful words... Thank you for sharing them.

Visible, thank you for putting up the link to your interview. (Thanks to Homer too?) I listened to it and enjoyed it, as I did your radio show.

Love to all,

mike m said...


You sure know how to get to this man's heart!

That is why I love to come here to read Visible's latest creed and check out ALL the comments.

Peace to all and to all a good piece!

brokenbeat said...


I, for one, don't think they're all the same person, although theoretically possible. SB and Jo perhaps -- as another identity to escape BPDer's wrath. As for the odd anon, more than likely this is a regular poster that wanted to make a point without also becoming another 'victim of home-brewed venom'.

Stella! Stella! (shouted in a Brando voice),

Don't vanish from our site (get the pun?). We've got yer back. 'BPD?' is clearly a fool as we all can see. A 'petty tyrant' as Don Juan would say, and your standing up to him prepares you to face 'the unknowable'.

BTW, I dunno if you ever revisited the comment section of PD 5/1 after your last comment (it looks like you then commented on one of the other blogs about the whole deal then moved on), but I added some thoughts about commenting in general and Vis addressed a comment to you.

Hang in there and don't shrink back into your hermit's lair -- you're a contemporary to me in that regard. At the same time, please exercise caution and discretion (see my comment in PD 5/1 for elaboration).


Thanks for the appreciation and the health tip. I'll look into NAET. I enjoy your posts as well and have missed them of late.


Fascinating account of your visit from ole Nick... Good to hear once again that his awesome power is not Supreme... Interesting insights vis-a-vis the familial interactions and identities and associations as represented and actual... And especially that we have a meaningful role in how things play out for good and bad, depending...

'Peace Out', Brothers and Sisters,

John V.

Anonymous said...

L. maybe that pinky page was to send traffic away from your page. I wouldn't use jewgle if it was paying by the hour. If you like pirated movie and music downloads google doesn't care about that. Posted up some pictures of U.S. soldiers and military equipment like the Apache helicopter and Buffalo MPCV (mine protected clearance vehicle) in action at wordpress blog and now I'm blocked from making a new post due to content concerns. Yea whatever. Trying to find the make your blog adults only button but not finding it. Oh well I'll make a sarcastic Willy Wonka meme about these new biggest fans of the Beastie Boys bloggers. Saw one the other day saying rip Adam Yaunch when his name was Yauch. Used to play the first Beasties major label album from 1986, it sounded great on the ol' stereo. The Beasties mocked rap big time on that first album but no one got the joke.

**Sloth the Happy Mutant**

Visible said...

Can anyone explain this to me? I am not even going to touch the reeking all kinds of irony here or even get into that usual suspects thing but, it's Kali Yuga and I love God and God loves me and of course both us of us love you. I guess you can see what's coming up? God is real and is on the scene so expect the unexpected and strange and weird and funny and twisted and off the charts kinds of things starting to happen as a prelude to the actual appearance. Oh yeah, I'm nuts. I'm off my rocker (don't have one) heh heh, wait watch and see.

Anonymous said...

They want those kids to grow up to be politicians.


Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada..

By the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead there are mahatmas even amongst the birds, even amongst the beasts, even amongst the lower than animals. Because this Krsna(God) consciousness movement is going on in different places, in different circumstances.(Srimad Bhagavatam 5.5.3

mike m said...


Took a quick glance at the link because I have to be somewhere but maybe this will help about the "shock treatment", it jumped right at me:

"The school's founder, Matthew Israel, is every bit as unconventional as the environment he has created"


Ben said...


Realize you need to be somewhere... in regards to your last link.

My thought "Those poor kids..." However, that was tempered somewhat when I realized (given the names) that many of the patients are apparently also tribal members. Khazars torturing khazars, this is what it ultimately comes down to. In their hatred of others, they hate themselves even more and so resort to torture as a "cure". (As an aside, I know some people that use the same sort of thing with dogs, a shock collar... dogs are certainly smart enough to learn their boundaries without being tortured. It comes down to lazy "owners" looking for a quick fix, and the same applies with these khazars and their children. Love cures all... both the afflicted and the "afflictee". It's just that the cure is usually not what is envisioned by either the afflicted nor the afflictee... it's much better.)

One final comment: I often view news stories as being sent by the Divine... for what? For purposes of demonstration, for one. And this story that you've linked is a perfect example. It is not a coincidence (as you've noted) that the school's founder is named "Israel".

gurnygob said...

Shock tactics: Treatment or torture?

