Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mayday! Mayday! Incoming!!!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be hoses for the crack cocaine of the unspeakable love of the cosmos; “You might as well face it, you're addicted to Love”. So... why not rub your own nose in it? Don't make me have to come down there (grin).

Sometimes, in the morning, I sit on my bed and put both feet into my jeans at the same time. I do this to prove to myself that I do not have to put my pants on one leg at a time, like everyone else. Of course, in all the ways that count, I love and am part of the common man, I just haven't lost my sense of humor, or my boundless ambition. Ambition is fine, depending on what it is based on and directed toward.

Powerful things are going on, we’re just not seeing all of them as they happen. I realize this is a very long article but well worth the reading. A lot of things come after us in this life and... how we deal with them and what we become as a result, makes all the difference; the latter depending on the former. I've had a hard road to get to wherever here is. If you look at it in terms of events, then it's pretty bad but not as bad as many lives (count your blessings). If you look at it in terms of internal struggles and the actual experiences, then it worsens significantly. However, I have to echo what Lou Gehrig said. I'll bet some of you already know what that is and have had similar thoughts to mine.

The biggest pain in the ass, in respect of what I have had to go through these years, is how it has diminished my output and enthusiasm for useful projects (who says they’re useful?) and how I procrastinate and put off so many of the things I intended to do and didn't. Sometimes, the only way to get them done (I haven't tried this yet), is to publicly embarrass myself about them. I've meant to send this bottle of single malt Scotch to Michael Rivero for a couple of months. I don't even know if he likes Scotch but I'm very sure he can trade it for something he does like. I keep putting off finishing my new novel. It's written, all I have to do is transcribe it and I demur every single day. It's not acceptable. That book needs to come out, if for no other reason than that I've never seen the novel format used that way and because it’s really funny too.

I should have been a guest of Jeff Rense on his radio show a long time ago. I didn't put the industry into it that I should have. Now I will be on his show this Friday. Well, at least I got that done, except it hasn't happened yet. I should have confronted people about their personal feuds more vigorously, or so I think (I could be wrong and therefore right). Every time I do something drama queen like, I get hammered (like the SOTT debacle). I am probably still on the outs with Jay Weidner and a certain Christian fellow, whose radio show I was on. I'm not sure where we stand. I screwed things up with both of the people who published my two books, although, in the case of the first one, I do not consider myself to be at fault but... I probably am. This is what happens when all you remember as a child is your father saying to you, “You dirty stinking hound (dog poet?), you'll never amount to anything”. Or recalling my being brought into his presence, when I was just learning to walk and having him threaten and abuse me for shitting in my diaper. That's probably why I painted one of my early masterpieces, in shit, on the wall above my crib. He beat the crap out of me for that. I lived in such fear that I wet the bed until I was 16 years old.

Once my mother went to New Jersey to visit her parents for two weeks. Since I was the only child in school, I was left alone with my father. On one occasion, after inspecting my bed, he whipped me with an extension cord and tore my flesh. I had enormous bleeding welts all over my legs. How come no one noticed? There was an upside to this; maybe it's an upside. I didn’t get pubic hair until I was nearly 18 years old and I didn’t know what sex was until I was 15 and even then I didn't get it. The first time I had sex was when I was in that mental institution in Norman, Oklahoma with another patient. She was a cutie though. Her father was a doctor. That's where I read that psychology magazine and saw the article about Timothy Leary. Well, after the LSD airwaves got polluted and my friend Peter turned me on to coke, I certainly made up for lost time. I'm not in Charlie Sheen or Wilt Chamberlain country but Young Lochinvar didn't do too badly. Well, sex and all sorts of other attractions went south on me a couple of decades ago but the cosmos found a way around that, which is nothing short of amazing, if you think about it and the unique beauty and desirability of those whose care I have been put into. Their beauty and bone deep goodness would stop a clock, in a good way.

Why am I talking about this, in Petri Dish, and what has that got to do with the culture? I don't know yet but, at least for me, nothing happens by accident. Maybe it has something to do with full disclosure, even though we are only in the preliminary stages. Maybe it's something else. We'll see. One thing I do know is that it has something to do with those free frolicking porpoises of demonstration; those dancing dolphins that seem to attend me and yourselves as well, only most of us can't see them.

A lot of our lives are pre-managed by Karma; nearly all of us actually... probably all of us. I get in these states, in respect of transiting moments and I always have to crank up “Pure Country”. The comments and reviews tell you a lot about the film but this, along with “Cool Hand Luke” has more quotable statements than any other film. You could probably make an argument for Time Bandits, Performance and One-eyed Jacks and there are others, I expect, but I think you can tell a lot about a person by the films they like, the books they read, the passions they pursue.

The hardest thing about living this life at this time, is coming to terms with the concept of Karma. The Buddhists have this thing that they call, 'unbearable compassion'. It's when you see horrible shit happening all around you and you know you can't do anything about it. It just has to run its course. I shared my copy of “The Way to the Kingdom” with a lot of people a few years back and there's a part in there, where the author describes that everything happening today, goes back to a time of dark evil. He doesn't go into detail but you get the sense of it.

I want all righteous intentions to succeed. I really do. I don't oppose anyone. I don't object to material culture, because I am a part of it and it would be dishonest. At the same time I think it depends on what you do with it; where your aspirations and ambitions lie and whether they are a lie or not and who you are telling that lie to.

When I was a kid, even though I was a gifted athlete, other kids used to beat me up all the time, spit in my face, humiliate me. Well, I was used to it, wasn't I? Then, near instantaneously, I got really good at defending myself, as I definitely have proven and I don't run into that sort of thing at all now. I used to half-assed be able to play the guitar and a little piano. Now they collect dust. I can't even do the simple things I used to be able to do on the instruments but... writing, singing and dancing were always the core issues and relate to all the rest of what I just said too. I could be an honorary black man. All of my heroes are black. I even named my daughter after one of them.

The thing is, we're only here to come to terms with something we don't understand, until we come to terms with it. Our mediums of expression can be violent and duplicitous on the way. All of my fighting styles and defense mechanisms are female, if that rings a bell (just joking!!! ...but true none the less). People really ought to study the animal kingdom to get a clue about how power works. For some reason, I'm thinking about the iron fist in the velvet glove; probably no connection there. I wish I could see better. It's probably right in front of me. Like the guy in the first link, you just don't get it at the time. It's what you do about it, when you do get it, that defines you, so, understanding and compassion have a real power in the mix. Not only were you once where they are now but, there but for fortune goes you and I. I’ve mentioned it some several times, life is a spiral staircase, don't piss over the railing. There is an Escher effect to all of this, for those of you who know a thing or two about Geometry and Trig...especially your 'shoot around the corners' theoretical sorts.

Something is about to happen now. I can feel it so close. Maybe that's why I'm saying what I'm saying today and specifically 'some of the things' I've been saying. Fuck me and my sorrows and regrets, they don't hold a candle to some of the terrific horrors I have seen and am aware of. I am blessed out of all proportion to anything I've done in this time frame. I must have been a good guy once. That is the only way I can account for it. The first thing I think about when, something good happens to me is, “Who can I share this with”? One of the things about giving everything away is that you are always poor; probably from having no sense of self but... having no sense of self makes Lady Kundalini fall in love with you. Many of our fuck ups seem to turn out righter than rain in the long run (cue The Eagles).

I had this good friend who was Jackie Lomax's wife. She was a good friend of Jimmy Hendrix and in the short months before his departure, when she used to visit him, he would complain about demons sitting on his chest. Obviously he was supine and then he died as he did; “Golden rose, color of the dream I had, not too long ago, misty blue and lilac too, never to grow old. There you were... etc.” “Waterfall, nothing can harm you at all, my world is so very small, with my waterfall”. She got into a horrible traffic accident, in her Volkswagen bug with a tractor trailer. She’s living in Ojai, Kalifornia now, or was, last I heard.

There's a lot of this memory lane stuff happening now; reflections (not always in a Petri Dish). It must mean something. I can't say I'll miss this place when I go. Don't read anything into that. Change is change, it doesn't mean death, or anything final, what it means is ...change. Certainly when you change, the world you once knew exists no longer. A lot of you always think I’m checking out, when I talk like this. That's not the case, but you can’t embrace the new, when you are still dressed in garments of old. There’s something about new wine in old bottles that factors in here, or maybe it's the other way round. What do I know? I know that I am grateful to have met you, even if I never do.

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So, the radio show is actually up now. Being fucked with by circumstance and agenda is routine here. Mind how you go.

I'll reprint my comment from Mirrors for the benefit of those who missed it.


Visible said...

What happened to me yesterday; I was sitting at my computer and talking to God about how rough it's been for the last six months or so. It had been on my mind increasingly of late and I'd been talking about it with my master. All of a sudden he came full bore into my head and said that it wasn't going to last much longer and proceeded to tell me all sorts of wonderful things.

