Monday, December 16, 2019

"Mr. Apocalypse is Coming and he is Bringing the Boomslang Boomerang; Cave Dei Videt."

Dog Poet Transmitting........

You only become a ghost if you die while your appetite has an erection. That's why they are called 'Hungry ghosts'. I'm tired of radical homosexuals and transgenders. I'm tired of Hell's Angel leather nuns with chest hair. I'm tired of normalizing the abnormal and tired of drag queens bouncing small children on their tumescent laps. I'm tired of freaks who get prickly heat sweats from watching snuff films. I'm especially tired of the deranged slug bodied liberals, who want to legalize everything and which leads only to a quagmire of flaming nihilism, in an entropic swamp. I'm tired of people not having the courage to stand up against the enemies of humanity with their Talmudic horrors that make Sharia look like kindergarten recess.

It's been a few years since Mr. Apocalypse told me what he was going to do about it all. There were moments of occasional despairing, as I waited and hoped in one hand and shit in the other ...but I see it happening now and it is a beautiful thing. I don't want to become a victim of Schadenfreude and rub my hands in glee, as these pathetic monsters are stripped naked, rolled in pig shit and marched up a virtual Fifth Avenue to a Fife and Drum band.

Sometimes I become so disheartened when I see the levels to which, what was formerly human, has fallen. It was looking like the entire race could drop down to all fours in just a few generations. I am in a dreadful awe at those who can swallow such utter bullshit whole and rub their stomachs, while they thank their hosts for the repast. It is very hard for me to understand because I am not like this. It stuns me to see how easily people can be programmed to believe nonsense and to embrace their own destruction, as if it were their due; to hate their color and their heritage.

Where I live is in no danger of being anywhere near the front lines of what is soon to come. It will be clear as clear can be, long before the barbarian hordes show up round here. I guess I should be grateful that I am smart enough not to live in a city, smart enough not to eat poison and tell myself I'll be fine, smart enough not to welcome the perversity of diversity and the rape of innocence, as they celebrate the news that, DESMOND IS AMAZING! I'm smart enough not to press a toxic cellphone against my ears, for long periods of time (or at all), as I babble inanities, while listening to the same. YOU KNOW there is something very wrong with this technology and WHY? WHY do people do this when they can press the button for loudspeaker or use an ear-pod, or use Bluetooth? WHY do they insist on pressing these cancer generating machines into their skulls? Why do people text while driving, when they have Bluetooth and voice recognition? Why do I see OVER 50% of the drivers in other cars with their phones pressed into their ears while driving?

I KNOW that the insanity I am observing, that I am watching come to flower in front of me, is no accident. There are invisible coning towers, in select locations on the astral plane, which are radiating madness, through the human subconscious, up into the self conscious mind and... the intention thereof is to disassociate the self from itself; to split it, to fragment it and failing that, to generate whatever neurosis or psychosis that particular consciousness is vulnerable to. We ALL HAVE PROPENSITIES and these are activated and then manipulated through various modulations of vibration. Do not for a moment think they do not know how to do this, or are at all shy about doing it. Tavistock and MKUltra have been working on these things for decades, as has the Rand Corporation AND OTHERS.

We are in The Time of the Last Gasp of Evil. We are in crunch time. This apocalypse was not a matter of happenstance. This apocalypse and all of the trends and factors that led up to it, are all a part and parcel of a programmed whole. The ineffable sits in his director's chair. He has the reins of reality in his hands. The actors play their parts. Some are off stage, waiting for the call. All of it is orchestrated toward a specific end. It makes no difference what the cast may think about the impression given by any act, by any scene. These are like movements in a symphony and it is a symphony of movements and sounds. So many of us close our eyes and become lost in the music. We let it take us away. We are captivated, enthralled... until the effect becomes somber and grave. Then, the uneasiness causes us to open our eyes and we are in a strange and unfamiliar landscape.

