Monday, November 10, 2014

America with Beats Headphones, Listening to the Bad Drug Dysfunctionata Sonata.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

“Thank you troops for our freedom!” Just one of the big, ‘staged’ signs flashing at all the NFL games this past Sunday. Tomorrow they celebrate, “Veterans of Central Banker Wars on the 11th; if I am correct about that. During the final hours of NFL Network, prior to the games coming on, they had a big group of uniformed American Freedom Fighters, whose job it is to kill people in foreign lands, on their own soil, whenever it happens that corporate policy determines there is something in those lands that it wants possession of but doesn't want to pay for. Or when the Satanic/Zionist cabal just needs to kill, they suit up and head off.

At the same time there is the ongoing war against all things Muslim, by the Israeli Banker Crime Syndicate, which owns and operates a good portion of the western governments. From the ranks of these stupefied and hypnotized goons, they draw endless ranks of canon fodder, to die in the J Street and K Street Wars. This is what happens after years of case after case of Miller Lite Reconstituted Urine and Hog Nostril Pizzas, with Fritos sprinkled all over the top. As Papa John says to Peyton Manning in the commercial, “I can’t believe it took me 20 years to decide to put Fritos on my pizzas!” It shouldn’t take him another 20 years to decide to put Hammond’s Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Eggs on his pizzas too. People will buy it. They'll buy shit if you serve it to them warm. That’s what cutting edge is all about. It’s about being innovative. It’s about risk taking. It’s about being visionary and when it comes to Papa John, it’s about stimulating the taste buds into a religious rapture that transforms the eating public into a pack of feral dogs who just discovered a fresh corpse in the alley of some city where a Banker War is in progress.

In times of Material Darkness, when Bankers rule the world, things like this are a logical extension of the conditions created by their unbridled appetite for gain, at the expense of everyone but themselves. As civilization degenerates into something that most definitely cannot be considered civilized, situations like this will become routine. Rampant cannibalism is a definite sign of end times and the conditions that bring such behavior about... are all generated by Banker Policy, so one would not be in error assuming that they most definitely approve of this dietary preference. It certainly mirrors their own, in which they devour the public wholesale through their financial thuggery. It’s the sort of policy that indirectly leads to an ever larger segment of the population reflecting the mindset of this lovely creature.

I’m going to try to illustrate something I saw in Hawaii and hope I don’t offend too many Californians. I’m probably not talking about you but... well, first let me start off with something Frank Lloyd Wright said some while ago. He was talking about architecture but it applies in every other sense as well. He said; “At some point, God reached down and grabbed the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to California. There is a similar truth concerning Hawaii. At some point the ineffable reached down and grabbed the San Bernardino Mountains and then grabbed The Sierras and shook them and everything that was loose got snatched by a tsunami and floated to Hawaii.

I lived on >Maui for a number of years and one thing you notice; if you pay attention to begin with, which I did but which was not anything that I observed turning into a trend; if you paid attention, you noticed there was an army of blond haired, blue eyed people who were dumber than a lava rock lamp, who might have been in their 20’s or early 30’s but looked like they were past 40 because of the ravages of the sun upon their features. They all spoke Dude Language and they would bunny bang one another every night in a sort of carrousel of musical bodies, like a rotating Sushi automat. All of them were drunk by ten PM and later on, many of them were drunk by ten AM.

These people came from Kalifornia and I’m thinking it’s possible that they might have migrated to Hawaii during the Santa Anna wind season, like hot air balloons, due to the excess of compressed hot air in their heads. I remember many a humorous attempt at communicating with them in the early days. I don’t remember any of us ever doing lunch though. There are/were a whole lot of these people in the islands and there was also a whole lot of rich kids on trust funds. They all lived in Makawao, Haiku and Kipahulu. Kipahulu was Maui’s answer to Little Israel. Then there were the new age wackos and they were based mostly in Maui Meadows, with a good sprinkling upcountry. They all had their special language that they used to communicate with each other and the only reason I am bringing all of this up is to point out that in the greater United States there are hundreds of thousands, no doubt millions by now, who are in some phase of self delusion brought about by Dude Consciousness; Political Correctness, Gay Political Agenda Mindset, Epidemic Ubiquitous Alcoholism, Some Bad Drug Dysfunctionata Sonata and the always present, “I used to be all fucked up on drugs. Now I’m all fucked up on God” syndrome.

