Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Unimaginable Squalor of the Banker Army Displaced.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses whatever...whatever (grin).

Some readers are thinking... some important readers (well... all readers are important) that I am not quite myself of late. Hmmm... well, you are correct. No one would be quite themselves after vacating a life of 15 years in a foreign country ( heck... any country), most of which was spent in a single room, looking out on a neighborhood that hadn't changed much in several hundred years. Add in to this equation that you had to leave someone that you deeply loved but which cosmic impetus would not allow you to remain in the company of because... “there are things I need to do with you that I can't do here.” Add into that a Buddha Dog with whom you were in serendipitous sync with for some years. Add in that you are not exactly like most people because... otherwise, you wouldn't be standing apart looking at most people and wondering why they do the things they do, for reasons that are lost in a fog of mystery which... once you penetrate it and it unravels, turns out to be a vacant room. Add in some numbers of things which we won't delineate because it would just take up a lot of space and simply reinforce truths that everyone ought to know anyway... but... doesn't want to (No!) and... yeah... I am probably not myself as I was formerly. The good news is that that is not such a big deal because I am so convinced about where I am headed that I don't terribly miss those who were linchpins of my life because... we will never be apart. We are linked forever on a golden chain of love and... I not only believe this, I know this.

Yeah... I'm not right and I'm up against it too. Many things that could go wrong have gone wrong. However, some things have gone right so... what do I focus on? I focus on what has gone right. There is a side of me (or anyone) that can say to themselves... “I am not going to be able to pull this off, given inflow, related to predictable outflow, as it presents itself on the chalkboard but... as I recall, I have seen these same numbers and comparatives before and... pulled it off quite well. Don't put your attention on drawbacks, limitations and how things may not add up according to the usual mediums of measurement. Put your attention on what you can do for others. Forget yourself. You're not that important. Do something good at every opportunity. Lose yourself in it. Forget yourself and everything will take care of itself. I don't just believe this, I know it. So... yeah... probably I* am not myself right now but... what does that mean? Have I ever truly been myself... truly? Have you? We are phases moving through stages. We are what we think we are, on the way to what we are and what we are is forged in the crucible of experience, as we make those definite and inevitable decisions about what we consider valuable and not valuable. On that rests the entirety of fate, which turns out to be your version of self determinism. You get what you are after. Never forget this. You get what you are after. Period. “Be careful what you ask for?” Right? Right.

I could go out and buy a bottle of Stoli and sit down at my keyboard (which I no longer have) and do a whole bunch of melting nostalgia, early Tom Waits and terribly miss everything I thought I was and that would accomplish... certifiably nothing, except feeling bad the next day. I've learned, painfully, it is true but... I have learned that... like the song says, “You don't take nothing with you but your soul.” Life IS change and these are not just words to me. These are truth. To be yourself you must be yourself. When the urge to act is overwhelmingly upon you... don't. When forces unknown impinge upon your reason and seek to reduce you to an emotionally driven automaton... don't. Shit happens and none of us are exempt from that. The more coarse and self involved among us may look at the unfortunate examples of what happens to everyone, happening to someone else and let go with a schadenfreude laugh but... their turn in the barrel comes next Tuesday.

As I write this, that piece of shit film, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is playing alongside and it pretty much accurately sums up everything that is wrong with the world at a distance (from most of us- either due to conscience, lack of talent or Karma) and which still, from a distance, hammers on near every element of our lives... every day. This film tells you all you need to know about the people that go that way and why you don't.

The first time I came to Hawaii, it took 6 weeks before I wasn't in bed at 7:00PM every night. It's taking less this time but it's still a powerful and impactful force so... you don't get to be yourself under those conditions either. Let's go back to the world... shall we?

The inside is arguably the inside except... even when you think you are seeing outside, you are seeing from the back of your head... inside your head. The outside is nothing more or less than what you project outward, given what you believe is true... so it is for you. So it is for you. You rise and fall on what you believe and to the degree that you do. Let us hope that what you believe turns out to be true. Upon this... rests the fortunes of empires and every tiny individual self. You ARE what motivates and moves you... nothing less and nothing more and ONLY... to that degree.

To the world outside... it has only been and it only is what it appears to be and since it is simply appearances, it cannot be what it appears to be because it only 'appears to be'. I don't know how comprehensive, how detailed, how specifically detailed I have to be to win your awareness but I can say... appearances lie. It is the fundamental nature of appearances to be a deception but... neither the mind nor the emotions are willing to accept this because... because...; it goes contrary to self interest; whether that be in matters of love or fortune. It is what it is. It is what it is.