As I was engrossed in what I was hearing, he sneaked in and opened my heart and I burst into tears, weeping uncontrollably. Then he said, "This is just to let you know that I am real and give you some serious evidence. You cannot deny what just happened. It's too authentic.

"I know that you occasionally distrust what you hear from me and that is okay because sometimes it is not my voice and you have learned that but, this time, you can be sure that it is indeed me and I am going to lay it on you shortly. You won't know whether you are coming or going for all the good things happening to you. I'm right here, right now, in your time.

"Prepare yourself. If I can say I'm going to kick your ass with blessings then let it be that I said that. Take heart, the finish line approaches. I truly hammered you. I put you through the grinder son and, no matter what, you never abandoned me. You always spoke well of me. Sometimes you cursed me for what I was putting you through but never publicly. Even when you were in the shit you spoke highly of me when there was no light in sight. That sort of behavior has consequences and you are going to have to suffer them (grin). It is clear now that you will never abandon me and only strive harder no matter what so what is the point of continuing to put you through it? There isn't one. This is not to say that you will be having boat drinks (Things to do in Denver when you're Dead) all day long forever, it just means there's going to be a general easing up. Still, I have to keep you honest and iron out a few wrinkles but son, oh my, prepare yourself"

Of course all of this led to increasing bouts of weeping. Anyway, that's the gist of it as I can remember.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Reflections in a Petri dish.
by Les Visible

Such a perfect name for this blog and today's post. From the heart as always. Endearing and thought provoking.

Here is a short 9 minute interview with a former Soviet agent recorded in 1985 (sic) about the exact illusion we are living in around the world now May 1, 2012.


Peace and love,


Anonymous said...

Happy May Day L! I'll try and send a rubik's cube with one color on it so there is equality of results. God is in the radio for me always with the synchronicity and I love it! Organized team athletics were never for me. I always rode a skateboard doing downhill or street. I scored a fine philly that way and we lost our cherries together. It was the most magical earthquakes and lightning thing ever experience. Now she wouldn't run over me to put us out of our misery, ahahah! Experienced my first black people at the people's junior high up the block here. This Run DMC and rapping thing was new to me and we used to rap aloud in gym class where we had some anus the menace the gym teacher where you had to shower after phys ed or fail the class. Now the kids probably speed eat bags of chips and listen to some bitch slap rapping with cocaine tongues. They just don't make 'em like they used to. The ol' quote probably is true about life being a divine comedy but all the jokes are over our heads.

Paul Von said...

Hey Vis,

You said: "The hardest thing about living this life at this time, is coming to terms with the concept of Karma. The Buddhists have this thing that they call, 'unbearable compassion’. It’s when you see horrible shit happening all around you and you know you can't do anything about it."

When a person is well centered and at rest, the world of karma is no longer an important element. Karma is often experienced as some residual affect of past motion or emotion- thus it is only a transient illusion, which is reflecting back upon itself. Karmic circumstance can often be thought of as a simple opportunity to deny further activity or action in the present condition. This rewards the heart with contemplation, compassion, perhaps forgiveness. One who is fully at rest in their heart, is thus allowed influence in the greater unfoldings of life, in ways that are subtle, quiet, and innocent of guile or obligation...

Best regards,
Paul Von

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Honestly. It's so very easy!
Ha! Ha!

So damn easy..

Visible said...

that would be residual 'effect' Paul. Just so you know I am paying attention.

Visible said...

Oh, and by the way, Homer, it's a piece of cake. It makes you wonder why everyone doesn't just do it naturally. Like I have often commented on our similarities, some of us have walked that road and some of us just talk about it. It's hard to tell from the point of observation sometimes; given that it is Kali Yuga but... the actual conclusive result cannot be doubted. That is what made the impact on my heart so great with what just happened to me. You have to be the sort of person that sort of thing would happen to in the first place.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I wish I could have your experience with the One. I only receive what I would call divine inspiration, synchronicity so to speak to guide me .... words or phrases that lift right off the page and blaze in my mind as only inspirational words can do. I feel too that we are at an important point but this has more to do with my knowledge gained thru study and knowing of circumstances that coalesce into something else. I love to connect the dots ...

K.L. said...

Had similar experience yesterday too..info streaming into my conciousness and a song on the radio dedicated to me from the ineff, Tom Petty's Dont have to live like a refugee.
I was like "huh"? well, maybe i dont have to, what was making me feel like i did??
that was an enlightened thought to me.
thx for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

We're all that sort of person, Les Visible prabhu.

Our miniscule free will says so, if and when we cry the cry.

Our tears contain everything in and beyond the three worlds of goodness, passion and ignorance.

They are the way and the means to float the life raft to lift us beyond the material cosmos, to back home, to the very source of those tears.

As easy as a child cries for its mother.

Anonymous said...

"like everything else that i've been through ..."

from sara lawrence (just peeking) to greenwich villa (just peaking) to white lake (oops underage) to 'k' st.(observation)) to steamer's (just cruzin') to olinda (shrooms with a view) to atlanta (just triangulatin') to the osa (just wonderin' 'what the tide'll bring in.')

dredged up from the norman genepool (leon and will).

no wasted time. (cue eagles.)

Anonymous said...

Les, all of this doesn't really matter that much. Demons this, ego that...so what. We are here (insert your definition of 'we' here) for a while (insert your definition of 'while' here) maybe to exert, or extract meaning (insert your definition of 'meaning' here). In the end, it was a cool place to look around. We're looking at the world through a pinhole in a piece of paper. I like the love bit, enjoyed the hate bit a little also (especially the punishing other pinholes part) but in the end, none of it matters, so chillax. Btw, I've also danced in "people think I'm about to buy it" land, but that isn't what it is. It's just an honest expression and giggle at what is, cos you entertained the idea of a bigger pinhole, for a time.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Vis said: "The Buddhists have this thing that they call, 'unbearable compassion'. It's when you see horrible shit happening all around you and you know you can't do anything about it. It just has to run its course."

The lions eat the herbivores, and the lawyers, bankers, oligarchs, and politicians harvest the savings of the masses. It's a jungle out there, as the saying goes. A monk at the local Ramakrishna center told me that the families who attend the Sunday service are on the slow track, and the fast track is undertaken only by a few, whose disgust with the ways of the world has driven them to it. And God bless the families on the slow track who help support the monks. We should not expect that everyone will become Buddhas in this lifetime -- no more than the lions and the bears.

All of this takes time, and the soon-to-come End Times notion of the Abrahmic faiths seeks to hurry the process. With so many lions, bears, and other creatures in the queu, I think the process has a long way to go. Name any catastrophe -- including the extermination of the human race -- and it will probably not mean the End of the World. There's a lot of Karma left to be worked out. As Vis has stated, each of us will face our own individual Apocalypse. Apocalypse Now is a concept we all should consider, along with Renunciation Now.

Anonymous said...

Pain - a simple reminder you're still here.

Orientation - realtionship to the Is....

Attitude - Blue side up is best...

*when the beatings were administered by the hand of the one you had no choice of avoiding...did you ever wonder why after a certain amount of time what really motivated such cruelty..?

Microcosmically speaking, I have never attempted both socks and shoes simultaneously...if it is any consolation...


I met Leo in Waco, he had come from Michigan to find out the Truth, and had esophageal cancer, bitterness had enveloped his being...a series of unbelievable horrors beginning in Germany as a small child, I finally was able to get him to swallow some Hobo Junction stew, with hemp before he expired....

Truly Love is the most powerful weapon in the Universe and Truth is the door...to that Castle...

Hearts aflame for Justice to you and all who inhabit the Kingdom of Our Father who is hated by the children of the Devil...as a "Religion"...most of whom could leave that belief system by simply KNOWING the Truth....

Stnking Kevin !!!

There is no such place as far away...Right Richard ...


Yo Papa, really loves you boy...now show those dunderheads what shinola really is...

DaveS said...

Mr Visible,

Thanks for your words – today and aways – they have resonated inside me for many years now. It's amazing how fast the time flies by.

Peace and good tidings to all of you who believe in yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Happy May Day Comrade L! May equality of results always be achieved in your glorious Shangri-La collective where selfish interests are put aside for the good of comrades!

mike m said...

Another good flick that I watched the other night that had some great "demonstations of purpose" was Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart , Lauren Bacall, Lionel Barrymore and Edward G. Robinson.

They sure as hell don't make them like that anymore!

Zen Gardner said...

It’s hard to believe we’re on a planet with such psychopathic control freaks whose sole aim is domination for their selfish purposes. When the vast majority of the world are loving, caring and sharing compassionate individuals you have to consider this an invasive or mutant species that needs to be exposed and put in its place.

Instead the world has been carefully lulled into voluntary submission. Just as they designed. Their ultimate M.O. is for us to conform or die. Mostly die is how they want it. Those who remain they want to be “transhuman”. In fact, they’re so recklessly pursuing their megalomaniacal plan they don’t care what humanity morphs into, as long as it’s shrunken to a manageable half billion dumbed-down fully controllable droids.

