Friday, August 22, 2014

Ed Gein in a Skin Suit with Louboutins

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Now we see an ominous glimpse of the agenda of the 1%. Those who are directly responsible for world conditions at this time. ISIS was created by western and Israeli intelligence services to act as a foil and a stimulus for reckless adventurism, manifesting as a whole lot of murder and mayhem against people without the weaponry to defend themselves. They are the new boogeyman to replace Al Qaeda, who is getting long in the tooth and they are the ones who are going to be blamed for the next major league false flag event soon to take place in the US or some similarly strategic location. However, the sense of things here says, USA! USA! USA!

Even your generic dumbass ought to be able to catch on to this by now but... unfortunately for the country, probably not. They'll provide the immediate outrage and sense of violation, while screaming about liberals, who in fact are not liberals. As is t.he case with those whose job description is to come up with symbolic names for their staged offences against humanity, they have assigned the name ISIS to this group of psychopathic mercenaries; Egyptian moon goddess and wife of Osiris. We can only hope Horus is around and a departure from expectations.

Here's the kind ofindividual that makes up the ranks of the 1% being as I was born (allegedly) on the 22nd, I am including 22 quotes from the Monsters of the New World Order and you get a lovely photo of David Rockefeller to go with it who says lizards don't walk among us. Sure, you could argue he looks as much like a weasel and of course his dietary preferences reflect that but lizard feels as legitimate as anything else.

Now let us foray into yet one more cheap stunt from the dungmeisters at the top No... really? Really? Yeah, well, I don't know one way or the other but anytime something like this happens and anytime the Zio-press trumpets some event that sparks all sorts of potential action, I have to assume they fabricated it.

In the meantime, onward goes the relentless assaults upon human freedom and common sense and this is all part and parcel of tenderizing and pacifying the public to accept whatever ridiculous situations these fiends come up with. Things like that and things like this are meant to send a powerful message to the lumpen (headed) proletariat. This is meant to be enjoyed along with the disappearance of a functioning economy, a bankrupt jobs market, a no longer present manufacturing base and assorted ills ALL CREATED by these same evil and possessed autobots, who operate at the pleasure of their infernal liege lord. If you are not human but you are walking around in a human suit, especially in the way Ed Gein used to, or if your behavior leads to similar results, there are only a few options as to what you might be. You might have regressed back to an animal state and we see that more and more, as appetite goes into ascendance over reason. You could be divine... and we see less and less of that as time goes by or... you could be demonic and in the cases of those plaguing humanity 24/7 we would have to say it is the latter that is in evidence.

For the elite there is a whole new meaning to, “let them eat cake”. I have to assume that Louboutins are shoes and that puts me in mind of the irrepressible Jimmy Choo. I don't know how many of you are aware of the upscale women who were having surgery done on their toes so that they could fit into a pair AND for the rest of you lunkheads there are increasing shortages of all those critical comestibles upon which you rely. When it comes to maintaining the basic elements of life and the acquisition of basic staples, nothing says it better than Nutella.

These are the times that have been predicted for so long. This is how it is when you contemplate what it is. On the one hand a greedy acquisitiveness that will stop at nothing to achieve its ends, with a face like David Rockefeller and on the other hand a massive rank and file of those too stupid to live; Darwin Award candidates all. I don't mean to set a pessimistic tone to my posting today. I'm optimistic, even though my recent plans have now been stood on their head, so that if I were anyone else, I would throw my hands up in the air and say WTF is going on? I haven't seen such a turmoil of changes as I am now seeing, ever, in this life AND today of all days.

One has to stay on the sunny side of the street NO MATTER WHAT one is confronted with. Even my former consort, amicably disposed to me, is shaking her head and not understanding how certain things can be happening to me. It has reached the realm of science fiction and fantasy. What am I to take away from this? There must be some kind of higher plan and I must rely on that. I fail to see any other option, especially now, as options play musical chairs with my head. Good grief!

No... it never pays to be negative. Even if one is facing the headsman's axe, there are any number of potentially positive outcomes and some of them even include the axe falling. When you don't know you don't know but... this is a plane of infinite possibility, of whose possibilities only a limited amount are seen. It's like a bus station surrounded by a fog bank. No one knows what is in the fog or beyond the fog and it takes a trepiditious touch and go through the unseen, accompanied by an innate assurance that all will be well and that portion of the mix greater than the trepidation, to finally win out.

