Thursday, August 04, 2016

Anointed with Hyena Semen and Wolverine Piss.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, it is definitely official now. The near wholly owned Zionist media REALLY hates Donald Trump. I've been watching this site for weeks now and sometimes it is as if Trump and all Trump related news; so long as it is negative, is all the news. As you scroll down the page, you find them announcing the same information over and over. The latest is an 'alleged' Trump intervention by such moral standouts as Mr. Deep in the Facilitation of the Israeli 9/11 Assault on America, Rudolph- the red nosed tranny- Giuliani and other name faces, where phrenology boils down to being able to read the cowpie formations of their features. If you read the article you see that there is no proof of any of this. Those close to Trump say they have no knowledge of any such thing and there is no quote by any of the 'alleged' players to that effect. There has been page after page of garbage, like the uproar from one Khan whose son died over a decade ago in one of those Israeli promoted and sponsored Middle East conflicts. He is apparently neck deep in the odious murk of Clinton's nether regions.

Today's page is surprisingly light on Trump affairs. I could have picked another day but this is the day it's come up. However, on my word, it has been off the charts on negative Trumporabilia. In the days that Red Ass Khan came bombastically out at the Gay Israeli Convention in Philadelphia, they would have the same article reproduced half a dozen times on THE SAME PAGE. I can't remember if he was followed by the spokes-it for Tranny Lives Matter but that is neither here nor there but... probably there.

The curious anomaly of this whole scenario is the extent to which Trump is not being measured and circumspect about what he says and which dovetails right back into what we have often said here, that he is a stalking horse for Kill 'em Dead Clinton. Why would she even need a stalking horse? She needs one because most of the nation hates her and they are pulling out all stops to make it look like she is the anointed. She might well be if the anointing oil is hyena semen mixed with wolverine piss. Lately the headlines have been blasting on about that criminal who was/is associated with Hewlett Packard coming out for the Clitosaurean. They want to make it look like major Republicans are leaving the party in droves to celebrate and support this latest permutation of Elizabeth Báthory.

Let's be clear here, I am no Trump supporter but I am a fair play inclined sort of a guy and I know that Hillary is a toxic waste dump, who is wholly owned by America and Christianities most bitter enemy; the Zionists. It doesn't take much to see who the real enemy of not only humanity but of the human race is and that is the full on atheistic and Satanic Zionists. They weren't banking on Mr. Apocalypse and now they are scrambling about like cockroaches caught in the sudden kitchen light of a Philadelphia slum project. Here is only one example of the sorts of efforts Mr. Apocalypse is bankrolling these days. It went up yesterday but it should go up again today as well. It will soon enough be in the sidebars here.

All over the planet, people are waking up and they are angry. This is being routinely ignored by the Crass Zio-Media and they are hammer banging on everything they can find to take the public's mind off of what Mr. Apocalypse keeps drawing it back to. They keep trying to finance and promote transparent lies, when they are not pulling the strings on manufactured global conflicts, bankrolled by their central banker kin. They are doing everything they can to plunge the world into chaos because this is what their sworn master demands. He doesn't care one way or another about them or their victims. He just wants the chaos because that is his job. He was appointed to this particular employment by the ineffable. People find it hard to get their heads around this truth but that doesn't impact on it whatsoever.

The thing is, in the past... their presently active techniques were effective. They had no inclination or motivation to change them. They could create one enemy after another and send the young men from both sides off to their death. It's hard to imagine people being stupid enough to be seduced over and over by the same slogans and circumstances but... they are. It's been said that “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.” It is also the residential neighborhood of flag waving morons. These evil, evil fools are running scared now. Part of them is consumed by a reckless, overcompensating false confidence and part of them is trembling under the surface because they know that

"Mr. Apocalypse is Coming"

The reality is that their appearance of power is that of a paper tiger. It has the force of a tart fart in a thunderstorm. The force of the thunderstorm is the nature play of the ineffable. The force of the bad guys comes from the same source as the thunderstorm; from the same force where all force comes.