All possible with genetic engineering, drugs and computer implant technology. And driven by a deeply occult-scientific agenda.


So our job is to resist. First wake up to the horrific reality that we’re being deliberately killed off and then wake up as many others as possible. I don’t know about any cavalry coming but I do know it’s a time of energetic change that will help more and more see what’s going on and hopefully wake up out of slumber.

The responsibility is ours. It will always remain ours. That’s the cycle we’re on. If you don’t get it and respond you’re doomed to repeat it till you do..in one form or another. And that to me makes total sense.

The Universe is intrinsically right and just. If we didn’t have free will life would be a drag. And with free will comes a lot of messiness.

Enjoy it anyway! But let’s get Love and Truth back in charge here, shall we?

Let’s Put This in Perspective – They Can’t Win Over Truth and Love

You really wonder how these anti-natural freaks can take themselves seriously. Just look at the magnificence of our Universe. It’s beyond description. Clearly forces play out that we’re only slightly aware of. But one thing we can be sure of…puny man or any other power-crazed entity is nothing to be feared. We’re inter connected with Something so much greater and profound we can rest assured all will come out for the better no matter what happens in the short term.

The current awakening is changing the entire dynamic on our planet by the hour. The matrix is coming down, which is why they’re so frantically trying to slap supports for it everywhere. There’s a vibrational change that is exposing the Truth and accelerating drastic life changes all around us. This will no doubt change the course of all of their plans as everyone’s perceptions will be changing as well.

In addition, when societies faces these types of scenarios, from the decimation of the planet to draconian clamp downs, it always has a powerful kickback effect. When it starts to become so in your face obvious to a broader and broader swathe of people, the wake up accelerates exponentially.

We need to fan those flames of Truth and Freedom by feeding those awakening with empowering information!

Truth and Love always win in the long run. The test is within you and your life. When you get it you’ll change and be motivated to reach out to others. And on it goes.

Keep on, folks! We need to step on it in these final laps around the track. They’re itching to pull the plug on the internet so get the word out!

Love, Zen

Anonymous said...

"Your concentration has to be total. To understand is of crucial importance. The new seers placed the highest value on deep, unemotional realizations. For instance, the other day, when you understood about your self-importance, you didn't understand anything really. You had an emotional outburst, that was all. I say this because the next day you were back on your high horse of self-importance as if you never had realized anything. The same thing happened to the old seers. They were given to emotional reactions. But when the time came for them to understand what they had seen, they couldn't do it. To understand one needs sobriety, not emotionality. Beware of those who weep with realization, for they have realized nothing." - From "The Fire From Within", by Carlos Castaneda

Gregory F. Fegel said...

This is for those who have tried everything that they can think of, and still can't get their lost mojo working.

I've been a vegetarian and almost, off-and-on vegan for more than 40 years, and I've been teaching a yoga class for several hours per week for the past twelve years. In spite of my efforts to get out of my funk, I continue to have chronic depression, low energy, and low motivation. Recently, I've been reading about Omega 3 fats as an essential dietary requirement that can prevent all of the symptoms I have been having. Due to my vegetarian philosophy, I will not eat fish oil, which is the usual source of Omega 3 supplementation for most people.

Recently I learned something that may be a life-changing revelation for me. The good news is that the baseline sources of Omega 3s are not at the top of the food chain; they are at the bottom of the food chain. Fish get their Omaga 3s from eating algae; cows, horses, and rabbits get theirs from eating grass; and goats, deer, and elephants get theirs from eating shrubs and herbs.

"Although fish is a dietary source of n−3 fatty acids [Omega 3s], fish do not synthesize them; they obtain them from the algae (microalgae in particular) or plankton in their diets. Omega 3 fatty acids are formed in the chloroplasts of green leaves and algae. While seaweeds and algae are the source of omega 3 fatty acids present in fish, grass is the source of omega 3 fatty acids present in grass fed meats." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega-3_fatty_acid

In my 20s, I ate a lot of wild edible plants, which are much richer in essential oils, vitamins, and minerals than our domesticated vegetables. I was never more healthy and energetic than during those years when I ate wild plants raw every day. Last week, I resumed that daily weed-eating habit, and now I'm eating spirulina (blue-green algae) daily too.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Les,
What can you hear grasshopper?

Nothing master!

Can you not hear the wind in the trees and the rushing of the water, & the trees breathing?

No Master - tell me how is it that you can hear these things?
Grashopper - tell me - how is it that you cannot? Grasshopper - when you can snatch the pebble from my hand, and walk the rice paper trail without tearing the paper...then your time here will be done.

gurnygob said...

What Anonymous said... Tuesday, May 01, 2012 7:10:00 PM

Well, anonymous it is so good to meet someone who knows absolutely everything about nothing and nothing about anything. If you ever had a real deep realization about anything, you wouldn't be saying what you just did. Experiencing something real is quite different from reading what someone else has to say about it in a book. Get a grip man.

Les you are one blessed boy. Still, I was sorry to hear what your dad did to you. I hope you forgave him or will, whichever applies. 'Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.' Anyway, onwards and upwards my son.


GodSend said...

Anyone here ever hear of the ALIEN AGENDA? Well, THEY LIVE and THEY have an agenda for humanity. 911 and 311 were part of that agenda. May Day is not likely to arrive this year until July - perhaps 711! Be prepared.

For anyone who wants to get "the jump' on things to come, visit:


Be prepared for Shekinah!

Visible said...

Uh oh. Godsend just showed up. I am taking bets on how many days till meltdown (grin).

Visible said...

You can't make this kind of thing up.

Expect an enormous acceleration of really weird shit as of- starting right now.

GodSend said...

I love you too, Les!

Keep an eye on the 911 "Vancouver Hearings" (15-17 June), hosted by PhD Jim Fetzer. We shall SEE! if anything of real import will be disclosed there. Don't count on it.

If you haven't heard of William Pawelec and Phil Schneider, you will never get your arms around 911 Truth. The aliens have put padlocks on the minds of the masses! But you can get the key - and be FREE - if you click on GodSend and keep clicking! :O

Paul Von said...

Hey Gregory F. Fegel,

Try Hemp Seed oil for getting your balanced dietary oils. Many common Fish Oil products have significant quality and storage issues, and so should be avoided. I get my Hemp Seed oil from Mountain Rose herbs, and it's helped improve cellular energy transfers quite a bit. Check it out.

Best regards

Paul Von said...

Hey Vis,

"San Diego defense attorney Gretchen Von Helms says the victim could get millions if he files a lawsuit.

"In all my years of practice I've never heard of the DEA or any federal government employee simply forgetting about someone that they have in their care," she said."

Musta been some pretty good dope for those DEA folks to fuck themselves up with...

gurnygob said...

godsend I paid a visit to your website and to be honest, it's all over the place. It's like walking into a house of mirrors, one is not sure where one is going. If one can be even more honest, it gave one a very sore headache, too many flashing lights and button widgets and pictures for ones liking. One feels exhausted now and needs a nap. Please excuse one.


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There is supposed to be some sort of 'World Liberation Day' on May 5, 2012.
The Veil is supposed to thin, and the day of the eclipse (5/20/12) is supposed to be important, and the 'window' is supposed to be open until some time in early June, if this concept is real.

We shall see, huh? Still waiting for a timed prediction to come true. Hasn't happened yet in my half century of being here.

dave1010 said...

I got 5 days for 10 bucks. Make that 3 days for $20.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the kid in the DEA bust (who was left in the cell for five days with no food or water) was released (instead of capped). I'm even more surprised it's made the mainstream headlines. Whenever that happens, it's for a reason. I'll wager some new law will be passed, under the guise of "making sure something like this never happens again", and attached to the bill, will be some heavy verbiage which will further erode our freedoms.

In fact, I'd wager a lot on that...

William Houston said...


I think we have a few things in common...but it would be too long and boring to explain...and my attention span seems to be getting shorter and shorter...but good things are going to happen.


GodSend said...

You're excused, gurnygob.

Next time you visit one of my websites or blogs, put your shades on. The flashing is necessary to wake up your subconscious and prep it for receiving the embedded messages. That's how the aliens do it on TV (only their subliminal messages are evil). Here's another suggestion. Start on the SOL Home Page and stay there for a while, soaking in the vast panorama, background music and click on the various links. Read every linked website carefully. Believe me, extremely valuable messages will "sink in", whether you know it or not. Then you will have dreams.

PS Don't forget to go down the rabbit hole on the Home Page (that's where are the jewels are hidden).

Also remember: NO PAIN - NO GAIN!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

"Space aliens did 9/11." I knew that narrative was coming. "Space aliens did 9/11" makes a great disinfo tactic, because space aliens can possess any technology imaginable, and be capable of just about anything. If the 9/11 Truthers won't believe that Arabs did 9/11, try to get them to believe that space aliens did 9/11. Get enough 9/11 Truthers to accept that narrative, and you can get us all labeled as kooks.

A guy who comes to our 9/11 Truth group meetings keeps trying to change the subject of the conversation to UFOs. I asked him, "Do you think space aliens did 9/11?"