Sanity is an endangered species that has been replaced by a... certainly not endangered feces. Then there is self indulgence, literally writ large. There are even Facebook pages devoted to it. It seems like there is some connection between WalMart and conspicuous consumption but... The Trifecta... The Hat Trick... is when you combine conspicuous consumption with WalMart, McDonalds and Jaysus. It’s not just the hair that is big in those zones.

I AM NOT knocking fat people. I’ve known a lot of people for whom being portly is genetic. I am not talking about fat. I am talking about criminally obese and when it comes to child abuse, one of the most glaring examples is parents letting their kids get like this. Two thirds of the people in UK are overweight. I’m guessing it is pretty much the same in the US ...which also exports it to Mexico.

Anyway, inclusive of the mental state of the people I saw in Hawaii and also while in California and what I know about the recreational pursuits of the general public overall, I would say that America is in a whole lot of trouble. Health care alone is stratospheric but it is going to be in the ionosphere soon enough. Don’t get me started on Fracking.

Now... I am soon to migrate back to the islands. I might gravitate toward Maui first should conditions make that possible, before I go to the Big Island, in order to record with my band and do the networking thing. I know I am going to see what I saw before but I’m a live and let live kind of guy. It is probably a shortcoming of mine to be amused at these people. However... the level of superficiality, due to climate and the lovely geography, is... is... really out there, Dude.

I get the very strong feeling that it is shortly about to be time for all aware and concerned personalities to find themselves a location outside of the hotspots, where Push and Shove are even now in their cars and on their way to. It’s the pressure cooker effect. I hear that carpetbagging serial killers are actually migrating to Detroit due to the accessibility of victims, so many abandoned locations and the absence of a comprehensive police presence.

“Oh Brave New World that has such creatures in it.” Let us (as Khayyam once said), grasp this sorry scheme entire and mold it nearer to the heart’s desire. I got a burning desire to change the world, primarily because I have to live in it to some degree but... I know; change yourself and you change the world and that will be the name of that tune. We sincerely hope to see you in the resonating awareness that Mr. Apocalypse is bringing with everything else. As for the pending Golden Age; we are the Golden Age.

End Transmission.......

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insiam said...

By popular demand this display of human sacrifice will be maintained for a few more weeks in order to allow an eager public to feign sympathy for people they never met or will never know. Whilst the children of those fallen ones (todays elderly folks) are kept cold and in dire poverty by the same familys that sent them to their early graves.

Sea of blood!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am a Calipornicator, and I am not offended in the least. I also only come out of my cave if I have to run errands or go on my walks.

Living here also makes me wonder if the Zetas or Mara Salvatrucha taking over might be an improvement. I'm under the impression I'd rather invite one of them to dinner than the sheep shagging, wheelchair bound grandma pepper spraying, constitutional rights activist slapping, puppyciding, quadriplegic pepper spraying, government extortionist caged gerbil shooters.

And I might learn a little more Spanish on top of that, so what can go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Throw a child in the volcano for me

Anonymous said...

Even though the Broncos won yesterday, I counted at least 3 unsportsmanlike nipple tweaks against Payton Girling. NFL officiating has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Beware: When Papa Johns caters the Denver sideline, like they did in the superbowl, the fix is IN.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:39,

The Jets beat Green Bay yesterday. I couldn't help but think the game ws fixed.


Visible said...

They won because I picked them. the Jets were due and I knew Vick would have had time to get into the groove. The defense was opportunistic AND lucky and the Steelers were overconfident. Can I say that since they are your team? (grin).

Jeff J said...

Fuck a dog torturer named Vick

Visible said...

