Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are hacks and there are bought and sold whores of the trade and then there is Michael Isikoff, doing what he does for all things bright and beautiful. It's a wonderful thing. Never let it be said that those who should have gone to the gallows, like Pollard and sundry, shouldn't rather be kissed on the cheeks (what cheeks we talking bout here?) and sent home, with an apology for having caught them trying to do some kind of evil to you that would have enslaved your nation instead. Certain people play by different rules. That must be fine and dandy for them, these VIP chosenites and for their lickspittles and lackeys Who worship the funny money, prayer rugs. Rugs on their heads and rugs in their billfolds and you are the rug beneath their feet. Ain't that sweet?

There are things going on that make you weep but the next thing you know, they're new and improved and doing better. There are greed pigs sitting in legislatures . You see what's going here? The same business as usual types are doing business as usual. So I imagine they have clever continuance in progress as I write. We shall see. There are bad things happening all over the place and they are being exposed.

One has to come to grips with their consciousness, concerning Mr Apocalypse and what he does. One has to get the measure of The Man, oh yes my pretties, one must have scope. Then there is hope and à bientôt--Okay. Would you like fries with that? It's all about freedom burning in the morning and The Bad Stranger is around. I am hammering on the same things, again. For a very good reason. Mr. Apocalypse's walking stick is tapping and tapping. Unfortunately, that leads to more and more of this kind of thing. Football stadiums, malls, fast food eateries. It's all coming up in the windshield of your drive a life. It's not all bad, and maybe you can figure that out. Maybe we got wrong, as to who is who; lost tribes and all that but I be I and all that.

People! You must resist against these things. You must find the power and the purpose in the hour to rise in outrage about what is being done to you and also being done in your name. A good brother, who is a maestro himself, sent me this. We are the people that could have been. It's a shame we can't get in touch with them then.

Brevity may be the soul of wit. I don't know how much wit is in this posting but it will be brevity indeed, as concerns this posting because I got to go real soon and things need to be taken care of so...

there may be a transitory delay in postings and Sim will mind the host fires. Let's all remember that we are not as young as we used to be, subject to miraculous intervention, and the cost of our thoughts, words and actions may well be at critical mass in these uncertain times. Do your best. I will see you in a different format soon, hopefully (grin) if I can fast-track the learning curve on these tablets; some mystifying thing known as android. Carry on.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Almost A Capella by Les Visible♫ I Am Alive ♫
'I Am Alive' is track no. 8 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Almost A Capella'
Lyrics (pops up)

Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Check out the symbolism behind them speaking at the end.

Let's all have a thought and a Bon Voyage and Hare Krishna for Ravi Shankar and the beauty his music brought into our lives.


Erica said...

Thanks for the lovely song Vis-and for the link to the video about the orchestra,which moved me to tears.
Expressing our creativity can indeed bring meaning to a pointless existence.
Bon voyage.

Visible said...

Thank Scott Armstrong for that link, Erica. That is who sent it to me and someone much more tuned in to things like that than I am.

Anonymous said...

"Drones on the Range"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Home On the Range", by Dr. Brewster M. Higley and Daniel E. Kelley, made popular by Gene Autry.)

Oh, give me a home, where the psychopaths roam
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day


Drones, drones, on the range
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day

(2nd Verse)

Where the air is so foul, the animals howl
And the breezes bring terror and blight
Where we ramble deranged, as the drones on the range
Shoot down, all the creatures in sight


Drones, drones, on the range
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day

(3rd Verse)

Oh, give me a land, where the firm upper hand
Is controlled by the fascists and cops
Where we wake every morn, to some Internet porn
And we feed upon GMO slop


Drones, drones, on the range
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day

(4th Verse)

They killed the Red Man, he was purged from this land
His campfires no longer burn
And he raised little fuss, but now, just like us
He's likely no more to return


Drones, drones, on the range
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day

(5th Verse)

How often at night, while I view the drones' light
As they swirl among glittering stars
Have I sat here amazed, in a GMO daze
And gulped down a Big Mac in my car


Drones, drones, on the range
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day

(6th Verse)

Oh, we've heard people tell, that the way to rebel
Is to hold a few protest signs high
But that shit never works, they still treat us like dirt
Will we live, or are we going to die?


