Thursday, June 27, 2024

"Suffering and Wanting... Are Star-Crossed Lovers... Who Go Everywhere Together, and... Are Never Seen Apart."

God Poet Transmitting.......

♫ Hey Joe, where you going with Al's Hammer in your hand?
I'm gonna hit myself in the head... again and again.
I caught myself messing in my pants again.
Hey Joe, where you gonna run to? I can't run.
Where you gonna run to? I can't run.
Say hello to Uncle June if you see him;
gobble gobble... gobble gobble ♫

(with apologies to Jimi Hendrix)

In my defense, I really didn't spend a whole lot of time on that. In order to see The Sacred and The Profane on the same mindscreen... at the same time... as I do... you need to use a super wide-angle lens. I happen to have one of those... being a clinically diagnosed... chronic schizophrenic. When I heard about the diagnosis, a really long time ago, I wasn't sure what it meant. Then I discovered that it is a common state for artists. I explained how that works once, but maybe everyone reading now wasn't around then.

Normal... programmed... tunnel vision... zombie people... have a fence that encircles an imaginary perimeter in their mind. It was built up through Karma and early childhood conditioning... to contain and... they imagine... conceal their thoughts from others. Fact is... that's just a mental construct. Any self-aware person who takes psychedelics finds that out really quickly... unless they are dumber than one of the fence posts that support that imaginary fence, and then they wouldn't be self-aware.

Some of us though... some of us... for any number of reasons... find that a section of our mental fencing has been broken down, and thoughts can just wander out, and go practically anywhere... like an aging Zine Queen does... in their own heads... while pacing up and down the hallways of a locked ward. Zine Queen is slang for a Thorazine-prescribed patient. It's an ugly chemical, but it does lobotomize the more violent inmates.

When my initial kundalini experience took place, all the fencing was blown down and... I was loose in the one mind. This made the people around me really uncomfortable... because... they could feel my presence intimately. This caused them to freak out, which is why they did not have a Kundalini experience themselves... because of the Star Wars defense system installed in their heads. I... on the other hand, am usually thrilled by this sort of thing.

It doesn't actually work (The Star Wars defense system) but it gives people a false sense of confidence that no one will show up in their heads unannounced. Good luck with that... especially in the times soon to come.

Well... I was just trying to explain why you see such a wide range of perspectives in these blogs... that move from sinister... to scatological... to sublime. These are aspects of The Personality that are employed by The Individuality... for the purpose of illustrating concepts... over an extended field of expression. It's like I'm a character actor... employed by a film company... that does not work in celluloid. This film company works on the screen of life itself.

As a character actor, my profiles... run across the gamut... from playing a heavy... to a hummingbird fairy... to whatever variations... otherwise... are suspended on hangers in a closet in my soul. They're just a wardrobe of outfits... representing roles I have played... over an extended reach of time. We all have these closets, but access to them is limited. My kundalini awakening proved to be a skeleton key to a whole lot of closets.

The point here is that each of us is a great deal more than we seem, BUT we are... most of us... contained in a narrow area of focus... because each life happens... so that specific experiences can take place... for the purpose of soul growth. Eventually... we come to a place where real changes occur... and an angel steps in, and... ever so patiently... disentangles us from the thorns... barbs... hooks... other snagging devices... obsessions... compulsions... tics... twitches... and whatever there may be that holds us as prisoners in The Penitentiary of The Mind.

During the term of this untangling... which is part of The Rites of Purification... it is likely that one can become very angry toward this angel. That is also by design. Think of yourself as a cabinet in your bathroom... in that cabinet are tubes of various unguents... pastes... and gels. Each of them contains the accumulated reserve of various negative emotions. The angel is clearing out the cabinet. This requires the angel to squeeze these tubes completely empty of their contents of anger... jealousy... greed... envy, and many other assorted unpleasantries.

When the angel squeezes the tube, you will feel these emotions rush through you, and... it is imperative that you hold still and let the process run its course. I have experienced this. I still experience it, but much less than was once the case. If one does not know that this... is all part of a procedure... it can be very alarming.

Well I remember... the rage I experienced... earlier on. You just have to hold still and trust the angel. You need to take the words, rely on me, to heart. It won't go on forever, and... at some point... Jivanmukti will appear, and then you can sit and watch the wheels go round... until they don't go round anymore, and then you can step out into an atmosphere of freedom... that lies well beyond anything... you have ever... imagined.

This does not have to result in your winding up in a robe... with a faraway distant look of wisdom in your eyes. Some people like that look. Some people are compelled to play a role, and anyone playing a role has some sort of objective in mind. Eventually, you will hear a cash register ring.

There is no telling what you will be turned into... once all the blanketing concealments have been burned away. Every case is different. We are all unique, and... we continue to be, even though the ones who have achieved it... have lost all sense of self in the process. Still... a self remains.

Everything else besides being consciously engaged... in your own unveiling... at the hands of the angel... is you running around chasing chimera, and ephemera; those forms that appear in the mist, and then disappear as you come closer to them. You are a sleepwalking dreamer in The Land of Nothing Real.

Suffering and Wanting... are star-crossed lovers... who go everywhere together, and... are never seen apart. They seem to be unaware of each other's presence. Maybe they do see each other while they are dreaming, BUT... as is the case with dreams... nothing appears as it really is, and none of it is real, even though it can hurt; boy... can it hurt. Everything... is in costumes... everything... is dressed by Wanting... to reflect the image of the object of desire. Ten people might be looking at the same image, and the image could appear radically different in every case.

