Monday, November 24, 2014

The Master of Ceremonies at the Armageddon Club.

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May your noses always be true and discriminating.

Ladies and gentlemen!!! May I have your attention? Please direct your eyes center stage. Pay no mind to the Nimrods waving their hands in the air; hitting each other with pig bladders, chasing midgets with seltzer bottles, screaming, yelling, spraying stage blood into the audience and doing whatever they can to distract you from what is going on center stage. That is just the Zionist Banker owned BBC (Boobs, Bumpkins and Catamites).

Please note the man standing front and center; rapier thin, looking a little like Fred Astaire but too handsome to be human, with a gaze of timeless insouciance that says, “too cool for school”. Of course he is. He didn’t come here to learn, he came here to teach. What’s going on? You might ask. You might well ask. This has been heating up under the paint rags in the janitor’s closet for some while. It’s been coming up that long slow grade with a multitude of ore cars. It’s moving faster than you would expect but they've added extra locomotives behind. The news is coming from the left. It’s coming from the right. It’s growing up through the sidewalk, soft and sweet but hardly dreaming. It’s wakey wakey in the achy breaky world of the ‘where can we hide’ (cotillion)?

Mr. Apocalypse has put his pinstriped engineer’s hat on and it goes real nice with the pinstripe suit. His eyes are blazing with a fire and the fire teleports across space onto the covering of every object that he sees. The fire burns away the covering and reveals the intrinsic truth and nature of whatever is exposed. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

He’s the master of verisimilitude, past the appearance in fact, into the essence. He knows what’s what before anyone but the people involved do and sometimes he even knows before them and a lot of the time they don’t know until way too late period. Evil has tunnel vision. Evil thinks it moves unseen and sometimes that it doesn’t matter because it is protected from consequence, as do stockbrokers and bankers, sitting like Shelob in her lair. The bones of their victims are scattered everywhere in the darkness and those yet to be drained dry, are hanging in webs from the roof of the cave. Mr. Apocalypse has got the light of Galadriel and it burns the creatures that live in the shadows and they cannot approach. When Truth comes marching in, at the turning of the age, there are no lies nor armies that can stand against the tide.

The light of truth is fierce and... try as you might, you cannot see her features, she is just too bright. It burns the veils upon your eyes. It sears the darkness of the mind. The pain is unbearable for the Kali Yuga Crew and the freedom indescribable for those whose hearts are true. For those bound up in evil, it is a consuming fire, while those liberated by the light; they dance upon the pyre.

Something smells like something dead in London. The sewage from the toilets of Hell has backed up into The City. The stink is like a second skin. The reek of what they’ve fallen in. It flows and courses in their blood, so the devil knows his own. The summing up is coming. Christmas is coming in the finest sense of giving, as the bankers and their bitches are on the Christmas list; all the coal in Newcastle will be less than they deserve in their stockings hanging above the eternal hearth into which they will be thrown.

Mr. Apocalypse is the master of ceremonies at The Armageddon Club; come one, come all, with no RSVP. The only assigned seats are in the VIP section and nobody wants them. Too bad about that; all those seats are assigned and no matter where you may be in your flight from culpability, you will be in ‘your seat’ wherever you are. Back in the day, back in the London of Dickens, when they went to hang the pirates and certain extra special skells, according to however badly they were ripping off the people who considered it their sacred right to rip off the people exclusively (bankers, politicians, priests), the executioners used to shorten the hangman’s rope, so that the necks of the condemned would not break and they would twist and jerk as they slowly strangled.

Here is one of the most enduring illusions in times of darkness and that is that the laws are somehow relevant to the protection and well being of the public. The laws, like the police, are created to serve and protect the rich and powerful and only incidentally anyone else; if at all. This is why they say a law degree is a license to steal. This is how it came to pass that the Supreme Court, which supposedly is there to protect and interpret the tenets of The Constitution, wound up violating the most important protections of the public by granting corporations personhood. For this alone they should be strung up on lampposts. They are guilty of high treason and the worst possible abuse of office. They are lower than a dung slug and have no prayer of reincarnating as anything quite that high for a good number of lifetimes to come... and then some.

One should take heart and embrace hope at the vision of ubiquitous corruption everywhere. One should be trembling with an electric, chickenskin sensation of unbridled optimism at how bad it has become; how avaricious the governments and the priesthoods and how bottomless seeming is the sea of perversity on which the great ship of the moment is sailing. You should be thrilled because all of these things are testimony and evidence to the absolute certainty of cosmic readjustment. Look at the concealments being stripped away from the murderous, satanic pedophiles who rule the UK! Look at the bumbling stooges at the BBC. Look at the currency of lies and the sky high inflation. Observe the banishment of truth from all public discourse. Observe fair dealing made impractical in the marketplace. Observe the suicidal dances of the mass of the privileged and the public; physics, logic, every legitimate science, every analytical tool and every measuring tool says that balance WILL BE restored; that it is imminent and unstoppable.

