Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Cold, Hard Daylight of Temporary End Times

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The reach expands. The grasping monster feels his way in the dark. The darkness is a product of the monster. The monster is controlled by a collection of monsters, who created the impetus for it. This is a cold hard fact, in the cold hard daylight of temporary End Times. People believe you can do various things to treat with evil. Some think you can reason with it. Evil loves to seem reasonable, until it can get into position to act unreasonably. Some think you can make lasting and honest deals with evil. I won't dignify that with a response. Some think you can swim with the flow, until some shoreline appears to grant you safe harbor. There is only one thing you can do in terms of Evil and that is to resist it's appearance inside of you. The purpose of global evil, in times of darkness, is to induce the evil within us, to rise up and resonate with it. It achieves this through our weaknesses, appetites and shortcomings. It's not difficult to get the mass of humanity in thrall, through saturation media, along with bread and circuses. This is why they don't want you stockpiling food. The whole, present climate of the culture is orchestrated. It's a many pinchered movement, from Bill and Melinda's vaccine eugenics, to The Monster who serves The Monsters.

When we say that something is 'monstrous', we refer to behavior or conditions, which are unacceptable to our usual perception of the human estate. When some force creates conditions, or behaves in a way outside of the acceptable parameters of behavior, if it is extreme, it can become monstrous. It is also monstrous to define your behavior as acceptable, when it is not and to work relentlessly to discourage and resist any and all attempts to curb that behavior or modify the terrible conditions put into place by monsters.

The march of the monsters is a slow and steady treading. It is an international march that is actually driving humanity into the sea. At no time has anyone ever taken over the whole world and no one ever will. This means that something other than the intentions of those seeking to, is going to be the final result. What it also means, is that soon enough, nothing is going to be what it was before because everything before, has been altered and been seemingly under the control, of certain monsters.

The world is balanced on a knife edge at the moment. Economic calamity is knocking on the door. The gold of nations is missing. Money is being printed, in a wild frenzy, to maintain a charade that is imploding. The monsters are behind this. Food and water are becoming critical possibilities. The monsters are behind this. The political climate is tending toward police states. The monsters are behind this. Lies are the exclusive and daily fodder of those supping at the common and poisoned well. The monsters are behind this. The monsters are a blind and brutal force, with no respite or reflection contained within them. They are on an unchanging course, toward an irresistible force.

We seek position and placement, in the mix of these most uncertain of times. Moorings are breaking loose. Nature is in a cosmic conspiracy to visit a great displeasure on those forces seeking to enslave and destroy humanity. When you don't listen. When you refuse to comprehend, then you must feel. “Those who cannot hear, must feel”

There are Satanists and then, there are Satanists. You got the rank and file, the paper pushers and procurers and you got the selected, chosen, of The Prime Deceiver. Yes, Virginia, there is a VIP section in the infernal realm. It doesn't translate into the same kind of privilege as you may be familiar with but you'll have to reference Dante for that. What does one talk about when one wants to countermand the lies and justifications of The Satanic Press? You can talk about human trafficking. You can talk about the Uranium Depletion Allowance. You can talk about ritualized pedophilia, for the purpose of invocation. You can talk about Monsanto. You can talk about the economic downturn and Wall Street and Fleet Street hijinks. You can talk about the political hand-puppets and the compromise and corruption of the legal and judicial system. You can talk about these and various other things, affecting us like Biblical plagues, but invariably you will come around to a particular, ambulatory, psychopathic virus that is, in some way, tied in to every one of them.

It is an unpleasant affair to be drawn again and again to these same points, which need to be hammered into the woodwork with steel spikes. On the other hand, the remorseless persistence, of an army of sold out, lying jackals, threatens to blot out the sun and leave nothing but a blood red moon, against the endless expanse of unchanging night. Imagine a medieval environment, a village, a castle and... in the outlying unknown, are enemy entities, seeking opportunity and only the vigilant and unsleeeping eye of the watchers on the ramparts, or the outskirts, can summon with bells, whistles and horns, the defenders needed to man the barricades that keep evil on the outside, where it belongs. You can think of yourself as this village or castle and unless you maintain an awareness of the creeping evil, it will come upon you like something out of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers on the Day of the Triffids.

More of us need to be 'the boy who cried' “crocodile swine”! Otherwise, with urine soaked, yellow journalism by the day and by the day (golden showers of disinfo) ...and with armies of sycophants, armed with automatic writing pens, that authorize crime ...and support these endeavors by the crocodile swine, you are lost by inches and degrees. You can repent at your leisure, when you finally arrive at whatever point your oppressors intend for you. 94% of the genociding population supported, Operation Cast Lead; no more needs to be said. However, more will be said, over and over and over, while breath and strength remain. You're not going to get where you really want to go ♫unless you have a suitcase, a ticket and a passport and the cargo that you're carrying is you♫

Clearly, you cannot give direction to those who do not think clearly. Clearly you cannot transmit to the porcine, obsessive compulsive in the Escalade that the bridge is out up ahead. The fact that he is giving you the finger, as he drives by, sums up the situation. You can't go into any showroom, or department store and begin informing the shopping junkies of what is waiting for them, on the other side of the cash register. You look at the examples and lessons of history and you say to yourself, “Why did they not see what was happening”? “How did they swallow such monstrous lies that were fabricated out of whole cloth, by those using these lies to control them”? “How could they have willingly marched to their own destruction”? “What was so great about Big Macs, Kentucky Fried Rats, Diet Coke and Methamphetamine”? “What was so special about Network TV, Pop Tarts, Street Tarts and Stretch Pants”? “What was the allure behind all of the glitter and airbrushed shit”? Everybody has 20-20 hindsight. We are a world of armchair generals and Monday Morning Quarterbacks, who flinch and genuflect on command and that is why the only general they will ever turn into is the kind of general that gets produced by General Mills. Forget about quarterback.