I guess you'll carry that venom to the grave a? No redemption in your neighborhood. Fuck up on your terms and...whoops, damned for all time. I never take people for what they were, only what they are.

Anonymous said...

Button's.... the 2nd paragraph in you're post is nothing short of legendary!!! :D Thanks for that!

Funny you mention learning Spanish, I just started, too.


Smyrna said...

I tell ya Vis, I'd rather be among the dumb as dog-shit Dude people and country hicks etc than preening urbanite university 'educated' left-wing useful idiots for Zion.

There was one at our BBQ at the races last week. I insulted her religion (Gorebull Warmenism). She ignored me vehemently after that, which was good.

Anonymous said...


I'm an Eaglrs fan. Interesting to see how former Jets QB Sanchez fares tonight. Glad the Jets won, though.


Jeff J said...

Redemption? Without evidence? What kind of cosmic traveler are you again? All I see is him playing footbore. That the media is hands off his private life at the orders of the USFL means shit to me. You have lost a reader here. Football whore

galen said...

On Veterans Day and the U.S./Israel shenanigans:

"The notion that foreign wars and entanglements are wrong still emanates from a sparsely populated philosophical quarter that has no majority presence in the academy of the government–media complex. It is a true voice in the wilderness. That voice has one signature message: you cannot thank veterans for your freedom because they have actively done nothing more than endanger its very existence. In fact, American military power abroad (and increasingly, at home) has made civilians tremendously more unsafe now than they have ever been. The threat not only emerges from aggrieved victims of American brutality abroad but a government desperate in bad times to ensure that not one dollar of military expenditures is reduced. ... Veterans don’t need gratitude but a self-realization on their part that the machine they worked for was never an engine for liberty but a device whose single purpose was aggrandizement of American political power at home and abroad. And that political hammer always extinguishes liberty and never expands it."
-- Bill Buppert, "The Shame of Veterans Day, The Mass Marketing of Mass Murder"


insiam said...

Seems i'm a head of the game :( See first comment .

from todays Daily Express:

Elderly person dies every SEVEN minutes due to fuel poverty 'scandal'

MILLIONS of pensioners are worried they will not be able to stay warm this winter as latest figures show an elderly person dies every seven minutes from the effects of cold.

Visible said...

Travel well Jeff. Hope you get that monkey off your back. Honestly, I don't want someone with that kind of venom dripping from them. I'm not defending Vick. He went to jail. He hasn't done it again and no one care whether you like porn or not, just like I don't care if you like ballet or opera; to each their own.

You might be interested to know that I never heard of or from you before so I can't see where you staying or going means anything.

Visible said...

Let me further clarify something for you here Jeff. I'm not defending what Vick did but he went to prison and he hasn't reoffended and he hears about it all the time from vituperous unforgiving types like yourself. He will probably go on paying for this through his life.

It appears that your hate is as much about football as it is Vick. Football is but one of the things I casually follow. It's no big deal to me any more that the movies I watch; just something that goes on while I write.

I don't care who comes around here or who doesn't. I don't care if people pay attention to what I say or don't. It's nice if I can be of use. IF I'm not, so what? I made mistakes when I was young, just like Vick. My mistakes weren't with animals, they were with people. God forgave me and I've moved on. I don't care if people support me or don't support me. I am in debt to no one for what happens here. The reason I don't charge for any of the ads on my sites is to avoid undue influence by anyone.

When someone goes to God for forgiveness he grants it. He does not turn you away. I can do no less. You've got a bad personal problem that, no doubt, creates a lot of grief in your life. You had better address it while you can or it will eat you alive.

Football players abuse their girlfriends and wives but... so do plumbers and stockbrokers. This is a sick world. I doubt anyone was as appalled as I when I heard about Vick. I love dogs as much as I do people. When I see them in the street I don't even notice their owners. People fuck up. If you can't give them a chance to learn and be better you won't be accorded the same grace yourself. That's not a good thing.

It is obvious that you are a person seething with rage and it is not about what is being discussed here. It's deeper and wider than that. It's a cancer friend and you had better give it due consideration. This is a serious matter.