"Uh, no."

"Well, we're here to talk about 9/11, not UFOs," I said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

yes - something is happening - all over the planet

read the article if so desired, but the real story is in the comments section - here:


Anonymous said...

Anyone that ever went hitch-hiking knows despair . But I trust we all got there eventually , and even got here !

Today I went with my neighbour to pick up a cash-card from the home of a friend of hers , who is a 31 yr old ex-army paranoid schizophrenic , who recently was " sectioned " after throwing a petrol bomb at his neighbours house . He has no-one else in the world , he has now lost his dogs , his home , everything . It was a sad experience . I dont even know why Im writing this , it might have been something you said in the post.


Anonymous said...

God has also opened up my heart. When your touched you know it. I have also been talking to God since I was a kid and I always get a answer or just what my family and I need. Never early, never late, but always on time. God lured me back to church several years ago. I played bass in the church band for a couple years and I always felt God channeling through me and my bass. Then came a day God told me it was time to leave the church and sure enough it imploded from greed. Just saying.

kikz said...

we found a toad tonight.. what luck :)

brought him home, to live in our garden.

happy beltane, viz......

onething said...


Unfortunately, plant forms of omega 3 contain, if I am not mistaken, mostly the precursor form called ALA. You body's ability to convert it is not that good. Just because a fish or cow does it, does not mean that humans are designed to do that.

I enjoy your posts very much, by the way, but I am a bit confused by your stance on vegetarianism. You seem to not only want to refrain yourself, but you fault the carnivorous animals as well.

To me, it seems like a form of fighting against reality. I'm really ambivalent about this. I love nature, love watching animals, and reading books and watching films about nature. I've been doing a lot of that this past year, having signed up with netflix. I must say, that in a way I have a kind of horrid fascination. I love the window into the world of nature that these films provide, and yet at the same time I am a bit aghast emotionally at the fact that it amounts to constantly eating one another, and living in fear of being eaten, and much of the eating is of the babies.

Sometimes I ask myself, what the hell is going on here? Why is this place both beautiful and a horror? The insect world is particularly horrific.

I guess I'm a bit schizophrenic. On one hand I don't think humans are meant to be vegetarian, I don't think you can achieve good health as a vegetarian, and I don't believe in fighting reality, which I find even more annoying than the problems with reality itself. On the other hand I love living things and find it easier to penetrate the consciousness of animals than humans, and often try. I am particularly charmed by bugs, mostly because I am so intrigued by the way they conduct their lives with some obvious form of consciousness despite their tininess. There is something tantalizing about that. All animals embody such intelligence - where does it come from? I feel the creative intelligence of their oversouls hovering near.

Perhaps you should try krill oil.

I believe a lot of the emotional deficits which have become so common are due to the poor diets of Americans. It makes sense, once you think about it, that if one does not get the right nutrition, it will effect one emotionally as well as physically. My son and his girlfriend lived together with each having a large dog, and I brought over some leftover raw milk for them. I could watch them as they finished it up and settled down become filled with a quite bliss - the emotional/spiritual reaction to the fine nutrition they had just consumed.
There's no way around it. If we all became vegan/vegetarian, we would plow under countless entire ecosystems with myriad creatures who would no longer have life. If the creatures stopped eating one another, many problems would ensue. Do you realize that the insects who prey upon plant eating insects are the link between the sun and bodies like ours? We are all drinking the sun.

I watch my sister's chickens running around having a ridiculously good time. If we all became vegan there would be no need for chickens and they would cease to exist. If we all refused to feet meat to a dog, then all dogdom would cease to have existence, and that would be an unthinkable loss.

The justification, it seems to me, is that there is a grand purpose to life, which requires experience, which requires many lives of many sorts, and stagnation in one body for long periods does not facilitate that.

WarmZephyr said...

Oh Geez Mr. L.V - can I relate to the procrastination issue. For me it's been a recent thing that's gotten most of my family surprised. It's out of character. I also have ~ABSOLUTELY NO MOTIVATION WHATSOEVER~ my worldly ambition got up and left the f'n building and I exert the absolute minimal energy required to complete any task. (Except for writing on the internet - which I love to do and I can see that you do too.:)) Perhaps some would view that as work? I don't really know (chuckles). I don't really feel depressed either that I know of, unless I've taken such a gradual slide south that I haven't noticed.

Perhaps in this pause before the **activities** my spirit is just keeping me in the now. You too?

BTW, today's my birthday - maybe my last by the sound of it - lol. I just baked up a batch of virtual hash brownies for this wonderful bunch of middle aged hippies who hang out here! Be careful...just a bite or two or we'll be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Ray B. said...

Vis, two things:

Thank you for responding in detail about your 'happening'. It is appreciated, and wonderful. I am happy for you. I sense an expansion into new ways of being...

Your dolphin/porpoise comment got me thinking about a slightly woo-woo incident of my past. I was attending a guided meditation where you were going to learn who your 'spirit animal' was. Intellectually, I had decided it was probably going to be something cool, like a wolf or eagle or something. After a winding inner journey, the guide took us over a 'hill' and announced we would see our spirit animal on the other side. Coming down, I saw a porpoise hanging in the air - totally against any of my expectations. Pretty wild...


Anonymous, Tuesday, May 01, 2012 9:02:00 PM

I remember the TV show 'Kung Fu' as one of my most treasured memories while growing up. Not so much the adult Kwai Chang Kane part as the wonderful, magical interludes while being exposed to 'deep wisdom' as he was growing up. Some part of me just sat up whenever that happened and said, "Yes, yes, yes!" If reincarnation exists, I have a strong 'recognition' of those times - long before I was exposed to any books/movies on the culture.

Blessings on you, grasshopper, wherever you are...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

The political art of large-number reiterationism

Zionist trial runs of "6 Million" Holocaust propaganda in 1911, and also in 1919

Max Nordau (1849-1923) was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl.

Have a look at this Max Nordau quote from Ben Hecht's book 'Perfidy' - which is available for free in PDF format at
http://www.hirhome.com/israel/perfidy.pdf (on page 232 of 261):

In the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power, and three years before World War I, Nordau said, “How dare the smooth talkers, the clever official blabbers, open their mouths and boast of progress. . . . Here they hold jubilant peace conferences in which they talk against war. . . . But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people, and there is nobody, except the doomed themselves, to raise his voice in protest although this is a worse crime than any war . . .” unquote.

Anonymous said...


deep sympathy.. your Father, my Mother..

have you seen the film 'Sybil'
(1977 Sally Field and Joanne Woodward)

love and peace

Zel said...

I felt the same restlessness, the sense of coming change, more insistent then it's been for years - two or three nights ago I did the bi-location hat trick while dreaming, seeing myself trying to bust out of a human sized insect, either a moth or a cicada through it's back, as well as seeing myself from the inside looking out as I struggled to get out.

Insect, a living cocoon, metamorphosis, the symbolism of it is clear - it will be interesting to see what course this change takes as it unfolds into the material, but I suspect our individual awareness and attention will play a role in it.

The following lyrics seem appropriate for this topic:

Come take my hand
You should know me
I've always been in your mind
You know that I'll be guiding you

Building your dream
Has to start now
There's no other road to take
You won't make a mistake
I'll be guiding you

From where I stand
You are home free
The planets align so rare
There's promise in the air
And I'm guiding you

Through every turn I'll be near you
I'll come anytime you call
I'll catch you when you fall
I'll be guiding you

Don't let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Your destiny will arrive
I'll bring all your dreams alive
For you

Promiscuous and impulsive sex said...

Pussy, power and gold...

StellaBlue wrote:

"Barry Richards, the DJ coming to tell me "Rod Stewart wants to fuck you" and I said, "Tell him, No Thanks"--haha--(oh sure, there were ones I did choose to "do". Why not? No blame. Perseverance furthers.)"


A reader don't need a medical degree and many years of psychiatry to recognize Borderline Personality Disorder.

This 'woman' will wreck your life if you let her inside your gates.

A frend

BPD will f*ck up your life said...

StellaBlue wrote: " Bank of America took my house--they'd overloaned me long before 2008 & I'd used the money to start my own business (that was a nice 5-year sojourn of new experience/cross it off the ToDo List--the town even voted me Small Business Person of the Year--whoohoo--got a plaque). Had credit cards out the wazoo, a complete set in my name, and another for the business, all run up to the hilt. Tens of thousands of dollars of debt."

According to DSMIV persons with BPD often have huge problems with their finances especially credit.

Stay away from BPD - far away.

A friend

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:26;

"I'm surprised the kid in the DEA bust (who was left in the cell for five days with no food or water) was released (instead of capped). I'm even more surprised it's made the mainstream headlines. Whenever that happens, it's for a reason. I'll wager some new law will be passed, under the guise of "making sure something like this never happens again", and attached to the bill, will be some heavy verbiage which will further erode our freedoms.

In fact, I'd wager a lot on that..."

