Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Cusp of 12/21/12 or Whatever

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well... tomorrow is the day; that long awaited day and today seems like any other day, before some ordinary day to follow. Yesterday I was sitting somewhere, I forget where and a flash of images came into my head. This happens to me a lot. Things come out of nowhere, which is actually an invisible somewhere. I don't always process and comprehend whatever it may be, because my personal perspective intrudes upon the cosmic perspective; not always, sometimes I get it right. Is this one of those times? I don't know.

It occurred to me that very few people know very much about the Mayans and those who think they do may not have the essence of it all right either. The Mayans are a vanished people. Oh, there are still descendants of the Mayans around but the culture got swallowed up by something. They left us a calendar, which purported to signal the end of things, when the last day of that calendar arrived and that would be tomorrow. Doomsayers have been predicting all kinds of things; reversed magnetic polarities, a reversal of orbit. We haven't seen much of that up to the moment but... here is what occurred to me yesterday-

What if this is the actual end of The Kali Yuga? What if tomorrow is the demarcation line between the darkness of the old world and the bright luminescence of that awaited golden age? This thought struck me pretty hard and would not leave my mind. This is interesting, given how occupied my mind is with my present surroundings. It seemed to be very possibly true. I know such a time is coming and it seems to fit with a lot of things I won't get into at the moment because I am operating under certain creative constraints, which I hope to address and rectify shortly.

I do not mean to say that on the morrow, someone will wave a magic wand and all the sucking mud of our previous grayscale existence, will release our footsteps, metaphorically speaking from the ooze and slime of suffocating material culture. I don't think it is any mistake that I am where I am at the moment or that any of us are where we are at the moment; who we are at the moment and doing what we are doing at the moment. I think there will still be some amount of bad judgment and evil doing that may continue for a time but that all of it will start to meet up with positive resolution and transformation, into what it should be instead of these travesties we have been afflicted with up until this point.

Where I am at the moment, I could believe almost anything to be possible. The are no limits whatsoever upon what the ineffable can accomplish in the hearts and minds and- to some degrees- by the hands of those so inspired to channel the cosmic intent.

This has been a sick world for a good long while. Some will argue with me about this; those jived up clowns from the lucrative new age, who say if all we allow ourselves to see is the hidden beauty around us, or whatever the spiel is, that is all we would see and experience. I am afraid I hold these perspectives to be Polyannaland. It might be they are right but I haven't seen it. I am sure it does exist in a limited fashion, somewhere in a gated community, or some remote beach where you can have all your needs attended to by impoverished natives, whose industries and bodies are at your command, so long as you have the jack. Thailand answers to that description,or did, until each more and more remote beach, was eventually over run by the hedonists and headcases in search of paradise and uncomplaining pussy. Certainly some portion of that is still going down, along with people trying to play Decaprio in The Island.

It used to amuse me (not really) after I had run into a few dozen of a particular sort, who would take regular trips to these locales for the purpose of human trampoline action, or the horizontal hula (if you prefer). They all had a certain body type and mindset and deplored the state of western women, as it particularly concerned them.

If you really want to hear the whiners on this subject you only have to go to Hawaii. I guess I could see what they were talking about but it didn't impinge on me. I always found the exceptions and managed to see the rule coming way ahead of time. This is what material culture will create though. It makes people stupid and selfish and that increases, until all kinds of psycho-sexual and other pathologies come into being. As a student of this whole dynamic, a fascinated observer, I've seen enough to show me what comes around when full bore, material realm hypnotics come into full expression. This is one of the reasons I tend to stay inside my own little bubble, or walk in Nature, where there is a deal less of what I don't want to see, except when I am studying it, like a lepidopterist or something. I probably misspelled that word but you get the idea.

So, maybe the Mayans had a whole other thing happening with that calendar. My invisible friends have been telling me for a long time that a mini golden age was going to come. Of course, I hear all kinds of things and like I said, I don't always get it right because the personal can intrude on the cosmic but... sooner or later it gets clarified for me like some kind of ghee.

Obviously the old world is breaking down and that is why the trolls and goblins are in such a rush to imprint their will on it or hold it together with bailing wire, duct tape and chewing gum. They've always been demons behind the scenes but these days they are right out there in full daylight, doing all sorts of obnoxious things. It's like they know it's got to end soon and they want to get all their licks in and all their ya ya's out. They're not like you and me. They killed off the human inside themselves some time ago. They might not have been human when they got here or they might have gotten hijacked on the road. I don't know.