In the control room of the ineffable is a command panel with a switching mechanism and it routes all the power in the universe. The ineffable doesn't need sliders, buttons or knobs. All the ineffable has to do is to think something for it to come into being. With the ineffable there is no degree of hesitation. The will of the ineffable isn't time sensitive. There are masters going about here and there, very few of them, who can materialize as if they were the ineffable (the rishis come to mind) but... that is because the ineffable is operating through them. Only the ineffable can do this, which means that anyone who can do this is channeling the ineffable. Then there are the rest of us who can materialize things at lesser or greater speeds than one another. All of us do this but the time involved in most cases keeps us from being aware that we are doing it. In many cases it is the perpetuating product of negative meditation. In other cases there are those of a greater, positive perspective who are familiar with creative visualization. Their results are dependent on various factors. Some of you have had experiences of bringing things to pass. Some of us bring things to pass but do not make the deeper connections concerning the process.

The realities of existence are more profound than the general imagination can see. The truth is that there is only so much you can know on your own. It is the difference between an intellectual apprehension of something and Revelation. Without Revelation, you will never have more than a partial picture so, regardless of your vaunted self importance on a pitiful handful of subjects, if that... your own skewered vision of who you are and what you are, remains the biggest obstacle to your understanding that you will ever be faced with and this false self of yours will either be self abdicated or it will be dethroned in the process of the purpose of demonstration. There is only one thing that is really worth knowing and that is that you do not know ...but... that someone does. Once you find that font of limitless truth, knowledge and power, you are on your way and the good news is that you only got to look for it. Surely obstacles will be thrown in your way. You can't get anything here without putting some effort into it. Even if you do get a free lunch, you still have to put it in your mouth, chew it and digest it. When it comes to the most important thing in this or any other world, the requirements are more stringent. Once again though, it is fairly simple... you must simply persevere in your search, survive the tests and want it more than anything else. How hard can that be (grin)?

Yes... the swine have come out of the sty and are determined to turn the whole world into one. They are worthy of censure and contempt but they are more to be pitied. In the words of the great master; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” It has taken me a long time to learn some of the things I already knew. Some of the bad guys had no choice about the roles they are playing now. It is true that they walked the road to the roadhouse they are performing in. However, one must keep in mind that sometimes a demon is an angel in disguise and at the appointed moment may well be transformed into light. I wouldn't recommend completely believing this as a rule of thumb. This is simply to say that one never knows. The ineffable has a way of tricking us through the medium of our own false beliefs. The ineffable has a way of tying our shoestrings together for the purpose of the inevitable destiny of pride. Only through profound humility and unrelenting ardor can one evade the snares and pitfalls of this world. Only through the acquisition of the qualities of God can one approach the personality of God. Some things are worth having and some are not. We need to figure out what those are because we will surely come to know what value they do and do not possess.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...


Initial apologies as I am commenting and have not yet read today's post. That said, I have a bona fide Mr. Apocalypse event that took place today! And you will NOT see it on the tv news for sure. :)

Now to the event...

Today, the state attorney's general of Virginia, New York, Massachuesetts, and one other east coast state, and along with DHS, FEMA, and the ADL (of course) had a meeting that involved all of them teleconferencing. Someone at that meeting either risked their life or just plain hit the wrong button, we don't know, but this teleconference went out open access!!!

Virtually anyone in a governmental role (state or fed) had access to this meeting! And the topic............

Gun confiscation.

Apparently, their plan is (or was) to quite literally bull rush the gun owning citizenry of these states with lot's of assets and seize everyone's guns. And they intended to do it so quickly that no significant counter response could initiated in time!


And if that wasn't bad enough for our wonderful public servants, they started ridiculing the very people who were going to participate in this operation and, guess who was listening.... the police! Apparently, they too had access and were able to listen over the computers they have in police cars. Yes the police heard how they were going to be ordered to do the dirty work, along with the other agencies, and ultimately get thrown under the bus.

My guess, Mr. Apocalypse threw that switch that sent the conference out to everyone. HAHAHAHA!! I love it!

Apparently the cops are putting the 2 hour meeting to disk and sending it out only to other trusted police as it is possible the whole thing was a setup to see who would leak sensitive information to the public and they don't wanna be that guy.

The source is Mark Koernke of The Micro Effect Radio. He's former special forces, a militia type, very patriotic, and knows he's a Goy (He also knows Israel did 911). I got the the link at, archives, todays date and downloaded the 8am hour. Start listening 20 minutes or so into the broadcast.

