Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Fierce Encroachment of the Last Gasp of Darkness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Relocation completed; details at next Origami.

What do you know? We got another missing airplane. We got another missing 'Asian' airplane. I came in on an Asian air; not wanting to come up against mainland TSA body cavity searches. No, visible... surely there is no there there then oder spater (forgive the missing umlaut). The reader must bear with me for a short while; probably till after the New Year as many concerns need to be addressed but... all the major ones are ALREADY taken care of; talking about fast work and not the sort of thing to be expected, usually, in these environs.

Happy New Year, my friends! May this coming year bring massive frustrations for The Overlords and a rapid diminishment of all of their powers and influence. May this new year bring a rising tide of awareness all along the river banks of this world. May our banks be flush with the currency of consciousness and may every dark dream die. May we rise to every occasion, as the light intensifies against the fierce encroachment of the last gasp of the darkness, that seeks to bury the common mind within it. That is not the fate I have chosen for myself, nor do I support that end for you. Let us always remember that beneath this blanketing curse of Materialism, there are many brave souls who labor in vineyards far and wide, seeking the unity of mind, which empowers our collective to resist the unhappy highways being built for our gridlock and demise.

Om Raksha, Raksha Phat! Or... in English; “Out Demons out!” more or less (grin).

This is a new year coming and I don't know if that means anything for anyone out there. There are various new years that have their own dates and which do not fall on January 1st but... WHENEVER there is a date that celebrates a demarcation point in the natural cycling, or which relates to some signal event, warranting either celebration or reprobation; when millions are aware of any one of them, then power attends their arrival. Whenever a large segment of the population have their minds set upon the experience of some brief moment in time and which comes around and around, again and again, there is power in the presence of that day or that period. The bad guys know this as well as the good guys do. The bad guys have a limited awareness. The good guys may... or may not... have a limited awareness.

I think I can assure the reader that things are going to begin to move at a much higher rate of speed shortly. I hate to use my own circumstances and situation as a measure for this but... I have found..., generally, when things change for me in a dramatic way, then things change across the board in a wider sense; not because of me but simply because there is a symmetry in things that manifests in the individual and the collective in a simultaneous fashion. I have always noted this to be so and I could give a multitude of examples just by mentioning time periods and then mentioning what it was that happened to me in respect of these periods and it has always proven out. I'll give only one example, though there are many... and that example is; when I saw Bush the Stupid coming and understood that I had to hightail it out of what had previously been Dodge or, whatever it was that it was and which then became what Bush the Stupid was the Gumbi icon of and... which you now have still with Bush Lite, I flew away ...because I knew if I had stayed I would have been dead or in prison by now.

That I have now been sent back into formerly abandoned environs, tells me that things may actually get better at certain points in the Toxic Empire; given that it matches up with everything that went before and along the same lines. I don't know that this is the case for sure but... going by what has been the case, so many times before, it is encouraging. It's true... I'm on a small island, which is the biggest (and most furthest out) island in an island chain and thousands of miles from the mainland but... still a part of that failed experiment, which... may eventually go in a great number of different directions regardless; REGARDLESS of where is has 'seemed' to head so far. There really is no telling how and in what fashion it may yet all wind up. We just don't know. We 'think' we do but... we don't.

On a personal note, things have come together in such a way that in less than a week, I have accomplished everything necessary that anyone might need to accomplish, in order to be set up in a new location ...and not have anything pending otherwise. To be able to do something like this and considering that the first couple of days were given to the eradication of jet lag and the needs for integration and that there are still two days short of a week in residence, I'd say that is pretty PDQ.

“Is it real or is it Memorex.” I'm sure there are those of you who are familiar with that blast from the past. It has real meaning in present time and I don't know that Memorex even exists anymore. I've heard a lot of things recently about clones and seriously futuristic technologies that deal with everything from near unbelievable weaponry to time travel. I suppose these things can be true. Then again, it might all be bullshit. I have to presume that what 'they' have is certainly well beyond what they tell us they have but... a lot of that might be bullshit too. We just don't know.

