Tuesday, July 02, 2024

"When The Supreme Being Comes... a Force Precedes Him... a Force Attends Him, and... a Force Follows in His Wake."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Let me see if I can explain something mathematically... without using numbers. I know there's a word for it, but it escapes my lexicon at the moment.

A supreme being exists. The most inspired names in history all proclaim this in a variety of ways. Those who argue against this being so, are arguing against Religion. Religion is a mechanism for social control. It is only occasionally representative of a supreme being in an anthropomorphic fashion.

At regular intervals... separated by a significant period of time that includes thousands of years... The Supreme Being... clothes himself in material form... and makes an appearance on this plane... for the purpose of restoring order, and for punishing and rewarding everyone... singly and collectively... to the extent and degree that they have lived and worked in accord... or discord. Rewards and punishment are meted out in... the... same... way... as that which... initially... provoked the punishments and rewards. You receive harmony for harmony extended,. And discord for discord extended.

What this amounts to is that everyone punishes and rewards themselves through the medium of Cause and Effect... Action and Reaction. Everything you do... comes back on you. Stating the obvious makes it no less true, especially because it is... apparently... not obvious at a wider reach.

When The Supreme Being comes... in an individualized personification, a force precedes him... a force accompanies him, and... a force follows in his wake. The personification that The Supreme Being assumes... is an expression of the overarching intention... of the age he appears in. In The Age of Aquarius... he comes as the quintessential expression of Brotherhood. In the previous age... he came as the penultimate expression of Sacrifice. There is always a theme, and everything that takes place... in his short ministry... during his appearance... is to infuse that theme... into every particle of existence... that follows after.

We are in that period of his coming... where the force preceding him... is setting the stage. Depending on the mindset you find yourself in... depending on the intention that defines what you think, and say, and do here... on that depends how the force will affect you.

Many will be driven mad... in a frenzy of brutish violence This you can already see in The World around you. In some places... it is much more obvious than in others. Some amount of us will be validated by our faith. Some of us will be so obsessed with our appetites and desires that we won't even know what time it is; not that that would matter... concerning the impact of the force... that is engaging with them. Everything and everyone will... be... changed... by the contact; for good fortune or for ill fortune.

Karma will become instantaneous, and that force will turn FOR YOU... or AGAINST YOU. All things will work for good or... everything you do will turn against you. The Power of his presence cannot be accurately described. Suffice to say... it will be overwhelming, and that is an understatement.

Now... everything is backfiring on those who do Evil. A lot of the heavyweights have just stepped back into the shadows. They don't know what the Hell is happening. It is freaking them out. More and more... they are going to lose it... every time they step into public. They will be rendered impotent... without the power for further harm. They will be confused and disoriented. Biden is an example of this, and... as the saying goes... “not all the king's horses nor all the king's men.”

You can see the degeneration AND regeneration taking place before your eyes. The streets of urban congestion are a classic illustration.

It is a time to shelter in place. It is a time to keep your head on a swivel. It is a time for situational awareness. It is a time for paying attention. It is a time for looking within. What matters to you?

You will encounter the personification of what you carry within you.

Those whose intention it was (and is) to imprison and robotize you have gone too far in a public fashion... not keeping their cards close to their chests. Even as they build the containment zones... their world is crumbling around them. They no longer possess the will to continue. It leaks from their being through a hole in their soul.

Soon they will have to run for their bunkers. Soon they will see just how vulnerable they are. Soon they will realize they have been had by a master... a master who arranged the gameboard For The Purpose of Demonstration.

The answer to every question. The key... to the unraveling... of every mystery. The eternal dynamic of The Thing Itself, and its reflection... is... always... in the sure and certain knowledge of God's Presence. As real as The Divine is to you... that is how real the sanctuary is... that encircles you. Your life is a living testimony to your faith in God or... the lack thereof. The World demonstrates all the varieties of certitude and uncertainty... that there are.

From life to life... you gather the evidence concerning that... which attracts and inspires you. Again and again... you find only emptiness behind the many appearances of substance... OR... you gain ever-greater and greater conviction until... you have become an immovable rock... upon which all the fantasies and stupidities of life... dash themselves in vain. It's all froth and bubbles, and... how quickly they are gone.

You remain, however. you are an unquenchable star... in the vastness of night; a beacon... a lighthouse... a candle in the window... for every seeking heart.

Everywhere in The World around you... you see people looking for something. Some of them think they know what that is, and some of them do not. Some want to suck it dry and throw away the container because... they are in a time of disposable existence, with a mindset to match. Some want to put it on an altar or behind glass. They think it has value of some kind, and that covers a wide range of possibilities.

Some want to parade it before the eyes of The World, and some want to hide it out of sight. Some want you to desire it more than anything else and believe that while they have it... you cannot. Some want to create it, and some want to destroy it when they are done.