Well, like anything today, who knows if it's real! But very interesting and very Mr. Apocalpse! :)


missingarib said...

Vis,yes the swine are every busy trampling pearls or dashing to their death into the sea,but in the days that they rampage it would be well to do as Jesus
said to them, “From this hour, whoever has a money bag should take it and thus also a wallet, and whoever lacks a sword, let him sell his tunic and buy a sword for himself."Aramaic Bible in Plain English
We are but given three score and ten to determine "Some things are worth having and some are not. We need to figure out what those are because we will surely come to know what value they do and do not possess."

Sometimes I think it is all just simply a dance
A "dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves
Let me forget about today until tomorrow." all three score and ten of them.

live long

Anonymous said...

Jim @ 10:25 p.m.,

Can you provide a more specific link? I could not find the broadcast you spoke of.

Anonymous said...

The transcendental vibration established by chanting of "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare" is the sublime method for reviving our Krishna consciousness.

As living spiritual souls we are all originally Krishna conscious entities, but due to our association with matter since time immemorial, our consciousness is now polluted by material atmosphere. In this polluted concept of life, we are all trying to exploit the resources of material nature, but actually we are becoming more and more entangled in our complexities. This illusion is called Maya, or a hard struggle for existence over the stringent laws of material nature. This illusory struggle against the material nature can at once be stopped by revival of our Krishna consciousness.

Krishna consciousness is not an artificial imposition on the mind. This consciousness is the original energy of the living entity. When we hear the transcendental vibration, this consciousness is revived. And the process is recommended by authorities for this age. By practical experience also we can perceive that by chanting this Maha Mantra, or the Great Chanting for Deliverance, one can at once feel transcendental ecstasy from the spiritual stratum. When one is factually on the plane of spiritual understanding, surpassing the stages of senses, mind and intelligence, one is situated on the transcendental plane. This chanting of "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare" is directly enacted from the spiritual platform, surpassing all lower states of consciousness -- namely sensual, mental and intellectual. There is no need of understanding the language of the mantra, nor is there any need of mental speculation nor any intellectual adjustment for chanting this Maha Mantra. It springs automatically from the spiritual platform, and as such, anyone can take part in this transcendental sound vibration, without any previous qualification, and dance in ecstasy.

We have seen it practically. Even a child can take part in the chanting, or even a dog can take part in it. The chanting should be heard, however, from the lips of a pure devotee of the Lord, so that immediate effect can be achieved. As far as possible, chanting from the lips of a nondevotee should be avoided, as much as milk touched by the lips of a serpent causes poisonous effect.

The word Hara is a form of addressing the energy of the Lord. Both Krishna and Rama are forms of addressing directly the Lord, and they mean "the highest pleasure, eternal." Hara is the supreme pleasure potency of the Lord. This potency, when addressed as Hare, helps us in reaching the Supreme Lord.

The material energy, called as Maya, is also one of the multipotencies of the Lord, as much as we are also marginal potency of the Lord. The living entities are described as superior energy, superior to matter. When the superior energy is in contact with inferior energy, it becomes an incompatible situation. But when the supreme marginal potency is in contact with the spiritual potency, Hara, it becomes the happy, normal condition of the living entity.

The three words, namely Hara, Krishna and Rama, are transcendental seeds of the Maha Mantra, and the chanting is a spiritual call for the Lord and His internal energy, Hara, for giving protection to the conditioned soul. The chanting is exactly like a genuine cry by the child for the mother. Mother Hara helps in achieving the grace of the supreme father, Hari, or Krishna, and the Lord reveals Himself to such a sincere devotee.

No other means, therefore, of spiritual realisation is as effective in this age as chanting the Maha Mantra:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

-- A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Kazz said...

I really liked this post Vis.

Thank you for your comforting words.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Fundie speak applies to all traditions and beliefs around here and there is no backdoor to a return into my good graces. I'll let it pass for the moment but the timer is on. I hate to seem suppressive but all readers should know there is more to the obvious going on around here and it is only because I have matured over recent times that I don't get into it.