I think you are very right in your observation. If it came out on the MSM by TPTB it is propaganda for something. It also serves as a subliminal warning to all 'truthful disidents' that TPTB can dissapear/torture anyone of us at any time. A veiled threat to Occupy and Truthseekers alike.

Fear. The propaganda of this story is FEAR for all that question the blatant lies being told to us by a zio world new order now going down in flames.

veritas inlustrat

Anonymous said...

We're on the verge of a thing.


And this too.


Be patient the pendulum will swing back our way.
Best to all,

Anonymous said...

Anybody interested in a good show? Get your popcorn,nachos and Raisinettes ready and plunk yourselves down for the show,"Live in Chicago, don't be here unless you have to!" This show will be running May 19th through May 21 but there may be an extension. It's all live folks! Come on down if you dare. Don't miss out,tell your friends, tell your family, tell your enemies! Brought to you, paid for by you from The Greatest Show On Earth!

Jody Paulson said...

Thank you for your honesty. It makes it that much easier for the rest of us. Truth is a hard path, but it's the only way to freedom.

Anonymous said...

Vis , as I was reading your comment about hearing The Voice, two things struck me. The first was that the Voice, while being meant for you was also meant for others who have been on a steadfast path in spite of all the unbearable compassion. Because you are the one who can hear it I feel you were meant to give the message to the rest of us as it applies.
The second thought was about the weeping. There have been times when I have been stuck by that kind of weeping and it is a great joy and great sorrow being experienced at the exact same time. It's an odd but wonderful feeling. The Joy is because God Is and the sorrow, well I am not sure, perhaps a sorrow for our collective path that didn't work out so well. Either way it is all good. Thank you for sharing

MiaBellezza said...

Yes, Vis, I am so sorry to hear what your father did to you. Try to forgive him.

Synchronicity ~ I refrained a few days ago from talking about Drake re: Wilcock interview and that he reminded me of a smarmy CIA agent. Watch practically any ex-CIA Youtube and they all have that cocky, smarmy smile on their faces ... like they're pretending to tell you the truth, but not, and enjoying pulling the wool over your eyes. Now Drake does not put his face up there on any videos I've seen, but listening to him, I thought later, yep smarmy and worse. Listen to what apparently Drake said at 6:15 min here.


GodSend said...


You can "take this to the bank" (NOT the Federal Reserve):

Aliens (in their original forms {Greys, etc.} and in genetically engineered humanoid form) CONTROL planet Earth and have infiltrated human society, especially the Israeli, American and German governments and the Military-Industrial-Complex. THEY did 911 and 311 and the GOM Oil Spill. It's part of their agenda to DESTROY the human habitat. THEY periodically (wars, Arab Spring, revolutions, etc.) feed on human blood, suffering and SOULS. THEY generate Negative Spiritual Energy (idol worship) which THEY soak up through awe-inspiring orifices (temples, museums, libraries, etc.) which have been built throughout the ages. THEY all worship Satan in the "Synagogues of Satan". Their Homeland (and HOME BASE) is Israel, where Solomon once-upon-a-time flew around in an alien spacecraft. THEY arrived eons ago and built the pyramids and other ancient stone edifices (all over the globe) with their technology, which we still can't explain.

THEY are also holed up in DUMBs, most of which have been built in America (Phil Schneider).

THEY have an ultimate agenda to enslave and destroy the human race. Various forms of enslavement already exist (debt, religions, academia, drugs, etc.). THEY are experts in mass mind control and use it extensively to influence human thoughts and actions.

Their MO can be summed up in one word, which the Mossad has incorporated into its motto (NOT by accident). It is DECEPTION. Is it any wonder that SATAN is also know as "The Great Deceiver"?! He is the Father of all the aliens, including their humanoid editions who live in our dimension. He and his demons are other-dimensional but THEY can be sensed by humans who are in tune with God.

If you think this is "weird", you have already been "programmed" by the aliens. You need to DETOX - physically as well as spiritually. You need God's help to do that. ASK - and you WILL receive!

Anonymous said...

More false confinement.

This is an incredibly sad story about an innocent Australian woman now imprisoned in an Indonesian jail for 20 years for a crime she did not commit. Her own government intentionally framed her.

The Shappell Corby Story:


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To onething:

There is currently a controversy among nutritionists about the utility of ALA versus DHA in the human body. Bear in mind that the science on this topic is not "settled", and that special interests, such as the fish oil industry, have their own agendas to push.

Humans evolved from inland primates, for whom it has never been proved, and it is unlikely, that fish were an essential part of their diet. Since they probably weren't getting their Omega 3s from fish, from what sources were early humans getting their Omega 3s?

A wide range of animals, including fish, ducks and geese, rabbits, deer, cattle, horses, goats, boars, rhinos, elephants, various whales, and many others, get their Omega 3s from plant sources. Among all these species of animals, why would human beings, who only became fishermen late in their evolution, be unique in needing to get their Omega 3s from fish? In other words, why did humans, unlike most other animals, become dependent on fish to get their Omega 3s? The most likely answer is that humans are not different from most other animals, and humans do not need to get their Omega 3s from fish.

Fish do not synthesize their Omega 3s; they get their Omega 3s from the algae they eat. So humans should likewise be able to get their Omega 3s from eating algae. "Although fish is a dietary source of n−3 fatty acids, fish do not synthesize them; they obtain them from the algae (microalgae in particular) or plankton in their diets." - Falk-Petersen et al (1998).

"In a 2009 study which was a joint effort between the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina grass-fed beef was compared with grain-fed beef and researchers found that grass-fed beef is: lower in total fat, higher in beta-carotene (Vitamin A), higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin, higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium, higher in total omega-3s, higher in CLA (cis-9 trans-11) which is a potential cancer fighter, higher in vaccenic acid (which can be transformed into CLA), lower in the saturated fats linked with heart disease, and has a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (1.65 vs 4.84)." - S.K. Duckett et al, Journal of Animal Science, June 2009

The human digestive tract extracts the oil-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, and also other essential oils, from the plants that people eat, and the same should be true of the Omega 3 fats. Spirulina (algae), wheat grass juice, salad greens, potherbs, and herbal teas should be good sources of Omega 3s for humans, just as they are for other animals. The vegetarian or vegan who fails to eat greens in sufficient quantity, or of sufficient quality, may experience a deficiency of Omega 3s. (I may have experienced such a deficiency during the past few decades.)

I'm sixty years old, and I've been a vegetarian since age 18. Overall, I'm in better health than most people my age. I normally walk for three or four hours each day, and sometimes twice that. On a steep mountain walk, I have more speed and stamina than most people half my age; we start together, but I wait for most of them at the top. I seldom get a cold or flu; last time was in the 1990s.

One living thing is food for another, and all living things have Souls. Although we may not be able to live without some killing, we can reduce the amount that we kill. Why not do so, if we can?

Chickens and dogs lived as wild animals long before people domesticated them, and an end to most domestication would be no tragedy for them, or for us. I'm not opposed to egalitarian, symbiotic animal/human relationships, but there's a lot of animal exploitation that goes on. And bizarre breeding experiments, too.

Visible said...

He's completely forgiven for some time.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Youtube video: "I Could Get His Whole Head In One Bite!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpSmx5w5RqI

"All beings that rest on the earth are born verily from food. Besides, they live on food, and at the end, they get merged in food. Food was verily born before all creatures; therefore it is called the medicine for all, those who worship food as Brahman acquire all the food. Food was verily born before all creatures; therefore it is called the medicine for all. Creatures are born of food; being born, they grow by food. Since it is eaten and it eats the creatures, it is called food.

As compared with this self made of the essence of food, as said before, there is another inner self which is made of air. By that is this one filled. This Self is also of the human form. Its human form takes after the human form of that (earlier one). Of this, Prana is the head, Vyana is the southern side, Apana is the northern side, space is the self, the earth is the tail that stabilises." - Taittiriya Upanishad II-ii-1. http://www.celextel.org/108upanishads/taittiriya.html

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Godsend's narrative reminds me of another work of science fiction. When I was in the seventh grade, I read Philip Francis Nowlan's novellas "Armageddon 2419 A.D." (1928) and "The Airlords of Han" (1929), which became the inspiration for both Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. In Nowlan's story, the Hans or Mongolians (the Yellow Peril) use their advanced technology to conquer the world. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armageddon_2419_A.D.

GodSend said...

PS There are, of course, demon-possessed humans who then become Satan worshipers. Jesus exorcised such demons from some men and THEY then "occupied" a herd of swine. THEY prefer to "occupy" human hosts. This is nothing new.

brokenbeat said...

I am in total awe of the depth and breadth of high-potency wisdom gracing these blogs of late. I've been a bit busy with travels and visits and it's all I can do simply to read the posts, comments and links.

I've got 30 lbs of esoterica on it's way to me, having just returned home, and only kept Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous" handy but have not been able to get one tenth into it because of the real-time miraculous pearls here. I've got the last three posts from the three blogs open and refreshed to not miss a bit.