Most importantly, I did not praise Vick. My comments was about the Jets and their development in general, relevant to a particular contest and also having to do with the Steelers being due for a let down (I was correct) and the Jets due for a turnaround; not that you give a shit.

I purposely display interests in various things in order to present a ordinary personality because of the way people will tend to see me otherwise. I've had to go to extreme lengths to disabuse people of my willingness to play certain identity games around here. This has cost me but it's what I have to do.

Go or stay, I never knew you were here in the first place but... by all means, I would study the source of why I am so angry because it will kill you sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

The National Fixed-ball League is like wrestling - but more subtle. It amazes me that most people don't realize that all major professional (and big-time college) sporting events are fixed. The idiot says, "They could never keep something like that quiet", etc., yack-yack. Uh-huh. And all the pajama people use the same, lame rationale about 9/11, and a bazillion other false flag events. Somehow, even the most ardent conspiracy theorist can't figure out that sports is a rigged game. Seriously, people do I put it nicely...fucking dumber than a box of shit. (Especially the ones who truly believe they are awake.)

Visible said...

Yeah... it's always impressive when some curmudgeonly judgmental fool goes after superficial entertainments that others may show some interest in but fail to recognize that they have all kinds of personal indulgences that are perfectly alright. It's only what other people do that is wrong. On and on they go, seeing the mote in the eyes of others and disregarding the beam in their own.

In the future, when you make a claim, back it up with hard cold facts, don't just say "it's obvious, anyone can see it" Back it up, period, or admit it is simply and opinion and don't use parallel subjects where the proof is overwhelming in the typical oranges and apples polemic.

I don't push a rah rah football spirit around here. I seldom talk about the subject at all. I also walk in the woods, I watch movies, I read books, I play music, I write, I think about all kinds of things. Football is a significantly small part of all of that and the whole atmosphere of it turns me off but... it's there as something of interest. You don't like backgammon so all backgammon fans are fucked but you do like checkers so checkers is cool. wonderful... enjoy yourself.

Sure.. the world is phony and false but going around without the capacity to enjoy yourself bespeaks a miserable life.

est said...

well [jeff]

i watch formula 1
so sue me

i also watch downhill skiing
so sue me again

i watch football and baseball
sue me three times

you will get nothing
'cause that's what you have offered

Anonymous said...

Part 1 -

The last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl, they were called for holding three times - the entire season. (Many teams are called for holding three times in a single game.)

The idiot says, "Well, they're just that well-coached." Uh-huh. That Bill Belichick is a genius, it's true, they said so on TV. Listen to Belichick talk, or any other coach, and you quickly realize he is anything BUT a genius. His primary job is to manage the outcome of a game, the same as any coach. But I digress...

Holding can be called on every play. It is selectively called. The refs control the outcome of all NFL games. Period. It's done for financial reasons, which should be obvious, but, quite thankfully, aren't.

George Blanda used to go to this watering hole in New York City back when he played for the Giants. He would brag about how he threw a pass that particular day, jussssst a little bit off the receiver's fingertips, to make it look good. Ferdie Pacheco (Ali's "fight doctor" - and yeah, most of Ali's fights sure enough were "doctored") used to go to the same establishment. Ferdie did an Internet radio interview on that subject, a few years back.

In the NFL's corporate charter, it reads, "For entertainment purposes only." A season-ticket holder for the Jets once sued the league, because he found out the whole thing was staged. The judge ruled that, due to the fact it is clearly written in the NFL's charter (not to mention on the tickets themselves), that it's a form of entertainment, he had no right to a refund for his season tickets, or for any damages. Again, this is a matter of public record.

Floyd Patterson, who fought both Sonny Liston and Muhammad "Can't Bust a Grape" Ali, said in an interview with a gambling magazine, that both fights with Liston were fixed. It was common knowledge, back in the day. Of course, anybody who watched either fight - especially the second one - could figure this out. Provided they aren't completely mindfucked.

