Monday, November 17, 2014

Down the Wrong Way Highway Moonwalking into The Dark Backwards

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May your nose always be cold and wet.

They’ve done a lot of things to sensitize and then desensitize human nature, according to some unpublished, diabolical plan. The home has been invaded by the television. Out of doors, people are suited up with cellphones, headphones, Mp3 players and hidden and insertable, vibrating devices that also help to take one’s mind off of all the loud, pushing and unpleasant scurrying, conniving and desperation grasping taking place all around; not to mention all of the bad vibrations that are the fruit of the time. We live in an age of weaponized, psychological programming. It comes at you through the television. It comes at you through the ever intensifying onslaught of images and bigger and bigger screens hanging in public places. It comes at you in the schools and in the workplace, due to ever more and more legislation of social mores. Viewpoints and opinions are now becoming a matter of law. You can’t get away from any of it. It is even coming at you in your sleep. Vile entities are chanting dark and noxious paeans to all sorts of demonic personalities, who look at this historical period as FEEDING TIME!!! Then there are all the microwave devices, conning towers; visible and invisible and... as has already been stated; endless programming that you might be aware of and might not aware of.

What this makes for is a lot of uptight people and... I’ve certainly seen a lot of that lately, as people’s irritation level continues to rise and rise. We live in an age of prickly pears and misanthropes. People are becoming curmudgeons long before the time they used to be funneled into that state, as a result of not being able to process ordinary human emotion and interaction. A great deal of it comes about due to rising selfishness, resulting from the ubiquitous promotion of self interest. Self interest is seen as a positive attitude; greed is good!”. Win by any means and at all costs or... sink into failure and ignominy.

The war between men and women is also intensifying, as the mating game becomes more and more a matter of conquest and less and less a matter of love. Drug store Lotharios now have hidden cameras in their bedrooms and the sexually dysfunctional have them on their wrists, in their sunglasses, their cars and as buttons on their coats and hats, just looking for anything they can upload to Screwyoutube or embarrass friends and strangers with. There’s a level of petty meanness and mendacity, the like of which I have never seen before. What people find funny is not funny. What people think is real is not real. Good and bad are going through so many wardrobe changes that they have become increasingly hard to identify. Monsters like Derrida are legitimized as one more asset in the war against clarity, sanity and civility. If the Pop Tart philosopher believes in nothing but the triumph of materialism or meaningless tail chasing like Wittgenstein, then they are the cat’s meow in the forest of perverted Tao.

The Crass Media and established academe, work in concert to push these pseudo-intellectual Invictus poses as emblematic of fiercely independent thought and all that is created are insufferable prigs talking nonsense out of both sides of their mouth. Meanwhile the independent (ha!) and alternative media do the same thing, pushing similar frauds, whose bogus credentials identify them from that side of the aisle.

What the result of all of this is is a public that knows nothing at all, or knows a whole lot of things that add up to manufactured confusion, with conflict and argument as the objective. Divide and conquer! Spread confusion and dissension! Who is behind that? Who profits from that?

The female side of things is hysterical, resentful and filled with grievances, both real and imagined. On the male side, it is populated with cynical pomposity, odious and ridiculous vanities, coupled with rear entry, jackhammering, animal dominance games intending to objectify and demean the other side of the equation AND... in many cases you got the other side of the equation celebrating this with the push for Slut Rights. Of course, sluts have all the right they could ever wish for but they are just one more runner in the neck and neck, de-evolution race against what used to be, what wants to be and all that alternative sexual insanity which is collectively nothing more than, “Me. ME! ME!!! “I did it Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Way!!!” And then? Then I did it your way and their way and soon enough there was no way... out, nor was there an idea of what out means anymore. This is what happens when you get caught up in the spin cycle tumbler of powerful waves of sensation and undisciplined desires. It is like being caught in a monster ocean wave... you do not know which way is up. You can actually swim down thinking it is up.

All over the world of the moment, people are being slaughtered and shoveled into mass graves with front loaders; of course, a lot of them get tortured and raped first; possibly with a sticker slapped on to them afterwards to indicate that these things have been accomplished, lest it happen more than once. Oh... that’s okay? Alright then.

If one studies present conditions; trending implications, the general public mindset overall and also takes stock of ones own capacity to do anything about any of it... one is left with a real sense of personal impotence in the face of it. This leaves the majority either fuming, terrified and abandoned (feeling that way) or surrendered into the flashing lights and sensation of the wrong way highway of the dark backwards.

So... with all that in mind, what does a conscious and caring soul do? There are NO viable options other than an intensification of self discovery and- if you are motivated that way; helping as you go and trusting in the cosmos to work it out. What else have you got? Surely the idea might surface that you need to consider being at a safe distance from the INEVITABLE collapse of the system. The system is engaged in ritual seppuku. If you can’t see it then you are most likely kneeling alongside, waiting for your turn in the barrel (metaphorically speaking).

