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Taylor Twit and those Heroin Model Rock, Eyes of Darkness.

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May your paws always know the way home.

One of the things that comes into my mind with regularity and which always stuns me to some degree and which may be why it comes into my mind with regularity, is what the Supreme Court did with conferring personhood upon corporations. The job of the Supreme Court is to interpret and, I presume, also defend... The Constitution. Not in the wildest dreams of the architects of the Constitution, would there ever have been a consideration like this. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were created to protect against this very sort of thing. What they did is High Treason and a capital crime. One can only hope justice comes to them with the full weight of the law or the mob, or by any means possible.

Basically what they did was to make it legal for political office and government policy to be for sale to the highest bidder. Truly it can be said that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out, as I like to say and The Constitution is just a piece of paper, as Bush the Pinhead, not to be confused with his dad, Bush the Assassin, said it is. He could have been more definitive and said, ‘toilet paper’ because that is what the nine vultures used it for. They wiped their ass with The Constitution. Then they set it on fire and it got them high like it was hash smoke. Certainly the god they worship is drawn to that kind of a smell. It is past being a matter of dispute. They are all Satanists and one can be a Satanist whether they be sworn into it or simply act like it; ‘by their works ye shall know them.”

On the surface, for those with uncompromising perspective, it can only look as dark as night without hope of dawn. If our destiny and the destiny of our world is in the hands of the craven and avarice laden, jackals without conscience, who are at the helm and on the mast of this ever more rapidly sinking ship of state... then we are in deep trouble BUT... as The Bard (whom I never get tired of quoting because I deeply revere him) says; “There is a destiny that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we may.”

I look at the incomprehensible reach and majesty of the universe; the countless stars and measureless space. There is a mysterious symmetry to it all which no tongue or hand has ever been capable of expressing in its fullness and beauty. It is a cold and distant beauty. Whatever it is, it appears to be far away and even the lights of the stars seem to be frozen, each in their solitary space.

‘Mortui vivis docent’ should be written on the Tombstone of the American Empire, followed by ‘Nemo discit’. When I went to school you had to learn Latin. Now you don’t have to learn anything except for Politically Correct behavior and how to do the Thumb Tango through socio-sexual nitworking sites. Does anything say it more clearly than Taylor Twit being the most popular musical artist in the world. Here... she appears briefly in a video attempting to do some kind of Veronica Lake smolder (I broke out laughing when I saw the Heroin Model face gaming) and coming off as a blind mans Kim Basinger, with the heat gradient of a couple of menthol cigarettes glowing in the shadows of a downtown dance club, looking like those eyes that can eat you, just inside the forest line.. Still, I always figured, in the Kingdom of Love, Braille is the language of the truly welcome. I’m not talking about that kind of blind. I’m talking about the kind of blind that comes with deaf installed as part of the software bundle.

Here you find one of the primary reasons that the USA is in the shape it is in. One can’t help but cringe at the comments about Putin. I beg that the reader will go there and do the right thing by speaking truth to ignorance. Without question this is the work of Hasbara and government agents. The way the comments are shaped says it all. This is one of the perks of possessing an objective consciousness, which is one of my prized possessions. Anyone can have it; all that is required is to not lie to yourself. People don’t realize how very, very important this is. You can have all kinds of other drawbacks... and I have a few and most of us do but... if you got that. If you got that, things will come right eventually. Without it, the veil is drawn within your mind, closing off the light and remains for so long as you continue without this critical feature.

Why do people lie to themselves? There are any number of reasons. Sometimes it is because a clearer awareness would compromise ones pursuit of self interest. Sometimes it is in order to stay harmonious with ones peers who lie to themselves in the pursuit of self interest or to remain harmonious with their peers. Sometimes it is out of fear of loss or censure because telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Sure... you could be quiet but... your thoughts will vibrate into your environment regardless. This path of embracing the obvious comes with responsibility. Of course, when you lie to yourself, eventually the obvious becomes less so and as you should know, one lie leads to another. It is kind of like web building. Are you a spider? Hopefully not. Ergo, you are not in the business of weaving confinements, you are in the business of pursuing liberation and... is it possible to accomplish liberation while lying to yourself? It most assuredly is not. Can you attain to liberation if you do not lie to yourself. It is an eventual certainty. You have to think of this speed and efficacy of your pursuit like a car. Depending on the horsepower, on that depends your speed and you can expand on that argument if you like.

