Tuesday, June 11, 2024

"There is an Emptiness... that no Forget-Me-Not Couplings... in a Perpetual Dark Night of The Soul... Can Ever Answer for."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was talking with my friend, Dr. I. Don't Feelsogood yesterday. He wasn't doing all that well, which isn't surprising. He's not a real doctor unless you count Pharmacology, BUT... neither are the doctors who call themselves real doctors, and who need Dr. I. Don't Feelsogood in order to function at all.

Anyway... he's dyslexic... so... it's not easy for him to read the information printed on the medications he prescribes, and he usually gets it wrong, and winds up not feeling so good. He said that on a lot of days not even Chuck Mangione can do anything for him.

I don't know why I bring this up. I'm sure I had a reason. He said that he's thinking about changing his name to Dr. Feelsobad, but... he's afraid it might hurt the business; Oh! Right, I just remembered, Rob Schneider; not really a fan cause I don't find him funny, and... that's never a good thing for a comedian. He did a couple of REALLY bad movies a few decades ago, and... has been limping about doing supermarket openings and other useful work ever since.

He went to Woke Nation last week, also called Canada... where he had been hired to be the entertainment at a fundraiser for the Regina chain of death camps that masquerade as hospitals.

He did jokes about women... trannies... and similar. It was sponsored by Gender Fluids, which is the Canadian version of Red Bull... once it's been gelded. He also had some crass things to say about The Gay Life Style, AND... he did it on the first day of Pride!!! Has he no shame? They certainly don't. (whoops! Rimshot!!!) Scroll a little ways down the page and you can hear what the main complainant had to say about his performance.

Actually... lots of people were laughing, BUT we're used to these shrinking nightshades lying out of both sides of their mouths. I would probably have been laughing at all the people who weren't laughing, BUT... I don't find him funny, and he can't be very bright if he supports Kennedy for the presidency. He's part of The Tribe Mafia in Hollywood. No point in going any deeper into that.

Certain levels of society... in certain areas of very influential industries... in a time when Media is the pacesetter... the tonesetter... and the main mesmeric Disco ball of Hive Mind focus for just about everything, are caught in a kind of navel-gazing fixation... that mistakes the back of the body for the front, and results in an entire subculture being sucked into the place where The Sun don't shine, and are powerful enough to confuse a whole lot of people into imitating their lifestyles... simply for a sense of belonging.

People... who are not in the wrong gender... are subjecting themselves to life-destroying mutilations because they came under the sway of proxy Munchausen enablers. A lot more than a few people... who are not homosexual... are part of that culture because they got seduced by materialism... which toyed with their privates... while they weren't paying attention. They also got poisoned by chemicals in the water... food... and pharmaceuticals, so... The Deep State turned them into bitch-zombies on a restroom tour.

On the surface, there may be the appearance of Gay meaning joyful. There may be the illusion that science can put you in your real body. However... behind the scenes of the dancing Cockettes in The Rockefeller Center of The Mind... the Broadway hallucinations of yellow brick road fantasies, and the far-off sounds of excitement... one can hear at the parties... they didn't get invited to... there is an atmosphere of sorrow, loss, and despair. There is an emptiness... that no amount of forget-me-not... strange couplings... in some perpetual dark night of the soul... can ever answer for.

The World of carnal immersion is... in reality... a place of pain... suffering, and abandoned hopes... for all those who entered in there. Even though it says this... Abandon All Hope... right over the portal where you go in... people don't see the warning label. If it were in flashing neon... they would not see it. If Don Pardo came back from the dead and made his very best announcements... no one would hear them. The part of The Mind that usually hears these things... got shut off by the other part of the mind... that wants the other things.

How many people... in states of deep regret... years later... after their long and winding road of sybaritic maze running... ask themselves how they got there? How did it happen? It was not what they wanted. It is what they got.

Once again. We have nothing against people being attracted to same-sex relationships. It is part of the rites of passage... through reincarnation and karma. I suspect that EVERYONE goes through it at some point. However... the carnal aspect has its downside.