At any point in the pageantry and despair... you can take a snapshot. The Mind is a camera, and all it does is take pictures. At any moment... someone is laughing about it, and someone is weeping over it. Some will never remember it again, and some will never forget it... until that particular unreal version of them disappears.. only to pop up somewhere else, as someone else... continuing on with whatever it was. I wouldn't know. It all looks like Crazy Town to me.

I'm looking for the place where the music comes out. I'm looking for the room where The OM makes everything I see. It is a plane of action. If I can still my reaction to the rest of the action... that keeps me grounded in this place, I will automatically rise to the place of causes. It's The Mind that keeps my attention on the multi-colored shitshow. I have to constantly remember... to not forget to close my eyes.

It all has to keep your interest. That is its job. The Devil Mind pokes and prods you to chase something down. The World puts it all on display and... The Deep Blue Sea? I'm not sure what The Deep Blue Sea does, or else I'm not saying.

I'm guessing it's the substance of things unseen... before you see them... before the multidimensional printer spits it all out... onto the playing field of time, so... you can protect it or kill it... worship or despise it... adore or abhor it... run to or from it... hold it still or... kick it down the street; is she a goddess in repose or... just a piece of meat?

It doesn't matter or... it really really does. Regardless of the show-and-tell... God is coming soon. He's already here, but... operating beneath the surface... which accounts for all the agitation down below.

The snow on Mt Kailash is melting, and it's not from climate change. It's running down into the valleys where everything can spring to life. It's all a numbers game... from the cold abstract to the hot and heavy.

A time comes when one age gives way and another comes into play, and all the people who were pulling the strings find that either the puppets are dead or... there is no longer a connection to motivate the strings. Of course... they will panic. They might take their ball and go home.

It's over because it has begun. All the usual strategies no longer work. You just look stupid trying. Well... it's always like this... in the tailwind of The Apocalypse.

End Transmission.......

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Chapter 13, The Field and The Knower continues
from the Bhagavad Gita


This is true knowledge, to seek the Self as the true end of wisdom always. To seek anything else is ignorance.

I will tell you of the wisdom that leads to immortality: the beginningless Brahman, which can be called neither being nor non-being.

It dwells in all, in every hand and foot and head, in every mouth and eye and ear in the universe. Without senses itself, it shines through the functioning of the senses. Completely independent, it supports all things. Beyond the gunas, it enjoys their play.

It is both near and far, both within and without every creature; it moves and is unmoving. In its subtlety, it is beyond comprehension. It is indivisible, yet appears divided in separate creatures. Know it to be the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer.

Dwelling in every heart, it is beyond darkness. It is called the light of light, the object and goal of knowledge, and knowledge itself.

I have revealed to you the nature of the field and the meaning and object of true knowledge. Those who are devoted to me, knowing these things, are united with me.

Know that Prakriti and Purusha are both without beginning and that from Prakriti come the gunas and all that changes. Prakriti is the agent, cause, and effect of every action, but it is Purusha that seems to experience pleasure and pain.

Purusha, resting in prakriti, witnesses the play of the gunas born of prakriti. But attachment to the gunas leads a person to be born for good or evil.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But if we are that Supreme Being, in the sense that we are all part of that unified cosmic consciousness, is that Supreme Being not already here, in the form of every living being?

Visible said...

but if... but maybe... on the other hand... possibly... my response is that you should make time and distance disappear and then... perhaps you will be a conscious... connected... and specific part of The Supreme Being, BUT... at no time... ever... will you... or I... or anyone else ever be Ths Supreme Being.

TotoFromOz said...

Beautiful...love it, thank you😊

Anonymous said...

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“I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!” — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

“I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly.” — Donald J Trump, March 16th 2021

“We have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine, and it is something that works.” — Donald J Trump, March 17th 2021

“Get those shots everyone!” — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020

“I guess in a certain way, I’m the father of the vaccine because I was the one that pushed it. To get it done in less than nine months was a miracle.” – Donald J Trump, April 29th 2021

“Everybody, go get your shot.” — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

“It works incredibly well. 95%, maybe even more than that…and it is really saving our country and it is saving frankly the world.” — Donald J Trump, March 9th 2021

“It will save millions of lives, and soon end the pandemic once and for all. These vaccines are also very safe.” — Donald J Trump, December 11th 2020

“Well, I got the Pfizer, and I would have been very happy with any of them. I thought a very bad statement was when they did a pause on Johnson & Johnson. I think that frightened people. That was a bad thing to do. At that time, when they did the pause, they had six people that may have had some difficulty out of millions that received it. But I think the pause was a very bad thing to do.” — Donald J Trump, October 2nd 2021

Franz said...

Trump is a stuffed suit meant to remind us of what we are not.

Trump had no shot, no COVID, he was fooled (or fooled us)

The Trump supporters of 2016 are gone, gone, gone.

All that's left is the angry folks who were bamboozled as Trump skipped town on Jan 6.

All that's left are the ones who still thought he was real then.

They were wrong, he wasn't. But it's a bitter pill to swallow.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Certainly What are Called Acts of God Can also... Often be Considered Evil... According to The People they Happen To."



Joseph Brenner

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