Here is what I do know. Evil destroys itself and it also destroys not only the conscious workers of evil but it destroys the unconscious workers of evil as well. The former is made up of a very small consortium of the human (actually inhuman) and alien presence here. The unconsciously evil; the shades of gray faction is... unfortunately, large. Your guide to understanding the world (that you are presently inhabiting) is to realize that you are in a crisis point of a particular age and as it so happens here in the present, that is the Kali Yuga. That means that 'most' people are members of one or the other of those two states. If this were some other age, we would automatically reflect that. When I say crisis point, what I mean is... let us say that Kali Yuga is more darkness than light (which it is). At crisis points, there is an emphasis on the plot for the successful seduction of general consciousness. In other words it is darker than is usually is because... because it is a crisis point.

Why am I bringing this up? Given what I witnessed getting here and given what I remember about where I was and given what I have seen since I have been here... it behooves all participants to pay special attention to the world they are resident in, given that they are not already in a cave somewhere in a remote location. Crisis points are points of extreme off center gyroscopics, where... somehow, against all odds, it works out or it goes DOWN. In the much longer periods, where it is the general formula of the age, it reflects that state as an expression of the degrees of light and darkness operative but... given that “things fall apart and the center cannot hold” well... “quoth the raven, nevermore.” That would be at least until the blasted landscape gets seeded again. I'm not saying this is written; written into the pattern and written upon the prevailing wind. That is just one scenario but... it has happened before more than once. It could be a combination of different routes and agendas being fulfilled or a sudden burst of light might flood the minds of those undulating in intoxicated sleep. We just don't know but what we do know is that every one of us CAN make a difference.

I am sure a lot of people ask the question; “if there are superior civilizations that have mastered the higher octaves of 'electro-magenetics', then why don't they just show up and do us all a favor and kick some terrestrial ass and make things better for the most of us? Hmmm... good question. If they are that superior, then they have come to understand the more subtle laws of Karma and they know full well that things must work out on their own, mostly; bear in mind that a part of Kali Yuga is about bills due from times for which no recorded history presently exists. This is a time when all sorts of inexplicable and sometimes horrendous events go down, that relate to vanished times, that only the few can access the reasons for. For you serious students of metaphysics, you know that making sense of our circumstances is not to be gleaned from researching the usually available resources. Like the library at Alexandria, they are no longer accessible. Not being able to know why does not curtail the impact of what goes down. Like they say, when they justify one or another of their many extortion rackets; “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” As it turns out, ignorance is never a workable defence, given what it results in.

I don't know very much and the reason I say that is because I have some slight idea of the degree of knowledge that is possessed by those who do know ...but there are some things that I know which I can't talk about because in the attempt to do so, one very quickly notes that some things just can't be said; words don't go there. Let me try in my limited fashion to give some brief reasoning here about all that. The reason that symbols are used to define archetypal representatives and certain enduring truths is because, like yantras and mandalas, they stand for many, many words that cannot be put into verbal expression. They are what they are and they resonate and telegraph and generally their area of operation is the subconscious, which takes those pictures and then translates them into understandings for the self conscious mind. Believe it or not, there are levels of communication and understanding which are higher even that the visuals that come through archetypes and mythical allegory and analogy.

My friends... in my usual fashion, I have danced around here, trying to say what I cannot say. Many times when you hear from someone that they are not deliberately hiding something; they just can't tell you because it doesn't work like that. It doesn't. You may be absolutely sure that if I could I would. What I can say here is that all of this ties together and earlier reference points reflect the following concluding points. What I suggest can be explained in my tormenting an ancient adage by saying; “fuck two doctors and call me in the morning.” It doesn't work like that but... going out and doing it is the most certain way to find out what you should already know by not doing it in the first place.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Great to see you back Vis, glad to hear things are going so swimmingly for you there! Makes sense,doesn't it ;-)

Wishing you and all visitors here a most fabulous 2015!

Much love


stef64 said...

Hello Visible. This post gives me a sense of hope, although I do not know why exactly. I'm glad you arrived at your destination, and I admire you very much, both for what you write and for the courage with which you manage your life.
Happy New Year from Stefano.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nice to have you back.