Think of it! Think of what it must have taken to vote for corporate personhood to be a broad daylight thing. It was already around in an unspoken way, that ‘by indirection’, where things that are not legal ever, are made legal through making words undulate and slither like a pole dancer on Ecstasy. Materialism turns Lady Nature into a whore. This is the great crime of crimes because all the rest of it, all the depravity, perversity and sundry comes out of this. For those with objective awareness, it is important to remember (as if you could forget) that metaphysics is a place. It is simply that place that exists beyond the bandwidth of the senses. Basic physics has already proven this; if all those rays in the vibration spectrum don’t convince you. The reason I bring it up is that all kinds of things come out of that area; both good and bad. Everything you see here is the physical manifestation of a thought form, brought about by the creative energy of desire. A step further, let me say that all of us are extensions into the physical of sunlight. Everything out here is converted sunlight. We are frozen sunlight (hmmm... there goes my next song.) Creative thinkers with the necessary intelligence can figure this out and that will lead you to the reasoning behind The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. We come as frozen sunlight and it is possible to return to sunlight, should one be so inclined as to engage in unraveling the mystery of building a solar body. There are many things known to the ancients that are purposely obscured in these times of Material Darkness. The whole point of the material darkness is to steal your humanity and render you as nothing more than a meat puppet; not unlike the livestock bound for the slaughterhouse, with the same net result, one way or another.

This evening, Mr. Visible is watching Lonesome Dove; one of the great masterpieces of film making. It is poignant and heartbreakingly beautiful, which is something we should all aspire to become, in our own fashion, as someone who exceeds the expectations of this debauched and wounded world. Strive to become a vessel of light rather than a servant of the darkness; a conscious or unconscious servant. The end result is not pretty in either case. As Captain Call says; “best thing you can do about Death is to ride off from it.”

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Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

One must question how they legally gave corporations personhood, since only that which is living can be lawfully a living being, meaning a living person with rights and liberties (a creation of the Divine as mentioned in Genesis - God created Man and Woman). All corporations are man-made and DEAD, so they obviously come under CIVIL/MARITIME/MAN'S LAW, which is there to maintain Mankind's creations, just as Natural Law/Divine Law/Common Law was created to maintain God's (eternal energy) creation.

There is no way LAWFULLY that any statute or act can change Divine Law/Common Law, because Divine Law can only be issued by the Divine! Even when the Queen of England made an oath on the Blarney stone to uphold God's laws and then went on to ratify new laws, she breached her oath to God (Deuteronomy 2:4 "Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you", which is to be expected since the British Royal family's lineage is of the Black nobility and goes all the way back to ancient Egypt's Ahmenhotep I. In other other words they are all Satanists because they are the Nephilim (descendants of the fallen angles who procreated with God's children). This is also spoken of in Greek mythology. This explains why the global satanic elite are all void of any humanity because they do not have a soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The true challenge on our journey is to hold onto that which is the most valuable asset on earth or in heaven, one's soul. Once you give up your soul demons (lower dimensional entities) can freely co-inhabit within your earthly body. This is why the elite push things like homosexuality and promiscuous behaviour, because they know such behaviour dislodges the sexual chakra (first chakra). All the behaviour currently being pushed onto humanity, by the satanic elite, is to create disharmony within the self, because this cuts off one's energy supply from the Divine by closing down one's kundalini. Only a kundalini which is open can access energy and communications from the Divine. This is why sodium fluoride is being added in copious amounts into western people's drinking water, because it dulls the pineal gland, which is necessary as a receiver to pick up the Divine's communications.

It would appear that God's deal with Satan (lowest representation of creation/destruction), in relation to the testing of Jobe (humanity) has gone out the window, because the Satanist's 'Agenda 21' is the extermination and extinction of humanity. All who currently serve the global corporate satanic elite are unknowingly working toward the death and enslavement of their own families. Satan's followers need to realise that Satan is the GRAND DECEIVER WHO DECEIVES ALL, most of all those who follow him.

This is why it is stated in Ephesians 6:12, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.'

The only way that one can overcome the evil in this world is to control one's self. What happens in relation to every one else is up to them. Each of us will be judged by the witness within according to the same yardstick that we apply to others, so my advice is DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS and CLEAN UP YOUR OWN ACT while you still remain under God's Grace!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Kazz

Smyrna said...

Until something trumps it, Facebook is the mark of the beast for mine.

Face=forehead. Book=hand.

Ray B. said...

