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"Paradoxically... I Would Say that it is Hard to Become as a Little Child... When You Never Grew Up in The First Place."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Human culture is like currents in the ocean, and humans... most unfortunately... often resemble schools of fish in behavior. The force... that moves the waves... that reflects the impetus... of what drives the currents... if seen in terms of Nature... would be The Sun. They say The Moon rules the tides, BUT... The Sun rules The Moon. So... by analogy, God is the hidden hand that commands human affairs. Are you with me so far? (grin) It's because The Sun is The Lord of The Solar System, and everything conforms to its will.

The Sun is highly visible. God is not. However... it would surely seem like a dysfunctional God if The Divine were to bear responsibility for what goes on in human affairs. He'd seem like a petty despot that favors the rich and powerful, and leaves the masses in a brutish stupidity... that permits them to be controlled by bankers... cause they are too dumb to catch on to what is happening to them, over... and over... and over... and over again.

The bankers and their cohorts; partners in crime, along with the merchants of war... who they bankroll, and the AMA Pharmaceutical Combine... which is in league with the processed food industry... that causes the health problems... that their chemicals conceal the effect of on the human body... are monsters... all of them are monsters. They not only create the products that poison the human body, but also the products that poison the human heart and mind.

Another tentacle of The Globoctopus creature that strangles The World are those... who advertise the poisons... of the companies that come to own all the sports teams... where the players compete with sweat, tears, and blood... against one another for name recognition... so they can join the ranks of the people that own the rest of them.

Time is the cruel mistress... who turns all those gears... that grind down the moments... of forgotten lives... bent from toil... crushed by the weight of responsibilities that the mind has drawn up from the imagination... to punish you for being born here.

Is it really that bad? Observably... it is that bad for a lot of people, and all of these people want things. It is what drew them down here, to begin with, and The Will of God set the whole thing in motion. It is The Wanting that is at the heart of human suffering, and it doesn't matter what form it takes (with one exception)... it is always wanting. The hunger hits again and again... like waves rolling onto the shore... pounding rocks into sand. It never ends; desire and longing never end.

Poets have gone on about it. Artists have attempted to capture moments of torment, and... moments of repose; moments of triumph and defeat. The struggle goes on, and on... and on; to what end? What does it all mean? How pointless it is, when... in the possession of it... one finds it is not what they wanted at all. Who set up the turning of this wheel? The Kiss of The Lash? The galloping steeds behind?

For every Jean Valjean, there is an Inspector Javert. For every this... there is a that. It all comes at a cost. Sometimes one is glad to pay. Other times? No. AND... it all comes from wanting. It should be obvious that one does not have to want... which results in suffering without respite... for as long as one is in a state of want. Perhaps... one should change the direction of their wanting? Perhaps... a spiral is superior to a circle? Perhaps.

I stopped writing and went out to meditate and the first thing I heard was, “Here I am... more present in you than I was when last we met, and most certain to be even more present the next time we meet. This is the result of your wanting. This is what you got... you got me.

You know, you don't have to meditate anymore. I am the object of meditation, and... you found me. I am the answer to every question, and the object of all misplaced wanting... which is mistaking form for The Thing Itself. Contemplation... of course... for you... is the next step.”

Wasn't it you that really caused it by beating me senseless over, and over, and over again?

“Let's not get lost in complexities, my friend. Am I still beating you senseless? Was it me who was beating you senseless or was it you? Fortunately... no one is beating you senseless now... eh? Isn't that all that matters? It matters not what you went through to get it. What matters is if you got it or not, and... you did get it, didn't you?

Now... all you have to look forward to is more and more of me... forever and ever. How do you like it so far? Stop trying to figure out how this happened to you when you were, in your own mind, such a wastrel and insane person. There is no rhyme or reason for why I do the things I do or when I show up.

One would go mad trying to figure that out. However... only those who go mad for me find me. Only those who risk everything and care less for the whole of it than for me... get me. It's very simple if you think about it.”

Most people find God to be an intrusion in their lives. They want God only in the amounts that they want God. God is an inconvenience if you are still wanting anything else. Religion is a big help for people who can't stop wanting things their own way. You can find whatever justification you need through a selective culling of scripture.

It's been said that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. I think religion fits the bill better. The things people have done in the name of God account for why so many people do not believe in God. Of course... these would only be fairweather friends anyway, and God is not partial to fairweather friends.

When I used to look for the reasons for all the troubles that assail humanity, I would find one thing or another that might be the cause of a particular malady. Sometimes it was a melody of several causes. I finally realized that all of humanity's problems come from The Mind. One could say the same for every solution, and... The World has to be the way it is or it really wouldn't make sense... nor would it hold together. It is the tension in the dynamic that provides for continuance.

OR... you could say it is all the result of Bad Parenting, and... it most certainly is. However... that has its root in The Mind also. Everything starts out as a thought. You started out as a thought. Then you wound up here, as whatever you started off as, and your struggle since, has been to come to terms with it and find a harmony within the greater complexity.

