Friday, December 05, 2014

The Kansas City of the Heart and Mind.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This can be a cold and seemingly pitiless world. I've seen some amount of that but I am certain I haven’t seen anywhere near the degree of it that some have. The sheer scale of suffering on any given day on this planet is beyond the grasp of any human imagination. Generally we do not know the extent of the suffering, or the level of depravity of the offenses because, in most cases, the news delivery systems are controlled by the people most responsible, over all, for the large majority of suffering world wide; that was some pretty messed up sentence structure but I’m going to go with it.

You can drive yourself mad trying to figure out why it is all what it is. You can reason and analyze till kingdom come but never make sense of it. Ultimately it is what it is and understanding that, you are left with two possible belief systems. One is that it makes no sense whatsoever and that Life is a random happening that manifests in a survival of the fittest fashion and there is no cosmic justice anywhere; just the relentless turning of indifferent gears against each other, in a world where looking out for number one is the only thing that makes sense. There is no after life and there was nothing before it either. That’s one view with a good number of variations upon a theme.

The other possibility is that there is a mysterious force at work that is not understood by anyone at any time and which is reputed to be benevolent by some and completely detached and indifferent by others and there are many variations on this too. One of the larger variations is religion and we have historical record of the impact of religion on life and it is not a good one. It is clear that religion does not understand the force it purports to represent, or else the force is an evil one but... that makes no sense logically in a world where the balance of opposites is obvious. It is true that the world goes out of balance as a result of human agency but it also moves through radical changes all on its own too.

We have historical records of other things as well. We have historical records of unique and remarkable individuals and the general history of the masses that come and go, over the slow course of civilizations rising and falling. There seems to be certain repeating patterns that cycle over and over. War and relative peace change places with each other. Evil and good fight a pitched battle all down the continuum of time. The upper hand is maintained by one or the other, depending on the age in which the interaction takes place. If you’re in a dark time zone there is only so much you can do OR... this is how it appears to be. What seems clear to me, no matter what the truth of the matter may ultimately be, is that one should strive to be a unique and remarkable individual and not a pinball of the status quo. I’m not sure if you have to be a unique and remarkable individual to begin with, or whether you can get there through the fire of aspiration burning the mediocrity off of your being. I am pretty sure that the first has to engage in the second, regardless.

The hardest part of living seems to be the endless fight against declaring the whole operation to be a club sandwich of bad shit. The hardest thing seems to be managing to carry a sense of youthful optimism through each of the seven ages of life; to be able to not let anything get you down for long. I’m guessing you have to be a unique and extraordinary individual to accomplish that or... maybe that is just how you end up at the conclusion of the cycle. It seems to me that life is just a stretch of becoming or accommodating; of being engaged in continuous change, or in hardening your resistance to it and it is easy to see that the latter is the course most chosen. I see it every day in the predictable behavior of people at every age, in every stage. Nearly every time I get into the checkout line at the supermarket, there will be some old lady or old man and every single one of them will laboriously and ever so slowly, once their transaction is complete, fumble with their change purse and slowly, ever so slowly, count out what passes for silver and copper around here. They all count it out the same way, in a truly agonizing fashion and finally add whatever paper money attends the transaction. I have watched this same scene repeat itself hundreds of times. It’s a replicating consciousness, like a suit of clothes you get after a certain birthday.

I watch the young, the very young, those in the variations of midstream (early and late), the old and very old. It is remarkable what you can see if you really look. The constant redundancy of patterns in repetition is consistent with the time zone and is probably consistent with the nature of existence at any time. All my life and even before I had any idea of what was going on, I noticed these things. Early on I knew that something was wrong. I just didn't know what it was. For some time I thought it was me, until one day in the early evening, as I was coming on to some very pure Sandoz liquid, (my first time) when... it all came to me clearly in a whirlwind of continuous revelation and I was never the same again after that. I could fill a book with the details of what passed before the mind’s eye, if I could remember much of it. It’s all in there somewhere.