You're getting hosed in your clothes by a naked emperor. What keeps people where they are? Attractions and attachments keep them there. Tailors fashion suits that conceal the dimensions of the form beneath it. These suits don't come cheap and neither do the indulgences that lead to the need for such a suit. It's possible that, one day, you just step off course and right on to the wrong course, going nowhere with the promise of everything but... most of the time, it is a game of inches and moments and you can't name the point at which it finally all turned to shit. You can hide the form beneath the suit but you can't hide the star spangled noses and the cast of the eyes.

Like they say, “All's well that ends well”. Will it end well? At some point and under certain conditions and with certain personnel, that will be the case. In many another instance that will not be the case and anyone can see what courses are likely to end well and not end well but... for some reason this doesn't seem to take. For some reason, those on a doomed course, believe that it will end differently in their case. Hope is not the only thing that springs eternal. One would have to say the same is true of ignorance.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible and The Critical List:

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Anonymous said...

The Zombie A-COP-alypse marches on:

Wonder who this cannibal cop was working for? Gilberto Valle was probably just taking lunch orders for that new Israeli branch of the NYPD...

...and the meat beat goes on...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, me thinks things may get real interesting in this vile nation of the diveded states of america after the election. Oh, and we're also gonna allegedly have some fun with Sandy, not to mention when is that Louisianer sink hole gonna really BLOW?!

Which reminds me. I wonder how many died in the gulf from the bp disaster that really never went away. No news on that. Never has been. Not even in the alternative media.

John Skead said...

A parasite is in trouble when the host dies. Has the parasite of the Mideast considered this?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday when I came back to work after lunch, I was looking up into the sky (as usual) to see all of the chemtrail collections and was noticing a rainbow color effect with all the fake cloud ripples and patterns.

A young Indian (as in India) gentleman who I work with asked me what I was looking at. I asked him if the clouds looked natural to him. He looked and said "Yes." I just moved on and didn't say a word. People really don't notice. I just can't fathom not noticing the difference.


the gardener said...

Psalm 37-"Fret not yourself because of evildoers..."

I've actually had a few people giggle somewhat nervously when I have quoted or said aloud-this Psalm... it is actually quite EMPOWERING to break any spells which would BIND YOU TO THESE FIENDS and allow you to become as they are.

This psychopathy IS contagious. Jay Weider has spoken of this in several of his video interviews-he calls those of the source 'the Vril' amongst other things and that resonates with me.

What helps me maintain my balance is doing protection works with focused intents-especially on wide open full moons like this one growing every day until maximum fullness of the Moon. The Scorpio Sun opposite Taurus Moon is the most notoriously violent full moon of the year cycle. Energies grow along with the visible moon's growing full.

Clean your house/dwell... toss some salt around all openings. Scrub yourself from head to bottom of feet with salt in the bath or shower. Know this burns out any cling on type entities in your space. Get a white candle-big glass ones from the $$ store are good ones for these situations. Roll your candle in salt to purify... burn some sage and/or incense and write down your intentions so you don't forget them.

Light your candle that will serve as your focused point for intentions and then say this Psalm 37 ALOUD... it is very strengthening and empowering... KNOW these energies are activated by the TONES... of those words.

This verse is ancient as the evildoers energies are ancient ones...this is the battle souled humans have fought against, fled from, held fast from for eons...

"1 Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers! 2 For they will soon fade like the grass and wither like the green herb. 3 Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness...."

the gardener

Anonymous said...

In twisted lies consumed by fate
On fingers of all mercys wake
In prospects sown where heaven tells
through lambs and lions where hearts meld
In iron thunder firing bright
The hunter draws the course inside
And paves the instance strikes the root
Of freedom opens living truth
Where lies are burnt and persistence reigns
The raging furnace of humanity's pains
The chains that break that will not keep
On the hold inside of where man sleep
Where man sleeps and fortune calls
In lines of duty the wakened call
On ancient rock and earth and fire
The howling wind of natures higher


the gardener said...

Dear "Love..." just in my inbox right now-

Now when are 'they' going to admit-what my astute in tune brother noticed immediately-that the Gulf Stream is DESTROYED... resulting in our cataclysmic weather changes like no snow to speak of throughout the regions where tons of snow each winter is the norm... and the 'mini ice age' Britain faced last year?

I asked every elder person I saw last winter "have you ever seen it like this (NO snow) before? and everyone of them just said "No"... We received a foot of it in this past week and with our weather being so jacked... it is good to see it and know it will be in the aquifer in a month or snow or else we won't have water next year.