As you know, I am an optimist, even when things aren't going all that well for me, as happens here and there and probably more than I would like, although it is showing signs of change now.

I saw this guy who was doing parrot astrology (don't ask). A parrot was involved and making selections and it turned out that I was from the family of Shiva and Ganesha was my special friend. This I already knew. Then he told me that I had had 16 years of bad highway and that it had all just ended this month and prosperity and all kinds of good things would be coming to me; always nice to hear that sort of thing. Oddly enough a jyotish astrologer told me that some while ago and he didn't have a parrot. I don't know what to say so... no comment.

Anyway, I feel as if I am on the lip of great adventure and I suspect the same may be the case with some number of you. Something new is in the wind. Of course, I went into the wind recently and maybe that is why I am getting that sensation. I'm going to end this here; always fearful that the post might disappear on me. By this time next week I should have it all pretty much together and be more regular and usual length and all that. Good wishes to you all,

End Transmission.......

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the gardener said...

I been trippin' big time on the '3 days of darkness' don't know if I posted the links to what I've been picking up and *voila* there it is...

so get your windows taped so the demons let loose for one last rape and pillage and gobbledygook up of those '3 days of darkness'. Don't look out the taped closed window coverings...don't answer the doors and let anyone in regardless of who or what it sounds like.

One last rugged rotten pass through then... good times to be a human again. To be preceded by 'bitter cold nights'. You'll be needing some holy water (you can get some of that from any Catholic church-bring your own bottle) and beeswax candles (won't go out) kind of like Hannukah magic lamps that didn't go out. uh hmmmm.

and here's St Michael's prayer against the beasts and the wicked-

I was thinking today about the Y2K 'thing' and how much the entire world has changed FOR THE WORSE IN EVERY WAY since then. Maybe it did 'end' in 1999... Thought it was Stuart Wilde but it was Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD who said 'all the Viables were pulled in '99' I believe. Leaving us with potential to endure the endless psychopathy of the possessed and the other ghoulish play where there is no limit to human, animal, earthly suffering.

let's see what he's saying in his installment #5

It was pulled so tight the other day but seems to have eased back off again but something has got to give so people can start making normal life plans again.

the gardener

SloeDaddy said...

"What if tomorrow is the demarcation line between the darkness of the old world and the bright luminescence of that awaited golden age?" It will be glorious!

Robin Redbreast said...

Your post and thoughts on this new golden age is what I have been feeling/hoping for too. I feel it too, and I really do.
These trolls- I think are just angry people who aren't anywhere 'there' yet -and these attacks are just symptoms of their internal struggles and a bit of jealousy that they want to be closer to 'there' but are so going in the wrong direction that their actions are poorly calculated and befuddled. The 'forgive them for they know not what they do' comes to mind.
God bless, good travel and tidings etc

zendeviant said...

It's called "ponerology"--the study of the sources/causes of evil.

Butterflies are much more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

Reporting from Chichen Itza. The energy is starting to ramp up with the numbers increasing geometrically. Up to 250,000 persons are expected with end of the world traffic gridlock and Internet Web gridlock and creative con-fusion looming. But lmany many beautiful lightworkers, burners, technoradicals and ceremonial magicians with fun in their hearts showing-up. Where everyone is going to stay is an open question. The Mayans are being actively included in all ceremonies.

Still practical solutions that are able to address the whole of humanity are in short supply in my opinion. But intention proceeds manifestations.

I'll send an update later.

Anonymous said...

Les- hope you have a wonderful experience in India, and please keep up the good work.

wanted to pass on this link, to the single best video on the Mayan prediction for 2012 that I have come across:

Anonymous said...

How can I find out when these "years of bad highway" will end for me?


mike m said...

Still getting "Hollywood Style End Of The World" response from many and when I suggest it might be the dawn of a New Age I am met with befuddlement and/or blank stares.

Oh well, to each is own I guess?

Rob in WI said...

Hi Visible,
Hope the wonder of your adventure is overwhelming the technical difficulties.
Last night I was awoken by some "thundersnow" (a thunderstorm during snowfall). I hadn't experienced this for quite a few years, and was disoriented due to the interruption of a dream. Anyhow, the lightning flashes and loud booms were pretty eerie. Thought for a moment; "well, maybe this is it". When I realized what was going on, I laughed my ass off, and couldn't go back to sleep.
Be well, Rob

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, December 20, 2012 3:41:00 PM

"But intention proceeds manifestations."

Exactly. Well Said!