Do you go into prepper mode? Do you literally head for the hills, or some other part of the planet where it may or may not combust? Do you become overcome with the circumstances that you have neither the will nor the savvy to contend against, because... because you DID NOT do the internal work necessary? It will be some combination of all these things for all of us, as well as many another option exercised through inspiration, desperation or some permutation of the ever widening madness, expanding like a blanket of darkness across so many lands.

I do not know where it is all going to lead. I suspect it leads to many different places and all of them determined by values and intention. For me, the planet and everything ‘out there’, ‘in there’ and beyond it, are all a beautifully jeweled and precise mathematical expression of something past all human ken. If I am conscious and everything else is conscious, then it is a matter of to what degree I am harmonious with it all, or positively inharmonious with whatever aspects are anti-life.

I wish I had a magic wand or an invisible army of warriors to fight on the behalf of humanity. I do not have these things so far as I know. I have been led to believe that if I can only overcome myself then I can overcome the world. Certainly, across the course of history there have been committed and determined souls who have had a remarkable impact on life. Why not me? Why not you? As has been stated here many times; it isn’t a matter of winning or losing in the contests that confront us. Sometimes the game is fixed. Sometimes you can’t win even when you do win. It is a matter of what you are fighting for, or striving after; where your values lie because that is what drives or restrains you. Somehow this makes a difference at some point. It is what I believe in any case and the biggest part of what motivates me.

I do not believe that I have sole possession of the truth, or that the manner in which I view life is the most accurate to be found. I don’t think I’m always right, or even that I know what I am talking about at every moment. I do believe that I don’t know and that it is not possible for me to know but that everything is known somehow, somewhere and for so long as I recognize my limitations, it is possible for me to know whatever it is that I need to know at the time I need to know it.

Will I survive the world shaking changes on the horizon? Will you? I don’t know. I wake each day, like the rest of us that wake up at all and I try to do the best I can. I have yet to be fully successful on any given day.

I wish you good fortune and the necessary tools to generate it. Be well.

Last night's badly recorded and unedited radio show is available for streaming; my apologies for still not having gotten my recording setup going. This is just how it's going to be until I get wherever it is I am supposed to get to.

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L.L.O. said...

Life has brought us all to this moment. "Isn't there something I was supposed to be doing?" I keep thinking to myself.
There is something there, in the background of my mind. Like a radio station that is just beyond the range of perception. The signal gets a little clearer when I'm in a dream state but then fades and is pushed back to the periphery by the heavy mass of everyday waking consciousness.
I know, like you mentioned that we ALL have the ability to single(?) handedly change the world. It is just that it requires the sacrifice of all self-interest and personal gain. It requires a level of dedication and fastidiousness not common amongst men (myself included).
I like to think that maybe, maybe someday I will get to that point but... Isn't that the rub? It's either today or never or, maybe I just don't know jack-shit.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Is 52 old enough to be a justified curmudgeon? Being a 52 year old curmudgeon, and all. Also, we here who read this site know teevee is not a good thing to have around. I ditched it over 20 years ago, but how many others here have done that or will do it to be rid of its evil influence.

Gods, and how in this world can one not be a 'collective misanthrope' who makes exceptions for the individual?

It's enough to tell anyone who wants to talk to you that you do not know, "MAN, I THINK I COULD LOVE YOU, IF ONLY YOU WERE PROPERLY SEASONED, COOKED, AND ON A PLATE! WHICH REMINDS ME. I NEED MORE STEAK SAUCE!"

(Don't worry. It's all theoretical. So far, anyway.)


Wanderer said...

I see the majority of mankind being ok with being enslaved for 300 years or longer, a much worse enslavement, than has been. I see many people dying from what comes next, and only the young kids remaining, that whom of which will be very easy to assimilate and indoctrinate into the global order.

I dont see any help coming for Humans. It never has been this way. Humans are allowed whatever to happen to them, based upon their knowledge, will, and allowance, and free will.The younger generations are all primed for hard core slavery. THey will not say anything ,as long as a few trinkets are there, and Money .

The ending of the Kali Yuga is just beginning. Who knows how long the ending of it will last. It might be 1000 years till it ends completely.It sure does appear however, that the Kali will not end in our lifetimes.

IF everything is destroyed and gone, as well, this will not be the beginning of the new world, but the beginning of the end. The fist phase of freedom, once it is all gone, will be hell on Earth, for Poverty, the homeless, and hunger, will force everyone to remember the good old days, while begin a slave in Egypt.

Sometimes, what is worse than a group of Demons running the World, is when they stop running the World, and let it all go to hell.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an interesting synchronicity...

Yesterday night, there was nothing enlightening on the Boob Tube. So, I ended up channel-surfing to C-SPAN, which was promoting a book on the "New Seven Virtues." The segment was hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, a notoriously right-winged think-tank. I was curious about the topic, so I settled in with a kind of horrified fascination to see what was up...

