Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This Thought Born Universe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you're a dog).

There hasn't been much to talk about. It's pretty much all been talked about. I could go fishing on the news sites for something to focus on but... it's just more of the same. The world is the world. While you live in it, you have to be able to make your way through it to the real objective. Otherwise it can tangle you up and... when the tangles are allowed to grow, the vines can get very thick and seemingly impossible to break; even the more so when there is no longer the inclination to want to escape. You're in a hopeless place when your delusions have become reality.

What I can talk about and which I haven't had much to say, is Tsarnaev and that embarrassingly transparent Zio-Gov op in Boston. It was one of the most ridiculous pack of lies I have seen. Some people like to get into the details of these kinds of things and you just fill your head with what ever it is composed of. I don't have to know all of what happened. All I have to know is who and it's the same who that it's been for a while. I could do maybe a 'visible hears a who'. There's nothing one can communicate about this and so many of the others; Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, Kennedy and so on, that has been been able to impact in any wide and meaningful way on the mind of the public.

We've mentioned before that there is some kind of a vibrational force, or a chemical force, or some other force and possibly including all of them that... holds the common mind in thrall. I see that it has always been this way and it is only the amount of us that are awake that is interesting because, regardless of the wider mind, there are millions of us awakening in different stages and this is going to increase and increase because of world circumstances and because of Mr. Apocalypse. The beauty of it is that no matter how distracting the world is, Mr. Apocalypse is going to rock the Casbah... all over the world.

Mr. Apocalypse is a dual use force; more than that actually but dual in the manner of impact on human emotion. It can be both positive and negative. It is perhaps the difference between awakening from a dream, or awakening from a nightmare and sometimes finding that you are still in the one or the other, it's just coming down in another way. Resistance to existence leads to a frustrating state of being that keeps making more of itself. What comes down on this plane does not have to directly engage you and only will engage you to the degree that you are engaged. That would apply to anything and everything.

Consciousness is everything. Physics has proven that existence is thought born. So... once again, your mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy and that is why the self styled elite are into mind control. Look at the lyrics to contemporary music. Observe the focus of the entertainment. Look at the news media. Consider the state of art and literature. They are tightly controlled. Can you see how powerful an effect it has? Some of us aren't affected. That is an oddity. All of these forces are under the sway of darkness. In some cases those forces in the darkness contend with each other. In other cases they are fellow travelers with a common agenda. However, once the agenda changes, so does the relationship. Eventually, evil will destroy itself and the one cardinal rule to keep in mind is to stay far away from evil. Even if it is all around you, it does not have to be inside you.

Tsarnaev is now being manipulated, for the purpose of perpetuating fear fantasies, on the minds of those going through the motions out there on the invisible wheel of fire. Anyone who watches the aging process going on all around them can see the effect of that invisible fire, right out there in the visible world. I feel for the guy and all I can do is see it as Karma. We are all caught in some element of that. It's written into the animated dust of our being and just as there are technologies to make machines and all manner of objects out here, there are technologies for internal illumination. Some people want to be rich, powerful and famous and they will do what it takes to get there. In some cases they may have been working for hundreds of years in one envelope or another to get to that particular stretch of extended brief hours (grin). Some of us are living in the mountains and some in the jungle, some are in cites and some on desert plains. All of us are on a connective web. Across that connected web are places of serious darkness and less often (these days) serious light. No matter how it may appear on the outside, you do have some say about the amount of light inside.

Yeah... you might cross paths with one of the rare ones. If not, there are cranks and pumps one can employ to draw on the light or encourage it to come. It is seriously hard to know, what to do and where to go. Ageless wisdom says you should acknowledge where you are. From there you can negotiate all kinds of levels and directions. If you don't know where you are, it throws off the GPS in your system and you can go to all kinds of bad levels and wrong directions. What I have found and... it might not work for everyone, is that whatever point in time you are at there is a frequency of consciousness that attends it and the body mimics it in the general way it does with all bodies. If you are in pursuit of something real; the truth, self realization, enlightenment etc... your frequencies will adjust to the extent that your intensity demands. If you are going in any of the other directions you will find that your frequencies adapt in those places as well. There is a powerful occult truth in this but it doesn't seem to register in the wider world and that is why they all meet a common and predictable fate. It doesn't have to be that way. In many cases, people blithely walk directly into it.

It pays to know some things; some few things. It pays to be in pursuit of the ineffable. Whatever problems might come about as a result of this, you know that the ineffable is walking with you and if you get overpowered by something that seems dark to you, the ineffable will find you and take you out of it. Not recognizing how weak and vulnerable one is, puts one in a state of dangerous over confidence. It's best to retreat away from the bad info and move into range of the good info.

This started out as a Petri Dish and went somewhere else.