I visited Chichen Itza twenty-some years ago. After I'd climbed to the top and was looking around, a 'voice' came out of me and said, "It's good to be back." Woo-woo...

I can just imagine both the excitement and the crowds. Good luck, and I will look forward to your 'report'.

Vis, do the Indians around you seem to know (and/or care) about all the Mayan calendar uproar?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It's already 12/21/12 in parts of the world, and I feel absolutely nothing. We will eat at a Sikh restaurant to celebrate Yule, and I will thank my gods for all they've done for me, but I'm not really expecting anything. I'm open to being wrong since whenever I say something the opposite seems to happen, but hey.

Glad you're having a good time, dude.

zepheri said...

I've read that the mayans spread out in all directions after a three year drought around 900 ad. Also reason to believe they had a major roll in the mound building of the eastern u.s.\midwest. They had a great knowledge but far from all knowing.

Robin Redbreast said...

Rob in WI
I always read from you: 'be well Rob' or something similar -and I think - aww nice-
Be well Rob!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

had a blackout here last night, just as I went to bed with my apnea machine on first thought it was the machine had blown up, second thought this was it, third thought it was the PTB doing a quick dry run for the false flag (blame it on the Mayans), last thought it was just a blackout. It was just a blackout.

preacher said...


That was a great vid! Thanx!

"May The Force Be With Us All!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

Love your posts :o). I am sure you are right about the shift from the negative to the positive. I have known this at the cosmic level for some time. When we pass through the galactic centre all that is back the front now will be tilted right way back up again. The foundational aspect of this will be TRUTH. The truth shall set you free, as Jesus (Yeshua from Bethleham) informed us. Yeshua was one of the first fruits and his blood paved the way from the book of the dead to Yehweh's Kingdom on Earth. It is all looking very good to me, contrary to what transpires. The divine has revealed much to me over the last 17 years, and lately the communications come somewhat fast and furiously. We are now entering a Golden Age where truth and freedom will once more reign. The force behind this evolution of mankind's consciousness is unstoppable, and I revel in the fact that I am blessed enought to be part of the this change.

Lots of love brother. Have a great time on your journey. Luv Kazz

KEYSTONE said...

Vis and all, Welcome to the "New Dawn"! If you look at a U.S gold or silver 1 ounce coin it shows Lady Liberty gesturing with her arm at the rising sun! With the people that pick up your aura(?)where ever you go Vis, all I can say is "Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

Neal said...

Those Mayans, there is the application of free will in space, then there is the timelike. Any Mound Priest worth his or her salt would explain that, but that would be autism, in this place. Not lines, whirlwinds, and choices that redistribute each according to their need. I guess you really have to be there, but then, you would not really be from here, in the first place. That is funny, it really only has to be just a ghost, maybe holy, that is some War, maybe now, maybe before and after. Things become unsealed when they serve the One, that is really something to behold.

insiam said...

Thailand i here you say. Que me: Having been here for 20 years i can (i think) speak with some authority of sorts on this place.

Your description is becoming fairly outdated. The numero uno tourist here today consists mainly of familys. Mostly Russians, Eastern Europeans, Chinese and East Asians - familys.!

All very well and good. But their vacations are by far paid for at source and their daily spend whilst holidaying is very small - on average. Miniscule compared to what was pent by the old rapidly declining western tourist market.

Winners and losers: Winners big buisness. Losers small traders, girls - doing what they seem to be well known for globally - and their dependent famillys, everyone else.

From time to time we have here all sorts of fruit cake americans that have been sponsored by the american tax payer to show these people the errors of their ways. They are a complete laughing stock by all. One example is some big lard arse bible bashing type of unf**kable girl that goes in to bars and hands out free cash to the bar girls who are trying to earn a living to keep their families from ruin. The girls are very polite, take the hand out have a party then go back to work. That will never change. There are also certain types of law enforcement that are here on missions to educate the Thai police. I have several friends and neighbors that are police. They spend the whole time taking the piss out of these moronic idiots. Yes they can read and know who runs shit on the biggest scale worldwide. But they take whatever they hand out and listen to their complete bullshit - nice to be nice.

Things are what they are - wherever. Take away the social security checks from westerners and see how many will join the 'service industry' very quickly.

There is no expliotation as such by westerners here. The real shit is done by the hosts themselfs. And no lard arse yanky law enforcement moron will change that during this age or the next.

Of course there are a lot - still - of fat ugly old weard men that come here for carnal gratification. But as the girls say here beggars cant be choosers so bring them in. These men are also - as it happens - wrung out to dry and sent packing when their money has gone.