The lady I rent a room from had/has a bumper-sticker taped to the back window of her car: "Abolish Corporate Personhood." I knew we would get-along well (grin).

In a way, I am glad that the Supreme Court declared Corporate Personhood as valid. This raises the visibility of the corruption so far that a clear dividing line is visible. One has to be stone-cold stupid or compromised in some manner not to take note. I take the establishment of Corporate Personhood as an equivalent 'incitement' to Marie Antoinette declaring, "Let them eat cake!"

There is one faction of the Tribe and Zionistas that believes they have to make things bad enough 'down here' that some form of Messiah will be provoked to appear. Well, Corporate Personhood may be that 'trigger'. Just not in a way the faction would like...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I just wonder why the slate hasn't been cleaned and restarted already. Sheesh! What kind of a sadist is Source?

And don't forget that the worst of the worst is also a creation of Source, as so many seem to not acknowledge in their writings.

flyingcossack said...

wolves, pigs, and sheep ... could be an interesting "children's" book

can also have a cockroach with a dog-on-a-leash and a monkey-on-a-leash ... the cockroach has a crown that says the chosen ... the dog is wearing a police uniform ... the monkey is wearing a t-shirt that says i-can't-breathe on the front and i-can't-think on the back ... and all three are wearing pink ribbons that say long live hasbara

BCii said...

Thanks, Karen. Your comment was helpful on several fronts. I will ponder further on the notion of soulless ones with reversed kundalini. The philosophical "problem of evil" is one of my favorite puzzles to chew on.

Great post, Visible. James mentioned a brother who was in hospital and the need to be there for him making it impossible to do Feet to the Fire yesterday. He says he'll try to post your segment tomorrow. I look forward to listening, as always.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Big Bad Things and Big Good Things.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, December 09, 2014 5:06:00 AM:

"And don't forget that the worst of the worst is also a creation of Source, as so many seem to not acknowledge in their writings."

Yep. That is why I occasionally quote Charles Fort, who said, "If there is a universal mind, must it be sane?" For all the beauty and love side, all-God must necessarily include Everything Else." It is a strange trip...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eudoxia said...

Karen I'll excuse your use of the word person LOL. The problem with most people is they can't comprehend how seriously fucked over they actually are. A PERSON is defined in Black's Law dictionary as a dead corporate fiction. For a more thorough overview of just how badly we are being deceived see THIS A snapshot apocalypse of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE
and another exceptionally good article that has recently come to my attention is THE GREAT CON OF MAN

Kazz said...

Dear BCii,

In relation to your 'problem of evil', the free will experience was created so each soul could choose their own destiny. It is ironic that the FREEmasons choose to follow Satan, who is the enslaver of humanity! All those who KNOW WHO THEY ARE are not accountable under Civil Law/Man's Law because they know how not to step into civil law jurisdiction. Unfortunately the law is hidden from humanity so few understand what I am speaking of.

It occurs to me that the word 'evil' is the opposite of 'live'. While God's word gives us eternal life and helps us to 'live', turning from God's ADVICE creates 'evil', which causes us to die in spirit. For this reason it is not up to any individual to judge the actions of another (unless they create real harm, not imagined harm) because then we would be removing what God has given each soul, FREE WILL!

I comprehend why the FREEmasons turned against the church, but what they need to understand is that the ROMAN Catholic Church, along with all other authoritative organisations, are run by Satan, including our current government's, and these are the very institutions that Christ spoke out against! Current government's working for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are running the same scam on humanity that the Roman Catholic Church did, because they both enslaved humanity through trusts, which is highly ironic as the deception used breaches the trusts, rendering them lawfully and legally null and void. The corporations were set up by the world elite, just as was the IMF, to fleece humanity. This is all totally adverse to Common Law ownership and Moses' Ten Commandments.

Once the elite have destroyed everything and the people cry out for justice the elite will install their Noahide Law, which is really just Satanic Law/ROMAN Catholic Law/Talmudic Law all over again!! I mean no slant against people who are following the Catholic religion, but I must ask them whether they believe God's representatives would launder money for the Italian mafia and permit the rape of small children?