Brian Crossland said...

Happy landings Vis
Btw regarding symbols and archetypes etc.
The Chinese symbol for crisis also reads opportunity.
Eastern wisdom.

Carnaptious said...

Glad you've made it safely to your new home.

Turns out - according to the US Supreme Court - that ignorance of the law is an excuse, but only of you happen to be charged with enforcing the law.


Think this decision came out while Vis was en-route. It's a doozy, like many from the Roberts Court.


Brian Crossland said...

Happy landings Vis
Btw regarding symbols and archetypes etc.
The Chinese symbol for crisis also reads opportunity.
Eastern wisdom.

Joy said...

"I don't know very much and the reason I say that is because I have some slight idea of the degree of knowledge that is possessed by those who do know ...but there are some things that I know which I can't talk about because in the attempt to do so, one very quickly notes that some things just can't be said; words don't go there."

Yes. Understand and agree 100%. I also know a little, probably a somewhat different bit than what you know as we are blind fleas on a very big elephant. I am less than optimistic about the prospects of our material world. But love rules the greater cosmos and wondrous things await us when we return to whence we came. As I am also not young in body, look forward to seeing you sometime on the other side.

Love, and Happy New Year

Odin's Raven said...

Best wishes for 2015 to yourself and the better portion of the world, Mr. Visible.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Happy New Year Les Visible and readers of this work.

I heard the joke as follows; take two nurses, go to bed and call me in the morning...as opposed to take two aspirins, go to bed and call me in the morning.

I also feel economic mondial armageddon is nigh.

High noon at the OK corral except nothing with the khazarian proselite bankers or their ilk is OK, nothing.

Hang 'em high.

Waiting for the curtain to go up for the beginning of the final act.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Krikey Visible! You have 303 readers in the USA...is the whole NSA reading you now?
Normal numbers for the USA these past 7 years have hovered around 10-20, rarely over 40. Eastern Starndard Time right now at 303 is 8:05 PM.
Someone is paying attention good Sir.

Peace and love

missingarib said...

Vis, delighted your back to some Terra firma-hope you have La Dolce Vita new year.-and that the energy in your new local affirms your spirit .

The newspapers& media, of January first 2015 will undoubtedly continue spinning and splanning what you describe as :"Crisis points are points of extreme off center gyroscopics, where... somehow, against all odds, it works out or it goes DOWN. In the much longer periods, where it is the general formula of the age, it reflects that state as an expression of the degrees of light and darkness operative ".

But ’tis a common proof

That lowliness is young ambition’s ladder,

Whereto the climber upward turns his face.

But when he once attains the upmost round,

He then unto the ladder turns his back,

Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees

By which he did ascend.

-Julius Caesar
much love

Ray B. said...

Vis, glad you had a safe flight and are settling in okay. Might be a sign from the universe that you are where you need to be (grin). I remember various power spots, huna 'ghosts', and various energy-types from Maui and Kauai. I kind of envy you finding out what is 'there' on the Big Island.

Vis: "At crisis points, there is an emphasis on the plot for the successful seduction of general consciousness. In other words it is darker than it usually is because... because it is a crisis point."

In various SF novels and shows that allow time travel or parallel universe travel, what the trade calls "nexus points" are of immense interest and importance. These are points or areas in time where small changes can have large effects on the future. Consequently, overt and covert 'wars' occur all over the nexus points, for literal future-existence. Perhaps, we are living in a nexus point...

Glad you are safe and well.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Yea! Les! And yet, another amazing poetic insightful article. Luv ya, have a GREAT 2015, I intend to! -- Alli Dolphin

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you've arrived safely and that things are progressing well. If possible I'd like to drop by again and say hello at some point down the road....

I hope everyone here has experienced the real joy of Christmas.


est said...

don't say that
my dr. [clara]
gave me a hug
last time i was in

i had the small
of her back
in my hands
she felt fine

now that's the
kind of medicine
i need - can't wait
for the next appointment

Brian Crossland said...

Happy landings Vis.
Re: Symbols, the Chinese symbol for "crisis" also reads "opportunity"

Anonymous said...