I'll close with an unfortunate anecdote. I was trying to link my new bank at Paypal and they wouldn't help me. Finally I got to someone and they told me to upload some information and then they promptly froze my account. I can't take anything out and I can't send any of it anywhere. They asked me to upload a couple of kinds of ID. I did this and finally they told me that my account could be shut down for a month, just to make sure that I didn't owe anyone any money and that I didn't owe Paypal. There is no rhyme or reason for them to do this. It's one of those things and involves a power play on the part of a corrupt moneychanging system. I don't know what I can do except wait it out. In any case, for those of you who are familiar with being my account. It is now changed to

There are certainly some strange things happening to me but I'm just going to let them slide by. There's a reason for everything and one needs to know what they can do and what they can't do.

Carry on.....

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If you're non-profit you can't be controlled. Killed, but not controlled, or should I say 'TRANSITED'; not controlled, for there is no death. Les, you obviously are under no control.

Gods! And I just found 'EPIC SYMPHONIC METAL'! Awesome music if you like borderline classical/folk and stuff that just takes you centuries out of time. Google 'em, if interested.

There's tons of good writers and musicians out there. They just aren't going to be found on the mainstream, and you have to hunt them down. It's like, pick a topic, google it, and see what comes up. Songs about. . .stories about. . .

Eudoxia said...

I just received an amazing interview by John Lennon HERE

To quote "People spend all this time thinking about how to get to the moon, but they don't even know what's going on in their own head - you know Jesus came down pretending to be God, he did it before any of us did. But we are all Jesus we are all God"

He was way too much for the elite satanists. They had to whack him, they considered him mega dangerous. After all how can you preach love, respect for others and total responsibility of self and ones actions when all they want is a seriously compromised state of humanity, disfunction, control and war and more war.

Another quote: "The world is on a trip. It's just the trip is now becoming self aware. The whole universe is one big trip" -grin-

Bless you eternally John Lennon

Visible said...

I could have sworn I said this, "is why the self styled elite are into mind control." Maybe not though.

Donald said...

I just received word that "Morris 108" is said to be in critical condition, in a hospital, in Cambodia. He was/is a person that I followed, next only to you, on the web. His situation is what we as boomers naturally fear, an unexpected loss of credible contact if something "goes wrong."

Yes, as a generation we are "dropping like flies," but when it comes to the 'powerful voices' it is not necessarily natural if it occurs. We need channels of communication that can be trusted in case of emergency, or an emergency report.

The channel(s) must be well understood in advance of any event or crisis, so people can KNOW, and possibly help. Your email update certainly helps, and seems to be deliberately timely (grin). Tell us please that you have a backup, a person of faith, that we can have faith in if something goes awry, or seems to.

Sure we're all mortal, and sure that's really OK, but we read you because we like knowin'. Note the email address everybody.

My best to you, always.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "This started out as a Petri Dish and went somewhere else."

That was funny. I had just made up my mind to compliment you for a well-done "VO" and, boom, a couple of lines down was this sentence...
Vis: "Even if it is all around you, [evil] does not have to be inside you. ... No matter how it may appear on the outside, you do have some say about the amount of light inside."

Woo-woo hat on... Taking your quote 'literally', this is one of the areas where there has been intentionally-deficient education. All that the public has to go on (as far as keeping baddies truly out) is some crazed "Exorcist" dramatics. The reality is far more subtle...

Many times, a 'connection attempt' by someone (good or bad) starts through one of the higher chakras. These are the most 'leaky' chakras, being literally-designed as variations on 'We Are'. This makes them wonderful ways to 'connect' with other folks. On the other hand, it makes them wonderful ways for other folks to 'connect' with you...

In my personal universe, 'connection attempts' often start with a 'whistling' in one ear (and no, it is not due to wind or atmospheric pressure changes), 'itchiness' or quick pain in one ear, a sudden 'headache' in the third-eye area, eyes feeling suddenly 'tired', slight 'nausea' out of nowhere, etc. Sometimes, it is just an awareness that something feels 'off'. It can feel 'confined', or there is a sense of 'presence', or you just don't feel like you normal 'self'. Each person's responses are different, so the wise person starts doing 'correlations'...

Actually, just 'noticing' is two-thirds of the 'battle'. It helps to have a sense of outrage, or 'this is not okay'. The second step is calling in the good guys, however you choose to label them. One difference between the good guys and the bad guys is that the good guys tend to want an 'invite' before wading-in, while the bad guys have no qualms about quaint things like 'boundaries'. I tend to direct calls for assistance out through the crown chakra, but other may differ.

You can actually 'learn' through the experience by staying aware of what is going on in your body and energy fields. A tussle 'here', pain going away 'there', presence of light 'over there', etc. (You can even ask to 'visit' with some good guys after the action is over. Some will even answer questions.) Over time, it builds up a 'picture' of the Inner World and how it works (for you).

If you wake-up already 'slimed', don't panic. Again, don't panic. That gives baddies the edge. Just center yourself and call in your good guys, for as long as it takes.

Some entities can 'hit' you in the lower chakras. Feeling sudden sexual feelings out of nowhere. Pain in the power chakra. Etc. If you can 'step back' from the immediate experience, you can often discern whether it originated in you or not. If not, same steps as above. And practice 'correlation'.