My preference is that people speak from their hearts out of the inspiration of their souls and merely reference scripture when it supports or clarifies what they are saying. Once again, I have VERY good reasons to say what I am saying and only decorum restrains me in respect of it.

Ray B. said...

Vis, this was the best "Visible Origami" you have written in quite some time! Thanks.

I, too, am curious about the 'role' of Trump. Obviously, he is indeed a stalking horse for Hillary. For me, I am most curious about the degree of FEAR that is shown by all the establishment. I have never seen such a concerted 'campaign' against anyone. It is like some master net-puller has plucked a major thread and ordered Everyone to go after him. Most unusual, and far beyond the usual 'dirty tricks' political posturing. Curious...

Vis: "It doesn't take much to see who the real enemy of not only humanity but of the human race is and that is the full on atheistic and Satanic Zionists. They weren't banking on Mr. Apocalypse and now they are scrambling about... All over the planet, people are waking up and they are angry."

Within my worldview, I could see this as the cumulative result of all the 'background work' being done. Say fifteen years ago, the percentage of humans who were able to be awake was very small (~5%). By awake, I mean unconditioned by massive quantities of held-pain from this and other lifetimes. If asleep, one is both effectively-separated from his/her Higher Self (pain is like radio static) and really reactive - and likely repeating previous lifetimes.

Through much work by all, the current percentage of awake humans is just under 48%. That has got to make a huge difference, even if most people don't know where to put their outrage. The good news is that these people now have a semi-unobstructed connection to their Higher Selves. If HS chooses to 'reach down' individually or collectively, they will be heard...
Vis: "They are doing everything they can to plunge the world into chaos because this is what their sworn master demands. He doesn't care one way or another about them or their victims. He just wants the chaos because that is his job. He was appointed to this particular employment by the ineffable. People find it hard to get their heads around this truth but that doesn't impact on it whatsoever."

The ancient Egyptians had a place in their god-pantheon for this aspect of all-God. Seth, the brother of Osiris, was the embodiment of this principle. Chaos. That way, the Egyptian people could personalize and thus understand what was going-on. They could even 'enlist' under Seth and be recognized as a valid (if painful) aspect of Creation...
Vis, your "In the control room of the ineffable..." long-paragraph is one of the best expositions of what is that I have read. Kudos!
Vis: "Even if you do get a free lunch, you still have to put it in your mouth, chew it and digest it."

One of your best Vis-isms. This produced an involuntary grin...
Vis: " must simply persevere in your search, survive the tests, and want it more than anything else. How hard can that be (grin)?"

Aaaaaah... Runs for the exit. Catches himself...
Vis: "However, one must keep in mind that sometimes a demon is an angel in disguise and at the appointed moment may well be transformed into light. I wouldn't recommend completely believing this as a rule of thumb. This is simply to say that one never knows."

In my travels through various consciousness levels, there have been many 'battles' consisting of Cleaning various entities. In nearly every case - once someone had been totally Cleaned, informed of what had been done to them, and informed of the current state of the universe - they turned to the good-guy side. (A few went neutral.) This was up to some pretty-high levels.

Way up there, as you are getting into archetype-land, I am not sure what would be the case. Can a leopard change its spots? Would Seth change if you said, "Lighten up, jerk!"?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

D_Man said...

Mr Apocalypse is such an awesome song!!!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

ok so I had to look it up cause this is Sunday school after all.
it appears the countess (if guilty) might have confused homeotherapy for hemotherapy... as her hussy drank urine, which could be why the Russians defeated Napoleon (a general there made the troops treat disease with a smaller dose, French losses 90%, Russian 10% or so).
what I want to know is were Cleopatra's cows/goats/sheep virgins too? and did the countess have Polish Jewish occult advisers (who were burned, not her, after the trial at which she was not present)?
the alternative... blood libel virgin, sorry, version -
You will find a man in me!" she boasted in one of her letters - no, that's Michael (Michelle) Obama.
"In the end the first written accounts of her story appeared more than 100 years after her death."
yeh, like the Bible.
At least Trump, even if controlled/controllable is pointing the compass in a direction I mostly like.
(They declared war on Hitler in '33 after he 'reformed' the finances, allegedly, so their pre-traumatic stress syndrome might be kicking in on Trump, even though I don't recall him mentioning the Fed).
It really is like the Wizard of Oz (sans the Silver or Gold options and including the Divinity).
Was the Flood for real and not so far ago? If so, what will the Divine do next given the flotillas of cruise ships that harbour creatures by twos, two gays, two blacks, two lesbians.. sorry heteros, you need to be paired up to come aboard the Love Boat.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Visible,