I am very glad that you arrived safely. One of my biggest wishes for this interesting next year is that you may be able to accompany the events with your insightful comments and uplifting reassurances.


Mick Hoss said...

Vis said: "WHENEVER there is a date that celebrates a demarcation point in the natural cycling, or which relates to some signal event, warranting either celebration or reprobation; when millions are aware of any one of them, then power attends their arrival. Whenever a large segment of the population have their minds set upon the experience of some brief moment in time and which comes around and around, again and again, there is power in the presence of that day or that period. The bad guys know this as well as the good guys do."

This goes into a phenomenon or possible one that I think about much lately. How the internet is allowing for an increasingly observable mass consciousness. That like 911 proved can be harnessed for evil by injecting fear across the atmosphere.

Therefore I've been pondering the next Star Wars film. How it's unprecedented in human history, the scope of anticipation for a motion picture. The amount of people worldwide who will see and be affected by it in a very condensed period of time.

AND aware of the probable cabal that is making the film - how they could have this new, unprecedented opportunity on their hands, and know it. And therefore what message will come to humanity from it?

Something good? A deceptively "good" message? If Christ isn't one man in the flesh then why would the antichrist be? What if the antichrist is a collective idea, a mass deception of human consciousness?

Or, if the movie sucks, it could be the first global "Meh." Ushering us into a new generation of ennui.

Ha. Weapons of Meh Destruction. But seriously...

galen said...

A New Year's Prayer:



galen said...

For me this was a New Year's gift:

"People tend to think their own power is either a delusion or some sort of abstraction that’s never really EXPERIENCED. ... Power? Are you talking about the ability to lift weights? And therefore, the whole notion of freedom makes a very small impression, because without power, what’s the message of freedom? A person can choose vanilla or chocolate? He can watch Law&Order or CSI? He can buy a Buick or a Honda? He can take a trip to Yosemite or Disney World? He can pack a lunch or eat out at a restaurant? He can ask for a raise or apply for a better job with another company? That’s it? He can swim in his pool or work out at the gym? He can take Prozac, or Paxil, or Zoloft? ... Sooner or later, it comes down to the question: does the individual conceive of himself as an individual, or as part of The Group? Shall the individual discover how much power and freedom and imagination he actually has, or shall he cut off that process of discovery at the knees, in order to join a group whose aims are diluted and foreshortened versions of consciousness and freedom? ... The deep energies and power and desire for freedom remain untapped. Yet a struggle continues to live. It lives in the hidden places of every individual who wants out, who wants to come back to himself..."
-- Jon Rappoport


Smyrna said...

Good to have you in a friendly time zone, Vis. I'm adding three hours and subtracting a day. It's been 2015 here for like ages already dude!

Keep those soccer yobbos coming.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Viz, wishing you La Vie En Rose,

Happy New Year to all.

I was crying and I turned on my computer and there was Viz and now I rejoice. How lucky I have been to know such great things (though how lonely as well). Words we cannot say point to the daemons.

Rejoice rejoice, Emmanuel / Shall come to thee O Israel

And all flesh shall see it together / For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it

Gloria in excelsis Deo

HI may have the best healthcare system in the USSA, thanks to Harry Bridges. I wonder if HI has subsidized rentals (I have one here in expensive CA, $207 per month, nice too). Now if only they would wait until the fruit is ripe before they pick it.

LOL Mouser Cat - or maybe not. Nevertheless, fear not.

Remember to use the spin of the gyro to advance you.



galen said...

CNN did it again, stabbed us by suppressing joy. I woke today on New Years Day, booted up and there was their headline: "Welcome to 2015," followed by a highlighting of all-things-troubling in the geopolitical arena. I wanted it to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR! With fireworks flying in the background. I wanted uplifting journalism prompting new beginnings and a changing of the old ways that don't work. I wanted hope and inspiration. Well yeah, it was CNN (Control News Now). But they set the mood for millions and many are left with wanting more. Okay, yes, it's within, but without is also a part of it. I am hard-pressed to not hate CNN. What deserve they then? Pity? Scorn? Shame? I have noticed they've been stealing some stories from the more alternative sites. Probably trying not to die. Anyway, I say, Happy F#*KIN' New Year!! Let none stand in our way.