This is a truly ugly film, this Wolf of Wall Street. It really sums it up. Satanists to the left of me. Satanists to the right of me. Into the Valley of the Satanists marched the doomed among us. It is pretty simple my friends. When the world around you and most every one else around you is ruled by appearances then... if you are a true being AND even though everything seems to be going right for the mainlining appearance junkies and not going right for you... you continue. You continue because... you have no choice. All of you have heard at many junctures on your way, “You have a choice.” I assure you... you have no choice. It is one of those perpetual fantasies that the diligent and integrity burdened argue with themselves about now and again. The bottom line is that you can go with the cosmic imperative or against it. That does not qualify as a choice to me because no sane and committed soul could ever entertain the latter, not after whatever it must have cost them to get to wherever it is that they are. Certainly it may 'appear' that I have contradicted myself or gone whirling off on some tangent of obfuscation but... we said what we said and it is what it is.

I live in two detached domes; more like yurts actually and an elegant jungle motif surrounds them and breeds an addictive lassitude that makes dedication and persistence a continuous labor but... it will pass. It could be worse. I look at the wide world around me and then I remotely view what I know to be true at many points around the world. I see small children carrying rusted tin pails of depleted uranium water. I see something called "The Lords's Army of Resistance", or something like that where small children are kidnapped and forced to commit horrendous abuses against friends and family members as a show of loyalty. I see hundreds of thousands dwelling in hot suffocating tents, where they have been driven by Banker Armies into unimaginable squalor. I see entire cultures wafting nowhere on alcoholic fumes, lurching, grasping and then falling, only to rise again and stumble off into another direction. I see millions of souls brutalized by Materialism and herded from one perversity to another and out of all of this... inexplicably, I see a golden age forming.

Kali Yuga, as we have oft stated here, is a time of Karmic arrangement and readjustment. No small amount of it is tied to times and events of which there is no longer any historical record. Why this has to take place and why we, in particular, have to be here is known to very, very few. Ultimately, it is all about clearing the air. You can't have a golden age flourishing in anything less than the irreversible wreckage of an age of darkness. This is where we find ourselves at the moment; caught up in ever greater and greater expressions of the ridiculous, the absurd and the terrifying. Their reign is over but... like anything large, complex and long lived; like a berserker herd of steroidal mastodons, it takes a lot to bring them down and it might be awhile for them to come down but... since they are the ones bringing themselves down, it is... it is only a matter of time.

What do you do in the meantime? You greet each day with a righteous enthusiasm and you toil and serve as you go. You don't look at the date calendar, the clock or the speedometer. You might occasionally glance at the gas gauge (grin). You do what you've been doing and you up your game. For some of us it has been a long haul of being battered from pillar to post. Sometimes the level of focused malice coming from... (where?) … can be truly intimidating. These things can't be happening to everyone else too, can they? No... for some it's a walk in the park but... look around you and look abroad in the blasted lands. There is no shortage of victims. Count your blessings. No doubt there are many more of them than may first surface at a casual glance.

End Transmission.......

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Murphy151 said...


Really pleased to hear you. Miss you and have noticed the vaccum you have left in Europe caused by your absence. It is papable.

I guess 'ourselves alone' is now 24/7 follow the sun.

If you need anything, just shout, email, post or just think about it.



Erik said...

Haa Vis!

Great post, looks like you spilled all the beans that could be spilled, in no uncertain way i might add ;)

Thanks Bro and may your circumstances change rapidly for the better ...



dorothi said...

know i can come to your pages and find you describing my thoughts and feelings truthfully, elaborating the swirls and eddies, shoves that lonliness back into its dark corner and i can breathe again. great timing as usual, my friend. thank you.

Thomas said...

Oh, Visible. This was like being put through a grinder. By turns unpleasant and frigthening. Never nice to see oneself in an unflattering light, but oh! so healthy. You're ringing clear, clear, clear like water from a mountain spring. Definitely like having my little toy castle smashed. Timely (and to me, pertinent!) warnings, sounds like spoken from the rumbling maw of the Cosmos. I hope it will stick. Thank you!!!

For myself, I can't really sincerely pray for much else than humility and devotion, and although they grow ***slowly***, grow they do, it seems.

Yes, count my blessings. I do, sometimes and absentmidedly, but I will do it more now. Must remember!

Thanks Vis, and Good Luck, Everyone!

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

The wonderful thing about being so close to the Divine is that even when you find yourself in foreign surroundings the Divine is within and without, so you are always around that which is familiar, as I am sure you know :o).

Just when I thought I had just about peeled off the last layer of reality the Divine goes and shows me another entire new world of existence on this plane. And onward in search of truth I go.