Drones, drones, on the range
Where the queer and the misanthropes play
Where seldom is heard an encouraging word
And the skies have been chemtrailed all day

dirtykid© said...

Vis, the android has a fairly easy blogger app, until you realise editing links is retarded (at least it becomes retarded to edit after publishing)... Brush up on HTML a little and you'll be right as rain.


Visible said...

That's not my concern. I know basic html, it's the interface and negotiating it. I'll figure it out. I have Ipad and Transformer Infinity. I've never done this before and I'm not very good with cellphones either. Somehow it will happen. What I need is a Hobson to travel with me but I will get that too.

Robin Redbreast said...

Visible - so glad you're still with us. That was a cheeky(!) and succinct post.
What a beautiful video - I've posted it on bookface.
Thanks for being you and doing what you do.
Love live hope prayer and peace

Boulderdash said...


We all look forward to word of your journey and elevating wisdom.

Godspeed, dearest Visible, Godspeed.

the gardener said...

RE: Netherlands family... sounds like what's going on here in the States to more everyday but no one is talking about 'pedophiles and satanists' ...

Exhausting are the gangs of psychopaths in their determination to continue on with their crimes against humanity.

Light is shining but doesn't bounce back off of the dead black eyes where nobody is home... that is not possessed.

"Drones on the Range" is another hit! Just like the 'red man' we are going out with just a whimper, too many on the run. We know what happens regardless of whether we use a sword or use reason-so it is a matter of choosing your own time if that's even availed.

Vis... read about Ravi Shankar's passing at age 92! Musicians and other artists can live such long lives regardless of how much or because of their lives in a suitcase.

Have a great trip... see you when you're back. Know you will always be a step or two ahead of everyone and thing else.


the gardener

PS Happy New Moon in Sag... talk about the Fool!

Anonymous said...

Goy George:

You did it again!
Right on target.


Anonymous said...

Vis, you're going off to India but you're also taking all of us with along you.


kenny said...

"Israelites" Haven't thought of or heard that one in a long time. Catchy little tune.

The kids in the other video are inspirational. A local guy makes the same type stringed instruments as they had. $100 up.

"I am alive but I don't know who I am." That was good.

marilyn said...

godspeed les visible....we love you.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

and more bad things on the way.
, I predict, will get into the Australian Senate, I bet he gets balance of power too in a hung senate (cause He's "like, so well hung"). We'll never hear the end of it (until the end, my friend)
Good thing I don't do much MS&M.

Greensleeves to GreenShills are...

Teach Your Children well to Teach your Children Hell, their Dentists Drill .

Put another Sheckel in, in the Urchin's Bin Violin.

the gardener said...

Our high schoolers are singing this one for choral ... tear jerker in Portugese... for you Vis...

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You

the gardener

Alan Jong said...

May Your Journey to India be blessed. Thanks for the melodies, and modalities you share from your heart on these blogs.
Thank You for the Music, And Peace!

Ray B. said...

the gardener, December 12, 2012 9:02:00 PM

"We know what happens regardless of whether we use a sword or use reason - so it is a matter of choosing your own time if that's even availed."

That is why the 'bad guys' have worked so hard in removing the 'third option' from most people's consciousness. To "use a sword or use reason" is to stay on their playing field. The 'third option' is to be aware of the first two, but subsume them in a spiritual response. There are countless higher-level 'folks' around NOW who are simply waiting on our attention and 'permission' to work on a given situation. (The good guys tend to wait for permission; the bad guys tend to ignore boundaries.) Also, the higher-level 'folks' tend to work out solutions that are beneficial to ALL parties involved. It may take longer, but the results are more satisfying and more permanent (grin). We are truly 'empowered', if we only know (and use) our spiritual 'options'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

well said Ray...

started out in graceland...


you can call me Al

Remember Waco

Anonymous said...

Waiting for beings to save you, who are more highly evolved than you are, is like waiting for Jesus to return. It places the responsibility to save oneself in outside hands. And you have to save yourselves. One way or the other. It would be wonderful if we could call down highly evolved beings to help us wake the Bad Guys up and transform the entire planet into a Garden of Eden. And anything is possible, including that. But there are more than just three options available - there are infinite options available. That's the cool thing about being a human being - we have limitless potential. And limitless options. Something to think about, before you pass your God-given ability to think for yourselves, and act for yourselves, into the hands of some alleged "benevolent entity"...

