Monday, July 08, 2024

"Occult History is Old. It's not Always Right Either, There's Always Smoke, and You... Yourself... are a Walking Mirror. "

God Poet Transmitting.......

I wonder, and I wonder, and... I wonder, but then I move on because... it's just a lot of smoke and mirrors... or it's projection or... outrageous speculation or... the person seems to be a little hyperactive, like this lady here.

I'm not saying she's wrong. I don't know. I do suspect that the people accused of all these things are laughing at us because they have us looking in one location while they are busy in the other.

I've said it before; there are a lot of people who are in search of being meaningful and having an impact on life who opt for sensational claims. There are people who pose as something dark and mysterious while going out of their way to be in public life... while twisting in the fires of an internal embarrassment... due to an itch that can't be scratched... in the throes of a pathology they do not understand.

I'm one of those people who will actually track stories and claims back to their point of origin... where I OFTEN find that there is no discoverable point of origin... no basis... for the story or the claim... except to attract attention. In these times there is a perpetual wave of humanity that is addicted to being noticed, and they keep trying to find out if this is true by thumbhumping their cellphones.

When I hear that the military is fighting alien life forms in underground tunnels, it gives me pause. It really does. I am a student of occult history. If you know what occult history is, you know it bears little resemblance to the history... that is concocted by The Ruling Class... to keep the lumpen proles concerned about the monster in the closet or the boogeyman under the bed.

Occult history goes way back... way... way... back. That's one thing. It's not always right either because there's always smoke, and you... yourself... are a walking mirror.

Then there is the interior witness... The Voice of The Silence... The Intuition... The Spiritual Guidance System. There are always many names for the same thing. All of us receive guidance in different degrees. We all get hunches... leadings... warnings, and... whathaveyou. Few of us are actual disciples or initiates, so... and ergo... there are far more people claiming to know what they are talking about than there are people who know what they are talking about.

There are far more minions of naked ambition like Marianne Williamson; The West Coast Garment District Savior of The World... than there are legitimate oracles and Wayshowers. Most of the impostors and poseurs are after whatever they can get, and if it doesn't come from one thing... they will try another... until they wind up as one of the last refugees from the land of scoundrels; did I say that right? Well... it's too late to go back and fix it. I'm on a mission into the howling unknown and I am waiting on coordinates.

I know I'm looking for something, but... I don't know what it is. If I knew what it is, I wouldn't still be looking for it; would I? Just playing with words here. I know what I'm looking for and I also found it, so... my job... every day... is to find some new way to talk about it because... EVERYONE... whether they know it or not... is looking for the same thing.

Imagine a shop that has everything in The World in it... is... in fact... The World; a sort of Amazon-Costco-Walmart. Everyone... just about... is in this store; rummaging... shoplifting... setting up their own little action-central... preaching to the choir... being chased by the parishioners... living and dying... coming back again and again... weighing and comparing... bartering... haggling... scheming.... pleading... bleeding... conceding, AND... now and then... a fire or a tsunami sweeps through the place, but there's always certain sections that remain.

All day and night long you will hear people crying out; I found it! I found it!!! People come running from all over looking to see what it is. They didn't find it. How do I know this? I know this because it can't be found in the store; any store. I know this because I found it, and I've learned a thing or two since... that has just reinforced my certitude... that it... cannot... be... found... in... The Store.

It cannot be found because it is not for sale, nor is it a material object. The truth is that the person looking for it... is the thing they are looking for. HOWEVER... the possession of it requires a certain form of behavior and... MOST PEOPLE are not interested in behaving in the way that is required... demanded... and insisted upon by The Thing Itself... in order for The Thing Itself to stay around. Otherwise... The Thing Itself will just move on or go into hiding, and you will be left with something else.

Then you will be screaming, I found it! I found it!!! You'll be hoping you can find someone stupid enough to buy it from you, and you don't have to worry on that account because there's at least one of them born every minute. In fact... there is a whole demographic of people that I call The Usual Suspects, and they spend all their time yelling that they found it, and looking for people to sell... or lease... or rent it to, and especially to take it from by any means necessary.