Have there been creatures formerly resident here who has won out? We may have record of their visit here but we know little about where they ventured on to. Great men have been poisoned by the state or poisoned by their followers, like Socrates and Prabupad. Could that possibly have been the end result of their tale? I have the benefit of certain evidences that cannot be shown, seen or spoken of. They can only be acknowledged and held close within the secret chambers of the heart and for this reason I do not despair nor ever shall. I shall never embrace curmudgeon status or have my heart harden or my mind enslaved by appearances brought forth out of darkness. That is a course taken by others and I will not walk that way.

I suspect that beyond this vale of tears there awaits things more terrible than the mind can presently imagine and things more beautiful than the mind can imagine and that is solely dependent on any given mind in accord with courses taken. In a world where symmetry is seen in all things, outside of the human realm, could it be possible that justice does not manifest at some level according to its own mysterious workings?

We live in an age of the instantaneous, an age of technological marvels and an overwhelming onslaught of information, accompanied by a smorgasbord of delights tailored to every appetite. Something has gone missing in the mix as a result. What is unseen, is defamed and ridiculed and what is seen is held up as absolute. As a result of this, some tiny minority has become convinced that they can come to hold sway over the whole of it all. They are dreaming. I tell you with a certitude that I cannot express in words, they are dreaming. We are all dreaming but... some of us wake up.

End Transmission.......

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vera said...

So GLAD you have gotten your second wind. You are certainly on a roll. Keep the presses rolling. A thought to go along with your post.
You cannot fight darkness with darkness, only LIGHT can do that. Keep the spotlight on the culprits. Oh by the way, Happy Birthday!! Hope it somehow winds up on a even keel today. Just keep that amazing faith that blazes through your words and it will see you thru all these currents we all are navigating. It is changing minute by minute for so many of us and the greatest lesson is to hold on to that faith in the Ineffable to see us through whatever comes our way. Just roll with it and understanding will come after the fact! So glad to hear your inner workings are so working properly! Keep 'em coming!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I read Nutella is made with GMOs. Needless to say, Ferraro Rocher is off my list for eats no matter how good their shite tastes. Those Louboutin shoes look horrible. Not only for the damage they do, they look STOOPID! I may be a chick, but I gotta admit I can't understand the rest of 'em worth a damn. What a paradoxical creature so many are. I have never seen anything that voluntarily inconveniences itself on such a persistent basis as the human chick. Gods, I swear I probably have a greater understanding of bedbug psychology.

Oh yeah. They're programmed to be like that.

Excuse me now whilst I go away and bang my head on the wall.

Anonymous said...

ho ho hooooo!
a morning of laughter as i sip my hot, black coffee.

the examples of grievous fucked-up-ness were out of the ballpark absurd! i love it. the stupid $900 cupcake for the retarded rich this the WILDEST thing they could come up with? the limits of filthy lucre indeed. maybe they should roll up a thousand dollar bill and light a cigar! how wild and original is that?

as for the foley parents....i had to turn the radio off as their phony foley voices filled my kitchen with bizarre could they say what they were saying if their beautiful boy -- their child -- had been beheaded because of POLITICS...because fools in government had played a game and lost? how? well did not happen. and they get 6 rotten tomatoes for those performances.

oh my hoo hoo the wave of absurdity cresting!? or can it -- will it get more desperate and blatant? i vote yes. more to come. don't freak out it's only earth.
and happy birthday vis....i've always noticed the shit hits the fan on my birthday with all sorts of bitch slaps....i have learned to take it as a cosmic joke since most of the world is still utterly childish about their birthday and seem to expect a pony or some other juvenile endorsement of their life....but the creative forces led by mr. apocalypse want you to laugh and say....fuck that herd mentality. i'm free of cupcakes and stupid songs and crap cards from hallmark and by the way....i'm fucking immortal!!!!!
enjoy all, dread nothing and continue on.

Erik said...

Happy Birthday Vis!

Love to One and All ...

Visible said...