I am of several minds, aka schizophrenic regarding earth. Watching the 180 degrees of lies and hypocrisy employed by the mass murderers of our world is so bleeding awful it seems as though it can't be real. The sheer brutality of it fills me with misery and doubt that the almighty hasn't been gotten around, via a loophole built into creation that the demon-god YHVH talked his favorite people into exploiting. That loophole would be free will, as in if enough people collectively use any and all means they can change this particular eden into utter hell.

On another note, my own personal trials are nothing short of what is necessary to turn me to the creator. It's sometimes zero fun to be me, but it's acceptable and a learning curve I wouldn't change. I hesitate to apply the same metric to people being bombed and assaulted, maimed and placed into dire material misery by the US and nato.

So I am filled with fear that the ineffable does not run this place, or in fact does and it is being sacrificed as one of a billion similar yet finer worlds to separate the good, bad, and indifferent.

Visible has said that we return here until we walk the path of love, and I have failed so far. I have been walking the path of knowledge instead and it's a habit like smoking.

Anyway I hope for a response, and great post.

Matt CA

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad link.

Go to, then scroll down to Archives, then click "The Intelligence Report" and then download the 8am hour for August 4th.

I had left out The Intelligence Report in the last post. Apologies.


Visible said...

An interesting consideration and one that I intend to include in the next Origami is the Gnostic belief that there are two worlds with two different creators. The material world was created by the Hebrew god and he is the opponent of the Supreme Divine of Truth; Aeon.

This makes perfect sense when you think about it. The keyword here is 'Supreme'. So long as one is ruled by the lord of the veil of appearances one is a prisoner of the original lie of the senses. Once one has seen through them, 'other' factors come into play; something to think about.

katz said...

Maybe you have changed, Les Visible. I don't know. I don't read as many of your blogs as I used to, when you were linking to great articles, and your reader comments were not dominated by two people and a strange annoyn who likes to preach.

I'm not much into all that religious stuff, esp preaching to me, since I have my own opinions, and at this late date, I am not going to change them. Besides, I have learned not to rely on religion.

However, I have to say that I love Donald Trump. I am tired of tranny politics, and the gay issues that get everyone all up in arms, or the Black Lives Matter bunch or the racism from Obama. I am sick of these wars. I am tired of paying for it.

I want Trump to win and fire all the filth. They have taken over our government since they first murdered JFK in broad daylight, under cameras. It's time to call it as it is: one long coup etat. They stole the US Federal government by party politics. It goes further than you can see, w these two corrupt parties pretending that democracy exists here, but in open daylight, they both seek to control who runs for office, and then who wins, as they have done since they got rid of JKF and Nixon.

Everyone who puts Trump down is one of them. I do not trust anyone who speaks against Trump. I know the man is trying to get this country back to us.

So, you can sit on the fence, but the proof is that the corporate media hates Trump, that Trump is the one. Everyone needs to vote for him, including you,if you are registered to vote at all.

Have a good day. I hope you are doing well.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Traversing the Mountains and Valleys of Whatthefuckistan.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I agree with D_Man.
Mr. Apocalypse is a hit song!

Anonymous said...

Aloha again,

Vis, I can't stomach the destruction of the ecosystem. Earth is a divine being getting raped out of hatred, something only a malevolent entity would even consider. This planet is perfection, of the Divine, who must necessarily love the place and her creatures equally. Whatever is attacking her and us through the cabal of the insane cannot possibly have had a hand in creating anything.


Matt CA

Kazz said...