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - you seem to be pretty well-versed on things of a spiritual and/or paranormal (for lack of a better word) nature. And you offer great insights into dealing with all sorts of things. I've admired your posts for a while now. Question: What do you think about chemtrails? I have never seen you comment on them (Visible either, for that matter). How might we deal with the issue of chemtrails, and what is your take on them, in general? Thank you in advance for passing along your thoughts and insights regarding this matter that affects every one of us...

Robin Redbreast said...

I'm now flowing through life
And life's now flowing through me.
Everything feels easy
I feel comfortable

No need to worry
And no need to fear
This love's never ending
Its so easy to bear.

I'm flowing through life now
Life's flowing through me.
So easy to listen
So easy to be me.

Most others not here yet
Busy busy busy
Busy doing nothing.
Fighting and reacting
Carrying so much negativity.

I too was like that
So not very long ago
And I've been here before
But was only peeking through
The crack of the door.

What's happening out there
The lies and deceit
The evil they've conjured
Will turn up their heat.

I've entered the room now
Closed the door tight behind
Now everything's happening
And everything is aligned.

Like water of the ducks back
I'm carefree
The madness of the world
Is not my priority.

The beauty of nature
The birds and the bees
The magnificent sunlight
The soft gentle breeze.

The stars up in heaven
Their twinkling delight.
I'm drunk on this feeling
The joy and the height.

My thoughts slowed right down now
As slow as can be.
I have inspiration

I've tried to pull others here
To make them just see.
To show them the way
Show how it can be.
But it's not their time yet
They can't travel free
They can't get here yet to
This new liberty.

So I'll continue on forward
Continue on free.
Watching and waiting
For others to join me.

I'm so grateful to be here
So thankful and free
The joy and the laughter
The wonderful glee.

I'm flowing through life now
Life's flowing through me.
So easy to see it
So easy to be me.

God bless all the travellers
I pray they take flight
God, thank you for guidance
And finally giving me the light.

Just wrote this after coming in from work - half day :)
Live love prayers and peave
Robin xxx

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready,
But wonder why the fight is on.

But they're all, bold as love.
Yeah, they're all bold as love.
Yeah, they're all bold as love.

Just ask the Axis.
He knows everything.."

Mark said...

Atlas shrugged a long time ago

But most of us pretended not to notice. The John Galts, Francisco D' Anconias, and Midas Mulligans left the building, and so the Wesley Mouches and Cuffy Meigses simply sent in the clowns. I recently read Farenheit 451 again, and it sure does resonate. Denham's Dentrifice! Remember the hound? We have drones, but the song remains the same.

I was working in a newsroom when the towers went boom. Everyone but me was glued to the television, all day long, for several days. Very little work got done, but no one cared. They were hypnotized, and you could see it in their eyes. After what happened to John-John, I guess I was expecting something big and smelly to come along. In the days which followed, flags sprouted everywhere, and they hung around for over a year. I felt like Kevin McCarthy in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Jack Finney wrote the book, which I'm reading now.

Between then and now, my wife suffered and died from Morgellons. She didn't really want to die, but I do believe that her gentle spirit had gotten it's fill of all the happy horseshit. When your days are spent pulling alien fibers out of your skin, and twitching from sudden electrical currents surging through your muscles, life begins to lose it's savor. The thrill is gone for me as well, but I hang in there for the sake of my two kids and Jack the dog.

Today I am only mildly disgusted with all the people who have sold out; after a while, you just get numb. My kids are in high school and of course they want to go to college. They are expecting to have a future, just like we thought we did. I am going through the motions, impersonating a man with a life, for their sake. Which is all we are left with, when you come right down to it. The end of an age is a hell of a thing to witness.

est said...

yes mark
[hang in there, bro]
that reminded me :

double john he died today
like icarus
he went that way

flew too far
on waxy wings

you can never
be too careful
with those things

anyways a chance remains
for all good souls to
take the reins

up again

preacher said...

Your story brought tears to my eyes and I admire your love for your children and dog Jack.
I just hope you see the road for loving yourself and living for yourself also...
Strenght Brother!