Then what will the frakkers do? Using and poisoning millions of gallons a day to extract a substance that is not for us.

On that link Vis posted about the 'Martial Law plans coming out of Bozeman, MT' there was also another old one from a man in Norway-talking about the monsters' and their underground bunkers.. that was about "Niburu or meteors raining down on this planet" or some mass population die off. "Get into caves" you unwashed masses... along with having 'food and water for five years' hahahahahahaha

This is such a spirit filled time. At the alternet site there is an article about "Christians petitioning others to vote for Jesus" as asking the American populace to, once again, vote for the less evil of the two evils... something I've never been able to do... I felt that was a very positive intent focusing by over a million people so far so I added my name to that list.

Evil vs Evil just hasn't been working out too well for the living creatures and this planet so far. "hmmmm I know they're both evil but I'll choose the lesser of these two known to me evils'... that's one way to agree with the anti-life regime and play your little acquiescence part in the big picture of agreeing with the evil.

Again, there are some big energies with this Full Moon ripening as we speak. Use them for self and others you love, care for or are responsible for.

the gardener

ps-the chemtrails make my left nostil/sinus drip.. that clear 'water' drip is really cerebral fluid drainage. The 'they' started doing it at night. I'd awake with that drip and it has made me really sick before.

Pss... All the harm caused to every single life force on this planet hurts my heart and also really pisses me off. The hidey holes these monsters have created will be no more than their enclosing tombs. I encourage them to flee to these underground hell holes. "no where to run to, no where to hide" from the LIGHT. (shhhh they don't know this though)

Robin Redbreast said...

Thanks guys
Sometimes we need the space
It's been a rollercoaster
The distractions keep trying
I really feel hopeful

Julius Caesar
And the Roman Empire
Couldn't conquer the blue sky
(Not mine)

Mark said...

There is a line in the sand. It's not the same for me as it is for you, but there it is. For each of us, there is a breaking point, when you finally say "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take any more." I want to believe that each of you have already reached this point, so let's assume you have. The Jews have indeed taken over the world, and they know it, and they are displaying smug smiles to all the goyim they intend to kill. You know this is true. How could you not? So there it is. The question is, what do you intend to do about it? They are oh so proud of the fact that they represent a miniscule percentage of the human race, yet are so goddamn devious that they have hornswaggled and all but destroyed 99 percent of the human race, who are not Jewish, and so, in their minds, have no right to exist except for their forebearance. In other words, they will tolerate us goyim, so long as we behave ourselves. Serve well and live, slave. Object and die. That is your future, and your children's future as well. So, how does that sit with you? Do you think, perhaps, it is time to act? There is no savior who is going to bail us out. Jesus is not going to save us. Not that you want to hear this, but we are meant to save ourselves. It has to do with accepting responsibility, and it is the only way to ascend to a higher level. It is time to stand. Time to speak to whomever you know, and tell them the truth. Regardless of how they will respond. It is time to strike the bell, to wake up the village, because if we don't, there will be no tomorrow. This is the keystone world, and there are no second chances.

Anonymous said...

Gardener....It's not politically correct to not vote for evil,,,,and may actually be illegal,,,
In the eyes of washington you are a terrorist,,,, Everybody knows you have had caring feelings about animals,people plants and other things in nature,,and you don't like the strip mining of resources of the earth and cant stand anything that resembles antilife or death of culture,,,,
In the eyes of the toilet cult,,,it is actually you who are evil,,,
I would suggest you need to have more vaccines and eat plenty of genetically modified potatoes or rice or anything gmo really,,,washed down with a nice glass of pesticide tainted water,,,,

Just messing about,,,,, : )

Oh dantes inferno is really good,,never seen that before,,,,
Would be good if dante turned up over here one day you know lord vis,,,actually Dante maybe you,,when you feel like it,,,,,,

Hearts up people... Neil

Anonymous said...

"Waggin' the Dog"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Walkin' the Dog", by Rufus Thomas, made popular by numerous artists.)

NASA Jack, smokin' crack
Silver rockets on a white tarmac
Too little fuel, to make the trip
Apollo is fiction -
But now we're hip

Waggin' the dog
I'm just a-waggin' the dog
Well if you don't know how to do it
I'll show you how to wag the dog

I called up NASA 'bout the L.E.M.
How did they cram that lunar buggy in?
They said the blueprints were in the sky
Won't be comin' down
Till the Fourth of Jew Lie

Waggin' the dog
I'm just a-waggin' the dog
Well if you don't know how to do it
I'll show you how to wag the dog

NASA, NASA, who's your massa -
How does your moon myth grow?
Well, well...with media shills
And little bitty-bitty moon stills
And endless lies all in a row

Waggin' the dog
I'm just a-waggin' the dog
Well if you don't know how to do it
I'll show you how to wag the dog
Well if you don't know how to do it
I'll show you how to wag the dog...

Rob in WI said...