Here is the question so many people ask themselves when, due to trauma or awakening, they open their eyes and see themselves in a strange and unfamiliar landscape; “how did I get here?” Every appetite, every desire, every thought has a direction that is generated by the force of its activity. When it is an appetite, it is the satisfaction of the appetite. When it is a desire, it is the fulfillment of the desire. When it is a thought it is followed by the expression it seeks to take, in speech or in action. Sometimes one dreams, day dreams about places, times, or experiences one had... or that one wishes to have. These all have impact, whether one 'thinks so' or not. Everything affects everything to some degree and everything affects everyone, to some degree. Most of the time, most people are surfing on a collective wave, that possesses a variety of opportunities for experience. It can be like a floor in a department store.

In metaphysical understanding, (according to the way I understand it) the manifest world comes into being when white, undifferentiated light hits a spectrum. “Let there be light!” It then breaks up into seven differently colored rays. Each of these is an entire world. If you want to know more about this sort of thing, there are many books that cover it in detail. There are schools of thought that devote entire courses to this sort of thing. One of these posts is not capable of degree of real detail, so the curious must venture forward on their own. I put most of my life into studies of this kind and I am nowhere near full comprehension of the subject.

As with anything, to get very far with it... you need 'THE GENE'. That's what I call it. It is what you see when someone picks up the guitar or piano (metaphorically speaking, since few of us can pick up a piano, unless it is an electric one) and within a year are playing at a level that some of us don't reach after years at it. I KNOW what I am talking about here (grin) because there are avocations I don't have THE GENE for and I learned that. There have been a good number of subjects and activities that I have a powerful interest in but... alas... not that particular GENE.

There are a few things I do have THE GENE for and I must content myself with that. I have found workarounds in some cases. I was fascinated by Chiromancy (palmistry) but... try as I might... I did not have THE GENE. Phrenology covers much of the same territory and I do have THE GENE. It's not as comprehensive as Palmistry but you take what you get. Certain instruments are limited by key, or otherwise... and some are not (even though all of them are limited in a complete sense) that is how Phrenology compares to Palmistry; like a harmonica to a guitar or bagpipes to a piano. There are people who don't believe in these systems. That always reminds about how The Sun was impressed by The Pope's understanding of its behavior, compared to Galileo's understanding.

I make it a point not to have an opinion on subjects I know little about and I advise others to do the same. This assists me in refraining from blowing smoke up people's asses. People who think that the grandeur, splendor and majesty of God can be contained in a single book, are not very well informed, but... since they insist on remaining that way, it is neither my duty nor my pleasure to disabuse them of that perspective. EVERYONE comes to Epiphany at some point. Roses do not all bloom at the same time.

When a culture is in decline... when it enters into the Season of 'Fall' in the natural progression of the seasons of a culture, certain behaviors emerge that were not in evidence previously. Certain sexual practices were not wide spread in the previous seasons. Certain social trends and mores were not present previously. Some amount of this is always affected by the level of technological expertise that is present as well. HOWEVER... just because a larger number of people are doing something, DOES NOT LEGITIMIZE IT. I... on the other hand, am not the person to approach with your complaints when your behavior reaps particular results. It is Lady Nature you need to scream at. Go to Lady Nature's Complaint Desk and tell the attendant that you bought something and you don't want it anymore. See what they have to say about it.

Many of us expected a different outcome at the last presidential election. Many people thought Russia was way out of line to claim Crimea, even though most Crimean's speak Russian. The state language is Ukrainian but only around ten percent speak it. Crimean's overwhelmingly supported being annexed by Russia. I could give example after example about outcomes people expected that did not turn out as they expected, as well as sane and rational arguments, where such devices are not in the mainstream, especially when the mainstream is controlled by liars and agenda driven psychopaths. The Truth is not up for grabs or personal interpretation. There are powerful forces and individuals who are quite unhappy about this. Too bad.