There is major resonance and re-cognition and expansive insights galore. I might have commented if I had had the time, but it would have been along the lines of, "what he/she said" with my own anecdotal musings. I don't need to feed my ego with "I know that, too!" or such, but it is so comforting to have found an oasis of like-minded souls in a desert of ignorance. This watering hole is graced with the presence of evolved conciousness in the incarnations of Vis, Richard, Ray B., Richie (Dana), Stella Blue, the Gardener, MiaBellezza, onething, Paul Von, Buttons, Elle, Fegel and so many other shining souls. Do not take offense if I failed to include you and the order is of no import.

We are all sharing, demonstrating, choosing, expressing and creating and it is all so beautiful! Thanks to all of you for your thoughtfulness and courage in sharing your experiences, learnings and views. I am much the wiser for it and I am gaining the courage to do the same and increasingly 'walk the talk', having understood more info as knowledge and experiencing some as wisdom in action.

This is an amazing time and the blessings flow in proportion to my gratitude which grows with my awareness. Subtle distractions, insidious temptations and occasional concerted attacks still abound which go with the territory. Having grown up in a developing country, materialism was never integral to my being, but the ease with which I have excelled when my talents were applied has fostered ambition and potential wealth. In a sense, this is a bigger threat when it comes easy. The challenge is to avoid get ensnared with attachment.

Thankfully I have avoided that, some by my own discipline and sometimes by fortunate misfortunes of having all I deemed worthy stolen in a trailer when first venturing west in '79 or getting laid off from a cushy job a year ago.

The former gave me a tabula rasa to reinvent myself and the latter saved me from making commitments which would have made me dependent on stressful employment with Mammon Inc. I have recovered and back on the path in no small part due to what I've learned here. I now am making choices with integrity again and seek to serve while I do "the work".

Thank you all so much.


John V.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, glad to hear it. I've forgiven all the bastards and bitches in my life ~ LOL.

Okay I'll be sure to load up on more vitamins and Omega3 ~ sheesh.

Re: Dolphin and the ETs/EDs story sounds like a lot of BS to hide what's really going on.

And so when is the new republic going to get the show on the road already? Best to do it before WW ya know.

brokenbeat said...

To Gregory F. Fegel,

That was a very cogent case for vegetarianism and veganism and I would expect nothing less from you.

There are certainly some strong stances taken on both sides and less than sound logic is seen. Ultimately diet is a personal choice as we have free will (although cannibalism might not be a sustainable choice in most societies) and there are many reasons why an individual might choose to include or not include animal meat in their diet.

The Paleo Diet and it's variations (Atkins, Rosedale) presume to derive legitimacy from the legacy of pre-agrigarian society and studies of existing 'primitive' cultures. The conclusions reached have some merit, but we still have a choice as how to acquire our sustenance, afterall we have evolved a human brain and hopefully a conscience of spirit.

Some body types seem to function better with meat in some regards which is not suprising as it is nutrient-dense, assuming it is not grain-fed, hormone-laden, antibiotic-infused, diseased and overly domesticated by breeding. However, humans can still get proper, and perhaps superior, nutrition from non-animal sources though it is a challenge and takes discipline and knowledge.

To my understanding, the EFA challenge is not to simply get sufficent Omega3, but not excessive Omega6 and oxidation from both (which Vitamin E assists as an anti-oxidant). Unfortunately, many nuts are high in Omega6 as are many common otherwise nutritious foods. Many foods have ameliorating and deleterious qualities and informed moderation is required. Grains in general should be avoided, IMHO, as they posses many anti-nutrients unless sprouted and are a recent introduction to our diet and widespread sensitivities exist unbeknownst to most leading to chronic auto-immune conditions. Lobbies and subsidies have kept grains and Soy pushed heavily, but caveat emptor!

The position that there is not enough growing space for veggie diets is ludicrous as much more is required for livestock as well as water and rainforest depletion for cattle is a sorry example of this. Together with waste, the environment is far more damaged from livestock
breeding and slaughter. Then the matter of world hunger is far more readily addressed with a veggie diet, though the grain solution is flawed in terms of ideal nutrition.

Ultimately, the ethical considerations take precedence, at least in my book. The health and welfare of the animal must be taken into consideration for their own sake, not just for the resultant nutrition in the meat. And taken to the logical conclusion, the slaughter and consumption of sentient beings is certainly not in their interest, nor ours as spiritual beings. A hunter in a survival setting that has great respect for the animal might get a pass on this, but excessive routine consumption of animals as per the western diet is criminal.

Having said all that, this is something I have struggled with, partly due to lack of discipline. I have made it part way, having eliminating beef and pork for 15 years (greatly helping my digestion, though initiated for moral and ethical reasons), but I still eat poultry, fish, eggs and some dairy. I do not condemn other's choices so I don't consider myself hypocritical, but I am living with less than complete integrity - my actions do not match my beliefs. I even recently tried grass-fed Bison, venison and wild turkey while visiting family, but seek to reduce my meat consumption in general, perhaps only including eggs and possibly fish. It is a challenge.


John V.

Anonymous said...

Ironic, I sit here shaking my head as I see your life as a reflection of my life.

You see, I am a by-product of school bully beatings, teacher choking and slapping and a dad who punched my face when I talked in other regards to his beliefs. I found comfort in guitar noises but never mastered the stardom achievement.

It goes on with me wetting the bed till 15 and having enough of it, leaving home at 17 for the big city.

I should have grown into an uncontrolled monster who killed people, wrecked havoc on the world, but instead, I decided to make a go of it and live as if nothing ever happened.

Now, at 60 years, I don't care anymore. I still pick up my guitar and play some shit or other but nothing to demonstrate to others.

I prefer to keep it that way. By myself that is.

Steve said...



I love you man and everything you stand for. Anything that comes your way is both well deserved and timely.

I love you for your openness and honesty,

I love you for your ability to find gratitude within the little things, (which are really BIG things)

I love you for the time you put in here and,

I love you for the space that you freely and openly create for the expression of all those who come here and I love all those who come here and grow within that space through their expression.

I love and know the quite ones who come here but choose to sit and listen, I love you because I know your time will come and your Wisdom WILL be there when needed.

I love you for continually reminding me to look within and for teaching me to recognise the subtlety of Life, Love and Gratitude.

I love you for your elucidation and definition of perfection and the coarse you lay by example as an expression of that.

You are a walking talking shinning example, even the rusty parts shine through there openness and humility and I love you for that.

I love you and all who are here and all who are still on there way.

I love you.

Stella Blue said...
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Stella Blue said...
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Kevenj said...

Nice post. Good luck on your future fortune, whether it be material or spiritual.Personally, I prefer the former for the ah,
Ahhhhffects it tends to generate.
OK, i know, so what's another thousand years here? Gotta problem with that?

Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada scoffed at the religious leaders and politicians who talk about "universal brotherhood," yet exclude animals from moral concern.

He taught that nonviolence is the first principle of spiritual life and that the saints and mystics see all living entities with equal vision.

We are all equal in God's eyes whether one is incarcerated inside the body of a bird, fish, reptile, mammal, demigod, poet, merchant, insect, etc.

On the spiritual platform, we are all equal.

Animals also have the right to life; animals as well as humans are protected in an enlightened civilization.

Our present civilization cannot even be considered human, because of the practice of slaughtering animals for food and sport.

He equated eating meat with cannibalizing small children, and candidly told a Catholic priest in London in 1973 that, "Animal-killers cannot understand God. I have seen this."

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Grasshopper wise, nothing much to say here (and no sense of duty), ' cept "Chirp Chirp".
and its those rare moments when i do cry when I feel kinda human. There's a bitter sweet element there that has to do historically/evolutionarily with human survival in a world coming to terms with the consequences of the odd psycopath (before they got together and organised like now). maybe they get to sneer and crack their faces while I get to self fertilise and clean up at the same time.

Unknown said...

Gregory.."Apocalypse Now is a concept we all should consider,along with Renunciation Now"..really resonated with me today...fantastic stuff!
Try flaxseed oil for your omega 3 hit...is also an excellent flavored oil you can use for vinaigrette and drizzling over veges etc..

Richie (Dana) said...

You and I have some history of conversations which encourages me to speak to your ‘ALIENS’ thing.

Although I do believe that there are bad as well as good aliens and that the good aliens far outnumber and have the power to totally destroy all evil instantly, that is really beside the point.

If we were to make a list with the headings of Love and Fear and subscribe each story or comment to each, all is clear.

While not denying that fear serves a purpose, Love will always prevail.

It is not important that we convince others of our position on any subject.
It is not important to ‘convert’ our fellow travelers.

It is very important to understand that this thing is completely under control and that the God of Love will never fail us.

ALIENS in the form of the “enemy” are a red herring presented to distract.

Everyone will receive that which they imagine is real. (That would be a God of love who gives his children what they wish for most).

Astute advice?
Be Careful What You Wish For.

Or you could try this……Create well my friend.


onething said...