The refusal of people to acknowledge chemtrails has been my strongest direct experiential display of mass cognitive dissonance. Of course, those under 25 or so don't know what the sky looked like before 97-98. At some point, the sprayers will be commended for "keeping us safe". Probably give them a holiday like memorial day; Airborne Guardian Day, or some such sh*t.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

A court case for 43 trillion
2 murdered children a nanny that committs suicide
Seems someone got scared and went berserk
Bankers and governments have lots to hide
Strip mining the wealth of all culture,
the material and spiritual needs
Killing people to take their resources
Aristocratic zionist colonialist fleas
Misplaced all interpretation of evil
To take earth and sit back and taunt
Filling people with worthlessness destruction
Making wars and hoping theyre never caught
They forgot humanity is an exception
When rises it fills with all grace
riding the chords of the cosmos
Where the truth roars open the gates
Vibrating the symbols of freedom
Spoken deep to the tip of a heart
Flings open and rides the intelligence
Of the earth the sky and the stars


Anonymous said...

Right now I think that the only solution is spreading the truth - in every conversation you have. If folks are too chickenshit to do that, well here's my proposal - given that halloween is coming up. When trick-or-treaters come to your door, how about wrapping the candy up in a note (held on with rubber band) leading to some truth websites? Tell them the truth about some small aspect of this matrix we're caught in. Sort of like Chinese fortune cookies, but the phrases are about truth. E.g., "The federal reserve is private, not federal, has no reserves, and is unconstitutionally creating money out of thin air, charging the US taxpayers for the money and for interest on the money." Okay, so that's not very glib but it gets a little truth out. How about "the holocaust never happened - see for details." Or "the election is rigged - don't vote" or "Romney owns shares in voting machine companies" or "Obama uses a soc sec # from Connecticut, where he never lived," "Mossad & CIA did 9/11 - see website...." "Obama has repealed the magna carta with his NDAA 2012," or "Get us out of the wars - our children are being slaughtered and asked to slaughter innocent others all based on the lie of 9/11...see [website]" --just little nuggets like that.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get $43 trillion dollars from ANYWHERE is to freeze the assets of the Rothchild's...THEN do an inquiry as to where all the corrupt money/gold is. Go from there.
In fact, freezing their assets(and central banks, reserves, and major lenders)is the ONLY thing that is going to stop economic collapse, get those responsible for it all on the chopping block, and get all the death from USELESS wars stopped.
This COULD be triggered by troops awol and would send enough of a pause for everything to start being accomplished.(yes, i'm talking in terms of the U.S. troops doing this..although any country's military personell that does it would send a pause*nod*. I would much rather it be the U.S. troops though)
I feel these two things being tended to are the only things that have a chance in hell of stopping all this stupid BS.

Banks, troops...or living/fighting for absolutely NOTHING.

And THEN...everyone has to have the perseverance to do this for the decades it will take to accomplish it fully. Remember, it's not just an economic problem going on(but its triggering everything else)..theres the food and water poisoning, ground poisoning, radiation, natural resource misappropriation, human sicknesses, animal sicknesses, pharmaceutical corruption, communication control, mass brainwashing of youth, weather manipulation, get the picture. If you don't---continue your ducking lessons and sleep therapy.
But as I said..the only way to truly get this done, is to deal with the money....or eradicate it. Period. And 'PLEASE'(non-violent protest)will NOT do it at this point..unfortunately.(as we have all well seen by now) Too many are brainwashed and corrupt for that now. Most of those people are in power now...and that seat needs to be restored/rebuilt. The ones in those seats will not give them up without a major fight. Sorry it has to be that way..but that's the evil of money, and something needs to be done about it....NOW.
If I could do it alone..I would...and DAMN the consequences to myself!
I'm not into suicide...rather my children see me fighting for them until I'm dead.

~Blessed Be to all~

Anonymous said...

I found out about chemtrails back in 2000. One day, I looked at the sun, and saw this greasy halo around it. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Jumped on Google, did a search, found a chemtrail website. Bingo. I got so worked up about it, I decided to become an activist and make an attempt to wake people up. "Surely," I though to myself, "If they only KNEW what I know, they would be angry and we could turn the tide." Ha ha. How naive I was. I used to go on commuter trains during rush hour, and say, in a loud voice, "Hmm. I wonder what they are SPRAYING up there in the sky?" And I'd point to the white goo being spewed out from behind the chemtrail jets, and I'd tell them what it was (and it sure wasn't "contrails", lol). Most people just looked at me like I was a lunatic. Some would walk to another train car (ha ha). I did this about 30 times. And in all that time, only ONE person ever was impacted by what I had done. This guy was in his early 30's, dressed in a suit and tie. And while I was talking about what was really going on in the sky, his eyes started to widen. Finally, as we came to his stop, he said, "What's it called again?" And I said, "Chemtrails, Google it." He said, "I will!" But my point is, I woke up maybe one person, wasted a ton of energy, and in the end, I received an onslaught of shit from TPTB that most of you would think was utter and complete fiction. Black helicopters. Phone taps. Attempted murder. Life ruined. Reputation ruined. So, if you want to go down that road, and try to wake people up, I do not blame you - but be aware that, No. 1, most people are incapable of waking up, no matter what you do. And, No. 2, there is a price to pay for being a chemtrail activist. You can talk about the apocalypse, or the Zionists, or the Reptilians, or Wall Street, or "War for Oil" all you want - but if you become vocal about chemtrails, or, god forbid, ACTIVE in trying to stop them or get the word out, there is a shit sandwich you will soon be eating that you never bargained for...I mention these things because you need to know about them, especially if you are thinking about becoming a "chemtrail activist". You can't wake these people up anyway. And there's hell to pay if you try. I think the best advice here is to gain more knowledge for yourself. Until you can lead people out of the prison we are in here on earth, you really don't have much of value to impart to them anyway, hmm? But that's just my personal take on it. Do what you will. But be forewarned...

