Monday, February 24, 2020

By Whatever Name it May be; Christ, Kalki, Mahdi or Maitreya. The Avatar is Coming.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Petri Dish it is today and... it is steaming and burbling, with the collective smegma of the 'Four Horses' of the Apocalypse. We put the Petri dish under the laser-electron microscope and there was Michael Bloomberg, sitting with his Wonderland associates and having a cup of mystery Equine Tea. It's bedlam in The Democratic Parties Madhouse... twitches, tics, Tourette's outcries and machine gun like outbursts of colorful profanity, were on display. I felt like I was with Ed Norton in Motherless Brooklyn, with 'stop and frisk' stutters and jerks, in a Tango themed moonwalk to the tune of ♫ Who let the demons out ♫

It is rapidly getting to the point where ABSURDITY is the order of the day. You can see the signs and wonders of Epidemic Stupid on all sides. I do not know what to make of this accelerating tsunami of Crazy that is street-side at this time. It is all a part of The Apocalypse, I suspect.

Before I get into a personal oddity that is playing out at the moment, I wanted to offer a metaphysical point of observation that I am certain enough about that I will state it with no equivocation whatsoever. And that is that, the sacrifice of God in the body of Jesus Christ, is what paid for the age we are now leaving. Everything costs something. The subject is far too complex for me to address with any detail but I call your attention to the mention of 'sacrifice' in the history, scripture and tales of every religion. Whether it be Jesus, Krishna or Zoroaster, they all met with death; however temporary it may have been. Even Buddha ran into some bad food that was given to him as an offering and he felt he could not refuse it.

The blood of martyrs waters existence with life. It's been said, from a single drop of the blood of a martyr, hitting the ground, many warriors are born. The blood of the righteous fertilizes existence with virtuous force. It is just one of those things that is part of the grand tapestry of life. Then there is the matter of the woman drunken with the blood of the saints. Nothing is ever what it appears to be. The Piscean Age was the age of sacrifice. We are now entering The Age of Brotherhood. What you see around you, the dissolving infrastructures, the cultural shifts, the breaking down of traditions that had become hopelessly bound by dogma and cant, this is all a part of the new age, the dawn of the new age of Aquarius is breaking.

These changes seem sinister to many, especially to those who have bought into the dire warnings of End Times, Armageddon and the like. Fear not. The stage is simply being broken down and then reassembled, according to the new archetypes. This does mean though, that there is going to be all kinds of confusion and weirdness as it gets 'sorted'.

Some say the Avatar has been and gone. They were claiming this about Meher Baba and Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh. These two should not be mentioned together in the same breath. It's been stated about a number of others who have come... and are now gone. Benjamin Creme (he's now passed) said Christ had returned and was going by the name Maitreya. Others have spoken about the coming of Kalki, the Inman Mahdi and others. I see no evidence of Creme's claims. I have found that ALL OF THOSE CLAIMING this that and the other, have been wrong and that is how it should be because, “of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

I do know that we are IN THE TIME OF THE AVATAR because world conditions, the state of society, the rumblings of Nature... ALL GIVE WITNESS OF THIS. Now we come into the area of what I do not know, which is a vast and undiscovered country. It is my belief and what I have been told internally that THE AVATAR IS TO APPEAR IN THE HUMAN HEART, in those hearts where a place has been made. I do not expect him to appear as a single individual, speaking on youtube, or anywhere else. That is more the province of the Anti-Christ. I am not saying that there will not be, or is, a single avataric being. There may well be. I do not know but I do not expect him to be appearing in large stadiums, although he is perfectly capable of presenting in multiple forms simultaneously, all over. His power is limitless and there is NOTHING HE CANNOT DO.

My recommendation to anyone who may wish to hear it, is that you, (if you are not already doing so) pray often and unreservedly and extend a welcoming heart and mind to the appearance of The Lord of All Beings. When it happens, it could happen all of a sudden with no warning and those who have closed their doors, knowing or unknowingly, will, perhaps, not even be aware that anything has happened, although the evidence that something did happen, will be abundant.