Long time no hear Erik (thank you)

Anonymous said...

With the USA in bed with the Israelis MAYBE we could "CUT a DEAL with the IDF?

What if we attack their enemies and they attack our enemy aka MEXICO?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to knw that Bill Clinton enjoys his $1000 cigars. Each, not the whole box.

Happy Birthday Vis.


Doug Pearson said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Visible!! You have a good un...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:49,

The U.S. in not in bed with the zio-nazis. The situation is more analogous to that infamous scene in the movie 'Deliverance'. We non-tribe members are playing the role of Ned Beatty.


Ray B. said...

Vis: "We can only hope Horus is around and a departure from expectations."

Your sentence brought up an old occurrence...

About a quarter-century ago (aarrggh!), I was in Egypt with a spiritual-type group. We were having a wonderful time going around seeing/feeling all the old, good stuff. In one of the grand, old temples, there was a group of rooms at the back. (Sorry about the vagueness; this is intentional.) I switched over into my 'sensing' state, in case there was anything interesting there. Time to 'check them out'...

Room after room was just empty and 'sterile'. Then, one room had a definite 'something'! Energetically, I backed way off and started checking out stuff with Higher Self.

It turned out that the rooms were old micro-temples or worship rooms, each for one of the old Gods/Goddesses. In all but one, the 'connection' was severed or shut down. "Dead." In the one I had 'noticed', there was still a direct - and I mean direct - connection to Horus! It was the equivalent of a 'gate' or 'portal'. It was "Active." Wow!

I did (and do) feel very cautious about 'probing' down that 'gateway'. This continues, even to the present. So far, I have simply 'memorized' its location so I can do whatever is appropriate in the future. Basically, I'm waiting for a "Now!" intuition. If I 'go', there will be a lot of 'backup'. Should be interesting, if/when that happens. (grin)

It is an exciting world...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Mondecello, yes, I feel it. Everyday. The ruthless penetration, tearing, puncturing. And then the bleeding. And then again and again. Everywhere. And just when the injury starts to heal, another assault. From behind, and underneath, the dark-ugly monster, dirtying up the sheets.

Where beats the heart of kind compassion; is it only the victims who know such love? Beyond the relief of trusting in God, are there other escapes for we of earth?

I googled to see if Ned Beatty is still alive and he is. Perhaps there is something he can do. Grabbing at straws, I know.

Watch your back(side).

In Simpatico,


est said...

the day you were born
the earths axis tilted

the sun shone brighter
and the moon at night

all through the land
your praises were sung

and you, humble and true
lived forever, in all our hearts

spiller233 said...

Happy birthday Visible. As always, your perserverence and determination is an example to us all.

Have a great day, love,


BCii said...

(copypaste from the tail end of the last thread at SM)

Dear Vis and all, I am glad to report that the dire situation I spoke of has resolved itself beautifully. I did indeed take the right approach, and due to that, I believe there is now far less danger of the same type of thing happening again.

The global signs of the times seem all too dire as well, but I am more entertained by it all than worried in any way. I know where it's ultimately going, and I look forward to the end result. Vistas of harmony, love and beauty beckon from beyond this veil of mist and shadow. The peril, the comedy and the tragedy of these times, frame a call to the heroic aspect of the human spirit, a call to remember who we are and what we can do. We will look back on these times with pride and awe and deep, deep gratitude that what happened, happened the way it did -- and that we got to witness and be a part of it.

And on we go. I'm glad you folks are here. We're all needed. Thanks for showing up.

beaming love and respect,
juho william tauriainen

Em said...

Happy Birthday, Vis ... and have a safe journey to your next destination. ..peace..

@est -- Lovely poem!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Visible - and many more to come! You are appreciated.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

CGI's Morgan: Ed Gein in a Skin Suit with Louboutins~~~Dog Poet (views: 191)
CGI_admin -- Friday, 22-Aug-2014 09:56:50


Today: 20
Total: 3733674 on the Petri Dish site

Now why are 171 hits not showing up on this site? What the fook is google doing?

These were collected in the same timeframe. The top is rumormillnews, and the link is back up on both rense and whatreallyhappened, so the number of hits is way higher than 191 since I'm sure rense and wrh have a viewership that is way bigger than rmn.