Anonymous said...

"if there is a god, and things are terrible, then god doesn't give a shit and [or] if there is a god, and things are terrible, then god wants you to get off your ass and do something about it.

Someone said in a graffito (singular for graffiti, aren't I a pedant?) the following:

real eyes
real lies

I personally find it hard to swallow the line that all that happens on earth is "god's will" - does god will that children should be anally penetrated by priests? etc. The notion that everything happening is "god's will" seems suspiciously handy for the powers that be - a giant rationalization for their behavior and a way for us to let ourselves off the hook for failing to even attempt to change things.

I'm seriously feeling gloomy myself. I don't know how these psychopaths can live with themselves (they don't have consciences, I know). I've sadly come to the conclusion that it would be better for the human race to die out - as long as there are psychopaths in charge. They are wrecking the earth, hurting other species besides our own, making this place totally unlivable.

I was very worried for a long time that my kids are now sterile from eating gmo corn (which is in nearly everything), other additives in food, getting sprayed with aluminum/barium (chemtrails), etc. Although, we keep them away from everything else (no vaccines, eat organic food, drink non-fluoridated water), I fear that their health is already compromised. Now I'm starting to think that I wish I'd never been born, never had kids (who will one day grow up and realize how cruel this world is), and think maybe it's a good thing that they won't be able to have kids. Kids in the future who, if they can survive the epigenetic onslaught, will only be slaves for the banker class.

Don't get me wrong, I would never kill myself and I won't go down without a fucking tremendous fight, but I know intellectually that they already have the "legislation" in place (mainly via presidential directives) to do just that - to disappear any one of us and take our property. We definitely don't have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (Well, we have those rights, but the gov't thinks we don't...) If no on else cares, we will fail. I still think that if people knew, they'd be angry enough to fight back. We will fail unless WE DO THE YEOMAN'S WORK of getting other citizens on our side. Let's use the internet while we have it, but we've also got to get our neighbors talking and wondering about what the hell is going on."


Mouser said...

Lines in the sand crossed? Has a breaking point for the human psyche been reached?

The supposed story of the killing of the MSM exec's two children after he posted an article about a 43 trillion dollar tort against the government and the bankers troubles me.

If the murders are true a line has been crossed. Even Italian gangsters of lore did not kill their enemies' children. But the present gangsters are not Italian are they.

If this story is true, and Rothschild controlled government/banking minions have killed the children of a man for posting the truth - well they have crossed a line in most people's acceptable reality.

These zionist henchman have shown the world they are not human.

May this be the breaking point of the beginning of the end of the zionist world order.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...


Q trick or treat
A truth or dare. (& I dare you to seek the truth).

The Stool Sculpture Deity Cult said...

Jesus Christ
Abraham Lincoln
Mohatma Gandhi
Bolshevik genocide
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Martin Luther King
Viet Nam
John F. Kennedy jr
Olof Palme
Paul Wellstone
Rachel Corrie
Furkin Dogin
Norway Utöya youth

The list goes on and on. No breaking point yet.

the gardener said...

#1 rule- Don't be there.

These anti-life times have been to sharpen our tools in our own special toolboxes many just do not have availed to them and if they knew you had one they'd want one too. They can have their own toolbox as each is as individually supplied as each owner but they don't want to know or do what has to be done for such ownership and would rather you give it to them or else try and take yours from you.

Doesn't work that way-can't and doesn't.

Blast away those chemtrails every single stinking time you see them laid down or being laid down. Generate your chi and direct it through your own arm using your pointer or any other finger as your magic wand and say 'out demons out' or any other command.

they go away within 5 minutes.

Yes, it can be that easy.

Shining the light exercise. Exercising your soul every morning or when you can get it up and out or when you remember.

1. name the victims
2. name the crimes
3. visualize or use the white sun as the light ball to present to the Creator, God, Jesus, Universe-whoever you know sees and knows all.

Ask that they take this light and shine it on all the perps. The perps can not run, nor hide and they will be under that light and they will do their selves in one way or another.

Try it. There are many things we CAN do and they do work. THIS is what the 'demons on meth' are after. They are after the energies and powers-all simple-all human powered... that most of us do not know we have until someone tells us like I've been told.

A hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion souled humans doing the shining the light coupled with the not being there is and will totally change the entire tone of this planet and universe. There is much more to be known and these will come out and be shared by the few to the many and so on and so on and so on.