'News' like the above can bring up fear in some people. It is like you are a first-grader in a fourth-grade universe. Vulnerable. Running away from the news and shutting it out is a common response. I can only urge that an 'education' needs to begin sometime.

Hope this helps someone...

Best Wishes,
Ray B

Visible said...

great minds and all that.

Brian Crossland said...

Ray@ 5
Thanks for that. Makes sense to me. As I previously commented regarding questioning the origin of my(or somebody/something) else's thoughts. I am becoming increasingly aware of physical feelings, discomfort, pain, particularly if sudden or accompanied by a thought seemingly out of the blue. I now question these by asking "Is this mine?" in most cases it ceases if not I continue to question and seek help.
Thanks for your detailed advice very apt.
Vis, hope your paypal gets sorted and associated obstacles removed.Gratitude for all you do.

Anonymous said...

"Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."

First Peter 5:8

I have never seen anyone with a big charisma except Paul McCartney. The Beatles, while a good pop band were not exactly master musicians. Little Richard and Chuck Berry were the most dynamic forces of the Rock era. Little Richard and Chuck Berry would have sold a lot more records if white people would have been more comfortable with them.

I don't like classic rock anymore. I used to love the Beatles and Stones. Jimi Hendrix was the first person to ever inspire me. But, anymore I wonder if Lennon, Dylan and all of the other Rock Gods of the era were on the side of the angels? I really doubt it!
I find their shit pretty boring anymore. (I will always have soft spot for Hendrix.)

According to one, Professor Griff; formerly of the rap group Public Enemy, there is a Masonic, hoodoo ritual that can make one successful and famous. The cost is that someone close to you will die near the time you 'make it'. Stuart Suthcliffe died right around the time the Beatles made it. So did Lennon's mother. Elvis' mother died soon after he 'made it'. There are lost of stories like this that Griff points toward.

I wonder if Lennon, Hendrix, Elvis, Michael Jackson, et al, sold their souls for fame only to discover that they had second thoughts about the deal they made? (And then they die.) In Mike Henderson's bio on Hendrix, written about 1978, the London police still hadn't decided whether Hendrix was homocide, suicide or accidental.

And Michael Jackson? wtf!?

If you want to hear a true horror story read about Motown's "Temptations"...I think all of those guys are dead but one and most died by violence.

The music business is dangerous.

I have learned not to take entertainers too seriously.

Artist and musicians create the culture and delineate cultural values. Artists and musicians are the difference between humans and critters. From sculpture and painting we get geometric relationships and abstract communication. From music we get cyclicity and numbers. Put them both together and you have the human mind.

Talent and intellect are the cheapest commodities in the human experience. One can't walk through any music school in the world and not find teenagers who can play at a concert level. But, for the most part these kids don't have charisma. Where does the charisma come from? No place good I would venture.

Lennon did plagiarize one of Chuck Berry's lines: "...Here come old flat top he come movin' up with me..." Berry won the lawsuit. Everybody in the music business stole stuff from Berry.

I don't like the expression; "Great minds think alike." A truly great mind will think unlike anything before it. When Chuck Berry came along no one else could write songs or play guitar like that.

Anymore when I want to hear a song to cheer me up I listen to the shit my big brothers and sister listened to: Pre Beatles pop and r and r. Sometimes I will put on Build Me Up, Buttercup or Windy by the Association. I am tired of heavy and I am tired of lofty. Rock and Roll was at it's most beautiful when it was just about kids having fun.

I think AQ: adorability quotient is much more important than IQ. The world needs lovable people more than it needs smart people. Fuck smart people. I piss on all geniuses. Fucking Peacocks!


David Alan McBride said...

To Donald (#4 above),

None of us are mortal. We are all immortal. If the person you are worried about dies, then what happens to them? To you if you die? Take a few minutes the next time you are meditating and ask your Soul (your immortal self) what the after death feels like. Once you get direct experience in that feeling you will come to a very important realization. The worse case scenario (death) is actually the greatest gift we humans can receive. Morris 108 and Les Visible will be GREAT no matter what happens to them. They'll be especially great if the worst happens to them. They don't need a backup. They already have our Creator. Name a better emergency backup if something goes awry.

Donald said...

To David #8 = Infinity
I use mortal to describe our perceptual experience in the material realm, earth as it were, as we seem to know it. It is possible of course that death on the personal, 'earthly' level is just an illusion where other people apparently die but "we" (the viewer) don't or (doesn't). Just sayin'.
Assuming apparent death is a personal reality (an experience to go through) then the point of my post is clear. Caring about the perceptual needs of the community is not only a kind act, but morally necessary. Look to the example, and admonitions, of Jesus perhaps.
I did greatly hesitate in using the word 'fear' in my comment. It was not meant to suggest 'worry'. The issue is hope against hope, of 'right action' in the human domain, even though we all seem to know that we are all just spiritual beings, even here, even now.
There is a wide swath covered by the beliefs of the readers of Vis's blog. My message was simple. Beyond all the philosophy and faith there is also a here and now, one simple step at a time maybe, and maybe we'll get "there."

Anonymous said...