Existence runs in a loop... connected to another loop... that runs back into the first loop, and... it goes on, and on... and on... and on. It just keeps on going... unless some adjustment is made. The loops go down, and the loops go up. Going up is a feel-good ride... until you come down on the other side. There is a friction in the process that eventually wears your form away with all the ups and downs. Then a new form is provided... so that you can go up and down, and up and down again. The high parts seem like they will never end. The same is true of the low parts, BUT they do end. They end and end, and then they start all over again.

The Truth has been around forever. The Truth will always be around because it is an immortal tenet of Ageless Wisdom. It is unto itself and clothed in mystery. It unveils itself to the pure of heart. It shrouds itself from the eyes of the profane, and regardless... nothing that clarifies or explains it can be said. It is what it is. It can be experienced. It cannot be defined.

There is relative truth, however. You can find it in scripture... inspired poetry... fairy tales... allegories, and in the discourses of illumined souls. Examples of relative truth have been around since before it was written down... before the preceding culture imploded, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, but still... strife and suffering continue unabated. These are the persistent conditions of a particular age.

The light-filled periods of wonder and delight are not even a memory now. It was a long time ago, BUT... there are these intermittent periods of payback... when every slight... grievous and light... must be addressed. The World is caught up in it. It is presented as many things; every variety of what it is, and what it is not.

In every age... there are those singular souls... who can detach themselves from the objects of desire. Realization dawns on them, and... they see. They clearly see. Perhaps they will talk to their fellows. They might write books... or books might be written about them. It is of no matter. The World goes on as it is... because The World is The World is The World.

There are all these highways in material life. Some are going down and into tunnels underground. Some run along the surface in whatever direction they are headed in, and some are above ground. Each of them includes a general view of what surrounds them... based on where they are, and it shapes their perspective. It's a matter of personal choice... of choices people make... depending on... what can be acquired and experienced... on their particular highways.

That pretty much determines what anyone is doing on any of these highways. First, you decide what you want, and then... the road appears. It's like magic, and... there's all kinds of magic. Essentially though... magic deals with forms of illusion of one kind or another. Some of it is well-intended. I won't argue that. I was once... not in this particular life... deeply engaged in these pursuits, and I hung up my spurs... before... I wound up trampled under the hooves of whatever chimerical creature I was riding on.

Now... only one magic interests me and that... is Higher Love. Higher Love causes things to happen in its wake AFTER it has gone by. Higher Love does not stick around to see what the outcome or effect of that is. Higher Love knows what it is doing, but it is not invested in the results. Higher Love is only interested in Higher Love or... so I hear from Higher Love. (grin)

In closing... let us give mention to another gift... from the people who commercialized the whole nasty business... in the first place.

I think it's pretty clear what's going on and who's most fully engaged in the promotion of it. Note all the other names mentioned. If it is becoming more and more clear to the common soul... imagine how clear it is to Heaven. Heaven is patient and kind. Heaven is merciful and forgiving, BUT Heaven also settles accounts and restores balance, by... whatever... means... are... necessary.

You will remember that I said this prior to it all going down. I get no credit of any kind for seeing or saying this. I was simply... extremely fortunate... to run into The Master Controller... with the reins in his hands, and he gave it to me in the simplest terms... that it took me a lifetime to catch on to.

It all depends on whether one is materially and carnally-driven... OR... spiritually driven. Eventually, one encounters the door warden in either case. It's the same force with a different persona and... a different bedside manner.

I am sorry that sometimes... I am compelled to bring notice... to things best left in the shadows, BUT... I am engaged in a specific, and very rare form of Yoga... that draws these forms of woven darkness into the light... so that my good friend Ultra Violet can take care of them. She is a filtration angel that alters the frequencies of sunlight... to the correct vibration needed... to neutralize whatever is on The Petri dish of the moment.