"all kinds of irony," you got that right. They should try using it on the Bankers and Politicians. I have a strange vision in my head right now of George Bush and Hillary Clinton and a few others hooked up to these machines. Hillary is having a real bad hair day and Georgie boy has wet his pants, meanwhile the electric charge has over excited Dick Cheney's new heart and he is on the floor having a fit. Obama gets a zap and thinks to himself "I could use that in Guantanamo" and then tries placing the circuits on his 'member' to see if makes a big difference, which it doesn't, in which case he turns to Netanyahu who has control of the button for the day and says, "please sir, can I have some more." It's getting out of hand now as Netanyahu turns up the volume and Hillary's hair goes up in smoke, Bush does a number 2, Cheney's flopping like a fish out of water, like the fish in the Gulf and Obama still can't get a reaction, maybe that's not the right word, but it means the same thing. Sarkozy wants a go on the button but Netanyahu tells him to "fuck off" cause he's not even President anymore and on it goes.

I can see the potential in a device like this but not for children.


the gardener said...

RE: Visible's last link... makes me shiver to consider who/what 'Judge Rotenberg is/was to have such a center named after him/her. Here's a further link with articles pro and con their electro shock negative treatments

IMO, anyone conscious enough to know why anyone is shocking them (boys shocked in sleep for troubles they did earlier in day and protesting 'they'd done nothing wrong-though there are 'cameras 24/7 on the control specimans) and to protest the shock treatments is conscious enough to work with using any other treatments.

When you think you've heard it all that the psychopaths are capable of...

the gardener

est said...

from the archives

i'm a capitalist redneck macho man
i'll take your money like nobody can

i'm building bombs that kill when they land
on the communist pinko faggot man

if you don't believe me just look around
the streets are empty they all lead down

the deepest darkest deadest hole
will swallow you and take your soul

such a bargain to keep us buying
clip our wings to keep us from flying

blind our eyes to keep us from seeing
kill our babies to keep them from being

quit looking 'round i'm talking to you
the next one over and the others too

it surely will happen right out of the blue
the sky's gonna fall if this nightmare comes true

don't let this happen please hear what i say
i see it all ending in the worst of all way

once it's all over it'll be way too late
what a sad bargain to play dice with fate

i'm a communist pinko faggot man
i'll grab your cold heart like nobody can

i'll shake you awake to a death in the night
can we all be this weak to die but not fight ?

the gardener said...

RE: kevenj-no, not related with NOVA nor the great zengardner (think that's how he spells it, lol) except perhaps spiritually. I did do a lot of transcendent gardening this past week though. With three fantastic beautiful HORSES keeping an eye out for me today. (I kept hoping they'd run-fast and hard... but they just nosed around me and grazed on my cuttings).

Good catch Gregory F. Fegel... on Beastie Boys paratoid cancer... salivary gland hmmm not so uncommon anymore it seems.

I had a weird breakthrough on my breakdown situation this week. I realized I am OUT OF MY STOCKHOLM SYNDROME CAGE. My now dead husband was in one- I could see that but I didn't realize I was also in one until after he died at the hands of ominous others. I had been pumping him a heavy stream of my energies to stay alive... I was consciously doing it so I knew that...when he died I felt the connecting cord between us cut... only then did I realize that he was feeding about ten diabolicals with the energy I was pumping out to him. THEY GOT CUT OFF AND WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO KEEP THAT FLOW COMING. I've learned to manage my emotional reactions (all the horrid ones: fear, hate, etc) and if it works on the macro like it has with me on the micro... (it does) awareness of one's own capture in the Stockholm Syndrome cage allows for freedom from that cage.

I haven't been doing anything special about that syndrome that I know of but maybe those 144,000 angels the Archangels called in for me last summer did some great deeds. (?)

I am eager to hear more about Vis' visit with 'old Scratch'. *grins*

Anyone else hear that Redice production interview with Sean Young? Very interesting... she's a good spokeswoman for waking up. Here's her personal site...

One of her major points was for 'turning off the tvs' and 'quit consuming anymore than you need-starve them out'... I think I'll make contact with Ms Young-give her some more helpful tips... she was arrested at the Oscars this year-made out to be quite CRAZY! woo hoo!

the gardener

Jo said...

Well thanks for the belly laugh Capt'n Spadgett and the benefit of the doubt John V. I am only myself fwiw.

Been coming round these parts for a few years but have only commented a handful of times. Partly because I really suck at typing; (hunt and peck method) but more because I am just not the big thinker, clever writer or eloquent deliverer??? as so many other regulars. Who, may I say, make it such a pleasure to be part of this virtual community no matter how shy/reticent to share that I am.