Certain practices... dietary practices, sexual practices, social trends and other things, will ALWAYS have a certain result in the long run and some of them are going to result in a great deal of pain and unhappiness, as well as regret. Never... never underestimate the power of regret, in the posture of hindsight. I'm not here to moralize or lecture people on what they can or cannot do. Lady Nature will inform them of the warp and woof, as pertains to the cosmic meaning of their activities. One of my favorite sayings is 'act in haste, repent at your leisure'. One of my least favorite sayings is, “if it feels good, do it.”

Sybarites and Hedonists will assuredly come to a particular pass, just as day follows night. Lying to yourself will land you in a world of lies. Abusing yourself has specific costs. You will definitely meet the people you stepped on on your way up, when you are on your way down. Satisfying your needs and desires at the expense of others, as well as riding roughshod over other life forms WILL RESULT IN CONSEQUENCES. We are soon to see epidemic examples in performance art (whether it is art is debatable) of Nietzsche's statement, “Those whom the God's would destroy, they first drive mad.”

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If down-voting of my posts by Fundies continues, I will block EVERY FUNDIE AT POCKETNET and I suspect so will many another member, who is experiencing the same down voting when they discuss religious or spiritual issues. The military could not intimidate me. Law enforcement could not intimidate me. Prison inmates could not intimidate me. Governments could not intimidate me. NO TERRESTRIAL FORCE can intimidate me. I don't serve them and I don't recognize their authority. I do follow all sane and reasonable laws because that is the right thing. I behave myself better than most. Unlike most, I went right into the teeth of it to prove what I am saying and there were grievous costs involved ...but... it turned out that who I work for is more powerful than any of them and that got PROVEN more than once. That's all I have to say on the matter. I have no quarrel with Christians but some seem to have a quarrel with me.

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Ray B. said...

Thanks for the wise column, Vis.

Vis: "We are in The Time of the Last Gasp of Evil. We are in crunch time."

Purposeful quotes from Lord of the Rings :

Gandalf the White: "The Grey Pilgrim, that’s what they used to call me. Three hundred lives of men, I’ve walked this earth. And now, I have no time. With luck, my search will not be in vain. Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East."

Gandalf the White: "A thing is about to happen that has not happened since the Elder Days. The Ents are going to wake up...and find that they are strong."

Haldir of Lórien, a Silvan Elf: "I bring word from Lord Elrond of Rivendell. An Alliance once existed between Elves and Men. Long ago, we fought and died together. We come to honor that allegiance. We are proud to fight alongside Men once more."
Appropriate response from Star Trek: First Contact :
Worf: "Assimilate this!"

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Visible, am curious. Are you a fan of Japanese robotics?

Visible said...

Yeah... right... I'm sure we will find out what you have in mind with the Japanese robotics. Let's see... hmmm what robotics that the Japanese are into did I hear about lately that is different than general robotics? Ah... right... (light bulb goes on over visible's head as he ponders why the guy who was coming at him from one angle previously is now approaching him from this angle)... sex robots. I guess I could be wrong and this could all be something completely different (unlikely) but you can see how I came to that presumption. Also, along with Phrenology and a few other things I have the GENE for, I have the GENE for syntax.

Anonymous said...

No wasn't going to ask about sex robot but rather Japanese robotics designed a robotic tail for elderly humans. Perhaps going down the animal-cyborg-human route:

"Japanese researchers build robotic tail to keep elderly upright"

Anonymous said...

Comes in either monkey or cheetah model.

It possibly is a joke, I don't see how it could help elderly people from falling. It has more potential become a new weeb-furry hybrid fashion trend.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I repeat, and hope 2020 is the year the world goes downside up in overdrive. Nice read before my nap.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:00,

The curious learn things... what have you learned?


Visible said...