It's how we treat the various cancers and other maladies that attack The Mind. We use spiritual sunlight, which is that part of God's being... that turns everything back into what it was... before it got twisted out of shape... by suicidal minds... that don't know what they are playing with. We just help them find their way... to the designated destiny... that applies to whatever it is.

The basic nature of The Soul is Freedom. When it gets tangled and caught up in the murk of carnal actions... at the material level... suffering ensures. It is a guaranteed product... offspring... of carnal enterprise. In Times of Material Darkness, there are those who make bank off of human suffering, and who provide the hardware (and software too) necessary for self-injury. It's perfectly okay... according to them... in a business sense... to lead people astray. Hey! We're just tryin' to make a livin' heah!

These poor fools... who bind and torment their fellows... on the glueboards of their roadside attractions... are even more deluded and self-deceived than their victims. A world of suffering awaits, but... that part of The Mind that might usually hear the admonitions... is shut off by that part of The Mind that wants what it wants; oh yes precious, we wants it!

Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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The Vision of Hermes is worth the time to read it.

The Wisdom of the Egyptians
Chapter VII - The Vision of Hermes

Chapter 8 (Eternal Godhead) from The Bhagavad Gita


O Krishna, what is Brahman, and what is the nature of action?
What is the adhyatma, the adhibhuta, the adhidaiva?
What is the adhiyajna, the supreme sacrifice, and how is it to be offered?
How are the self-controlled united with you at the time of death?


My highest nature, the imperishable Brahman, gives every creature its existence and lives in every creature as the adhyatma.
My action is creation and the bringing forth of creatures.
The adhibhuta is the perishable body; the adhidaiva is Purusha, eternal spirit.
The adhiyajna, the supreme sacrifice, is made to me as the Lord within you.

Those who remember me at the time of death will come to me.
Do not doubt this. Whatever occupies the mind at the time of death determines the destination of the dying; always they will tend toward that state of being.
Therefore, remember me at all times and fight on.
With your heart and mind intent on me, you will surely come to me.
When you make your mind one-pointed through regular practice of meditation, you will find the supreme glory of the Lord.

The Lord is the supreme poet, the first cause, the sovereign ruler, subtler than the tiniest particle, the support of all, inconceivable, bright as the sun, beyond darkness.
Remembering him in this way at the time of death, through devotion and the power of meditation, with your mind completely stilled and your concentration fixed in the center of spiritual awareness between the eyebrows, you will realize the supreme Lord.

I will tell you briefly of the eternal state all scriptures affirm, which can be entered only by those who are self-controlled and free from selfish passions. Those whose lives are dedicated to Brahman attain this supreme goal.

Remembering me at the time of death, close down the doors of the senses, and place the mind in the heart. Then, while absorbed in meditation, focus all energy upwards to the head. Repeating in this state the divine name, the syllable Om that represents the changeless Brahman, you will go forth from the body and attain the supreme goal.

I am easily attained by the person who always remembers me and is attached to nothing else.
Such a person is a true yogi, Arjuna.
Great souls make their lives perfect and discover me; they are freed from mortality and the suffering of this separate existence. Every creature in the universe is subject to rebirth,
Arjuna, except the one who is united with me.


M - said...

Although I think the female body is beautiful and I love having been born a woman, I never had the desire to mesh with another female body. Not a religious thing since I'm not religious. It just never attracted me. I can appreciate and acknowledge a lady being attractive without wanting to have sex with her. I've also never bought into the notion of hating other females. The whole competition thing. Never got it, never will. I like hanging with my grrlfriends - and no, we don't talk about men. (Well, sometimes we do.) They are intelligent, creative, beautiful ladies and we've have had some deep philosophical conversations over a glass of wine (or two).

BUT...I like guys. Guy body fits with girl body. Male energy harmonizes with female energy. It's a yin-yang thang.

My grrlfriends and I toast the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine. Cheers!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I will admit Schneider ain't no George Carlin or Judy Tenuta, who is no entertaining the demigods, no doubt.

Man, I gots me a PhD in snark and again you leave me parsecs in the dust. LOVE IT!