I wanna escape so bad, sometimes it really affects my mood in a fairly negative way.
Try as i might, these turgid moods tend to hold me in their grip for whatever length of time the funking hormones swim through the physical system i happen to inhabit.
I often have difficulty dealing with physical matters. Not because of some disability mind you, just the feeling of somewhere between being a pinball and the captain of a ship in choppy seas or a rocky asteroid belt. Or drowning of exhaustion from treading in the water for so long and knowing the sharks know it. So i ping, drive, swim, or tread or whatever until i land somewhere. Then pick up where we left off, do whatever there is there to do.

People make me so funking mad. I'm sometimes really mad when i realize i am one.
One of These People. You really cannot develop a sustainable hatred of them in almost any case, because of the distorted curve upon which these "people" live and die in the demented scramble to do Something Like For Something Else. They know not. But i hate their willingness to do so. They clog the streets at certain times of day, they sit and sit, waiting for the shit to roll down hill, they don't realize the lies they live
in and they obediently follow liars which they seem to have no trouble doing these ridiculous things for- all at the same time; but can't seem to see the reasonableness
to not waste any more time on bullshit and tell 'em all to fuck off–all at the same time.

I'll start a fill-in-the-blank of do-somethings:

1. Telemarketers / marketing
2. collection agents
3. school aptitude test score keeper
4. bean counters
5. insurance
6. lawyers
7. cops
8. politicians
9. real estate developers

Not necessarily in order of smarminess, and by no means complete. You could expand this list and thereby round outward from the first nine...
Oh be, be our economy! I hear a Who!

Not to leave out restaurants; and at risk of being a bit of a hypocrite here, good restaurants are great and all, but these would be much, much fewer if all these other "enterprises" were not such a dominant factor in this scarcity-based hive society and contribute to massive food waste and deplorable agriculture to support itself.

Adunno, Mister Visible, With all the shit in the environment, Mister A probly has already heard enough of my complainin'


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Les, sounds like in your first paragraph the gods are going to retire you from transducing.

As for Richard Penniman and Chuck Berry, I'm a honky-gringo-cracker, and I LOVE 'em! Same with Jimmy. So does my flatmate, who is also a honky-gringo cracker, but this is 2015, and not 1960 whatever, so. . .

galen said...

Donald, I understand and agree with your point regarding the need for support in case of emergency. The system magicians have made great progress in their busting up of the family as society's basic unit of support. Some communities form Affinity Groups (5 to 10 people) where essential contact information is shared and important requests noted. It's not just about health emergencies but also in case of natural (or unnatural) disasters. People may need money or meds or company, and those who love the endangered individual are informed as opposed to wondering or worrying. They're given opportunity to be there for a friend. And even if death is imminent, to die with someone you love or trust at your side is certainly more comforting than a clinical stranger. Yes, some my prefer to die alone or with their spiritual guides; that can be honored, too. It's like one can do what one can to invite loving support into the dying process or the emergency. The immortal (the soul) working with the mortal (the body); God working through humans. A few dogs wouldn't hurt much either.


Thank you, Donald, for bringing this to my attention. I think it's important and smart and realize I have some work to do here. I never seem to want to bring this to the front burner. Morris may be delivering a big lesson (gift). May love surround him.


galen said...

McCob, well, we've heard the term "evil genius" denoting that clever and high intelligence can be delivered in a malevolent way. But really, is that true genius? To me a true genius wraps up powerful intelligence with deep wisdom and vision, and that has to encompass integrity. Would not all gifts of genius if thought through to their probable and eventual consequences, have said genius bearing responsibility for what he/she contributes? I think of my personal geniuses, those who touched my life in such a profound way so as to have a transformative effect on me, those who opened doors I'd never before seen opened. To me they were/are gifts, often way-showers. Creation has given us peacocks; they may not always be easy to be around or to understand, but who can question their unique beauty?

I know what you mean about the early rock 'n' roll; that's when it/we were still innocent. This:


galen said...

Jimminy, I feel I understand what you express, and even with strong faith I have similar feelings/experiences. Anyway, your post brought me to this song. Somehow, by the end of it I noticed I was smiling:


Anonymous said...


One can trace a musical lineage from Chuck berry back to Muddy Waters back to Charley Patton(Robert Johnson's mentor). Everyone learns,borrows or steals from someone in the music world.

The song that changed the direction of Lennon's adolescent life was Little Richard's 'Long Tall Sally'.

Even Mozart didn't pop out of the womb fully musically formed.


Anonymous said...


Looked at one way, the Beatles stopped being the Beatles in late 1962. After that they became pop entertainers then a global pop/cultural phenomenon. They started making records for $$$ and something got lost. They didn't bargain for that in pursuit of their ambitions but it happened anyway, despite their best efforts.

Check out Mark Lewisohn's exhaustively definitive history of the group that came out late 2013--the 1600 page UK version, not the abridged U.S. edition. And that's just volume 1, which goes up to the end of 1962.


Anonymous said...

Buttons: There was no chuggah-chuggah choo choo train hard drivin' agressive beat in music until Little Richard and Chuck Berry. 2015 and it's been since the 60's that anything in the music business has surprised me.