Ray B. said...

Mick Hoss, January 01, 2015 12:54:00 AM

"Weapons of Meh Destruction."

Great! I may 'lift' that one. Thanks!

On the next "Star Wars" movie (probably a three-set), I had the same questions. My main wondering was whether Lucas freely sold his franchise to Disney, or was told something would happen to his adopted kids, etc., if he didn't. The timing for the third set is just too coincidental...

Movies that modify the 'mass consciousness' are quite powerful in a metaphysical sense. That is why (for the next generation of moviegoers) the bad guys have substituted a diminished, emotionally-reactive, slightly-psychopathic (google: Sylar Heroes) Spock for the commanding-figure, original Spock. Also, someone out in bad-guy-land must really hate what Vulcans have come to stand for in the mass consciousness. Otherwise, why destroy the Vulcan homeworld as part of the initial plot? Not to mention a thuggish, bad-boy Kirk rather than the semi-mature (grin) original Kirk. (I do like their choice for McCoy, though...)

Good musings. Thanks.

Happy Holy Days to All,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Happy New Year Everyone! May it bring you Happiness, Peace and Wisdom.

Something dawned on me yesterday, something that to me is very new and sparkling, but is perhaps known to many here. I'm just sharing it in case someone doesn't "know it", and because it seems like Visible is trying to say it too. There is no such thing as putting wisdom into words, and having an unfailing recipe for every situation. What is expressed by the masters, the scriptures and the wise has to be understood intuitively (felt?/experienced?), not intellectually. That means one must take it inside and find it there again, not as a thought, but as, well... words fail me... impression, feeling, vibration, not necesarilly excluding thought. That is the real difference between dogma and wisdom. It does seem very obvious now, but it took me a long time to realize, and was instigated by feeling a distaste for all outer wisdom yesterday (sort of like mental constipation), a seed from the Bhagavad Gita saying exactly that it must be understood intuitively (Praise Vyasa, that great Sage!!), not wanting to read anything at all, to look for any answers, or even know anyone elses opinion or what was going on, and then instead sitting down and writing for hours. Then it dawned on me. Inside, yes, inside is the place to look. Incredible that one can say the same thing again and again, and the meaning for oneself expands and changes over time. And every time, it seems, one realizes again how little one knows. Haha. I apologize if this seems like showing off. Maybe someone can use it. I am not sure that it is the final Truth, and probably it's not ;) - But I guess it means it is better to really understand just one verse from the Lao Tzu's "the way of life", than to know all the scriptures of the world.

Praise the Creator, Our Source, Foundation and Protector!

mikem said...

Happy New Years Vis, may it be an "interesting" one. Much peace to you from Bandit and myself.

Anonymous said...

cnn deserves indifference..to be ignored

Anonymous said...

"The Vedas instruct that in order to understand transcendental knowledge, we have to hear from the authority. Transcendental knowledge is knowledge from beyond this universe. Within this universe is material knowledge, and beyond this universe is transcendental knowledge. We cannot even go to the end of the universe, so how can we go to the spiritual world?"
(Srila Prabhupada)


"Vyasadeva personally wrote the Vedanta-sutra under the instructions of Narada, his Guru Maharaja (spiritual master), but still he was not satisfied. That is a long story, described in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Vedavyasa was not very satisfied even after compiling many Puranas and Upanisads, and even after writing the Vedanta-sutra. Then his spiritual master, Narada, instructed him, "You explain the Vedanta-sutra." Vedanta means "ultimate knowledge," and the ultimate knowledge is Krsna."

(Sri Isopanisad, Introduction)

BCii said...