Also my mind races faster than I could capture in words which is one reason I could never keep up with a journal-though I've tried many times. Now I use my digital voice recorder to share ideas and stories to/for myself and that is right up my alley! There's much that is missed imho when writing if you consider inflection... emphasis...tone and other verbal cues.

I just had a flash of a futuristic blogger where besides one's name is a "button" of sorts that you click on to hear their comment...maybe a three minute limit to prevent abuse or rambling but it could be interesting.

Anyway, I have seen a lot through the years...before LeMat and Dammarung, Dadnerd, and as far back as this one person Vis might recall that I think went by the name Appollonia who was a real piece of work.

I've mentioned a time or two my amazing son who was born w/o legs and is the only reason I haven't checked out of this insane asylum as I've wanted to do for as long as I can recall. I'm one of those highly sensitive empathic psychic sponges who has a seriously hard time being in corporeal. When friends ask "what's the matter?" I say "matter is the matter!!!" grin.

So much suffering of so many and a relative few psychopaths who seem to get away with it...Kali Yuga sucks!

On that note, I have to admit the whole "purpose of demonstration" concept escapes me...I always wonder for whose benefit? The ones who know better and don't need any demo are also usually the ones being royally screwed by those who the demos should serve to wake up to choose the higher road but they don't give a rats arse, continue getting away with their evil scumbag ways. Just leaves me thinking the Creator is a sadist or indifferent or naive or all the above because I don't see any Divine reason to explain the makers of depleted uranium or pedophiles and Satanists being allowed to exist (or any other manifestation of the dark side even if the Devil really works for God and will be an Angel in the hour no one just rings hollow) all these centuries and millenia or whatever. Perhaps The Great Mystery has infinite patience...I don't.

The majority of humanity is twisted and the status quo breaks my heart every day. I tend to isolate and withdraw because I find so few people in the real world who I resonate with. Very hard to raise a kid especially in Duhmerika with any joi de vive because I just can't fake it, play the bs games, wear the false mask and pretend it is normal or even f*cking appealing to keep up this charade. I either want to go HOME or I want to go to the planet where justice, equality, freedom, love, art, beauty, joy and basic common sense and decency exist! Or I want MaPa PaMA (my nickname for MotherFather God) to do some Holy Housecleaning around here!

Okay sorry for the rant. Been feeling rather aggravated ever since the new downstairs tenant moved in in Dec. because she is a sociopath who takes pleasure in annoying me and I feel like there's a scorpion hiding in the shadows and I don't know when to expect the next strike. Kinda triggering my PTSD trauma from childhood and has me in hyper-vigilance mode so I'm edgy and I'd move if I could but am ridiculously broke. I could use some prayers (gurneygob anyone?) that she moves in out demons out! ha ha.

Okay enough. me and my mustard seed will sign out for now. Peace all~jo

Kevenj said...

The Boston School reminds me of Niven's & Pornelli's modern book of Dante's Inferno.
There was a woman that weighed 700 lbs sweating in the lower reaches of hell though she was a lithe beauty in life. She tells them a story: They did a study of an autistic man that had not spoken in 10 years by putting him in a box and slowing turning up the temperature. At around 350 F he was starting to 400 he yelled "GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!"
The fat lady said it was a major accomplishment. But then all traces of reminiscing joy depart and she yells, " GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

listened to the rense/Vis show last night (twice) quite a few of those synchroniticies I get whilst (I must confess) goofing off. though on the replay for the missed bit I didnt goof off again (and come back at exactly the same time I came back the previous times - I give up on the third go) which means I was keen to pick up on what I had missed the first round.

(maybe you couuld change your name to Visible Les, so that they get the name right - or NotSo Visible - they surely wouldnt call you NotSo if they know you are not Japanese)

the show focused (needingfully enough) on the Divine, I'd like to see one on "them", given Renses senses on these matters.

(can I have a racial profile with those chips please sir?)

as for Mr Isreal's school of shock therapy, he wouldnt be Jewish by any chance? always a fair enough question in my view. given a button to the students too, it's only fair, as grey matter will tell you. unflippinunbelievable!

siamsiam said...

so much:

head phones a must :)

Wow, would you believe that one of the verification words was 'bit-loud'

Daphne said...