I’ve heard it said that memory is the key. It’s all about remembering. I’m guessing that just an amount of inquiry into why that might be true would be worth a great deal to the right person; given that only the right person would be interested in anything like that to begin with.

I want to hammer on once again with a certain point and that is about proximity to the great and lumbering ship of the departing age and the force of the draw upon the surrounding waters, when the ship sinks, as it most certainly will. We are not able to see how near to the event we are. We cannot know how rapidly it may occur. If you are not taking steps on the various planes of existence, steps ARE BEING TAKEN that will affect you. Everything is consciousness, just as everything is composed of vibration in modulation and accommodation to the transiting of the age. This is real; obvious, evident or invisible, it is real and you are as real as your capacity to change in accord with the greater changing. Call it a summing up. Call it harvesting and composting. Call it Ray or Shirley; just be damn sure whether or not this is the right time to stop sniffing glue.

The ultimate arbiter of fate is not the end result in the manifest. It is ones direction, drive and intention. Here or not, you continue to be headed as you were headed. Materialism cancels out awareness. Materialism IS the pull downward, based on your proximity to the ship. What you value is the interior designer of your next port of call. You project out from yourself the manifest expression of your inner focus. You wind up where you are headed toward your personal vision of your own Kansas City of the Heart and Mind. They got some crazy, not so little, insane women there and Kali is definitely one; to paraphrase the song. She is the cosmic shakti of this rampaging age. My suggestion is that you look for a “neater, sweeter maiden in a cleaner, greener land”; metaphorically speaking BEFORE it gets literal on you.

The moment is ALWAYS more important than what the moment contains in any relative sense. You had none of the things that surround or attract you, prior to your arrival here AND your capacity to let it all go has everything to do with your potential for liberation after the fact. This is why it is always stressed that one must have a light touch. “Take it easy, take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”

I can’t answer for why anyone is wherever they are. What I suspect, to the point of being pretty damn sure, is that everyone got there because they wanted to be there more than anywhere else. This is all the result of ones level of awareness and what they consider important. Anyone can change anything at any time, so far as it affects their onward course. They just have to want to. It’s as simple as that. Another thing that is invariably true is that there are very few exceptions who do not desperately wish to change once they arrive at the point where change is no longer possible.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Vis.
We could wait for the world around us to change or we could take the advice of some skinny little guy who said, Be the change that you want to see in the world. I think we will have more success following the second option. Have a nice day Vis.

Visible said...

Which doesn't mean following that guy, unless the changes he's made so far reflect one's hopes for change.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaning toward the Earth being the only place in the universe where evil exists. Michael isolated and quarantined it here. God put His sons and daughters down here in dirty suits for the surgical removal, but how do they do that? Do they genocide the racial tree of the knowledge of good and evil that it reincarnates in? That ship has sailed. Evil is in the metaphysics of Earth, so it's in the physics of Earth. How does it manifest it's self here as compared to the universe? There are places on Earth so evil that a candle won't burn.

The trekkie pop science house of cards and exercise in futility is based on the speed of light being constant (which it isn't) and the stretch that the physics of Earth are the physics of the universe. That's been a black hole for the resources put into it for over 100 years. It's obvious to me that entropy doesn't exist in the universe, for one thing.

If and when evil is ever conquered and neutralized in the Earth, you very well could see a brand new day like has never been seen before. Even the stars could appear to be in different places than they appear to be, now.

We're as brainwashed by the baal priests as our ancestors ever were. Probably the most brainwashed bunch of dumb clucks in the history of it.

Ray or Shirley

Anonymous said...

tapping tap tap the source and circulating the memo

didn't you get the memo?

most won't.

but some did.

thank you. much gratitude.
see you on the open planes....


sis kipling
cowgirl across the sky

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know what's a pain in the butt? You HAVE let go of everything, but everything hasn't let go of YOU!

Oh well. Must work harder then on becoming the absolute acme of obnoxiousness.