What I see is a two party religious system that presides over this realm. You must choose either hot or cold or God will spit you out of his mouth (Revelation 3:16), but is not a two party system one of duality? I believe it is only once one gets past duality that One moves to the true source of that which created the Heavens and Earth, which is pure unadulterated love. God's people are recognised by the fact that they worship NO thing in the material realm, their Creator is not of this world, which is why Jesus claimed “...My kingdom is not of this world..." (John 18:36). The devils temptation was to have Jesus worship a creature (himself), but Jesus' response was that only God is to be worshipped (Luke 4:7). For me the journey of the truth seeker is an esoteric one where the aim is to cleanse my temple/body to the degree that the highest aspect of Divine energy can flow through me. In this way I draw down the Holy Spirit from on high. Man's system mimics this by drawing down Man's body to the second dimension. When a baby is born the child had to be given a name, therefore the baby and name cannot be one and the same, because the name came after the child, just as creation came after our Creator. The two party religious system draws down the body to enslave people under their birth name/dead fiction, and use fictions such as churches, corporations, or governments to control the people. Once the fictions are removed you see the emperor without his clothes and realise he is Man, a creation of God, just like you. It is for this reason I have concluded that we should not worship our selves or others, only God. The choice is there for all to make, one can move toward the light of creation and eternity, or toward the dark, destruction, and death, karma sees to it that as we sow so shall we reap. The satanists provide the duality that makes this choice possible, and in this way they serve God, but that does not mean those who serve the satanists will be saved, as they worshipped the creature instead of the Creator ( John 4:4).

Even though our Creator is above creation that does not mean we do not need to be part of creation, because while we are in the physical realm we must care for the vehicle that houses our spirit or it will break down. The journey of creation for me is all about getting to know who I AM better, and while I must feed, cloth, and house my body, pursuing money and material possessions beyond a certain point becomes a distraction from my journey. As Gandhi said, '“[T]he world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” Far from being hot or cold I believe our journey here is to teach us to become more balanced, more harmonised with our Creator, and by walking the middle path we keep away from extremes, which I believe bring us undone.

I see that the extreme suffering on this plane is caused by the unrestrained greed of those who take much more then they need, either through war or via Man's fictitious creations, that are mere illusions provided to mask the truth. These same people who enrich their self to the detriment of others then point the finger of blame at their victims as being the cause! I believe this is why the rich Man goes to Hell while the poor man goes to Heaven (Luke 16:19-31, Mark 10:25).

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

If I have offended anyone with the manner in which I communicate my best advise is to not read what I write. In this way you will not be offended and I will maintain my freedom of expression. If you choose not to print my posts Vis that is your right as the Creator of this site and I will respect your choice, whatever it may be. My expression of the the Divine is one that is somewhat of a flowing expression, so I try to leave myself open to whatever comes. A lot of the time I am sure I get in the way, but sometimes there are magical moments when what flows through me is pure magic, and that is what makes the entire journey worthwhile. I see this with others as well, which is why I endure their worst so I can savour their best. When this is not possible I simply remove myself so I do not have to suffer the other, and in this way I do not interfere with their journey :o).

Luv Kazz

MK in the 517 said...

Rudy the Rockette, clicking his heels. Fabulous!

(Yeah I went there. No, don't GIS it unless you have eye bleach.)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Karen, I hear tell there are plenty of of rich folks who go to heaven.
I also heard tell most everyone there is already rich, anyway.

Myself, I'm poor. I've 98% always been poor.
Hence my good health and sunny nature!
Euell Gibbons is one of my heroes.

Anonymous said...

Katz at 5:43,

You say you don't rely on religion yet you preach the Gospel of Trump.

Vis doesn't rely on religion. Spirituality is the issue here. In that respect Vis has not changed.


Kazz said...

Dear Homer,

I believe the saying goes something along the line of, 'don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.'

Those people that tell you there are plenty of rich folks who go to heaven, how exactly do they know?

I don't know anything for sure so I won't argue with you, but I am pretty confident that the opposite of being spiritual is being materialistic, and spiritual texts, that I have read, all seem to be consistent in the view that accruing wealth is not the journey of the wise.

I had a quick look at Euell Gibbons and he sounds like an amazing person. What a gift to be able to forage food from just about anywhere. We have a few bush tucker books on hand at our place. With the way things are going such knowledge could be very highly beneficial, some might even say essential.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Love is the Skeleton Key of Existence, don't put Horns on the Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Via Homer..

Thank you, Karen.
Just a little perspective, is all.



Joseph Brenner

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