I've never watched an episode of Star Trek, but from what I've seen of it, it hearkens back to a more innocent time, when gold like that was perhaps more readily found and promoted in the mainstream. The negative agenda, of course, calls for incremental watering down of truth vibes and the corruption of innocence. The baddies hate nothing as much as they hate innocence. Destroying it is their favorite pastime. But, to borrow from Gimli in the (by today's standards) moderately bastardized movie version of Tolkien's masterpiece, "Let them come! There is one master yet upon the earth that still draws all to his purposes." As it always was and ever will be. Our mastery is in and of the One. (Sorry for the misappropriation, it just felt appropriate.)

Thomas said...

Ray B, isn't Spock and Kirk and the Vulcans from "star trek" and not "star wars"? Do forgive my ignorance of the world of entertainment (that particular part, at least!), friend :) - I guess it doesn't change your point.

But in the same vein as you talk about, i.e. mass consciousness, I got to thinking yesterday: isn't it "weird" that just 7 days after the celebreation of Christs Birth, where we are invited to let Christ into our hearts and minds, the whole world cranks out a huge party complete with explosions, heavy drinking, heavy food and all sorts of other indulgences? As well as the idea or concept of "now is the time to look forward!", "forget the past!" (maybe especially that day 7 days ago?) - and the very next day the whole circus of media starts their mumbo-jumbo of crystal ball gazing, talking about the future, sort of to solidify this concept of futurity. I don't know, but to me it does smell a little weird, sort of like I imagine it would smell in a nice house with a rotting corpse in the entré closet.

Well, just wanted to share the thought with this crowd.

All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Another Mercury Retrograde cycle begins January 5th and ends March 3rd.

Hang on.


galen said...

Too long gone,
where be you?

The heart looks always for the kin of being

Understanding sits and waits
all that is worth contemplating

And the mind,
it tags along
why so long
away you stay
under the dawn
of another day

But night
gets things right
and falls away the separation
where lives the unencumbered distance
yet coolly concentrated
under the stars
I am not without you


Visible said...

Big storm took down the internet at my place; why I haven't taken care of things in some days. Am in the mall. Lots of stuff to deal with. I hope to have it together soon

galen said...

To anon @ 5:42 p.m. Re CNN: Just thinking of Sun Tzu's directive: "Know your enemy."


galen said...

Biological Machines - Oxymoron?

“It’s important to understand that the professionals who put the most emphasis on the brain as the source of consciousness are also the people who drug it, sedate it, coerce it, and try to control it. ... They’re trying to make thought and imagination and passion into material objects. Since that’s an absurdity, they do the only thing they can do: try to control those “objects.” In this way, they become the perfect voluntary dupes for men who want control of the whole planet. ... ...the entire obsession with the brain is misplaced. ... The aim here is to introduce new brain activity that will cumulatively erode “the determination to believe” and the commitment to create. Why? Because those are distinct threats to a controlled status quo. ... The SSRI antidepressants (Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.) are themselves a form of mind control. They elicit, in some people, suicide and homicide. ... This is the creation of a wholesale brain storm, in which neurotransmitters go haywire and scramble the brain and the nervous system. ... The bottom-line issue in all these heinous methods is freedom of the individual. Freedom to think his thoughts, act on the basis of his chosen goals. Mind control advocates and researchers deny such freedom exists. For them, it’s just a matter of replacing one piece of equipment for another in what they believe humans are: biological machines. ... Human beings are not machines."
-- Jon Rappoport, 1/4/15

“The number one danger you have in your life ... is the mind-set of those around you - society. Your comatose brother, your stupefied cousin, your propagandised parents, your repeater clients, your obedient-to-authority neighbours, your conditioned work colleagues, your programmed friends and loved ones. And of course the traitorous, self-serving officialdom working in all the compartMENTALised positions of authority – those weak, non-thinking, myopic sellouts who will do almost anything to appease their self interests. All intrenched in their cognitive dissonance and Groupthink. All have allowed themselves to be hypnotised. These collective mind controlled people are your immediate danger. Those we have to fear the most, are those amongst us.“
-- Digger For Truth, 1/4/15


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada..

"Yantra. The body is yantra, machine. This body is a machine. So yantrarudhani. He is seated in one kind of machine and he goes from one place to another, from one planet to another, from one life to another attempting to enjoy"


Bg 18.61


The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy.