The only way we can be free is to live under God's Law, because it provides an equal playing field where we are all equal under the law. By dismantling all the power structures on this planet you will find that people will look after each other. Who cares if the bloke down the street wants to be a homosexual, that is between him and the Divine, as long as he doesn't have sex with a child, which would be harming another. Usually the act of homosexuality causes the lineage to cease, so that line is snuffed out anyway. The Universe deals with all matters through Karma, just as long as we can untie the universe's hands by removing the restraints placed upon it by UNLAWFUL authorities to protect their unlawful behaviour. Money is not evil, but the love of money is, and by allowing a PRIVATE corporation to control the world's money supply it has seen the transfer of wealth from 50% of the global population into the hands of one family (the Rothschild's). This is totally out of harmony with the law of One which is why it cannot continue forever. My guess is that God is giving humanity the Grace to try and fix the problem so he does not have to realign the planet, which will cause global destruction. The elite know this which is why they have built huge underground dens and lairs (as spoken of in Revelations) for themselves and the disgustingly rich among us. Keep in mind that all the lower minions, including the FREEmasons will be left to die on the surface! You cannot trust the Grand Deceiver!

All a global government and global army will achieve is a global tyranny where the elite live in luxury while a small controlled populace will live a feudalistic existance of abject poverty and misery. This is not peace it is HELL!

This is why St Augustine said the road to hell is paved with good intentions!!!!

Jesus sure knew what he was talking about when he said only God is good!

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

If a man designs and builds a car and someone runs over an old lady with it or uses the car as a car bomb, is it the fault of the designer? That's absurd. Did the creator whispered in Truman's ear and tell him to vaporize those Japanese with that bomb?

Everyone has free will to act like a saint or a demon, an athlete or an obese lump of lard, a warrior or an accountant, etc., etc., etc., until the cows come home.

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

I agree that we can all continue to do whatever we want but it would be an extremely limited understanding that does not get that there is always ramifications for the choices we make. Those who are creating Hell in this world will be the people that get to live in it. Those who raise above such behaviour will move on to higher dimensions that are not so trying.

If you like living in hell then keep doing what you are doing because you are creating your own reality. Just remember not to blame God when you wake up and realise that you were designing your own prison!

Anyone who would disagree with what I have stated needs to study physics, because we are all at the mercy of the physical world until we rise above it!

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear Eudoxia Jones,

How you going L?

A human being is a monster in their dictionary, but it is their system not mine. If they can rewrite words to mean whatever they want them to so can the rest of us.

No incompetent can enter into a legal agreement. Since everyone, who is not a lawyer or a member of the bar, does not understand legalese then none of is has any LAWFUL jurisdiction over you. No man/woman can lawfully force you to live under their system, because they did not create you, God did, so living beings are under God's Law :o).

Registration and licenses are not contracts so they do not bind you. Since all registrations are being FORCED upon people these days they have no legal or lawful validity, because registrations are formed under TRUSTS, and once the trust has been breached it is void. Nothing belongs to these corporations pretending to be governments! The International Monetary Fund has set up its own subsidiary companies and then leant fiat currency, which is not backed by anything of worth, so they have leant NOTHING! In return their subsidiary corporation, formerly called governments, are now forcing people to pay a debt, that doesn't really exist, with the people's life energy and natural resources. In other words the global corporate satanic elite, who are co-inhabited by lower life forms, who only wish to destroy humanity, are a bunch of parasites living off our life's energy and God's creation. This is why they are so rich while everyone else, who actually does work, is so poor. Just as Jesus said, they are a den of vipers.

No doubt they will have filled their minion's heads with stories of how they have to do what they are doing to save mankind from extinction. What they did not tell their minions is that they are the one's who are deliberately destroying creation. We saw the same modus operandi by Stalin, who used the environment as a reason to exterminate over 60 million people, most of who were Christian. How many times can these people use the same crap and keep getting away with it?


Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Karen, you're preaching rather rudely, to the choir. I must say.

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

The thing is I am an Aussie and we are naturally incorrect politically because we say what we think. We are naturally antiauthoritarian too, which turns out to be a good thing :o). I was just sharing, so for all those poor souls who do not have your ability to pick up effectively on the global superconscious my writing is my way of reaching out.

You chose to read what was a rather lengthy post, and you did that of your own choice. You could have stopped reading whenever you wanted, so please don't blame me because you were silly enough to read my ramblings. What we see in others is subjective, what you call rude I call straight forward :o). To each their own.

I will leave it up to the rest of the choir as to whether they read my posts, or for that matter what they read at all, because quite frankly it is none of my business.

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

Dear Homer, I'm glad you were born.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, thanks!

And on my birthday too..

galen said...

Happy Birthday Homer!!!

Sagittarius! But of course!!

The aim is ever being sharpened.



Kazz said...