When the avatar comes, you will not only receive the benefit of his presence, which should be more than enough, regardless... BUT each... according to their merit, will receive all manner of abilities, awarenesses and heretofore unguessed at knowledge. There will be need of many hands to minister to the world and no 'willing hands' will be overlooked. Opportunity favors the prepared mind and heart. Hindsight is not going to serve anyone after the fact. It will be far, far better to be proactive in this respect and be earnestly seeking for the coming of the light. Readers are welcome to see me as mentally unfit, deluded, or whatever the uninformed opinion may be. I've no problem with that and bear no rancor. I am only trying to be helpful. What I say here may apply to some and not at all (in their minds) to others. I offer Pascal's Wager as something to think about. I do not hold with eternal punishment in Hell. This does not exist, although Hell, most certainly does and there are meters in both Heaven and Hell, depending on however long one is required, or permitted to park.

In this case, whether you park or not is not an option and whether you wish to stay longer or go sooner is also not an option. It's like being born a certain color, or sex, or any condition that remains for that lifetime. That is what you are until you no longer are; all fashionable butcheries aside. The same applies to one's tenure in Heaven or Hell. It's on the meter.

Now for the personal oddity. There is a fellow I have known for about a decade, maybe longer and aside for him having times of trouble, which have been periodic, we've gotten on well enough. I was only in his company for a brief time once, in London, at a conference I attended and spoke at. I liked him well enough. Lately he has become more and more incensed at me, resorting to imprecations and slurs. His anger is obvious. It all seems to stem from what he sees as my support for President Trump. Like many in these times, he suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is a real thing, by the way.

I have tried to explain to him that I AM NOT a Trump supporter and if I am it is nominally. If I am a Trump supporter at all, it is because those who would replace him, are as equally dangerous and disturbed as the other. There is NO SANE REPLACEMENT. I abhor his shenanigans with Israel. I do not care for his buffoonery. He does not act presidential, often... BUT... what he has accomplished has been good for the country and it's populace. He is doing all the right things. One has only to look at what that female hyena and Tribe psychopath, Sotomayor just said about her perception of Supreme Court bias, which happens to be WRONG, by the way. There is a cabal of literal vampires, carrion feeders and ghouls, who would love to get their hands on the reins of power and who will lie, cheat, steal, torture and kill to get it and especially so afterwards, if they do. I am FAR MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THESE CREATURES than I am about Trump.

I am trying to operate with common sense; something I was rarely accused of in earlier times, BUT I Have LEARNED THE HARD WAY. I mean this fellow no ill will but... whaddya gonna do? He is not alone in his anger at me, as if... somehow I work for them, or they pay my rent, or I owe any of them. None of this is true. Ever since I said I was going to vote for him, there has been a hue and cry; “bring me the head of Leslicio Francisco Visible!” What I said was, “vote for”; not campaign for, lobby for, or any of whatever other actions might be taken. This country could turn into A LIVING KAFKA MOVIE and it could do this in an unhappy heartbeat. Democratic Socialist is just a term. What Bernie Sanders is, is a COMMUNIST! The rest of them are bought and paid for, except for a couple, who are buying and paying for the presidency.

I wouldn't mind living in the USA for a bit longer but I won't be, should one of these treacherous wretches come into power. The country would be a war zone. I don't want that. Along with the wackos and entitled and spoiled brats, as well are the privileged and clueless, are a lot of good decent people. I would not like to see what would happen, if the rest of the country turns into Kalifornia. Donald Trump may have all kinds of character flaws but he's the best we can do under the circumstances and Soros and the Rothschild's and their footsoldiers, are actively working to bring about Hell on Earth. It is clear to see the truth of the road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

I truly apologize for upsetting any of you but... this is how I see it. I wish it were otherwise but I don't live by wishing and hoping.

The Avatar 'may' already be here. I doubt that he already 'was' here but what I DO KNOW is that he WILL BE HERE. Mr. Apocalypse is his advance guard and the awakening he is bringing is the groundwork preliminary to his appearance. I recommend. I PASSIONATELY RECOMMEND, if it is not already the case... that you prepare a place for him in your heart... NOW.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Everything you said rings as the Truth for me. Trump if elected again, will only buy this country a little more time before the demons take over entirely UNLESS The Almighty intervenes , unless The Age of Aquarius is truly more then just an old song. I want to believe that but like Thomas, I have my doubts. Nevertheless I prepare my heart and soul for God as best I can because that is what I truly desire. As for you, I wish you would not give these people who plague you so much air time. Seems you defend yourself too much. Screw ‘em if they didn’t like what you have to say. Keep up what you do, You are needed. They are deranged and work for the Dark Side whether they know it or not. Anyone with TDS is employed by the beast. As you said (paraphrased)it’s the snake in back of their minds that dictates their behavior and beliefs.
Hang in there,

Visible said...