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

@ Mark, I feel for you there (and me too)... but, without wanting to sound programattic, a belief in the Divine, or a mission to find out, is a solution. nothing is "only" and only one thing can be "everything".

that Decker song is one of my favs., it also features throughout an excellent movie Drugstore Cowboy.
and yes, I wonder about it , the Israel theme, too. cue Led Zep. It makes me wonder. here's a solution, ALL convert to f*cking khazar Jewdaism (might as well), and make our own sinagogues like the Illuminati founder did to the Freemasons in 1740 ( as I am reading in Nesta Webster's Secret Societies), as Hitler did with the Labor movement group he used as a base, nuh! wouldn't work, it must be illegal these days to start a new religion or modify an existing. that's orthodoxy for you.

preacher said...

The comments on this vid turned very strange when some guys argued, there were too much women interviewed:

A Virus called Fear

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, December 13, 2012 2:47:00 PM

"But there are more than just three options available - there are infinite options available. That's the cool thing about being a human being - we have limitless potential. And limitless options. Something to think about, before you pass your God-given ability to think for yourselves, and act for yourselves, into the hands of some alleged 'benevolent entity'..."

I agree with you that there are infinite options. My posting was addressed more to those readers who have been 'conditioned' out of having more than just earth-plane options. You might want to check out my previous posting on this matter.

You are also right that not all woo-woo beings are here to help. There are both negative types and tricksters. In a different posting, I cautioned readers to be careful and start slowly. Get in touch with your own Higher Self before 'reaching out'.

Nevertheless, I assert that being human almost automatically puts major 'blinders' on us, which only dissolve as we reach some form of transcendence. I prefer some knowledgeable help along the way, myself.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

I appreciate the right-to-work law passed. It however may be questionable, if it would of passed by voting.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, December 13, 2012 3:02:00 PM .

"Ray B. ... Question: What do you think about chemtrails? I have never seen you comment on them (Visible either, for that matter). How might we deal with the issue of chemtrails, and what is your take on them, in general?"

For what it's worth, every time I go inside and ask Higher Self about the concept of 'chemtrails' (meaning intentionally-harmful additives to an aircraft's ordinary fuel, or direct spraying of additional compounds into an aircraft's wake), I get a response of "No."

Intellectually, I tend to be against a widespread-campaign scenario because it would put the bad guys, themselves, in harm's way. If you were a bad guy and aware of the harm done by, say, fluoridation of the water, you could stock up on bottled water or have a well. If you were a bad guy and aware of the harm done by, say, aspartame, you could alter your dietary choices. Once something has been massively added to the air, though, everybody is exposed. I do not see the bad guys as willing to suffer along with their victims. (This argument does not rule out limited, objective-based spraying over a 'target' area, though. This would look more like crop dusting in its distribution, not high-altitude dumping.)

I do understand that some evidence-gatherers have come up with anomalous substances. I also hear of mysterious 'maladies' under some contrails. I simply do not have the time, currently, to look deeply into those claims. I am 'fighting' on a different front...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Yeeaah! I just did my first hot-linking using this format and it worked! Small victories (grin).


Mark, I am very sad for your losses. Hang in there; much is afoot...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

speaking of sold out

Randy Newman Short People to Bought People (Dont want no bought people around here).

the gardener said...

Ray B. Thanks for bringing up the '3rd option' which is the only option I've found that works with what I've been going through with the sould ones of my 'micro of the macro' events.

and once one can come up with a 3rd option then it seems an infinite amount of options become availed.

Mark, we share a parallel with our losses and with having to suck it up and move along due to having teens to keep healthy and sane. If yours are like mine, they've grown through much experience forever changing their world. I feel your wife is very much involved in your lives 'down here'. I know my husband is very involved though in spirit form. Lots of that going on in these times.

Hang in there babies!

For all who don't see that there have been radical shifts to the processes yet-ie Mr A... it usually takes great physical changes to accomplish that ability to 'see' or 'get it'. I am finding it amusing to watch the clueless ones mocking already the energies of the shifts due to 12/21... the shifts have ALREADY been happening... perhaps they are just too numb to feel them?

EQs are good chakra shakers- 6.4 and 6.1 off San Nick and Catalina islands this morning...

the gardener

PS- For those with teens and/or smaller children, take this post very seriously-regardless of your/their losses-cost will be more than you ever thought possible.