Thank your lucky stars that you are not among the feckless elite, whose parasitical nature has survived for so long upon the backs of the ignorant and confused. Be grateful that you had the class and restraint not to prostitute your creativity and talent to the specifications of the coprophagists who run the entertainment worlds. Be of good cheer that there is some shit you will not eat. Let your heart swell with gladness that you are not among those celebrated for no more than their capitulation to mediocrity and perversity. You are not the architect of The Unmade Bed. You are not the architect of Piss Jesus or Elephant Shit Madonna. Do I feel that the religions being taken to task are less profane than these works of uninspired bad art, created for no other reason that the acquisition of celebrity and controversy to be converted into financial gain? No... that’s not the point. Be grateful you are not Kardashian. Be grateful you are not a fundie. Be grateful you are not rich, powerful or famous with zero justification for any of them.

Mr. Apocalypse knows who you are. He knows who everyone is. He is the ruling spirit of this time frame. There is nowhere that he is not and there is no force anywhere that can contend with him. He is here to kick ass and take names and quite possibly bestow some amount of favors and awards in places vigorously ignored by those who have presumed themselves the arbiters and judges of what has value and what does not. They are hand in hand with the rest of those responsible for constructing the state of the culture we are in. Is it beautiful? Is it inspiring? Need I say more? Uh huh.

Okay, I’ve taken up enough of your time- some book and movie recommendations in the comments section.

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Visible said...

If you enjoy novels I've read a couple of winners lately' "The Circle" and "The Accident" and if you've never seen "Lonesome Dove" or read the book, this is one of the most epic classics in both genres that ever came down the pike

DSKlausler said...


You mentioned Eggers a couple of weeks ago, I believe. At that mention, I picked up A Hologram for the King (and The Circle). I recently finished Hologram, and returned them both. To me, it was just a story, neither good nor bad. I remember you compared them to Chrichton's work - I didn't see that at all - and I have read most of his. Maybe "Circle" is better?



Visible said...

I did not mention a Hologram for the King and have never heard of it. I did not recommend it and I did not compare it to Crichton also I don't usually get two books and then return both of them after only reading one of them. It's quite possible our tastes differ and you might want to steer clear of me in that regard in the future.

DSKlausler said...


Wow! Sorry, my memory seems to be shite lately. Perhaps the referral came from another.

I will say as well that I was sincere... I am surprised by [my pereception] of the tone of your reply.


Visible said...

There was no emotion involved. It was simply matter of fact, except for the last part about avoiding my recommendations because our tastes could be vastly different. That too was matter of fact. I am more and more surprised every day by how people need to be treated with kid gloves while amplifying the impact of everything.

Yes, I recommended The Circle. I did not recommend the other book or the author apart from the book, The Circle. Unless I am reading wrong, you got both books, read the one I didn't recommend and then returned them both but seem confused that the book I have never heard of and never recommended seemed neither good not bad, just a story.

Once again, I NEVER mentioned that other book and DID NOT compare it to Crichton. Only the book I mentioned, The Circle was somewhat reminiscent of Crichton. That could mean any number of things beside it appearing to have been written by Crichton.

I was simply answering as precisely as possible as well as I could, what you said. It was neither good nor bad. It was just a reply.

Anonymous said...

If you want to read something that will open your eyes a bit wider, check out "The Last Circle". It's largely based on information obtained by Washington D.C. journalist Danny Casolaro prior to his death in 1991.

It's available online, for free, right here -

steve said...

Not only the corporations, bankers etc but'normal' people. I have just spent the last 30 mins defending my neighbours car from being towed on the street that I live by the parking warden from the council. I questioned why it was about to be towed and the warden said someone had complained. I said what is the breach and she said that it was within a metre of a driveway, I said there was plenty of room for any car to get passed without any problem, the warden totally agreed with me, but because it was within the metre and a complaint had been made rule she had to tow it, no common sense and for the person that complained total nuts. Its all baffling to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible and friends, how do you like Joy Division?


Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Very well put in emphasizing being glad and poised about not being a "winner" elite or a materialistic drone, given where I see the dumb shits going as well. They'll never care about their low-jinks and utter depravity until exposed and handled. Then, the only "injustice" to them will be that they've been had and must face severe consequences. That's rather in the works. Another sad-ass issue I'm seeing develop, not that I even support the rioting in Ferguson, would be what I'm hearing a lot of white people say that they just may live to regret, I strongly intuit. "Purposeful" injustice for the average black person time and time again would produce such frustrated, angry results, though there are, certainly, agents provacateurs afoot too, I believe. It's not as if the protesters can take up the grand jury ruling in higher courts, now can they? Just another miscarriage of justice; No big whoop. Just saying, constant injustice as the form of "justice" they have to live with and live out will produce these kinds of results; cause and effect about where to take up frustrations when there's very little, other recourse if any.

Visible said...

These books are not meant to spiritually enlighten anyone. They are entertaining and well crafted; same with the films although, of course, there are life lessons. Not everything has to be intensely life changing.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Dragons are not in the Diplomatic Corps.

Terry Richard said...

Les, your gift for writing continues to show more and more of the prose and poetry of the Holy Spirit, truly inspiring. My prayers and God's Blessings on your talents and work. Prolific descibes the overflowing fountain of Wisdom that flows through your fingers and mind. Til we meet, Godspeed, Terry

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dinner with the Devil and the Patanjai Method.



Joseph Brenner

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