I think I am a honky-gringo-cracker, too. At least I want to be one. Sounds like fun.

Love, McCob

Anonymous said...

Mondocello, what you say is true. None of us live in a vacuum. But some of us break barriers and discover new things. Just as Beethoven expanded symphonic form and content and in effect created something new, Chuck and Richard created a new music based on a hitherto unknown, unexploited tempo and meter. A measure of Rock and Roll is different than a measure of jazz or a Bach fugue or whatever came before. The stresses on the beats are different. And everybody, and I mean everybody, copied Chuck Berry's guitar licks. From Pop, to Nashville to Jazz, latin, African...whatever..... Look at how Little Richard was copied by Prince, Hendrix, James Brown, and a lot of others. Those guys were special and they were also first.

Only my opinion. I realize others might see things different. Thanks for responding.


Anonymous said...


Yes, I am bitter. I am prone to bitterness. Lately, I feel like a total fool for ever believing anything that was told to me by any authorities. I feel like I have been violated and taken advantage of just like a run of the mill chump. The feeling has just come over me lately. I am trying to come to terms with it.

Some of us have great intellect, talent and an industrious spirit. Some of us can create things that will cause those of future generations to wonder and be inspired. That's nice.

Most science goes to destruction and death. It exists as a tool of the military more than anything else. It seems to me one could say the same of art and music.

Health in the body and joy in the heart do not come from science nor art.

I ask myself, "are (we) happy?" And speaking for myself I have to say yes. But, still, it is kind of like the Edgar Allen Poe story Masque of the Red Death. Where we are all having a ball inside the castle while outside their is plague, death and misery. Every once in a while the gayety stops when they hear a disturbing, deep, gong, chime of a large clock from a mysterious red room and the people get a little disturbed because they know they are in a precarious position and chaos and death are close. I think I feel like one of those dancers.

Pardon my digression. Anyway, my point is I like people who are honest, simple and good hearted. I don't think the world is any better of a place because of human talent. Maybe the opposite. Human society values the wrong things.

Your remark on the peacocks was very clever. And quite beautiful and poetic.


Anonymous said...

Mondocello, I can't argue with the Beatles' success. More power to them. I am just really sick of myself at this time for ever buying into that "All You Need Is Love" 60's bullshit. I was had. I am feeling sensitive about shit like that lately.

I know the Beatles have great charm. When McCartney came onto the stage it was as if someone turned the light on in a dark room and he was the only thing one could see. He beamed like a beacon! I was impressed because I never saw anything like that. And I am not what you would call a big fan.

I don't begrudge anyone success. More power to them. It is just that these days I prefer innocence. Some of those kids making music back in the day really were just innocent kids from the neighborhood who hardly got paid a dime. But they were beautiful!

Be Well,


Anonymous said...


We've all been, and still are, chumps in some way or another, to one degree or another, for one duration or another, for the purpose of some demonstration or another.

It's all part of the deal for as long as we're still riding the wheel.


BCii said...

Buttons, I just had to respond to your first comment. I found metal through Montalk back in 2008, having only just freed my mind from the straitjacket of conservative Laestadianism, a Finnish (orig. Swedish) flavor of fundie Christianity. We weren't allowed to listen to "worldly" music, no pop or rock and certainly no metal. Metal, of course, was pure Satanism and totally unthinkable. So there I was, freshly awakened out of a lifetime of fearing damnation for doubting the infallible word of "God" as interpreted by the mini-elite core of hardline preachers - sick fuckers they were - and here was a guy who was finally making some actual sense of this crazy shit that passes for the world, and he was making a case for metal, of all things. I was intrigued. Long story short, he turned me on to it, but also set a helluva high standard of "soul-truth content" that spoiled me for most of the genre. There are some amazing artists out there, and I have learned to love a few. Epica (Netherlands) and Shaman (Brazil) stand out in my mind. There are others. Montalk himself has put out a solo album, Neptunian Horizon: Descent, which is a free download on his site. Excellent stuff.

I must also recommend the article on music he published last fall:

There is a wealth of material for inquiring minds on his site. Some of it may be new and/or interesting to readers here.

On a more pertinent note, this nose is starting to feel a bit more cold and wet, dog-wise speaking, than it has in a while. The universe is kind to those who seek sincerely. Even if it does have to kick our stupid, lazy asses sometimes. We are loved more than we know.

Thomas said...

Visible, my friend. I sent you a mail. Something tells me it is urgent. You will know what to do. You will also know if I am just imagining things, hehe ;)

Galen and Karen. You ladies seriously ROCK!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


My arse has been kicked across the continental divide this past week, but I'm analysing 'what's the point', and I'm kind of figuring it out, and I suppose it's just to make me realise the old adage of 'I DON'T ADJUST TO REALITY, I MAKE REALITY ADJUST TO ME' doesn't always work, and sometimes you just gotta surrender, and things will turn out all right. . .eventually.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

All my ex's live in Texas..

Tortured by military weaponry. said...