The manipulation of media serves at least two purposes. It serves to promote a common perspective on events and conditions. It also serves to promote a variety of perspectives on the same. Media is a many-headed hydra, with each waving head attached to the same body. If you only look at the head or... let us say... by extension... the personas... you may be led to think that each head is an individual source, BUT... they are all aspects of the same confusion production machine.

What about this right here???

What do you think about that? Is this something that is true or... according to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence, and inference... seems to be true? Is this yet one more construct to feed the fear that is percolating in the collective unconscious... whose purpose is to create a deep and abiding apprehension... in this more and more uncertain world?

I know people... at a distance... who latch on to this sort of thing. They have a hodge-podge of information that they judge to be true... on the basis of someone telling them it is true. We know that this is true, right?

So... by inference... on the slippery slope of possibility... given the bad shit we know is a reality... some of them are going to use that as proof (which is not proof) that whatever bad shit they imagine in their head is also true.

I'm not saying it's not true. I'm saying I don't know. I'm not saying some of the most hideous crimes you can imagine are not being perpetrated right this minute. We know that awful things have happened at other times. We know there are people who have no moral restraint concerning their capacity to hurt others. What does this mean?

So... we have both the reality of grievous harm... constantly at work around The World, but... often underground in government installations... subterranean Chabad Houses... or in well-funded laboratories that the psychopathic rich are using as their own Satanic playgrounds.

The later editions of Jimmy Savile continue to replicate, and are counterpointed by a vast wave of self-obsessed and indifferent people... focused on nothing more than the satisfaction of their appetites, and yet... and yet we have what got mentioned in the first part of this posting. That too is at work, with exponential implications.

If you get your understanding and your world vision from The Media... then you have an idea of existence... in the moment... that is like a boxed lunch... that you pulled off a counter... or from a deli case somewhere. The product is constantly replenished by conveyor belts... that come out of an unseen location, and... then pass on into a land of further mystery... only to return again.

There is a parallel to this... where events and conditions come from The Past and flow into The Present... where action and reaction occur, and then... the seed impressions are blown into The Future.. in search of a new... temporary... form.

Now... if you get your understanding and your world vision from... most importantly The Intuition, and then by thinking, and weighing possibilities... by consideration of motivations and objectives... by analysis, and... an awareness that everything you see and hear is only a part of what is; would your perspective be considerably different than the person who took the boxed lunch? Will you be better off with... or without... the boxed lunch?

♫ Has anyone here seen that toxic man Albert Bourla?
Can you tell me where he's gone?
He killed millions of people, but they say the good die young.
I just looked around and he's not gone ♫

This is who Trump should pick for Vice President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The slogan could be T 'N T... dynamite!

End Transmission.......

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First excerpt from Chapter 12
The Way of Love from The Bhagavad Gita


Of those steadfast devotees who love you and those who seek you as the eternal formless Reality, who are the more established in yoga?


Those who set their hearts on me and worship me with unfailing devotion and faith are more established in yoga.

As for those who seek the transcendental Reality, without name, without form, contemplating the Unmanifested, beyond the reach of thought and of feeling, with their senses subdued and mind serene and striving for the good of all beings, they too will verily come unto me.

Yet hazardous and slow is the path to the Unrevealed, difficult for physical creatures to tread. But they for whom I am the supreme goal, who do all the work renouncing self for me and meditate on me with single-hearted devotion, these I will swiftly rescue from the fragment’s cycle of birth and death, for their consciousness, has entered into me.

Still your mind in me, still your intellect in me, and without doubt you will be united with me forever. If you cannot still your mind in me, learn to do so through the regular practice of meditation. If you lack the will for such self-discipline, engage yourself in my work, for selfless service can lead you at last to complete fulfillment. If you are unable to do even this, surrender yourself to me, disciplining yourself and renouncing the results of all your actions.

Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace.


M - said...

Wow. Back in 2020 I wrote a piece on my Mom, who was diagnosed as schizophrenic.

“…exceptionally creative people are more likely than control subjects
to have one or more first-degree relatives with schizophrenia.”

I won't include the link to that Post here, but instead attach it to my moniker "M -"


Visible said...

Everything's connected unless you're schizophrenic. (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Uh, schizophrenic, or a member of The Holey Order of the Septum.

Face transplant? How utterly disgusting a concept. And if it is real, do the take the face off before or after the victim is dead?

Anyway, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 said...

That last tucker link was Great! What a bimbo constantly trying to create false equivalence based on generalities stated.

People are always just trying to pidgeon hole people, and the ones who are doing such have no intent of understanding people in detailed fashion as that doesn't serve the purpose of assigning arbitrary blame from the stupid peoples false equivalence assertions.


Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis,
I am with ya on Tucker for Trump's VP, that's a brilliant idea, best I've heard in a long time!
O is right, that Tucker link was great, Thank You!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Wind Up Looking Down on It from an Ever-Greater Height, Due to a Certain Geometry in The Process. Think About It."

0 said...

Someone tried to make a model of the upcoming earth changes they expect.

Course then Irlmaiers prophecy has come up again.

Guess we'll see how things progress.

Accountability or REVOLUTION.


Visible said...

The good news is that none of these people know what they are talking about; no man knoweth the hour of his coming (in whatever form that may be for whatever the purpose). I get my prophecies from Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam; might as well, they will be no less wide of the mark. I'm thinking of getting Fred Flintstone on speed dial.

0 said...

Maybe, but better to be aware of the potentialities so one can try to prepare for them.

Course then theres what comes after the next event which is where the Thinking man pads his bed. Times up.

Should be an interesting 4th this year.




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