Anonymous said...

yes, Bo Jackson. Apparently, the guy had a weight room that he never used.
He once made an incredible throw from the track that never hit the ground, to throw out a guy who was supposed to score on the hit. The catcher said he was starting to walk off the field before he realized the ball was coming in hot and on target.


Anonymous said...

desertman here,

like the man said: "anything is better than this, I'll get me a tin bill a pick do-do with the chickens"
no compromise here, we all have a choice. being a nomad is cool.

Anonymous said...

Gems from the equinox; "But as men multiplied, the frailty of man necessitated an exterior society which veiled the interior one, and concealed the spirit and the truth in the letter, because many people were not capable of comprehending great interior truth." Why is that, dear Vis ? Cheers,Martin

Anonymous said...

We are all free to act as we choose.
The Creator is completely impartial.
This means every one of us will reap the consequences of his or her actions.
God has no favourites. He just wants us to share in and glorify His Creation.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Change. You can't go where you're going unless you stop going where you've been.

And so today I signed the paperwork to "release" my property back to the evil bankers. The lawyer ("First kill all the lawyers!") told me not to do it since I have some $200k of equity in it, but after much reflection and what I know in this Moment, this is what is right for me. My CHOICE. I'm the winner here, not the bankers. My reward is liberation and love and knowing I proceeded with the utmost integrity, honor and courage and remained true to who I AM under the most extreme pressure and to be able to hold my head up high. And that's good enough for me.

Thank you Mr. Visible for this beautiful blog and the profound truths that you bring us regularly. They've helped me immensely to keep on keeping on when I have wanted to (and tried!) quit on many occasions.

Love to all.

Ray B. said...

Good column, Vis!

Vis: "I’ve heard it said that memory is the key. It’s all about remembering."

I kind of got that when reading an old Sumerian story about Inanna having to remove an aspect of her divinity each time she went down a level (to visit her betrothed who had been killed, in the underworld). When she 'arrived', it was as a virtual mortal. As she left, she 'donned' various aspects of her divinity on the way 'up'.

Through that story and much other, I have come to believe that all our divinity is 'right here', if we can only get back enough memory of it as having once been 'us'. To long-term readers, that is recovering from the 'Second Level of Forgetting'...
Vis: "If you are not taking steps on the various planes of existence, steps ARE BEING TAKEN that will affect you."

Yep. Ironically, the folks who are actually taking steps to wake up is where the 'action' is. If you are fundamentally asleep, neither the bad guys or the good guys seem to have much to do with you. You will probably just do a 'repeat'. But, if you are 'striving', expect a myriad of attempts both to shut you down and to aid you. Discernment is necessary...
Vis: "You project out from yourself the manifest expression of your inner focus. You wind up where you are headed toward your personal vision..."

One of my teachers saw this in a literal way - both individually and collectively. This teacher saw it as a 'force', a rising probability that a certain manifestation would take place. At some point, the probability would approach 100% and - 'poof' - the manifestation would take place.

You could change a negative manifestation if you caught it early enough. But, after a certain point, the 'force' would build-up to where last-minute alterations of behavior would not appreciably change the manifestation. The 'probability' of one particular manifestation would be too strong.

(If you 'get it', this 'force' can also be used to invoke positive manifestations...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Smyrna said...

Evil is anywhere that duality exists. Not just quarantined to this planet.

"When you make the two into one" as Jesus said. The inner, the outer. The male, the female and so forth.

Unknown said...

You joined the WRH side, didn't you?
This is why agents never bother with the people who bash Christian because the mossad and the gay gestapo work towards the same goal.

William H.G.

Visible said...

Going in circles again Mr. Elipser? Just once it would be nice if observable facts and associations were used to illustrate claims. Just once it would be nice if there were even a point to claims made, like; "what does that mean?" I've done a bit of writing on your employers over at Origami just now. I hope you appreciate it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

No Truer Words; By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Invocation of Beast Nature and the Unnatural Course of Empire.



Joseph Brenner

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