I don't buy the Darwinian model of evolution, but never mind that. Elaine Morgan's book The Scars of Evolution makes a very intriguing case for our having gone to live by rivers and seaside shortly after leaving the trees. That's millions of years. We are very different than apes and the similarities are exaggerated. So, evolutionarily, yes, I would say we have been eating fish for a million or so years.

Chimpanzee brains are composed of a majority of omega 6, whereas human brains have the largest component being omega 3.

It's true what you say about the grass fed beef and it's true of eggs as well. Actual, natural free range eggs have 1/3 more nutrients than a grocery store egg and have an ideal omega 3 to 6 ratio, whereas the factory eggs have almost no omega 3. So, our torture of animals is boomeranging back on us.

It's true that the fish get their omega 3 from green plants. I am not sure about fish digestion, but surely you see how different our digestive system is from a cow? We cannot get adequate nutrition from grass!

Your list of animals was almost entirely noncarnivorous. It seems obvious that humans are omnivorous. We are what we are and only studies will show what the human body can utilize. There's no sense saying "Why can't we?" Either we can or we can't.

Krill are very low on the consciousness scale, and the omega 3 is in an immediately available and needed form. And by the way, have you heard of The Secret Life of Plants?

It is not fair, Brokenbeat, to compare factory farmed beef (even though it has become so common) in an argument about what diets are best or even about environmental degradation. They are factory farming fish now, and it's really causing problems.

Naturally raised beef does not degrade the environment at all, any more than the wildebeest do. Any normal farm should raise various animals and various crops, and all support one another and the fertility of the soil.
But if we were to raise enough grain to feed 7 billion, that does involve the plow and large areas put to this effort, which wipes out the ecosystem that existed before it got plowed under.

Justsoyouknow said...

Visible: Thurs. May 3, 2012

Your direct hot-links on your blog sidebar to Kenny's Sideshow etc. have disappeared.

Steal Blah said...

Friends don't let friends drink and drive, friends don't let friends Facebook and friends don't let friends BPD (grin).

brokenbeat said...

Stella Blue,

Thanks for the appreciation...appreciated!


Sorry that I neglected you in particular in my shout out as we have had some interesting exchanges.


I agree that factory-farmed beef and factory-farmed fish are detrimental environmentally, but disagree that naturally-raised cattle pose no more damage than wildebeest insofar as the sheer quantities to accomodate the western diet are not comparable to the natural popluations. The land-use for grazing (or growing hay) is massive as is the water consumption and fecal and methane pollution. Then there's slaughter and associated costs, but anyway the comparison to wildebeest is moot as they are not consumed in appreciable quantities.

As to the feeding of the 7 billion mouths, I do not advocate grains as they are not suitable for human consumption contrary to conventional 'wisdom'. Grains are economical to grow and transport and other veggies may not therefore be as practical, but even if grains were the foodstuffs of choice, fifty pounds of grains are required to produce one pound of beef in the current model (or alternately large areas of grazing land or hay-growing land), so the grain (or possibly alternate veggie) model as human (as opposed to cattle) food comes out ahead.

As to the plowing issue, I agree that this is misguided and soil ecosystem preserving alternative planting methods exist such as piercing which has been mechanized and proven.

The seed in me honors the seed in you,

John V.

Petri Dish elf 'n safety said...

Justsoyouknow; thank you for that.

Abnormal service should now be resumed.

the gardener said...

RE: Zel @12:59- how funny... that song inspires me and gets me back on track-love to watch Olivia in all her youtubed versions of it. I get compelled to listen to it all the time.


To the 'frend' of Vis' busily handing out online psyche evals... hahahahahaha

RE: Stella Blue- you've got the opportunity to try a little 'magic' right now. :) If this is the first time anyone online or in real life has 'assessed you' then first: does the shoe fit? Y or N or maybe so?

THEN you either throw the shoe back at 'em-tell them to get back under their bridge or else do the 'nostril snort' to clear them out of your space and do the little ditty of 'if you're happy and you know it CLAP CLAP CLAP' really does clear them out of your space.

Personally, I find these online assessments nothing of value that surpasses my own gut analysis on the subjects rendered. (tee hee)

the gardener

PS-another Australian babe -Lynda Hill-the Sabian Symbol astrologer has her full moon in Taurus assessment out-


(just watched Aussie Olivia's white shorts version of "magic" and that 1980 energy was so good)

Anonymous said...

Just a little heads up, from chinese sneakers, in case something big appears to be happening, because you never do know, now do you?
"'Art Cashin On Supermoons, 9/11, And The Israeli Call-Up.' Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/03/2012 - 09:47

'There are only a few market prognosticators who can look to the stars for sage advice and not come away being giggled at. Art Cashin, UBS venerable trader-in-chief, notes that this weekend will see the biggest full moon of the year from the perspective of the Earth. This so-called 'Supermoon' will exert 42% more tidal force than normal and given the human body is 70% water, one can only imagine the bipolar impacts that this extra-terrestrial 'pressure' will create on the tiny minds of traders. What is more spooky is the fact that there is an unusual astrological configuration, not seen since 9/11, also occurring this weekend and rather worryingly The Times of Israel is noting the call-up of Emergency Israeli Troops in response to the worsening situation in the Sinai. So our minds will be wondering from an out-of-world experience and at the same time developments in the already unstable Middle East crank up one more notch on the Spinal-Tap-amplifier of sabre-rattling.'"



Wannadance? said...

Dear Ms. Gardener,

"Personally, I find these online assessments nothing of value that surpasses my own gut analysis on the subjects rendered. (tee hee)"

Do you support the fact there is a much higher incidence of bisexuality amongst people with Borderline Personality Disorder, or do you believe it is about the same rate as in the general farming population?

Thomas said...

wow... your things are crackling. Magic and fantastic. Thank you :). One last thing, maybe. Try to apply your "I dont know" to God.
Perhaps realize that the center of creation is right between your eyes as well... "closer than your neck arterial"... Without the reference points, we will have to let us guide by the stars, and put our ears to the ground to hear our mother planets pulse. Already now, it is unreal. Fewer and fewer fixed points, it seems, save for the breath and the still inner sense of Infinite Being. Attending balls of angels and demons, frenzied masqeurades. The battle for the souls of mankind is going on, every day. I have a sense that
the negative reap will be greatest, but oh my fucking GOD, how beautiful the Light Ones are. How tantalizingly and gracefully and childishly they dance.
Onwards! Ever brigther it is, ever wilder the waves. Don't get seasick, or take a rest if you do ;D

Best wishes to Everyone :)

that being said, I feel so crazy (though in a good sense) that I would ask that noone take me seriously. We must trust our own senses (all of them!), first and foremost, is my idea. And of course, the Goodwill of the Source, hehe ;)

and... Thank you, Vis!

Anonymous said...

Fukushima #4. 4200 tons of uranium and MOX plutonium hanging by a thread.

Sorry to be a drag but rainy days like these get me down.

There's a reason why 7.000,000,000 of us souls showed up at this time. Perhaps no rhyme, but reason enough.


GodSend said...

Well, Richard, you are partially right. God is ultimately in control of everything, to be sure. Satan and demons (Evil) are part of God's Creation and THEY serve His purposes (for a time). God IS Love, Light, Spirit and Holy, according to Scripture. But there is more to Scripture (and God) - A LOT MORE!

Have you heard of the following?:

"The whole armor of God" (why do we need God's armor and how do we get it?)

"Resist the Devil!"

MANY verses in Scripture describing Satan, aka "Great Deceiver", Dragon, Serpent, etc. (reptilian nature and origin). Satan is the arch-enemy of God and of His Son, as well as humanity's arch-enemy.

"For God SO loved the world......"

"The wages of sin is Death" (the 2nd Death).

While God IS Love and loves us (even while we are still sinners), He DEMANDS obedience to Himself and to His Commandments and He has made it very clear that we can only exist in His future presence (as His sons and daughters of a new, spiritual humanity) IFF (that means IF and ONLY IF) we are made "pure as snow" (sinless) during our earthly life. There is ONLY ONE Way to be thus purified (aka "born again"): Through the blood of the Lamb, His Son Jesus the Christ.

Here's some astute advice: READ (and HEED) Scripture! - especially the NT.

PS There are angels - but there are NO "good" aliens, hiding in the Dark! Any form of DECEPTION is of the Devil! "God is not the author of confusion".

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Eat Drink and be Wary.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

SB I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see those comments and I try to screen what appears here DEPENDING. I don't actually follow your logic. You mention thoughts but here you have words. How does that affect the thoughts? It doesn't. I wouldn't get all worked up about what some person says and I can't play the Big Kahuna modifying and deleting everything that comes through here. Things slip through here all the time and it won't be long before we have another psycho meltdown come through here. i think I can safely predict that since it has never failed to happen before.