Gods, I am so glad to be a Schrodinger's Nose. Body still stuck here, but mind in the next realm. Totally dead-alive. After all, what's here to want unless you like inconvenience, lies, illusions, annoyance, pain, pointless obligations, and being a perpetual victim of circumstance. It's nice leaving that all behind except on occasion to. . .in analogy. . .take a flame thrower to it when opportunity presents itself. (MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA. . .)

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Whatevers percolating needs to make itself manifest. Burn it all down, whats real is whats left. Aghora!


0 said...

Dunno if you read takimag at all. Its usually pretty insulting to everyone which is kinda funny to me.

Given your comments about Schneider... :) He made funny films in the 90s which he appears to regret now. Ironic since those films helped bend the world to the trans agenda. I tried watching his TV series but it really sucked.

Anyways maybe you find this funny, or maybe its just insulting. It reads to me like people tired of being told how to be and what to think.


Take it easy pal!

Visible said...

Amen to that M! Except in reverse. (grin)

Visible said...

Nobody; I used to link Taki Mag's The Week that Perished/ It was once screamingly funny, until some guy whose perspective is that The Usual Suspects are superior to all other life forms, and a real Talmudist dickhead. He had no problem shredding other colors and demographics in... sometimes... obscene racist fashion, cause they can say anything they want to because it's okay, but... you can't. So... I haven't seen it in some time because the guy was/is a jerk.

0 said...

Gotcha, yeah I also don't frequent it. Even the one I linked to in the comment above makes fun of the red lobster thing then totally misses why its bankrupt pretending it was the all you can eat shrimps rather than the new owners of red lobster selling all their porperties to one of their holding companies only to then make red lobster pay to rent those properties back at ridiculous sums. (when before they got sold, red lobster owned the properties the restaurants sat on.) You can see how the clowns in the C-suite are fucking it up for everyone while the Criminals run free period lasts.

All the more reason to immolate the ones who tell you want you can do while they do nothing but levy legalities and criticism...

Not much worth reading in what passes for the plethora of news sites anymore. I deleted my disqus account and am done commenting for now. Found myself getting angry and saying things to induce violence and I'm not looking to be trended or manipulated by stories repetitions. I'd rather it be a surprise to they who have it coming so they are gobsmacked when it goes sideways on them. :P

Take care man,

0 said...

Speaking to M's point, I'm not sure we're here to pick from only the fingers presented as sensed things. I'm a male and I prefer females to males, but ultimately I prefer to be alone rather than with either consistently.

Its like the bit in the old film Willow where the nelwin is asked by the town wizard to pick a finger on the hand he holds up as the finger that holds All power. The nelwin adepts each pick a finger on the wizards hand instead of picking their own finger on their own hand.

I think the All figures that once people get bored with sense entertainments they'll start looking more to things of eternal consequence, and when they do they might stumble upon the idea that the best "other half" of self is integrating with the ALL. Not another Formed body who is limited to that form, but the All which is not limited by any form and is present in all formed and unformed things.

Anywho, just another angle to consider.


Visible said...

I have no intention of being carnally interactive with anyone on this plane again, BUT... I am a Tantric so I know that certain interactions take place at every level of being. Even if one is having the entire experience within their own being... union is occurring. People who don't know... out there among The Great Unwashed are unaware that those who practice Brahmacharya are not denying themselves anything but further suffering. They've taken what everyone else gets up to down here to another level.

This is not to say that people do not get all the bells and whistles now and again... here... though rarely. Personally, I am on a specific road with a particular continuance in mind, though I couldn't possibly tell anyone what that is because I am only a passenger.

AL said...

Dunno where attraction to the same sex originates but many have that from birth yet most 99% do not. I once heard a wise old Gal say it comes from spending too many concurrent life times as one sex. Seems even balance holds true in soul camp.

I'm enjoying the Gita and many thanks for the reading links my friend.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"What's The Government's Water doing In Your Taps... In Your Pool... In Your Glass? You Better Get It Out of There."



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