I know that I already have everything I need... it is just a matter of my noticing it and trying it out. I have a whole lot of huge rotted out logs lying around. I've been burning them to see what they are like to burn. They sure do cut up easily enough... breaking apart upon slicing through... much busy life inside to pick through and release back to their world is the most troublesome part of the log splitting with this wood.

I think this must be how the bog and prairie buffalo chip burners must have kept warm-no blazing heat but sustains the temp rather undramatically.

Hang in there everyone-first, do no harm. Very important that we do this. Reminds me, I heard that for the first time the American MDs are not having to now take that oath.
the gardener

WarmZephyr said...

There's nothing scarier than the truth; so that must make us the adult souls who can handle it.


**and thank you all for being here**

PSO said...

Much deserved acknowledgment to Visible; may those that to whom the warning has already now been heeded, have success beyond Imagination, and life itself.

Thank you,
patrick in western kentucky

insaim said...

So how do these entities such as Arse book, yajew, hotmail. etc etc. make money?

Ah, thats easy it's through advertising etc. Yeah!

So, anyone that needs to know shit should take a look at the following link (i think i may have actually got it from one of Vis's posts)

Explains in fine detail how Arse book have trapped the sheep in the pen whilst they were feeding and watering for free at the trough.

Aslo look at the message below that i received from hotmail after sending about 10 emails this morning

For those not interested or bothered to do so. Just think of pinnochio in the velvet carraige, after drinking his free beer and smoking a big cigar. You know, when all of a sudden the velvet curtains are whipped away to reveal a metal cage. (i often use that story - when explaining to the feeble minded) Present company excluded of course :)

These people are about to make a lot of money. The message from hotmail is at the bottom. I also know of a few people that have had accounts closed for simply exceeding their limits with emails. o course they weren't informed. Some are not as 'thoughtful' as hotmail. Why should they be you are just a fucking means to an end.

Those that lost their arse and were panicked in to selling arsebook shares at a big loss, obviously didnt know the full script.

see below message from hotmail after sending 10 emails in one morning. Think about it!!!!!!

"Your message wasn't sent because there's a daily message limit. But don't worry, we saved it in your Drafts folder. "

Anonymous said...

Western lands of harmers promise
Degraded festered defeated honest
That encapsulates and kills inside
Divides the people's conscious eye
Bound and burning destruction filled
Caught upon the tongue of will
That gravitates and blows four horses
Masonic death rides through the forces
Pounding streaks through royal prospects
Destroying houses of the elect
In steps that bind where equals free
The sand the songs the root the tree
The breeze that blows in life eternal
Paves the spark in universal
Bees and flowers rivers high
On truth the essence multiply


Anonymous said...

War maker
Corrupted mind
Shadows pierced
On Dart of sky
Rivers wander
Senses touch
The howling streak
In feathers brush
Mountain pathway
Open doors
Pouring truths
Shackles war
Chases tyrants
Catches Jew
To smash the cause
Chop the root


david griffith said...

I hope this isn't too 'off point', Visible. Your thoughts and the comments prompted this ... plus a glass of wine.

There is nowhere to run to nor any point in hiding. The cans of tuna that I’ve put in the cupboard to feed the grandchild are probably mercury laced but are too old to be radioactive. Honey - three jars of organic and that’s the extent of preparing for whatever comes.

Most of us - ‘ perhaps’ - but I really think so - ARE doing the best we can to be a light in these dark times. We have no interest in position and privilege and just wish ‘the best’ for everyone without actually defining what that ‘best’ might mean.

I don’t give a damn whether I live or die. Whether some ‘reward’ for a ‘good’ life or just blink out of existence isn’t something that I spend time debating. Being ‘correct’ in our relationships as espoused by the I Ching, the teachings of Christ, the Buddha and more is sufficient.... and bloody hard to do...... and I wonder if a sense of humour is universal or a peculiarity to both God and mankind.

It matters that I retain enough strength to continue to care for the immediate and extended family and that I remain responsive to the impulses of the Divine ...... chuckle here because that supposes that I have a clue. I don’t.

These ARE the times of Kali Yuga when evil expresses itself with brazen disregard. We are all witness to this. ‘Blind Freddy’ can ‘see.’

Yet it remains an unfolding disaster before which I will not just cower. Fuck that. We all have gifts - sometimes hard to see let alone fathom - and the Divine imperative - as I see it in limited fashion - demands that we rise to the occasion and, at the very least, ‘be of good cheer.’ - and if we can do more - “Yippee.”

Death awaits somewhere along the line and although I don’t necessarily get acceptance of this view from those few who love me .....’death doesn’t mean too much.’.... so why be afraid.

love to everyone

Anonymous said...

Sorry bout those again,,,just same old same old,,,
But was filled with extremely strong energy at the time,,,
Dont know if there's sun flares going off or wether its the planets and moon or maybe that gamma ray thing yesterday,,,
I am sorry about my wildness and crazyness people,,,,

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

To be honest I think I need to just get the fight out of me,,,


Anonymous said...

Neil, would you stop taking yourself so damn seriously, please. It is really embarrassing to come here and have to see it. I know you've got enablers that will disagree with my saying this but this daily explanation about your poems which all read like the same poem and all your explanations where no one has said anything to require them really grates. I don't mean to be unpleasant here but this whole day in day out encounter is unpleasant for me. I don't know if you are simply that insecure or that much in need of reassurance. Acquiring a certain amount of detached dignity wouldn't hurt.