No one here should let themselves get affected by what other people say and my having occasional access to super-sensory awarenesses and certain insights does not qualify me as a psychic police man nor make me responsible for everyone's feelings and mistakes, or rancor either. If I see twisted shit going on I do something about it but I don't always see everything. i didn't see any of this but maybe your idea of hateful is similar to having a really high bottom where the effect on you is much greater than is would ordinarily be for others and that might be why I didn't see it. I am very, very busy and can't give full attention to every detail that goes by and sometimes I miss things because I am supposed to. My life is not my own and all kinds of things happen that reveal and conceal things, regular- for whatever reason.

I'll try to keep a weather eye open but there are no guarantees with that because of what I just said. I hope this clarifies some things and doesn't come off as too matter of fact or detached. I don't know what we're dealing with in the first place

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brokenbeat said...

Stella Blue,

I thought the ad hominen attacks and pop psychology diagnoses were out of line and had intended to come to your defense (so to speak) and be supportive and encouraging to you, but I got immersed in diet discussion. Then when I set out to do that (address you and ignore whoever that is) I saw that you had defended youself adroitly and others had responded as well.

I was remiss, however, so I apologize for not following through. You've evidently lived life with enthusiasm (is there a book? I'd like to read it!), and no one is a position to judge anyone for their decisions. I don't doubt that there was some jealosy coming from a wallflower that was emboldened by the anonymity of the net.

Bravo!!! to you for embracing life, sharing courageously and please continue to do both as you see fit. Please use discretion where appropriate to protect yourself. Sometimes I feel I should do more of that and I've done and shared far less than you.

I can't imagine you hurting anyone, especially intentionally, and anyone lucky enough to share time with you came away better for it without a doubt. Some might not be able to hang and keep up bit that's their problem.

You remind me of another unique expression that I just
got aquainted with on my recent high school reunion. She was a quasi-girlfriend, but I didn't know the person I just met. I had long regretted that we never made it work and my take on the two of us was not far off. She is now with a carbon copy of me. I'm glad she found another me and now I just need to find another her. She is a brave soul like you, and while I am more cautious, I am still open and the polarity is healthy and the poles not too distant on such a planet.

Don't let that idiot get under your skin. I imagine it's thick from similar flack over the years and if you let him/her get under it, it may be tough getting 'it' back out!

Shine on, you Crazy Diamond!

John V.

P.S. Thanks for the supplement advice!


coletteonice said...

To Stella Blue..please keep sharing your witty tales about your life..they are jolly and fun and fit in well around here!
Plus they aptly show what a different "scene" it was then and I love the exquisite irony of it all!Regards from an appreciative reader.

Visible said...

That's partly true. I don't always respond to negative commentary. When I do respond to it it depends on which blog it is at. If you'd been around here for longer you would know that on any number of occasions, those commenting negatively came around to a different perspective after a short time. I also have certain personal rules about doing this which I have outlined and explained a number of times. These have to do with my intentionally being conflictive as a result of Anti-Guru Software 2.0 and in order to humanize my presence so that I don't give the impression of gazing at everything with a far away distant look of wisdom in my eyes.

I intentionally misbehave on occasion and go off the rails too. This happens less and less frequently as the need (in my mind) seems to be much less than it was once and because I now see that as mostly counterproductive.

People who 'were' going to come to your assistance should have because I prefer to see the place internally policed rather than by me. I remember someone once telling me, "Oh, I was going to get you this present (but they didn't) and then they told me what it was. I said, "Oh well, it's the thought that counts" A couple of people laughed. They knew the person. The person didn't laugh or even notice, just went around with a look of confusion afterwards as if they had heard something but not heard it(grin).

I tell the absolute truth when I say I never even saw anything. This new blogger interface is terrible. I don't have the whole list of blog sites anymore and forget about the other blogs. I don't have my spam folder available and have to hunt for it, but I forget to do that too so I have to be reminded that comments aren't going in. Also, the interface cuts off the entire comment but makes it look like it included it. This way I often miss portions of comments. I think this is all intentional to mess with bloggers. Blogger has been doing sneaky shit to me for some time.

I try to stay on top of things but it doesn't always happen. i know some people are much more sensitive than others but that doesn't make the world go away. Creeps are out there and they like to cause harm with hit and runs under the cover of anonymity. It had been my policy in the future to just not print nasty hit and runs but somehow they are slipping by now. For all I know, blogger has upped their game of late and made it so I can't see things that they slip past my radar because I don't read the comments later at the blog. I wouldn't put anything past Zio-blogger. There are very few negative comments that come in in the first place.

At the same time, I don't like to be a nanny blogger and/or shield people from what goes on all over the place these days. I expect this sort of thing to be handled internally. I'll try to look more closely but this happened in such a way that I didn't see it and it takes up even more of my time talking about it like this.

I'm sorry it happened and I will scrutinize more closely. The best thing is for anyone so offended to flag something and give me name, if there is one and the time of the comment. That tells me right where to go to look.

Be well everyone. I really am trying to do my best but weird shit is the order of the day.

Ray B. said...

Gregory F. Fegel, Wednesday, May 02, 2012 8:30:00 PM

"...Philip Francis Nowlan's novellas 'Armageddon 2419 A.D.' (1928) and 'The Airlords of Han' (1929)..."

Wow. A blast from the past! I read them back when I was young, and this is the first time I've ever had someone reference them. Looking back through the mist of years, all I can remember is that I liked them.

Have you ever read the "Lensman" series or the "Skylark" series by E. E. 'Doc' Smith? The former treated the development of ESP-advanced humans by 'good' aliens to help fight 'bad' aliens (and their earthly allies). Far ahead of their time...

By the way, I'm enjoying and learning from the Omega-3 postings (of all). Appreciate the knowledge. I learned of their importance through the books of Barry Sears ('The Zone').

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. John V: Thanks, and back at you. (I 'fall behind' in reading all the Comments, periodically.)

Visible said...

Is this the concern?

"BPD will f*ck up your life said...

StellaBlue wrote: " Bank of America took my house--they'd overloaned me long before 2008 & I'd used the money to start my own business (that was a nice 5-year sojourn of new experience/cross it off the ToDo List--the town even voted me Small Business Person of the Year--whoohoo--got a plaque). Had credit cards out the wazoo, a complete set in my name, and another for the business, all run up to the hilt. Tens of thousands of dollars of debt."

According to DSMIV persons with BPD often have huge problems with their finances especially credit.

Stay away from BPD - far away.

A friend"

Is this the concern? Good grief, I thought I had somehow missed something important. Under no circumstances am I censoring something like this. This doesn't qualify under any conditions and is way to non specific on all levels that would activate me. I am not going to go searching again only to find something like this. Where does the hateful come in? I must be missing something more. I hope I am.

Look, I am far too busy to mediate and moderate things like this. I don't want to add anymore because I will only come off annoyed. Let's maintain perspective here.

Visible said...

Sorry about not checking the spam folder for your comments folks. I haven't gotten used to the laborious routine required and it isn't in front of me anymore like it used to be. I am told I can maybe go back to the old look. I'll go check that right now.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brokenbeat said...

Stella Blue,

I'm sorry to hear about your attacks at home and I think it was wise to remove your earlier comments. IMHO, discretion is required when disclosing incriminating or embarassing anecdotes about celebrities or others in positions of power. I'm wary even repeating well-known but damning truths, and even moreso juicy never-heard-before details (admittedly, I have few of those).

I wouldn't be too concerned about copy-and-pasting onto facebook and such. While possible, it's doubtful anyone would try to embarass you with portions of your comments as this might lead to more exposure of the other portions. Just the fact that you are worried about that is a sufficient hold over you and that together with the series of attacks at home (and possibly online) are a warning to keep anything truly critcal to yourself.

Also, as much as these blogs are a big part of our worlds, a comment on these blogs are not the same as a MSM broadcast (as of that would be allowed, unless it served their interests). That being said, a more relevant disclosure might result in growing discussion here and beyond, so please be careful especially if you tease out stuff, hinting at more, unless you take journalistic precautions that an investigative reporter might. Even those are not foolproof and many have met demise even with high profiles and backup files etc. As with much in this world and life, we each have to pick our battles and do cost/benefit analyses.

These thoughts are just my somewhat paranoid common-sense musings. I am also new to all of this, having commented a bit more than a month and only on these three blogs. I have privacy concerns from what could be learned from reading all of one's comments and try to minimize specifics that could lend to that. As to being perceived as a threat to the system and the PTB/PTW, I'm an annoying nat at most, but I have started looking over my shoulder recenly for a looming fly-swatter!

Peace be with you,

John V.

Visible said...

It has all been noted Stella Blue. Please forgive my protracted response. I got very little sleep getting up for this morning's radio show with Rense and I have several projects that have to come round by sundown tomorrow and I'm sailing the home vessel alone this weekend so that means solo with all that needs attending to. I'll just say that I missed almost all of that but I can see why.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

perchance if anyone can come up with a downloadable/streaming video link for the Visible/Rense program, pls post. Ill keep my pirate eyes out, eye eye, cap'n

Visible said...

Out of Function at Armageddon Junction.



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