I see, it's just insulting. Fine. I've no problem standing or walking at all. The uniformed might be VERY surprised to see the shape I am actually in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Visible,
Yet another sign of our present state of Apocalypse can be seen by reading the 96 comments that were made to your original Smoking Mirrors post 10 years ago. That post inspired Patrick Willis to create yet another masterpiece video... his video of the beautiful girl being revealed from the goo is one of his best : )

Here's your original script of February 9, 2009:

Ten years ago your post garnered 96 thoughtful and positive comments. Today, your even better post attracts a drooling robot-tailed monster designed to trivialize your utterly important work.

But please know that for every fundie-clown out there, there are 10 of us who see the value of each post and treasure it. Your posts just keep getting better and more useful as time goes by...



Anonymous said...

No I don't think there was any intent to insult you Visible. Try not to take everything personal, it happens to those that gravitate too far towards the Universalism, but ironically also to the self-centered. Just try to be human, I am doing my best to ignore Vivkananda's insults towards the average "goyim" [(he doesn't outright say Goyim, but it is still there, and we both know where the "Star of David" symbol truly came from)] beneath him in his religious text book. Yes, I am still taking the text seriously only out of respect for you in good faith that you are a well-intentioned human being of noble intent. You already know I am an Implicit-Binarian.

There was no insult meant toward you. There are many other old person in the world to exist you know.

Also, I'm not sure how to interpret "Japanese" sex robot, or even sex robot. I don't consider people of Japanese descent to be robots despite having a mechanical organic human nature like other races. I would rather keep terms "Japanese" AND "sex-robot" separate.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Your exhalations of soul into cyberspace is in parallel to the consciousness infused into each breath.

It is at this basic level that many contribute to the love parade, simple conditioning this earth plane with quiet and subtle exhortations of love, as we murmur our adoration of the Creator, despite the condition of Creation where Human effort has made a mess.

So many of us close our eyes and become lost in the music. We let it take us away. We are captivated, enthralled... until the effect becomes somber and grave. Then, the uneasiness causes us to open our eyes and we are in a strange and unfamiliar landscape.

Funny how dramatic life can get when we are facing our end!

We can thrash ourselves to death in paroxysms of grief for silliness unexperienced.
We can put down all of our distractions and ask for guidance and some way to use our remaining moments for the highest design, while we are not yet remains.

Most of the time, most people are surfing on a collective wave, that possesses a variety of opportunities for experience. It can be like a floor in a department store.

On the other handed path, those on the path of more solitary pursuits face more austere experiences, off the beaten path and on to the path of victory over self, mastery over the temple mind, command of the body avatar.

Instead of being able to count on some predictable massage of our rigidities which leaves us well within the comfort zone of our shrouded lives, when we walk with the Creator in any way, the experiences go deeper than ordinary life and require us to CHANGE all along the way, or fall again in failure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous trolls:

Take Visible at his word.
He is a formidable presence.


O said...

Anonymous - Tuesday, December 17, 2019 6:42:00 PM

'You already know I am an Implicit-Binarian.'

Good luck with that because those who remain within duality are trapped in the infernal realm under satan/ego until they reach the singularity. Some people like it hot, so who am I to judge?

'But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.' ~ Matthew 12:25

Jody Paulson said...

"We ALL HAVE PROPENSITIES and these are activated and then manipulated through various modulations of vibration. Do not for a moment think they do not know how to do this, or are at all shy about doing it. Tavistock and MKUltra have been working on these things for decades, as has the Rand Corporation AND OTHERS."

I'm one of the earlier guinea pigs of this kind of technology. Those towers are actually cell phone towers. (and HAARP-type towers)

Here's my story, which has been going on for about twenty years:

Anonymous said...

A classic post... it’s been posted at : )


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Family of Fear, The Family of Love and their Ancillary Relatives."

Visible said...

Binary Boy, I deleted those immediately without reading. You're writing them for yourself. Carry on; no big deal to me to send them dumpster bound.

Eugene said...

Nice Les Visible. The end of much as you state is clearly .. right around the corner and right under our noses. Cannot. Go. Much. Longer. I quit sharing awhile ago about it. Does zero good. No one infected listens or cares.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking the truth.



Joseph Brenner

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