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - since you are understandably sad for Mark's losses (as we all are), and since you believe chemtrails are benign substances (as was the implication in your post on the matter), perhaps you could explain what happened to Mark's wife, since chemtrails, if one were to follow your logic, couldn't possibly have caused her death? I would be fascinated to read your take on this matter...and I'm sure many others would be as well.

Anonymous said...

Ray B@ 4:47:

Yes, but the bad guys own and operate nuke plants. They can't hide from them any more than anyone else can. It becomes a small world indeed in view of what happeded, and will continue to happen at Fukushima.


preacher said...

So now they kill children to get at your guns Americans, on Monkey Day...

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Most Americans Don't Want The Truth

preacher said...

They Shoot Children, Don’t They?

"Be careful out there. Something wicked this way comes, from several directions. Don’t be part of it."

Neal said...

Some would see planes and chemtrails. Some would see the second heaven, crowded with the refuse of wars that were, and are, and are yet to come, seeing as the Age, and the times, can precipitate in non linear ways.

The planes, self emergent metaphors, easy with the machinery authorizing a delivery system that sneaks through. The rest, well, the days of Noah are here too, and giants are not what you think, so far. You should maybe hide your women, that rain likes to germinate.

They really like to keep the casualty ratio to 33 to 1, that keeps the memory of all this almost alive before judgement.

Things will change, but you will not survive it, not in flesh and blood. There is no hope for Man, only for the penitent. Good news for the rest of the life, I think.

Visible said...

I am in India and can see Arunachala from my window. More later.

Much love,


Mouser said...

Hej Visible.

Great to see you online. Jetlag is one day per hour of time shift to normalise.

What do the Indian people think about Western zionism and the attempt to a NWO?

Obama, CIA behind this 100% said...

By now, all of America has heard about the shocking school shooting in Connecticut; what most Americans have not yet realized is that this shooting is another ‘false flag’ event designed by the CIA and the SADISTIC criminals within the United States government to institute TOTAL CONTROL over the masses. Yes, this shooting is another shocking example of exactly how EVIL these people are; the mere fact that they would MASSACRE school children to achieve their goals of the disarmament of the American public is absolutely attrocious. These people MUST be stopped at all costs! It is not a coincidence that this has occurred the same day that a European Court has handed down a ruling against the CIA, labeling them as torturers and condemning extraordinary rendtion. Freedom in America and therefore the entire world will not survive as long as these EVIL henchmen are permitted to continue to implement their agenda.

Visible said...

Mouser; No way to know what they think right nown. Flat out incredible here. I would live here! Unbelievable!!! I was in a market and everyone hisknew me. You have no idea. Origami coming soon. God is very real. Guy who bought me this can't make it. Accident, no... intentional. Unreal.



Anonymous said...

I notice some of LV friends still like to call gay citizens " Queer".

Robin Redbreast said...

Soak it all up Visible

Mark said...

Thanks to each of you for your kind thoughts. It will be three years since come March 6, 2010 at 1:30 pm for those of you who are into number synchrinosity/serendipity. That was a long day made longer by the "authorities" who interrogated me and terrorized my children for about two hours. They seem to think they have the right to do this. They really wanted to do me right there, but some outside force stayed their hand. I was so invested with Renee, mostly on a spiritual level, and when she left, I was never the same.

There are still many people who will not believe in chemtrails, but I refuse to waste a minute trying to figure out why. As Jiminy Cricket said, "You've buttered your bread, now sleep in it." :-) We were living along the Colorado River in Bullhead City, Arizona. We had heavy spraying 28 out of 30 days. I think the reason why is because part of the extermination project involves first shagging the humans off the riverways. Those who choose to remain have been heavily dosed, and will pay the price. I cannot prove this, but I lived it, and I know what I know.

Perhaps Renee is still operating in our lives from where she is now. I just don't know. The biggest challenge in life is intuiting along, in an attempt to reconnect with who you really are. I know on a gut level that there is much more to reality than this presently insane world we live in. I do not know why it is the way it is, or even if we chose to be here on purpose. In spite of my blindness, there is something inside of me that will never give in to the dark force which has bushwhacked so many people. And believe me, I would rather be me than them.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Vis -- Very happy to hear you arrived safe and sound and we will all be looking forward to Origami. Have a safe journey! Just wondering to myself if your need to be in India at this time has something to do with 12/21/12. I'll stay tuned to see what the blogs reveal.