So the truth is these people dont want some missionary halfwits spoiling busnesss. Sort out your own trouble - as they would say.

20 years and still learning. Although i do recall very well the view i had from my new eyes when i first arrived.

Xmas is wonderful when we are kids - but it gets a little less magical when we know the illusion and peak behind the curtain!

est said...

what if we all thought the
same thing at the same time

would that change anything ?

what if we each thought the
same thing at different times

would anything change then ?

what if everyone on the planet
recognized everyone else

as the one awareness we are ?

why the hell can't we figure
this out, correctly - tell me

i'm dying to know

Terrance said...

Hello Visible.....elephants have more grey matter than humans....onelove!

Anonymous said...

Good wishes to you, too, Vis.
Take care

Anonymous said...

If you put the continents back together, it looks like the same neighborhoods. The Mayan's Copan going with the land of Cush and the mounds of Mesopotamia and Europe going with the mounds of the southeastern states.

2.92 inches per year times 65 million years = 3000 miles = the Atlantic Ocean. I think it happened a little faster than that.

Is that Yucatan asteroid strike mirrored on the African coast?

You can't get the truth from these people, all marching in formation to the same drum. They worked so hard to memorize those lies.

Anonymous said...

OMG the Mayan End Times are officially here...I'm melting...melting...ohhhhhhh. Quick, get me my Harmonic Convergence helmet. I am going to dance with the faeries in the electrified cosmos and eat peanut butter with Capn' Crunch, and it's going to be soooo good, oh yessssssssssss, etc.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee whiz. I guess the world didn't end after all. Nothing happened. Not...a damn...thing. Evil still holds sway. Up is still down. Right is still wrong. And insanity is still the new norm. Go figure. All those saps who bought those books and tapes about the 12/21 End Times, and what it all meant, and what they could expect. One of these days I'm going to open a Psychic Phone Sex line. Customers will call in, and I'll give them two predictions - Prediction Number One, you are not going to get laid...Prediction Number Two, this phone call is going to cost you a lot of money. "Thanks for playing...buh-bye."

preacher said...

Tom Lescher has a very special astrolgy forecast for these days.
It's great!

Much strenght and love to all!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I peeked at the end..

Krishna did it!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Anonymous said...

I hate to say "I told you so", but I did. The mayan calendar maker dropped the 2013 calendar on his toe and broke both. While recuperating on a disability stipend, he took a liking to the cactus juice and forgot he ever was a calendar maker.

Actually, I don't hate to say "I told you so". I love to say that. I don't know whether to drink in celebration that it didn't happen or to drink in mourning that it didn't. Either way, I have a good reason to drink.


Ray (bottoms up) Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

I started thinking really hard about Doomsday the day before it was supposed to arrive. That calendar that the Mayans had worked up was pretty darned precise, supposedly. Made me feel sickly in my guts; suddenly I wanted my blanky and my mommy and a nap. But then I thought, "Hey, at what TIME will all of this come down?" If they had this thing down to a precise date, then they must have it down to a precise hour, or minute, or even a precise second. Hmm. Did they figure it would all come down at midnight on the 21st of December? And if so, would that be Greenwich Mean Time? Or Pacific Standard Time? Would they be partying in San Francisco at 1:00 p.m., say, while the shit was already coming down way across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe? Well, I couldn't get my mind around that one. But I figured the Mayans didn't have different time zones back in their day...but then, who knows, maybe they did have time zones, maybe they did the "spring forward, fall back", thing, too. But no, that didn't seem likely. Then I thought, "If the shit comes down, it would have to be at a precise moment, there wouldn't be any delay based on time zones." Then I thought about how the Church had destroyed most of the Mayans elaborate records concerning astronomical forecasts (or whisked much of it away into vaults somewhere). Then I thought about how the Church (or, if you prefer, "The Controllers") had left this one very singularly important piece of information out in the open, for public consumption. And then I realized the whole thing was a red herring, designed to scare the bejesus out of the herd, so then I went out and had a few beers and forgot about the whole thing...woke up on the morning of the 22nd and my toaster still worked, and there was Nancy Grace, grinning at me on my TV screen. Wow. I sure got worked up for nothing there. I am going to go scour the Internet now, and read the ramblings of the gifted sages who will doubtless spin their stories about how the End Times is metaphoric, and the Great Awakening is in progress. Then I'll go pay my rent, get a hair cut, and cut a loud fart...



Joseph Brenner

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