While you are running around in The Store... the moment will come... when you forget what you came in there for. No matter though... because it is a marketplace of Death, and... Death will find you. You don't have to worry about that. You don't have to go and wait in line at Customer Service... so that you can get one of the attendants to call him to The White Courtesy Phone; and... why is it called a WHITE courtesy phone?

I'm not here to tell you how to run your business. I'm not in business. I'm not on the business end of giving you The Business. I'm not in the store. I'm down the street in an empty lot... holding a sign that says; You don't have to go in there! Occasionally... people who work for The Store... who do not own the empty lot I am standing in... will come by to tell me to move on. I don't pay any attention to them because I know they are not even there.

There's this construct that is called, The One Mind. Proponents of this construct say that there is only one mind and that people who think otherwise are not in their right mind. So... if you are in an empty lot... telling people not to go into The Store, and you are a proponent of... and resident in... The One Mind, it's not possible for someone to come up to you and tell you to move along because... they're not really there, and more importantly... they can't see you in the first place.

In order for someone to hassle you about being in The One Mind and telling people not to buy into a separate representations of themselves; whatever that is... you would have to separate yourself as well... in order to deal with agents of The Store who want you to move along cause there's nothing to see here.

I'm not trying to say that everyone who is selling you a bill of goods that they heard about in The Store, and has some kind of Ponzi-like... pyramid scheme... multi-level marketing relationship with The Store... is lying to you. I'm telling you that you shouldn't always believe what someone tells you... that they heard someone else say, and OFTEN... if you track it down to the point of origin... if you source it. You find it was never there in the first place. It was just something somebody said that they heard about in The Store. Capiche?

I mentioned this lady before.

I liked what she had to say... initially... until her credentials began to wave at me... from an off-center location behind the things she was talking about. That doesn't mean I think she doesn't know what she's talking about. It means I don't always agree with her. In this case, I do... except she had to toss Assange in there, but it was indirect. She's a member of The Press, so... I'll trust but verify... if it is possible to verify and doesn't turn into something someone else... told someone else... who told someone else that they heard it from someone else.

Here's a lady that rings a lot of bells...

...and here's another lady that rings a lot of bells.

The reason I brought these 3 ladies up is because there is a wave of female truth-speakers appearing in Mr. Visible's Trends and Patterns feed... inside his head. Candice Owens is another. These are some fierce and articulate women. Because I KNOW... due to my watching trends and patterns... that The Divine Feminine is in the ascendant, I also know... or at least suspect... that these ladies are exponents thereof.

Trends and Patterns can be amazing IF... you know what you're looking at, AND... if you can make the connections between them and how they interpret in The Time Space Continuum, prior to becoming a digital readout in The Event Horizon. It can reward you with a sense of succor and security when you see The Posse catching up with The Bad Guys in real-time.

Most of the time... the things we fear are not the things that appear, and when they do... you might think about the images you let your mind replicate, because whatever you are replicating the most of... is definitely going to appear at some point. It's actual science. Metaphysics is still Physics and what you fear WILL come upon you... if you spend too much time thinking about it. That's science... real science.

End Transmission.......

I did another broadcast with James Jancik on Feet to The Fire last night. I have yet to watch this myself, BUT... I'm putting it up anyway. Before recording this we went through well over an hour of the strangest and most inexplicable blockages that I have ever encountered in this format. There was NO logical or technical justification for it!!! We persevered and here it is. Hopefully, it came off okay.

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Chapter 14 of The Bhagavad Gita;
The Forces of Evolution


The fruit of good deeds is pure and Sattvic. The fruit of Rajas is suffering. The fruit of Tamas is ignorance and insensitivity.

From Sattva comes understanding; from Rajas, greed. But the outcome of Tamas is confusion, infatuation, and ignorance.

Those who live in Sattva go upwards; those in Rajas remain where they are. But those immersed in Tamas sink downwards.

The wise see clearly that all action is the work of the Gunas. Knowing that which is above the Gunas, they enter into union with me.

Going beyond the three Gunas which form the body, they leave behind the cycle of birth and death, decrepitude and sorrow, and attain to immortality.


What are the characteristics of those who have gone beyond the Gunas, O Lord? How do they act? How have they passed beyond the Gunas’ hold?


They are unmoved by the harmony of Sattva, the activity of Rajas, or the delusion of Tamas. They feel no aversion when these forces are active, nor do they crave for them when these forces subside.