Robin Redbreast said...

This visible 'you' which you fancy to be yourself is limited in place, the real 'you' is not limited.

Robin Redbreast said...

The people of the world are all prisoners, awaiting death on the stake of annihilation; except one or two rare exceptions, whose bodies are in prison but their souls in heaven.

Travel safe and enjoy Les Visible

Anonymous said...

"Contrails", Ray B. called them. Interesting term there.

I realize Ray B. is busy with other things, and he is only after the truth, as are we all. So maybe this will help him get a firmer grip on the topic.

Contrails form at a temperature of -70 degrees Farenheit or lower, at an altitude of seven miles or higher, and they last for about 30 seconds maximum. Contrails are crystallized water vapor (frozen water vapor) - actually, they are ice crystals - and they are formed as a result of vaporized jet fuel interacting with the cold temperatures in the upper atmosphere.

I'm sure Ray B. just didn't realize this. Perhaps now that he has been informed as to what contrails actually are, he might begin to look over his head, periodically, and have a lucid moment or two, wherein he realizes that whatever is being sprayed over our heads, it surely isn't "contrails"...

Speaking of which, we're still waiting on your take regarding the reasons behind the passing of Mark's wife, Ray B. (I mean, since "chemtrails", in your intellectual opinion, aren't likely to exist.)

Feel free to give that a shot whenever your interaction with dwarves, elves, Robert Monroe Hemi-Sync headgear, and various beings from higher planes of consciousness, isn't taking up the brunt of your time.

We're all very patient here. And we all know that you, too, are seeking the truth above all else - as are we all. Best wishes. Etc.

Rob in WI said...

Would y'all prefer homo or sodomite?

the gardener said...

I can't find the poster who left the site that had the "Kay Griggs" synopsis tape on it.

I've heard about Kay Griggs since she came out but just could not bring myself to watch her vids. I watched the synopsized two videos the author who interviewed her posted.

As a military child I resonated with everything she said, recalled strange things my father relayed to me and some of the weird things he did in his career (literally jumping off ship whilst in either Naples or 'the Med'...) Beer for 5cents or whatever cheap to keep those swabbies all drunk. Should make it that no one married or with children allowed in the military so much harm is done to so many.

Since all of this is the anti-life behaviors that have gotten us all in a collective state of Stockholm Syndrome or worse and though Kay speaks of the military and intelligence with how 'things work' I know it can be translated to how the rest of our authoritarian systems 'work' too.

She names the names... it is all to do with pedophilia and grooming (destroying) the boys that will be part of the authority structure too... like the interviewer says in the vids "It's hard for me to see any pics of any of these top dogs without seeing them as partakers of the perversions" and then puts up a lot of pics of all the dirty ones whose names we all know.

On my pitiful micro realm I and my invisible (to others) friends and I are coming up with the 'cum shot' that these types can recognize stating 'GAME OVER' a real 'tail hook' event for them.

We enjoyed a few hours of pretty blue skies and real white puffy clouds today... but oh no... that wasn't meant to last-then 'the plens! The plens' started their obfuscation of our skies. All murky and grey again right now.

Really reduces my energy source when it is all cloudy and grey... 'drones, drones, on the range' hahahahaha

the gardener

PS-I always took a double look at anyone who'd accuse me of being 'overprotected' when it came to my child. I think schools and other expensive child holding tanks are set up just as pens to sort our children out for the perverts' desires. Careful with your children these days. If it doesn't 'feel' safe or they want to stay home off schedule... follow your gut!

Sim said...

Hi The Gardener

Here is that previous reference to Kay Griggs.

I hope that helps...

By the way, the "search" buttons in the right hand sidebar of Vis' blogs do work (when they feel like it, but more often than not, they will find you what you want).



Anonymous said...

Well, Ray B...I'm so shocked you didn't offer any insights into the reasons why Mark's wife might have died. (I mean, since, according to you, chemtrails aren't likely to exist.)

I now believe that you are either a witting or unwitting board shill, Ray. Your disrespectful and cavalier comments about the likelihood of the passing of Mark's wife being related to chemtrails - relegating them to the sphere of the highly unlikely - is the critical "tell" here.