Les, I am feeling it too. And the struggle is great. It's like being in a boat, heading towards the falls of Niagra, yet most don't care to paddle hard, or even acknowledge the danger ahead. It's difficult when caring, to let go and let God. But truly, the dominoes are falling fast and hard. What little time is left, I am hoping to pull together all of the learning aquired. As Neville once said, "The focus of most extreme is reality." He also stated..."see what you want, as if it already exists." So with all my Heart/Soul/Imagination, here I go. Although mass consciousness, does have the end it's not selfish to focus on where you want to be when leaving here. The space you are in. You've paid your dues and then some. Most likely, all who come here as well. We are in that crossover time of everything falling apart, as the Universe answers our call for the fresh and new. Towards another upgrade on what love is. See ya'll there. Hugs and Love Les. Thank you for always seeking truth, sharing that with us, and for being so darn thought provoking fascinating. Morgaine ♡

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...they told me to upload some information and then they promptly froze my account."

Hey, Vis, might this be the 'source' of your account freeze?

Anonymous said...

oh shit, friday the 13th again.... what will Nitwityahoo pull today??

Anonymous said...

galen: Here is one from that same era...maybe a little earlier.

My big sister used to listen to this stuff. She liked Pat Boone and Tommy Sands, also.


Anonymous said...

Mondocello. I don't know if I have broad daylight awareness but for the last few weeks I seem to be seeing things different and not always in a good way.

I grew up during the Viet Nam War and I knew back then that the ptb were not to be trusted. But, somehow the notion didn't really register up until a few weeks ago. I seemed to have suffered some sort of epiphany.

One observation that surprised me wast the realization of how clever and convoluted our overlords can be. They make chess masters look like simpletons.


Skepticfrog said...

Ironically, a true assessment of the Beatles' music cannot come from an Anglosaxon. Two reasons: Your perception is clouded/distorted with the visuals (TV, newsreels, film, live) and the lyrics.

When I first heard the Beatles in Communist, Soviet occupied Europe (radio Luxembourg, Radio Free Europe) I did not know how they LOOKED. I did not understand ANY of the lyrics. I think it was an advantage.
ALL I heard was the melody, harmonies(!) and rhythm. It lasted for years; even after I learned English, I still paid zero attention to the lyrics. (I kept that habit to this day - I'm very musical; lyrics are a distraction.
You want lyrics? Read poetry).
They were truly revolutionary; an incredibly new, fresh sound. Every tune was a sparkling gem in the gray ordinary and mundane.

Over time they faded away for me. But at that time they were amazing.

My favorite music today? I discovered Ragtime, and 1920s Hot Jazz - all instrumental - of course. I can tolerate the verse and a single chorus being sung. But that's it.
We, the (very few) aficionados of this genre often say: "They stopped writing good music after about 1933 - with a few exceptions"

BCii said...

What John Lash calls the "Release from Pretending" has been in operation now. About time, I say. Let the masks fall. I'm tired of the personal and collective bullshit. Let's face it, pretending is tedious and we're much better off without it.

Muse is releasing a new album in June. The first song, 'Psycho', was just put out on Youtube yesterday. Good to see them continuing to not give a fuck about "what people might think." Give 'em a good straight-up dose of brutal, uncompromising truth. The glorification-of-war program needs to have the air let out of its tires once and for all. Even the lumpen proles will have their wake-up call.

Last night, I dreamed I came into an open-air cafeteria with nothing but my briefs on. People I knew were around close by, and someone made a disapproving remark about my lack of the expected attire. I answered without a hint of apology: "Just be glad I've got this much on. You have nothing to complain about." And sat down to my meal in peace.

Later, everybody was convinced they had to go off to fight another war the banksters had cooked up for their profit and pleasure. WWII all over again. Nobody questioned the need for it. I walked in the opposite direction, waving at the people I had known as they marched off toward their imminent deaths. Dead-faced, they didn't even recognize me anymore. That was their choice. I had better things to do.

If we can't be comfortable in our own skins, then that uncertainty will be used against us, to make us conform to this hellhole instead of being a force for transformation. We are who we are. All that needs to happen is for the coverings to fall away. And that will happen. Let us be revealed in our true nature, one and all. Only then can the world be set right.

Courage! We cannot be undone by lies or what circumstances we come up against. We are forever, though forms pass away. Goodness is of eternity. To resonate goodness, truth, and beauty is the elixir of immortality. We need only be what we are, even in the passing form we seem to be. No harm done, only thinking makes it so.

We are real! To feel alive is the greatest gift. Thank you for the gift of your realness, given to you and through you. Let it shine.

Peace always,

Anonymous said...

"Rotten Cocksuckers Ball" by the Clovers from the 1950's.


Skepticfrog said...

Anon, McCob:

You're giving them too much credit.
A chessmaster is a single mind, a single individual.
This is a hive, a conspiracy, a coordinated, cooperative, fiercely loyal to one another, cohesive TEAM - without an iota of conscience, with a pathological drive for God-like power.

A centuries of active and deliberate eugenics produced collection of fairly smart psychopaths.