I just couldn't believe the 20 hits for all day, ya ken?

Unknown said...

dear vis iv been reading your articles for some time now and just wana say i love them all im 51 year s old now and have been through a f ew sand storms and come out clean o n the other side im acually learning how to deal with the zombie sociopa ths in all walks of life thankfully there is divine teachers like your self to guide the fallen atmas than k you and keep on with your writing

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Why and the Wherefore of Whatever

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz, Happy Birthday! I have a song I am going to sing for you and it was inspired by today's petri dish.

Sunny Side of the Steet

Grab your coat and grab your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side of the street

When you hear that pitter pat
It means that happiness is your step
Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade with my blues on parade

But now I 'm not afraid
this rover, crossed over

If I never had a dime
I'd be rich as Rockefeller
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street


Say, I am in good voice today! Hope you enjoyed my rendition.

I can remember my mom singing that song around the house when I was a kid. It is a nice memory. Thanks, Visible, for causing me to have a nice memory! I am choked up a little bit.


Anonymous said...

About Prabhupad, a growing number of people are questioning if him, his guru Bhaktisiddhanta, and his guru's father Bhaktivinod actually presented real Gaudiya Vaisnavism or merely if they are Illuminati puppets. Bhaktivinod was the highest ranking magistrate in the British Govt of India, and it's pretty much guarenteed that he was an initiated Freemason, as they would not have allowed him to have such a high position without being part of the inner cabal. He also prosecuted that yogi who was preaching against the British govt. The British were absolutely evil in India, and Bhaktivinod was a collaborator with them.

Aside from the conspiracies, much of the philosophy promoted by Bhaktivinod, Bhaktisiddhanta, and Prabhupad are against real Hinduism, and even the original teachings of Gaudiya Vaisnavism. Judge for yourself:

when Srila Prabhupada was asked why there were so many Jews in ISKCON, he quipped “Because I am a Jewish Swami.”

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Well, duh.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Real Hinduism" Hahaha!
You're a regular expert philosopher!

Hinduism is not even a real word!
The word Hindu is not found in the Vedas.
It is found everywhere else, though..

Instead of quoting and quacking unknown (haha) "a growing number of people" how did Prabhupada himself feel about Judaism? Huh?

It's obvious to all but those who will not or cannot see that those demons killed Srila Prabhupada and usurped ISKCON.

"You try to trace out the history of the world, you'll find always persons who are for Krsna or God, they have been persecuted. Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, Haridasa Thakura was caned in twenty-two market places, Prahlada Maharaja was tortured by his father. So there may be such things. Of course, Krsna will protect us. So don't be afraid. Don't be afraid if somebody tortures us, somebody teases us. We must go on with Krsna consciousness without any hesitation, and Krsna will give us protect."

[Srila Prabhupada from Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture 7.9.8 Seattle, October 21, 1968]

Prabhupada: This is our position. Gradually they will show in Hare Krsna movement.
They will want to crush down this movement. So this will be up to Him. Krsna or Krsna's movement, the same thing. And Krsna was attempted to be killed by Kamsa class of men and his company, the demons. So it will be there; it is already there. Don't be disappointed, because that is the meaning that it is successful. Krsna's favor is there, because Krsna and Krsna's movement is not different, nondiff..., identical.
It is a fact however that the great sinister
movement is within our Society.

Now please do the right thing and go jump off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

"jump off a cliff"

Is that the loving compassionate attitude that Prabhupad taught you, Homer?

At least you're openly exhibiting the VIOLENT EXTREMIST mentality that Prabhupad gave to his cult members.

As for Gaudiya Vaisnava siddhanta, if you actually read the works of Rupa Goswami, Jiva Goswami, and Raghunath Goswami, you'll notice that a lot of Prabhupad's ideas are NOT in line with theirs. So much for "following the previous acharyas", eh?

Bhaktivinod, Bhaktisiddhanta, and Prabhupada have no connection with any bonafide Gaudiya Vaisnava parampara, and that is why their ideas are so off track.

Anonymous said...

via Homer,

We're not cowards or simpleton 'i'm ok, you're ok' suckers, fool.