They remain impartial, undisturbed by the actions of the Gunas. Knowing that it is the Gunas which act, they abide within themselves and do not vacillate.

Established within themselves, they are equal in pleasure and pain, praise and blame, kindness and unkindness. Clay, a rock, and gold are the same to them. Alike in honor and dishonor, alike to friend and foe, they have given up every selfish pursuit. Such are those who have gone beyond the Gunas.

By serving me with steadfast love, a man or woman goes beyond the Gunas. Such a one is fit for union with Brahman. For I am the support of Brahman, the eternal, the unchanging, the deathless, the everlasting dharma, the source of all joy.


Visible said...

I am sorry. This was supposed to be a Visible Origami and how this happened I can't imagine. Suffice to say that many strange things are happening lately.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I doubt many if any of us care what this awesome post goes under. I found a stellar video that deals with the materialist mind frame, and how messed up it is:

I never bought into that. I think it's dumber than a vacuum to try to prove your (non-existent) high status by spending money you don't have. All I want is what I need, and it's always been that way, though there were a couple of times it did get a bit scary. The last time, an Ashkenazi lady UNCONDITIONALLY helped us out by paying our rent for a month. We tried to pay her back a little at a time, but she told us to knock it off after our second check. Let's just say we paid it forward.

I will NEVER go Anti-Jew as a whole. I'll take everyone on an individual basis. I think the homicidal Zionists should all have their noses bitten off (at least), but I've personally known more awesomely cool Jews than bad ones. The Pharisee and Sadducee types can go to Muspelheim as far as I'm concerned, but they are not all like that. Though I must admit philosophically the religion does not mesh with me for the most part. Let's just say I consider it kinda 'interesting'.

This is a wonderful post to calm my rage a bit before having to deal with my credit union for a potentially expensive mistake they made. I'm sure it will be resolved, being they ain't Wells fargo, B of A, Citi. . ., but I have better things to do with my time than waste it on fixing somebody else's mistake.

Then again, that's life, isn't it? I swear, the Cathars had it right in not feeding the demiurge by ideally refusing to breed.

Anonymous said...

Candace is awesome, a hot black woman, she married a white guy, and she is also openly speaking out against the jews. Blacks arent afraid of being called racists like white people are so they tend to speak the truth a lot more.

0 said...

Good post! Accountability better show up before the patience on borrow from the All Runs out.

Course I did say when I drop form, there will be nothing left to contain what I gathered unto myself. I hope it speeds to they who produced the current Now and consumes them from the inside out and then immolates them as they gasp for breath from the sudden change in health.


robert said...

Dear Visible,

I did another broadcast with James Jancik on Feet to The Fire last night. I have yet to watch this myself, BUT... I'm putting it up anyway.

Thank you for the link to an example of selfless usefulness!

Again, watching the reaction of your audience of one amplifies the power of the shining, coming through smoke and technological briar patches.

James was visibly feeling the effects of karma being burned off in the discussion of karma and grace!

Heart-warming to see love in action in opposition to the surging fear-driven hate projection streaming from the death rattling corporate media

Always arrogance from the dark clinging deceivers, peaking right before the reveal which burns all deception down into racial memory, driving the living away from the surface of things, into the deep end of the gene pool

How do we know the end is near?

When feeders on human frenzy are fully exposed
Their rapacious appetite for despoiled innocence dominating their demeanor unaware...

When those who wish to be left in peace
Begin to see those who can't leave others in peace in broad daylight

And comic relief comes along with the horror show
When joining with heavenly levity releases the pain of millennia

When the children can crack a joke in the face of faltering fear

We feel that we have had enough hard lessons
Open our minds to Being better than ever imagined
See how unmarred celestial harmony is by circus noise

Point our attention back where we come from
Concentrating until our awareness unfolds from center
Fanning out in a slow tsunami of un-reflected feeling

We see through it all, a meaning making us glad to be alive
Just to say thank you in every way possible
Returning the favor inadequately but triumphantly nonetheless

This is what we can see and be
All in the unity of living out of free feeling
Thinking in duty to whatever will be done

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Because They Believe It is Better to be The Person with The Stick... than to be The Person Being Beaten by The Stick."



Joseph Brenner

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