They don't need to be smarter than chessmasters individually - far from it. It's the teamwork which makes them this frightfully effective, and(!) our built-in ethical boundaries... (They perceive our ethical boundaries as us being stupid).

Katy said...

Times can feel tense


Will someday split you open
Even if your life is now a cage,

For a divine seed, the crown of destiny,
Is hidden and sown on an ancient fertile plain
You hold the title to.

Love will surely bust you wide open
Into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy

Even if your mind is now
A spoiled mule.

A life giving radiance will come,
The Friend's gratuity will come -

O look again within yourself,
For I know you were once the elegant host
To all the marvels in creation.

From a sacred crevice in your body
A bow rises each night
And shoots your soul into God.

Behold the Beautiful Drunk Singing One
From the lunar vantage point of love.

He is conducting the affairs
Of the whole universe

While throwing wild parties
In a tree house - on a limb
In your heart

In A Tree House Poem by Hafiz

Anonymous said...

Skepticfrog said: "Ironically, a true assessment of the Beatles' music cannot come from an Anglosaxon. Two reasons: Your perception is clouded/distorted with the visuals (TV, newsreels, film, live) and the lyrics."

What is a "true assessment"?

There is no such thing as good music and there is no such thing as bad music. There is only music you like and music you don't like. All music speaks to somebody's heart. I try not to take anything from the entertainment business too serious.

Since Bach wrote 'The Well Tempered Klavier' there are certain ways melody and harmony have to flow in order for our western ears to make sense of it.

the Beatles mixed melody and harmony in more or less the same way any western composer would do it.
Musical genres are defined by Rhythmic motives:literal or implied underlying repeating rhythm patterns. Tonal modality and chord progressions haven't changed in centuries. Form and rhythm change as well as philosophy.

Beethoven expanded symphonic form and added a sense of the grandiose or bombastic that was hitherto unknown in music. Beethoven also philosophically expanded music by making music politically and socially relevant. Chuck Berry and Little Richard gave music a sense of a relentless hard driving beat as well as youthful, animalistic sexuality that up to that point were only heard in deepest African fertility rituals.

I don't understand your comment. If you are saying, "I like the Beatles!" then fine. But a cultural phenomenon like the Beatles is very complex and works at a lot of levels I am sure I don't understand.

I have never been carried away by Beatlemania. My wife just loves them and I am prohibited from ever being critical of them around her.
She lost her dad when she was 8 yrs old. When she was 11 the Beatles came out and I think they put some sunshine back into her little grieving heart. For this reason I will always be beholding to the Beatles.

Hope you are having a good day!



Skepticfrog said...

McCob: You CLEARLY illustrate my point.
Quote: "But a cultural phenomenon like the Beatles is very complex and works at a lot of levels I am sure I don't understand."

To YOU (Anglosaxons) it was a "cultural phenomenon". We, behind the Iron Curtain knew NOTHING about a "cultural phenomenon". We did not see the Beatles. We did not understand them (lyrics).

We only heard the music - sans lyrics - and any and ALL OTHER extraneous manifestations of the Beatles were completely hidden from us. Therefore we got the purest essence of their music, via the radio, nothing more. Black-and white still pics turned-up here-and-there - even those not in ANY local publications - much later than their songs became wildly popular. (Same went for the Stones). Their songs were distributed privately taped off the air (radio) or some (very expensive) privately (and illegally) cut records (not vinyl but lacquer). Original Beatles records went for fortunes so I've heard.

Can you perceive the difference? I don't think so. You were too steeped in the "Cultural phenomenon" which we heard or seen nothing at the time, and found out about much later.

Extraneous info over and above the essence can color and distort perceptions - sometimes fatally.
Example: The Israeli Symphony simply refused to play Wagner, b/c he was an "antisemite" - as if (his) music should or have anything to do with personal opinions - and/or any other irrelevant stuff.
It took Zubin Mehta (an Indian) to tell those stupid Jews that good music is simply good music, it stands on its own merit, therefore it should be played, and that's that. The composer's personal "shortcomings" (or virtues!) is not, and should not be a factor.

You write: "Musical genres are defined by Rhythmic motives:literal or implied underlying repeating rhythm patterns. Tonal modality and chord progressions haven't changed in centuries. Form and rhythm change as well as philosophy."

The foregoing is utter nonsense. The whole ragtime and jazz phenomenon (roughly 1890 to 1930) was about the changes of both rhythms and chord progressions compared to the previous era in popular (dance) music.

Ray B. said...

I believe I understand what Skepticfrog is talking about:

"Ironically, a true assessment of the Beatles' music cannot come from an Anglosaxon. Two reasons: Your perception is clouded/distorted with the visuals ... and the lyrics. ... ALL I heard was the melody, harmonies(!) and rhythm."

This is much akin to the blind person's other senses being much enhanced as compensation for the deprivation of visual cues. Other good examples include autistic people narrowing down on certain abilities and being beyond-magnificent in others. A very true effect.