I know life challenges us much sometimes, but ah what a ride. I can't believe how exciting the Divine has made existence.

I look out and see ALL and feel overwhelmed with a love and truth that is so intense that I know there is no thing to fear. I feel as if the light of creation is bursting forth through me.

I know that you will embrace the difficulties you are facing Vis, and overcome them, because that is who you are. The Divine has clearly shown me that pain is as much a part of creation as pleasure, so both are valuable tools to assist in our ascension.

You are blessed Vis because no matter where you go you have a global community (your readers) who love you and support you.

Lately, my dreams are constantly filled with waves passing through me. The waves are tidal waves of consciousness washing over the planet to cleanse it. The Divine is house cleaning on a mammoth level from what I see.

By the way Vis, in relation to that matter I emailed you about, it appears I was not projecting, but all is good because I am in the arms of my creator.

Dear BCii,

I have been checking out your site. I suggest others do so as well. Thank you for your labour, it has been most rewarding and enlightening for me. God bless you.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see your posts again, Vis. Glad you are safely moved and wish you the best.
Haven't commented in a long time due to time constraints re: family.
This made me think of you:

Anonymous said...

I wish your "thing" to stay good. I know it will. Way to "give it up" and many more...chipparoni

Anonymous said...

You are always off tangent, but then again so am I. So therefore you are righteous... I hope and pray all will work out for you wherever you are. (in my case, dog-butt receiving...)

Staying anon on my part. Yes, the bad guys know me, too. but sometimes it makes me feel better.

Ray B. said...

Good column, Vis. Touched on all the deep stuff. Thanks.

I had an insight on Materialism the other day. It was nothing deep, but very profound to me. If you look at the way Materialism operates, it says, "WE are Not" and "only I am." The chakra system, at its most basic, divides into the lower half - which is levels of me, myself, and I - and the upper half - which is levels of We. So, Materialism is profoundly attached to the lower chakras and rejecting the values of the higher chakras.

I had not thought of it this way, before, and it explained a lot...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

My beautiful Les,

I feel your absence in Europe, but your presence abides.
I am thinking of you and sending much love and positive resonance your way. You give me strength. I speak for many I am sure.
Blessed be Les.
The German Farmer

mike m said...

Vis, your last two posts have coincided with myself. I too watched Wolfs of Wallstreet this past weekend with my better half and we were horrified at the way these "people" lived their lives but the kicker was Jonah Hill and his depiction of everything that I
have come to loathe and despise about his special brand of so called human

David Alan McBride said...

Inwardly initiated, as always. Then outward/upward occur simultaneously. Opening to the upper triad, to the Most High. How do I reach out to my brother? My kindred? (that's you Mr. Visible)

Are there words I should convey? Is their a message I am to deliver? All I get back are the words of this post I just read while knowing you are already tapped in (up?).

Empathy, understanding, compassion and Love to you Mr. Visible. Thanks again.

alfazedz said...

Just the words I needed to hear just now.


Katy said...

If i was your lover or your child or your sister or your parent and i heard the pain you hint at in the past few posts - i would be remiss if i did not attend to you with deep love and warmth; offer some cool wine or a cloth to the forehead. But i have received so much joy from the big "YES"! That generally follows reading all your posts, for many moons now;that i must simply wonder at the love shown you by the ineffable as you have clearly been invited to partake of the cross.
And as we are connected only by that ineffable, i will have a word and see if some simon nearby might be uplifting.
Listen--there it is again, the sound, the glad sound of bells ringing...coming right around the corner...

Smyrna said...

Glad to hear you are in a Yurt type of dwelling Vis.

The old four corners and right angles can cause some bad feng shui.

My missus had her ironing board set up in a bad spot near the back door for quite some time. Blocking the Chi, giving a bad vibe etc.

We have noticed the difference since I made her move it. (and she's supposed to be the expert in these things!)


BCii said...

I drink your words, Visible, with deep pleasure and gratitude.

Your oft-repeated maxim, "appearances lie," is quite satisfactorily explained in the book I recently mentioned, Butterflies Are Free To Fly. The explanation rests on principles of quantum physics, but doesn't bog itself down with technical details. Analogies and practical examples are used well and convincingly. I would recommend this book for anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with these concepts or find additional validation for Visible's assertion.

The book goes much further, however, using those concepts as a starting point. The author gives fair warning about the implications ahead, letting the reader know that continuing on past that point constitutes a no-going-back commitment. You can't unsee the truth. (wink)

BCii said...