Mouser said...

Until you write a poem Mr. Anonymous I believe you should not criticize others.

Poems from the heart are art. Don't like a particular kind of art? Don't look at it.

Keep on keeping on Neil.

Anonymous said...

My comment was only incidentally about the endless rash of poetry. I can endure that. It's the ceaseless navel gazing and incestuous self indulgence I object to and writing a poem has nothing to with appreciating poetry. You're not very bright are you? What you say is empty of truth whatsoever. You enjoy his daily posturings and calling attention to himself? You enjoy his self psychoanalyzing and personal details based on zero requests from the readers? You don't see what is evident? What are you doing here?

Anonymous said...

Point taken anon,,,Yes I am at the mercy of my sensitivity,,and no I don't know what security is,,,it is something that escaped me this lifetime,,,,
Experimenting with raw energy leaves me open and I feel I should try and clear up whatever mess I leave behind,,,usually with terrible excuses,,,,
No I don't take my self seriously,,,,
But poem land is sometimes a very serious place,,extreme energy hinged from it ,,,,,

Sorry for offending you anon,,,

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

No problem anon,,,,no I am not very bright,,I failed school or school failed me or culture or lack of culture,,whatever,,,,,,
Your dignity seems very high,,so I will bow down before it and allow you to teach me,,,


niijii said...

Hi Visible and all,
Terra mother's rape rages on.

Be careful downstream because there is something a whole lot worse than piss comin your way.

I just want a place where the creeks run clean, the drones don't roam and the sky is not striped all day (or night). So I guess I'm up for adoption.

Best to all.

WarmZephyr said...

Neil, you are just fine and very rare. You are an artist who channels truth and that is beyond rare in this world!

I look forward to reading your unique poetry (WHICH IS INSPIRED STUFF) no doubt. I get a kick out of your self conscious corrections and think you are very sweet. **YOU WARM UP THE BOARD** so thank you for your generosity and care. ;D

There's absolutely no need to apologize to an irrascible person who can't even get their own irritation level under control. Please don't let Anon deter you.

"You're not very bright are you? What you say is empty of truth whatsoever" (Anon-the-rude-'tude!)

Fred said...

Gandalf: [about Gollum] Sméagol's life is a sad story. Yes, Sméagol he was once called... before the Ring came to him. Before it drove him mad.
Frodo: It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill him when he had the chance.
Gandalf: Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live deserve death, and some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play, for good or ill, before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.
Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times; but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring. In which case, you were also meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.

Visible said...

Ram Tirth is that you?

Steve said...

Anon, I bet you have several collage degrees, no?

You may not agree with what Neil writes, but he has more right to write, than you have right to tell him he has no right.

Keep on searching yourself Neil.

Clarity said...

Anon @ 2:05 and 3:06 - Feeling a big of anger?

"I don't mean to be unpleasant..."
Bullshit. Okay - maybe not unpleasant. How about downright nasty?

"Acquiring a certain amount of detached dignity wouldn't hurt."
Maybe you could work on acquiring a respectful tone? You may not like some of the things Neil posts, but unlike you, he does not post anything with the intention of being unpleasant or disrespectful.

Apparently, that wasn't enough because then you extended your rudeness to Mouser.
"Not very bright?" "What are you doing here?"

It's interesting that your comments are directed at two regulars who posts are sincere and show they care about what's going on. You could have directed your hateful words at the causes of the real problems in the world. The fact that you didn't makes me wonder. Troll patrol, perhaps?


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...nothing is going to be what it was before because everything before, has been altered and been seemingly under the control, of certain monsters."

I seem to have a deep sense of his/her-story, and I often wonder when the lies started. "How far" do we have to go back before we find an unpolluted stream? All the way back to the legacies of Sumer and other pre-historic cultures? To the Annunaki and the 'emergence' of humanity? To different off-planet factions or wars? Or the Big Bang? Or Creation itself?

I muse on this because of the implications. Kind of a side-twist on my 'second level of forgetting'. Since nothing seems to be happening on Ascension / Transfiguration levels, what vital, empowering piece has been lost or hidden? And, how far back was that?

I just bounce those questions back and forth, like a tiger pacing a cage...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Neil, I'm not very bright or well behaved either, for that matter, but I have friends who are and you're one of them.

P.S. you could behave a little better.. (haha)

Rob in WI said...

Excellent dialogue/quote from "Lord of the Rings". Very applicable. Thanks, and be well, Rob

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Joe Six-Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow in Anywhere-Land.

Clarity said...

Homer, from all I've ever seen from you, I must respectfully disagree with your characterization of yourself.

I do, though, agree with you about Neil. One for two - not so bad. ;)

I have been both impressed and humbled by the intelligence and wisdom I have seen from both of you (and Mouser and Cap'n Spadgett from this conversation, and others I won't list). On top of that, you both speak from the heart. People would do well to learn from your example. It iS important that we come from a place of LOVE.