Patterson said Liston was the baddest-ass he had ever seen, he "had the goods" (which was boxing parlance for, "the guy is the real deal") and most fighters of the day wanted no part of him (unless the fights were rigged for the opponent to win). Most of Ali's fights were fixed. This, too, is common knowledge among insiders. Ali was handpicked to become what he became. (And a mind-controlled slave, to boot. His mother worked in a psychiatric ward in Louisville, and gee, that certainly was convenient.)

Anonymous said...

Part 2 -

Watch Ali fight journeyman Doug Jones, which I believe was his tune-up fight for the first Liston match. You can watch it on JewTube (er, YouTube), I think. Jones was a decent light-heavyweight in the early 60's and he beat Ali's ass most of the fight. Ali won a decision (much to the derision of the Madison Square Garden crowd).

Then, Ali went on to beat the baddest man on the planet - Sonny Liston. Sure he did. Liston had money on the fight, so did everybody who was in the ring that day. The insiders cleaned up on that fight. They did the same thing in the second fight, when Ali was once again a 7-5 underdog, and "knocked Liston out" with that phantom punch.

Liston was a head-banger's head-banger. Once, he infamously took out several cops in St. Louis, Missouri, who had billy clubs. Nobody fucked with Sonny Liston - unless he was supposed to be fucked with.

Bob Foster, the former light-heavyweight champion, said Ali "couldn't bust a grape." (This is boxing parlance for, "He has no power.") Foster beat the crap out of Ali, until he got "knocked out". On Foster's website, there is an article on the subject (used to be, anyway). He said he had a title fight coming up, and his manager told him to stay down, after Ali put him down for the seventh or eighth time in the fight. Basically, Foster admitted the fight was fixed. After the fight, Ali's face was so puffed up and cut up, that he said, "I've never been hit so often by any man" (or words to that effect). Uh-huh. How true. Because all of his fights were riggged, but they let Foster slap him around a little bit, before he took a dive.

Visible said...

What I don't get and can't see the profit in is when the holier than thou and that defines it; holier than thou, comes in steaming, filled with resentment and tossing off ad hominems right and left and what are they thinking will be the result of that? Will it change the way another thinks? Will it make one consider the possibility that they might be right? Of course not; it will do the reverse.

It is as if they don't give a shit and what you said fell into an area where they could take this anger that goes everywhere with them and lay it off on you. But... as the Buddha said a long time ago, "if someone brings you a present and you do not accept it, to whom does the present belong? Of course it belongs to the person who brought it.

So... I generally look at the way a person presents what they have to say. That has a great deal to do with how I take it and how I respond. Sometimes people will indicate to me that I was harsh or somesuch. I have merely responded exactly as I was spoken to. I said a long time ago that I would keep some amount of this personality disorder around to negate people taking me for being tolerant and wise when I am still a work in progress.

So... if people aren't interested in sincerely convincing me of something but just want to stomp around in their combat boots, I pay minimum attention. I might respond but it doesn't mean anything.

Anyone who wants to reach me in a sincere way will meet with a sincere consideration and response. Otherwise, it's not like they care. What am I to do with that?

If I eliminate from my life everything that offends anyone, there will be NOTHING in my life. I don't watch basketball or baseball, or any other sport; now that I think about it. I watch football because i am someone who very much appreciates strategy. When I was a young boy I played chess for this reason. I love watching intricate patterns play out and because I am capable of understanding them it engages me.

I am not unaware of all the drawbacks to these contests. That side of it is not of interest to me except as something to write about, like the odious breast cancer awareness scam. I don't have to give the reader insights into my life. It seems like the right thing to do, to not play a role but to just be the flawed but striving fool that I am.

Visible said...

Once again, apples and oranges; what has boxing got to do with football? Furthermore what does 'relatively tame' anecdotes have to do with any kind of proof. Of course penalties can be called on every play. That would make the contest unwatchable. They have to just do the best they can. Obviously there may be efforts to fix things and there are people who are not on the up and up but I know a little something about athletes and the pride they bring to what they do. I've been watching for a long time. You can't arrange or manage most of what I see but you are welcome to think as you do. I'm always able to agree to disagree AND I don't see what Bellichick being a genius or not; once again, has anything to do with proving anything.