I meant to address your comment above, but I forgot. Thank you for your kind words. Most of all, thank you for being a shining example of what so many of us hope to attain. You give much hope simply by expressing the truth of your experience and who you are. Your presence does not go unappreciated.

Anonymous said...

You live it, Bro. Thanks for being the example that you are.


Me said...

The Swiss cheese globel economy:

you pay for the holes and get the cheese around it for free

Since the dollar and euro are Rothschild federal banked into failure, Rothschild pulls out his wild card and launches his Swiss franc controlled alternative to become the global currency. Rothschild think no one will accept his SDRs but hopes the wold will accept his controll of Swiss francs-
Poppycock! The only thing people will accept is total destruction of all Rothschild central banks. With that 99% of all the wars and 'terror attacks' will cease directly.
The world.s present cancer is zionism in all its horrible forms.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

walking hawk here ....
been a while but been very busy. helping usher in the changes. meet and deal with very gifted kids.(indigo,chrystal children) telekenis,mind control etc...
doing my part to create with the Creator...
Remember People...keep thinking Positive,followed with verbal,ripples through the cosmos and the universe sets up the conditions to bring back to you what you want.. (karma)

be a Co-Creator

thanks vis.....
thanks all you Positive People...

Ray B. said...

Walking Hawk, good to hear from you!

I have a selfish request: Could you expand on your work and experiences with those children?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Mo visible said...

Les, I read this on Svetlana's birthday, it resonates on a whole slew of levels. As usual you always come through with just the right reinforcements and thank you, yet again
From my heart.
Mo visible

Anonymous said...

I smiled at a woman today. She smiled back at me. You can't go wrong with love.
I am blessed, like the stars - countless, innumerable.

Anonymous said...

Ray B....sure...
I've been doing "energy" healings for a while now. Pulling out the bad stuff and installing new healing energy..most healed and cured..I clean the spiritual,mental and emotional layers first then work on the physical... Opens up 3rd eye and Heart centers. Most people experience awakening, forgivness and love...the greatest viberation in the universe...The "kids" in their twenties are gifted but nothing like their kids are...
One of the latest 26yr. old female that I worked with , her 6yr. old girl was there for the anyway we were outside on the deck talking about the healing that was just preformed and the Spirit moved me and I said to 6yr. old,"you have Powers".She said "I do?" I said "I know you do" and she asked "like what?" I told her she's probably one of those kids that can move things without touching it... so i kneeled down beside her,facing a swing in backyard,put my hands up against my chest facing the swing,told her to study (concentrate)on the swing and push hands toward swing and say "MOVE".... guess what happened?.. to the astonishment of all 3 adults present, the swing moved..(nobody told her she couldn't do it)Lot more to this experience but I asked her mom if she was going to work with her on this...she said yes with eyes wide open..(smile) well this takes some time to write and i have cars to fix but i'll try to stay in touch more in Visible Land.... I Love This Place and All You People Here.... Thanks

walking hawk

Visible said...

God Bless our dear Svetlana in her new home in the luminous worlds.

Ray B. said...

Walking Hawk, what a wonderful story! Thanks.

It is sooo important to 'get to' children before they are 'assimilated' (Borg reference) into the group consciousness (Hive Mind; another Borg reference). It sounds like you are doing good work!

Remember, these kids will need periodic 'reinforcement' from someone they regard as a power or wisdom figure. Otherwise, the pain of being an 'outsider' will cause them to rejoin the Hive...

If you can set-up some form of 'village' mentality where multiple 'clued-in' parents and their children can self-reinforce each other, this might counteract the 'pull' of the Collective (Borg reference). Keeping folks 'awake' in a hostile environment is where it gets tricky.

Home-schooling (aka 'village' schooling) is strongly recommended in cases like these. Think of the 'environment' with the kids around The Oracle in the "Matrix" movies, versus the environment in the public school system...

Again, thanks for the 'work' that you are doing!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Beggar, after reading your post I caught that smile. It found my face and took a short-cut to my heart. Must have been a universal smile. Thank you. :)


Tyler Vincent said...

Dude, your shits in, check your mail.



Visible said...

new visible origami up now-

Anonymous said...

thanks Ray B.

email me if you would please...
i would rather talk on phone to you...
I'll give you my phone # and we could talk instead of this....You feel like one i should speak with.

Thanks Vis and Crew

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

And Thank You Ray B.
Very Good Advice.....

Anonymous said...

Aloha Les,

I figure you mighta seen this already, but if not-

"I am genuinely proud to be in the same dire predicament as you..."

a hui hou,

old farmer

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

American Snipers, Vipers and a Retarded Elvis or Two.



Joseph Brenner

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