Thanks for another great article, and the audio with Jeff Rense was excellent. Also, just letting you know that I always follow up the links. They are important to me. Daphne

Anonymous said...

via kathy
I feel like a 12 year old hanging out with the older kids. I only get half of what anyone is saying and my music and literary references are mundane to juvenile but like the 12 year old, I'm anxious to be part of the group.
jo - my prayers are for the swift departure of your neighbor. sadist, indifferent or naive...I share your feeling on the Divine's ability to watch it's children live good lives in abject misery. We are the ant farm of the Divine...we push and pull and work and strive and when things smooth out a good shake by it's hand sends us reeling once again. I wouldn't do it to my kids.
Stella- your comments are always welcome, please stay
Peace to all

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Frottage Fever and a Date with the Reaver.

Steve said...

Dear Jo,

Please accept my sincere apology.

I had a hand full of mushies out in the forest yesterday. In an attempt to find some grounding, I'm feeling like it worked. (grin)

Any way, I'm not making excuses and after I had put up the comment I felt your name should not have been in there.

Again, I'm sorry.

I'm also glad I gave you a laugh and I'm also glad to here your voice. Who said you can't write???

I just got a bit pissed when Stella started dissin' Vis and the gracious Gardener that's all.

LeMat and Dammarung, Dadnerd, I remember them, But I don't remember Appollonia.

Respects Sihjei. (older Sister)

I will send you some prayer.

Love Steve

Denny said...

Jo 2:07:00:

Here in Sweden life is easy and comfortable. The only thing I miss is having a neighbour like you. You'd sure come as a breath of fresh air in a Black Hole of Calcutta. No one here has a clue that they're all being treated as morons and will continue being treated as such unless they all wake up to the imperceptible stealth being used against them.

Welcome anytime.

Jo said...

Dear Kathy Cap'n and Denny_much appreciate your thoughts and prayers. They are balm for my weary soul! Interesting that in each of your comments was a turn of phrase that really resonated....ant farm, mushies for grounding and stealth. Could share the stories but alas that isn't the point so much as the nudge from my cyber siblings that we really are connected through the inVisable portal and THAT saves my sanity big time! So thanks again for your personal messages. Cap'n especially no worries or apologies necessary as no offense was taken. Believe me sometimes my own cynicism turns to paranoia and I even wonder like Nobody if even our Dear Les is a MK Ultra plant but those thoughts are fleeting and entertaining and I just chalk it up to being a "possibilian" in anything's possible but gotta ask myself how probable. It can be a parable... like trust God and tie up your camel....or a can'o'bull as in time to get out the hip waders. So always an opportunity to practice discernment and if that fails the Sacred F*ckits...which helps most every time.

On a separate note my Dad just passed recently and through the process of letting him go, I recovered a favorite song of his that I heard many times in my youth and loved as well-a piece of him in my heart that I didn't even know was lost for 30 years the last time I heard it though I had a copy of the text posted on my wall. It inspired my son's name...

Maybe it will speak to you too:



the gardener said...

ahhh Jo"I could use some prayers (gurneygob anyone?) that she moves in out demons out! ha ha.

Okay enough. me and my mustard seed will sign out for now. Peace all~jo"

Your wish is my command :) yes, it works best to wish them 'better things elsewhere' and see how fast they can move. I did some heavy mountain moving this morning... me and my gal. I've still got a lot left in me today so shhhh let's see how fast she gets a move on... and may that space stay EMPTY or only filled with agreeable space sharers.

the gardener

PS I was dissed? hahahahahah like water off a duck's back.

I was asked a trick question, in a professional setting, here this morning in Idamoland. I couldn't bring myself to say the 'right' answer-had to say the truth. I even thought about it 'why Romney OF COURSE!' but could not bring myself to lie. A few trick questions from yet another trickster... I LAFFED OUT LOUD to the question about 'my political persuasion' and answered "I'M A HUMANIST OF COURSE!'

I've been 'fighting' literal strings of literal demons for a long time now. ENERGIES are what I'm involved with... most words I've found are LIES. Or just stupid. What a world we live in when you can safely assume most words we hear are either lies or bullshit. Pitiful. And yes, I do believe I must be either the catalyst for many to show the divine 'who and what they really really are' for one last time or else I am paying off a shitload of trouble I've caused others in past times. BECAUSE IN THIS ONE I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS VERY UNCREATIVE SHIT!

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

Hi Gardener!
Thanks for jumpin' on the prayer wagon ;-) and adding the caveat that the lower unit either stays empty or only attracts agreeable people...YES!

Also you reminded me that in the past whenever strident women's libber types asked me if I was a feminist I always replied no I'm a humanist. Couldn't follow the logic of down with men up with about up with people?

I like what you've had to say since you started showing up and adding your piece to the Visible Pie. Thought I'd take this opp to tell ya...Peace and Blessings ~jo



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