In one way, I do this myself by preferring non-lyric melodies (plus 'monkish' chorales). This way, I can ignore the lyrics' 'pull' on my intellectual side and just 'feel' where the music is oscillating in my chakras. (A good solo singer [without backup] can also 'strum' the chakras.) Very enjoyable and revealing...

(I do enjoy the lyrics, of course. It is just a different 'experience' from the purely instrumental.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

The Beatles were the manifest channels of angels. New origami coming up

Visible said...

a new visible origami is up now-

Yadda yadda yadda.

Anonymous said...

Froggy....As far as I can tell you have no special insight. Just an opinion and I don't see where it is worth very much.


Anonymous said...

ad hominem attacks and a posture of superiority are the hallmarks of Trollus Internetus; common variety of internet troll.


Anonymous said...

no such thing as good music and there is no such thing as bad music. there is only music you like and music you don't like.

"Wagner isn't as bad as it sounds." Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

Happy PI Day!

today is 3-14-15. 3.1415 first 5 digits. At 9:26:53 am or pm we have:

3.141592653, the first ten digits of PI


zepheri said...

I was reading that the gruberment is on a money hunt with paypal accounts. Basically if you get any income off the paypal account they want a piece. This smells like desperation or dumb luck finally figuring out how to tax garage sales(ebay). Curious to see if you get a bill at the end of the month.

Visible said...

sorry McCob, rap sucks.

galen said...

My take is that much of rap is horrible, degrading. But there is a small amount I have liked and found value in, and say this with very limited knowledge of the genre. I have heard lyrics of truth and questioning and of suggesting a better way. Once in a while a real melody sneaks in. Ahhhh, refreshing. And I remember the words of a friend who said to me: "Young people will always need their own music." This rang through. Still it does feel like the music industry is waiting for its next wave of "something new," something not done before, hopefully something meaningful and delightful. Gotta happen. All that said, here's one rap song that one may not agree with all its lyrics of, but that I like and find something of substance in:


Anonymous said...

Visible, I don't like rap. I used to like eminem. But, a lot of people do like it and that's okay with me as long as I don't have to listen to it. Opera is often about betrayal, illicit love, dirty secrets, perversion, class conflict and violent retribution.


Anonymous said...


A good text on harmonic structure of western music. A C chord in jazz is the same thing as a C chord in any other western genre. Dominant always resolves to tonic.


Anonymous said...

The reason I went off on the Beatles, especially Lennon, was because: Eudoxia mentioned Lennon then this train of thought came into my mind:

In 1971 Lennon came to Ann Arbor to attend a rally to free John Sinclair. Sinclair was the president of the White Panthers; a militant, left wing, anti war organization. He was put in jail for 7 yrs for possessing 2 joints. Because Lennon was there the rally was huge and Sinclair did get out of jail. (Marquette Prison; the worst prison in Michigan; 24 hr lockdown with underground cells and the meanest, craziest criminals in the state.)

Supposedly, Lennon was to go to Miami and attend a protest rally outside the republican convention in 1972. From what I glean, Nixon and the repubees were afraid that Lennon's presence would harsh their mellow and upstage Mr. Nixon. Men in black began showing up around where Lennon was. And Lennon backed out due to being intimidated. He then went on a drinking binge. Lennon was no MLK nor was he Ghandi. Those guys had guts! I admire and respect guts and so does everyone else.

I was also miffed at Lennon for letting his girlfriend come into the studio and give his fellow bandmates instructions on what they should do. How presumptuous. Girlfriends can be awful hard on bands. But, I don't blame the women. I blame their weak boyfriends.

Lennon was disappointed with his success and he actually hated the Beatles going by some of the statements he made and his actions.

"If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'." - John Lennon

I hope mr. Lennon is at peace. He certainly made his mark. But he was no leader in any political or philosophical sense.


Anonymous said...

Whoever Horatio was, he's spinning in his grave..

John Lennon - Live And Let Die

galen said...

"True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time."
-- George Gershwin

"Music is always changing and the changes are unpredictable."
-- Billy Sheehan

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. ... Music is my religion."
-- Jimi Hendrix

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."
-- Ludwig van Beethoven

"Without music, life would be a mistake."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

"You can't stay the same. If you're a musician and a singer, you have to change; that's the way it works."
-- Van Morrison

"The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen."
-- Tommy Smothers

"I liked, therefore I listened."
-- me

"We have a long way to go, and there is time ahead for thought."
-- Treebeard


Anonymous said...

"If music be the food of love, play on." Shakespeare


galen said...

And just these last few. . .

"I don't care much about music. What I like is sounds."
-- Dizzy Gillespie

"Music is not math. It's science. You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows up on you, or it becomes this incredible potion."
-- Bruno Mars

"Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism."
-- Eminem

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."
-- Martin Mull

"I call architecture frozen music."
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest."
-- Henry David Thoreau

"I'm one of those guys that is still a bit afraid of the telephone, its implications for conversation. I still wonder if the jukebox might be the death of live music."
-- Tom Waits


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Madness of King's and Fools.

The 3rd Elf said...

When you're least expecting it: a radio show!



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