Ray B., those are very interesting musings and questions. If you figure it out, please share. In the meantime, my thoughts will be swirling around much like the leaves outside, thanks to Sandy, who has given me at least a day off (my kids - already scheduled off for tomorrow as well).

PS -read within the lines - yes, you

**Thanks Sandy - our lights just flickered. I hope our generator has a full tank!

Anonymous said...

Clarity,,,your heavenly lips speak flowers through us,,,

Homer,,,I think lord Krishna would forgive us our minor stupiditys,,,,
Your passages take us to another dimension...
How could anyone sit at the feet of lord Krishna and not be awe struck ,,,,
I love lord krishna,just to speak the name pours waves of paradise through me,,and I love again

Love to everyone,,, neil

Anonymous said...

What's with this hurricane? And why on earth call it fucking sandy? What with that, halloween, the US election yada yada I now actually feel like I am living in a movie. Which I guess is the point. And I'm in england which isn't very hollywood. Bring it on Kali.

Anonymous said...
"They Live"
Does it look familiar?
The analogy is blatantly obvious - isn't it? 24 years passed since the flick was made. For those who are not asleep, it should make perfect sense today.
Forget the shitty little country in the Middle East. It's all of them - everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Come on LINK man up,what are you afraid of.Call a spade a spade,ya not afraid of the big bad monster are ya,or are ya.Plenty of monsters in India,their all on R&R from the devils den,after doing their dirty deeds dirt cheep.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 6:06
This is not your bathroom, Do your daily dump elsewhere.
Due to your significant mental limits, you're obviously unable to add substance to this discourse.

Anonymous said...

Ray,,,,having a listen to John lash earlier,he said about time,,,was thinking maybe what has actually happened is we are trapped in time,,we have actually stopped,,,

Due to the receding of the love in its purity From all of us or the extra dimension of ourselves into its fullest being when felt to its fullest extent,,,,on a world wide scale,,
with only a few people working from the divine state or sacred state fully embraced with the organic light,shambala heaven or pure love ,,,

Most people have noticed that time speeds up when we are having a good time or completely focused,,when bored people watch the clock,time slows down,,

The intention of the powers that were,is to hold the whole world back in a false state of time just going nowhere,,,,picking pieces off of us untill their is nothing left of us,,,
And they needed to do this by 2012,,,,for some reason,,,,

They have a twisted interpretation of love,,they love what is not love but that only leads to the death of themselves and everything else ,,,if the people don't get up and act responsibly,,remove the parasite,,,ie banking,,corporate rape,,,pure disrespect of each other animal plant ocean life,,,,,

We need to do this to bring us up to speed or get the sails of the mother ship up,,,when we are up to speed the love organic light or whatever name we prefer is more stated easier to manuever with and we are on track sailing the high seas,,,all of us,,,,,in all her glorious beauty

Then we have manuevered ourselves out of the archonic system or parasitical unnatural way of living as humans
And we using the full essence of our being as a species,,
Or am I explaining what everybody knows anyway,,,,
It's the time thing that is sticking in my mind though,,,,

I don't know,,just thinking


Anonymous said...

I didn't know ya had a septic frog as a bounser link.

Ray B. said...

Neil, October 31, 2012 1:09:00 AM

Thanks for the thoughtful reply! The following is an excellent summary of the situation:

"Then we have maneuvered ourselves out of the archonic system or parasitical unnatural way of living as humans. And we are using the full essence of our being as a species..."

When I was out visiting sacred sites in the British Isles, I noticed many places where 'etheric engineering' was practiced. In lower Scotland, there is a stone circle (built around an entity) that is still working to clear a large area of negative vibes. Down in Cornwall, there is another combo expressly 'wired' to promote healing. Many of these combos have lines of communication and energy shooting off to other places - some now submerged.

Our ancestors did this. They were still at least partially-awake then. Hopefully, we can recover and even go beyond them.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

hey Vis,

I realized you are right, and there is such a thing as "The Unconscious Evil Monster"... So, wrong again, I have been. Halelujah!. I was asking the Spirit about it, and found this monster in myself, sitting quietly on the back row of a big theather representing my inner life, the screen presenting the Ever-Still Ever-Vibrating Source, the Multi-coloured infinite Lights. The Monster is, among other things, the pleasure of domination, of power (which is stemming from fear of life, or distrust in the Universe). This can take as many forms as there are stars in the sky. I was working with it for something like a half hour, until I integrated it and it was burnt away to reveal the red star of the root chakra.

soeh... here is "my" mythology. The Monster is "Satan". Lucifer, i.e. "The Jews", has done/is doing Its best to coax this Monster into manifestation (and has done a terrific job!), and pollute all who are so willing with it, thereby testing the mettle of our souls. Thus, Lucifer is paying for our Freedom with Its own enslavement into Big Bad Karma, flesh, blood and tears. Anyways, you put these things more eloquently than me, and most of it I have from you, haha!

Apologies for my rash criticisms, undeserved. You are wonderful, wonderful. Balls to the Walls, keeping clean in a storm of shit.

I&I greets, may the Divine Lights shine in and on and on and on us all.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know the Zioncrimefactory link doesn't work. It says there's nothing there on the page. Great piece.



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