Is that the sophist malarky your failed whomever taught you? You think I don't your cult? Still jealous, after all these years..

Wait a second ... Where's Gaura Kishore?

Oh dear me, what would Hanuman do?

Anonymous said...


Round and round she goes... where it stops... each of us knows.

Did you inherit or receive as a gift Hank Aaron's bat? No drugs and a keen eye and mouth coordination. Composure and the right attitude allowed a humble man to soar in the box of flying curve balls...

Two veterans of these journeys will need to arrive in magik Sodom and Egypt (where our Lord was cut down) soon and be pretty much homeless and dead broke. Feel familiar? Job was the best man ever so says The Christ. Get your burlap and continue to hone the sword and prepare to travel...

300 years ago a true people of Is Real managed the land of milk and honey. Water flowed free and clean. Air and wind filled lungs with health and vigor and the people counted coup here on Turtle Island. Animal brothers and sisters gave up their lives with dignity and were treated with respect.

Satan's time and followers have learned to blend so well that the palm print on a horse or gesture of a palm up greeting would no longer provide a notion of brotherhood. Manifest Destiny by the Synagogues of Satan will ring deep in their ears as their cries of destruction drown out the wailing from our brothers and sisters under the altar pleading for justice.

Soon the Tribe of GMH's 5 months will be up over the Palestinians and the 4 horsemen held by the Euphrates until the very month, day, and hour will be sent forth.

Father's will be done.

Happy Belated Birthday!



Anaughty Mouser said...

Happy birthday Les Visible.

Peace and love

Peaches said...

Happy (belated now) Birthday Vis. I truly hope you enjoyed your day.

Thank you for your perseverance and gift.

Much love to all here


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, Homer, Prabhupad did do a lot of good work preaching, he enlightened millions of people about various things.

But if you're looking for the higher realms of Radha and Krishna bhakti, you will not get that in ISKCON, or in his "parampara".

Have you ever been to Sri Radha Kund, bro? Stay there for a couple of weeks or even months and the Radha-Krishna bhava will be pouring through you, it will be almost painful, the pleasure of it will be so intense.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

You're a phony and a fool.

I'll say no more here Visible's place.

Anonymous said...

Homer, what do you think about Prabhupad's blatant sexism, racism, homophobism, etc?

He was literally a walking PR disaster. If he was trying to DISCREDIT the religion of Radha-Krishna worship, he couldn't have done a better job.

In the end, I'm fucking happy the Illuminati poisoned that bastard. His cult has destroyed tens of thousands of people's lives. You judge the tree by the fruit. If 99 percent of his followers are evil, what does that tell you about Prabhupad?

Anonymous said...

and Les, before you promote Prabhupada as some kind of "saint", why don't you try talking to the thousands of children who got sexually molested in the ISKCON schools that were set up by Prabhupada. Ask THEM if THEY think Prabhupada is a "saint".

Prabhupada even knew about the child molestation going on DURING HIS LIFETIME and he did NOTHING to stop it.

Prabhupada is just another Freemason satanist who is practicing The Royal Secret, sodomizing young boys in order to gain eternal life.

That monster died a very painful death by arsenic poisoning, I pray to Krishna.

Eudoxia said...

I had go google Louboutins but did think they would probably be those outrageously high heeled shoes. Happy Birthday Viz it was mine the day after and I didn't get a $900 cup cake but I did have 4 beers which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I find beheadings are getting boring. Sounds callous I'm sure, but just sick of the same ole, same ole. The falseness of crisis actors stands out like the sun on the 22nd December midday. I watched 5 lots of them watching an ABC version of MH17 and saw 5 of them smiling, you just can't fake grief. It's a dead give away and told me the whole thing was staged. Just as Foley and just like just about everything else spewing out of MSM and hyped up to the max. It's always the usual suspects. They have a set odour, you smell it before you even see it. You just know what's coming. As for those comments by the zio ogres well 18 was impressive, just like 22 except I just don't think things are going too well for them at the moment, they appear to be getting desperate and making HUGE mistakes in the process. But as per quote 18 the lemming mentality meatsticks are still dazzed and confused by it all so 18 is obviously working very well now that is the real worry.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Jumping Jeremiah's Fishsticks and Sundry.



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