What you have done is present a lot of vague and in some cases irrelevant circumstance that is anything but hard cold indictable offense.

I know the world is a shabby deceitful place. I know it is the Champs Elysee of broken hearts. I realize it CAN BE a very depressing place but do I want to go around with this weighing on my head and heart all day long, finally believing in nothing, cynical and of course, constantly irritable as a result? NO... I do not.

I prefer to strive to see good wherever I go and to keep believing in humanity no matter how much it may disappoint me. Maybe the whole game of life is fixed and we're all fucked. I don't know. I don't believe that but I don't know. I'm going to stay positive. I have NO alternative.

Anonymous said...

Bubba Smith admitted the Super Bowl with the Jets (when Joe Namath "predicted" a Jets win) was fixed. Then he recanted (under zero pressure, or course, heh). Watch a replay of that game and only an idiot can't see it. Including an infamous play, where a wide-open Colts receiver who was about 20 yards behind the defense, was "missed" by the Colts' quarterback, Earl Morrall...

James Farrior, a former linebacker for the Steelers, winked at Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow moments before he threw a game-winning touchdown pass during a playoff game, a few years ago. Tebow had missed a wide-open receiver on the previous play, so the Broncos ran the exact same play again, and Farrior winked at him, saying, for anybody with a brain to see, "You'll complete the pass this time." (The video got scrubbed from the Internet recently.)

The NFL has admitted in court that many of its games have been fixed. This is a matter of public record. It isn't anecdotal. Neither was that lawsuit by the Jets' season ticket-holder. It's a matter of public record.

For more info, you can check out Dan Moldea's website (Google it; when you find the site, look for a section titled, "The NFL and the Mafia", left side, about two or three screens down). Sure, everything Moldea writes about is just a limited hangout (which leaves the larger part hidden), but there's still plenty of evidence there. Admitted, factual, incontrovertible evidence.

FYI, I posted what I did for anybody who might want to read it, not to try to convince "you" of anything.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to some good info about the NFL -

Just the tip of a very greasy iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Don't get him started.


Anonymous said...

More links that deal with NFL game-fixing:

You can actually watch a couple of video clips of referees tackling players during football games. I think South Carolina vs. Tennessee, a few years back, to name just one.

Anonymous said...

Here's a video clip of a referee tackling a South Carolina player during a college game with LSU -

Here's one of an NFL referee tackling a player during a game -

Visible said...

sigh... never mind. Can't let the thing about referees tackling players go by... how that would prove the games are fixed is a mindblowing bit of reach around conjecture.

Here's what it is. I will go on watching the games and enjoying them; when that is the case, regardless of what is or is not because, in actuality the whole world is a lie from the inception.

Masters know what is pointless and irrelevant but they play along with it all for a very good reason.

mikem said...

Dirty Sanchez and the Eagles rocked it last nite!!!!

Visible said...

heh heh; Dirty Sanchez. The Eagles look serious; brilliant special teams and opportunistic defense. Should be an interesting second half.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies, Melting in Macarthur Park.

est said...

the king was regal
in his robe, shining

bright as a winter rose
all the people standin' 'round

waitin' for him to pose
but he never did

'cause kings don't stand around

and wait for things to come down

galen said...

The queen loved the king
and often would she bring
flowers wrapped in conversation
pieces of a poised perspective
pondering plausible possibility
on all things kingly and even queenly
The king loved the queen

She knew he knew
even when he said he didn't
and even when his tired self
could not endure her word advance
she knew he knew
and would never chance
to dilute what moved between them

And so the kingdom rested well
in hands both soft and very strong
in hearts that held
a tempered pearl
to guide against a risky world
the kingdom long endures


BCii said...

Beautiful poetry, est and galen. Thank you both.



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