You began as a luminous being. It took a long time... in human years... for you to become fully embodied as you are, For The Purpose of Demonstration. The objective from here is to find your way back to where you came from, BUT... there are all these display cases along the way... all this shiny shit... and the glitter and attractions. Why... it could surely make one's head spin, and... whaddya know? It does... doesn't it?

Paradoxically I would say that it is hard to become as a little child when you never grew up in the first place; bad parenting... is the product of bad thinking. We really ought to raise ourselves properly before we start thinking about raising someone else.

So... yes... you can spin your wheels here for a very long time until you ask for help, and... depending on how long you have been spinning your wheels... it does have an effect on how soon help will come, AND... this is further complicated by the degree of passion and focus you bring to the act of asking for help. If you bring it into a one-pointed state of concentration... help will come very soon. Otherwise... um hmm. It's why trauma and desperation are often the cause of epiphany and awakening.

How are you going to find your way out of here when you don't know how you got here in the first place? Sure... lots of people, especially the atheists... will say it was a product of sex. Sex might well have been a vehicle, BUT... who was driving it; not being driven by it... driving it? What accounts for who you arrived as... where you arrived at... and what happened after that?

Find God OR... you're left with everything else. Find God and he will throw you a lifeline and pull you up to where he... or she... or it is. It's just the higher part of yourself pulling you out of what the lower part of yourself got you into. This DOES NOT MEAN that everything will be hunky dory after that. Oh no, my presschisss.

It could actually go a lot harder for a bit, and that is why so many people turn away; take an exit off The Royal Road. It's why many are called but few are chosen. Also... the self-chosen cancel God out... by that very act.

Maybe they think they hit The Big Pinata with the worldly end of things, BUT soon it's going to hurt really bad. Why do you think they finance all those wings at the hospitals and research institutions? They get all the worst diseases... because selfish interest is the worst disease of all, AND it... starts... in... the... mind. It stands to reason it would... sooner or later... precipitate into a material reality... since that's where their heads are at. Where your treasures are... your destiny will find you.

Schools of fish are easily caught up in a net. Collective fixations result in collective outcomes. Vast legions of souls are marched off a cliff every single day. Sometimes they are thousands of miles apart, but... it's the same cliff.

End Transmission.......

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Maybe you saw this before and maybe I never put it up to begin with. Anyway... there are some good points that get made. If you're thinking about Magic as an objective, I recommend seeking out the hidden and peculiar secrets of Love and Light. It's one thing to channel a force. It's another thing to influence its course.

By Brian Brown

The first half of Chapter 14 (The Forces of Evolution) of The Bhagavad Gita


Let me tell you more about the wisdom that transcends all knowledge, through which the saints and sages attained perfection. Those who rely on this wisdom will be united with me. For them there is neither rebirth nor fear of death.

My womb is Prakriti; in that I place the seed. Thus all created things are born. Everything born, Arjuna, comes from the womb of Prakriti, and I am the seed-giving father.

It is the three gunas born of prakriti – sattva, rajas, and tamas – that bind the immortal Self to the body. Sattva – pure, luminous, and free from sorrow – binds us with attachment to happiness and wisdom. Rajas is passion, arising from selfish desire and attachment. These bind the Self with compulsive action. Tamas, born of ignorance, deludes all creatures through heedlessness, indolence, and sleep.

Sattva binds us to happiness; Rajas binds us to action. Tamas, distorting our understanding, binds us to delusion.

Sattva predominates when rajas and tamas are transformed. Rajas prevails when Sattva is weak and Tamas overcome. Tamas prevails when rajas and sattva are dormant.

When sattva predominates, the light of wisdom shines through every gate of the body. When rajas predominates, a person runs about pursuing selfish and greedy ends, driven by restlessness and desire. When tamas is dominant a person lives in darkness – slothful, confused, and easily infatuated.

Those dying in the state of sattva attain the pure worlds of the wise. Those dying in rajas are reborn among people driven by work. But those who die in tamas are conceived in the wombs of the ignorant.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I would say physical existence is a self-imposed prison. From what I remember of my NDE, I don't have to be here now. I asked for it, was told I have a bad track record, and would regret it. I ignored the advice, being I seem addicted to pissing on electric fences no matter what realm I'm in. Well, THEY were right. And I gotta finish what I started. I was told that in those exact words during an artificially induced OOBE. (Nutmeg overdose.)

Well, yeah. I will. BUT I DON'T HAVE TO BE NICE ABOUT IT! When I'm not doin' what I gotta do (Job, errands. . .), MY TIME IS MINE, AND I'M NOT GONNA BE THERE FOR THE WORLD I HAVE GROWN TO HATE! Exceptions are made for a handful of individuals, and in some (MOST) cases that's payback.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

"Schools of fish are easily caught up in a net. Collective fixations result in collective outcomes. Vast legions of souls are marched off a cliff every single day."!jig[1]/NG/113

Anonymous said...

"You can find whatever justification you need through a selective culling of scripture." That's easily worth the price of admission.


Sukh said...

We're staying with Reflections in a Petri-Dish:

Occult History is Old. It's not Always Right Either, There's Always Smoke, and You... Yourself... are a Walking Mirror



Joseph Brenner

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