Bg 18.61

Kazz said...

Hi Vis,

It was my intention to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but since life is eternal and time is merely a concept of Man, it occurred to me that it is better to wish everyone peace, love, and continuance :o).

I pray your new surroundings are conducive to your life journey :o).

Hi Galen,

You were right :o)

I AM worthy, because the Divine is housed within my heart, which is what gives my mortal container worth. I AM a co-creator, creating hand in hand with the Divine, experiencing an eternal journey of conscious evolution that is facilitated through interaction with the physical realm. HOW AWESOME!


Luv Kazz

Jenny said...

Blessings of nature to you Vis! Wonderful to read these comments and your post too. This group of like minded folks are the best family a person can hope for. I am so glad your in a new place- my daughter(on Oahu) visits that island often on camping trips with friends. I do believe that this is the year I should meet up with her and enjoy the gifts of lady nature in paradise! That would be a treat I have not allowed myself in years. This year is off to a quick start- stock market having fun and mr. A busy knocking heads. I am looking forward to good things in the future- there it is in writing, now I must go out and make it so.-alooooo! Bee well-jen

Ray B. said...

Thomas, I just didn't write well. The first paragraph mentioned "Star Wars" and mainly questioned possibly-forced ownership-change of that franchise. The second paragraph segued over to characters in the "Star Trek" universe to complain about intentional darkening of that franchise. I should have inserted a transitional sentence (grin).

BCii, you are right about "The negative agenda, of course, calls for incremental watering down of truth vibes and the corruption of innocence."

In the original "Star Trek" series of the 60s, there were often 'messages' about the state of 50s/60s society hidden within a SF camouflage so they could get past the censors. That was probably one reason why no one but Lucille Ball (Desilu Studios) would financially back them. Psychic stuff was taken seriously. In addition, Kirk/Spock/McCoy formed a perfect trio. Each had screen presence. It was also power-balanced, as Kirk knew that either Spock or McCoy could and would relieve him from command if he 'strayed'. Healthy leadership style.

"The Next Generation" of the series in the 80s strayed away from most social issues into wandering the stars. Safer for TPTB. Psychic stuff was minimized and more 'psychological'. Also, the leadership 'trio' of the original series was replaced by a British martinet of a leader. Authoritarian, although in a 'polite' way. No one on the ship had the huevos to check his power. Unhealthy leadership style.

The 'reboot' of the series has great graphics, but is by far the darkest of the three. I suspect it's purpose is to 'hook' and then indoctrinate those who are SF-oriented but have not had the 'benefit' of seeing the original and incorporating their ethics. Cunning...

Vis, I am glad you are settling-in safely. Hopefully, you can get past Mother Nature's 'obstacles' without a lot of effort.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ray B,

The Next Generaton Star Trek series was laden with overtones of political correctness that rendered it nearly unwatchable much of the time.


galen said...

Kudos, Karen. Epiphanies R us! And truthfully, after the holidays, I need one just about now. Sigh. . .

Mandocello, I do not understand your Mercury Retrograde dates. From the astrology I've studied, Mercury goes retrograde three times a year for about three and a half weeks. Once in a while (rather rare) it happens four times a year. There are a few days before set date that carry the retrograde energy and a few after, the residual. So how do you come to give it such a long time-span? Is there something unusual going on in the sky this year? Asking honestly and respectfully. I searched but didn't find anything. Anyway, below are a few links that give the retrograde dates:






Anonymous said...


I derived those dates from this:


Ostensibly it encompases the entire cycle, not just the actual retrograde phase.


Visible said...


a new Visible Origami; sorry, no hotlink- technical reasons.

galen said...

Mandocello, thanks for clearing that up.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Pay no attention to dancing Israelis on Paris streets shooting blanks.

Mossad Productions Unlimited

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Paris Update -

Here are the Great European Leaders of the Free World (plus a few guest psychopaths) leading the march of 1.5 million citizens united through the streets of Paris!

how brave thou aren't

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Fundi-Gumbi's and the Hoodoo Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

“He’ll go a long way in life, that little lad.”

Je Suis Sinet



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