Thank you Reggie. Perhaps you are right but the truth is, I don't think about any of it or any of them beyond the moment I comment and usually there is a context as there was in this post. It tied in with everything else. I have a habit of writing out of life experience and sometimes that is the experience BUT... most of the time it is not. The truth is that it is less than 2 percent of the readers who respond negatively. That is much better than I see anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

It’s a perplexing stance to be voting for anyone in the opinion of many. (Cue Larkin Rose or Mark Passio)
What if they just need a portion of us to vote period, thereby giving our consent to be governed by psychopaths. After all it’s probably HAL calling the shots in any case. Who here needs temporal governance? Why even participate in said she’ll game given the definition of insanity? I for one give. I for one give Visible a very wide swath in which I will disagree or not comprehend because of his uncanny ability to hit the mark where it really matters.


Ray B. said...

Everything is at the point where I am forced to only think in terms of timelines. I take a long-term view of human consciousness (the raising thereof) and ask all-God/Higher Self for guidance. Sometimes, the intuitional response is what I expected. Sometimes, the intuitional response is seemingly illogical and preposterous. Once you get the response (and you are pretty sure it is not telepathic intrusion), just do it.

(It is a little like the One Ring getting pitched into the lava of Mount Doom in Mordor. All kinds of things could have derailed the endeavor, but everyone followed their intuitions and it got done - with a little twist from all-God at the end. Yes, I like happy endings...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Creme bit the dust?!

Wow. I never knew the guy, or read anything he wrote; but I used to see his ads all over the place, when he was going to visit Tokyo, to tell us all about his Maitreya thing.

G said...

I'd like to get upset with you for supporting Trump, and calling Sanders a COMMUNIST!

But, I stopped caring about politics when I saw what a fake BWACK was.

One of my best friends/English students ever (69 years-old) died of a heart attack; and my favorite whore, ever, broke up with me, this week.

So, I don't give a shit if they elect Darth Sidious to the presidency.

Also, I live in Japan. So- it's actually kind of fun to watch the shitshow over there.

Me and my buddy went to 3 of Her burlesque dances last year. I was going to tell him all about the End of the Relationship this Sunday, but he had a date with Amida, instead.

Our English practice consisted of reading books on Zen.

First, "The Unfettered Mind," by Takuan Soho- and when we finished that, we went to visit his grave in Shinagawa. Takuan did not want a grave. It seems that they gave him the next best thing. The graveyard he's in is sandwiched between two VERY LOUD and BUSY railway lines. A triangle of iron horse doom. Also, the father of Japanese railways is interred there. The nerds left a ton of little plastic toy trains on his grave. It's precious.

We were halfway through "Beginner's Mind" talks by Shunryu Suzuki.

A comedy of errors caused the break-up between my fave escort and me. All for the best.

One lover dovetails into another -this time, a Shingon nun with daddy issues.

After we make love, she teaches me chanting and meditation.

She prays for my family, my verbally abusive wife and genius daughter, to become more harmonious.

And things HAVE BEEN getting nicer at home!

Magical nun of the Bodhisattva Kannon-sama!

Gyate gyate hara gyate hara so gyate bo ji so waka hannya shingyo!

tasmith said...

Leslicio Francisco Visible - keep bringing it! Thanks, and stay Visible!

Iyou said...

Greeting. hope all are well...

Dearest beloveds..there will be nowhere to hide. whether one hides in the bowel of the mountian or undear the earth for safety there will be nowhere to hide. for we are now facing the great plough. there is only one law and that is..just as spring returns the old must become new again spring again. this is the law..according to who. not God. even God is governed by the law..

The rules created by man has no authority over the law. even those who create rules are governed by the law. Those who are masters of death are playing their part on the world stage accurately. they are the ones who bring about the great death. do they know this. no. because of their arrogance they think the can hide. there will be nowhere too...

Peace .

brian boru said...

I'm sure that the reason most of us on here follow your commentary and regard you with respect Les is because you say it as you see it. The truth seems to really annoy certain people because it does not conform to their beliefs, but hopefully you will never allow that to influence you. I don't always find myself in full agreement with you but I realise that it may be because I just don't have your perspective and experience on the subject. Anyway, I hope you continue as you are and know that most of us who come here appreciate your optimistic outlook when there is apparently so much to be pessimistic about.

Anonymous said...

Heaven and/or hell are here now. Not later, there is none, same goes for before. It's all here right now. That's how it seems to me, at least.