I challenged you to tell us what might have caused her death, since, in your own words, your "intellectual" take on the matter was that chemtrails do not exist. (Although, as you pointed out, you have heard of certain "maladies" being related to chemtrails - those quotes are yours, you put them around the word; and those quotes imply that you think the "maladies" are imagined or caused by other things.)

Your response to my query, was to once again ignore it.

Curious behavior there, Ray B. Attack and deny. Dismiss and ignore. Belittle and pretend nobody is calling you out on something.

But heck, maybe your glasses were fogged over, Ray - I should not be quick to jump to conclusions here. So I will ask you once again, to explain yourself, in the spirit of fellowship here...

What, Ray B., do you think caused Mark's wife's death, since, according to you, chemtrails are not likely to exist, let alone cause "maladies"?

And now there is an additional question, since you ignored my post about exactly what a contrail is, and under what conditions it is said you hadn't had time to look into the issue, Ray; well, knowing your time is used up dealing with Elves and such, I took the time to lay out the basic scientific facts about contrails, and the conditions under which they are formed.

What do you think about that, Ray? How does that "jibe" with your previously held notions on the matter, that "chemtrails" are not likely to exist?

We're all after "the truth", here, aren't we, Ray? There are things that a benevolent guru such as yourself, can learn, too, are there not, Ray?

Once again I await your response addressing these two very well-defined requests of mine.

(Knowing full well that if you do respond, you will likely NOT address the central issue - once again. Either that or you will dance around it. One or the other.)

Go ahead "Ray B."; show us what you're made of here...keep writing. Keep leaving a written record of your odious, disinfo-driven drivel. That's the whole point of my exercise, sir...

Ray B. said...

There is an old board 'rule': "Don't feed the trolls." I think I'll abide by that.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Mark said...

Ray B.

I would have done this sooner, but I guess that Vis is holding off his Origami for the sake of demonstration. A good call, I think. But back to you, Ray.

Shills give off a scent. Their footprints are clumsy and obvious to the observant. I will not browbeat you because that would be a waste of time. I have a theory. Shills have been skulking about for at least 10 years, probably as long as chat rooms have been around. They were actually real people to begin with, people who were unemployed and were willing to do anything for a few bucks. Losers, in other words. But I think that progress has been made, and that shills might be no more than algorithms on 24/7 standby, triggered by certain words and programmed to respond according to the program. Which means that you might not even exist, and that I am responding to a figment of some asshole's twisted imagination. Whatever the case may be, I just wanted to say, tag, you're it.

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - Anybody who reads through through the comments in this thread, will see what you are. Your little hot-linking troll-rant just drove the spike deeper inside yourself. Anybody who reads THAT particular bit of "Sherlock Holmes" work you claim to have done, will see that you are a shill. Your suggestions and opinions actually harm people, Ray. Your dismissal of chemtrails is flat-out unhealthy to every single person who reads this thread (provided they don't already have an opinion on the matter). It's been pointed out to you what a "contrail" actually is. It was pointed out in scientific terms. And it was pointed out to you in the first place, because you claimed to not really know much about it (being too busy and all), but in your opinion, "intellectually", the phenomenon of chemtrails was likely bogus (and brother, that response, is right out of the online trolls handbook). You also marginalized and discredited a man who lost his wife to chemtrail-related illnesses. This was pointed out to you. And you ignored it - you have not commented on it when asked to do so more than once. Predictably, you don't respond when challenged on this. It was even predicted (by me) that you WOULDN'T respond to it. You are a little child, Ray, a little troll child. Wittingly or unwittingly. You're either paid to do your shill work, or you have been mindfucked into doing it via the New Age Sewage crowd. Either way, you are dangerous to anybody who swallows your Kool-Aid. Fortunately, now, a few less people who spend significant time here will actually do that. So I guess that's something. See you in the other threads, Ray B., and, oh yes, by all means, "Best wishes".

Visible said...

Obviously there's a lot of anger going on here. I also just found profanity laced invective in the spam folder. If your comments start to not appear here it is because I dsapprove of the direction. Furthermore, no one has to believe anything here, or support any POV here if they don't want to.

Visible said...


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