There were interesting personalities on a panel, each of whom was to opine on one virtue. Lots of banter passed back and forth.

At the end of it, I was left with two impressions. First, several of the virtues were considered 'quaint'. Some panelists actually redefined the virtues to what 'modern' sensibilities would accept.

Second, the panelists seemed to be in trouble because they were trying to justify the virtues based only on a secular humanist standpoint. I was forced to reflect on how futile this was without a Higher perspective. To me, the virtues are a remembrance - however dim - of what we Once Were, and May Be again. It was like in LOTR, where ordinary-consciousness humans were seeing in Aragorn the qualities of an ancient Númenor heritage...

It was a fascinating viewing, and seemed apropos to today's blog...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...


I agree we can never KNOW anything, but we can feel how our actions effect us and others. This form of knowing comes directly from the Divine heart. This is why our heart is a much more intelligent organ than the brain. The heart will not let one forget what the brain can easily stow away. When I feel bad about something I have done I know that I should not repeat this activity, because feeling bad about my self lowers my energy. Once one's energy lowers enough we become perfect receptacles for lower entity cohabitation.

Whether we live or die through what is coming does not seem of great importance to me, what really is important is that we do not be untrue to our inner inclination of what is morally acceptable and what is not. I don't believe we need to extend this judgement to others because their actions are for them to answer for, not us. For this reason I believe right now it is essential that one should be in touch with their higher self at all times so they can seek guidance as to which way to go. I merely focus on harmonising with my Father, who dwells within and without, and let the Father guide my footsteps. What a rush that has been and what an excellent journey/life that created for me on this plain. If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing!

I believe that once I can conquer my self, which appears to be an ongoing activity, I will have aligned that which I AM with the Divine Creator. My entire life I have simply followed the Creator's plan and my life could not have turned our any better. Why would I alter the course I have been on when it has served, not only myself, but those around me, really well. I love the Divine and am WILLING to be the best that I can be in the face of whatever the Divine sends for me to deal with. If I let the Divine down I let my self and all those who depend on me down, so my focus and energy is always about putting God first for this reason.

On the weekend the Divine had me preaching the Gospel/Law to the meanest, hardest, looking bikies you would ever want to see. When we arrived at the town we were staying we ran into these guys again. They asked us to join them but we were meeting a friend for dinner so we had to decline, but it was obvious that my husband and I had made some new friends.

I also encountered one of our indigenous folk on our travels and I felt this man look deep into my soul. I felt no fear or apprehension, even though the manner in which this man approached me could have been deemed a danger. Instead I felt only love and compassion for him. I felt like God was testing me to see how I would react :o).

My personal experience is that when I stop making plans and simply go with the flow I am much more useful to the Divine. When we adhere to schedules there is no time left for the Divine. Travelling with the flow is an absolute rush, and a must, and places you in all sorts of danger, but it does not matter because you are walking hand in hand with the Divine through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, so there is no need to fear any evil.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

No need to Derridarise the Immanentized Eschaton.

Anonymous said...

I reckon there are options. And I don't mean voting in rigged elections, or 'demonstrating'.
Nor 'picking up the gun'.
Deligitimizing by ridicule and non-participation, and especially the general strike, strikes at the root.

But individual revolution of the heart, an orientation towards the good, and a renunciation of the temporal and illusory.

Piece of cake, huh? The world can change in an instant - the kingdom of God is 'at hand'...close enough to touch...but requiring some effort, some reaching out.
-the beggar

est said...

yes beggar,
when christ 'said' :

'no one comes to the father,
except through me'

i think the meaning is ;
you must be in human form

in order to receive the grace
of god - and everything he offers

we have been given life, as a gift
and we give back, verily, unto each other

Anonymous said...


man it would have been very difficult for me to have said it any better...

eventually the language will become purified, whereby a more specific and laser beam like focus can be attained for removing the impurities from "our" hearts and minds..

curiously this potential hasn't existed since....well,
the tower of babel...,
whenever that was.

muchos gracias, again



Josey said...


Leaders around the world read everything you write, I'm sure of it, even though I have NO proof. Everything you've done over these SO many years all points to this:

"I wish I had a magic wand or an invisible army of warriors to fight on the behalf of humanity."

That in fact you do have an Army, and it is for the good of mankind. That's what you've been working for, and it does NOW exist.

Thanks for everything.

Unknown said...

Buttons, No teevee since 1979. Much better therapy than that is no refined sugar in over a month. Local hummingbirds are enjoying it now.

Wanderer, precisely as accurate as one might surmise as of Tuesday 11/18/14.

Visible, never forget possible disillusionment with a giant military installation way out in the Pacific may be even greater than with your Indian excursion.

I agree with Josey and anon 4:53 on the power of this armyand its magic wand, the printed word is only eclipsed by pure spoken and especially sung English in its power.

Rain Waters

Visible said...

I've been and lived there before. That was not the case in the other place.



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