Funny how Anonymous chose to hide behind Homer whilst criticising another. Funny how Galen came to Anonymous' support. Can't help but note that it is funny how Galen has been quick to attack me before. Funny how Anonymous' attack came when I was giving knowledge that is far from widely known, yet Anonymous claimed was widely known. Funny how Anonymous claims the ability to be all knowing in reference to what Vis's readers, who number over a million, currently know in their biological data base. Funny how debates rage about whether the writers of the Iliad and Odyssey were written by just Homer or more than one author. Kind of makes me wonder who Anonymous is, but alas we shall never know because Anonymous did not have the brass monkeys to criticise openly. Funny how Anonymous said I was rude, yet they are the one who went and got all ad hominem and didn't even have the guts to put their name on it.

Ah life is funny sometimes and makes me wonder a lot. At the end of the day one must ask their self whether criticism coming from someone who hides their true identity is worth jack shit, and my conclusion is NO IT IS NOT. One thing we do know about Anonymous is that Galen and Anonymous seem to be on the same page.

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

I have been paying attention and what I see is that there are a few Trojan horses on this site who pretend to come as friend but are actually foe.

I am behaving, after all it was you who attacked me. Just like the tribe to attack someone and then tell them to behave. At uni it was common for a tribe manner to attack you and then the other tribe members would come in for support, always the same arguments and attacks. In the end I could spot the tribe members after the first few weeks. They always used the same lame approach, which stuck out like dogs balls. Always a lot of ad hominem involved, but they never attack the argument because that is what they are trying to detract and distract from. No doubt, because it is impossible to argue against truth!

Also just like a tribe member to think that they have the right to judge someone, not your job I am afraid. It is also just like a tribe member to think that they actually have the right to tell someone else what to do, not your right either. This is Vis's blog so if I am to be reprimanded I will take my cue from Vis.

If you don't like what I write then you have the perfect right not to read what I write, but if you want to start dictating to me about what I write, or how I write, then you can go take a flying leap.

Your opinion was noted, and so was Galen's support of your arrogant ad hominem response. At the end of the day would it not have been easier to have just stopped reading my work? My guess is the reason this did not occur is because it is more about what I am writing then my delivery method.

I learned a long time ago that it is up to me to discern and avoid people that I do not resonate with. This is why I do not respond to certain readers on this site or comment on their posts, if I bother to read them at all. I also learned a long time ago that I am only mistress of my universe, and can therefore only control what I do. I would like to draw attention to the fact that you somehow believe that you have a right to tell me what to do! This shows me that you have not yet realised that you only have the right to control your universe, so perhaps you do not know everything yet sir. Hopefully this discourse will have served some small purpose then, if only to teach you that you are way out of line.

If you don't like my work than don't read it, it is not rocket science. If you chose to read my work that is your choice, your responsibility, and your problem, not mine :o). If, however, you would like to get away from the ad hominem bull shit and discuss the subject matter, either by agreeing or disagreeing, I am all ears. If not then keep your subjective, uninformed opinion of me to yourself because quite frankly I don't give a shit! :o)

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

Dear Agent 52 (aka Homer). We're busted. They're on to us. Meet me in Moscow on Monday and we'll develop a plan B.

Never meant for any hearts to be trampled. Seems the communication pattern put arrows in the air and some in the line of fire have lost faith in us. It is essential that the end goal not be abandoned even though a few casualties are likely inevitable. Place utmost faith in the process, for as we discussed in Belfast, all involved will come out on the winning end.

Let all support-players know their best interests are being served, as with the approaching season of light the center at chakra four holds an exaggerated opening, and an unencumbered sense of love can't help but seep in. This could cause a few upsets but there are those attending who will do due diligence (triage) and tend to all crises.

Be reminded, Agent 52, the clearing is in the telling. Have all poets put in witness protection until further notice. I hold faith in you and your service to the mission. Be assured that any who abandon ship do, in fact, know full well how to swim and will not be brought under by a rising tide. All division is temporary. The teacher has the manual. More will be revealed by him at the June symposium in Tokyo.

Godspeed, for really, there is no other speed. Go then and release the stars. The time draws near for the showering of light. None shall remain unillumined.

In Service,
Your Faithful Colleague,
Agent 46

ps: The briefcase is under the utility-room sink in building seven of the Kremlin's second level basement. On its front side it displays the dove sticker and tropical smoothie, the longtime logos of our cause. Failure is always an option, but only in the short term. Keep focused on the prize; the fulfillment will be unimaginable.




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