According to the free dictionary an avatar is;
1. an incarnation of a Hindu god.
2. an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life.
3. Computers, a graphical image that represents a person, as on the Internet.

... looks like they're all over the place, coming and going - but like everyone else, always in the here and now. God knows why it specifically states an incarnation of a Hindu god. Surely it could be any deity, anytime, yet not anywhere - seeing as here is now... the only time and place.

That's my current hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

who determines value...?

do those that hate truth have value...?

lately your offerings have been top shelf, and surely those that

avail themselves good faith, resonate which affects the whole

I mean otherwise you'd be an anti-semite in the Forward and every other

rag pickers dream, er um nightmare.

how about that Zeph. 3:9



Anonymous said...

May all of your nights be lit with the Divine Inner Light of Holy Aten!

Chris said...

Hi Les,

...Yes, TDS is real! I have experienced the same thing with friends and family when I mildly show some support for some of Trump's policies. And these are otherwise intelligent people. In most cases they simply repeat the same narratives and lies from MSM. They can't at all see a bigger picture, that Trump may actually be on the side of Good. Its a testament to the power of brainwashing by the MSM. For all his faults and corruption, Trump is an angel compared to the rest of them. His popularity is increasing around the world. That says a lot to me. If I was American and had to choose, I guess I'd have to say I'm all in as a Deplorable. May the Deplorables inherit the earth!

Check out what this dowser says about Trump compared to the rest of them:

Vancouver, Canada

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

The following snipped line just stnads completely on its own, a nugget mined by our beloved goldsmith! I expostulated loudly when I came across it, like a panning miner.

Hindsight is not going to serve anyone after the fact.

In this case, whether you park or not is not an option and whether you wish to stay longer or go sooner is also not an option. It's like being born a certain color, or sex, or any condition that remains for that lifetime. That is what you are until you no longer are; all fashionable butcheries aside. The same applies to one's tenure in Heaven or Hell. It's on the meter.

Lean but not mean writing, sort of a Hemingway style take on metaphysics!


"all fashionable butcheries aside"

Tragic that is being sold as fashionable.
How did mutilation by medical industry insert itself into our worldview so quickly?
Follow the money and the mad resistance to Love of millennia....

No question that the second coming MUST be a shared creation, where those who know they have hearts may make room for the Indwelling Presence to bloom.

As far as Donald's character:
One reason, in addition to the slow motion overturning of the established slave money lenders tables, is the example of character under fire, which simply embarrasses every one who does not have the courage that only a trusting faith can supply.

As Samual Clemens said: "Everyone HATES a good example"

Your life also testifies to this....

Gracias amigo!

Visible said...

Robert; with every passing day I become more confident. It is as if the worse world conditions are or 'threaten' to be, the more rock solid and assured my heart and mind become. Recently I have some kind of 'advisory board' of angels that has shown up and which interject their presence into EVERY situation in an automatic pilot kind of a way. I am aware of it, I am not aware of it; doesn't matter. Last night I asked one of them if they could do something about a concern I had and he said, "Well, I would have to be inside you to accomplish that." Without even thinking about it, I said, "Well do so! He said, "So you are 'inviting' me in?" I said, "Yes, consider yourself(s) to have complete access and freedom with me, concerning whatever you notice, which needs adjustment or any sort of transformation of a positive nature."

Apparently both the good guys and the bad guys need permission. The bad news with the bad guys is that people often give them permission without knowing about it, or it comes as a part of the nature of particular activities.

Although one could say that technically they were already inside me, by speaking in my head, they actually were not. It's a zen-like thing. Anyway... after I said that, instantly, the angel was within and the situation altered in a manner, reflective of the personality of the angel in relation to it. The presence was an automatic thing, similar to a member of law enforcement walking into a bar. The atmosphere shifts immediately and everyone is polarized according to the nature of their intentions. It was a very magical event but it didn't feel magical. It had more of a 'business as usual' flavor to it.

I had been told long ago, "Visible, the worse things get in the world, the better they will get for you." There were more details than that but the 'automatic' feature now operating in me (grin), cut me off at that point.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post upsetting? It's more of a euphoriant to me, but opinions may vary. I'm probably having too much fun watching this vile state of existence fall apart, but I'm not above schadenfreude. (I am periodically a vindictive little bastard that can make Ishtar look like Donna Reed.) We're all gonna get what we deserve, and this is the way it should be.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Dancing, Bouncing and Returning Ball of Cause and Effect is in your Court; Karma, Neh?"



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